Married... With Children Little Green Men
The Return of the Little Green Men

By King Pach

(Based upon the episode of Married with Children wherein little aliens seek Al
Bundy's socks as a power source for their ships... this time they're not
cumming for socks!)

It was Sunday in the Bundy household and all was quiet. The time was just
before noon.

Al was at shoe store having a sale : Buy one pair, get second at half
price. Al would mumble about "covering all four hooves."

Peggy was at the mall spending the money that Al wouldn't make four about
five months. Peg would tease Al about spending his money faster than he could
make it.

Bud was out early. Peeping through windows for what amounted to his sex
life. Although, this hadn't been quite the same since Steve Rhodes had left his
wife Marcy. They were a real kinky couple. The costumes they used were really
something (But, the Cindy Brady meets Captain Kirk thing was little to weird).
Jefferson Darcy, Marcy's new husband, wasn't nearly as creative. Just whips,
chains and spankings. But Marcy never really hurts him.

Kelly was still in bed. She was out until 6:30AM and very tired. After
all she did have dates with two motorcycle gangs the night before (Thats two
separate gangs: One at 10:00PM and the other at 01:00AM). Boy she thought,
those conventions are a killer. She was dead tired when she got home, she
stripped and fell in bed. The large amount of beer and pot she'd consumed had
her out like a light before she hit the bed.

Buck, the family dog, was out cruising all morning looking for some cute
bitches to mount, could find none. "Damn, who do these humans think they are
locking up all the babes. The only one that left their door open was that Darcy
dude. But Marcy... I do have standards!" But Buck was real horny and he'd been
searching for nearly three hours, and all he got was hornier.

Buck wanted to releave himself so he headed upstairs. Headed toward Al's
slipper, his last resort. He loved to watch Al step in it after he was finished
with it. Release and revenge. "Forget to feed and walk me Al Bundy, well here's
a token of my regard."

As Buck was headed to the main bedroom, he heard movement from Kelly's
room. "Ohhh, the bimbo's still here." Buck wandered throught the half open door
of Kelly's room, looking for some petting as foreplay to the slipper, and was
frozen with what he saw.

Kelly was lying on her stomach, on top of the blankets and sheets, and
was totally naked. Buck had many times looked at the only human who'd turned
him on as a potential bitch to ride, which is why he loved her pettings most of
all. But now she really looked. She was thin, smooth, curvy and her skin was
flawless. And that ass was great.

Buck walked around to the bottom of the bed, to look between the widely
spread legs. He saw a couple of very nice little openings. Seeing this made his
horniness reach boiling point. He barked. Again. Louder. She was out. Buck lept
up on the bed between her widely spread legs.

He sniffed her crotch area and butt, and loved the aroma. He started to
lick. He licked from her clit down to her asshole, pushing his tongue into both
openings as he passed them. She tasted exquisite. His tongue passed easily into
her pussy, which was already wet ("Maybe she'd been born that way?"). But it
was tough getting into her ass because it was so tight. It dawned on him. She
had a virgin ass ("Who would believe it!").

Buck continued the licking, faster and deeper. Kelly started to respond.
She started to lightly moan, but was still deep under. Buck could take no more,
so he climbed between her legs. His 9-inch dick needed to be some where... now.

Buck pointed his dick at the sleeping young girl's brown furred pussy
("So... thats the real color!"). He then wrapped his paws around the thin
delicate waist of the blond girl and began to push.

He pushed until his full length was buried deep within her tight young
cunt. Buck was in heaven. No bitch he had ever squeezed him like this bitch was
doing. It was hot, wet, real tight ("How??") and it massaged his dick. He
gripped her waist tighter, and began to pump.

He fucked her hard and fast, pumping mercilessly into the burning vise of
pleasure, not caring if she woke up. "She so dumb, she'll think it's a dream.
And besides... who'd believe her?" As he pumped harder, Kelly seemed to get
more into it, moaning louder and louder. "She's going to cum. Boy, am I good!
Wait until the next time she says 'Good Boy'. I'll laugh hysterically!"

Buck's orgasm was close too. This was the best fuck he'd ever had. "This
bitch was made for fucking." He pumped harder and harder. Kelly's pussy just
squeezed tighter and tighter. She was moaning deep in her throat when suddenly
she came.

Kelly started thrashing around like a wild animal as she came, and her
cunt just snapped shut. This was too much for Buck, so he came too. The
tightness of her liquid fire slit just grabbed his cock and squeezed the cum
from him. Her greedy little cunt swallowed every joyous spurt that Buck gave
her. In no time at all, she'd sucked the family dog's balls dry. Buck had never
even imagined such pleasure. He howled!

"Buck is that you?"

