Bundy's Vacation To Wanker Ranch (M/f,m/f,m/F,MMM/f,M/ff,inc)
by ShadowWalker ([email protected])

Ah, Saturday Morning and Kelly heard Peg pulling a heavy suitcase down the
hallway, yelling at Bud, "Com'on Bud, Al wants to leave by ten."

"Mom! Why do I have to go to Wanker with you guys? I'm old enough to stay
here, I'm thirteen tomorrow."

"You young man are going on this campout, and you will learn the Wanker way
of camping on Uncle Hoot Tee's Ranch."

"Mom, that ranch is a two shack farm and outhouse next to Federal land."

"Go on, load the suit cases as I go and get some things for the trip."

"Kelly! ..." yelled Peg as she knocked on Kelly's door, then peeked inside to
see Kelly still in bed that was all piled high with blankets, "Poor honey,
rough night?"

"Ha? Mom?? What ..." Kelly hummed as she peeked from the covers, the top
cover slipping from her shoulders to reveal her firm solid breasts that hung
like hard Jell-O as she peeked at Peg.

"Kelly, what if Bud saw your tities?"

"Then shut the door if you don't want him to see my ass too, I'm getting up."

"See if you can find Al honey, he's so anxious to leave I can't find him this

"Okay mom! replied Kelly as she sit up in bed, the covers slipping down onto
a hump, revealing her naked to her slim narrow waist as her hips just started
to roll out into the covers.

Peg noted, "Kelly, you have to remember that your fifteen and you just can't
keep going around naked in front of the men folk."

"Why not, the Wankers do."

"Well you don't. I don't want you pregnant by one of your cousins."

"MOM! God! That's a horrible thought; besides, I didn't know he was my

"Okay honey, get dressed." answered Peg as she turned and shut the door
behind her.

Kelly stretched out with her arms like a cat, her breast stood up firm and
solid, jiggling slightly as she yawned, her blankets fell off from her as she
stood, arching her back and raising her butt as she raised herself atop her
tiptoes; her brown pubic hair smooth and neatly trimmed into a narrow
triangle of snatch. Kelly then sit back onto the bed and smiled, "I have to
find daddy, I wonder where he is?"

A man's hand came out from under the big lump of blankets, wrapped around
Kelly's waist and grabbed her snatch, pulling her back to the center of the
bed as she giggled, "Daddy!"

Al Bundy threw the covers back as he pulled his naked daughter beneath him as
he straddles her with his huge cock stiff and hard swaying as he directed it
towards her open and inviting legs. "Once more pumpkin to keep us sane for
the trip."

Kelly put her arms around Al's neck as she locked her legs about his waist,
accepting his huge cock inside her pussy.

Al slid his cock all the way into her and began sliding his dick in and out
as he fucked her steadily atop her bed, where he had been sleeping and
fucking her all night, and sleeping late with his dick in her butt until she
woke that morning.

* * *

Peg was sitting in the back seat with Bud as Kelly and Al rushed out from the

"Well where have you two been Al? Where did you find him Kelly, drunk in a
corner reading his hooters?"

Kelly grinned as Al slid into the driver's seat as Kelly answered, "Yes Mom,
Daddy was staring at breasts and pussy, pumping his little stick away."

Al looked shocked at Kelly as he heard Peg complain, "Yeah! right, I can't
get a fuck out'a him but once a month. Al can't get it up anymore honey,
that's why I have my electric, ..." Peg stopped immediately as she realized
what she was saying, "...ah, ah, to keep me entertained."

Kelly slid into the front passenger seat, her skirt lifting up above her
waist as Al saw that she had no panties on and her bare ass and pussy touched
the hot plastic covered seat and she reacted immediately as she lifted up and
then settled slowly back down, rubbing her bare butt and pussy as she adapted
to the heat. "Ah, that feels better," said Kelly was she lifted her skirt and
fanned her pussy, revealing her brown fuzz to Al as he reached carefully over
the board high back seat, unseen by Peg or Bud, placed his hand between her
legs and on her pussy, fingering and playing with her as he accelerated the
car ahead.

Driving for hours, the two in the back were sound asleep, and Kelly was
dozing in the front as Al continued to drive, looking occasionally at Kelly,
her short skirt rose higher as wind blew it, keeping it rested above her
hips, exposing her pubic hair as she opened and closed her legs to the cool
air, her right hand occasionally playing with her legs and snatch; opening
her eyes to a slit to see her father drooling as he looked at her snatch and
bare legs.

Five hours of driving and two pit stops and one restaurant, the family of
four stopped at a motel to rest; Kelly and Bud got one bedroom and Al and Peg
got the other as Al reluctantly crawled into bed. Bud quickly rushed into the
bathroom and hopped into the shower as he stripped and threw his cloths out
onto the bathroom floor. Kelly came in, hoping to find the shower vacant, but
she could see Bud's bare butt inside the shower door as he soaped and bathed
in the hot water, "Don't use all that hot water Bud, I want to shower with
some of it."

"First come first to bathe sis; I'm tired too."

Kelly picked up Bud's shirt, pants and shorts, curled her nose as she tossed
them onto the bed; then she looked at the shower as she listened to Bud's
crackly voice break as he sang with his thirteen year old voice, then thought
of something.

Kelly slipped her top off, revealing her small but sizable breast for a
fifteen year old, kicked her shoes off, and then unsnapped and let her skirt
fall to the floor. Standing a moment, naked and listening to Bud singing as
she warned him , "Hey Master buns, I want some of that water while it's HOT."

