Married... With Children: Kelly Bundy, A Day In The Life Of
by ShadowWalker ([email protected]) (M/f,m/f,b/f,M+/f,inc,celeb,best)

"Peg!" Al yelled as he walked down the stairs, then stopped to ask Buck,
"Have you peed on Peg boy?" Al walked over to the couch, "Well, the Bon-bons
are here, I wonder where Peg is." Al asked himself, then he yelled, "Kelly!
are you here?" Al listened, but no answer as he looked around and found a

Al! Mama called, I have to help her with cousin Jenna. Bud and I
left this morning, you can take the bus. There's ice cream and
frozen wieners in the freezer. Kelly needs to be taken to school,
and Buck needs his shots, so take him to the vet.

Peg!!! Love and kisses.

"Peg! How am I going to take Buck to the Vet, you took the car." Al looked
around and then got an idea, he called a rental agency and had them deliver
a brand new rental car, a Jaguar.

* * *

Meanwhile, at a local motel, Peg was laying on a bed, naked and sucking on a
man's cock, Jefferson Darcy's cock as he pulled Peg over onto her back and
slammed his cock into her pussy and started fucking her; In another bed, Bud
was fucking Amber and was looking periodically at Peg and commenting, "Great
idea Mom! You know how to safe guard your secret and have me vouch for our

"That's okay honey, now let's switch." ordered Peg as Jefferson pulled out of
Peg, hoped to the other bed and spread Amber's legs and mounted her; as Bud
jumped his mother, slamming his cock into her and started fucking her as he
licked and sucked her titties.

* * *

Kelly was still asleep in her bed, she was face down and her covers were
kicked off; as she has always did, sleeping in the nude as she liked the
feeling of cold air on her body.

Al walked into Kelly's room and saw his beloved daughter's naked body laying
quiet on top of the bed, her little butt was so cute and tight as it rose up
and down in her sleep, she looked so good that his dick went stiff; Al knew
it has been a long time since he had a good fuck, and Peg was gone for the
next week, and he had been screwing Kelly on the weekends anyhow, what the
hell; Al dropped his pants faster than his cock could rise free. Standing
naked beside Kelly's bed, he gripped his cock and stroked it slowly as he
looked at her beautiful ass as it twitched in her sleep, his cock became hot
in anticipation and started dripping jism.

Kelly rolled over, raising her tits from beneath her and onto her side,
showing her brown pubic hair and narrow waist. "Daddy, is it time to get up?"
then she saw her father's stiff cock pointing at her and noticed his big
grin. Kelly grinned broadly as she opened her legs slowly, invitingly,
rolling onto her back and pulling herself up onto her pillows, "All right! so
your up! Mom must be out. How long do we have daddy?"

"Forever honey, the old sow is gone for a week." giggled Al as he crawled in
between Kelly's waiting thighs.

"Do I have to go to school this week Daddy?" smiled Kelly as she felt Al push
his cock into her pussy, his cock filing her inside clitoris walls, sliding
ever deeper inside her.

"Not as long as Daddy has his hard cock in his Pumpkin's ass." said Al as he
kissed Kelly on her neck.

Kelly laughed as she curled her arms around her father's neck, "Keep it
pumping daddy, I may never go to school again." Kelly raised her legs about
Al's waist and squeezing her legs around him, her pussy muscles gripping his
cock like a vise on a hot poker.

Al immediately screamed as he shot off his load into Kelly.

Kelly enjoyed his stiff pecker and the sensation of his sperm squirting and
splattering inside her.

Al collapsed and lay atop Kelly with his cock still inside her snatch as she
commented, "That was fast."

Kelly lay quiet with her Daddy on top of her for ten minutes, then Kelly
forgot why he was laying naked on top of her, so she went back to sleep.

* * *

Peg, Bud and Amber got into the old dodge and headed for Wanker County,
Jefferson headed back to his house.

* * *

An hour has passed and Al woke up on top of Kelly, with his dick still inside
her, and as he saw Kelly's cute face, his limp cock sprang to full hardness
as he began fucking Kelly again.

Kelly was asleep as Al began fucking her again, she was dreaming, and in the
dream she was playing with Buck, who for some reason in the dream got a huge
hard-on and mounted her as she bent over to pick a flower, and old Buck
fucked her brains out as she felt the trusting, his balls striking her butt
and his cock slid in and out of her pussy.

Kelly reached out to grip the grass as Buck gripped her waist tightly as he
fucked her even harder. Kelly felt his penis shooting off its jism load after
load as he increased the pace of his fucking. She spread her legs outward as
the fucking continued.

Kelly then felt Buck gripping her shoulder and turning her over onto her back
as she also felt him grip and spread her legs, then his cock as he inserted
it into her pussy. Kelly thought a moment as she felt his cock sliding into
her snatch as she also felt how hot and wet his cock was.

Kelly immediately woke up to see her father, "Daddy! thank God, I thought you
were Buck."

Kelly locked her legs about her father as her snatch gripped his cock, she
began kissing him as he continued to thrust his cock inside her.

Al was fucking Kelly so hard, and Kelly gripping and wrestling him as he
twisted her body with his body, they both were soaked with sweat. The bed was
soaked with sweat and sperm as Al was relentless in fucking Kelly's tight
snatch, then, after he had cum, Al turned Kelly over onto her belly, lifted
her butt up and mounted her ass as he drove his cock into her hot asshole.
Kelly screamed from the tight fit, but Al drove his cock all the way into
her, then as he pressed his hard cock inside her as he then pumped a few
strokes then he exploded wad after wad of sperm into her. He held her tight
about her shoulders as he pressed his dick as far as it would go inside her

* * *

Peg kept waving at the truck drivers as they passed her, then she noted to
Bud and Amber in the back seat, "These truckers are the friendliest people I
have ever met." Peg then adjusted the mirror and caught the sight of a butt
in the air, then swung the mirror to see what was going on in the back seat
and she saw Bud mounted to Amber and fucking her in the ass. "No wonder
they honked, they can see you two fucking each other."