The voice didn't come from Kelly though, it came from downstairs. It was
Bud. Buck pull out of the still sleeping young blonde and jumped off the bed.
As he did, Kelly signed, turned over onto her back and pulled a blanket over
her. She had a big smile on her face. "Let's do it again sometime soon, babe."
And Buck ran from the room. "Now that's better than a slipper!"

Bud was walking up the stairs, depressed because he had found no
interesting windows to peek into, and he was still carrying a hardon.

"Buck... where are you boy?"

As Bud started down the hall, he spotted Buck coming out of Kelly's room.
The dog shot by Bud heading for the stairs.

"BUCK! What were you doing in there!"

Buck thought, "I just fucked the shit out of your sister... virgin!"

Bud, seeing that Buck was long gone, went into Kelly's room, looking for
little gifts that only the family dog would leave. Seeing that Kelly was still
asleep ("What was she smiling at?") he searched the floor, but found nothing.

Bud looked at the clock, 12:25PM. He tried to wake her up by shaking her
but she was really out for the count. As he was shaking her harder and harder,
the blanket slipped down.

The top potion of one of Kelly's breasts was now visible. Bud froze. And
his, until then, his partly erect dick just hardened fully.

Bud just stared at the incredible cleavage that was in front of him and
then looked at her face again. The same stupid smile was still there. Bud then
got a real sick idea, and slowly pulled the blanket down to her lower belly to
reveal his naked sister.

Bud had many times in the past jerked himself off while thinking about
his incredibly sexy sister. Her thin and trim waist. Her ripe round, and always
tightly wrapped ass. Her pretty face and pouty lips. But most of all, her ripe,
round, firm and big tits. She never wore a bra, and many times wore tight thin
materials so you could always make out her perfectly formed breasts and her
always hard nipples.

Now here they were... staring right at him. He looked again at her face,
still smiling. The sight of those perfect breasts was too much. Bud opened his
belt, unzipped his fly and took off his pants and underwear. His seven inch
dick was at full mast, so he started jerking it.

Bud was now jerking furiously at his dick, looking at the first closeup
female flesh he'd ever seen. He had to touch it. So, he reached out with his
free hand and placed it upon his sister's taut belly.

It was so smooth and tight and warm... WOW. His moved in circles watching
her face for any change, but none appeared. So he started moving his hand up.
His hand crept between the glorious globes of flesh and he felt so much
warmth... it was incredible. His hand moved to her left breast and he started
squeezing it. It was like hot, firm jello. As he groped his sleeping sister's
tit, Bud noticed that her nipple had just fully hardened.

He was drawn to it. Moving his hand to her right tit, he bent his head
down to take that yummy looking morsel into his mouth. He licked it before
sucking the nub into his mouth. As long as bud could use her body, he no longer
cared if his sister woke up.

The salty flavor of her nipple was delicious, so he sucked and chewed
even harder, before giving her other nipple the same treatment. Bud was nearly
out of control. He just had to get off... NOW! He lifted his head and looked at
the wonderful hills of flesh and decided what to do.

Climbing onto her bed, with a leg on each side of his sister's belly he
placed his cock between Kelly's tits. Even though it was so hot there he
thought he might immediately cum, he somehow managed to hold on. He took her
firm mounds and pushed them together crushing his dick within the smoothness of
hot velvet flesh.

Then, fearing how long he could last, started pumping his dick in and out
from between her full breasts. Bud was fucking Kelly's tits. "Ohhh, pussy can't
be better than this." He pumped even harder, to simulate the fucking he'd seen
in hundreds of porno movies while looking down at his older sister's face. Her
face was now flush, and her lips parted slightly as if she knew she were having
sex. To Bud, the thought that Kelly was totally unaware that her own brother
was using her body as a sex toy nearly made him cum.

Bud finally realized: one, he was about to cum, and two, if he sprayed
Kelly's face, it might wake her. Then he looked at here face again, and got an
even sicker thought. That thought finished him, so he acted quickly.

He quickly climbed up Kelly's body and put the head of his exploding cock
into her partly open mouth. Every shot that came from his dick, went right into
Kelly's mouth. It was only after Bud had finished shooting, that he realized
that she'd instinctively swallowed his load.

The feeling of those sweet, thick and pouty lips around his dick was
fabulous. But he'd alaready came, and was about to pull his cockhead out of his
sister's mouth when suddenly, her lips started moving.

The blood quickly ran back into Bud's cock when he suddenly realized that
she was sucking him off in her sleep. It was much better than her tits. And
when her tongue worked on his piss hole, he knew he had to cum again.

He began stroking his cock in and out of Kelly's mouth, going deeper with
each movement until he was all the way into mouth and down her throat. She just
opened her throat and sucked harder... yet still asleep.

