Married... With Children: Just Another Stupid Day (mf,Mf,inc,cons,nc-cons)
by Ambush Bug ([email protected])

By the time the lunch break approached Kelly Bundy had made up her mind: she
was going to skip her last two classes. She simply wasn't in the mood for
P.E., what with all that running and jumping and wrestling around with other
girls (and that was just in the locker room), or math class, where her
asshole teacher kept forcing her to multiply and divide until she wept.
Besides, it had been two days since she'd been to either class and she
couldn't remember where they were anyway.

No, today was going to be more than just another stupid day. She was going to
do something different, something new and exciting. Maybe she'd let one of
the guys take her for a ride in his car and park somewhere in some secluded
spot and have wild passionate sex. No, wait, she did that every day of her
life. Maybe she could find a party somewhere and knock back several beers and
smoke a few joints and let some strange guy she'd never met before take her
into a bedroom and screw her brains out while she listened to loud crashing
rock music from the live band in the living room. No, those were her weekend
plans. Besides, she wasn't sure she was up to the possibility of yet another

The mall? No, she was broke. The park? No, too many muggers hanging around.
The jail? No, too many old memories. The sex offenders wing of the state
prison? Too many old flames.

Damn. An entire afternoon free and Kelly couldn't think of a thing she wanted
to do with it. She sure as hell couldn't go home. That would just be too
bizarre. Besides, her mom was gone for the week, enjoying a vacation with her
family in Wanker County, undoubtedly committing all sorts of redneck acts,
and with Daddy still at his loser job (the man sold shoes, for the love of
God), Bud would probably be home by himself, and who knew what strange and
unnatural things he'd be doing? Any number and combination of lonely,
perverted stunts, most of them requiring the presence of a blow up doll.

Nope, Kelly thought, ain't gonna subject myself to that horror again.

She watched the minute hand on the clock. Only two minutes to go....still
only two minutes to go....still two minutes. Maybe she should be watching the
other hand. Not the little shorty black one that moved even slower. The long
thin red one, he was zipping around like crazy. Kelly focused on it, followed
it as it moved in its circle, past the twelve (only one minute to go!), then
the one, the two, the three, the four....she remembered back when she was
nine and had learned to count by watching a clock a lot like this one....the
seven, the eight, the, um, yeah, the nine, the eleven, the ten, and finally,
thank the cruel and heartless God in heaven who'd given her this nightmare
life, the twelve.

The bell rang and Kelly jumped, startled. All the other kids bolted from
their desks and raced toward the door, but Kelly took her time, not wanting
to get caught up in the crowd trying to escape the room. All that pushing and
shoving, elbows in the throat, wailing and gnashing of teeth, groping and
attempted sexual assault. On the down side, though, was that she could get
trampled to death, or even worse, get her hair messed up. Then again, if she
didn't get trampled to death she stood a very good chance of growing into
adulthood and becoming a shoe salesperson.

Kelly screamed, bolted from her desk, and ran for the crowd, the gloriously
murderous crowd.

"Take me!" she cried. "Take me now! End this vile existence!"

She probably would have gotten her wish if she'd run in the right direction.
Unfortunately, she had dashed toward her teacher's desk instead, then crashed
into it. She fell forward, sliding on her belly over the top, knocking papers
and books and pens and Mr. Diddler's half pint of Chivas Regal onto the
floor. Kelly continued in her hapless trajectory over the desk and right into
Mr. Diddler himself, who had been dozing in his chair, and together they
ended up sprawled on the floor. Mr. Diddler was flat on his back and Kelly
was on top of him, her legs splayed out on either side and her magnificent
breasts in his face. Out of habit his hands came up and grabbed her waist and
he began pushing his crotch against hers.

"Oh no you don't," Kelly said, struggling to get away from her teacher.
"Last time I let you do that you said I'd pass my math test and I failed it

"That's because I'm your history teacher, you idiot," Mr. Diddler said. He
reached up and gripped her splendid breasts.

"Dammit, fooled again!" Kelly pushed his hands away. "I'm outta here."

"But Kelly!" Mr. Diddler cried, watching helplessly as Kelly got to her feet.
"My darling! My love! You're the prettiest, most wonderful girl I've ever
known! I worship the ground you get laid on!"

