Married... With Children: Kelly Bundy's Saturday Morning Surprise Part 3
(or The Policemen's Balls) (Mf,mF,ff,Mff,Mg,f-best,inc,pedo)
by Shadow Walker

"Woo ... wooo Bundy! cried a winning voice from inside Bud's room.

"Quiet Bud! Mom and Dad are probably asleep and we don't want them to wake
up and want to play with us." warns Kelly as she gets up from the floor.

"Okay Kell, if you're so worried that Mom may invade our game, go peek into
the room and see if they're still asleep." suggested Bud as he watched
Kelly, who is completely naked after landing on bored walk and the little
whore house fines, walking to the door and opens it slightly, peeks out
into the dark hallway, bending over slightly to look further into the hall,
Kelly's firm little ass glows invitingly to Bud, who's dick stands up to
full cock erection.

Amber sees Bud interest as she reminds him, "Hey Bud for brains, you have a
cock toy right here, not your sister."

"Oh, yeah, my little grand canyon." replies Bud as he continues to stare at
his sister's yellow hair covered pink cunt lips between her legs as her butt
wriggles to music in her butt, she listens for sounds from her parent's

"Go on Kelly, go to your parent's bedroom door and peek inside." suggests
Amber as she leans over and takes Bud's standing cock into her mouth and
deep throats her boyfriend.

Bud leans back against his bed side as Amber bobs up and down his cock, her
tongue and hot lips work tightly around his muscle as he grips for the bed
blankets for support, his ass sliding along the slick floor.

* * *

Kelly steps out into the hallway, tip toeing down to the bedroom and opens
it slightly, as she bends over a gust of cold night air tickles her between
her legs and up into her pubic hair, "Oooh, that feels good." Kelly adjusts
to the cool air as she leans further into the room, parallel to the floor
as she sticks her head inside enough to see the bed; suddenly she feels a
sloppy wet cold tongue lap her pussy from behind then several more licks as
she looks down between her legs to see, whispering "Buck! go to bed."

Buck looks with his big brown eyes filled with worship at his hairless bitch
and mistress, then sadly turns and strides down the hallway back towards his
stairwell, singing to himself in doggie, "Got me some, got me some."

Kelly turns back and strains her eyes through narrow slit eyelids into the
dark bedroom to see the outline of two people in the bed, yes, she said to
herself, there's Mom and Daddy, "Poor Daddy, he's been Peg-er-ized."

Kelly crawls on all fours toward Al's side of the bed, her breasts sway and
giggle as she sneaks in close to his side of the bed, then, like a young
pup that worships its master, she rises up over the edge of the bed to look
at the face of her father that she loves so dearly, a man she worships so
much that she has consented to dance at the policemen's balls (properly
titled `The Policeman Ball`, but in Kellesse it is Policemen`s balls), just
to protect him from Dirty Sally in the prison; Kelly is sad that her Daddy
gets treated so badly at times, his single life cut short, his glory of
football cut short of a career, she felt responsible and wanted to make up
for it, besides Al not being able to have great sex with Peg, he seemed to
enjoy having sex with her, and he needed it after his failures with her mom
and life in general.

Kelly lifts the blanket slowly until she has just enough room to duck her
head underneath, then she feels her way, knowing her father's anatomy well,
she eases towards his groin, then she smells his moist pubic hair from him
having sex. Kelly felt herself anxious and horny as she closes in on her
target like a hungry shark, her lips moisten as she inches into the six
inch limp penis that lays between Al's legs.

Kelly raises up slightly as her head forms a tent with the blanket, she
gently raises her father's penis so that she can start licking it, and as
she runs her tongue along the meaty shaft it begins to lengthen, going
stiff and erect as she continues to lick the strong smelling male muscle.
The scent of his balls and hot smelling cock burns inside Kelly's stomach
as she fights the horniness building inside her, she can't lick her
father's dick any longer; Kelly engulfs his swollen shaft as she takes it
to the back of her mouth

The blond bimbo was at her best as she takes Al's swollen cock deep into her
mouth, she curls her tongue around the shaft as she wriggles her bare butt in
the cold bedroom air, her ass sits solid and round as she kneels beside the
bed. Kelly begins taking Al's cock deeper down her throat, holding her breath
as the shaft moves down her throat, then she begins to slowly stroke the
shaft with her throat, she has learned to tighten her throat muscles around
his cock just like she uses her cunt to milk his shaft inside her pussy.

As Kelly is on hertenth deep throat of Al's swollen penis, her eyes widen as
she feels a tongue shove into her cunt, and as she continues to stroke Al's
cock, the tongue begins lapping and stroking her clitoris. She wriggles her
ass to free herself, but it is stubborn in its pursuit as the tongue now
enters her snatch and penetrates into her a good seven inches as it wriggles
around her cunt like a live snake. "Oh no! could it be a snake?' Kelly
thought as she continues to hungrily feast on her Daddy's meat.

Kelly's orgasm reaches it's climax as she feels her father's balls tighten
and his cock grows, swells and explodes its load down her throat; Kelly blows
her load as she gurgles and coughs extra spunk out her nose and as her body
jerks in spasm, the tongue increases eating her out as she unloads onto what
ever it is.

The tongue laps her pussy as she lays across Al's lap with his cock resting
against her face, getting her breath as sperm drips from her nose and mouth,
she takes her breath, then Al shoots another load that splatters her face;
suddenly she felt a cock slam into her pussy and enter deep into her, then
in rapid slam thrusting fashion, the cock rapidly began a piston in and out
action inside her cunt; Kelly felt it go deep into her pussy before it began
extracting itself until it slammed deep into her again. "Bud! Dammit, you'll
get us all in trouble." warned Kelly in a heightened whisper.

Kelly braced herself as the big hard cock shaft slammed hard into her, and
in quick rapid thrusts it made her hot, eager to have an orgasm from his
shaft as she felt her stomach tighten again, "Oh god! I'm going to cum!"
Kelly fell onto Al's legs as she felt her orgasm slam through her body as
she exploded in spasms again and again as she felt the cock spew its loads
in several sprays as it hosed her insides, "Damn, Bud never came like that

Kelly's is surprised as she felt Al move in the bed, he wakes up, as he
recognizes, commenting, "Buck old boy, what are you leaning up on the bed
for, boy?"

"What's the problem Al?" asks Peg as she sits up on the bed to see Buck's
upper half resting on top of Al's lap. "Make him get down Al, Buck will
dirty the blanket and leave a whole family of fleas."

"Oh leave Buck alone Peg, your mother leaves more fleas than Buck; He
probably chased a burglar off." explains Al as he pets Buck on his head, "I
bet old Buck would hump a burglar`s ass."

Buck enjoys Al's hand rubbing his head, just as he enjoys his cock as it
rests deep inside Kelly's hot moist hole. "Yeah, hump a burglar, sure; like
I like humping your daughter's cunt you old smelly foot man." thinks Buck
as his hips thrust his doggie cock again into Kelly's ever tightening cunt.

Kelly feels Buck's body on her back, his doggie cock is buried deep in her
cunt as he continues to pump and slam his pelvis into Kelly's butt. She
lays quiet as Buck continues to pump into her, then she feels him cumming
again inside her, she bites her lips, squinting her eyes as she fights not
to scream in ecstasy. Kelly feels the bed moving as tears form in her eyes,
she hears Peg getting up out of the bed, then her movement as she enters
the bathroom on her side of the bed and shutting the door behind her.