"You can have it sis, after I finish." said Bud as he felt cold air strike
his wet and now cold ass, and with soapy eyes peered around to see the shower
door open with his sister Kelly naked standing there, he had not seen her
whole body naked before, her firm breast and her solid athletic body, narrow
waist, and brown pubic hair, and noted, "Not a real blond ah, Kell."

Kelly stepped into the shower as Bud turned to stare at her naked form, then
Kelly turned him around under the water and began bathing him as she soaped
him and brushed his body, and she found it sexy and fun as she bathed her
brother, washing him down over his shoulders to his hard firm buttocks with
her soapy hands, then turned him as she continued to stroke and bathed his
body, coming to his erect penis that was of considerable size for a thirteen
year old, a full eight inches and pointing upward like a steel rod that
throbbed red as she ran her hand around his gentles, feeling the heat from
his cock as it responded to her touch, hearing his moans and seeing it glow
brighter and then as it shot off a load that splattered her in the face as
she stroked his cock, "Well, I guess I asked for that." Kelly then surprised
Bud as she licked the sperm from her face and swallowed it, commenting, "Your

Kelly then turned Bud back around and with her arms around him, continued to
rub and wash his chest as she looked down to see his large engorged cock
sticking stiffly straight out as she rubbed her tits and belly against her
younger brother, and feeling Bud stick his butt backward to feel Kelly's
pubic hair covered snatch; she enjoyed that greatly.

After ten minutes of enjoyable brotherly showering, Kelly handed the wash rag
to Bud, "Its your turn little brother, wash me while I soak."

Bud watched as Kelly soaped her self, the shower stream pouring in
riverlettes over her body, on her back it ran down through the crack of her
round and firm ass. Bud's cock got even harder as he stared at Kelly's butt,
thinking about sticking it into his sister, but he knew she would scream and
Mom would kill them both.

"Well Budz, com'on, I did it for you. Maybe you'll learn something."

Bud began rubbing Kelly's body, at first over her back as he worked his way
down to rubbing her butt cheeks and then down and between Kelly's legs as she
opened them, he could see her pubic hair between her legs as he reached up
between them, touching and feeling her hair and snatch, which was very hot
and it seemed to heat up as he touched her.

Kelly turned around to allow Bud to touch her front as Bud scrubbed her
shoulders and then all too gently to rub his sisters tits, then Kelly
mentioned as Bud rubbed her tits, noticing her nipples getting erect to his
touch. "It's okay Bud, they won't break, guys grab them all the time when
they fuck you."

"As they fuck you? Kell, I knew it! You've been fucking."

Kelly stumbled a moment as she caught Bud's comment, "I meant that is what
guys do to girls, I'm trying to teach you little Budz."

Bud began rubbing harder as he worked his way down, and then he scrubbed her
pussy. Kelly moaned louder as he felt his sister's snatch.

Kelly began moving her pelvis to Bud's touch as he scrubbed and stroked her
snatch, Bud's cock spurted off a load onto Kelly's legs as he stroked her

As Bud and Kelly stepped from the shower, Kelly grabbed her brother as he and
her giggled and wrestled each other onto their bed, totally naked as their
bodies touched and rubbed each other.

Kelly and Bud heard the door rattle and start to open as she and Bud quickly
slid under their blankets, with Bud sliding up close behind to Kelly.

Peg poked her nose in as she then noticed her two children in bed as she
crossed the room to the shower, "Going to take a shower kids."

Bud kissed Kelly on the back of her neck as Peg disappeared into the
bathroom, his hard-on sticking into the crack of her butt. Then suddenly, Peg
burst from the room, "Damn, you kids you used all the hot water, ..." rubbing
her own shoulders, shivering as she shuffled across the room not noticing
Kelly's big surprise and grimace as Bud shoved his hard-on into Kelly's butt,
or Bud's big grin as he said, "Sleep tight mom."

Peg returned a wave, "...See you in the morning kids."

Kelly and Bud waited a long moment, Bud's cock deep inside Kelly's pussy and
remained motionless, in case Peg or Al came into the room, but the other room
remained silent. Kelly pulled herself from Bud's cock and turned to him, and
onto her back as she threw the covers back. Bud responded and crawled on top
of her body, kissing her tits as his big dick rubbed her leg.

"Okay dildo breath, you couldn't wait, so now let's see some performance ..."
Kelly reached down and stroked Bud's cock, commenting, "...See! that's sperm
your body spurts out for a lubricant." Kelly smeared it on her pussy, then
she guided his cock to her snatch hole as Bud looked at her with a puzzled
look. "... Push Bud, insert that puppy."

Bud slammed his cock into Kelly's hot snatch, she arched her back in surprise
as her brother slammed and pounded her pussy like a sledge hammer on
concrete; Bud put his effort into it like it was his first and last.

Kelly locked her legs around Bud in a vice grip as he continued to fuck her
hard, raising her butt up on each thrust as sweat poured from his face and
onto her tits as he clawed and squeezed her tities and nipples; Kelly curled
her lips as she stared at Bud, watching him strain in every push and effort.
Suddenly she felt an urge and tried to fight the feeling that was burning in
her stomach and working its way to her shoulders, snatch and neck, then she
exploded in a multiple orgasm.

Bud felt Kelly's body quiver as her pussy gripped his cock tightly as it
milked his muscle, then he spurted his load and fell over exhausted beside
his sister, his cock "popped out" with a squishy sound and lay limp across
his lap.