Kelly replied by taking Diddler's bottle of booze and placing it in his
outstretched, clutching hands. Her teacher grabbed it and held it to his
chest like a priceless treasure and screamed, "Get away from me, you cheap

"You know," Kelly said, her hands on her hips, "if I wasn't a cheap tramp I'd
be insulted."

She turned and, in a huff, marched across the classroom, climbed over four
inert bodies, and went out the door. Once she was in the hallway, she
stopped, confused. Which way was the exit? She could never remember. She
looked down the hallway to her left, saw a set of doors with a sign over
them that said, EXIT, then looked to her right and saw another set of doors
with an EXIT sign. Kelly crossed her arms beneath her awesome breasts and
scowled; she hated mysteries.

She finally decided to take a chance and went left, then changed her mind
and went to her right. She walked through the doorway and out onto the front
steps of the school. By that time she'd forgotten that she wanted to do
something different and exciting and started on her way home. She only got
about half a block before several cars, all driven by male classmates, lined
up at the curb to offer her a ride home. Kelly was confused, unable to decide
which boy she wanted to ride with, so she eenie meenie miny moed, got more
confused, and had to eenie meenie miny moe again. She finally settled on the
dude in the black Porsche, and as she went over to it and opened the
passenger door all the other guys grumbled and swore and called her foul
names and threw things at her.

"Hey," Kelly said as she climbed into the Porsche, a big friendly smile on
her face. The smile disappeared, though, when she saw who it was behind the

"Hey, Kell," Bud said.

"Bud! What are you doing here? And where did you get this bitchin Porsche?"

"I'm here," Bud answered, "to give you a ride home. And it's best not to ask
where I got the Porsche. Let's just say I got it from a friend who lives on
the corner of Hotwire and Theft. Now, buckle up. Wouldn't want you to go
sailing through the windshield or anything."

Kelly had just enough time to get her seatbelt buckled before Bud jammed on
the gas and the car went screaming down the street. She wanted to ask him why
he was bothering to give her a ride home when he never did anything nice for
her before, but she found herself more focused on the speed at which they
were going; the outside world was careening past them in a blur. At this
rate, they could hit someone and not even notice. Or they could hit another
car or a building or something and never have to worry about anything ever
again. On the down side, though, they would be home in less than a minute. At
any rate, physical speed always turned Kelly on. She whooped and laughed and
gave Bud a big smile. She even felt like hugging him, although she restrained
that impulse; she'd already gotten into enough trouble with Eldon, her cousin
on her mom's side.

In a remarkably short time they arrived home, Bud screeching the car to a
halt at the curb in front of their house. At the sight of the house Kelly's
good mood suddenly plummeted into despair.

Oh God, I live there, she thought.

"How did you like that ride?" Bud asked, looking immensely proud of himself.

"It was fine," Kelly replied dejectedly. "Except now we're home. You couldn't
take me to someplace cool, like the mall? Or across interstate lines? Or over
the side of a cliff?"

"Aw, come on, Kell, cheer up." Bud touched her under the chin. "Hey, I got a
surprise for you. You wanna see it?"

Kelly narrowed her eyes at her brother. "You're not gonna wave your dick at
me again, are you? Cause I gotta tell you, Bud, that kind of thing gets old
after a while."

"Promise I won't wave my dick at you. But if you wanna see your surprise, you
have to come up to my room with me."

Kelly narrowed her eyes even more. Almost to a squint.

"You're not gonna show me your internet porn collection, are you?" she asked.

Bud sighed and said, "No, Kell, I'm not gonna show you my internet porn
collection. Now, come on, if you want your surprise, come with me."

Bud got out of the car and started up toward the house. Kelly got out on
her side and followed him, saying, "Fine. But this better not be anything
disgusting. By the way, I want you take those fake sex pictures you made of
me off your website."

Bud stopped at the front door and said, "Those pictures weren't fake."

"Oh," Kelly said. She shrugged. "Okay, then, leave em up."