"Come on Buck, go back to bed, I'll shut the door, we'll play later." says
Al as he throws his covers back. Al's eyes widen in surprise as he sees
Kelly grinning sperm covered face, his erect cock in her hand.

"Pumpkin, I thought I was having a wet dream."

"Hi daddy! I`m a good girl" says Kelly with her silly grin and glowing blue

"Al, is Buck in that bed with you?" asks Peg as she comes out of the door
just as Al threw his cover back over himself and Kelly's head. Buck pulled
his spent cock out of Kelly's cunt and runs for the door, fearing Peg's
revenge and desiring the safety of the hallway.

"Now look what you did Peg, you scared Buck." exclaims Al as he tucks his
covers about himself, and Kelly's Head.

"Fine, now look at those blankets, all flea covered, now I'll have to get
some cleans one, you just keep that lump of doggy dirties blankets to
yourself; you care more for that dog than me Al; maybe I should sleep with
Buck, he'd come closer to satisfying me."

"Peg! That is cruelty to animals, you don't want the PENIS people to come
here and protest do you?"

"That's PETA Al, god, you don't know the difference between PETA and Penis,
no wonder I don't get sex from you."

"You can't have what you steal Peg."

"Good night Al." said Peg as she turns over onto her side, pulls the new
covers over her head and turns out her light.

Al opens his covers to see Kelly as she raises her one leg over his lap and
crawls onto the bed on top of Al, taking his erect penis as she raised her
pelvis up slightly, then inserts the solid shaft into her pussy as she lowers
herself onto his rock hard cock; Kelly grimaces as his huge massive cock
stretches her vagina as it snakes deep into her hot tunnel. Kelly grins in
satisfaction as she gently moves her pelvis, stroking her cunt along his
cock. Al puts his hands on Kelly's ass cheeks and squeezes them as Kelly
leans into her father's chest, Al begins licking and biting her right breast
nipple; Kelly sneaks a peek at Peg's blanket covered back, noticing that she
had her walkman headphones on and the blanket pulled close about her, she
turns her attention back to Al as she hugs her father with her arms around
his head, her hips continuing to thrust and grind onto his nine inch shaft.

The bed gently rolls as Kelly gets her rhythmic pace. Al squeezes her breasts
with both hands, her buttocks rising and then slapping back down onto Al's
thighs. Kelly feels herself getting hotter as her vagina grips Al's large
cock inside her, its hot flesh adds to her internal furnace. Kelly grinds her
pelvis as her face grimaces from the size of her father's shaft which has
swollen larger, then she feels him thrust his hips upward and his large cock
making it's deepest thrust into her. Kelly feels her body quiver as she cums
just as Al shoots his load into her, which triggers another orgasm and she
fights to keep from screaming, breathing heavy she struggles to catch her
breath as she immediately locks her lips to Al's lips, thrusting her cunt
down hard onto his cock and balls just as she shoves her tongue deep into
Al's throat.

Peg wakes from her sleep, and stirs in the bed, asking, "Al, what are you
doing, playing with yourself, if you get that hard I want it!"

Kelly slides immediately sideways off the bed, pulling her wet dripping cunt
off Al's limp cock and then crawls for the safety of the hall, quickly she
scoots out the bedroom door into the hall way.

Al watches his Pumpkin's ass, doggie style, slides out the door; and just as
Kelly's butt disappears into the hallway, Peg pulls the covers off as she
sits up, looks at Al's limp wet cock between his legs, complaining, "Al! you
broke it."

Kelly quickly on all fours, crawls for Buds room, then she heard feet, as
she stuttered, "Buck? ... Buck No!"

"Oh yeah, that's my Mexican Hairless. Woooof!" says Buck in his doggie
language as he eyes his favorite bitch, and that nice fuzzy hole he loves so
much. Buck made a happy jump sideways, keeping his eyes centered on Kelly's
snatch as he hopped toward his target, his doggie cock immediately lengthened
and is ready for insertion as he sees Kelly turn onto her back, and before
she can raise her legs to ward off his affection they are in the spread wide
formation, Buck spots the moment and is quicker, a master of the quickie
mount. Before Kelly can move her legs to ward off Bucks leap, Buck's fury
body lands atop Kelly's belly, his dog shaft slammed on target as he
immediately started thrusting his cock into Kelly's already wet, hot pussy.

"Oh god, if the PENIS (PETA) people could see me now, they would be proud."
says Kelly to herself as she cradles Buck's fury head in her hands and
cuddled into her tits as she shakes his head by his furry crown, then kissed
his wet nose, "Buck, you really know what you like, I might as well enjoy it
with you, just don't make any noises that Old Red will hear."

Buck locks his legs around Kelly's hips as he thrusts his long doggy penis
into her in rapid successive thrusts; Kelly continues to hold Buck, playing
with his fur as she feels his cock slamming fast and deep, in and out of
her pussy, she kind'a really loved it as she had a hard time telling the
difference between Buck's and Al's cock, both were big, long and thick.

Buck started licking Kelly's tits, then she felt him shoot his load into her
as he tightly gripped her hips, thrust hard and howled as he came.

"Oh crap! Buck, shut up!" warned Kelly as she heard Peg getting up from her
bed inside her bedroom, "Al, I thought you put Buck outside!" came Peg's
voice from her room.

Buck immediately pulled his cock out and ran for the safety of the stairs as
Kelly quickly stood up and started for her room for her safety when Peg saw
her naked in the Hallway, "Honey, what are you doing running around naked for
in this cold night air?"

Kelly turns to face Peg, her eye slits narrow with worry, knowing she had
been caught; not attempting her hide herself as she waved at Peg, "Hi Mommy,
I'm a good girl."

"Oh I know you are Honey, but walking around naked to go to the bathroom,
..." Peg stops in mid sentence, then looks at Kelly, "... Now I know."

"Know what Mommy?" Asks Kelly with a sense of guilt that she might have been
found out about screwing Al and Buck.

Peg grabs Kelly by her hand and walks her into Al's bedroom, Kelly's breasts
giggling all the way as Peg guides her to stand beside Al's side of the bed,
"Al! ... Al! wake up, I know the truth!"

Al stutters as he wakes up, he sits up and looks at Kelly standing naked with
Peg holding her by her shoulders.

"Peg! what are you doing?" asks Al as he stares at Kelly's delicious body.

Peg reaches over and pulls the blanket off of Al to see to her delight that
Al is fully rock hard erect. "Just as I thought!"

"What Peg?" stammers Al with a nervous feeling in his voice as though he was
about to get his cock chopped.

"You just needed a trigger, ..." Pegs turns around and directs Kelly for the
door, "... thanks Honey, I just needed to get your father jump started."

Kelly stares at Peg as she walks toward the door, then she looks at Al as he
looks like he is about to be shot, "Poor Daddy, he's in the mouth of the

Peg drops her robe and leaps naked on top of Al, "Oh god! Kelly get the gun
and shoot me!"

Kelly grins and waives to Al,, "Bye Daddy, see you in the morning." Kelly
turns to show her tits to him as Peg started grinding herself onto his cock
as his body bounces to his agony. Kelly throws a kiss just before she
disappears into the hallway.

Kelly starts down the hallway, stops at Bud's door, thinks of a rescue effort
for her Daddy, she quickly runs to the top of the stairs, sees Buck licking
his crotch, then pats her leg as she calls, "Here Buck, want some nookie?"
Buck jumps up and bounds up the stairs in hope of a young Kelly fuck. Kelly
points Buck towards Al and Pegs open door, "Go get mommy."

