Married... With Children (mF,mF-mast,inc,voy)
by LilGuy ([email protected])

Al Bundy was watching the TV.

"Oh Al. Think I have something you want to see," Peg Bundy said from behind

"What is it?"

Peg Bundy had a silk robe. It was nothing under it. One could see her long
sexy and legs. Her fiery red hair flowed over her shoulder. Her breast was
heaving with excitement

"Unless it a beer and some divorce papers under there I am not interested,"
Al said.

"Oh, Al."

"Leave me alone, Peg. I already gave you 40 seconds of loving."

"That was a month ago!"

"Dammit woman not a machine!" Al said.

Peggy stormed out of the room. She was so horny. Guess it back to her old
stand by's. She kept her toys in the basement hidden. They were 3 nice
dildoes. She smiled as she walked down stairs. One was a black 12 inch. The
second was red knobbed one that vibrated. The last was a big blue one that
was 18 inches long and sounded like a 100 bees.

There was a couch in the room. There was a TV in the room and some bonbons
candy on a table. Peggy laid and old blanket down and spread her legs. Her
pussy was nice and dripping. She plunged the black dildo in her cunt like a
plunger. Her swollen pussy lips wrapped around it taking it in. She imagined
the dildo plunging deep inside her. Peg licked her lips and started massaging
her breast. Peg Bundy breast were huge and her nipples now fully erect. She
moaned biting her lips. Her fingers squeeze into a couch. Weeks of
frustration were being release.

"Ohhh Yes!" Peg moaned.

She took the red one and put in her ass, letting it vibrate in her butt hole.
She moaned loudly and started to cum. She hears the door creak open. Peg was
startled. She grabbed her toys and ducked behind the washing machine. Bud
Bundy her son came down.

"Where all those magazine?" Bud said to himself.

He looked under the couch and grabbed out some magazine. It was Al copies of
"Big 'Uns". It was just pictures of breasts. Bud started to sit on the couch
and unzipped his pants. Peg wanted to turn away but couldn't. She knew it was
wrong but something made her look. She was surprise to see not everything was
hereditary. Bud was huge. He was at least 12 inches.

She watched her son stroke his fat cock to the magazine. She started to get
wet from the sight. She never felt this way about her son. She knew her was a
pervert. She knew he use to peek and her and his sister. She smiled. He heart
skip a beat as she looked at the huge engorged cock dripping with pre cum.
Peg decide to make his move. She got up.

"What are you doing young man?" she said.

Bud nearly jumped out the couch. She pushed him back down and places a naked
foot on his cock. She squeezes her big breast together.

"If you want Big 'uns how about these."

"But you're my mom!" He said.

"Doesn't stop you from getting a hard on. Don't tell me the great Grand
master B never made love to a woman."

"Well I..."

"Hmmm don't worry, that will change. What's that your using?" She said.

She grabbed the oil out of her hand. She spread it all over her breast making
them glisten and took some between her tits. Peg winked at him and kneeled
down. She started stroking his cock with the oils. Bud moan. His knees were
awestruck. His mother looked beautiful. He knows he should stop her but was
to shock. She put him between her breasts and started giving him a grade a
titfuck. The cock disappeared in her gigantic cleavage. Peg would lick his
cock head swirling around it and teasing it. He was lasting longer then
expect. It must be due to constantly wacking it she thought. Bud gripped the

"Well you all ready lasted longer then your dad," Peg said.

"Ohhhh MOMMY!" He moaned.

He shot his load all over her tits. Peg lapped it up like it was milk. His
young cock was still erect. Peg smiled and started to straddle him. She took
his cock deep inside her. She held him down. She found with a simple squeeze
she could keep him from cumming. It been year's sense it lasted this long.

"Grab my ass...slap it...mmm slap," The sexy red head said.

"Oh shit. This makes up for all the years of you not cooking" He said.

"Don't worry, going to make you something to eat all right. Nice cream pie
soon. Hold on mmmm yes. Thrust that cock up..faster faster almost there."
She said.

He thrust up putting his whole 12 inches in. He filled her pussy up with
pulsating meat. Peg gripped his body with her legs. She felt herself cumming
soon after. Her body shook.

"Ohhhhhhhh yessssss!!!" She moaned.

She coated his cock. Peg kissed him. She now had a new toy. She kissed him
deeply plunging down on his cock. Her pussy was extra sensitive now. His cock
was still hard as a rock.

"Want to cum so bad," He said.

"Not let sweetie want to cum again," Peg said.

Bud was dripping with sweat. Lust filled his eyes. She guided his cock in
grinding and twisting on him. He must have hit the right spot because Peg
screamed like a Banshee. She came again on him with a multiple orgasm. Bud
legs where weak.

Peg motioned Bud over. Bud stood against the wall. Peg bent herself over a
table near the wall and spread her ass cheeks. Bud knew what she wanted. He
thrust his cock into his mother's hole. All he could see was a back of her
red hair. Her mother ass engulfed his cock and backed the skinny boy against
the wall. To his credit he gripped the voluptuous Peg ass and thrust in.

"Yes harder...fuck me with that big cock, Bud!"

He thrust deep in.

"Shit, cumming again," She moaned. "I want you to cum in my ass!"

He thrust deep in and filled her hole with cum. He collapsed on her back.

"Well, still lasted longer then his father," Peg said.

She took his cock out. Cum flowed from her asshole. She dragged him to the
couch and lay sat down. She cut on the TV. The Jeffersons On Ice was on. Peg
grabbed a box of bons bons.

Peg started to wake him.

"Can't get hard again for a while," Bud said.

"You won't have to baby...time for Pie," Peg said.

Bud started to eat her out. She smiled taking some bons bons and watched TV.
Life was good.


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