Mariied... With Children: Kelly's Dilemma And Her New iPod
by ShadowWalker

It is that time of the month and Peg Bundy is on the prowl. Peg is the mother
of two children, Kelly Bundy, better known as the slut of Chicago's Poke
High; Bud Bundy or better known as the boy of rubber; and Al Bundy, shoe
salesman extraordinaire.

Standing at the top of the stairs, Peg scans the living room for life and her
primary target. Buck is in his bed, his ears are perked at attention as he
knows that if Peg doesn't get satisfaction, he would be next. Peg moves her
attention to the sofa, the television is on, tuned to Pscho-Man, Al and
Kelly's favorite tv-show. She spots the balding head with sporadic growths of
hair, "AL! I see you hiding, SIT UP! take your medicine, it's time for my
30-second service."

"Peegggg! It's not time for your lube job! I just lubed ya just last week."
argued Al as he squired towards the opposite side of the couch.

"Al,..." Peg counters as she crossed her arms, "Stay where you are; it's
been a whole month, and I want it once a week Al, like you promised at our

"Peg, that was under duress." complains Al as he falls off the couch and
starts to back up towards the front door.

"Stop right there Al Bundy! " ordered Peg as she straddled across Al's legs.

"Oh God! The red beast is going to sit on me and suck me dry with her great

"Al! One-that wasn't duress, that was Grandpa Wanker's shotgun; and as far as
the great suction hole, you're going to fill it tonight!" ordered Peg as she
bent over and wagged her finger in Al's face.

"Alright, but that's blackmail, what if we made a deal?"

"What kind of deal Al?" asked Peg suspiciously, she knew Al and he always had
a hidden side to any deal.

"If I can service you for two hours, then I won't have to do it again for
twelve months."

Peg thinks a moment, "What should I do? accept a 15-second bounce and wiggle
every Saturday, or Two hours of rampaging hell once a year! mmmmm." Peg pats
her face as she thinks, then offers, "I know the little man will not live for
the two hours, so I'll do it with one condition added."


"If you can't service me for two hours of rampaging sexual sweat; anything
less than two hours, even five seconds less, then you'll have to mount me
three times a week for one half hour each for one year." ordered Peg.


"I mean it Al!"

"Agreed! One Two hour period of self sacrifice, and I get a year of rest."
said Al as he crawled backwards until he stood up.

"I know you're planning something Al, so I'm going to video tape the whole
thing and make sure that it goes for two hours, a timer on the tape will
prove your stamina." warned Peg as Al turned, running out the door,
screaming, "I have to get me some magazines and beer ... lots of beer."

As the door slams shut, Peg mumbles to herself, "Oh' well, he might smell
like a beer, and I'll have a centerfold taped to my forehead, but at least
I'll have service three times a week, for there is no way that Al Bundy can
last past fifteen seconds."

Kelly, dressed (if you can call it dressed) bops around the corner at the
top of the stairs, her skirt flies up and out as she swings down the stairs,
bouncing, bopping and jiggling as she makes it to Buck's location; she hops
in one move as she pats his head, continuing over him to the next step as she
listens to her new ipod.

"Just hold it right there young lady!" came the dreadful sound of the RED

Kelly stops in mid flight, her hair furls in yellow waives, frozen in mid air
as her skirt twists around her narrow waist, then settles down to just cover
her legs where they begin at her crotch. "Mom? you screeched, ... I mean you
rang?" Kelly's eye's narrow (a sure sign of guilt), her lips curled and
whimper (to soften the coming blow), "I'm a good girl."

Peg steps up to Kelly like a drill sergeant. "Where were you last night 'good
girl' and remember that I was a 'good girl at Poke High also."

Kelly breaks out in a smile, "You mean they had foot ball teams and after
game parties in the Jury-assic?"

"Yeah, and a dinosaur or two; where were you last night?"

"In bed, just as Bud said." Kelly's reply went with a face losing her smile
into crooked lips and pleading sad-full eyes.

"How did you know Bud told me that you were in bed?"

Kelly squirms, twisting her ipod about her fingers, "Oh! I guess you asked

"Kelly Bundy! I checked your bedroom and you were not in bed at 11pm!"

Kelly got one of her ideas, "Ooo Oh, OH! I was in Bud's bed until 12peek'um,
then I went to bed at 10peek'um, so you just missed me."

Peg studied Kelly carefully, then told her, "You really did fail math didn't

Kelly grimace a little more as she unrolled her ipod cord then rewrapped it
around her other hand, "Well, I did other work ..."

