Married... With Children: Kelly Bundy's Report Card (M/f,inc)
by Wilcox

Kelly Bundy was probably one of the sluttiest girls going to the local high
school. She was a very pretty blonde with big full 36C breasts and a tight
little ass. She had the reputation of being a real cock teaser and made sex
with perfect strangers sound like a prefectly natural way to pass the time.
Kelly was much more concerned with boys and her social status than her
studies. No matter how hard her parents Al and Peggy yelled at her, or
punished her, she would always get bad grades.

She walked into the house after school had let out that fateful afternoon.
She was dressed in a white button up shirt that was tied so it showed off her
flat stomach and accented her huge tits. She was wearing one of those flimsy
short skirts that her mother hated, and made the all boys horny.

Today she was greeted by an angry figure. Her father was holding her report
card, that she was sure had bad marks on it. "Damn!" Kelly though, "I'm in
for it now ..."

"Kelly! Do you know what this is? Another one of your damn report cards that
shows, again, that you are not trying! What am I going to have to do with
you? I've tried punishing you, I've tried grounding you ... what else is

"Daddy I'll do better next..."

"Oh I've heard that one before! It just won't cut it anymore."

As Kelly heard these words, an idea popped into her head. Whenever she needed
to get what she wanted from a boy, a blow job always did the trick and right
now she wanted to divert her father's attention away from her report card
before he did something to punish her. She rushed over to her angry father,
still waving her report card at her, and dropped down onto her knees. She did
it so fast Al had no time to react, or even know what she was up to.

Kelly quickly unfastened her father's belt, and was just about to get his
button undone when he grabbed her hands, pulling her up to him saying,
"Kelly, what the hell are you doing?"

But when he pulled her upright, she started grinding up against him. "OHH
Daddy, I'll be a good girl, I promise ... let me show you ... I'll be real
good for you," she told him in the little girl voice she used when she wanted
to get something from him. She could tell it was having an affect on him as
she felt his dick throb to life. Father or no father, a man is a man, and
besides, she was a very sexy little girl.

Al realized he was getting a hard-on, and tried to distract his thoughts by
putting her report card on the table, but when he released her hands, Kelly
knelt down on the floor again and took the dick that created her into her
small hands. She wrapped both her hands around the massive cock and pumped it
up and down as she marvelled at it's size. She jerked him hard, pumping up
and down on the huge meat stick as it continued to grow longer and thicker.

"Oh my god Daddy! Mommy wasn't lying when she said it was HUGE! It must be
eleven inches long! I've never seen one sooo biggg!"

"Pumpkin! Get off your knees. I'm not your boyfriend ... I'm your father for
God's sake." He put up a half-hearted fight to get her to stand, but his
member was growing in his manipulating daughter's stroking hands and it took
over his being as his small head began doing the thinking for him.

He knew it was wrong, but he looked down at her, with his dick in her hands,
and it made him so horny. "Kelly, if you don't let go, I don't think I will
be able to stop ... please .... Pumpkin!" He looked down at his beautiful
little girl jerking his cock, the horniest he'd ever been as he watched her
smiling up at him so sweetly.

Kelly continued stroking her father's long thick dick, slowly, ever slowly,
while looking up into his eyes. "Daddy, I want you in my mouth, I want to
make you cum." As she said those last words, Kelly put the head of her
father's huge dick into her mouth. She had trouble at first, because it was
so big around, but she lubed it with her saliva, and worked it in. Al nearly
fainted when he saw his little Kelly, lower her head and wrap her lips around
his throbing erection.

"Pumpkin ... oh god yes ... AHHH No I mean ... we ... we can't do this ...
I'm your...," He moaned as he tangled his fingers in the hair at the back of
her head and pulled her to him. He was unconciously sliding her full pouty
lips down over his dick. Kelly looked up at him with wanton eyes, knowing she
had him now as she took half of her dad's thick member into her throat.

'Guys are all alike,' she thought, 'start sucking their dicks and they just
melt and forget everything.' Her tongue was swirling around his cock,
whipping back and forth as she sucked up and down and it was becoming too
much for the horny father.