* * *

Kelly ran down stairs naked with Al, who was also naked, chasing her in close
pursuit until he finally caught his young daughter, grabbing her ass as he
turned her around, kissing her on her neck and ear as Kelly giggled as she
guided his erected cock into her pussy as Al continued pushing, thrusting,
sliding it deep inside her snatch then he pushed her over the edge of the
couch; they both slid over with their legs in the air as Al didn't loss a
thrust. They slid across the couch to the floor, shooting sperm everywhere as
Al and Kelly fucked each other hard, his cock popping out and spurting a load
and then re-inserting itself as he thrust it into her.

Al came several more times inside and outside Kelly, then he saw the clock
and knew he had to go to work, so he pulled his penis out, stroked it and
squirted his last load onto Kelly's stomach as he told Kelly, "No school
Pumpkin, but you have to be at the shoe store at noon today, then I'll get us
a dinner and we can take a bath together tonight."

"Okay daddy! I'll take care of Buck and do my home work." said Kelly as she
sit up on her arms as Al dressed then hurried out the front door, leaving it
open, so Kelly got up and walked to the door naked, stood in the door before
she shut it, smiling broadly as she twisted her legs together as she saw
Jefferson standing beside his car, who was staring at her naked body; Kelly
waived, her small tits giggled and then she shut the door.

Jefferson, cried as he buried his face in his sleeve as the water hose ran on
his car, he had been washing his car when Kelly opened the door and stepped
out all naked, he got a hard on as he looked at her, and then she shut the
door and the cold water froze his dick.

Kelly strutted around the front room, still bare ass naked as she got Buck's
doggie chow and fed him, petting him as he eagerly eat, then looked up at her
in all satisfaction of his food, with his wet nose touching Kelly's tits,
followed by a wet lick as Kelly giggled from the sensation of Buck's rough

As Buck was eating, Kelly gathered her books and arranged them on the couch,
then got a candy bar and set it next to her books, looked at it as she
clasped her hands together and studied her morning project, bounced on her
feet as she commented, "There!" Then she noticed that Buck had finshed his
meal and was at the back door, so Kelly danced over and let Buck outside
into the side yard, then she walked over to the faucet and turned the water
on and filled Buck's watering bowl to full, then ran the water over her body
as she washed her body with her free hand, then she shut the water off, shook
her body as she wriggled her hips and tits, then strutted her butt back
inside the house.

Jefferson watched from his kitchen window as he watched Kelly and her
beautiful body, cursing himself as he said to himself, "Should have married
Kelly instead of Marcy, now that is one bitch I want to fuck."

Kelly strutted back inside to lay naked on the couch, opened her books as she
cradled a pillow under her chest and breasts, kicked her legs up and crossed
her ankles as she began studying.

* * *

Al was, as usual, staring up the large under carriage of a two ton woman who
had feet three sizes too big.

"These shoes are too tight! I said I wear size six, you got size nine."
ordered the woman.

"You can't squeeze a battleship into the Panama Canal when it needs the
entire Pacific Ocean!"

The woman got up in a huff and stomped out of the store.

Al picked up the boxes of shoes and carried them back to the storage room.

Kelly came in the door and seeing the front was empty called out to Al,
"Daddy! I'm here for your lunch'er!"

Kelly turned towards the storage room next to the cashier's counter and
smiled as she heard her Al call back, "Lunch? be there in a minute Pumpkin,
heat up the lunch for us."

Kelly looked confused as she thought, "Heat up the meal?" she looked down and
pulled up her skirt to look at her fuzzy covered pussy, and mumbled, "Heat it
up? A luncher!"

"O'well," said Kelly as she pulled her blouse off and then unzipped her skirt
and let it drop to the floor, then sit down in the front row, leaned back and
began rubbing her snatch, poking her finger in and stroking herself as she
began masterbating herself, heating herself up for her daddy's luncher."

Al walked into the service area and saw Kelly, stark naked with her legs
spread as she smiled at him, saying, "Hey daddy, Here's your luncher! I'm a
good girl."

Al almost fainted as he saw the front window clear and the curtain not drawn;
a security guard was leaning against the window and jerking himself off as
he stared at Kelly, and then Al looked back at Kelly as she continued to
masterbate herself, while she was seated in the nude in the front row.

After pulling the shades and before anyone else caught sight of Kelly's naked
form, Al grabbed Kelly and carried her naked to the back room with her
laughing loudly as he held tightly onto her little ass.

Al laid Kelly on the floor as he kicked shoe boxes out of the way, Kelly
lifted her legs wide, looking at Al and asking, "Luncher Daddy, grab me while
I'm HOT!"

Al quickly removed his pants, rubbed his cock as he looked at Kelly's naked
pussy, then parted her snatch and guided his stiff penis into her hot and
very moist hole as Kelly put her arms about him and hang on as Al cock poked
and slammed her tight little snatch.

Kelly grinned and then bit her daddy's ear as he fucked her, sliding his big
wet dick in and out of her tight snatch, once he stopped, pulled his cock out
of her hole, held it over her pubic hair and aimed it at Kelly's face.

Kelly looked down at what Al was doing, licked her lips as she eyed his cock
head as it pointed at her, she lined up her eye as she concentrated on his
pee hole, then she saw something white shoot out at her, the next moment she
was laughing as it bathed her face in jism, it ran down her face as she
licked its warm sticky juice and leaned back as Al lifted her ass up in his
hand and planted his cock back inside his daughter's tight pussy and started
fucking her again.

Kelly looked at the ceiling as her body rocked from her daddy's thrusts and
twisting body as he fucked her; Kelly tightened her legs about Al's waist and
squeezed their bodies together as Al pushed even harder. Kelly felt Al shoot
off another load into her pussy, the hot sensation of the juice heated her
inside as it sprayed her internally. Kelly put her arms about Al, hugging him
as if she was squeezing his sperm out as he came again as Kelly squished her
tits against his chest.

Al pulled his cock from Kelly's snatch and straddled her body as he waddled
up to where his balls dangled between her tits, tickling them both as he
squeezed his cock in his hand as it then shot jism onto Kelly's face.

Kelly took Al's cock and began licking it, then inserting it into her mouth
and sucking on it, then inserting it deep into her throat as she used her
throat muscles to stroke his cock until he spurted another load into her

Kelly lay there, licking her lips as she swallowed his sperm. Al stood up,
his dick still large and swinging out side of his pants as Kelly watched him
dress and then to finally tuck his meat inside his pants.

"Got to go to work Pumpkin, thank you for giving daddy his nooner." said Al
as he leaned down and kissed Kelly on her sperm wet lips.