* * *

Kelly followed Bud up to the top of the stairs, but when he made the turn
into his bedroom she turned in the opposite direction and went into the
bathroom. She took off all of her clothes and took a nice long hot shower,
enjoying being wet and soapy and running her hands all over her body. She
almost didn't want to get out. After a half hour, though, the heat was
starting to make her dizzy, so she got out, toweled dry, and put another
towel around her body. She went out into the hall to find Bud standing in
his doorway with his arms crossed and a perturbed look on his face.

"Oh, hey, Bud," Kelly said. "Sorry. I forgot you wanted to show me

"Don't worry about it, Kell," Bud replied, letting his eyes drift downward
over her nearly naked body. "That's actually more convenient. Come on."

"More convenient? What does that mean?" Kelly asked as her brother
disappeared into his room. When he didn't reply she clicked her tongue and
went into his room after him.

"Shut the door," Bud told her as he went to his dresser and opened the top

Kelly did what he said, then stood there and watched as he pulled something
out of the drawer. He turned around and held out what looked like a long
black piece of cloth.

"Check this out," he said.

"What is it?"

"It's a blindfold."

"A blindfold? Why are you showing me a blindfold?"

"I want you to put it on," Bud told her, approaching her with it.

Kelly furrowed her brow and said, "I don't get it. How can you show me
something if I put a blindfold on? I won't be able to see."

"The blindfold," Bud explained, slightly exasperated, "is what I wanted to
show you, dumbbell. But, if you put it on, I do have another surprise for
you. One I think you'll like."

"But how will I be able to see it?" Kelly asked, feeling a little exasperated

"Just put it on," Bud said. He didn't wait for her reply, he simply stepped
behind her and brought the blindfold up over her eyes.

"Hey!" Kelly cried. "It's dark in here!"

"No doubt you're talking about the inside of your head," Bud replied as he
tied the blindfold. "Not to worry, sis. You're gonna like what I got for

"I doubt it, since I won't be able to see it."

"No, but you'll like it just the same. I promise." Bud went to the closet
door and opened it, closed it, then returned to stand near his sister. "Kell,
I want you to meet Brad Dawson."

"Brad Dawson?" Kelly said. "You mean that totally cute guy who never says

"He never says anything because he's mute, Kell."

"Oh. Well, he's still amazingly cute. Kind of creepy, though, because he
never says anything."

"Um, Kell, he's mute, he's not deaf."

"Oh. Sorry." Kelly held out her hand. "Nice to meet you, Brad."

Bud shook her hand and said, "It looks like he's glad to see you, Kell. He's

"I wish I was glad to see him, too. By the way: why, exactly, am I wearing
this blindfold? Can I take it off now?"

"No no no," Bud said. "Um, Brad here, he's um, well he's a little embarrassed
to admit it, but he's got this thing for girls wearing blindfolds. Turns him
on. And, uh, he wants me to tell you that he's always wanted to meet you,
ever since he first saw you. Isn't that right, Brad? He's nodding his head."

"Oh wow," Kelly said, also smiling. "Really? You've always wanted to meet

"He's still nodding his head."

"That's so sweet. But why didn't you say anything? Oh, that's right, you're
moot. Which is cool with me, I don't really care if you say anything. You'd
be surprised at the number of guys I've been with who never said anything
more than, 'You wanna?' But wait!" Kelly turned her head in the direction she
thought Bud was, which was actually the other direction. "Bud, you're not
videotaping this, are you? Cause that stuff gets old almost as fast as the
weenie waving."

"No video camera, Kell," Bud said, casting an uneasy glance at the fully
operational video camera on top of his TV. "Well, I'm gonna leave you two
happy kids by yourselves. Have fun." He went over to the bedroom door, opened
it, closed it, then returned to stand directly in front of Kelly.

"Cool," Kelly said. "We're alone now, Brad. What would you like to do first?"

Bud wordlessly reached out and grabbed Kelly's towel and pulled it from her
body, leaving her completely naked.

"Oh, okay," Kelly said, giggling. "We'll start with naked."

Bud grabbed Kelly's large firm superb breasts in his hands and pulled her
close to him, then kissed her on the mouth. He fondled her as he pushed his
tongue past her lips and Kelly moaned with pleasure. She reached for where
she thought his fly was and found his stomach instead. She moved her hands
down until she found Bud's fly and deftly unfastened the button on his jeans.

