By Wonder Mike

Kelly was pissed at her brother Bud. He had not gotten her a job since she
hired him as her agent. She never wanted to hire him but he told her he was
the only one who would take her as a client for less than 60%. Kelly didn't
think she had a choice.

Kelly was going to fire him, but he got her a couple of commercials, they
didn't pay much and after Bud's cut it was costing her money to work. She
took a waitressing job so she could eat.

Bud told her he had a real job for her, he told her she would have to read
for the part, but she had the look they were looking for. Bud knew if she had
to actually read, she would never get the part, Oh well, he did his part.

Kelly arrived at a warehouse for the audition. She thought it was strange
that it was being held in a warehouse but what did she Know. She had a chance
to be in a real movie.

There were two guys in the warehouse, she introduced herself to them, they
told her their names, Kevin and Terry. She was surprised at how polite they
were, she guessed movie people were much nicer than TV people.

She told them about how happy she was to get a shot at this movie, Kevin
didn't seem interested. He whispered something to Terry. Kevin looked into a
desk and pulled out a phone book.

They told Kelly to read the phone book, they wanted to see how she looked
speaking. It took her 10 minutes but Kelly managed to get through the first
page. Kevin told her he didn't like the way she read but maybe they could
think of something else for her to do if she wanted it bad enough.

Kelly told him she wanted the roll badly and would read better for it. Kevin
told her the role called for nudity and they would have to see how she looked
naked. Terry could barely keep from giggling.

Kelly had no problem being nude in the movie, a couple of her boyfriends had
made home made movies of her and she was used to it.

She pulled off her tank top shirt. Kevin yelled you have to do it slowly, we
have to know how she looked with half her clothes on. Kelly of course knew he
was right. She had better get her head on straight if she wanted the role.

She slowly pulled down her mini skirt, Kevin started to break out in a sweat,
Kelly was standing in front of h in nothing but her thong panties. He told
her to lose the panties, he didn't want to see any lines. She started to drop
them and she remembered slowly.

She took her panties off and slowly turned around, she knew they had to see
her from all angles. Kevin and Terry were still whispering and giggling.

Terry told her she was not good enough, they had to find someone else. Kelly
started to beg and plead, she needed a big job to get started in Hollywood.
She would do whatever they wanted.

Kevin was feeling bold now, he unzipped his pants and told her stick out your
tongue. Kelly knew exactly what he wanted, and she was happy, this was the
one thing she was good at. She was sure to get the part now.

She crawled over to Kevin on her hand and knees and began to suck his cock,
Kevin grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and began to fuck her face.
He could tell right away that she was a real pro and would have a long

Terry stood behind her and started to rub her ass, he couldn't believe how
smooth it was, he started to plant kisses all over it, he then reached
between her legs and jammed two fingers into her cunt.

Kelly let out a gasp as Terry worked his magic fingers. That excited him. He
slid two more fingers into her hot tight box. Kelly was now rocking back on
his fingers and she had all of Kevin's cock in her mouth.

Kevin pulled his cock out of her mouth and laid on his back, Kelly stepped
over him and sat right down on his cock. Kevin reached around her and pushed
her all the way down on his cock while he sucked her perfect tits. She had
nipples that were just made for sucking.

Terry stood in front of her and stuck his cock in her mouth. This caused her
to ride Kevin even faster. She easily swallowed all of Terry's cock. He had
his hands wrapped around the back of her neck and forced her head down.

Terry then walked around behind Kelly and stuck 2 fingers into her ass hole,
She let out a squeal. This excited him even more. He pulled out his fingers
and stuck his cock in her ass in their place.

Kelly was jumping up and down wildly now, she needed it badly, it had been
almost eight hours since she had been fucked, she had a reputation to think

The three rolled over without having to remove any of the cocks Terry was
now on the bottom fucking her up the ass. Kevin was getting jealous, he
wanted a piece of that ass too. Terry would not pull out though. There was
only one thing to do.

Kevin pulled his cock out of her cunt and he slid it into her asshole along
side of Terry. Kelly was going crazy, her ass had never been filled like that
before. Kevin had wrapped his arms around her waist and was fucking her as
hard as he could. Kelly was almost in tears.

It was so tight they couldn't handle much of that though, they pulled their
cocks out of her ass and stuck them both in her mouth. They fishhooked each
corner of her mouth with their fingers and pulled it as wide open as it would
go so both cocks would fit. They shot their loads Simultaneously down her
throat. She swallowed it all easily and didn't even choke.

At that minute he door swung open and a man a a women walked in. They were
not happy to see what was going on. They told Kevin and Terry not to bother
cleaning the office and to just leave.

They got dresses and left. Kelly asked them if she got the role, the man
told her he didn't know and had to see other people. The woman said something
to him. Kelly told him he would do anything for a role.

The two new comers looked at each other and smiled. the man told her to see
how many pencils she could shove in her pussy. He told her if she could break
the record she could have the part.

Kelly reached for the pencil box and started to slide them inside of her
one by one. She maxed out at 15. The man told her the record was 16. Kelly
grabbed another pencil and slowly pushed and shoved until she tied the
record. Now just one more to go.

At the moment the door swung open again a man in a suit came in and told
the 3 of them to get out of his office. He told them if they were here to
audition for his movie they could all leave, he was a pro and didn't work
like that.



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