"You fucked the math teacher again for a D! Honestly Kelly, you could of had
an A." explained Peg as she sit Kelly down and began to question her, "Look
daughter of mine, you use that snatch of yours for two reasons, to trap an
old rich bastard with only a years life remaining; and that hunk of a pool
boy with the stuffed trunks that you pay for with your widows inheritance."
Peg notices the ipod, "Okay cunt for brains, what's this?"

"It's an eyeball! I use it to keep my appointments." explained Kelly as she
pops the ear plug back into her head and raps her head to the music it plays.

Peg takes the ipod from Kelly, "Let me see what that sounds like; "Oh, look
at this, it records video."

Kelly attempts to grab it back, "Mom!" But it is too late.

Peg turns on and watches a small video Kelly had recorded, it shows the
Bikers at the local Hades Bikers Club; Kelly is dancing on top of the bar,
flinging her top about, her breast giggle to the tune of the bikers as they
scream, then she throws the top into the crowd; she then pulls her skirt
down, steps out of it and throws it into the crowd; Peg notices that Kelly
has no under pants on as she dances nude atop the bar as she grabs a drink
and chugs down the beer. Peg looks up and stares at Kelly.

Kelly folds her hands down between her legs, her eyes are now tight slits,
her lips are slammed shut, grimacing as she pleads, "I'm a good girl mommy."

"Oh yes, I can see." Peg looks at the video, her eyes grow bigger as she
watches Kelly, now on top of the naked head biker ‘Killer Blow' (nick name)
grinding her hips down on his big cock as ‘Big Cock Warner' shoves his big
shaft into Kelly's cunt; she keeps her balance as she hangs on two other
bikers, a cock in each hand as she bobs her head from one to the other as
she sucks them off. Peg stands up, points towards Kelly's room, her arm
outstretched, "You're grounded for the year, and maybe until you turn twenty
after your father sees this."

"But mom! That big guy 'Big Cock' is my father, he told me to call him

"Up stairs now young woman or you may never see seventeen." orders Peg as she
watches Kelly scurry off to her imprisonment.

Peg looks at the video, then comments, "Dam! Maybe he is your daddy! But who
ever he is I have to go visit that place." Peg watches some more of the
video, twisting her head from side to side, then at an odd angel, "Dam Kelly,
I don't think I can even do that!"

Peg turns the iPod off, she stares at the wall, then rubs her eyes, "Boy!
That have me a head ache; I better take an aspirin." Peg looks for the
aspirin, then heads for Kelly's room.

Opening the door to Kelly's room she enters without warning and catches
Kelly halfway out the winddow, "Stop right there Kelly."

In shock Kelly replies, "I have to mom, somebody stole my back steps." Kelly
looks down the outside of her window with one leg dangling, her ass halfway
out the window.

Peg walks over, lifts up Kelly's skirt, noticing that she has no underwear
on, then comments, "Going out? You are grounded so get used to it."

"Who stole my steps?"

"I moved your ladder, it stays down until you serve your time, and when Al
sees this iPod, you'll be grounded for ever." said Peg as she walks over to
the dresser, digs out the aspirins and takes two. "I have such a head ache,
I'm going to bed and get some rest until these aspirins take effect; this
screen is so small on your ipod it gave me a headache."

Peg walks to each dresser and closet, collecting Kelly's skirts, pants and
dresses, tossing them into a bag, then orders Kelly, "Give me your clothes


"Because you can't walk the streets of Chicago naked, the cops will pick
you up and hold you in Juu-vee." orders Peg as Kelly stands up and starts

Pegs walks out, closing the door behind her, then to Kelly's shock, she locks
the door.

"What! I'm locked into my prison." yells Kelly.

"That's right, you stay in until Daddy gets home." came Pegs warning from the
other side of the door.

"Fine - EEE - Poottee!" yells Kelly, then she comments to herself, "I've been
naked before when I had to walk home from a party; the cops picked me up, but
it was on a bed in Juu-Vee; He drove me home, after I paid for his time by
getting screwed on the rear seat."

Kelly sits quietly for ten minutes, then she gets up, "It should have taken
effect by now; out smart the Verminator I think not Mommy dearest. I dumped
the Ass-springs and placed sleepy pills in the bottle." Kelly grabs the
bottle and holds it up proudly and declares "You're a Sleepy Mommy now."
Kelly dances in place, her breasts giggle as she dances over to the door and
tries to open it; she slams into it, looks stunned, then realizes again,
"It's locked."