Kelly quickly follows as Buck makes a beeline towards the open door, rounds
the corner, then as Kelly is about to open Bud's door, she hears Peg yell,
"Buck!" then the bed collapsing.

Kelly enters the Bud's bedroom to see Amber, still naked, getting up from
the bed; Bud is sound asleep in the wet spots on the bed.

"Ah, you wore him out." comments Kelly as she sees her brothers sound asleep.

"Yeah, Bud is out for the night and I'm still horny, why is that?" asks Amber
as she starts for the window.

"Where are your clothes Amber?" asks Kelly as she follows Amber to the

"Over at the house, with Jefferson and Marcy in jail, I have the house all to
myself, so, ..." Amber thinks a moment as she eyes Kelly's naked body, "...
Kelly, want to have some girl on girl fun?"

Kelly grins, "Yeah, all my dicks are cocked out, so I need some fixing too."

"Great!" said Amber as she crawls out the window, then as Amber's butt
disappears down the ladder, Kelly climbs through the window and follows Amber
to the Rhoades house; both girls giggling as they run naked, then cross the
fence and into the Rhoades front door.

* * *

Bud Bundy, sound asleep from his night long monopoly game with Amber and
Kelly, and the fucking that went with Whore Place in the game, he was happy
from fucking his two lovers. He recalled how one, then the other would ride
his cock, it was so real to him he could feel one in the saddle as she rides
his ragging hard cock; then after Kelly disappeared into the hallway, how
Amber got hot; he reaches in his sleep to jerk off when he feels a leg across
his body and then as he runs his hand along her leg to her butt he feels her
thrusting and twisting atop his cock. Bud opens his eyes wide to see and
scream, "MOMMY!"

"Com'on Honey, my little snook'ems, you can do it, you were hung like a
horse." says Peg as she straddles and rocks her hips atop Bud's naked body,
his hard cock rammed deep into his mother's cunt as she rides the saddle,
grinding her hips into his lap.

"Mom! you don't wake your son by jumping on top and riding him to wake him
up!" screams Bud as he then comments, "Oh god, what a way to wake up."

"Well it's your own fault, you shouldn't have a big hard-on pointing up like
a flag pole, signaling for help; and besides, your mommy needs the poke and
you needed to get up early this morning, now shut up and ride`em cowboy."

"Why Mom?"

"To service your mommy."


Bud's legs fly outward with his arms as Peg bounces hard and rides fast as
her hips thrust and pump his cock as she thinks to herself, "It's hard, it's
BIG, it's FREE, and it's a BUNDY!, Oh God, he's not like Al, he not cumming
yet and we've past six minutes."

Meanwhile at the Rhoades

Kelly Bundy wasn't fucked out yet; when she had finished the `breed game'
with Bud and Amber, and she and Amber had fucked Bud into exhaustion, they
both left the poor boy. Kelly is just waking from her sleep, she leans over
and kisses Amber on her nipple that is uncovered, then she crawls beneath
the covers to Amber naked snatch, pushes Amber's legs apart as she leads her
tongue toward Amber's warm black pubic covered snatch.

Amber comes awake as she feels a tongue glide along her clitoris, it began
working her cunt lips in the expert tradition of a Bundy, and since she
couldn't smell Bud's cock scent, but she could smell Kelly's perfume, she
knew which expert tongue was her alarm clock as she settles back on her
pillow to enjoy the tongue lashing. Since the Rhoades were still in jail
over their porno tapes, Amber felt free to have Kelly over without fear of
Marcy wanting to jump them.

Kelly enjoyed licking Amber as she thrusts her tongue inside Amber's tender
lips as Amber pumps her hips up and grinds her cunt into Kelly's face. "Oh
god Kelly, are you all lesbian?"

"Muff, arggg slosh what?" said Kelly as she looked up from beneath the
covers at Amber.

"Are you a lesbian? You sure enjoy ..."

"Nooo, I like cocks,..." Kelly thinks a moment about it, then grins as she
continues, "I really like cocks and the men they are attached to, and all
the tongues can not do what cocks can do, I love the feeling of balls against
my butt; and plastic may be enjoyable, it only makes me hornier for cock."
Kelly sits up on Ambers bed, sitting naked between Amber's naked thighs,
"Cocks are hot, large wonderful things, ..." Kelly looks at Amber as she
grins, "Licking pussy's nice, and gets you satisfied to a point, but you're
still horny." Kelly immediately dived back into Amber's bush, her tongue
driving deep into the young snatch.

Amber arches her back as Kelly's talented tongue finds her sensitive spot as
she gets tweaked; she screams as she feels an Orgasm rushing, she immediately
locks her legs around Kelly's head, "Oh god, that is great, I'm cumming!"

Amber's body jerks and twists as Kelly looks up, her face covered in Amber's
cum, "Well, tongues are nice, and your right, I still like cocks."

"But now it's your turn." Kelly spits, "Pew, hair!"

"Oh no, we have to solve this problem, give me another with the vibrator!"
ordered Amber as the fourteen year-old got up on all four on the bed and
braced herself, waiting for Kelly to shove the Marcy's Vibrator X-Caliber
into her cunt.

Kelly retrieved the well lubed and well-used 16-inch black plastic rod, held
it in her hands, studied it, thought a minute; Kelly catches movement out of
the edge of her eye to see two loving eyes looking at her.

Kelly slapped her leg with her hand, puckering her lips as she made kissy
sounds for her loyal pet.

"What are you do-ING!" said Amber as she suddenly felt a large fleshy shaft
slam into her cunt, non-stop as it penetrated and slid twelve inches into her
vagina. "Oh my god!"

"That's my vibrator." brags Kelly as she watched her pet lock his legs around
Amber's slim waist and quickly began humping his cock in and out of her tight
young snatch.

Amber grabbed the bed stead and braced herself for the ride, "Kelly! where
did you find a vibrator like this, my god this is great! and the warming
apron is a genius idea, it keeps my ass warm and makes it feel real."

Kelly grins with glee as she bounces in place, watching Buck hump fuck his
new hairless bitch. "Oh if you only knew." Kelly then reminded Amber, "You've
got to go to the Policemen's Balls tonight Amber, you get to meet a bunch of
guys and perform some talent for charity."

Amber is now being humped by Buck as her body jiggles and bounces on the bed,
"Okay, just pick me up when you're ready to go."


Peg looks around the empty house, hoping to find something interesting and
notices Buck licking his balls, "Nice! Well, I'm not the only one still

Peg hears the door open, thinking it was Al, yells, "It's unlocked Al, push
the door open."

In steps Kelly, with a stupid smile on her face as she repies to Peg's
yelling, "Push! Yeah, push in to go in, pull to go out; it`s just like sex,
in it goes, wham he`s in, then out and it`s over."

"What did you say dear?" asks Peg as she thinks she heard Kelly right, but
not sure.

"Ah, ... I said push your in and wham the door is closed." explained Kelly
as she strides over and sits down on the couch, leaning back as she tucks
her hand inside her skirt like Al tucks his hand in his pants. Kelly spreads
her legs as she plays with herself, realizing she had left her panties
somewhere else, then she switched the expression on her face as she realized
that she didn't wear any today. Sniffing the air, Kelly mentions to Peg,
"What's that smell? ... it's musky, almost ball, ... almost wall like."