Kelly looked at Bud as she rubbed his belly with her hand, playing with his
limp cock until it began to stiffen, "Nice thing about youth, it regains
strength quickly."

Bud returned the favor by fondling Kelly's breast and watching her nipples go
erect. "How often can I fuck you Kell?"

Kelly grinned and looked at Bud and then at his erect cock, "Bud, we have to
keep this secret, if Mom or Dad knew that we are fucking ..."

"Yes, I now, mom would blow like a cow. I'll keep it a secret, I swear Kell."

"Oo, Budz, I know you will. We have to wait until they are asleep or out
shopping, or maybe we could go off somewhere sometimes; but I'm still going
to see my friends."

"That's okay Kell, I've had a friend, ..."

Kelly leaned up on one shoulder and questioned Bud, "I thought there was a
technique, who is she, and how old? Was it your cousin Colleen? she's ..."

"She's old Kell, at least twenty."

"Then who?"

"Cynthia Collins. ..."

"Cynthia Collins! The Collins family moved last month, and Cynthia is only
eight, she hasn't even got hair."

Bud grinned, "Her pussy is balder than uncle Clemons head, she has no
breasts, just nipples, but her pussy is tight."

"Bud, you didn't fuck her, that's criminal"

Bud looked down and took his cock in his hand and waived it at Kelly, "She
loved my meat Kell, and she made the first move."

Kelly squinted her eyes at Bud and demanded, "Okay Budz, tell me, the whole

"Well, I met Cynthia at school and we went to her home. Then she came home
with me and I showed her my room; we watched TV and she would cuddle in
close. During the show she pulled her skirt up, it was already a short
skirt, ... you know, like your hot date skirt."

Kelly pondered a moment, commenting, "Wow, that is short."

"Kelly, she doesn't wear any underwear."

"Well!," replied Kelly, "... you don't either."

"Yeah, but when we hang out together at school, when she bends over you can
see her butt, and that makes me get a boner and she gets a kick out'a making
me hard. She has a great figure for an eight year old, and her butt is firm
and round. I know, I fucked her butt and it's like yours, only younger."

"Well thanks Bud." replied Kelly with a smirky smile.

"You know sis, she's like you when you were eight, only I was two then."
added Bud as he continued. "... any how, she would come over for dinner at
night and then we would sneak down to the basement where we stripped and
played with each other. I fucked her in every hole she had, she learned what
a blow job was when she sucked my cock and I spurted sperm all over her face;
then I pulled her onto her belly and shove my cock into her butt and fucked
her until mom came down to put some dirty cloths in the washer."

Kelly was hooked by the story and asked in a surprise tone, "She must have
killed you."

"It was dark down there Kelly, and Cynthia and I were in a dark corner, and
she looked right at us as I was busy fucking Cynthia, and I had my hand over
her mouth as I slammed her butt. Mom just looked past us, apparently not
seeing us and she left. I just kept fucking her, then I pulled my cock out,
turned her over and mounted her pussy. She locked her legs around me as I
fucked and fucked her, again and again. Well Kell, for three months Cynthia
ran around the basement with me, totally naked, and we fucked every evening
and weekend. One Saturday she ran naked up stairs where dad was watching TV,
and I ran naked after her and caught her naked behind the couch, where I
dropped her and fucked her. Now that was stimulating, it made my cock really
get big."

"Why did they move Bud? Was it a job transfer or the rumor?"

"No rumor sis, she was preg. I got the little bitch pregnant, and who
would've thought that she had an egg at that age."

"Pregnant! You are a father at thirteen. You have a little Bud somewhere."

"I've got an idea that will make this a night." said Kelly as she got up from
the bed, standing stark naked in front of Bud, then grabbed Bud's hand and
pulled him up, "Com'on Bud, it worked once, let's see how big you get."

With Bud pulling back, Kelly opened the door to Al and Peg's room, peeked in
to see them asleep, then pulled Bud in beside her as both now stood in full
view of their parents, stark naked with Bud swinging a huge hard on. Kelly
then pulled Bud behind her as she placed one finger to her lips for silence
as she laid down at the foot of her parents bed and whispered, "Okay Bud,
let's fuck." Kelly spread her legs and smiled as Bud with a worried
expression, laid atop Kelly and slipped his cock into Kelly's snatch and
began stroking her.

Al woke a moment, looked at Peg, asking, "Peg, was that an earthquake?"

"So what Al, we've had earthquakes before. Maybe you just had a dream about
hooters!, ha, ha, ha,..." laughed Peg as she went back to sleep.

Bud slowly stroked Kelly's pussy as he fucked her, listening to their parents
on the bed; then he began fucking Kelly even harder with his much bigger

* * *

Sleepy and tired, Kelly and Bud waited as Peg held the door for them to crawl
back into the back seat, "Really kids, you get lazier and lazier, you look
exhausted, what's the matter with you two, couldn't sleep."

"Yeah mom, just couldn't get any rest with the bed wetter here." replied
Kelly as she pushed Bud into the back seat.

Bud pushed back, with his hand slipping on purpose as he felt Kelly's muff,
with one finger entering her snatch. "She snorze mom, and she needs to shave
her beard." Bud flipped his hand up to get a flash of Kelly's pussy as her
skirt flew up.

Kelly quickly slapped her skirt down as she sit on the hot seat as Bud
slipped his one hand under Kelly's bare butt. Kelly looked at Bud and farted
on his hand and smiled. "Don't put your hands where they are vulnerable."