This was Bud's first blowjob so he was really enjoying it. In her sleep,
Kelly sucked cock like a seasoned whore and was beginning to have it's usual
effect. Bud was thrusting his dick in and out of his sister's throat hard and
deep, loving the feel of her hot, tight, wet, squeezing mouth and the whipping
action of her tongue. It took only a couple of minutes for Bud to cum again.

He slammed his cock all the way into her face and came right down her
throat feeling it greedily suck every drop from him. He almost passed out as it
felt like she was draining him of life.

When he got his head together, he pulled out of the still sucking mouth
and jumped off the bed. He looked at her as he pulled her blanket back up --
she was pouting like a child who'd dropped her ice cream cone. Bud gave her a
peck on the forehead before he left the room. "Thanks, sis."

It was 02:30PM, when Al Bundy came home tired from "hoofing livestock"
all day. He'd closed early and went home wanting a few hours relief before "Big
Red," the relentless nightmare of his life returned -- Peg would shop until
they threw her from the mall. Sunday was the only day he could do this... no
talk shows on.

Al passed Buck on the way in laying on the stoop. He never budged as Al
stepped over him thinking, "that poor dog looks more tired than me!"

Al was going to sit down and watch the baseball game when nature called.
He started for his bathroom when he remembered that the toilet was still
clogged. "Damn that Mexican food!" So he collected the sports section of the
Sunday paper and headed towards the upstairs bathroom.

As he got closer to the bathroom, he heard a strange, almost threatening
sound from it. At the partly opened door he peeked inside -- the sound had been
the shower and Kelly was in it.

Al looked into the bathroom seeing his little girl in the shower. Kelly
was all grown up... and out. Al being caught up in the moment... stared. Kelly
was the perfect female -- tall, thin, blonde, pretty, with a nice little hinny,
big firm hooters and, most important, she was brain dead.

Al just admired his little girl and sighed. The curse of it all. The only
woman in the world who still turned him on was his daughter. Another evil twist
of fate to keep the boys in heaven rolling around the ground... laughing.

So he turned and went back downstairs. He'd gotten all the way back down
to the couch before he'd realized he wasn't alone.

There were five little green men... all around him.

"Hey guys, how's it hanging?" Al said as if they were the next door
neighbors. But then again, he doesn't greet the neighbors... just aliens.

"Need more socks guys?" They all nodded no. "Well... what then?"

They all pointed at Al's crotch. "My underwear?? I only have three

Again they nodded no, and gave him the universal signal for charades, and
indicated a two part answer.

The little green men started by all putting their hands over their eyes
as if they were looking far away.

"Look... view... peeking... spying... see...," they stopped him by
signaling him that was it.

Next one of the five walked in front of Al, and held up an open magazine
with naked men that Peg had hidden.

"Ahhhhhhh... fags... marys... pansies... sailors... men," and they went
nuts because he'd guessed right. They then gestured him to put them together.

"See... Men, See.. Men, semen... SEMEN. You want my semen! What the hell
do you want that for?" Al yelled.

They responded, "Brack Noird!!" Which really meant "Cloning!!"

"Ohhh. Well, why me?"

They pointed to his feet. "Ohhh," he replied as if he understood -- if
they'd spoken English he wouldn't have understood. They wanted legions of Al
Bundys to produce enough socks to power the universe.

"Well... guys... I can't. I just can't... it doesn't work anymore." Al
said with his head down, pointing to his crotch. "Sorry."

Usins telepathy they pleaded with him, stressing how vital it was -- Al
began to feel bad... but what could he do?"

At that moment, Kelly came down the stairs. She was wearing a tight black
dress and black stiletto heels. She walked down the stairs, accross the room
and sat on the left of Al's on the couch.

"Hi Daddy... hi guys. I had this weird dream about werewolves and short
trolls...," then it dawned on her who was with her daddy.

"OH MY GOOODDDD!!!" Kelly yelled and pulled her knees up to her chin, as
if to hide from the intruders. Giving everyone in room a great view of her
pantiless crotch. Upon seeing this wonderous sight Al swallowed, but then tried
to calm his "pumpkin" down.

"Kelly. It's alright. These guys are friendly. I told you guys about
them. You remember... your mother wanted have me committed."

"Ohh... yeah, I remember that. These are the guys that you said wanted
your socks. Boy, we sure got a lot of laughs from that one while the head
doctors were checking you out. But it's true... Way cool. Did they come back
for more of your socks, Daddy?" Kelly said with her knees still up.

The little guys were starting to talk among themselves while at the same
time pointing to Al.

"No, Pumpkin. They came for something that Daddy can't give them," Al
said staring at the lips of Kelly's naked pussy.

Then the little green guys started pointing to Al's crotch -- Al had
gotten a rather impressive hardon from staring at Kelly's pussy.

"Daddy, what's wrong with them? What do they want?" At this the little
guys began their charades act again.