"Nooner? I thought it was a luncher?" asked Kelly as she sit up, her little
titties were dripped with sperm and jiggling lightly with her nipples erect
and pointy.

"Luncher is for tomorrow Pumpkin." answered Al as he went to the front
counter to help a wayward customer.

Kelly stood up, still naked as her skirt was on the floor by the front seat
and her blouse was on the back of the chair.

Kelly watched as the lady took a seat that was on the opposite side, her back
was to her as Al was on his knees, fitting her for horse shoes. Kelly tip
toed to the seat and put her blouse on, then she bent over and looked for her
skirt, then she saw an eight year old boys feet standing behind her, he held
her skirt in his hand as Kelly ordered him, "Give me that little boy, it's

He looked at Kelly, and especially at her pussy as he replied, "Finder's
keepers. they're mine now."

"Look you little fucker!, give them to me before some one sees us."

"If I were you I'd be more concerned that my mother doesn’t catch you with no
pants on." said the little boy as he threw Kelly's skirt onto the back of the
seat behind her.

"You little ass hole." said Kelly as she turned around, bent over and reached
out to get her skirt when she felt the little boy's hands push her ass as she
was then shoved forward, she landed with one knee on the seat as she leaned
with her arms on the back of the seat and looking at Al as he was fitting the
woman for her shoes. "High Daddy, you want me to get hamburgers for tonight?"

"That's sweet, your daughter fixing dinner for you tonight." said the woman,
"My Billy is just as thoughtful in getting his thoughts over also, Billy,
where are you honey!"

"Over here mom!"

The boys voice was behind Kelly and she felt the little bastards dick as he
shoved it into her butt, he then began fucking Kelly in her ass.

"Just playing with this nice girl." said the little boy as he shoved his cock
rapidly in and out.

"You be nice now honey, don't pester her now."

"She likes me mommy, just fine!" said the boy as he thrust his dick hard into
Kelly's butt again and again as Kelly braced herself.

"You little fucker" grimace Kelly under her voice.

After the boy shot off a stream of cum, Kelly turned around and sit in the
seat, and to the boy's surprise, she spread her legs and used her fingers to
spread her pussy lips as she then poked her finger inside and began to stroke
herself. The boy watched in wonderment, as Kelly motioned for him to insert
his little cock into her; he did, and Kelly then squeezed her snatch tight
like a vice . The boy's eyes almost popped as the pain of Kelly's snatch grip
cut off all feeling.

"Now you little pecker, you'll be sore for a week." said Kelly as she grabbed
his ass and pulled his body, pushing and sliding his cock in and out until he
shoot off his load, and then she pulled his dick out as she squeezed his cock
with her snatch.

The boy sit down, quiet on the chair after he had pulled his pants up; Kelly
pulled his zipper up, and catching his lose skin in the zipper, then unzipped
it quickly as tears came to his eyes.

Kelly kissed him on the lips, slipping her tongue inside, then said, "Come
see me in four years, I'll show you what fucking really is." said Kelly as
she turned, slipped her skirt on and left the store, waving to her daddy.
"Bye daddy!"

Kelly was half way home when officer James stopped her on the street, rolled
his window down and asked, "Miss, you live in this neighborhood?"

Kelly bent over to lean into the window to talk with the officer, "You're
new, just got this patrol."

"Yes, I ... Wait a minute, you answer my question."

"Okay, I live down the block, you can drive me if you want." said Kelly as
she opened his door and slid in beside him.

"You better be careful miss, there’s a cat burglar in the area." warned the

"That's all right, we only have a dog." replied Kelly.

The officer looked at Kelly, then noticed her skirt lifted up and that she
wore no panties, and this told him as a single male, he should escort her

The patrol car pulled up and stopped at Kelly's house as Kelly opened the
door and got out, the officer got a full view of her butt, so he hurriedly
got out and walked Kelly to the front door as he explained, "Are your parents

"Dad will be home tonight, and mom is visiting her mother. It's just Buck and
me." said Kelly as she tip toed on her toes, flirting with James.


"O..." smiled Kelly, then she pointed to Buck asleep on the stairs, "That's
Buck, ... my dog."

"Well, I can't allow you to stay her alone, sooo ,... I'll stay with you
until your daddy gets home."

"Great, said Kelly, you can show me your gun."


"Yeah, that big thing in your pants."

"Ooo, ah, my gun is in my holster, that's something else." explained James
with a blush.

Kelly smiled, then unbuckled his pants and then unzipped his pants, saying,
Then let's let him out to breath." Out it popped, and in Kelly sucked and
licked as the officer's pants fell to the floor.

"Wait a minute Kelly! I can't do this, you can barely be seventeen." said
James as he pulled Kelly up from his crotch.

Kelly smiled as she explained, "Actually I'm fifteen James, and I won't tell
if you don't, so don't carry that grin to work."

Kelly knelt down and took his penis into her mouth and blowed the officer;
James pulled her blouse up as Kelly raised her arms and allowed the blouse to
slip off, then the officer pulled her up to kiss her as Kelly dropped her
skirt and let it fall to the floor.

James thought a minute, looking at Kelly who's body was rock hard, a thin
waist, solid giggily small breasts, and a pussy covered with a velvet brown
bush. He could smell her body that smelled of sweat flesh and pussy juices,
she was warm and female soft to touch, especially hot at her snatch as he
felt her pubic area, running his hand over her thighs and between her legs.
Jame's penis hardened and swelled, turning red and hot as it raised to an
upward stance. Then, thinking to himself 'how great it would be to shove his
swollen cock into this little bitch,' then he held her head between his hands
as he kissed her, and to his surprise, Kelly put her tongue inside his mouth
as she French kissed him.

Kelly rubbed her body against the police officer's bare chest as she had
unbuttoned his shirt and was pushing it up and over his shoulders as she now
licked and kissed his chest. James just stood there as Kelly worked her way
back down to his erect cock and took it into her mouth again as she licked
and sucked his pole until his juices began to flow, she licked them clean and
swallowed as she felt him ejaculate a small amount, and then as she began
stroking it faster and deeper down her throat, Kelly felt him explode a large
amount of jism that she had to work at swallowing.

Looking up at James, Kelly licked her lips of the sperm that had squished
out, then smiled as she swallowed again as his penis shot another load onto
Kelly's face, splattering on her forehead, eyes, nose and cheeks and then
running down in drops over her face.