Feeling trapped, Kelly turns and searches her purse, then pulls out her
American Express Card, "Never leave home without it! or ... better said, if
you want to leave home, GET IT!" The blond bimbo squats and studies the lock
then inserts her card, "Come on mister card, find the grove." Kelly grimaces
then sticks her tongue out as she feels the bolt move, then the monumental
'click' as it slides to open. "No one can keep me in prison, so there." Kelly
grabs the door knob and steps forward with a crash. "Oops, I have to pull in
and then step out."

Peeking out and down in both directions, the Blond Bundy listens for
movement, then hears a snore, "A ha! The red beast is asleep, thank you
mister pill."

The naked Bundy steps into the hall, pulls the door closed behind her, and
hearing the door click, "Dam! it locked itself again. ... Well, later, I
have to get my iPod."

Quietly and carefully the Bundy burglar eases down the hallway to her parents
bedroom door, she listens, she sniffs, then she feels a cold nose poke into
her snatch, "BUCK!" quickly Kelly covers her mouth to silence her outburst,
then looks down to see her loyal dog, looking at his moist eyes looking back
up at his master, then she watches as his pokes his nose into her crotch, she
feels his tongue slurping her pussy; Kelly kneels down to talk to Buck,
holding his feet in her hands as he lays his chin on her pubic hair, his
tongue licking out as she explains to him. "Buck, you have to behave, I have
to go steal my iPod back from mommy, so behave."

Kelly turns and opens the door, peeks in side as she leans forward, her butt
raised up, her pussy comes into view of her loving dog as his tongue strikes
again. "Buck! stop that and go to bed."

Kelly notices a lump on the bed, she also notices red hair sticking out from
under the covers.

Creeping into enemy territory, Kelly crawls to the edge of the bed, then
peeks up over the top, then mimics Buck's whimper. "Mmmm MMMmmm, WOOF!"

The big red machine didn't respond, so Kelly crawls to the other side and
peeks around the corner to see Peg's face, she sound asleep. Kelly stands
up, naked as usual, dances and bounces to see if it wakes her mother up,
she giggles her tits in front of Peg's face, then in desperation she rubs
one nipple under Peg's nose. "Well mommy dearest, you are out."

Confident that the sleeping pills has Peg knocked out for at least three to
four hours, Kelly searches the dresser, then Peg's purse. "Nothing! Where did
mommy hide the POD!" Kelly searches her brains for clues "Chili beanie, chili
beanie, chili beanie-..." Kelly smiles as she watches her cartoon in her
brain, "BEEP, Beep! Oh, the road runner, and there goes Buck!" Suddenly Kelly
nods back to consciousness, "Woo, If I were mommy I would hide the ipod ..."
Kelly moves her fingers to he cleavage, "... Eurithra! I have got it! she
tittie smuggled."

Kelly bends over and studies Peg, then she notices the ipod string sticking
out from beneath Peg's pillow. "Oh-Oh, I wonder if I can ..." Kelly bends
over and stretches out to pull the string when the dresser drawer pokes her
in the ass, "Woo whooo!" Kelly turns to face the metal handles, "Dam they're

Kelly studies her mothers position and the bed, then decides, "Into the
valley I must go."

Kelly hops around to the opposite side in order to crawl up under the covers
next to Peg's body; Kelly's naked body rubs up against her mothers body, she
crawls along her body, noting that Peg in in a fetal position with her legs
up; Kelly's legs are straight out and from the outside it appears that Pegs
legs are sticking out.

Kelly struggles beneath the cover when Peg farts and the air becomes stale
and musty, "Oh mom, not now!" Kelly finishes as she pulls her ipod clear and
holds it firmly in her young hands, then her eyes went full open in shock as
she hears the bedroom door open and her fathers voice, "Okay Peg! I have
taken the Pecker Pills and I'm hard as big as a horses cock so stick that ass
in the air, that pussy is mine for the next two hours.

Kelly slits her eyes, knowing that if her daddy pulls the covers back that
he'll catch her naked laying alongside of Peg, and holding her iPod that
he'll want to know what is on it, and then he'd kill her so many times. Kelly
thought quickly (that is frightening now isn't it), then she yelled in a
muffled voice, "I'm cold Al, leave me in the covers and come back later."

"No way Peg, it's now or never and I have one aching cock, now you can keep
the covers, all I need is you cock holder!"

Kelly went stiff and silent as she felt the covers leave her ass as Al
grabbed her legs, pulling her back towards the edge of the bed, then he
grabbed her hips and positioned her cunt as he began fingering her pussy.
"Ooooo myyyy goooddd; I'm going to get Wankered!"