"That's real good princess," Al moaned. The squeezing of his cockhead by his
daughter's tight throat was so fantastic that he wanted more. Al reached his
other hand to Kelly's bleach blond head and patted her. She smiled with her
eyes, thinking he was letting her know that she was doing a good job. But Al
locked both hands on Kelly's nearly white hair and, on her next down movement
pushed his dick deeper into her throat.

Kelly was caught be surprise by another two inches of cock. She would have
said something, but she couldn't get anything out except a muffled,
"UUUMMMFFFF" as her father drove his big dick down her throat. She had never
had a cock this deep in her mouth before and she was a little worried. But,
she kept up her vigorous sucking. She was a slut at heart after all and she
was really getting off blowing her dad.

'God,' Al thought, 'her throat feels real good!' He felt the vise like grip
of her throat, trying hard to suck the cum right out of him and he saw three
more inches remaining. He had a handful of Kelly's hair and was pumping his
little Pumpkin's head up and down on his cock. He started pushing her head
down much harder on her down movements, determined to get all of his cock
into Kelly's pleasure giving throat.

Another inch disappeared into that tight well of pleasure. Al could see a
worried look in his young daughter's eyes as her scheme began to backfire on
her, and it turned him on even more. That was it. He grabbed tight into her
hair and on the next in stroke, he slammed her head down and thrust his hips
up. Al's massive cock slammed all the way to the hilt and was now buried
balls deep in his daughter Kelly's mouth and throat.

Al began to pick up pace, shoving his hips back and forth, ramming his dick
all the way into his daughter's throat. Kelly had a hand working at her cunt,
moaning around her daddy's stiff prick. Al was in heaven but he was well past
the point of no return and knew that he had to fuck her. He pulled Kelly up
to her feet and held her tight against him, kissing her passionately, tongues
intertwining and bodies grinding.

Before Kelly knew what had hit her, she found herself being lifted and was
laid upon the kitchen table by her horny father. Then her gaze was upon her
wild eyed father disrobing before the table. She gasped when Al dropped his
pants and jockeys, but in her aroused horny condition Kelly couldn't move
from the table as her father stepped up to the edge of the table stroking his
huge dick.

He laid over her and spent several minutes fondling and squeezing her firm
fleshy mounds and spiky nipples before burying his head in between her
faboulous tits. He kissed and sucked both nipples as she moaned in delight,
unable to stop herself from loving the feeling within her.

Al then slipped down her ripe body and tasted her sweet little cunt. Her
clitoris was up hard as he twirled his tongue around it and feasted on her
flowing juices. MMMM, he thought, it's so beautiful, so suculant. His tongue
slid up and down her hot crack as he alternated between her sweet pussy and
tiny puckered anus. His demanding tongue digging deeply up her tiny asshole
as she loosened up and her tingling body gave in to his every demand.

Al backed off the table and lifted his daughter's legs up onto his shoulders.
He moved close and slid his long thick pulsating cock up and down the
full length of her wet, swollen blonde fringed slit, getting it good and
lubricated. He was staring intently at her juicy blonde fringed cunt,
watching his huge head part Kelly's lips and become covered with pussy juice.

Kelly smiled up at him as he fit his massive cock into the mouth of her tight
little pussy. "OHHH Daddy ... fuck me ... please fuck me," she moaned. As he
entered her he wispered, "I've wanted to this for a long time Pumpkin." He
stared down at his massive member streatching open her tight little vagina.

Her pussy stretched around his thick penis like a glove a size too small as
he entered her. Al started to pump, slowly at first, then increasing in speed
and power until he was fucking his beautiful teenaged daughter with deep hard
strokes, working his long thick cock in deeper and deeper.

He moved foward and buried the entire length to the hilt, his heavy balls
slapping against Kelly's upturned ass signaling that she'd taken all eleven
thick inches. Kelly had never been so filled. All of the boys she'd fucked
had average sized dicks and Al was going deep into virgin territory.

The sensation was incredible, for both of them. She felt the broad tip of the
head of his penis, squarely pressed against the bottom end of her vagina,
right up against her cervix. His thickness was pressing against the sides of
Kelly's channel beyond what she could have ever imagined, for its entire

Kelly couldn't help herself from rolling her hips and moving with him as his
big cock pistoned in her and an incredibly intense orgasm washed over her
horny body in only a few minutes. She was besides herself, horny beyond
belief and was milking his fully embedded member with her spasming cuntal
canal as she slowly rolled her hips up to meet his long deep thrusts into her
sweet little cunt. Never had she felt such sensations.

