Married... With Children: Kelly Bundy's Cold Remedy (Mf,mf,f-best,inc)
by Shadow Walker

Kelly has just got home (5AM) after her nightly date and finds a note from
her mother:

I went to Wanker to visit Grandma, and to get a new TOY, my old one just
burned out and I can't do without it. You are the woman of the house, take
care of Bud and Al, (Yeah, Right!). Anyhow, Boston Blackie died, I had to
make a choice between using Bud or your Pearly White, I took the spare I
gave you and left Bud; so you'll be fasting for the next few days as I took
Pearly White, I'm need it for a temporary replacement.

Al has a cold so treat him with the family Wanker Cold Remedy.

See you in three days, Love, your mother.

"Wow! I'm in charge!" Said Kelly as she jumps in place, smiling broadly, then
her smile turns to a frown, "Hey, ... Hey! What am I going to use?" Complains
Kelly as she looks around and spots Buck who immediately tucks his tail and
runs for the open backyard door, yelping as he runs for cover, "What's wrong
Buck, the last time it wasn't so bad."

Kelly looks at the note, then at the clock, "Three days, and I'm so horny; I
have to baby Daddy for three days, no time for dates; god I need my nightly

"You said your coming out Kell? I knew it, all this time you liked pussy
better than penis, no wonder you don't like it when I grab your snatch." Says
Bud as he bounds down the stairs, automatically leaping over where Buck
usually is. Bud stops, looks back at the empty landing where Buck usually
sleeps, then back at Kelly, "Have you been abusing Buck again?"

"No! Of course snot, it's not my fault that he was trapped inside my bedroom
last weekend." Replies Kelly as she rolls the note up in her hands then asks
Bud, "Budz, Master Baiter-B; would you like to help me tonight? Please, ...
pretty please." Pleads Kelly as she slits her eyes in the Kelly tearful

"Kelly, I have a real date with Amber tonight, and one where I'm getting real
nookie, and I've been getting it regularly with Amber for a week now and I
will not give up what I have waited so long for." Assures Bud as he grabs his
jacket and heads for the door.

Kelly grabs Bud and pleads again, "Bud, Mom went to Grandma's and left me in
charge, I have to take care of Daddy and that means I'm confounded at home."

"That's confined O'wetted one; and no, Mom chose you for this dirty duty."
Says Bud as he turns toward the door, singing, "I'm off to see my Amber, the
wonderful Amber of snatch, ..."

"Bud, please, after you finish with Amber's nookie, come by my room tonight
and I'll give you something that you have been wanting since you were ten."
Pleaded Kelly.

"Well it's not my fault that you stopped letting me have access to your
pussy, and those wonder jugs of yours."

Kelly immediately lifts her top up and flashes her breasts at Bud as he
stares as if stunned by a flash of bright light.

Bud reaches out and squeezes Kelly's breasts with both of his hands, saying,
"Honk, Honk!" Bud pauses and draws back, then tells Kelly, "Alright, after
Amber, but if this is a sick trick that you are planning to play on me Kell,
I'll put that picture of you on the school bulletin board." Bud leaves the
house and heads for Amber's as Kelly bounces in places, her breasts bouncing
as she sings to herself, "I'm getting Bundied tonight!" Kelly stops a moment,
frowns, then grimaces, "Oh God, I've degraded to using my brother as a
vibrator, ..." Kelly looks up at the ceiling, "...Dam you mom, dam you and
Pearly White, I hope it's batteries corrode."

Kelly starts up the stairs when she hears the front door open and Al walks
in, dragging his coat and tail as he heads for the couch, "Peg, (cough,
cough, wheeze, sneeze,) Oh crap, I feel terrible."

"Mom's not home Daddy, she went to grandmas." Says Kelly with concern in
her voice for her favorite parent.

"O Well, I'll die in peace then, I feel better."

"Do you daddy? Then you're not sick?"

Al looks at Kelly and her short skirt that barely covers her lower butt
cheeks and her top that is more of a wide gaffers tape wrapped around two
fighting pigs, "No Pump'kin, I'm sick, I'll just rest on the couch and
watch Hooties on the porn channel; so you can go up stairs, or what ever
you do during the day, you should watch these titties bouncing." Explains
Al as he drops hit coat, sits on the couch, kicks his shoes off and then
lays down, tucks his hand in his pants and points the remote at the TV.