"That's funny," she said around her brother's tongue, "I remember you being
taller for some reason."

Bud, of course, didn't reply. He continued to french kiss his sister as she
pulled his zipper down and reached inside his jeans. Kelly found his cock
immediately and wrapped her fingers around it. She pulled her mouth away from
his and said, "Wow, Brad. I always figured you'd be hung, but I didn't think
it would be this big. You must be related to John Holmes. Or Mr. Ed." She
giggled. Bud's wordless response was to put his hands on Kelly's shoulders
and somewhat gently push her down onto her knees.

"They always want head first," Kelly remarked resignedly, rolling her eyes
behind her blindfold. She opened her mouth, took the end of Bud's enormous
cock into her mouth, and began sucking it with a ridiculous amount of skill.
Bud moaned in pleasure and Kelly stopped, pulled his cock back out of her
mouth. "Hey, I thought you were mute," she said.

Bud growled and grabbed her hair, shoved her face toward his cock.

"Okay, okay, don't have a meltdown."

Kelly resumed giving Bud head, eagerly using her best oral tricks on him,
still completely unaware that it was her own brother's cock she was sucking.
Bud made more growling and groaning noises as he held his sister's hair in
his hands, occasionally pulling her head forward and shoving more of his huge
cock into her mouth than she could handle, making her choke. Eventually,
Kelly could tell that Brad was getting close to coming, and while she was
lightyears away from being a stranger to a mouthful of sperm, she decided she
wanted to fuck instead. She pulled her mouth off of him once more, to ask him
if he would fuck her, but before she could even get the words out Bud grabbed
her, one hand full of her hair and the other full of one of her tremendous
breasts, and literally threw her onto the bed. Kelly let out a startled yelp
as she landed on the mattress.

"Oh wow," she said, "this is just like those counseling sessions with Father
Mulligan. Only without all that 'praise Jesus' crap."

She probably would have said more, but her face was suddenly shoved into the
mattress. Bud held her down with a forearm across the back of her neck as he
gripped his cock in his other hand and jammed it into her cunt. He
immediately started fucking her hard, ramming his cock into her again and
again, grunting and groaning with pleasure.

"Hey," Kelly said, "you sound just like Bud when he's abusing one of his
blowup dolls. Or when he locks himself in the bathroom with the underwear he
steals from me and doesn't think I know about."

Of course, Bud couldn't understand what she was saying because her words
were muffled by the mattress in her face, but he wouldn't have cared anyway;
he was a man on a mission. He continued to ram his cock into his sister's
body, faster and faster, his groans and growls becoming louder. Kelly, still
thinking that it was Brad Dawson who was using her like one of Father
Mulligan's cranky nuns, started to get into it.

She began to moan and sigh and coo as Bud fucked her, feeling a growing
heat in her belly and her cunt. The heat grew and grew, became a fire
blazing between her legs, until finally she felt it exploding all through
her body. She shuddered and cried out with the tremendous force of her
orgasm, shouting, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" into the mattress.

As soon as she was done coming, Kelly did what she almost always did once the
wave of pleasure had passed: she lost interest. Unfortunately, as usual, the
guy fucking her was still going at it, holding her by the hips and ramming
himself into her. She had no choice (as usual) but to lay there and take it.
She wished she had something to do, like a crossword puzzle or something,
but then realized that it didn't matter, since she was wearing a stupid

"Hey, Brad," she said as Bud continued to fuck her, "would you mind all that
much if I took this blindfold off? I can't see any-" Bud interrupted her with
a smack on the back of the head. "Okay, fine! But see if I ever let you do
this to me again! With a blindfold on, I mean."

Bud growled, louder than he had yet, and practically lifted Kelly off the bed
as he shoved his cock into her one last time. Kelly yelped in surprise and
delight, enjoying the sensation of the huge cock totally filling her up, then
let out a long satisfied sigh as she felt Bud coming inside of her. She
enjoyed that feeling too, of a guy squirting his hot spermy sperm up into her
womb, and as she reached down to hold his balls as they pumped their load
out, she made a mental note to buy yet another pregnancy test.

