By Wonder mike

Al was furious with everybody, how could his son be having sex with his
precious daughter and what's her name. He had been looking for an excuse to
leave this marriage and this was it.

The family came down into the living room and they saw what was on the
television, Bud was emptying his load into Kelly's mouth. Al hit the fast
forward button and showed Peg riding Bud.

Kelly ran across the room and started to strangle Bud, how could he trick her
like that. Peg broke up the fight. Al said "I don't know why you guys are
mad, I am the one who is getting screwed."

Al grabbed a bag and looked for things to take. He was getting out of dodge.
He couldn't find anything worth taking. Al walked out the door then he
thought "I pay the bills" "Why am I leaving?"

He went back inside and told them all to get out. He was a free man, and it
was about time.

Peg was begging for forgiveness, Bud and Kelly soon joined in. There was no
way Al could forgive them, they had all betrayed his trust and there was
nothing that could make up for it. He demanded that they leave.

It was Bud who came up with one last idea, he suggested that if Al fucked
Kelly everything would be even and back to normal, he also suggested that
they do it as a family, it would keep them together and there would be no
more sexual tension.

Al was reluctant to screw his daughter but he had to admit the sight of her
blowing Bud did turn him on. Kelly pulled down her top and wiggled her pert
tits in Al's face. He was weakening, when Kelly pulled down her skirt and
bent over in front of him, he was going to break.

He told Peggy that she would have to sit their and watch him and Kelly, that
was the only way to even the score. Kelly ran over and pulled down his pants,
His cock sprang up to 12 inches, Peggy remembered why she married him.

Kelly wrapped her lips around his cock, with the family egging her on. She
was determined to deep throat him. It took her 5 attempts going deeper on
each stroke, but she managed to swallow him whole, for the first time since
he scored 4 touchdowns in the school championships, Al was happy.

Kelly reached down between her legs and started to rub her cunt, Al was the
biggest she had ever had.

He Al walked around behind her, he wanted to enter her from behind. He
grabbed her by the waist and rammed his cock into her pussy, he couldn't
believe how tight it was, she must still be a virgin he said aloud, Bud just

Kelly was rocking back on his cock, she needed to be fucked harder. Al gave
it his best shot, he then rolled over so she could ride him, this was the
lazy mans way and Al loved it.

Kelly rode him like a champ. Peggy and Bud started a rhythmic clapping as she
was bouncing up and down on her father faster and faster. Al saw her eyes
glaze over and she was begging for more. Al began to thrust up trying to
match her ferocity, but there was no way. He called for help.

Bud was ready to go, he came up behind his sister and slide his cock into her
ass hole, Kelly was screaming in ecstasy, this was what she wanted.

She was still bouncing wildly, up onto Bud and down onto Al, the boys were
holding on for dear life, Kelly still needed more, she was going crazy
because there wasn't room to go up and down as fast as she wanted, since she
was sandwiched, and the boys were not fucking her hard enough.

Peggy heard her cries and had sympathy, she knew what to do though, she had
been in that spot many a time.

Peggy grabbed her special ear if corn and slid it into Kelly's cunt along
side of Al. She could tell by Kelly's screams that it hit the spot. She was
ramming the corn into with both hands as hard as she could.

Kelly was wiggling her assign the two cocks and they were both going to lose
it. They yelled at her to get off and they jumped up and sprayed their loads
all over her face, she still had the corn stuck in her pussy as Peg came over
and licked the cum off of her face.

Kelly was on her knees still horny, doing her Dad and brother were the
greatest turn on ever, and she wanted more. She grabbed the corn and started
to thrust it in and out. The rest of the family was cheering her on.

Bud grabbed a flashlight and tossed it to her. She slid that inside of her
cunt to go along with the corn. Al loved the sight of his daughter, ass in
the air ramming a flashlight and ear of corn in her pussy. Buck had been
watching and took his chance, he hopped on top of Kelly and slid his cock
into her ass. Kelly screamed "Good dog" and Buck began to hump away.

Kelly finally got release and had a screaming orgasm. Al knew his dog was
good for something and that things would never be the same in the Bundy house
hold again.



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