"But daddy, Mom put me in charge, and I'm supposed to take care of you and
treat you with the Wanker cold treatment."

"Oh god! I'm going to die." Replies Al, partially in shock as he falls back
onto the sofa.

"Now Daddy, mommy said that you are to be given the Wanker cold treatment
and I am going to do that, I don't want my daddy to die from a cold." orders
Kelly as she unbuttons his pants and pulls them off; Kelly then turns her
attention to his shirt as she helps him in taking it off.

"Now what Pump'kin."

Kelly runs into the kitchen, leaving Al in his shorts on the couch.

"Pump'kin, I'm getting cold and it will make me sicker."

"No it won't Daddy; I've got the remedy right here." yells Kelly as she
dances back from the kitchen with a large jar of the Wanker Cold Remedy.

Kelly stands next to Al and starts pouring the brown sludge like gunk onto
his chest, he complains, "Pump'kin, this stuff is sticky." He looks up and
Kelly, looking up under her skirt at her pantiless pussy with its yellow
pubic hair, then up at her top as it is pushed out, exposing her breasts
from his angle, he immediately gets a hard-on.

Kelly continues to rub and smear the goo over his chest, working her way
down to his shorts, noticing that his penis is fully erect and thrusting
his shorts up into a tent, "Wow Daddy, this stuff really puts the life back
into you."

Kelly stares a moment at the fully blown erection, feeling herself getting
hotter by the minute, then decides that she must do her duty, she must
treat daddy, so she immediately pulls his shorts down and continues
applying the thick syrup. Kelly's hands masterfully sooth the brown sludge
over his balls and then onto and around his shaft, encircling her fingers
around his erect cock, she strokes it up and down as she applies the sticky
slick solution, then she gets carried away as she starts pumping his cock
until Al couldn't stand it any longer then he shot his load; Kelly watches
in amazement as the white ribbons of sperm fly into the air, then arch over
and come back down and splat her in her face. "Daddy! Are you feeling

"Yes Pump' kin, I'm really feeling better."

"Are you well yet?"

Al sneezes and coughs.

"Poor Daddy." Notes Kelly with her frowning face, then she starts licking
the Molasses mixture from Al's chest, her tongue licking his nipples, which
in turn made his relaxed penis to shot up straight and hard. Kelly works
her way down his chest until she turns her face to stare at her father's
rock hard penis, the smell so strong with male hormone that she immediately
feels wet in her crotch, and eager to get satisfied. Thanking quickly she
decides to add to the cold treatment, "Okay daddy, now for the cold

"Cold massage Pump' kin?" Asks Al, puzzle at what Kelly meet until he say
his loving daughter lift her short skirt, raise her leg as she stepped over
and straddle his lap, settling down onto his hard-on until he felt his
prick head meet her snatch, press hard against it as she settled her weight
onto his shaft, then as his penis head popped past her hymen and slip quick
up into Kelly's hot love muscles as she settled down to rest atop his
groin, her muscles gripping tightly about his cock as she starts to rise up
and then to lower slowly down his shaft; her hips thrusting back and forth
across his balls as she begins to work her magic; leaning over and licking
the molasses from off his chest as she continues to grind and pop his cock
deeply inside.

Al watches Kelly as she works from licking his chest to rising up, thrust
her head back, then pulling her top off and tossing it to one side, leaving
herself topless as Al reaches up squeezes her breasts, pinching her nipples
as she grinds her hips. Kelly looks down at Al's smiling face and grins as
she continues to grind her cunt onto her father's cock.

Al Pushes his hips up as he feels his penis expand, getting bigger and
harder, bigger and harder than he has ever been with Peg; the fact that he
was fucking his daughter made the sexual encounter even more delightful.

Kelly starts moaning as she grinds her hips on Al's lap, bouncing up and
down as his shaft slips up and down inside her with every move of her cunt.
Kelly then reaches down and unbuttons her skirt and throws her skirt off to
one side as Al puts one hand on her thigh and then run his fingers over her
buttocks and thigh; while his left hand continues to stroke her right

"I think it's working Pump' kin."