Al began fondling and squeezing her big jiggling boobs as he powered his
massive cock in and out of his slutty daughter's loudly squishing little
pussy. He leaned foward over her and sucked on her spiky nipples as he
powered his big dick hard and deep to the depths of Kelly's spasming honey

Nothing as big as his cock had ever entered Kelly's cunt before and he was
stretching her wide. Pussy juice covered his cock and leaked from her cunt
onto the table as they fucked. Al pounded into her, plunging deeply into her
cunt with long steady strokes. She gasped and whimpered as his balls slapped
against her ass repeatedly and her sopping wet cunt began to loudly slurp and
squish with each pile driving invasion of her overstuffed little quim.

She strained upward, her feet pointing to the ceiling and her toes curling
from the sensations. His assault was merciless as he ravaged his beautiful
little girl. He leaned foward and laid over her, pinning her knees back to
her shoulders and fucked for all he was worth, pumping her glove tight little
pussy for a good fifteen minutes, ramming her as hard and deep as he could,
making her juicy cunt squish loudly with every balls deep thrust as he
slammed home repeatedly.

Al sighed, dropped her long sexy legs off of his shoulders and leaned down on
top of her, pushing his rod hard into her to the hilt, loving the sounds of
her moans. She wrapped her trim white arms around him as her hands wandered
to his ass and pulled him towards her in sync with every thrust. She was
using her muscles in her vagina to massage the entire shaft of his manhood.
Her juice was oozing out of her pussy even though his fat cock had filled up
her cunt.

His hands crawled up over her hot sweaty body to her big full 36C tits as he
fucked her hard and deep. Her firm breasts were melting in Al's hands and her
nipples got even harder within seconds as he circled them ever so lightly
with his fingers. The only thing he could hear now were her moans and pussy

With every stroke, he made sure he pulled all the way out, then shoved it
back in as fast and as hard as he could. He felt the tip of his long thick
cock pounding on the entrance of her cervix. He had her spread wide open and
his big prick was stretching her like she'd never been streached before as
it embedded itself fully again and again.

He reached down with his hands and started playing with her sexy ass. With
her pussy juice running down the crack of her ass, he circled her tiny anus
with his finger for a while as her breathing became louder. She gasped and
he saw her eyes became wide opened when he pushed his finger up her virgin

It went in without a hitch, and with plenty of fuck juice, he was not
surprised how easy it was when he jammed a second finger up his daughter's
tight colon. Now having both holes jammed he picked up the pace and he could
feel her cunt muscles twitching with his fingers through the thin wall
between her pussy and her rectum as she shoved her hips up to meet his.

She twisted and gyrated in circles on his drilling cock as he pounded her
hard and deep. His daughter's screams of passion urged him on and he started
pumping in and out of his little slut of a daughter faster and faster. He
fucked her like a stallion and she loved every minute of it.

After riding his teenaged daughter through three more orgasms, Al sighed
loudly as his cock swelled, signaling that he was about to cum. Kelly just
closed her eyes in anticipation. "Oh, Pumpkin, you're so sweet, oh .......
gonna cum ........ gotta cum!" Al groaned. With that, Al grasped her flairing
hips tightly and slammed his throbbing cock to the hilt.

"Urrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh ..." came the guttural sound from Al, as his long
thick fully embedded cock shot it's thick potent semen. His cum shot into
her with such force that Kelly gasped and went into orgasm herself.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... !" she moaned as her tauntly streached pussy
continued milking her dad's long thick horsecock as it spewed his load deep
into her hungry little cunt.

Wads of hot semen shot into her hungry cunt. And this set Kelly off on more
orgasms. She fucked him like the slut she was as her pussy milked him for
every drop of sperm. He continued to fuck her after he came, really enjoying
it, his cum now overflowing Kelly's loudly squishing pussy and running

He pulled out after a minute or so, telling her to get her ass upstairs to
his bedroom. "I'm not done with you yet Pumpkin, get up there and get ready
for me." She thought it was a wonderful idea and squelled out, "Oh yes Daddy.
Do it to me again. You put all the guys at the high school to shame."

