(A married with children story)
By Wonder Mike

Peg Bundy could have been the horniest person on the face of the earth. Al
would only give it to her once a year, she didn't understand it, she was
still attractive. Her only answer was that he was always at the strip club,
he spent every dime he had traveling the streets of Chicago leaving his marks
at the clubs, she didn't think he was cheating on her though.

Al wasn't cheating on Peg, ever since she had the kids, he just wasn't
interested in her sexually anymore, wasn't that normal? going to the clubs
got a raise out of him, then he would go home get his favorite issue of
Bigguns, and he would get his favorite partner, his right hand, he always
wondered how come they never made that movie, or even better, My middle
finger, he would go see that.

Bud was the school geek, he couldn't help it, it was in the genes, he worked
hard to develop a coolness, but it wasn't going to happen, he had many plans
though, he needed a good one because he had only gotten it once in the last
17 months, he wanted it now.

Kelly had her mothers libido, she could have any guy she wanted though, as
long as they didn't meet Al, he had run off every guy she brought home, Al
saw her last boyfriend grab her ass and he escorted him out of the window, it
was getting harder and harder to find a guy who would come home with her. It
had been a week since she had gotten it.

Kelly had thought of something her mother never did, she called out to her
best friend Buck, the family dog, she laid on her bed and spread her legs,
Buck did the one trick he knew, he buried his tongue inside of Kelly's box,
Kelly rubbed his head and he licked harder. She only wished she had some food
to give him but she could barely feed herself. Buck knew that she would bring
him back something from the dinner that she worked at. It kept him happy

Kelly was having her second orgasm when Bud walked in, he heard her moaning
and thought something strange was going on, and he was right.

Kelly jumped up and pulled down her mini skirt, "It's not what you think" she
said. "I think you were doing it with Buck" Bud replied. Kelly didn't have an
answer to that.

"I wonder what dad is going to think about this" Bud asked her. Kelly was
already grounded, Al might kill himself if he found out. She couldn't let her
brother rat her out.

"What do you want" she sneared,"I want a blow job just like you use to do
when you were little" he replied.

It had been almost ten years since Kelly had sucked of her brother, she
guessed she would have to start again.

They went to Bud's room, he had a hidden camera set up, he could either
blackmail her some more, or sell the tape, he hadn't figured out which one

Kelly dropped to her knees and began to suck of Bud, for a little guy he had
a 8 inch cock, he had inherited it from Al. Kelly took 3 deep strokes and Bud
began to wail, he was going to come.

Peg heard the noise and peeked through the key hole, she could see Bud's
back, he had his pants down and some girl was on her knees in front of him,
she was proud of her little guy.

Al saw Peg peeking through the keyhole and wondered what she was doing, Peg
told him some girl was giving Bud a hummer. Al had to see, he moved Peg out
of the way so he could see.

The sight of his son getting blown was the most exciting thing he had ever
seen. His cock jumped up to his full 12 inches, Peg saw the bulge and knew
what that meant, it was that time of the year. At that moment Bud shot his
load down Kelly's throat. She didn't spill a drop. She had on her favorite
shirt and she didn't want to get it dirty, besides she loved the taste even
though it was Bud.

Al and Peg never saw Bud cum. They were already in their bedroom, Peg pulled
down Al's pants and his cock had shrunk, Al needed to see his son getting it
before he would be able to nail Peg. After all he had just given it to her
7 months ago.

Peg was going out of her mind, she told Al to go to the club and leave her
alone for a while. Al happily left and Peg went up to Bud's room, she would
get fucked now and she didn't care that it was her son.

She walked into his room and found him alone doing school work, she thought
it was strange that he hadn't seen a girl come or go out of the house, she
would have to ask him about that later. But first things first.

Peg stood in front of her son and took off her robe. She stood in front of
him completely naked. Bud wouldn't look at his mother so she just pulled down
his pants and started to blow him. She quickly had his whole cock in her
mouth and Bud didn't care. Peggy didn't know that Kelly was still under the
bed and that Bud never had a chance to turn off the camera.

Bud's cock was at full length and Peggy pushed him down on his back. She sat
her big ass down on his cock and was riding him like she hadn't gotten fucked
in months.

Kelly was scared the bed was going to collapse on her, Bud was scared she
was going to crush him.

The bed was about to break, and Bud was going to cum. Peggy jumped off and
swallowed his cock whole, Bud shot his load all over her face. That would
keep her satisfied for at least a week.

Al returned home. He made it to the club when he remembered he had already
spent his club money, and food money at the club yesterday. He would sneak up
to the bathroom and unleash his right hand.

He was sneaking into the back door when he saw the video camera, Al pulled it
down and saw the tape, he took it inside to see what it was.

He looked at the tape and was shocked, not only at his precious Kelly sucking
on Bud but his wife fucking him. He screamed "Peg"



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