Peg snaps her legs closed, realizing that she hadn't washed her snatch and
Bud's sperm was on her pussy and legs. "Probably an old cock, ah, ... couch;
you know, probably Bud, ... Buck and his wet hair."

Buck looked up and commented as best that a Dog can, "Probably Kelly, she
only fucked four guys a couple nights ago on the couch, and two on the
Kitchen table, and old Al was busy the following morning on the couch before
you got up you old Cow."

"Well, I'm going to get some sleep Mom." said Kelly as she got up and started
up the stairs, stopping to pet Buck on his head, "Poor boy, you did have a
busy morning didn`t you, you are a good doggie."

As Buck got pat on his head, he sniffed under her skirt as he saw her pussy.
"O yeah, I smell pussy and sperm, the bitch got screwed, he, he, it was me,
Oh yeah! I`m the dog... I'll go up in about an hour when she's asleep naked
on the bed and get me some again."

Buck eyed Kelly's pussy and tight ass as she continued up the stairs. "Yeah
a dog's life, and being I get to look up, I see Kelly's snatch all the time."

Kelly walked down the hallway as she removed her sweater, then her shirt as
she turned to enter her room; standing in the doorway momentarily, her firm
breast jiggled gently as they stuck out, she unzipped her skirt and stepped
out of it, she then turned to look at Bud's room where the door was ajar.
"Is Bud home?" asked Kelly as she turned, without thinking, she's now naked
as she walks over to peek into Bud's room. Kelly's butt is tight and perked
upward as she tiptoes, wriggles and sways on her way across the hallway.

Leaning over as she peeks around the door, she asks, "Bud'z, you in here?"

Kelly looked around and saw Bud naked on his bed. Kelly almost backed out
when she saw his huge cock that was fully erect like a flag pool. Kelly
smiled as she watched it sway as he breathed in his deep sleep. She spoke a
little louder asking, "Bud'skie, I see your pecker getting ready to launch.
..." Kelly waited for Bud to jump up, but he remained asleep.

Kelly thought a minute, then grinned, "Well Bud, let's see if I can embarrass

Kelly tip toed to beside Bud's bed and stood there a minute, her eyes semi
crosses, her lips puckered as she watched her brothers penis sway like a tree
in the wind; totally naked from head to toe as her eyes scan Bud's naked
body. Kelly swayed her body as she danced naked beside her brother's bed, her
breast swayed and bounced, jiggled and squiggled as she clapped her hands
together, swinging her hips and twisting her tight little ass and pussy; Bud
didn't wake from his sleep. She noticed for the first time (taking time to
notice and enjoy the sight) that her younger brother had a tight dwarf like
body with a very gifted huge cock that was rock hard and standing erect.
Kelly looked at her clothes beside the bed, thought a minute, then realized
how hot he was, and how hot her snatch was, moist and itchy with her nipples
getting harder as she continued to look at Bud, especially at his cock. She
had always lusted at Bud's tight ass. She had often seen Bud with a hardon,
and she has often played his little games that involved sex; but now, Kelly
knew she couldn't let that cock go to waist, and she did so enjoy him fucking

This time it was different, Bud was asleep, and Kelly was horny, and she felt
that she could fuck him without him waking up. Kelly, her slender body moving
like a snake as she skimmed and hovered over Bud's body, slipped between his
legs, Kelly bent down to lick Bud's dick; she smelled the musk smell of a man
and she immediately was anxious to suck his cock and then to straddle him;
Kelly started licking the musk pool, then she worked it into her mouth and
then deep into her throat as she began to stroke his cock up and down, in and
out until he shot a load off, she swallowed it as she continued to stroke and
suck , she continued to watch him for any signs of waking up.

Bud remained asleep as Kelly straddled his hips and then lowered herself onto
Bud's hard cock, slipping his shaft up into her pussy. Slowly she settled
onto his lap as she had taken his cock fully inside her snatch. Kelly began
stroking his shaft with her talented cunt lips, she slide and pushed her
snatch along his cock, and then she tightened her pussy around his pole as
she twisted and swung her hips about her brother's pecker.

Kelly continues to strain and twist her cunt around Bud's hard cock, her hips
sway and thrust as his cock pounces in and out of her love canal, as she
feels her orgasm building she slows to make the feeling last, hope after hope
of making his and her orgasm even bigger and better than their last, she now
increases her thrusts as she bounces on his lap and after twenty minutes of
fucking her brother's cock, Kelly feels her orgasm, her body jerks and pulses
as she feels the Electricity shock from her snatch to her shoulders as Bud
squirted off another load into her. Kelly raises off of his pecker as it goes
limp, she had drained him completely, "And another one bikes the dust." Kelly
walks to Bud's door, her cute tight ass sways in victory and in utter
happiness as she then stops and takes a look back at her brother with a new
sense of love for her little pervert, a swelling of lust swelled inside her,
then she enters the hall, she had left her clothes behind and thought nothing
of walking naked inside the house as she has often has done when she would go
to the shower, Kelly crossed the hall totally nude to her door when Al turned
the corner from the stairs.

Upon seeing Al, Kelly smiled with a bright eyed happiness at seeing her
daddy, "Daddy! Is it time for you be home."

"No pumpkin, but I thought I would come home anyway because the nudie bar was
closed for a holiday and I would kill myself in the toilet." Al could only
stare at Kelly's nude body, realizing that she may have taken a shower and
had just forgot her towel; although he didn't mind seeing his daughter naked
as he felt his dick go hard against his pants as he watched Kelly bounce,
jump and giggle towards him as she threw her arms around him in a body hug.

Al put his arms about Kelly hugging her flesh as he pat her bare ass with his
right hand.

"Daddy, you know you're happy with me." said Kelly as she looked up into her
father's eyes, rubbing her tits against him as he played with her butt; Kelly
also felt her Daddy's hard cock in his pants with her hand, rubbing it as she
commented, "Can't let this go to waste Daddy, old people like you have a hard
time with getting hard thingies."

Al grinned, "Thinks Pumpkin, I really did need to know that." Kelly kissed
Al, putting her tongue into his mouth as he forgot about her comment. Kelly
unzipped his pants and let Al's stiff cock push out.

Kelly hugged Al as she pushed her pussy against Al's cock, allowing his hard
dick to rub her snatch as she ground and pumped her pussy on his cock.
"Please Daddy, you're hard, please, please, please fuck me now."

"Okay Pumpkin' Old red asleep on the couch, let's go to your room and have
some free fun."

"Okay Daddy." answered Kelly as she turned around to go to her room: Al had
his arms around her with his erect hot cock crammed in her butt as Kelly
stood atop her father's shoes, just like she did as a little girl as they
both walked towards her bedroom; Al's hard cock made every inch count as it
penetrated and slid along the crack of Kelly's butt as they walked and
entered her room, not even losing position as he shut the door behind them.

Al held his daughter by her hips as she leaned onto the bed, spreading her
legs apart he held his hard cock in his right hand and then inserted it into
Kelly's snatch, thrusting it deep into her hot pussy. Soon Al was holding
Kelly, both his hands grip her waist as he thrusts and rams her pussy doggie
style, Kelly's tits sway and jiggle from the pounding of her Daddy's fucking.