"I think I'm Cumming Daddy."

Al bucks up ward with a hard thrust.

Kelly, riding his pelvis like a Bronco Rider, raises up as Al's shaft thrust
all the way inside Kelly until his cock head strikes her womb and then
explodes, his cock pulses as it sprays hot jiz inside Kelly; she can't hold
any longer as her body shakes in orgasm, her body flushes and quivers, then
she drops onto her daddy's sweat covered chest, then slips off the slippery
surface and off the couch as his penis slips from her cunt; laying naked on
the floor. Kelly looks up at the ceiling, then says aloud, "Wow." Kelly then
hears Al say, "Are you all right Pump' kin."

"Yeah daddy, are you all right?" Kelly sits up to look at Al, his penis limp
and laying across his right leg, sperm dripping and splattered all over his

"Can we have another cold treatment?" Asks Al as he smiles at Kelly, then
fakes a cough, "I'm still sick."

"Three times a day Daddy, we don't want to overdose you."

Al lays back on the couch, naked with his body wet from Kelly's licks and
sperm covering his balls and thigh.

"I'll go shower and makes some for Wanker medicine so we can do another
treatment in four hours." Says Kelly as she stands up and runs naked to the
kitchen. She spends an hour clinking some jars and mixing her formula, then
bounces back to the couch where Al, still naked, lays watching hooties hot
special on the TV.

"Pump' kin, I think I need a booster shot."

"Okay Daddy." Acknowledges Kelly as she runs around to stand beside Al, then
she leans over as he grabs one of her tits and strokes it as she lifts his
penis up and starts licking his penis until it hardens to full erection,
then she kneels beside the couch and takes his hard penis into her mouth
and starts running her tongue along his shaft as she works his entire eight
inches gradually down her throat, then she starts bobbing, pumping his cock
down her throat, then she feels his balls tighten and then a load of hot cum
is shot, filling her mouth and down her throat as she swallows as quickly as
he unloads his perm. Kelly looks up at Al, smiles as she licks her lips,
telling him, "Okay daddy, you rest now, I'll go take a shower, then it will
be time for another treatment.

Al watches as Kelly, not bothering to put any clothes on, bounces and jiggles
up the stairs, her ass turning Al on as he grabs his hardening penis and
starts jerking madly as Kelly round s the corner and heads for the bathroom.
After what seems like seconds, Al shoots his load, splattering the ceiling
then he drops off to sleep.

Kelly, busies herself in adjusting the shower, making it deliciously hot and
stimulating as she steps into the stream of hot water; allowing the water to
wash off the thick sperm, she dreams of relaxing on a hot beach with twenty
guys watching her nude bath in the hot sun, then she leans over and braces
herself against the shower wall as she relaxes. Kelly feels arms wrapping
around her and a large hard cock shove up and press into her butt crack as
someone presses his pelvis against her buttocks, she then feels his lips and
tongue licking and kissing her back. Kelly looks around to see, "Bud, I
thought you were going to fuck Amber?"

"The D'Arcys went to the beach; she left a note on her windowsill, she's
promised to make up for everything tomorrow night when they get back."

Bud pushes Kelly over with one hand as he pulls her hips back, while at the
same time, pushing his cock into her waiting cunt lips, thrust quickly into
her crack until he found the resisting clitoris, the pushed and with a pop,
his dick head slammed through into the deep love canal. Quickly, Bud
Jack-hammered Kelly's cunt, her tits swaying and giggling from his pounding
assault as he asked Kelly, "Saw Dad all naked and wet with sex spit, what
did you do Kelly, fuck Daddy?"

"It's the Wanker Cold Treatment, Mom told me to treat Daddy for his cold."
Replies Kelly as she leans heavy against the shower wall with her hands; the
hot water pounding hard against her back, rivulet's of hot water stream down
her back and her butt crack. With the constant rapid pound of Bud's cock deep
into her snatch, his thighs slapping her butt cheeks, making a slapping sound
that blends with her grunts and moans as she rocks her head with each thrust.
Kelly twists and grinds her butt against Bud's cock attack, squeezing her
pussy tightly around his meat shaft as he continues to fuck her in a fever.