For most of the time that he'd been having sex with his sister, Bud had
been struggling with the urge to put words to the extreme pleasure he was
experiencing, and now that it was over he could no longer contain himself.
As he collapsed on top of Kelly, his cock still buried in her cunt, he
shouted, "Goddamn, that was the best fuck I've ever had!"

"Oh my God," Kelly said, her face still jammed into the mattress. "Brad, you
sound just like Bud when he locks himself in the bathroom with those Sailor
Moon comics."

"Oh shut up, you dumb bitch," Bud said. He simultaneously pulled his cock out
of his sister's cunt and smacked her on the back of the head. And that was
when Kelly finally saw the light. Despite the blindfold.

"Oh my God!" she cried. She turned over, causing Bud to nearly roll off
the bed, and removed her blindfold. She looked in the wrong direction, then
turned around and saw her brother laying next to her on his bed, his huge
cock still semi hard and glistening with what could only be a combination of
his come and her...come. Kelly's eyes went wide, her mouth dropped open, and
she screamed the loudest scream she'd ever screamed in her entire screaming
life. Then she began to pummel Bud with her fists and curse at him. "Bud,
you asshole! You son of a bitch! You sick freak! You incester! I can't!
Believe! You did that! To me!" She pelted him with blow after blow to his
chest, his face, his head. Most of them were ineffectual, but she got a lucky
punch in, connecting with Bud's jaw, and sent him tumbling over the side of
the bed and onto the floor.

"You're the most vile creature in the whole world!" Kelly shouted as she
crawled off the bed and headed for the door. "You're even worse than Uncle
Billy Bob!"

"Oh yeah? At least I'm not stupid enough to fall for that blindfold trick.
Speaking of tricks, aren't you late for work?"

Bud laughed again, almost a cackle this time, and Kelly stopped at the door
and whirled around to face him with her usually harmless fists clenched.

""I don't care how big your dick is, I hate you!" she cried. "And I'm telling

She stormed out the door, slamming it behind her, and Bud, still sitting
by his bed and rubbing his jaw, shook his head and said, "Dumb as a box of

* * *

Kelly went in to take another shower and douche three times. After that she
locked herself in her bedroom, and for the next two hours she sat on her bed
and smoldered inwardly. Finally, she heard her daddy's car pull up out front
and got up, determined to rat her stupid sick brother out. She ran out into
the hallway and got halfway down the stairs before she realized that she
hadn't put any clothes on; she'd been naked all this time. She ran back up to
her room and put on a pair of jeans and a remarkably thin and tight tanktop.
She didn't bother putting on her underwear or her shoes and socks; she wanted
to get to Daddy and tell him what had happened before Bud got to him and made
up some stupid story.

Once she had her clothes on she dashed back downstairs to find her daddy in
his usual position: on the sofa, watching the television, with a beer in his
right hand and his left hand in his pants. He was also weeping quietly, just
as usual. But at least that freak brother of hers wasn't anywhere around.
Kelly stopped at the bottom of the stairs, pouted until she could force a
tear from her eye, then went over to the sofa and sat down next to Al.

"Daddy," she said, making herself sound like she was about to cry, "Bud did a
terrible, horrible thing to me today." She sniffled.

"Jesus God, look at you," Al said, his eyes zeroing in on his daughter's
remarkable breasts. "Did you paint that top on or what?"

"Daddy, I'm trying to tell you something. Bud did something really rotten and
made me feel bad about myself."

"Aw, Pumpkin," Al said, putting his arm around her shoulders as he continued
to stare at her superior breasts . "Don't let your brother get to you. And if
you do, try to avoid coming to me and complaining about it. Daddy's head

"But Daddy, he....well, he....oh, God, I can't even say it. It's too

Al looked at his daughter with an expression of severe suspicion.

"He didn't sell shoes, did he?"

Kelly clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes, then remembered she was
supposed to be upset and sniffled again.

"No, Daddy," she said. "I'm afraid it's even more disgusting than that. Hard
to imagine, I know, but still. He....he....he tricked me into having sex with
him!" Kelly suddenly pretended to burst into tears, and she buried her face
in her hands.

