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Date: 08/09/2004

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Female/female sex, strong language

Category: Slash

Pairing: Kelly/Marcy

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Summary: After finding out that Marcy's in a slump over her birthday, Kelly
suggests that they break into Al's shoe store and go hog wild.

Other Notes: This story is a birthday gift for an actress named Amanda
Bearse and takes place after Marcy Rhoades marries her new husband, Jefferson

Dedications: Happy Birthday to Amanda Bearse.

- ATK 2004

Married... With Children: Kelly And Marcy
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected] com)

As anyone who had ever lived in Chicago has learned, Al Bundy has been
misanthropic women's show saleman who hates his job and has a family that
consists of Peg, his lazy wife, Bud, his disfunctional son and Kelly, his
dimwitted and promiscuous daughter.

But there was another side of Al Bundy -- and that was the side of him who
has no idea what was going on with his family, like for instance: On the
Nineth day of August, the Bundy family's neighbor, Marcy Rhoades D'Arcy was
planning a quiet and romantic dinner for two with her husband, Jefferson

However, just as she was about to make the reservations at the most fabulous
restaurant in the entire city of Chicago, Jefferson had recieved an emergency
phone call from one of his friends in New York and he wanted Jefferson to fly
down and help him get out of a mess that he has gotten himself in.

And so, with her beloved Jefferson out of town, poor Marcy has no other
choice, but to celebrate her birthday alone -- but that was before Kelly had
walked over to the D'Arcy backyard and noticed that a saddened Marcy sitting
on a sofa and crying her eyes out.

Then, after she had looked around from one end of the fence to the other,
Kelly has hopped over the backyard fence and walked her way into the D'Arcy
house, where she was able to walk into the room where Marcy was in, sat down
next to her and asked, "Are you okay, Mrs. D'Arcy?"

"I'll be okay, Kelly," answered Marcy, after she had turned her head towards
a concerned Kelly. "It's just that I've never spent my birthday with my
member of my family before."

"Really? Today's your birthday?" asked a suddenly wide-eyed Kelly. "I'm sorry
about that, Mrs. D'Arcy. Look, if you really want me to, I'll stay and
celebrate your birthday with you."

"Why thank you, Kelly. That's so very nice of you," said a smiling Marcy,
after she has placed her gentle hands on Kelly's shoulders. "But what about
Al and the rest of your family?"

And after she had let out a small chuckle, Kelly had taken a deep breath,
looked at Marcy and asked, "Do you really want to spend your birthday with
the rest of my family -- including a certain Mr. Al Bundy?"

Then, after she had given what Kelly had asked a great deal of thought and
realized that she was right, Marcy had placed her forehead on Kelly's and
answered, "It's surprising -- and yet -- refreshing to hear you say something
that's so very true, Kelly. So what do you want to do now?"

"It's funny you should ask, Mrs. D'Arcy," answered Kelly, after she had taken
a key out of her jacket pocket and placed it on the coffee table. "You see,
Dad is way too busy running from my mom -- due to her usual craving for sex
-- and he had no idea that I've swiped his key to the shoe store out of his
coat pocket. Let's say you and I go down to the shoe store and go hog wild."

"Well, Kelly. It's true that your suggestion would only result in us getting
thrown into a jail cell," said Marcy, before allowing a big smile to appear
on her lips. "But since it'll also be able to cure me of my boredom, let's
go do it."

And with that, both Kelly and Marcy had left the D'Arcy residence and drove
all the way to the shopping plaza where Al's shoe store was the only one that
was closed for business.

And after they had entered the store through the rear entrance, the two
girlfriends had walked onto the salesfloor and were amazed by the wide
assortment of shoes to choose from.

"Well, Mrs. D'Arcy? Which shoes do you want to try on first?" asked Kelly,
after she had wrapped her arm around her smiling next-door neighbor.

"I think I'll try the adorable pair in the corner," answered a very happy
Marcy -- and then, after they had shared a small chuckle between them, both
Kelly and Marcy had each taken turns playing the customer and the store
clerk and tried on ever pair of shoes on the salesfloor.

"What do you say, Mrs. D'Arcy? Is this fun or what?" asked a smiling Kelly,
after she had helped Marcy put on one of the many pairs of shoes.

"Well, Kelly. You've really got to admit. It really is so much fun," answered
a happy Marcy, while she was admiring the shoes. "And if your father still
has a problem with what we've done, then he could just go screw himself."

However, after they had let out a hearty burst of laughter, the two
neighboring ladies had looked at each other for a minute or two and kissed
each other ever so passionately on the lips.

But then, after the kiss, Kelly had moved her head away from Marcy's and
said, "Whoa! I'm so very sorry about that, Mrs. D'Arcy. I really didn't mean
to do that. You see, it was just that...!"

But before Kelly was able to say another word, Marcy had placed the tips of
her fingers on Kelly's lips and said, "Sssshhhh. It's okay, Kelly. You don't
have to say anything. You don't even have to be afraid. All you need to do is
relax...and enjoy it."

And then, after they had given each other another passionate kiss on the lips
and removed all of their clothes, Marcy had started licking all over Kelly's
nude body--all the way down to her hot, wet pussy.

"Aaaahhhh, yes! That's it!" said Kelly, while Marcy was carressing her firm
breasts. "Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, at that moment, even though they were suppossed to be only
next-door neighbors, both Kelly and Marcy had suddenly realized that they
were experiencing something that neither of them had experienced with
another woman before, for they were experiencing pure, untamed erotica --
and enjoying every minute of it.

A few minutes later, after Marcy has placed herself in front of Kelly, the
two newfound lesbian lovers had started rubbing their hot, moist snatches
against each other.

"AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, KELLY!" yelled Marcy, after she had placed
her hands on Kelly's legs. "FUCK ME! I REALLY WANT YOU TO FUCK ME! LET ME BE

"AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, BITCH!" yelled a sexually-energized Kelly.

And then, after they had started moving harder and faster and their
lovemaking has reached its final episode of Al's favorite TV show, Psychodad,
the two lovers had cum and collapsed due to exhaustion.

After they were finally able to catch their breath, Marcy has placed her head
on Kelly's chest, took a deep breath and said, "Kelly, I've got two things to
say to you. One, if you want to do so, you could call me Marcy. And two, I
want to thank you for giving me the greatest birthday I've ever had."

"You're welcome, Marcy," said Kelly, after she had placed her gentle hand
on Marcy's head. "And my dad's wrong about you. You really don't have chicken

And then, after they had snuggled up to each other, both Kelly and Marcy had
fallen asleep within their naked arms, while the rest of the shopping plaza
had gone about their normal daily business.

As for Marcy's husband, Jefferson and the rest of the Bundy family, they
still don't have a clue as to what happened between Kelly Bundy and Marcy
Rhoades D'Arcy on that one particular August day, because they've decided
to keep their mouths shut about it -- about their unusual love for shoes.



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