Bud feels his balls aching to release and he strains to hold, then he screams
as he dam of sperm break lose of his groins, spraying Kelly full of his
sperm. Kelly senses the hot liquid spraying inside her and her body reacts
with a shaking orgasm as her snatch grips Bud's cock tightly, milking him of
every once as he screams from her cunt grip. Kelly finally blows her load as
her cunt releases Bud pecker shaft and he falls exhausted to the shower

Kelly turns to see her little brother sitting ion the shower floor; she
smiles, kneels down and kisses him solidly on his lips. "When you get sick
little Budzky, I'll cure your cold as well.

Bud looks up at Kelly and coughs as Kelly walks out of the shower and heads
towards her bedroom.

As Kelly opens her bedroom door, she sees Buck lying on her bed, he lifts his
head up as he sees his mistress, his brown eyes warm and sympathetic, he

"Oh, poor Buck, you have a cold too." Says Kelly as she walks over and sits
down beside her pet, his fur feeling so nice against her naked leg as he lays
his head on her lap, his tongue licked her wet cunt as Kelly laughs from the
enjoyable tickle.

"Yeah, I have a cold, a cold nose that I'll shove in your fucking cunt bitch,
and bitch, you are mine you dumb blond Cheraw; my little Mexican blond
hairless." Thinks Buck to himself.

Kelly lays down on her bed and pulls her top cover over herself and pats her
hand beside her for Buck to lay down alongside her legs. Soon Kelly's asleep;
attempting to get a little rest before it is time to give Al his second

Kelly sleeps sound as Buck watches her breathing deeply in her sleep, he
notices that the cover has fallen back from one tit and her nipple stands
up erect in the cooler air of the room, he sniff the air and smells a
familiar scent, and that old female aroma of cunt juice. Buck sits up and
watches Kelly sleep a little longer, her blanket grips her body as he
studies the female form beneath, he reaches out with his doggy foot and
pulls the blanket towards him. The blanket moves slowly until bother of her
breasts are bare for him to see, so he continues to claw at the top blanket
until the blanket is now at her waist. Buck now bites the blanket and moves
back, pulling the blanket until he drops off the bed, pulling the blanket
to the floor.

Buck happily leaps back onto the bed to look at his totally nude master. Her
legs are not far enough apart, buy he recognizes her pubic hair region and
crawls towards it, he begins licking her legs and Kelly responds by parting
them, widening the gap until Buck is licking her pubic region, occasionally
his tongue laps her clitoris, which leads Kelly to moan loudly in response,
"Ooo, I found it." Buck muses as he now directs his tongue to lap at Kelly's
cunt lips, with an occasional break through with his rough dog tongue.

Buck sniffs the air, smells the increase in pheromones as his teethe begin
to chatter as he now nibbles at her clitoris, the wetness increases as Buck
licks and chews even faster; his doggie cock grows and expands to its eight
inches of hot red flesh. Buck makes his move as he crawls up onto Kelly's
belly, licks her tummy and works his way to her breasts. As Buck continues
to lick Kelly's breasts, he feels his cock come to press at one of Kelly's
fun holes, he shoves hard and it pops and slides into his bitch's cunt. Buck
starts humping fasts before she wakes, because some times, not always, she
gets mad, like the time he mounted her leg in the front room when the D'Arcys
were over, he got scolded for that; then there was the time she was ten years
old, sun bathing in the nude when he also was a young pup, but he was horny
enough that he jumped onto her and butt fucked her, Kelly didn't scold him
then, she kind' a liked it because after that she would have him stay in her
room where she would lay on her back and have him hump her on the bed.

Kelly woke up as she realized the bed was shaking, she thought it was an
earthquake, but she saw Buck's muzzle and grabbed his fur and shook his head
as she felt his cock slamming deep into her, "You little horny Buck Bundy,
you're just like all Bundy's, if it fits, fuck it." Kelly puts her arms
about her pet as she enjoys his doggy fuck, his fury pelvis slamming into
her pussy, then she felt his cock spray her, depositing his sperm inside
with Al's and Bud's sperm, "I hope the spermies don't fight."

Buck pulls his cock out and crawls down between Kelly's legs with his cold
nose pressed against her pussy, his tongue occasionally licking her pussy as
Kelly scratches his head, "Yes, my Buck is better than Pearly White; you
don't need batteries."