Just as she said Wankered she felt her fathers rather large, hot hard-shaft
of meat slam into her cunt. "Ouch! Ooooooo crap!" She felt his 12" cock enter
her hole non-stop as she braced for his two hour rape fest.

Kelly dug her fingers deep into the bed like a cat, taking a deep breath on
each of her father's deep thrusts; she couldn't believe how she felt every
inch of his manly shaft of iron slide along her vagina until it almost
reached her womb; she almost couldn't breath as the girth of his cock
stretched her insides, then he would pull back ever so slowly, making her
almost screaming and pleated to be slammed at high speed, to be brutalized
as he continue his slow fuck withdrawal.

Kelly thought that he was attempting to stretch out his duration of fucking
from his normal 15-second slam and spurt to a slow 20-minute thrust of one
in, hold for twenty minutes, then out in another 20-minutes, then one lasts
blow of juice. Kelly knew her mom wouldn't put up with this technique, she
in her best Peg-eez, Kelly blurted out, "For God sake Al Bundy, you better
pick up the pace or I'll double our agreement!"

Hearing that, Al started slamming and thrusting as hard and as fast a he
could into Kelly's cunt, to her grimacing pain as Kelly ground her teeth in
pain as her Daddy drove his hard cock in and out of her cunt that she was
sure that she was getting speed blisters in her vagina, "Oh DAM! I smell
rubber burning!"

Kelly's eyes went wide and wild as she felt her body building to a quick
and wild orgasm, all in reaction to Al's large violent cock and pounding as
Kelly's butt bounced back and forth. Kelly forced her cunt back onto Al's
shaft as he would thrust forward. Kelly now loved that huge orgasm as it
climbed every nerve senses inside her pussy and belly. Her cunt clamped down
in a spasmatic jerk and throw as she snapped her head back and forth while
her cunt gripped and jerked at Al's wonderful sausage.

"Oh-myyyy-god! Peg! where did you get that trick?" screams Al as he attempts
to pull his hard dick out of Kelly's painful grip and his cock is milked by
her muscles, then he fires his load, all of it from his ass to his ball to
his dick head, he sprays Kelly's insides like a jet sprayer.

"Holy SHIT!" yells Kelly from beneath the blanket as she feels her insides
being sprayed with what felt like a fireman's hose and nozzle; Kelly could
sense her insides being sprayed and filled up with her Daddy's thick spunk.
Kelly grimaces as she felt her cunt muscles grip tight, then release as she
was popped off like a cork off of her father's spewing pecker, which
continued to hose down her ass and cunt, her pelvic region and legs as he
fell back, exhausted and limp, onto the bed.

"Don't worry Peg, that was the first hour, now, as I promised, hour number
two." exclaimed Al.

Kelly thought it was over, but hearing that she whimpered through her slit
eye lids, "Ooooo, I'm going to die."

"Okay Biff, it's your turn."

Kelly's eyes went wide with fear.

Biff, the big three hundred pound, six foot four inches of black male,
struts into the room, and unseen by Kelly, he's completely naked, his penis
is already erect and hardened to a full fourteen inch solid black muscle,
well trained and skilled, he often used it to beat his dog and sometimes his
wife and kids. "Okay Al, I couldn't believe it, but here I am, so where's
Peg's sweet ass."

Al reaches over and pulls the covers back, revealing Kelly's slender body
from her waist to her feet, her ass and legs covered in white glistening

"Wow! Who messed?"

Al reached over and swat Kelly's ass, "She had one hell of an orgasm that
drained my balls Biff, she Busted my balls and almost broke my dick off she
was so tight."

"Oh Momma, she is as you promised; I thought she'd be as lose as a cool
mine." stammered Biff as he crawls onto the bed, forces Kelly's legs apart
and then eases his penis head into her sore tight cunt. "Dam Al! she's as
tight as my virgin daughter; who ain‘t noo virgin no mo."

"Ahhhh God! OW!!!"

"Datz alright Peggy, Dez moo to cum; and Iz mean CUM." with that Biff,
without caution, slams hard into Kelly's love hole.

Already sore and slick from her father's cum slime, Kelly thanks god in her
quickie prayer for lubrication, Kelly screams in pain and horror as Biff's
missile slams hard and deep; she sounds just like a missile sub crash diving
into her sound. "AAAaaahhhhhhh" Kelly jerks and jerks, her body spasms and
twists as Biff's cock drives into her.