James picked Kelly up into his arms and carried her to the couch where he
laid her down as she spread her legs wide invitingly as he slipped in between
them; then he held his erect cock in one hand and pushed it against Kelly's
clitoris and worked it in half way, then he pushed with his hips until he was
all the way inside her with his balls pressing against Kelly's vagina, then
he slowly started thrusting, pushing, pulling and twisting his cock inside as
Kelly locked her legs about him as she enjoyed the fuck.

Two hours later, Kelly was resting on the couch, naked with her legs spread
wide as the officer smiled, kissed her one more time and played with her
pussy and then her neck as he spoke softly to her, "I have to go back on
patrol, but I'll be thinking of you."

"Me too, who taught you how to fuck?" asked Officer James.

"Oo, Daddy and my brother Bud." Kelly smiled as she licked the sperm from her
face, then asked, "Why?"

"James thought a minute, then relied, "They did a great job."

Kelly tongued him once more as they kissed again, then told him, "Any time
Jimmie, I have a ladder in the back." James went to the door, opened it and
then exited as he shut it behind himself.

Naked and smelling of sperm and fuck juices, Kelly spread her legs to dry off
a little when Buck ran over and jumped up between her legs and inserted his
muzzle between her hands and pubic hair as he licked her pussy, licking up
her juices and then inserted his tongue inside her pussy as Kelly just leaned
back and allowed Buck to lick her clean.

In five minutes, Kelly felt Buck as he pressed his body on top of her tits
and belly, licking her face clean and then she felt his doggie cock push
inside her pussy as she spoke to Buck, "Buck! you're fucking my pussy, I am
not your bitch!!" said Kelly as she did nothing to remove Buck as she kind
of liked his stroking as she leaned back as Buck licked her titties and
continued to fuck her pussy until he shot his doggy jism into her, then
pulled himself out and crawled back to his bed and laid down, leaving Kelly
naked on the couch, screwed, licked and wet with his sperm as well.

Kelly, so tired, so wet, and so impregnated, laid back in a leaned back
seated position and went to sleep.

Kelly woke up after what seemed to be a coupled of hours, but she was on the
floor, her legs was spread wide, she was on her belly and a funny pulling
sensation was on Kelly's butt. Kelly reached around and pulled a piece of
paper that had been scotch taped to her butt. She opened and read the note:

Dear Girly, I broke into your house and found my greatest prize.
You were naked and ready for me, so I put you on the floor and used
your body.

You have a great ass, and even better, a great tight pussy. Yes, I
fucked you for over an hour. I give you praise, I never saw such a
bitch as you who I could fuck in your sleep.

Thank you.

The Cat Burglar.

Kelly stood, her naked body covered in sperm as it ran off down her body
from her snatch, the crack of her ass, her face and mouth as she thought to
herself, "Damn, I must have fucked the entire foot ball team; I better go
take a shower." Kelly trotted upstairs to her shower as Buck just sit and
watched her tight little ass twisting and twitching as she climbed the stairs
and thought to himself, "Yes, she's my little bitch all right, after that
prowler fucked her the first round, then I bit him in his ass and he ran off,
I hate cats!; then I fucked my bitch for the next hour. No sir, no one fucks
my bitch."

Al, tired and exhausted from a boring day of hammering shoes on cows, Al was
glad to get home to the little lady, Kelly, and happier than hell that Peg
was off poking her brothers, damn Wankers.

Al walked over to the refrigerator, found that Kelly did what she had
promised, she had got some food for dinner and had stored it in the
refrigerator like a good girl; Al microwaved a TV-dinner and then went up
stairs to find Kelly, and he did, she was in the shower.

"That reminds me!" said Al as he quickly undressed and stepped into the
shower with Kelly.

Kelly turned around, soap covered her head and body as soap dropped into her
eyes as she asked, "Who's there?" as Kelly reached out she took hold of Al's
stiff dick and added, "Daddy!" Kelly used his penis and pulled him to her as
she then placed her arms around him, hugging him tightly, squishing her tits
into him with his cock slipping between her legs and rubbing her snatch,
rising up the crack of her ass as Kelly closed her legs about his hot pole
as he stroked her body.

Al licked and kissed Kelly, he had never had such passion, and he figured
that it would have to be in his own daughter that he found what he always
wanted, a horny, loving, caring, passionate tight bitch.

Kelly reached down and took Al's dick and inserted it into her pussy as Al
gripped her buttocks and squeezed them as he pulled her to him; grinding his
cock into her as he pushed her butt up against the shower wall as Kelly bit
Al, clawed his back, gripping his legs with her muscular calves as he fucked
her, the water washed the soap suds from off their bodies.

After washing each other off, Al dressed as Kelly slipped on her jogging
pants and shirt, then they walked together to the kitchen where they sit and
eat their tv-dinners. "One day down and six more to go before old RED comes
slithering back." commented Al as he looked at Kelly's smiling face.

"Daddy! are you horny again?" giggled Kelly as she chewed her burger.

"With you pumpkin, I am always horny." said Al.

Kelly raised her sweat shirt up to reveal her breasts and twisted her body,
giggling her titties for her daddy, "There you go daddy, daughter hooties."

Al laughed as he chewed with his mouth full, saying, "Good girl pumpkin, now
that's entertainment."

After dinner, Al and Kelly watched the adult rated movies, Robertson
Cruel-sole and his six bitches, a remake of an old book; during the
commercials Kelly danced on the coffee table, stripping off her sweat shirt
as she twirled it around and then let it fly as she twisted her body,
giggling her tits and slowly pulling the cord on her pants, allowing them to
drop as she stepped out of them and then dancing naked for her daddy.

The movie quickly started as the commercial ended and Kelly jumped down to
sit beside her daddy, as she cuddled in close, he put his arm about her,
playing with her tity as she rubbed his crotch, his dick responded as it
strained at his pants; it grew as they watched the movie.

Al was watching the movie where Robertson was chasing after three of his
women, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday; Thursday was knocked up and was at the
shack, when Al felt his penis become moist and hot as it was engulfed, he
looked down and saw Kelly's head bobbing like crazy as she was sucking and
licking his dick. Al assumed that she must have gotten horny playing with his
cock and had decided to eat a snack.