"Okay kids, keep quiet, no fighting, we have another eight hours of driving
ahead; god, what's that smell, Al, there must be an open sewer around her;
leave it to you to pick a cheap place." complained Peg as she squirmed into
front seat.

Al opened the door and just before he sat, he looked at Bud, who was
grinning, and then at Kelly who lifted her skirt for her daddy to see a clear
and clean look at he pussy, and her big grin. Al grinned broadly as he sit
down to drive.

Kelly's grin broadened as she notice a huge stiff cock rising in her daddy's
pants as he sit. Kelly then pondered, "Tonight."

A half hour into driving on the freeway, Bud was busy rubbing Kelly's bare
leg and pubic hair.

Kelly was equally stroking Bud's stiff cock as it stood straight up through
his unzipped pants, standing a good eight inches above his pants, wet with
sperm from prior ejaculations that soaked his pants and spotted the ceiling.
Kelly was target practicing with Bud's gun, trying to keep her grouping (or
groping) tight.

* * *

Down a two lane road, no gravel and well worn dirt, a dirty Dodge rattles up
to an open farm gate and turns in, driving up to two old houses, both in need
of repair; but with a new satellite dish.

Peg opened the door and got out and waddled to the door as Al held the seat
as Kelly climbed out, and watching his little pumpkin as her skirt lifted up
as she bent over and saw her butt and bare snatch peeking at hem; then she
straightened up and patted her skirt down straight.

Bud waited for the same moment and got a better view of Kelly's snatch, then
he exited to stand beside her as Al got out and walked to the trunk and got
the suit cases.

Al handed Bud two suit cases and sent him to the house and then handed Kelly
a suit case that she struggled with and carried toward the house, then Al
picked up a small case and followed.

Al entered the cabin and saw Peg reading a piece of T-shirt with marker notes
that she read aloud, "Sister Peggy, we've gone to the still, the revenuers
are planning a raid this weekend. Be back around noon Saturday."

"Guess we got the whole place alone Al, for today."

"Okay Peg, I'll be on the couch watching hooters or what ever they watch..."

Kelly complained, "Daddy! what are we going to do!"

"Sit with me on the couch Pumpkin, help me find something to watch..."
suggested Al as he found the remote control and sit down with his hand in his
pants, just like home.

"Bud! Take the bag upstairs, then come down and take the cases up there too."

"Very funny Al, I'm all laughs; com'on Bud, I'll help you with the cases,
we'll look through aunt Alfies photo album at last years pictures."
complained Peggy as she led the way.

Bud looked at Kelly as she sit beside Al, hoping he would get to nail her
again, but maybe later tonight.

Kelly sit quietly beside Al as he walked through the TV stations from the
outside satellite dish. He laughed and grinned as he discovered. "French
Hooters, Pumpkin, they have Hooters like yours."

Kelly watched as Al played with himself in his pants, then Kelly squeezed in
close beside Al, looked around to see if the coast was clear, then slipped
her hand beside Al's, down his pants to feel his hard cock inside his pants.

Al was surprised a moment, and looked at his little girl who was stroking his
swollen cock, then he removed his hand as Kelly used her free hand to pull
her skirt up to reveal her pussy.

Al slipped his hand between Kelly's legs and began rubbing her snatch as
Kelly stroked his cock beneath his pants.

Kelly leaned against her Daddy and cooed as he fondled her. Kelly unzipped
her skirt and pulled her skirt from around her as she then unzipped Al's
pants and guided his cock up from his pants where it stood erect. As Al
watched with all joy, Kelly straddled her Daddy and lowered herself on top
of his erection, slowly sliding the huge salami into her pussy and lowering
herself to rest on his lap as she then lifted her shirt over her head as her
titties flopped and jiggled free in front of Al's warm lips as he kissed and
licked Kelly's nipples, putting his arms around her.

Kelly put her arms around Al's balding head and held him tight as she rose
and fell, rocked and cocked Al's stiff pecker, her snatch sucking tight
around his pool as Kelly fucked her father.

Soon, Al forgot about Hooters as he laid Kelly onto her back and began some
hard fucking on his daughter; Kelly responded with her legs flailing about in
the air as Al's hard cock slammed Kelly's pussy with a "sloshy pop!" and as
Al increased the rhythm the sound of Al fucking Kelly was that of a small

An hour later, and after kissing and fucking each other, Al got up and pulled
his pants on, looked at his cute sexy daughter laying naked on the couch on
her belly with her ass in the air, an ass that Al was tempted to give one
more fuck to, but Al decided he had better head to Peg's room, at least he
could say that he was exhausted; actually he was completely drained of his

Kelly lay naked on the couch for another hour, deep in exhausted sleep as the
dark figure of a male came down the stairs, saw Kelly's nude figure; then his
penis rose hard and erect as he approached the fifteen year old girl, shook
her to wake her, but Kelly was too sound asleep. He then got up on the couch
between Kelly's legs, spread them out and put his hard cock into Kelly's ass
and laid atop her as his butt raised and lowered as he pumped her butt with
his hard cock for the next hour.

* * *

Kelly, tired and naked, climbed the stairs toward the back room that Bud and
she had to share. Kelly opened the door and saw Bud laying naked on the bed,
on his back, with his cock sticking straight up like a flag pole. Kelly
watcher her thirteen year old brother sleep; breathing in and out made his
cock wave back and forth. Sneaking with the stealth of a ninja, Kelly crawled
atop the bed and spread Bud's legs so that she could get her head between his
legs and take his cock into her mouth. Kelly slowly took his tool in deep,
suckin and playing with his pee hole with her tongue.