Kelly glances over at her clock and notices that, "Oh, it's time!" Kelly
leaps from the bed and runs naked out the door quickly followed by a caring

Kelly bounces down the stairs, yelling to Al who is still on the couch and
still naked but with his jacket over him like a blanket, "Sorry Daddy, I'm
late, I'm late, got to get you your treatment."

Kelly runs to the kitchen, grabs the jar of molasses based Wanker cold
treatment, then rushes to her father's couch side, pulls his jacket from off
him as he wakes up to Kelly's commotion. "Ah, Pump' kin? What time is it?"
Asked Al through a stuffed nose.

Kelly listens to his stuffy reply, sadness fills her eyes, "Oh Daddy, you're
still sick; O well, we'll keep treating you until you're all better." Kelly
immediately pours the goo over Al's naked body, from his neck to his balls,
then down each leg; then Kelly starts rubbing the compound into Al's body,
rubbing it into each leg, her breasts rubbing against each leg also as she
leans into her work; then she reaches his groin where his penis has responded
to her boob rubs, "Oh Daddy, you're awake!". Kelly licks Al's penis shaft up
and down, curling her tongue around his heating cock, then she licks his cock
head, engulfing her mouth over his cock head, taking him into her mouth for a
couple deep throats, then she pulls off and replaces her mouth with her hands
with a hand full of Wanker Molasses; Kelly gently strokes his cock until he
shoots a load as she catches the sperm and mixes it into the molasses, "I
think this is the secret ingredient Daddy."

"Oh yeah Pump' kin, Oh yeah." Replies Al as his eyes go glassy; his head
rolls back with a broad smile on his face, followed by a cough.

"Oh, poor Daddy." Says Kelly as she listens to her Daddy's wretchedness.
Kelly leaves Al's penis in it's full flag pole posture as she continues to
rub the molasses into his body, she leans over his body and uses her breast
to also smear and rub the goop into her father's chest, her legs spreading
over him as she straddles his body; Kelly then sits down onto Al's lap,
feeling his penis poke at her pussy, Kelly uses her fingers to spread her
cunt lips as she presses down until she feels his cock slide up into her for
another ride. Now she is ready to rub the Wanker remedy into her Daddy's cock
by using her snatch while she rubs her tits over his chest in applying the
goop into his chest.

Kelly, now saddled onto Al's cock, glides her body over his slick and sticky
body, just like grease wrestling as she pumps and grinds her cunt on top of
his shaft. As Kelly continues to feel Al's cock pumping up and down inside
her pussy, as Al thrust upward as he joins in her treatment; Kelly sneezes.

"Pump' kin, are you getting a cold?" Asks Al as he moves his hand under her
body and starts squeezing her tits.

"I guess so Daddy; you'll have to give me the same treatment now." Says Kelly
as she kisses him on his cheek, her pelvis not slowing as she grinds with
each of Al's thrusts.

Suddenly Kelly feels the molasses being poured over her back, then a pair of
hands as it spreads the goop over her body, working it in and down to her
buttocks as the hands, very strong hands that have been exercised in gripping
and stroking, grips and squeezes her butt cheeks, then runs his fingers down
her crack as they apply the molasses. Kelly looks back to see Bud who is
standing naked beside them as he mushes her butt. "Oh Bud, you are a nice
brother to treat my cold."

"That's Okay Kell, I just want to help," Bud says as he climbs up onto the
couch, and with Kelly already laying flat on top Al, strokes molasses onto
his erect penis, then aims it at Kelly only optional opening as he pushes his
cock up against Kelly anis.

"Bud! No! Not there!" Complains Kelly as she feels his cock press hard
against the tight resisting muscle, then yells as she feels it break through
and push deep into her ass. "Dam Bud! That's ..."

"You have you go after them bugs Kelly, and there are a lot of them in
there." Explains Bud as he now, with his cock shoves all the way inside his
sister, lays on to of her back, smearing the molasses in with his body as
he twists and squirms, pumps and thrust into her.

Kelly still rubs her body and tits over Al's body as Al still pumps his cock
into Kelly's cunt.