"Semen, gawd damnit! They want my semen," Al said to avoid having to
endure hours of this, because she'd never figure it out.

"Your's Daddy! Why your's!" And again they pointed to Al's feet. "Well,
then just give them some... I guess." The green men nodded to this. "Why do
they keep pointing...," she said and then noticed her dad's huge hardon. Kelly
looked a little sheepish and said, "looks like you're nearly ready. What caused
that." At that all five little green men stopped pointing at Al's crotch and
pointed to Kelly's exposed vagina. She snapped her legs down and jumped up.

"I though you said that you couldn't do that Daddy," she said blushing

"Well I didn't do it Pumpkin... You did."

Kelly blushed even brighter, with embarassment and pride. "I did that
Daddy?" As she said this she noticed that the huge tent in his pants was going
down. The green men were pointing and crying at Al's shrinking pole. "It seems
to mean a lot to them."

"It does Honey... galactic peace could be riding upon it. But there's
nothing I can do about it."

"Well Dad... can't you... you know... hand-dle the matter." Kelly said

"Honey, I can only do that if I'm... you know... inspired."

"But Daddy, you were just... inspired! How can you get that way again?"
This question got the little guys pointing to Kelly's dress. At first she was
startled, but then quickly realized what they were referring to. "Daddy, if I
took off my dress, do you think that might... inspire you?"

Al couldn't believe the question his baby girl had just asked. Al's dirty
old man side just kicked in... full power. "Well, Pumpkin, it just might do
something." Damn right it would!

"Ok, Daddy." With that Kelly reached behind and pulled the zipper to her
dress down, before pulling her arms and pushed it down around her ankles. Kelly
was now standing in front of her dad and five little green aliens wearing only
her black stiletto heels. "How's that Daddy? Is this inspiring you?"

For the first time in ten years Al had a full erection. He'd never seen
such a miraculous sight before. She was perfect. She was smiling, bouncy, and
displaying herself for his benefit. "Yeah Pumpkin, that's doing the job
alright," Al said as he opened his pants to hall out his eleven inch cock and
started stroking it.

Kelly gasped -- not because her Daddy was lewdly jerking his cock in
front of her ("That's why she'd taken off herdress off!!"). She gasped it's
size! It was the biggest she'd ever seen. And she had seen a lot.

The aliens were happy as hell because they were going to get their
specimen. They had several containers ready for Al to fill.

As Al began jerk himself as he looked his young daughter up and down, but
kept stopping at her hairless crotch. "Honey, Daddy could do this easier if
you'd give me a better view," the lecherous father said pointing to her bald

"Sure Daddy," Kelly said as she spread the lips of her vagina.

Al sat there eyeing his naked daughter spreading her pussy, and stroking
his stiff cock. The sleeze in him was now in control, and it wanted more of his
young nubile Kelly. Al faked a cramp in his arm. "Oowww, it hurts. I can't do
it anymore guys. Sorry, I guess we can't have universal peace." The aliens
again started to cry.

"Wait," Kelly yelled not wanting to permit an opportunity for asssiting
universal peace pass to slip her by. "I can do that for my Daddy." The aliens
all cheered! Al only smiled.

Kelly knelt down on the floor between her dad's widely spread legs, and
wrapped both her hands around the cock that had given her life and pumped his
huge fuck meat up and down hard while marveling at it's size. Her mind was
alive with thoughts of being famous for making universal peace possible. She
stroked faster trying to get her dad to cum.

Al was in heaven as he looked down at his beautiful little girl jerking
his cock smiling back up at him, he was the horniest he'd ever been... so he

Seeing what was happening, one of the little green men handed Kelly a
condom like pouch. She put it on his dick, just before he started to shoot. And
it did shoot. About ten strong blasts, but the pouch got them all. Kelly was
impressed that her dad could still cum so hard. After all, what was he, like

Al was so incredibly horny that his cock being held by his daughter's
hands never got soft, even after shooting the biggest load of his life.

Kelly was still jerking her dad as she handed the pouch back to the alien
who'd given it to her. He took it. Then waved another empty one. "Daddy, can
you give them more?"

"Well Pumpkin, if you try real hard, I'm sure I can. It's really
important honey. They need all they can get."

"Sure Daddy, I can do it. I can make you cum again. I'll make you proud
of me," Kelly beamed as she started her spirited two hand jerking of her dad's
cock again.

"I know you can do it." Al loved seeing Kelly really getting into it. As
he allowed her to masturbate him, he stared hungerly at her young, firm,
bouncing breasts. And another idea hit him.

"Honey, I don't think that's going to work. If only there were a way to
wrap it in something warm and soft. Well, so much for peace."

"No, don't give up! Let me think. Warm... soft. I got it. How's this."
And Kelly did just what her father wanted her to do. She leaned in putting his
cock between her breasts and squeezed them closed with her hands. Then she
started moving her body up and down, stroking his dick with her tits. "How's
that Daddy? And they say that I'm not smart."