"Okay Biff, I'm ready, I just took another Pill."

"Okay Al, and thanks for the two pills you gave me, they'll keep me hard
another two hours." replies Biff as he reaches around Kelly, grabs her
breasts and pulls her body onto of him as he rolls her on-top of his body.

Kelly grabs Peg's sleeping body and pulls her onto her as she is pulled over
onto Biff's body; Peg's legs remain limp to one side, folded up under her

Al throws the lower cover up over Kelly's cunt and legs, then pulls the
covers down enough to see Peg's face and shoulder, then her breasts. Al
shoves his now hard shaft into Kelly's cunt, along side Biff's cock as
they both fuck her pussy, two cocks side by side; while at the same time
he grips Peg's tits and squeeze and fondle her nipples.

Kelly strains as she feels her cunt being stretched by two huge swollen
viagra cocks, both sliding and thrust as if they were pistons, passing each
other in the night. Kelly's body shakes as her cunt is pounded for the next
half hour, then she feels both men thrusting hard and deep into her, then
they release the sperm like a salvo into her.

Kelly now suffers another orgasm and her body hasn't stopped shaking when she
feels the two cock slammed back into her; one into her ass and the other into
her cunt.

Soon the two hours were over, Kelly is exhausted as the two men pull the
cocks out, throwing Kelly and Peg off to one side; then she felt her ass
being sprayed as the stroked and spewed cock juice onto her ass.

Al and Biff walk naked from the room, each to get dressed and down to watch
early morning football.

Peg is laid out, still sleeping from the pills; her body moves slightly
upward and then over as a shape emerges from beneath. Kelly's hair is a mess
from Frankenstein, her body is covered in sperm, even as more cum flows (not
dripping, but pouring) from her pussy and down her legs in a steady stream as
she staggers toward the door, she is holding her ipod to her breast, saying
weakly and almost out of breath, "I did it all for you mister eye ball; Oh my
pussy hurts." Kelly has a definite walk like a bow-legged cowboy.

Kelly pulls the door open, peeks out and down the hall. Too tired and sore
to walk, Kelly crawls down the hallway, heading towards her bedroom when she
feels a large hard penis slam into her cunt. "Oh my god! Daddy! I'm Kelly
your daughter."

Kelly goes down, her face on the floor as her ass remains up with a large
hot cock slam fucking her cunt from behind doggy-style. Kelly looks back,
expecting to see her father when she saw her rapist's face, "Buck!"

Buck is happier than if he had found an old rubber chew toy, he had his
bitch. Legs lock and wrapped around her waist as Buck humped away; Kelly
braced hard as her favorite dog cunt-fucked her, then she felt his doggie
cock blow. With a 'woof' and a lick to her back, Buck pulled his cock from
her pussy with a sloshy ‘Pop‘, then he licked her sore cunt, turned and
galloped off to his bed.

Kelly continued to her bedroom door, opened it, then crawled inside and onto
her floor, she collapsed and fell to sleep.

[Next Morning the next morning]

Buck watches as the two men on the sofa slap their hands together when their
team make a goal.

As the guys watch the ballgame, Peg bounces down the stairs, sees Al and
Biff, then complains, "Al! you didn't keep your word, NOW YOU OWE ME .... "

"Wait a minute old red one, I have proof right here!" Al hands the small
video recorder, "See! The time shows that it has recorded two hours of video;
and I might add, that is my ass bouncing as I slammed your pussy."

"Two hours Al? I don't remember a thing." replies Peg with a confused quiver,
"... and, ... WAIT A MINUTE! Whose black legs are sticking out beneath the

"Ah!, ... Oh! that's a shadow from my legs."

"Oh!" said Peg, who is totally confused.

Kelly walks down stairs in a daze, looking weird; wearing only her nightie
and thong panties. Al and Biff watch as she stops at the refrigerator,
grabbing a coke, then staggering back to the stairs, as she passes them,
her hair looks like the bride of Frankenstein, she staggers up each step,
rounds the top corner, as she is about to disappear, she flips the bird at
the guys just before she disappears.

Biff looks at Al, then comments, "I didn't know Kelly was bow-legged."

Al looks at the tv, then back at Biff, "I didn't know she liked coke."

"I didn't know I was fucked." commented Peg as she felt herself with her
fingers, then back at the video, "Boy Al, I get more satisfaction from your
15-second hump and pop."

Buck rolls over, looks at the three weirdoes at the cofa, thinking to
himself, "If only I could talk." "WOOF!"

End of: *Kelly's Dilemma and her new IPOD*


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