Kelly then moved her hips into place as she lowered herself onto his cock,
then laid flat atop Bud and kissed him on his neck. Bud woke with his pecker
in heaven as he saw Kelly, smiled and kissed her, shoving his tongue into
her mouth as they played tongue tag. Kelly bounced his pecker until he came,
shooting a load into her, and as sperm dripped from Kelly's snatch, she
rolled over onto her back as Bud continued to pound her pussy.

Soon, they lay naked atop the bed, Bud lay across Kelly with his cock still
hard and buried up to his balls inside Kelly.

Peg got up early and did her normal daily duties as she went to the couch,
got some bon bons and turned on the French version of Le Opera.

Al crawled out of bed with his fishing pole and headed for the small lake
down the road.

Kelly woke up with Bud still poking her pussy in his sleep, sucking on her
tit like a pacifier. Kelly enjoyed it for another twenty minutes, then pulled
Bud from off of her and pulled his cock out as he blew a wad all over her
pussy as it slopped out.

Kelly walked down the stairs naked, saw her mom and then walked over behind
the couch, "Hi Mom, where's dad?"

"Went fish'en honey." said Peg without one glance away from the television
without noticing Kelly standing there totally nude, screwed and happy.

Kelly bounced in place a moment, then announce, "I'm going for a walk down to
the pond for a swim."

"Okay dear, tell Al to catch a big one and get back here, I need that fish of

Kelly walked to the front door, peeked outside and then shut the door behind
her as she walked down the dirt road, totally naked, swinging her arms, her
breasts jiggled and bounced and her tight ass swayed side to side. Her narrow
waist setting off her figure. The summer air of the mountain forest is humid
and too hot to wear clothes, and Kelly enjoyed the air's cooling effect
against her skin as she walked down the forest road.

Bud woke up laying on his back, with the sensation of someone stroking his
cock as he felt it shoot off a load; followed by someone giggling; Bud
suddenly set upright as he recognized the voice and looked straight into,

"Bud, don't be embarrassed, this is a wonderful thing and you have to keep in
practice or you'll lose it like Al."

"Al! I'll lose it and become a shoe salesman?"

"No honey, you just have to keep in practice, and I can teach you." suggested
Peg as she immediately lifted her shirt up and off, then removing her bra
that allowed her big breast free as Bud's eye bulged in greed at the size of
his , mother's hooters, and as Peg stood and removed her pants and panties
Bud's cock shot erect as Peg announce as she saw Bud's cock, "O' Bud! not
that's a start, come to mama."

Al leaned back against a tree, fishing pole in one hand and his stiff cock in
the other as he stroked and waited for his first bite.

Kelly was busy exploring a still. No one was around and the still had some
bottled whiskey nearby, and Kelly new her uncle made good whiskey, you just
didn't want to drink his white lightening, it was pure poison.

Kelly bent over to get a bottle, straightened up as she popped the cork and
took a taste, coughed from it's strength, then set the bottle down as she
commented, "Woo wee, Uncle Jeffee better let it age a little more.

Kelly was bent over just looking at the other bottles by the still when she
felt a stiff cock stick her in her ass; she jerked upward and felt muscular
arms fold around her arms, grabbing her tits as she now felt the entire ten
inch shaft of hot meat press into the crack of her ass, "Cousin Steve."

Kelly turned around to see Steve, the big cousin who ran the gas station she
visited last year, the cousin she had fucked on the Gas station floor for
two hours and then visited every day for the eight days they were there and
fucked him four hours each of those days.

Kelly grinned, Steve grinned, then he said, "Hey Kelly, did you miss little
steve." Immediately Kelly felt little steve push into her pussy, and without
resisting she kissed him as he impaled her with his hard cock, picked her up
into his arms, grabbing her ass with his massive hands and fingers as he
carried her to the corner of the still and laid her in the straw where he
kissed, ground and fucked her for the next two hours, when three more cousins
showed up, they all stripped and joined in as Steve lifted her up in his arms
so that cousin Billy said howdy and crammed his cock into her butt, then
Steve and Bill gang banged Kelly like a sandwich between them, then they laid
her on the straw, Billy on the bottom, Kelly in the middle and Steve on top
as they both stroked and fucked her ass and pussy. Jake came over and stuck
his cock into Kelly's face as she took it into her mouth and sucked away on
his cock; James was on the opposite side as Kelly stroked his cock with her
other hand and alternately sucked on James' pole. Kelly was happy, she was
quad fucking and doing well.

An hour later, and for a break as all piled off Kelly as they did their final
jerking off on her face and body; Steve opened some beer from his cooler and
handed Kelly one as he poured one whole can over her body, washing the sperm
off and cooling Kelly from the hot sun. As Kelly sat with the boys, another
girl walked in, saw Kelly and the fact that they were all naked, stripped her
pants and threw off her shirt and strutted over to Jake.

"Hey! Brother dear, I thought the party wasn't to start until I got her." the
petite girl, a whole thirteen years of age, stood naked in front of everyone,
her small firm breasts had nipples hard and erect, her pubic hair yellow and
as fine as spider web.

"Shut up sis, you know we expected Kelly this weekend; we wanted some new
pussy; but we still want you as always, grandpa won't mind if ya stay later."
replied Jake as he grabbed his sister laid her down as Bill and James held
her arms as Jake spread her legs and mounted her.