Kelly sucked and pulled as she swallowed Al's cock deep into her throat, then
she felt Al spurt a load as she giggled, pulling his dick out as it spurt
another load all over her face; smiling and laughing at Al as the sperm
dripped from her face and gurgled from her mouth, she gulped and spilled as
she said, "Woo Daddy! that was a load!! You are getting better." Kelly turned
her attention back to Al's cock and began stroking again on his dick with her
mouth, playing with his balls with her free hand.

Kelly woke the next morning with Al's naked body pressed against her's, his
penis pressed between the crease of her butt, his hand laying around her,
caressing her right breast. Kelly shuffled her butt as she pressed back into
her father and enjoyed another hour of rest.

Buck paraded on patrol through the house as Al got up naked from the couch,
where he had slept and fucked Kelly all night; he quickly dressed, glanced at
Kelly's naked body as she was asleep on her belly on the couch, so he kissed
her on her cheek then went out to go to work.

Buck sniffed around the couch, then sniffing Kelly as she slept. Kelly's foot
dangling over the edge of the couch, so Buck hopped onto the couch; Buck saw
that Kelly was still sleeping, on her belly with her legs spread, as usual
Buck sniffed her butt then lay on top of her, pushing his dick inside Kelly
and began humping her butt as Kelly remained asleep.

Kelly woke up, groggy from sleep and then felt a pressure on her back as she
then realized, "Buck, are you ....?" Kelly was bouncing from Buck's thrusts
as he humped her faster and faster until Kelly felt Buck squirt and dismount
as he licked her butt and snatch before he curled up on Kelly's Butt and
between her legs.

Kelly sit up naked on the couch, pulling her feet up until her knees were
under her chin as she looked at Buck, commenting, "Every morning you find
time to fuck me, I just hope I don't end up with puppies." Kelly curled her
nose as she thought a moment, then commented as she got up to shower, "Well,
they would be cute, I'm cute, so they would have to be cute."

Kelly dressed in her blue jeans and short top and walked down stairs to leave
the house, and as she opened the door she saw, "Mister Darcy! what are you
doing her?"

"Kelly! please understand that I appreciate seeing you naked every day; but
with Marcy gone for a week on convention, ... well, I just can't stand it any
more." said Jefferson as he grabbed Kelly and ripped her top from her and
throwing it to the floor.

"Mister Jefferson Darcy! you're married." yelled Kelly as she backed up, her
tities jiggling as Jefferson grabbed her.

Jefferson popped Kelly's blue jeans open and forced the zipper open as he
shoved them down to Kelly's knees, revealing her brown pubic hair as he
shoved his sweat pants down and then inserted his erect penis into Kelly as
he grabbed her, kissing her as her legs flailed about. Darcy picked her up
and carried her, his dick pinning her to his body, as he dropped with her to
the floor as he began pumping and thrusting his cock into her.

Kelly spent the next hour being raped by Jefferson, and she seemed to resist
at first, then she enjoyed his attack as his cock was really forceful, and
she liked the dominance. Kelly then felt Jefferson cum twice, then pull his
cock out and force her over onto her belly then shoving his cock into her ass
and began fucking her butt, pulling her head back with her hair and kissing
her on her neck, reaching around with his one arm and grabbing her tity and
twisting her body as he fucked her.

Kelly lay on the floor, sperm dripping from her as Darcy zipped his pants up,
explaining, "Kelly, I know I was rough, but I had to fuck you."

"Rape would be more like it Mister Jefferson! But I'll forgive you, if you at
least treat me more human and not as a slab of meat." said Kelly as she
leaned on one arm.

"Nothing wrong with meat, I love eating meat." said Jefferson as he smiled at

Kelly lifted her one leg and played with her wet pussy, telling Jefferson, "I
enjoyed it, but I can also make you enjoy it even better."

"Tonight babe, I have to go call Marcy and check in to her on the phone;
so, come over at nine, and I'll show you some real loving that you will

Kelly stood and walked over to Jefferson, felt his crotch and rubbed it
as she kissed him, telling him, "She's old, and I can fuck you like no
other; .....I could use a new leather jacket,..." immediately she felt his
cock harden, "... and I know how to make you feel masculine and strong like
a stallion."

"Tonight then my little bitch! keep that pussy hot and I'll keep this hard
for you." said Jefferson as he kissed Kelly, holding her in his arms and
sticking his tongue in her mouth as they play French tag. Jefferson then
left, leaving Kelly standing naked and horny.

Kelly thought a minute, then jumped, "Oops! got to go by my agents and see
James, then to Daddy's.

[A half hour later]

At the studio Kelly waited in the director's waiting room, waiting for her
appointment for being cast for a show.

An secretary responded to a beep from her intercom and the notified Kelly,
"Ms Bundy, you can go in now."

Kelly jumped up and hurried to the door and entered the room.

Three men sat around the desk, the director being seated behind the desk as
Kelly came to stand before them.

"Kelly, you know Harry, Hank and me, and I am glad that you have taken time
to come in for this part."

Excitedly, Kelly acknowledged, "Thank you Mister James, I know I can do the
part well; ah, what is the part?"

"You are to play the part of Henrietta, the poor abused girl who has dreams
of getting rich at all costs; you are begging your employer to keep you on
and not to fire you; you are willing to do anything to keep your job."

"Yes sir." said Kelly as she thought to herself, placing herself into the
roll. began, Mister Peters, please sir, I need the job, please, please don't
fire me; I'll do anything sir." Kelly then looked at James who rested one
hand on his chin.

"Kelly, there's something missing, we need more body action, you know,
proving to him that you will do anything." said James as he studied Kelly's
slim figure and short skirt.

As Kelly cited the same dialog again, she unbuttoned her top halfway down as
she then looked at James questioningly, allowing him to see more of her

"That's better Kelly, but we need more body to be seen, remember that the
production is a live stage production, everything must be exaggerated."
instructed James.

Kelly, realizing that the audience would be quite a ways away, ran through
her lines again, speaking louder and this time she opened her shirt all the
way, throwing it wide as her breast stood erect for all to see.

James, now with a hardon to match the other two agents, mentioned to Kelly,
"Well, Kelly, unless you have more, we have other actresses to see before we

Kelly sit on the corner of the desk and told James, "Mr. James, I really do
want this job, it really means a lot to me." she said as she sit, with her
top off and her nipples erect and pointing at James as Kelly lifts her skirt
so that he could see that she had no panties, "... Anything Mister James, as
long as I get the work."