Kelly soon felt Al shoot off a load, then she fell onto the bed on her back,
spread her legs and opened her arms as Al stripped out of his pants, took off
his shirt and coat, then crawled onto the bed between Kelly's legs and her
waiting snatch, he was horny and hard again as he drove his erect swollen
cock into Kelly's tight snatch. Al ground his shaft into Kelly's snatch,
twisting and turning as he forced his meaty sausage into her ever tightening
cunt. For the next hour Kelly's legs swayed about as Al pounded and thrust
her pussy to orgasm. Al arched and thrust, shooting his load as Kelly swayed
and jerked in orgasm, then Al collapsed atop Kelly, where they slept for the
next two hours.

Two Hours Later, It's Time, I'm late, I'm late.

Sound asleep, her blond hair covered head, rests in slumber beneath her
father's wonderful arm, his head nestled into her hair as she opens her eyes
to see her clock, "It's big hand straight up and little hand down, Oh-oh,
I'm late, I'm late." Kelly pulls her naked self from beneath Al's body, his
pecker sliding from Kelly's crack as she slides to the floor, followed by her
legs, to come face to face with a wet tongue that laps her face, "Buck! Oh
dam, now I'll smell like a doggie bone."

Kelly stands up, then starts for her closet, when she feels a full force
tongue attack her snatch. "Buck, stop that!, I have to get to work and pay
off daddy's bill at the Policemen's balls."

Kelly grabs her black evening dress and lays it inside the bathroom where
she jumps inside the shower for a quick shower, rinsing off Buck's slobbers
and her Al's spunk drippings; quickly drying Kelly pulls the semitransparent
black dress from the box, slipping it over her head she adjusts it to rest
snuggly on her hips, then making one last strap adjustment over her shoulder
so that the from piece drops to just cover an inch on each side of her
nipples, her back is bare until the material stops just at the waist.

Kelly turns slowly as she looks in the mirror, she adjusts the dress,
pulling the side slits to open up more, showing her bare leg and upper thigh
to her side at her waist; Kelly grins as she notices how she can see her body
through the dress, then she thought a minute, "I better wear my red thong
panty, it will draw attention to my butt."

The door bell rings and Kelly responds as she runs from the room, she leaves
Al naked atop the bed, and Buck looking at his hairy butt.

Buck watches from the top of the stairs as the blond goddess of Chicago
glides down the stairs, her dress flowing like a black mist as it beckons
attention to her body. Hopping across the front room floor towards the door
with one shoe on and the other halfway on, "Well, any hole is a port." says
Buck as runs back to Kelly's room and hops up onto the bed with Al.

Kelly opens the door to see, "Officer Dan!"

"Kelly, I came by to see if you need a ride .."

"Not now Officer Dan, I have to get to the Policemen's Balls, we can ride

"Okay Kelly,..." said Dan with a blank expression on his face, "... then
would you like to go with me in my car, I'm going to the policemen's, ah,
balls." suggests Dan as he opens his patrol car door, he notices Kelly`s
black dress and it`s transparent quality, Nice dress Kelly, that deserves a
`Woo Bundy`."

"Okay, 'Woooo Bundy, and as long as I don't have to pay the taxi fare, we`ll
use your back seat later." says Kelly as she slides onto the front seat.

"Okay Kelly, I'll keep the meter off." says Dan as he shuts the door and goes
around to get into his car.

"Oh, Officer Dan, we have to pick up Amber, she's working with me tonight."

"Really Kelly, well now, I'll have to have a crack at her tonight also."
acknowledged Dan as he got in and pulled the Police car up into the Rhoades
Driveway as Amber came running out with a suit case in hand. She gets into
the back seat as she announces to Kelly, You almost forgot your red dress
of thirteen veils."

"Oh, Ooo, how do you like my low cut black dress?" asks Kelly as she shows
herself off from the front seat.

"Oh wow! that is awesome."

Kelly leans over into the back seat to see what Amber brought.

"See, your dress of thirteen veils, I think it lost some of the veils?" says
Amber as she sifts through the other dresses in the suitcase with Kelly
poking around as she is bent over the front seat, her butt at Dan's eye sight
level and her dress blowing from the air flowing through his window, allowing
Dan to stare at her bare butt, her thong being hidden inside her butt crack.

"Yeah, this is a nice one for you Amber, it`s blue and is transparent also;
it`s perfect for tonight." laughs Kelly as she giggles with Amber as Dan
pulls out of Rhoades driveway and heads towards the Civic Center and the
Policeman's Ball.

At the Ball

Limousines are lining up in front as they deposited their V-I-P guests as
Kelly and Amber point out the guests, "Look at all those VIPS Amber, did
you know that were VIP-ettes; we`re performing for them."

"How much do we get Kelly?" asks Amber.

"We don't get money Amber, we get to rub elbows with the rich, get to meet
producers and important people that will give us experience in stage acting
and dance."

Dan pulls his patrol car up to the stage door, explaining to Kelly, "Now you
and Amber will be with the Mayor and the City Councilmen tonight after your
performance, and then you'll visit them during dinner, sit with them, always
agree with them; and after dinner you and Amber may be asked to join the
Mayor in the Chicago Club of Monarchs, I'll explain what you are to do before
you go inside; and then you'll help me demonstrating the canine R&R Ranch."

"Oh yeah, that's right the doggy chicken ranch."

The evening performance

The Major and city councilmen enter the V-I-P lounge Inside the women's
lounge; taking their seats at their reserved dinning tables, the over head
lighting dims as the stage curtains open.

The mayor's attention turns to the stage as he asked, "Officer Dan, is this
the entertainment you said that I shouldn't miss?"

"Yes sir, Miss Kelly Bundy, she's a hot up and coming star, ..." brags Dan
as he then suggests to the Mayor, "... She is one of my best supporters for
the Canine Ranch, and she loves dog lovers."

"Really, wasn't she involves with one of my Ombudsmen last year?" asks the
Mayor as he turns his full attention to the stage as Kelly, dresses in
seven red veils, and nothing else, twirls onto the stage to music from
Bolero; closely followed by Amber who is dress also in seven veils of blue

"Oh my god, they're wearing little else, I can see their ..."

"Assets mister Mayor, the city has large enough assets to cover the first
years costs for the ranch, and we can have a visitors cafeteria so that can
watch our dogs being trained, a gold course for recreation and a small
motel for those long rest periods so well needed for our supporters."
rambles Dan as he watches the Mayor's expression.

The Mayor watches in a trance as his eyes and mind follow Kelly as she lands
in the arms of her male counterpart on the stage. "Anything you say chief!"

"Chief?" said Dan as he's startled by the Mayor's comment.

Kelly lands into the arms of Officer Steve, who is the officer that has so
otfen picked her up as a truant and drove her home, stopping twice for a blow
job and a twenty minute training bout in his patrol car's back seat.

"See, I told you that you could do it." says Kelly through her smile as Steve
holds her securly in his arms, his right hand gripping her tit.

"You can convince anyone Kelly, by flashing your breast to get my attention."

Kelly slips her hand down his leg to feel his penis inside his tight pants,
rubbing her hand along his shaft as she kicks her leg high, losing a veil in
the kick. "You know, it wasn't that I knew you were a dance, I just saw this
pole flagging me."

Kelly turns and rubs her body against his bare chest (Steve had only the
tight pants and black knee high boots and a swashbuckler shirt that is open
to his hairy chest) and rubs her face along his chest as she then shoves off
to twirls across the stage to a brass pole at the stage center; Kelly grabs
and lifts as she twirls and spins about the pole, her veils bellow back,
revealing her full legs and butt cheeks as spins about, twirling down to
slide on the floor.