"God Jake! Grandpa won't like you fucking me again."

"What's matter, can he get enough of your tight pussy!" argued Jake as he
thrust and pounded his cock into his sister.

"Hey!" yelled Kelly, "It's not right to rape your sister.

"It's all right Kelly, Ann is married to Grandpa, and she needs a good fuck
once in a while; after all, Grandpa is 86 and he can only fuck her three
times a day." added Steve between chugging his beer.

Kelly looked strange at Steve as she asked, "Her real grandpa?"

"O' yeah, grandpa is her moma's daddy, and he got his cock in Ann's pussy
when she was eight years, and been poking her since. Grandpa married her last
year when she thought she was pregnant."

Kelly watched as Jake, then James, then Billy took their turn on the little
girl; then Ann lay there, pulled her knees up, spread her legs and held her
arms out to Steve who got up, stroked his cock to full hardness, knelt down
and mounted her, fucking her vigorously as Jake, James and Billy turned and
approached Kelly, who jumped up to run as they grabbed her, pulled her down
and all three raped her, and raped her hard for attempting to run. Kelly got
slapped, poked and jammed hard as Jake and Billy rammed their cocks into
Kelly's pussy at the same time as James crammed his cock into Kelly's ass.
Steve was too busy fucking the little girl to care.

Kelly passed out around the third hour that everyone had taken turns raping
her; even grandpa Wanker showed up, recognized Kelly and took his turn on
her, and for an 86-year old fart, he fucked her good and hard also.

Kelly woke up with Ann naked and asleep next to her, her arms around Kelly;
Kelly did remember that Ann was at one time between her legs and sticking her
tongue into her pussy.

Ann woke up and grinned at Kelly, "Hey cousin Kelly, that was really a great
fuck party; grandpa was even happy and tired after he fucked you; he said
that you can fuck him any time."

Kelly looked at Ann and smirked, "O' great, I have a rain check for getting
raped by grandpa 86'er."

"Hey, you still got that brother of yours, I bet he'd like to party tonight.
You'all got beer?"

"Yean want to go swimm'in? My pa would probably share a beer for a fuck."

"Hell Kelly, I'd fuck your Pa just for family sake." smiled Ann as she stood
up and held her hand out for Kelly, "I'll just get my dress later, rarely
wear any around here in the summer."

Kelly commented as she stood, "I'd guess that you don't wear any clothes year
round, let alone ever staying erect."

Ann laughed, "Yeah, kind'a horny relation; then again, that's all there is
in the valley, relatives, brothers and cousins, uncles and Papas, and then
there's Grandpa."

Kelly rubbed her pussy and commented, "Yeah, then there's grandpa."

Both girls walked out towards the dirt road and down towards the pond.

Al was sound asleep, his cock still hard in his right hand and his fish'n rod
in his left hand.

Swimming together, Ann and Kelly approached the shore and crawled from the
water and walked towards Al.

"That your Pa Kelly? He's got one big hard-on hasn't he; you ever fuck your

"O' yeah, he's the best fuck I've had next to Bud."

"Bud's your brother, I got'a fuck his cock too, he must be really hung."

Al woke up as he opened his eyes to see two slender girls walking towards him
and then at the same time his cock, already primed, exploded as it spurted
sperm into the air, some dribbling down his cock.

"O' Mister Bundy, I'll clean that up." Said Ann as she took Al's cock into
her mouth and licked and sucked his dick back to full erection.

As Kelly watched, Al shut his eyes and enjoyed his cock being sucked on;
Kelly then moved over beside her father, leaned over and kissed him,
inserting her tongue inside his mouth as they played twisty tongue.

Al's lips and tongue are hot as Kelly continues to deep tongue her father as
he fingers and plays with her snatch, his finger entering her pussy as he
finger strokes his sweet daughter.

Ann straddles Al as she inserts his cock into her pussy, then she begins to
stroke his cock as she bounces atop his pole.

Soon, as the frenzy increases, Al is on top of Ann as he pounds the young
girls pussy, slamming her with is huge cock as his balls slam against he
butt; Kelly lays beside Al and Ann as he fucks her, Kelly kissing and sucking
Ann's tits and then kissing Al.

After cumin inside Ann, Al pulls his cock out with a spurt of sperm that
Kelly catches it full force in her face as she gobbles his cock up and begins
sucking and licking Al's cock back to full erection.

As quickly as Kelly had her father's cock in her mouth, Al pulled it out and
shoved it into Kelly's waiting pussy as Al began fucking her snatch hard, his
dick and balls making a wet slapping noise as he fucked her. Kelly held Al
tightly and close as she kissed and told him, "Love you Daddy, that feels so
good. Fuck me Daddy, fuck me hard."

"Love you too honey, you're the best fuck I've ever had." replied Al as he
twisted and pumped Kelly.

Al came, squirting his sperm inside Kelly as she climaxed and her snatch
grabbed Al's cock and squeezed every drop of sperm from him.

Al pulled his cock from Kelly as he rolled over onto his back and lay quiet
as Kelly looked at her exhausted Daddy, and told him, "I'm going back to the
cabin Daddy, want to come, I'm going to take a shower."

"You go ahead Pumpkin, Daddy will be there soon, I just have to rest." said
Al as he lay quiet.

"I'll take care of your Daddy Kelly, you go ahead." asserted Ann as she knelt
down and took Al's cock into her mouth and started sucking.