James ran his hand along Kelly's inner thighs until he felt her pubic hair
and then as Kelly opened her legs, he pushed his finger inside her tight
pussy and stroked her as he told her,"Now that is convincing Honey. Now let
me take you through the next part of the script."

"What one is that?" asked Kelly as James stood up.

James dropped his pants as his wang went erect and he said, "The sex scene."

Kelly looked at James' cock, dropped her shirt, unbuttoned her skirt and
stepped out of it as she stood, then sit in front of James as he reacted by
spreading her legs and slipping his penis inside Kelly's hole of lust."

The other two agents surrounded Kelly as they took their cocks out, taking
their turns as Kelly sucked on their hot cocks, James continued as he fucked
Kelly several times as she lay on his desk.

Running an hour late, Kelly left the Director's office with a new role.

James looked at his two friends and told them, "See, I told you that Kelly
would fuck you for any dream."

The bus ride to the mall was ten minutes, the smell of the bus was of diesel
and farts in the plastic seat covers that had holes dug in them. Kelly rested
with her legs crossed until her stop where she got off and walked into the

Kelly entered the shoe store, but the didn't see Al as she snooped around,
then she went into the back room and saw Al asleep in his chair; Kelly got
an idea so she carefully unzipped Al's pants and pulled his wang out, licked
it until it stiffened up; then carefully, she straddled Al's lap and then
settled down onto his dick as she guided it into herself as she tightened
herself around him as she rose and slid down on his cock, again and again
until she felt him come; Kelly then continued to stroke him as she rode his

Al woke up as he felt himself shoot a load and saw Kelly, her skirt off and
her shirt open as she ground her hips on top of him with her tits jiggling
in front of his face. Al licked and sucked her nipple as Kelly still pumped
his cock. He continued to watch in amazement as Kelly flung her blond hair
back without missing a beat as she pounced up and down on his cock. Al
grabbed Kelly's hips and helped her balance on his lap as she leaned down and
kissed her daddy.

Kelly continued to kiss and deep tongue Al as she soon felt another erect
cock cram into her butt as she looked back to see the uniformed rent-a-cop
with his pants down, fucking her in her ass, "Hey, ... Heeeyyyy!!" said Kelly
as he continued to fuck.

Al then told Kelly, "Don't worry Honey, Hank didn't want money, just a

Kelly's butt bounced up on each of Hank's thrust as it helped Kelly to bounce
harder onto Al's dick; Kelly then felt Hank and Al shoot their loads almost
at the same time.

As Hank pulled his pants up and returned to his tour, Al pulled his pants up
as Kelly zipped her skirt and then pulled her shirt closed and buttoned it,
leaving the top three buttons open so that her cleavage was visible, making
a small adjustment to the shirt, commenting, "You know Daddy, it would be
better to go topless than to fuss with the tops."

Al swung his dick at Kelly as he replied, "Would you like to see me and all
the men in town walk around with our dicks sticking out?"

Kelly knelt down and looked at her Daddy's big dick, commenting, "It would
make my selection easier, and I would be proud to see you with your hard cock
sticking out." At that moment Kelly popped his cock into her mouth and sucked
and slithered his shaft down her throat and stroked it until he came and she
swallowed his jism."

Al kissed Kelly as he tucked his cock away in his pants as Kelly stood up,
licked and wiped the jism from her face and then kissed Al, saying, "See you
tonight Daddy, I'm going home and get naked, and wait for your big cock to
come home.

Kelly left the store and walked to the bus stop as the wind fluttered her
skirt, exposing her ass or pussy, depending from where you were looking.

Kelly stopped at the Darcy's house and knocked on his door when Jefferson
opened the door with a big grin, and little else as Kelly looked down to see
his cock fully erect, and she could smell the warm male smell from his cock
as it waived in front of her.

Jefferson stood back and held the door open for Kelly as she entered, she
leisurely walked around the living room, stopping to look at the Playboy
magazines near the couch. Bending over Kelly studied the magazines as she
asked Jefferson, "I wonder, Mr. Darcy, you think I could get in Playboy?"

From behind Kelly, she heard Jefferson answer, "I happen to know the
photographer and he is coming to your school tomorrow to take some pictures
of the cheerleaders; I could ask him to have you pose for some shots." said
Darcy as he groped Kelly by her hips.

Kelly felt his strong hands grip her hips, then she felt his hot penis press
down along the crack of her ass as she was pushed downward by one hand as she
then felt him insert his cock into her pussy; slowly, pressing his dick into
her until she felt his balls press against her, then Jefferson started
thrusting and twisting his tool inside her.

Jefferson could feel Kelly's solid ass jerk and bounce as he pounded her
solidly, her pussy getting hotter and hotter as her vagina gripped his cock
like a hard glove.

Kelly gripped the couch as he held on for dear life as Jefferson pushed and
pounded her over the couch, then she pulled a pillow up as she was pulled
around by Jefferson lifting one of her legs and twisting her in place as
Kelly gripped his waist with her legs and holding tight as they both rolled
over the couch and onto the floor.

Jefferson bit Kelly on her neck as he squeezed her tits and continued to
pound her pussy with his cock.

As Kelly felt Jefferson's cock sliding and slamming her insides, Jefferson
stiffened as he shoved his penis all the way into her and shot off his load
of sperm, then relaxing to lay atop her, kissing her as she met him with her
warm lips.

After extracting his limp cock from Kelly's wet pussy, Jefferson lay on the
couch as he watched Kelly pull her skirt up over her tight ass, then as she
pulled her shirt down over her tits, walk over and kiss Jefferson, telling
him,"Got to go, got'a fuck daddy for dinner."

"You fuck your father, that's sick."

"Sick smick! he's better at fucking than you, he's got a bigger and harder

"Woo, ..." stammered Jefferson, " ... bigger! Better!!"

"Spurts a lot more sperm too!" Kelly kissed him again as she added, "Don't
worry, I need even more cock, if I fucked Daddy all that I wanted, he would
probably die or something. Of course when Bud gets back, I'll be more in the
groove, he's got a big cock also, and he makes a nice grinding fuck."