Amber is in Steve's arms licking his chest and then sliding down, hugging his
leg and gripping his crotch as his `pole' expanded and pushed outward. Amber
kicks high as she rolls off to one side, then stands and twirls towards Kelly
who runs, leaps high as she kicks her legs upward as Amber twirls past, and
grabbing one of Kelly's remaining veils, leaving Kelly's butt crack bare as
she lands to twirl to leap up into Steve's arms, her legs wrap around his
waist and then she leans back as he holds her by her legs; her veils fall to
fall over her upper body, leaving her naked from the waist down (up) as Steve
holds her by her legs.

Steve looks down to stare into Kelly's yellow pubic hair and her red veils
that cover her breasts, until reaches down and pulls a string that releases
two more veils; Kelly's face and boobs come into view as the veils drop to
the stage floor.

In a dramatic toss with his muscular arms Steve flips Kelly, who does a hand
stand then continues over to stand then twirl across the stage as the last
veils drop away, leaving a nude Kelly twirling over to the pole to grab it,
and swinging with her legs spread in a wide 'Y' formation as she twirls
around it's center; Kelly's spread wide and upward as she pushed her body
upward parallel along the pole with her head down, wrapping one leg about the
pole she locks herself onto the pole with her legs and opens her arms wide to
wave at the audience; Amber leaps into Steve's arms, just as Kelly had done
before, her upper portion of her body drops away as Steve pulls her string
and flips her to do the same hand stand tumble as her blue veils flash in
different directions and off as she spins to Kelly's pole.

Amber lands in Kelly's arms as Kelly holds her, they spin about the pole,
Amber`s legs spread out in a wide horizontal position. Amber's last remaining
veil drops free as the two girls begin a double girl bar routine on the pole,
their bodies intermingle as they share the pole, one crawls in and between
the pole with each other, their beasts rubbing each other as one will turn
upside down and drop down between the pole and the other's body; on the way
down Amber can't resist as she sticks her tongue into Kelly's snatch and
starts licking her clitoris.

Kelly almost loses it as she starts moaning, hanging onto the pole as Amber's
tongue drives into her cunt, licking and stroking, driving Kelly into a horny
state as she starts gyrating and thrust her pelvis onto Amber's face.

As Kelly and Amber `get it on' on the pole while doing their `ad-lived' pole
dance routine, the Mayor starts stroking himself beneath the table as many in
the audience also have joined in with their entertainers. One couple, no one
really knows who, but it looked like Marcy and her husband, or was it Al
Bundy? the man threw her face down onto the table into the pot roast, threw
her dress up, ripped her panties off, shoved his cock into her as he grabbed
a slice of beef, shoved it into the gravy, slapped her bare ass with the
gravy soaked beef then chomped it into his mouth, then started licking her
gravy coated ass as he said something "How's that Baby! The shoe fits!"

The girls were now in a 69 position on the pole, Kelly was attacking Amber's
pussy as Amber was deep into her routine, driving Kelly into a horny frenzy.
The two girls lowered on the pole as Kelly's butt lowered out from the pole
for balance. Amber held onto the pole as Kelly also held on as they started
to slow in their rotation; then, suddenly, they both went parallel to the
polw and began spinning faster as Kelly's tongue shot deep into Amber as
Kelly screamed into Amber's honey hole with her tongue deep inside Bud's girl
friend. Amber also screamed as she felt Kelly's tongue penetrate deep into
her cunt, and the two male legs that suddenly appeared as they locked onto
the pole around their bodies.

Steve couldn't stand it any more at watching the two young girls suck
fucking, so he charged in, his pants disappeared halfway across the stage, he
leaps nude into the air, his trajectory was perfect as his 'warhead' made
instant contact and penetration with his target, Kelly's Bundy's ass hole;
with a 'POP' and a loud slap of flesh he drove his twelve inches of warhead
into the cute blonds hole as his hands grab the pole above and in the process
shove both girls into a vertical parallel pole position as he started pumping
and grinding into Kelly; their energy of collision started all three into
spinning around the pole.

Kelly shoves her tongue deep into Amber's snatch and begins licking and
poking with her tongue as she feels Amber stroking her cunt with her tongue
and at the same time, Steve's cock slamming in and out of her butt hole in
a slamming unrelenting attack, his thighs cracking against her butt cheeks.
Kelly feels an orgasm beginning to attack her insides from Amber's tongue
and Steve's cock as she is wrenched from one end to the other.

Suddenly Kelly arches her back as she shakes in a massive orgasm from Amber
and Steve's fucking, she locks her legs about the Amber's waist, holding
tightly to the bar, the Kelly holds the bar and pulls both their bodies up
as their legs lock about each other; Steve entwining his legs with both of
the girls as they spin quickly about the pole to finally separate and spin
onto the floor; their hands up, sitting naked on the stage as the lights dim,
the curtains close; Kelly and Amber falling over onto Steve`s lap, licking
his wet cock between his legs.

After a show and a deserved rest in the dressing room

Kelly makes final adjustments as she pulls her black see thru dress down
until it snuggly fits over her hips and breasts, the deep frontal opening
covers one inch on both sides of her nipples, allowing her breasts to rest
solidly within the transparent material. Kelly's butt crack and red thong
are clearly visible as she finishes with her tucking of the dress and
finished off with a gold tiara . Amber makes final adjustments to her light
blue dress that mimics Kelly's black dress, her black thong panty
disappearing in her butt crack and only comes into sight as it rises from
her crack into the open space of the low cut back, allowing her fleshy back
side to glow in the night club atmosphere as the back separates and rises
to disappear over her shoulders, and like Kelly's dress, remains open as it
lowers down her body to caress her breasts, leaving her smaller breasts to
stand solidly as they push the material outward.

Kelly grins as she greets Officer Dan and walks with him to the Mayor's table
where the Mayor, the police chief and Officer Dan have their places for
dinner with chairs for Kelly and Amber. Amber sits next to between Dan and
the Police chief, Kelly takes the chair next to the Mayor.

The Mayor grins as he greets Kelly, "Miss Bundy, I'm so happy that you are
my escort for tonight."

"Are we going somewhere?" Kelly asks as she looks dumbfounded at the Mayor
and then at Dan.

"The Mayor means Kelly, that he's glad that you chose to be his date

"Oh, well, that's different; boy, these shoes are killing my feet." complains
Kelly with a grimace on her face from the tight high heels.

"Well, be comfortable then, go ahead and take what ever you like off and
relax." suggests the Mayor.

Kelly kicks her shoes off and flexes her feet, "Boy, is that comfortable;
it's a good thing my dress is comfortable or I'd be naked right now; would
you be embarrassed."

Dan slaps his face with his hand as the Mayor ogles her dress as he notices
that Kelly is braless and the dress is so transparent in the soft light of
the dinning hall that it hides nothing from the Mayor`s eyes. "You must have
many boy friends competing for your breasts, ... best."

"Oh, my hand, my tits, everything they want and some times they get lucky."
giggles Kelly.

Dan buries his head in his hands from Kelly's innocence.

"Would you like something to drink Miss Bundy?" asked the Mayor.

"Yes please, a beer." asked Kelly as the Mayor then waived to the waiter and
asked him for drinks all around. The Police chief is busy speaking to Amber
as she cuddles in closer to the fifty year old officer.