"That's really smart thinking Kelly. See my little girl isn't dumb."

Al knew that he was manipulating his young daughter, but is cock was
happy, real happy. Those hot, velvety smooth tits, crushed together, was better
than any cunt he'd ever slid into. What really turned him on the most was the
way she kept smiling right into his face, and it seemed like she really enjoyed
what she was doing.

He looked closer at her smile. Those thick, red, pouty lips. So Al pushed
a bit further.

"Kelly, you're really doing a good job, but that's not quite it. I think
I need moisture too. Damn. Whats warm, soft AND wet? I give up!" Al said,
hoping this little slut would think of something.

"Wait Daddy. I'm smart... remember. Now... warm... soft... and wet. I got
it! Daddy it's so obvious. How's this." And Kelly lower her mouth onto Al's
cock, engulfing over half it's length on her very first attempt. Kelly was very
proud of her cock sucking prowess, and now she'd be able to demonstarte her
well honed talents to her father -- for a good cause of course. Her bobbing
head was almost a blur in his lap as she sucked for all she was worth while
vigorously using her tongue.

Al nearly fainted when he saw his little Kelly, lower her head and then
wrapping her lips around his erection before taking half of down in her throat.
Her mouth burnt his cock. Her tongue was wrapped around his cock, whipping back
and forth as she sucked up and down, became too much for the horny father.
"That's RREEEAAALLL good princess. Daddy thinks he can cum like this." The
squeezing of his cock head by that tight young throat was fantastic. But he
wanted more of it.

Al reached his hand to Kelly's bleach blonde head, and patted her. She
smiled with her eyes, thinking he was letting her know that she was doing a
good job. But Al grabbed a handful of the nearly white hair and, on her next
down movement rammed an additional two inches deep down this sperm burping
bimbo's throat!

Although the invasion of this additional lenght of fuck meat initially
caught Kelly by off guard, she might have said something, but figured "Daddy
knew best!" She'd never before had a cock this deep in her mouth and was a
little worried. But even though she was concerned, her vigorous sucking
continued. She never even considered that this was turning her on... that would
be wrong. That would've meant she was having sex with her dad. No, she was
helping save the universe.

"God," Al thought, "those extra two inches lodged in her throat feel real
good!" And she didn't complain either. As he felt the vise of her throat,
trying hard to nurse the cum right out of his balls. He saw four more inches

Still having a handful of Kelly's hair, Al pumped his little pumpkin's
head, up and down upon his cock -- using her face to masturbate himself.
Fucking her mouth. He'd begun pushing her head down much harder in an
determined effort to stuff all his cock down Kelly's throat.

After another inch had disappeared down that tight well of pleasure Al
noticed a worried look within his young daughter's eyes that turned him on even
more. That was it. He grabbed her hair tightly, hurting her alot, and on the
next down movement, slammed her head down while thrusting his hips up burying
his entire cock balls deep down his daughter's throat.

It was like nothing he could have imagined. And knew he wouldn't be able
to last long now. Her throat enveloped his cock in tight, wet, burning flesh.
Al saw total panic in Kelly's eyes, and that did it. He was going to cum, and
even though he was also aware that he had to fill the pouch, to continue this,
he also wanted to give Kelly something to remember this by.

Al came, his first shot was right down her gullet. His pulsing cock
within the tight surroundings of Kelly's throat, almost made him continue
shooting down her gullet, but he needed the appearance. So he pulled his dick
from her hot, squeezing mouth and shot the remainer of his load into the pouch.

Kelly, gasped and breathed heavily before burping while wiping her mouth
with the back of her hand and then remarked, "Daddy... we lost some. You didn't
pull out in time." Then she saw the little alien waving another empty pouch.

"Well Pumpkin," Al said, "we wouldn't want to cheat them now would we?"
She had a cute little pouty look as she sheepishly nodded no. "So lets see if
we can give them some more to make up for it." Al lovingly cradled the left
side of her head while talking -- as fathers often do with their children. But
then, like most father's would never even think of doing, he pushed her head
back down hard until his cock was again buried in the mouth of this sperm
burping bimbo.

He'd never lost his erection. He'd already came twice and was still hard.
Al felt young. He hadn't cum three times in a row since he was eighteen
("Before the red-headed beast!"). But Al knew he'd cum again as he continued to
fuck his daughter's willing mouth... hard. Both his hands held her head,
shoving it down harder and harder, faster and faster. Kelly offered no
resistance to the brutal rape upon her face that lacked any regard whatsoever
for her as she merely took it. "Good girl, Kelly. Daddy loves his little

Kelly became scared of her daddy as he started forcefully fucking her
mouth. But hearing that she was a 'good girl' made her happy ("I must be doing
a great job. And daddy has never told me that he loved me before. He doesn't
even say that to mom... woww."). Then she remembered, that there's a good cause
here: universal peace. She just had to take it. She would do what ever he
wanted... for the cause.