Al looks around to see Bud busy at fucking Kelly's butt, "Oh, hi son, are
your a care giver also?"

"Oh yeah Dad, I really care-give." Says Bud as he starts slamming his cock
hard into Kelly.

As Bud thrust and slams into Kelly's butt, she's shoved forward over Al as
she grunts "Uh" with each thrust of Bud's cock deep inside her; and as Al
pumps his cock up inside her, Kelly moans loudly "Mmm Oooo" so as Kelly is
being McDonalded (a piece of beef between to breads) she getting louder and
louder with ""Uh, Mmm, Ooo, ...Uh, Mmm, Ooo, ...Uh, Mmm, Ooo, ...Uh, Mmm,
Ooo, ...Uh, Mmm, Ooo, ..." and getting faster and louder until Bud slams
hard, screaming, "I can't hold it any longer Kell." And spurts his load deep
into Kelly as he holds his hard erect cock as hard and as deep as he can.

Kelly senses the pressure and the spray, which triggers her body to flush,
then shiver as her orgasm begins to fire, then she yells, "I'm Cumming." Her
body tightens; clamping hard around Al's cock, which triggers his balls as
he arches his back as Kelly cums.

"Oh God, I've never came this hard before." Yells Al as he thrust hard up
into Kelly, his cock swells, his ball ache as he sprays Kelly with hot jizm;
Kelly immediately has a second and harder orgasm that forces a scream as she
arches her back, her body shakes and she breaks out in a hard sweat, blowing
her juices all over Al's balls and cock as she collapses onto his sweat
covered body. Bud slips from Kelly and falls exhausted to the floor, his
penis limp as it spews a third thread of sperm over Kelly's butt and couch.

Al puts his arms around Kelly, kissing her as he hugs and squeezes her
tightly, feeling her huge tits squish against his chest with is large cock
still impaled inside his Pump' kin.

For a half hour the three sleep soundly, Bud on the floor, Kelly impaled on
top of Al, with Al and Kelly's sex organs still working in their sleep as Al
continued to be stroked by Kelly's vagina and he continues to blow a load
about every ten minutes.

Kelly wakes up, feeling Al's cock still inside her as she sense it spewing
another load into her hot and horny cunt; she also feels a cock thrusting
hard and fast into her ass. "Oh great, Bud's back at butt fucking me."

Al grins when Kelly looks at him, "What Daddy?"

"It's not Bud; he's still asleep on the floor."

Kelly looks over her shoulder and gets a wet tongue in her face, along with
a constant pounding of thrust and a tight grip around her waist, "Buck!"

"He loves you Pump' kin." Al was getting hornier as he keeps thrusting up,
with Kelly bouncing up from his push up and Bucks continued slams pushing her
forward, Kelly begins grunting again with the assault.

"Daddy!" Yells Kelly as she grips his body with her arms, her tits squishing
and rubbing Al's chest.

"It's working Pump' kin, my cold is better." Assures Al as grips her breasts
and squeezes, then kisses Kelly as she turns her face to him, his tongue
plays swirly with Kelly's tongue as they passionately begin a hot French
kissing session. Kelly grinds her pelvis, her pussy grips tightly as Al
begins thrusting harder into her tight cunt.

After three days of splendor in Wanker grass, Peg climbs from the cab and
carries her suit case to the front door, stops, looks at the door,
commenting, "Home sweet dump! Oh well, Three days with Uncle James reset my
clock works." Twisting in place, as though she's shifting her pussy back
into place after a long term of heavy usage, Peg opens the door, steps
inside and sees the house is clean; Buck is exhausted and laying on his
back sound asleep; a note is on the table, Peg picks it up and reads,

Pumpkin: I've gone to work, I feel the FLU coming on, have the remedy ready
for a heavy application.

Love, AL.

"Still sick? I told Kelly to use the Wanker Cold Treatment, and that was to
whip Al's ass and send him to work, that lazy bum." Says Peg to herself, then
she sniffs the air, "Pew, it smells like a gym locker; leave the house a few
days and wham, the savages wreak havoc."

Peg pulls a large brand new black vibrator from her suitcase, then another
purple one, then another red once, each a little bigger in length and girth
as she hugs them, "Oh wonderful days, this is your new home boys!"



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