After the drinks have been served, and the roast beef is served, Kelly drinks
two beers during dinner and begins loosening up, giggling at the slightest
jokes that are tossed around the table.

Dan sees his chance to suggest the canine recreation ranch. "Mister Mayor,
I've arranged for a demonstration of the city's canine corp."

"Oh yes, the doggies." acknowledged the Mayor as he studies Kelly's body
beneath her dress.

Kelly smiles back at the Mayor, noticing that he's looking at her breasts,
then when he catches her eyes, she barks, "Woof, woof!"

"I love those doggies." says the Mayor with a broad grin on his face as Kelly
laughs at his words, she watches his eyes following her hand as she pulls the
narrow material that barely covers her nipple, allowing the Mayor to see her
full breasts, explaining to him, "Doggies must be free to breath."

The Mayor's mouth drops, as does his IQ.

Dan looks at Kelly, gets her attention with a glance, suggesting that she do
something to entice to the Mayor to gain his support.

Kelly sees Dan and his motion with his hand with his quickie glance, then she
turns her attention to the Mayor next to her, she reaches down and pulls her
already short dress up over her legs and up to where she exposes her whole
leg and buttocks.

The Mayor slides his hand over and feels Kelly's leg, running his hand along
the inside of her leg, feeling comfortable as he glides his hand up until he
felt her mound of pubic hair and her hot moist snatch. "You going to she me
the doggies tonight, I look forward to it Miss Bundy."

"Yes, are you going to be at the doggie show, I get to demonstrate them."
asked Kelly as she took his hand and pressed it into her mound and closed
her legs about his palm.

"Oh yes, I do want to be there tonight." replied the Mayor, his slobbers
drooling, his hard on aching to be free and his tears forming as Kelly
reaches over, grips his hard shaft beneath his pants and squeezes with a
couple strokes.

"Did you like the dance Mister Mayor?" asks Kelly

"Yes I did, I hope you will perform for me tonight as well, at the Chicago
Club of Monarchs ..." the Mayor realizes that he isn't alone with Kelly at
the table and changes in mid-sentence, "...Miss Bundy."

"I'd like that; I know Amber wants to get ahead in the city." said Kelly as
she hints for Amber to get a summer job.

"I have two intern jobs at my home office, I need interns to answer phones,
run errands and work with my staff; and of course to work special research
projects for me."

"Kelly and Amber have to change for the club portion of tonight's celebration
mister Mayor."

Kelly and Amber leave for their dressing room to change into their other
evening clothes.

"Is Kelly going to be at the Ranch?" asks the Mayor.

Dan stumbles a moment then recaptures quickly, "Oh yes sir, every week end;
she is still in High School."

"Oh yes, tight young High School girls should have summer and weekend jobs,
it's good for their portfolios." noted the Mayor as he watched Kelly's butt
through her dress as she walks through the curtains to the stage dressing

"Dan! I am glad that you found Miss Bundy and her friend Amber, they will
make a fine addition to the Hell Fire Club tonight." acknowledged the Mayor.

In the dressing room:

Kelly stands naked in front of the mirror, looking at her hips, then her
butt as she bends and twists, "Is my ass getting bigger?"

Amber looks at Kelly, grins, "No, you only get a big ass from your mothers

"Oh great, now I am doomed, not only does my mom have a big ass, she wears
jeans; and my jeans to boots." exclaimed Kelly, then she fluffs her tits,
"She does have bigger boobs though."

"Well, keep your boobs in the guys eyes and he'll never see your big ass."
assures Amber as she dabs and applies lips stick to her nipples, then rubbing
it into her nipples, making them a darker red.

Kelly studies her butt, then ponders, "If I get a tatotweenie on my butt no
one would notice it being big."

"Kelly, Tatotween is the planet in starwhores, or something like that, you
mean a tat-toe." said Amber as she attempted to correct Kelly's reference.

"Oo, I know, a Tattoo; well, it doesn't matter, tattoo or tatotweiner; my
ass is as big as a planet."

"Your ass is solid and nice looking Kelly, now stop degrading yourself."
said Officer Dan as he enters the dressing room.

Amber grabs her robe and covers herself, "Officer Dan, you're suppose to

Kelly turns, looks at Dan and grins, "Oh, it's okay Amber, Officer Dan is a
cop, he's like a doctor, he can see you naked and all; you know, probing
your privates."

"I've got the costumes for the club party you're going to attend, it's okay
to wear them to the Canine demonstration afterward." explains Officer Dan as
he holds up two little plastic bags.

Kelly takes her bag and lifts out a mask with longs feathers at the edge;
she studies it then places it over her pubic hair, "I don't think it's going
to fit, do we add water?"

"No Kelly, all that you and Amber will wear to the club with the Mayor is
the mask, nothing else."

"Wait a minute!, you mean they're going to see us naked all evening?" asks
Amber as she looks at the mask, then puts it and stares at Dan.

Dan looks at Amber, wearing only the mask. Her hands on her hips, her small
firm breasts giggling as she bounces on her feet.

Kelly wears her mask, grins and announces to Amber, "It's all right Amber,
with the masks they won't know who we are; and besides, they're all cops or
lawyers, they can undress us anytime they want; that's what my Army-budwiser
did when I dated him."

"Right." said Officer Dan as he looks at both girls, naked except for their
masks, he feels a hard-on coming on;

The Hell Fire Club

Drunk and getting drunker, the men of Chicago's finest, basically the rich,
the political leaders, the parole-officers the young and naked high school
girls from juvi, dressed in colorful robes stand with their dates, mingling
about large tables of food; in some corners the evening festivities had
began with girls naked, wrestling each other in mud baths at te beck and
calms of the men watching.

In another corner a city Judge had his robe pulled back with his judicial
cock rammed into a twelve year olds cunt, fucking her doggie style with the
Mayor standing next to him making comments, "Got to hand it to you judge,
twenty days out of the month you send parents away for having nude photo's
of their children in a bathtub; then you get these little darlings into
Juvi, and have them brought over to the club once a month for extra credit,
and you get to bust their little cherries."

The judge grunts as he slams another three pumps into the little girl, then
he looks up at the Mayor, "Ha, I'm appointed for life thinks to you; so I
get the benefits of young virgin snatch, and you get unlimited preteen pussy
for the rest of your life."

The twelve year-old grunts and strains as the old judge pummels her cunt,
slamming her behind, then she feels him push hard, then spurt a load of hot
liquid into her tummy; then as she feels him pulling his cock out of her
tight cunt, a retired city attorney crawls up to her behind and shoves his
hard cock into her waiting snatch, she looks behind to recognize the social
worker who had had her parents arrested, then who also took her to the back
bedroom, stripped her naked and raped her before taking her down to the
juvenile hall; she was later placed into a foster home where she was raped
by the peoples three sons, and by her foster parents. She had duties once a
month, this was one of the duties, to serve the Hell Fire Club.

Dan walked with Kelly and Amber up to stand beside the Mayor, who was
speaking with the Judge. The Judge notices Kelly immediately, "Oh, this is
your cunt for the night, the dancer." the Judge put his hand out as Kelly
reached out to shake it, but the judge reached down and rubbed her pussy,
"Um, nice and hot."

Kelly reached down into his robe, took hold of the Judge's penis and said,
"Um, wet and limp."

The judge was disturbed by Kelly's outburst, "Don't you instruct your females
about the rules?"