Since Al had just came twice, he was a long way from cumming again. He
missed that crazy tongue action, but after he used that 'good girl' line, she
beamed, and started again. He was drawing her mouth all the way up until just
the head of cock was passed her lips, before slamming her head bacn down, once
again burying all eleven inches balls down her throat. Kelly greedily sucked
while moving her tongue the whole time. "Yes, Honey. Good, good girl," Al

Kelly wouldn't accept it, but she was getting turned on. Her father using
her body to pleasure himself was really making her hot. She'd never felt so
controlled, so forced to perform, and it was her Daddy whom was doing it. She
had also never had such a big cock, let alone stuufed all the way down her
throat. She tried not to think about it, she tried to ignore it, but her pussy
was starting to drip fluid down between her kneeling legs.

This was the best day of Al's entire life. Well worth the nearly twenty
years of hell with the demon. Was there anyway this could be any better -- Al
thought of a way.

Al pulled Kelly's head off of his dick. "I don't think that that's going
to do it this time honey. But... Daddy has an idea." She looked up at him with
a baffled look in her face. Boy, he would he love this!

He grabbed her by the upper arms, stood her up, and pulled her face to
face onto his lap with her knees bent on either side of legs. Her thin body
moved closer to him. Her young pussy slid closer to his cock.

"Daddy... I don't think we should...," she was cut off.

"HONEY! Daddy knows best." And just because he had an excuse, he slapped
one of her tight young ass cheeks. "Now don't be bad. Be good. Be good for your

She gave in with that wonderful sheepish look again, pouting and nodding
yes. Al took hold of that thin, tight waist, and raised her up. She felt so
fragile and light as his huge erection aimmed for that tiny slice of sunshine,
before he began to lower her. He continued until the head of his cock was
nudged between her tight lips while Kelly whimpered softly.

Al had fully intended to lower her gently on to his dick so as not to
hurt her, but once his cock head was in her, he felt it. She was soaking wet.
His forceful fucking of her throat must have turned her on ("Well if that's
what she likes!"). He slammed her down on his dick all the way.

"AAAHHHHHHHH! Daddy!!!" His cock was two inches deeper than anyone had
ever been! And he was much thicker. It stretched her a lot. It hurt! Even
though she was completely stuffed with cock, she tried to be brave. Daddy was
only doing this for the cause.

Al had nearly fainted. Kelly's tight, wet, cunt clutched his cock as if
it wanted to rip it from his body. As her cunt pulsed, he could swear it was
trying to get more of his cock into her. He'd never felt anything hotter in his
whole life. His cock felt like it was on fire. He came very close to cumming on
entry, so he just held her there, buried inside.

Kelly was leaning backward moaning softly. Her heavy breathing was
causing her breasts to heave up and down. She lended back knowing she wouldn't
fall because he still had a firm grip on her waist.

Al looked at those beautiful tits, rising and falling. He loved tits. It
was the reason he'd married Peg ("That and being drunk!"). He pulled Kelly to
him and buried his head in her tits. He took the right nipple and one third of
her entire tit in his mouth and started sucking. He also nibbled on the nipple
feeling it get longer in his mouth, before going over to the left for a similar
feast. While doing this, his hands slid from her down from her to grasp the
flesh of firm young ass cheeks, taking a handful of each.

"Ahhh... Daddy. What... are... you... doing?" She loved it when guys
played with her tits and ass. Now her father was doing it, while the biggest
cock she ever had was buried in her to the hilt. Now she had to get off. Kelly
started moving up and down. Fucking herself upon her Dad's cock.

Al was shocked when Kelly started moving up and down. But then he saw a
look of total passion on her face and that cute little smile. Al, remembering
that his little girl liked it rough and started pumping back, hard -- giving
her the full length with every up thrust.

Kelly moaned loudly while now riding him as if she'd done this her whole
life. Kelly was going to cum all over the cock that'd made her. Al grabbed her
head by a huge clump of hair, and pulled her mouth onto his -- jamming his
tongue in her mouth while she sucked on it like a lollipop. She was groaning
loudly into his mouth when she finally came.

Kelly went nuts as her young body was flooding with orgasm -- screaming
and clawing at Al as if she were insane. As tight as her pussy had seemed to
be, Al swore that it seemed to have shrank to one quarter of it's previous
size. He cock was so slipperly with the his daughter's juices that he wrapped
his arms tightly around her torso to prevent her from slipping off, pressing
her breasts into his chest. He pumped as hard as he could, providing both
himself as well as his little girl with as much pleasure as he could possibly
be expected to give.