"Oh yeah, that's real disgusting," Al said, not sounding in the least bit
disgusted. He patted the top of Kelly's head and said, "There, there,
Pumpkin. You're gonna be alright. Daddy'll make everything okay."

Kelly suddenly stopped crying and said, "You will? Are you gonna ground him
for fifty years? Have him arrested and put in jail? Stab his blow up doll
with an ice pick?"

"Don't you worry your empty....I mean, pretty little head about it,
sweetheart. You just let me take care of everything. Now, give Daddy a big
hug and kiss."

Kelly, feeling tons better, smiled hugely and threw her arms around Al's
neck. She kissed him on the lips, then embraced him. Al hugged his daughter
tightly, pressing her enormous chest against his for several moments, then
as Kelly continued to hug him he slipped his hands up between their bodies
and began squeezing her marvelous breasts like ripe melons.

"Daddy," Kelly said, "what are you doing? Those are my boobs."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Pumpkin," Al replied, not sounding the least bit sorry as he
pulled his hands away. "I thought they were your, uh, your shoulders. Yeah,
your shoulders."

Kelly clicked her tongue, rolled her eyes, and said, "You always make that
mistake for some reason."

"Yeah, what can I say, I'm an idiot. But listen. I'm going to go up right now
and deal with Bud, and while I'm doing that, you know what you could do?"

"Please don't ask me to cook anything, Daddy. That would be work."

"Yeah, right," Al said with a snort. "Like you could actually cook anything.
No, what I had in mind was, you could go up and put on something slinky, like
that nightgown I bought you when you were twelve, take one of my special
sleeping pills, and get in Daddy's bed and take a little nap."

"You mean like I used to do when I was twelve?" Kelly asked.

"Yes, just like that. It'll help you to relax and feel better. And when I'm
one with Bud, I can come in and nap with you. How does that sound?"

"I dunno, Daddy. Every time I nap in your bed I have these dreams in which
I'm being force fed hot dogs. And I always wake up with the taste of stale
mayonnaise in my mouth."

"I keep telling you, that's just your imagination. Now go on up and do what
your daddy tells you."

"Okay, Daddy."

Kelly pecked Al on the cheek, gave him a quick hug (Al quickly mistaking her
grand breasts for her shoulders again), then hurried up the stairs to her
room. Once there she threw off her clothes, went to her closet, and took out
her smallest, slinkiest nightie. It was a light blue number, so sheer that it
did nothing to hide the marvelous contours of her body, or even the color of
her nipples. Kelly wasn't entirely comfortable wearing it around the house,
but she put it on anyway because, for some reason, it was her daddy's

As she was putting the nightie on Kelly could hear a lot of noise coming from
Bud's room next door. Lots of crashing and smashing sounds, and Daddy yelling
things; something about Bud being an asshole, something else about some cheap
little tramp belonging to him, and finally a loud thumping sound against the
wall, Bud groaning in extreme pain, and Daddy yelling, "Keep your fucking
hands off my property!" After that there were the softer, more subtle sounds
of Daddy going back down the stairs and Bud whimpering, "Call 911, someone
please call 911."

"Gee," Kelly said to herself, "I wonder what that was all about?"

She shrugged her shoulders and left her room, crossed the hallway to her
parents' bedroom, and went directly to her daddy's nightstand. She opened
the drawer and took out the bottle of special sleeping pills he kept there,
opened it, and took one of the tiny blue pills out. She looked at it for a
moment, thinking, then said, "Actually, I'm kinda tired. I don't think I'll
need to take one of these this time." She put the pill back in the bottle,
returned the bottle to the drawer, and crawled onto her mom and daddy's bed.
She lay down flat on her back, closed her eyes, stuck her thumb in her mouth,
and almost immediately began to drift off to sleep.

About a half hour later Al crept quietly into the room. He stopped by the
side of the bed and looked down at Kelly sleeping on the bed.

"Pumpkin?" he said softly. "Are you awake?"