The Mayor looks at Dan who in turn instructs Kelly, "No talking Kelly, now
get down and apologize to the judge."

Kelly kneels, pulls the judges robe apart and takes his penis into her mouth
and starts licking his entire shaft.

"Now that is more like it." noted the Judge as he feels Kelly's tongue curl
about his penis, stroking his penis until it lengthens and hardens; Kelly
then takes his cock down her throat and begins pumping his honorable meat
mallet. Kelly starts stroking faster, tightening her throat, then she feels
his honors cock lengthen, his balls tighten, then as he is about to explode,
she bites; his eyes go glassy, he curls, he drops onto the sofa passed out,
his cock spews his load into the air and back onto his face.

Kelly stands up, takes the Mayor's arm into hers, explaining to him, "I'm
nice to those that are nice."

The Mayor takes Kelly's arm into his, he reaches over with his free hand and
fondles her left breast, noting her erect nipples; he was right you know Miss
Bundy, you are hot."

Kelly uses her free hand inside the Mayor's robe, caressing his cock shaft,
"And you are a nice one; I`m going to like working for you; now about the

"Your doggies look great honey." noted the Mayor as he walks with Kelly to
the private quarters.

As the door closes behind them, Dan locks the door as Amber kneels down and
begins to lick the Mayor's balls. Kelly bares his chest and licks his nipples
and chest as she rubs her breasts across his wet lick chest.

The robe drops as Amber works her way around behind the Mayor to lick his
butt cheeks, Kelly drops to begins licking his balls as Amber turns her
attention to his growing cock.

As the Mayor lays down onto the pillows on the floor, Kelly crawls on top of
his lap, Amber holding his cock steady as Kelly lowers herself down onto his
cock and balls. AMber licks the Mayors Balls each time Kelly raises up on the
upward thrust.

Kelly slides down the Mayors cock until she slides to a stop on his balls,
then she twists her butt, grinding her cunt into his balls and then pumping
and sliding her cunt back and forth as she lowers herself atop his chest and
licks his nipples as she pumps her cunt up and down his shaft.

Amber stops licking the Mayor's balls as she feels Officer Dan's big black
cock penetrate her cunt, his cock head popping past her cunt lips, then
sliding down her love shaft, stretching out her cunt canal with new heated
friction as he pushes until he thrusting cock head comes to rest against
her womb. Dan then starts thrusting his cock in and out of the young girls
pussy as she twists and grinds her cunt on Dan's shaft.

Kelly starts bouncing harder, her snatch tightens down as she places her
whole weight onto the Mayor's shaft, then she allows her weight to slowly
slide down his wet cock; then as she comes to stop on his balls, she grinds
her cunt atop his cock, twist, then pumps her hips as she tightens her cunt
grip, then she feels her whole body tighten as she arches her back, then
shakes as she is hit by her orgasm, she cums, drenches the Mayor's balls as
she collapses atop his chest.

* * *

Kelly feels herself being shaken, "Not again daddy, can't mommy blow you?"
Kelly wakes up to see Amber.

"Kelly, we're late, we have to show the Mayor the Canines."

Amber helps Kelly get into the heavy clothing that the canine officer uses
to train the dogs in attack and restraining bad people. Barely able to walk,
Kelly waddles down the hallway to the garage area that is made into a
training area to show the Mayor the importance of the canine corp.

The Mayor and Dan stand to one side as Officer Steve directs Kelly. "Stand
as if you are going to attack Amber, Kelly."

Kelly stand ten feet away from Amber, who is still naked, wearing her mask
only as she waits for Kelly to attack her.

"Now attack Amber, Kelly."


"Just move towards her so that the dog will see you." instructs Steve as he
restrains the trained dog at his side.

Kelly runs at Amber, Amber jumps up and down, her titties giggle as she turns
and runs. Kelly chases her; Steve releases the dog; Kelly sees the big dog,
stops, screams, then runs away.

The dog grabs Kelly's heavy clothing and pulls her down until she is on all
fours; then the dog stands ready as he watches her.

"You see Mister Mayor, the dog quickly separated the attacker from the
victim, the dog has the attacker in a secured situation." explains Officer

"Yes, so we have efficient canines that are very smart; so?" asks the Mayor,
"Why a Ranch?"

Dan offers his support, "The dogs are under high stress sir, and they need
a period of recreation and continued retraining to improve our resources."

"Besides sir, there's the club house, the estate rooms, the VIP lounges, all
under expenses for Canine development.

Kelly looks back at the dog, he growls and makes a threatening move, she
stops trying to say anything, she starts to move, he immediately leaps onto
her back and bites her neck to control her. Kelly is shaking from his
controlling threats.

The dog notices the heavy clothing being loses, it moves in to inspect, then
bites the fasteners and pulls the head gear free, then it bites the jack and
pulls the back portion open, allowing it to fall to the floor, off of Kelly's
body, which is nude beneath.

Kelly knows she is vulnerable to his bites, she feels him tugging at her
pants, then the pants open and he pulls at the leg, then the other leg as it
struggles to remove her pants.

Kelly, now completely nude, stands on all fours with the police dog watching
her; the dog is happy that it disarmed its captor.

The Mayor, Dan and Steve speak together with their backs to Kelly and the
dog; when Amber took off running, she didn't stop until she hid in a nearby
bedroom, the bedroom of the judge who happened to walk up behind the young
naked girl hiding behind the door; she was already bent over listening at
the door, he had a hard-on, so, Amber screamed in surprise as the Judge made

Kelly was beginning to get tired and shifted her weight as she twitched her
butt and legs, moving one leg back to get some blood circulation. Kelly begin
to feel better when she felt a cold nose push at her cunt, then a rough
tongue as it penetrated her cunt and begin licking her pussy.

Kelly could feel it's teeth chattering and nibbling at her cunt. Tears of
fear filled her eyes as she peered back at Steve and the group, but they
were looking away from her. Kelly knew that the signs were there, after all
she had a doggy, and she knew that this dog was about, "Oh crap!"

The dog was on her back, his dog cock slammed into her cunt as it began to
pump her; his legs locked about her waist as it slammed her hard, then her
cunt clamped down, the dog yelped and ran off as Kelly looked back to see,
"Buck! you bit him in his balls."

"Dam right I bit his balls, cop dogs have small dicks any how, and no one
is fucking my bitch but me!" Buck jumped up and locked his legs around
Kelly, hiss much bigger dog cock slams into Kelly's cunt, and on the Bundy
fashion, Buck slams hard into Kelly's pussy, his bigger doggie cock slides
tightly along his bitches cunt, stretching her cunny walls as his hips slap
her butt cheeks, making the solid Kelly butt cheeks rattle to his thunder.
Buck lays heavy on Kelly's back, he bites her neck to keep her quiet as he
continues to fuck her deep, his cock slamming herd inside her, then howls,
and shoots a load of dog spunk into her.

After blowing his load, Buck pulls his cock out as Kelly turns around and
hugs her Buck for saving her; he licks her tits, then he runs out the back
door for home, he heard his food bowl being filled.

Kelly stands up, stretches her legs apart, fingers her self as though she
were straightening out her cunt from all the dog fucking; then she walked
over to stand beside Officer Dan.

The Mayor notices Kelly, "Well young lady, you have certainly sold me on
this dog recreation center, how would you like to work for me this summer?"

"Sure, as long as I don't have to walk your dogs."

The End, and the end of three parts.


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