When her climax had finished, Kelly went limp in the arms of her Daddy.
She was barely conscious when Al stood while still holding her up and lifted
her off of his dick before placing her on all fours with her arms and head on
the couch with that cute ass waving around in the air. Al wanted another
position and Kelly wasn't in any condition to argue, he thought.

He knelt behind her, took his cock in his hand and rubbed it all over the
heavenly globes in front of him, feeling their warmth. Then, with the other
hand, he separated them and placed his cock upon the now exposed, and dripping
slit. Al then wrapped his hands around Kelly's trim waist, and shoved hard. Al
buried himself again into his daughter, but this time she just gently mewed.

Although Al pumped with all his might, he wasn't getting any of the
reactions from Kelly that had really turned him on so much. How could he get a
reaction from her, and give himself even more pleasure? He looked down at the
spread cheeks of his daughter and saw a new target -- the tight rosebud of her
anus. He immediately pulled his cock from her grasping cunt, and placed the
head at the impossibly tight entrance to Kelly's ass. Al began to push.

"Ooooo... Daddy! Please stop... it hurts!" Kelly groaned loudly.

"Shutup Honey, Daddy's only doing what he has too!"

"But... Daddy... I've... nevvver... done that...," Al shoved halfway in.

STTTOOOPPPP...!!!" Kelly's eyes literally bugged out of her head while
screaming and sobbing as her daddy continued to cruely sodomized her ass
previously virgin shit chute. Although she'd never wanted to do that because
she'd been scared it'd hurt she'd never guess how much.

Al could hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing. He could only feel. He
could feel his cock deep in Kelly's hot, deliciously tight asshole. That was
his whole world. In the back of his mind he felt the little hole trying to get
away, so he gripped her harder while shoving deeper. He was sure the skin of
his would cock would tear away, but he didn't care and shoved it all the way

Kelly had literally come undone. She was crying and screaming. Her ass
felt as if it were on fire. She thought that her ass would rip open. She tried
to relax while her asshole adjusted to it's huge intruder.

Feeling her relax a bit, Al started thrusting, using all his strength to
savagely assualt his little girl's asshole as hard as possible. Her sobs were
but music to his ears. Her hot, tight and yummy asshole was unbelievible. Al
knew he'd have to tag this ass again, and as frequently as possible. He'd say
that he needed to have a constant supply of semen available for the little
guys. He'd constantly fuck the shit out of her. Kelly, his baby girl, would
become his personal sperm jar. Three holes... no waiting.

Although Kelly still sobbed, the pain had left. The biggest orgasm of her
young life was beginning to build deep in her guts. Then she started screaming


Kelly came.

She screamed incoherently as she humped back against her dad's cock like
a wild animal.

Al's cock was being squeezed from Kelly's ass by the contractions of her
muscles due to her violent her orgasm. Until Al had finally been pushed from
her ass he'd been almost ready to cum. Then when something happened that really
shocked Al.

Kelly spun around, snatched up a pouch held by the alien, knelt down low
in front of her Dad... and took his dick in her mouth. Kelly held only the head
of Al's cock within her mouth, but she sucked and licked it. Al came!

Al was nearly unconscious as he pumped load after load into Kelly's sweet
young mouth. After he'd finished, he collapsed. Kelly then spit the mouthful of
her Daddy's cum into the pouch and gave it to the alien.

Kelly then stood up and looked down at her dad. He was out like a light.

"Well guys, I think that'll have to do for now." When Kelly pulled on her
tight black dress again, she noticed the aliens still looking at her.

"Oh, you guys want to see my room?" They all started nodding yes.

Kelly was wondering how she was going to keep these little boys busy
until her dad woke up. So, she'd show them her room, maybe play them some CDs
and watch some TV ("I wonder if that 'My favorite Martian' show is on still on.
Bet they'd like that. I should be a alien am-bass-door.")

As she was walking to her room, she was starting to feel like Snow White,
with the five green dwarves. Kelly entered her room and the five little aliens

"Well gents, this is my room. This is the bed where I sleep. Thats my
stereo where I play music. Those posters have music bands on them. And..."
Kelly was cut off by the sound of her room door closing. She turned around to
see five little green aliens, who now had their pants off, with five 15 inch
errections. She stared in shock. They must have been three to four inches

"Aaaah... What's up guys?" Bad question she kicked herself. "I guess you
guys were watching what me and dad were doing... huh?" They nodded yes. "Have
you guys ever done any thing like that?" They nodded no. "I guess... you
guys... want to... try it... yourselves... huh?" They nodded yes, and walked
toward her. "Oh my God!"