Kelly exited Jefferson's house, shutting the door behind her and headed for
her home. Jefferson sat on the couch as he stuttered, "Daddy! Bud!! Bigger

* * *

Bud was searching the barn and spotted it, he sneaked closer to a pile of
straw that was moving and was about to pounce as Peg popped her head up with
head up, she was naked with an old naked man attached by his cock sticking
in her ass and pumping her butt; Bud quickly asked, "What are you doing in
here." The answer came as Pegs brother stuck his head up from behind Peg;
then Bud recognized the old man as, "Grandpa Wanker!"

"Just family relations." bragged Peg, then added, "Go away or join in Bud."

"I'll go find Amber." replied Bud.

Amber poked her head out from the other side, announcing, "Found me Bud, now
come on in." she said as she leaned back and spread her legs.

"O' yeah!" said Bud as his pants dropped as quickly as his shirt fell to the

* * *

Kelly popped inside the door with a slam, looked around as she turned the
lights on, saw Buck waiting outside the back door and walked over and allowed
him in. Kelly then pet Buck, ruffling his mane and then grabbed the dog food
and bent over, pouring his bowl full, then laughing as she felt Buck grab her
hips as he pushed her skirt up, Buck poked his doggie cock into her butt,
mounting and fucking her as Kelly lost her balance, she was pushed forward by
his weight, then bracing herself on all fours as Buck continued to jump her

Buck was soon finished as he squirted his deposit, then pulled back, licked
her pussy clean, then walked over and curled up on the stairs.

Kelly picked herself up, took her skirt off, commenting, "Well, that's soiled
now." Kelly walked up the stairs with her skirt in her hand, her cute little
butt wriggling tightly as Buck watched her disappear around the corner to her
room, then jumped up, barked once, then ran up stairs, then Kelly screamed,

Al finally got home, opened the door as he announced, "Peg! I'm home, you
should have seen the big ..." stunned by silence, Al looked around and saw
Kelly leaning naked over the kitchen table, his cock rose hard in his pants
as he remembered, "O' yeah, Peg and Bud are gone for the week, and my dinner
lays on the table, Hee hee."

Al pat Kelly on her butt, spreading her legs as he dropped his pants and
stroked his penis until it stood erect; Al rubbed Kelly's pussy as she raised
her butt, then Al slid his dick into her pussy and began stroking her in and
out, enjoying her tight young snatch as he continued to stroked his daughter.
In ten minutes Al spurt his load into Kelly, pulled his cock out and walked
to the refrigerator, made him a sandwich and returned to his position between
Kelly's legs, laid his food atop Kelly's butt and stuck his cock back into
her and began fucking her again, and as he screwed her he ate his sandwich.

After Al spurt his load, Kelly turned over onto her back and sit up to take a
bite of Als Sandwich, then she stroked his cock with her hand until it was
hard again, then inserted it into herself as Al shoved it all the way in as
Kelly put her arms and legs about him and hugged him tightly as he fucked.
Kelly cooing, "Ooo Daddy, fuck me, that feels good."

Morning came with Kelly and Al in bed, he had his dick in her pussy and
stroking steadly when Kelly woke up, Al was squeezing her tit and stroking
her pussy; in just five minutes Kelly felt Al cum and then pull his cock out
and kiss her as he rushed off to work.

Kelly dressed in her blue jeans, pull over and leather boots, then quickly
grabbing her handbag as she ran out the door. Kelly caught the bus and made
it to the school dorm lobby where the playboy photographer was selecting his
models from the student body.

Kelly waited in line to go in for the interview, and as the minutes seem to
linger and she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, she felt a hand
on her butt. Kelly looked around to see a great looking guy.

"Hey! I was just admiring your jeans."

"Yeah, and I love your's also." Kelly kneed the good looking guy right in his
genes, no, not Jeans, genes, his nuts!

Kneeling prostrate before her, Kelly felt like a Queen with a servant.

"Kelly Boondy!" announced the secretary as she looked down the line.

Kelly bounced as she heard, yelling her reply, "Woo Hoo, ...Here, I'm Kelly
Boondy,, ah, Bundy."

"Ah, .. yes, well, come in dear, you've been asked for." said the secretary
as she held the door open for Kelly.

Kelly strutted down the line as everyone watched her, the girls were cursing,
the guys were drooling.

Once inside the large office, the secretary announce Kelly to the
photographer and his assistants, "This is Kelly Bundy, she's the girl you
asked to see."

The photographer shook Kelly's hand as he greeted her, "Kelly, we have a
friend in Jefferson Darcy, he said you would be perfect for Playboy's

"I am? Oh, I mean I am, what ever you want, I can do it."

"Okay Kelly, have you been photographed before? done modeling?"

"Yes, my Daddy photographed me lots of times." said Kelly proudly.

"No Kelly, I mean have you ever posed nude before as a model?" asked the

"Oh yes, Daddy often had me pose nude, he would take hundreds of pictures."
explained Kelly.

"I mean professionally, have you ever posed?"

"Well, as a model I did have lots of pictures I posed for, and I modeled
clothes." said Kelly as she looked into his eyes questioningly.

The photgrapher smiled as he took Kelly by the hand and handed her to one of
his assistants, "That will do fine Kelly, Miss Collins will take you to the
dressing room and help you dress."

"Dress? I thought I was suppose to be nude, I could just drop them here now."
asked Kelly as she followed Miss Collins.

"That's fine sweetheart, We'll start with some costumes, and work down from

"Okay." replied Kelly as she disappeared into the dressing room.

The Photographer adjusted his camera as he commented to his assistant, "She's
pretty in the face, and appears to have a good figure, I bet she has a flaw
somewhere that we have to airbrush out."

As the photographer adjusted his lights, he aligned the camera as Kelly was
escorted to the couch for the first shoot. Kelly wore a red transparent
nightie and no panties as the photographer stared a moment at her pussy, then
her solid looking breasts. "No, not one." commented the photographer as he
walked up to Kelly and held a light meter next to her skin to take a reading
for the first shots.

Kelly watched as he scanned her body, Kelly got a tingly sensation and felt
herself getting hot as she asked, "Does it always get this hot?"

"He looked at Kelly and noticed her nipple standing up as he replied, "Some
heat, but you just keep it up, you're going to look great with your nipples

"O god! I'm horny as hell." said Kelly to a surpised photgrapher as Kelly
squirmed a little.