Naked and wet with sperm, Kelly walked to the water and washed herself, then
started walking back towards the cabin.

The summer air is hot and makes every little breeze appreciated as it
caressed her body, and Kelly decided that she would get her shower and then
lay naked atop her bed and sleep the rest of the day.

As soon as Kelly entered the cabin, she saw a note on the couch, so she bent
to read the note which read, " Kelly, I went to see momma; Bud's tired from
his workout this afternoon, so he went to bed early. signed: Peg."

"Well, I have the house all to myself and Bud." said Kelly as she gasped for
air as she felt a big hard-on slam her pussy from behind as she exclaimed,
"Bud! you're suppose to be tired."

"Well Sis, every time I see your pussy, I have to fill it." explained Bud as
he gripped Kelly's hips and began thrusting his cock inside her as Kelly just
held onto the couch for a brace.

"I thought you were on the bed beating your pecker Master-bater 'B'" kidded
Kelly as she bounced even more violently as Bud got mad at her accurate
description, "God Bud, that's almost feeling good, can you make it bigger or
pound a little harder?"

Bud grew even madder as he fucked his sister with all he had, his cock was
hard and as big as before, so he though he would teach dear little sis a
lesson as he fucked her till he shot his load off inside her pussy,
commenting, "I hope this one makes you pregnant!"

"What! I thought you were ... hugh! ....using a rubber? It's a good thing ...
Aaaa!... I'm on the pill." replied Kelly as her body shook from Bud's
thrusting and an orgasm that shock her body, then she felt Bud's load
splatter her insides as she thought, " God, Bud has one hell of a spurting
force for a male, almost as much a the Stallion I fucked last year."

Bud swallowed hard as he pulled his cock from Kelly's dripping pussy, stroked
it a little as he eyed Kelly's tight ass, then played with the cleavage of
Kelly's ass as he thrust his wet cock between her cheeks, then directed his
cock to her anus and shoved it inside her, hurting his cock and Kelly's butt
as he forced it deep inside her butt.

"Dam-it Bud! You're too big! Dam that hurts." yelled Kelly as she swung back
and pushed at Bud as he resisted, hung on and thrust several more times as
Kelly began to cry in pain, "Dam you Bud, I'll cut that cock off with Dad's
hunting knife."

That comment only brought more slams and jams as Bud fucked her even harder
as Bud admitted, " We, I better fuck you good then, if this is my last piece
of ass from my sister."

Kelly dug into the couch, defenseless as Bud continued to fuck her ass. The
pain subsided as Kelly began to enjoy Bud's hard forceful rape. She grimaced
at times, then reaching up in the air attempting to grab something to hang
onto, then grabbing the couch as her butt bounce and slid with each thrust;
her mouth salivating with Bud's rape.

"You know Kelly, .." said Bud as he shot off his load and then pulled his
cock out, shooting off another load of sperm onto Kelly's backside, turned
Kelly around in his arms to face her with her legs spread between his and her
ass resting against the couch, he then reinserted his already hard cock back
into Kelly's pussy as she simply just stared into his face, watching his eyes
as he fucked her snatch, his hand squeezing her nipples and squashing her
breast as he fucked her rigorously, and continued to tell her, "...those
birth control pills?"

Kelly shook her head yes as she listened to Bud.

"Those birth control pills aren't birth control pills, I replaced them with
tic tacs two months ago. I was hoping to see you get impregnated by Dad and
how that you would explain it to Mom; then, when we started fucking, I hoped
to get you pregnant in revenge. Now I love you so much more, I just want to
fuck you all the time, even more than Amber, and I forgot about the Tic Tacs.
What's even worse is that Amber's been using the Tic Tacs and she's gotten
pregnant. Maybe that's why you get sick in the morning."

Kelly's eyes narrowed and bulged, and at the same time she closed her legs
and snatch around Buds cock, which made him shoot off his strongest spurt
yet, a stream of hot jizzim that whacked Kelly like a fire hose, just like
the time that the fireman hosed her down and blew her dress off, and to their
surprise she wasn't wearing anything else; of course they were all too happy
to dry her off, six pairs of hands all over her crotch and breasts, and a
couple hard cocks that found her pussy and butt. Kelly's thoughts stopped
wondering as she realized, "Pregnant! A two headed brat that will look like
me!" Kelly thought a minute, then added, "Hey! Hey!!! she'll be cute and we
could both fuck everyone, ..."Kelly's then wondered back, "...six months of
pain, of being fat, no sex."

Bud corrected her, "No Kell! that's nine months of being fat! Tee Hee!!, ...
and I won't mind fucking your ass when your fat, no one else will."

Kelly grabbed Bud around the neck, his cock still stiff and inside Kelly as
they both rolled over the couch, Kelly's legs wrapped around Bud as his ass
and legs went skyward; rolling across the couch and onto the floor, Kelly
sitting atop Bud, choking him as his cock was still stiff and up inside Kelly
as she sit atop his cock.

Kelly stopped choking Bud as she stood up with Buds stiff cock slipping with
a sloshy sound from Kelly's pussy and dripping of sperm as Bud shot off
another load onto Kelly's pubic hair and belly.

Bud looked up at Kelly and added, "Oops."

"God! what am I to do with you?" Kelly grabbed Buds hand and lifted him up,
as they stood naked together in the front room, Bud's cock was still hard and
rubbing against Kelly's leg as he came and shot another load of sperm onto
her leg and both watched as the thick liquid dripped and flowed down. "You
really are loaded." Kelly took Bud by his hand like the little brother he
was, she leaned over and kissed him, then led him as she walked to the
stairs, "Let's get a shower and go to bed, I'm going to fuck your brains out
until I have the baby. Then you can fuck your daughter and me till your cock
drops off." Bud only smiled as he thought, "Two tight pussies."