Kelly ran from the kitchen, up the stairs into her daddy's room with a
girlish giggle. She hopped on her parents bed, getting on all fours as she
waited for her father to mount her in her favorite position - 'Doggie-style!'
Al was only moments behind her.

He climbed onto the King-sized bed behind her and positioned himself to fuck
his daughter on the bed where she had been conceived. He grasped her by her
hips and locked her in place. Putting the head of his dick up against her
juicy slit he paused. "Oh my god, I'm fucking my daughter! What have I

As he was backing out, Kelly said, "Oh no you don't Daddy, you finish what
you started..." She slowly pushed herself back onto his firm dick. Sliding on
and off it as she wiggled and moaned in front of him. Al quickly lost all his
inhibitions and buried himself deeply into her already slick pussy as he
rammed his long thick cock up inside her tender blonde fringed little pussy.

Al began to fuck her glove tight cunt powerfully and started fucking her with
a renewed fury. "Baby girl wants to be fucked does she? Oh I'll fuck you
all right, you tramp ... fuck ... fuck ...... ahhh ..... your pussy is so
tight ... god... but there's another hole here just begging for a little

He pulled out and slid his rockhard cockhead over the entrance to her ass.
Realizing what was happening, Kelly pleaded "No, don't, please no Daddy ...
I've never had it back there before!"

"Well there's a first time for everything Kelly," Al told her. "You've never
gotten an A, have you Pumpkin, well I'm going to give you your first A. An A
for Assfucking."

Al pushed his cockhead between her georgeous buns and nuzzled it in against
her tiny anus. Kelly whimpered as her father's' cockhead throbbed at her
virgin anus. It yielded under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and
rammed his hips forward. His massive cockhead popped into her rear channel
and deep up her virgin asshole as Kelly's head jerked up and she let out a

Al loved it as she tried to buck him off. But it only served to delight him
more as he slammed his ramrod more and more deeply into her virgin asshole.
"You better start trying harder at school little girl or this is what your
gonna get," Al told her. "Your tight little ass is mine now."

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

"Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" Al gasped, gritting his teeth, his fingers digging
into the softness of her creamy buttocks, his head flung back as he flexed
his buttocks and ground his hips forward.

His cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight little asshole. Kelly's
fingers tightened into a fist and her face creased in pain. Then the pain
began to change in nature and her father's huge cock felt incredibly good in
her anus. Deeper and deeper it went, and Al groaned, burying the full length
of his long thick penis in her tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to her

She whimpered, writhing her buttocks seductively in his crotch. Al gasped,
running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as he sodomized his
teenaged daughter slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His cock ground in and out
of her anus, glistening and gleaming with their juices.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep
rut, whimpering loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame Al's passion.
Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and
bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands on her hips, pulling her anus up and
down the length of his cock.

"Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohhhhuhhhhyeh Oh yeh c'mon take it take it you little slut
take it!" he gasped, his chest heaving.

"Yes uhhh yes uhhh ohmauhhhh yes uhhh ohyes oh yes do it, Daddyy ... fuck me!
Fuck my ass, Daddy ... fuck my ass ... give it to me ... fuck my ass ...
c'mon, fuck it hard, you big stud! Fuck me Daddy!" Kelly became numb in her
body as her father fucked her up the ass for another half hour non-stop
before he shuddered and deposited a heavy load of potent spunk deep up her
tight little asshole.

Just as he was pulling his spent dick from his daughter's abused little
asshole the front door opened and they both heard Peg Bundy call out, "Hello?
Al? Kelly? Are you home?"

"Yeah, we're upstairs. I was just giving Kelly a good reaming out for getting
another rotten report card," Al called down to his wife as Kelly quickly
slipped off the bed and hurried into the bathroom for a quick shower.

"Good, I'm glad your finally showing an interest Al. God knows, she needs a
firm hand," Peggy called up to him. "Yeah, and a firm dick too," he said to
himself as he made for the bathroom to join Kelly in the shower.


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