As soon as they'd moved away from the door, she tried to dart past them,
but as she tried to run past them, one on each side grabbed her legs and she
fell face foward on the floor, stunned by the fall. She was lying on her
stomach, and as her senses returned, realized they were still holding her legs.
Their inhuman grip was like steel. Attempting to crawl towards the door, she
lifted her head and shoulders with her arm when she noticed the alien with the
pouches, standing right in front of her.

His huge cock was a mere two inches from her face, pointing directly at
mouth. She gasped, and that was a mistake. The alien did as he'd seen Al do, he
grabbed a handful of her hair, and jammed his dick into Kelly's open mouth. He
pushed until eight inches of alien cock disappeared into the surprised young
girl's mouth.

The aliens had really only came for Al's semen, however, after watching
the process humans used to extract it, and upon seeing how much their pal Al
had enjoyed it, they decided to try it themselves. The leader, who now had his
dick in the human female's mouth was shocked by the extreme heat of her body.
After all, their normal body temperature was 30 degrees. But, the rush of heat
was quite invigorating.

Kelly couldn't believe she was being raped by aliens. The ice cold cock
in her mouth was making it go numb. Then the big cocked alien began thrusting
hard. Due to his enormous strength Kelly found herself unable to move. So the
cock kept going deeper and deeper down her throat. He was apparently trying to
get it all the way down her throat, as her dad had done.

The other aliens were still holding her motionless, but they were now
ripping her dress off. When all of the helpless young blonde's clothing was
gone, they turned her over onto her right side, with the cock still in her
mouth. Two were stood on either side of her hips, one was in the front of her
torso facing her tits, and the last was faced her back. Of course the leader
now had twelve inches of cock embedded in Kelly's throat.

The two aliens on each side of Kelly's hips were raising her left leg
until both her legs formed a "V," with her right leg flat on the floor. Then,
as the leader pumped past her lips with impossible speed, she felt a cold nudge
at her pussy.

"Ohh my God!" she tried yelling, but with thirteen inches of throbbing
alien cock meat stuffed in mouth all that came out was "Mmmppppttt!" The nudge
grew into a pressure, a hard pressure as the alien pushed his huge cock into
the pretty young human's front hole. He pushed deep all the way into her on the
first stroke. All 15 inches of ice cold dick was buried in her hot, tight cunt.

Kelly thought she'd surely perish. They were going to kill her. Although
the cold now numbed her pussy, but it was but of a small comfort. She couldn't
believe she'd actually stretched so far without tearing. She also wondered why
the little bastard in her cunt hadn't begun pumping her yet. Unfortunately,
she'd soon get her answer. A cold nudge at her anus.

Kelly was crying and sobbing at the pain in her pussy and the awful way
her jaw ached. But after a third 15 inch cock was shoved fully into her asshole
all that was forgotten... in less than a second. Kelly passed out.

While she was out the cocks in her cunt and ass began pumping in hard
full lengthed strokes. The alien in front of Kelly now had his dick between her
tits, and was stroking back and forth. The last alien, who was facing her back,
had to improvise. He lifted her lifeless left arm, put his cock under her
shoulder between her arm and her torso, and lowered her arm. He fucked her
armpit, getting plenty of the nice human female warmth.

Kelly began to regain conciousness. She had no difficultly remembering
where she was or that her body was being used to pleasure five
extra-terrestrials. She couldn't move, and... she was going to cum. Even though
the aliens were brutal, savage, and used their great strength to forcefully
rape and sodomize her body, she loved it.

The leader was now pumping his entire cock down her throat, and she began
to suck it. Her cunt and ass were spasming upon their respective invaders while
she flexed those muscles as much as she could to pleasure them. She was now
holding her tits with both hands, while rubbing her arm to her side to help the
alien there.

As her Dad figured had out, she enjoyed being forced.

Her expert sucking was too much for the leader. He nutted down her
throat. Kelly pulled the cock out until only the head remained in her mouth, so
she could savor the flavor of his alien cum. It was cold and yummy -- sorta'
like candy flavored ice cream.

After the leader had finished, she grabbed the cock under her arm and
pulled it's owner in front of her, where she replaced his cock in to her mouth
to get more of that yummy alien semen.

The cunt and ass fuckers both came at the same, shooting their cold loads
into her hot openings, making Kelly explode and sent her into convulsions.
Pleasure was shooting throughout every nerve in her body. After they'd
finished, the cunt and ass guys pulled out of her squeezing holes, and fell
upon the floor, exausted.

The new cock in her mouth was now cumming, and she drank her medicine
like the good girl daddy said she was. Then, the tit man came and she bent her
head to catch his spewing cum and got every last drop.

Kelly just laid on the floor, as the five aliens pulled their pants on
and exited the room, waving to the pretty young human on the way out.

"Cum back any time guys!" She called to them before falling fast asleep.

The End.

My thanks to the parents of Christina Applegate, for creating the
inspiration of this story. (I pictured her the whole time!)


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