Kelly turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature as Bud lathered up
the soap and scrubbed Kelly's bare back, taking his soapy fingers and sliding
them along the crack of her ass, then craddling her butt cheeks with his
soapy hand and rolling the slipper soap over her buttocks. Then Bud moved his
soap hands around Kelly's waist until he felt her belly and navel as he
pressed his naked body against Kelly's back and ass, his hard cock shoving
into the crack of Kelly's ass, slipping deep down as it drove towards Kelly's

Kelly leaned over and braced herself as Bud shooved his hard cock into
Kelly's pussy from behind, and began fucking her as his cock caused the water
and soap to foam up, making a slippery slide for his cock to slip into
Kelly's snatch.

After Bud came, Kelly turned around and soaped his cock, and lathered the
soap as his penis grew larger with each stroke, occasionally spurting some
sperm onto her hand as she continued to stroke.

Kelly then stood up and kiss Bud, slipping her tongue deep into her brother
mouth and throat as she felt his hot penis rub her pubic region and spurt
some more sperm onto her as it ran down amidst soap and water.

Bud dried off and walked toward their bedroom across the hall as he told
Kelly, "I'll be in bed Kell, waiting for that tight hot ass of yours."

"Okay Master 'B', I'll be through in twenty minutes." said Kelly as she
turned to washing herself, rubbing her pubic area with the soapy rag,
enjoying her finger as she stroked her pussy.

Unseen by Kelly, Al entered the hot tube/shower area and saw Kelly, naked and
prime looking as he staired at her narrow waist, her tight firm breast and
round firm ass. She looked so tasty that Al's cock rose hard as he dropped
his pants and clothing as he approached the shower.

Kely didn't see Al, but she felt Al's penis as he pushed up against her and
kissed her on the ear, his arms carressing her narrow waist.

"Daddy! you got horny."

"Yes sweatheart, you know I love you and have to love you every time I see
your naked and beautiful body."

Al hugged his daughter as he mounted her butt. Kelly didn't scream as she
liked her father to fuck her in the ass, and he knew how to make ass fucking
enjoyable. His right hand and fingers slipped into her snatch as his cock
penetrated her butt.

Kelly remained submissive, just as she had done since she was eight with her
Daddy, allowing Al to fuck every hole she had. Kelly blew Al's cock and
fucked him hard when she was eight. Finally, Kelly kissed Al as she left him
to shower himself.

Kelly went to her bed where Bud was streched out. Kelly cuddled up next to
Bud's naked body, pussing her bare ass against his pelvis and legs, where she
felt his semi-hard cock sticking out from his body and smiled as she felt Bud
put his arms around her, to cuddle with her.

On day three, Kelly was Busy riding Al's cock with her back to the door,
the door slowly opened and in sneaked Bud with his big hard-on, heading for
Kelly's bouncing butt, not paying attention to the fact that Al's legs were
sticking out from beneath Kelly's butt as he shoved and screwed his cock into
Kelly's ass. As he grabbed Kelly's tits, with his cock shooved deeply inside
her, he looked over her shoulder as he kissed her and saw, "Dad! what are

"Well it looks like we're both fucking Kelly; well, don't tell your mother,
she'd kill us both." snorted Al as he squeezed Kelly's tits.

"You both better keep quiet or she'll kill all of us."

Four days later, it was time to go home, Al had fucked all the young girls in
Wanker, and Kelly had fucked her male cousins and some of the female ones,
she was pregnant, but she didn't know from which one, Al, Bud, Steve, Jake,
etc.; Bud had impregnated three of his cousins and Kelly, he was doing well.
Al and Peg rode in the front seat, Bud and Kelly were in the back seat, and
as Al looked around, he saw Kelly smile as she lifted her skirt to flash a
view of her pussy to her Daddy who had been constantly fucking her for the
last three days, every night and morning like clock work; and Al had come to
realize that Bud was also fucking Kelly regularly as he found out on the
second day when Bud mounted Kelly's butt before he had seen Al was underneath
Kelly with his cock inside Kelly's pussy; so it was no surprise to see Kelly
sitting on Bud's lap with Bud's Cock inside Kelly's snatch and the seat belt
around them both.

"The roads rough Kelly, are you comfortable like that?"

"Yes Daddy, the rough ride will feel good."

The old Dodge bounced down the road with Kelly and Bud in the back seat
bouncing up and down to giggles and laughs with an occasional grab and a
lifting of a skirt.

Peg looked at Al, taking her hand into his, commenting, "This has been the
happiest trip to Wankor Al, the kids are laughing and playing games in the
back seat instead of fighting, and you're so relaxed; this trip has done us
all good."

Al glanced to the back seat.

Kelly's skirt was up around her waist; Bud's pants were on the floor.

Bud had Kelly's shirt pulled down with each of his hand gripping each of her
tits as he kissed her bare neck and shoulder.

Kelly had her skirt off and Al could clearly see Kelly's bare butt atop Bud's
naked lap as Kelly lap danced atop her brother's cock. Kelly twisted opened
her legs and twisted her butt atop Bud's lap as she felt his hard cock
sticking inside her pussy as she twisted and smiled at Al. O yes, long trips
were no longer boring.



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