"We'll start with some shots with the nighty on, then I'll ask you to take it
off a little at a time."

Kelly tilted her head back, smiling as her green eyes glistened in the lights
as the photographer snapped and the camera whizzed its film advance; images
captured as quickly as film was replaced as the photographer handed cartridge
after cartridge to his assistant as he would take a fresh camera with new
film to continue.

Kelly soon had her night slipped off, her breasts standing free and clear as
she slowly allowed it to fall clear and now posed nude for the pictures.

The photographer soon as taking pictures and then adjusting lights and
then posing Kelly for each image. Every time he would touch Kelly, in a
professional manner, Kelly kept getting excited in a non-professional
manner, unless she was a whore, then she was a professional. Kelly's
eyes watched him closely as the photographer caught Kelly's scent, and
she noticed that he had a bulge, that it appeared really hard and she
could smell his cock inside his pants.

Kelly licked her lips as she looked at the photographer and then at his
pants; Kelly then reached over as he stood close, un-snapped and then
unzipped his pants, freeing his penis as she took his erect cock into her
mouth, she slid it inside and out, then deeper on each stroke until she
had him halfway down her throat, she sucked and licked his cock until she
felt him spurt his first load.

Kelly licked her lips as she lay on her back and spread her legs, an inviting
sight to any man, as the photographer reacted, sliding his cock into her
snatch and began to stroke her pussy with long hard strokes, laying down on
top of her as he pressed his chest on here tits, his lips and tongue
caressing her neck as he fucked Kelly in even steady strokes.

As Kelly stuck her tongue inside his ear and then she felt him cum, squirting
his sperm into her, then backing his cock out as he sit up and stroked it
again, then shot off another load onto Kelly's tummy.

"There!, I'll have to do another shoot tomorrow Kelly, can you make it?" said
the photographer as he tucked then zipped up his pants.

Kelly stood up and Kissed him, answering, "Sure, can do."

"Kelly, we're looking for an actress for a movie, Drew Barrymore is being
asked for the role, would you like to try for it also?"

"Sure, I would love it; What movie is it?" asked Kelly.

"Barberella' Drew Barrymore is trying for the role that Jane Fonda did in the
earlier movie. You have to be naked almost all the time, the rest of the time
your clothes will be ripped off, and you'll be raped a lot, then at other
times you'll have sex with three of the actors; sometimes one, sometimes all
three; and a machine will fuck you toward the end of the movie; and your
pussy crushes it., your pussy juices blow its computer apart." explained the

"Well, I'll have to practice cumming and spurting my juices on a target;
Yeah, I can do it!" said Kelly with a grin.

"Great, after the shoot I'll give you the address for the undressed
rehearsal, you and Drew can compete as equals."

"Okay, see you tomorrow." said Kelly as she strutted to the dressing room and
put on her skit and blouse, then left the room.

After the next day's shoot, Kelly, address in hand, after fucking the
photographer for three of the four hours of the session, starts off for the
rehearsal. Kelly practiced all night at spurting at a target as she used
Peg's vibrator to get her off, and she got very good at cumming on cue.

Kelly took the bus to the new address to the movie set and walked into the
sound stage where they were having the private auditions. Kelly walked over
to stand beside a security guard who was watching four men, two in costume,
as they were busy fucking Drew Berrymore, she was sitting on one with his
cock in her butt, another man was straddling the same guy and was fucking
her pussy as he held onto her hips as he stroked and shoved his cock into
her. Another man, in an alien costume was having his cock sucked as Drew
took his cock all the way into her mouth as she giggled and blubbered her
breathing through her mouth and nose that was filled with sperm; one other
man is stroking her tits as Drew stroked his penis to full erection and then
to the point that he ejaculated onto her hand and tits.

Kelly watched as they continued to fuck her, then Kelly stripped off her
skirt and blouse, stepping out of her shirt and strutted over to stand buck
naked beside the pile of men and Drew Barrymore.

The group stopped as the one looked up from fucking Drew and recognized

"Kelly,..." asked the photographer, "... your just in time! come on honey,
join in, this is the great orgy scene."

Drew looked at Kelly and invited her to join in, "You like being tongued

"Sure! I like tonguing too."

"Great!, but be warned, these fellows will mount you and fuck your ass off."
warned Drew as she wiggled her legs as the photographer started fucking her

"See that burned out whore over there?" asked Drew.

"Yeah, why?" asked Kelly.

"That's Jane Fonda, they offered her the role, but it was all a lie, the guys
on the crew are all vets or sons of vets from Viet Nam, they just want to
fuck her brains out, get her drunk, then let the guard dogs fuck her; she's a
total slut and whore."

"Wow, burned out, well, that happens when you hit thirty." laughed Kelly,
then Drew joined in as the guys continued to stroke and fuck them.

Kelly lay down beside Drew and began licking Drew's nipples as she cradled
her breast with her hand.

The two alien costumed actors turned their attention to Kelly as they turned
her onto her side.

Kelly felt their naked bodies press against her's, then, she felt their hands
and penis press against her as she opened her legs, allowing one actor to
press and insert his cock into her pussy; she felt his large swollen organ
press against her vagina, then slowly slip between her lips and into her, his
hot penis slowly sliding deeper inside her as she soon felt his balls press
against her as she took a deep breath. as she felt him start fucking her.
Kelly licked Drew's breasts and then sucked on her nipples.

Drew played with Kelly's tits and kissing Kelly as Drew was thrust and poked
by the photographer and director.

Kelly was soon so busy as both of the actor's were thrusting and fucking
Kelly so hard, their thighs 'slapped' her butt and pelvis; Kelly felt their
large hot cocks slding in and out of her pussy and ass with their bodies
coming to a stop on her body.

Kelly lay quiet as she enjoyed their fucking and cuming as she stared at the
ceiling, realizing that she had become a star, she was working with Drew
Berrymore, and even better, she was being fucked by Drew's friends and
directors, alongside Drew as they both held hands, Drew and Kelly giggled as
they had orgasms together; and now, they shared the director's couch, and
soon to be on film being fucked by alien beasts and angels. One thing made
Kelly grin even broader than Drew, Kelly knew that Al and Bud were better
fucks and that she would be making the money to take care of her two loving
and horny pricks.

The End.


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