There was no answer from the sleeping girl. Al chuckled to himself and said,
"Works every time." He leaned over the side of the bed and carefully pulled
the top of Kelly's nightgown down, exposing her fabulous breasts. Emitting
another chuckle, he began to fondle them, caressing and squeezing and
pulling. After a few minutes of this he pulled the bottom of her nightgown
up to her waist, revealing Kelly's pelvic area and the healthy patch of
blonde pubic hair over her cunt. He touched her there too for a few moments,
then grasped her legs and spread them wide. He then went to his dresser,
pulled out a camera, and took several pictures of her.

"Thank God for sedatives," he said to himself, then put the camera back in
the dresser.

He approached the bed again, crawled onto it, and laid down between Kelly's
wide spread legs. He kissed her on the lips, then cupped her excellent
breasts in his hands and began kissing them and sucking on her nipples. Kelly
stirred in her sleep, moaning lightly, causing Al to pause and look up at

"Gonna have to tell her to start taking two instead of one," he said.

He waited another few moments to make sure Kelly was still out, then resumed
kissing and sucking her delicious breasts. He spent several minutes doing
this before he finally stopped and reached for the fly on his pants. He
unfastened it, reached in and took out his cock. He whispered, "Won't have to
worry about getting it in your mouth this time, honey," then promptly shoved
his cock into Kelly's cunt.

Kelly stirred again, wrapped her arms around Al's neck, and in a sleepy voice
said, "Okay, fine, but I better get an A for this."

Al, flushed with the new and singular pleasure of having his cock buried deep
inside his daughter's body, took no notice. Instead, he simply worked his
hands under her back, hugged her close to him, and began fucking her.

"What? Huh?" Kelly said as she finally woke up. She opened her eyes, saw Al's
grinning face right above hers, felt his cock moving in and out of her, and
eventually put two and two together. "Daddy! Are you fucking me?!? Oh my

"Kelly!" Al said, admonishing his child. "That sleeping pill was supposed to
knock you unconscious! Why aren't you unconscious?!"

"I didn't take any stupid pill! I decided I didn't need it! Get your dick out
of me!"

Al, not feeling any special need to reply at this point, simply kept fucking
her. Kelly screamed and pushed at his chest, trying to get him off of her,
but Al was too heavy and was holding her too tightly. She continued to
struggle and curse and scream but it was no use; Al had control of her, and
he wasn't going to stop until he was finished.

"Oh God!" Kelly cried.

"Oh yeah!" Al groaned.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh...oh, hey...this is actually starting to...feel...not
bad. Oh. Oh yeah. Oh Daddy. Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes!"

Al, who would have continued to pound his cock into Kelly's cunt in any
event, continued pounding his cock into Kelly's cunt, ramming her harder and
harder, as Kelly held him tight, digging her fingernails into his back (and
drawing a little bit of blood that would stain his shirt and cause huge
amounts of strife between him and Peggy shortly after her return from Wanker
County) and crying out, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Finally, their
incestuous and yet still intensely pleasing union came to an explosive end.
Kelly's body shuddered and trembled as she was overwhelmed with erotic
gratification, while Al simply groaned and came.

When it was over, the two of them collapsed together on the bed, spent,
satiated, and sweating. Kelly was out of breath, and felt like every cell
in her body was alive with an exquisite fire. Al, on the other hand, was
suddenly quite tired, and shut his eyes and went to sleep. After a while
Kelly realized this and sighed.

"Well," she said, "at least he didn't just hand me off to a crowd of his
buddies like most guys do." She nudged her father, said, "Daddy, get off me
now," but Al was like a remarkably satisfied corpse. "Daddy, come on." Al
still didn't budge, so she gathered up all of her strength and pushed him
off of her. Al rolled away, then rolled right over the edge of the bed and
went crashing to the floor.

"Huh? What?" Al mumbled. "Kelly? Where are you going, Pumpkin?"

"To take my third shower of the day," Kelly replied as she headed to the
door. "And to douche about ten more times. Then I'm going to get dressed and
go out and buy yet another pregnancy test. Hope they have special ones for
incest babies."

She went into the bathroom, took off her nightgown (which had gotten a
little ripped up), and jumped in the shower. As she was soaping herself down,
generating a full sudsy lather over her Olympian breasts, Kelly thought about
everything that had happened to her today and decided that, despite all the
weird, nefarious, unnatural and paradoxically pleasing things that had
occurred, it was, ultimately, just another stupid day.



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