Magic Tricks

By Uncle Mike
(Max S. Wojtylak)
[email protected]

Bud Bundy brushed back his greasy black hair as he stumbled down the
stairs to the living room. It was his birthday. For most teenagers, hell, for
most people under 30, birthdays are something to look forward to.

But not for Bud. His dad was usually too cheap to buy him anything. His
mom was too lazy and too stupid to bake a cake. And his sister -- well, Kelly
usually gave him something, but it was mostly grief.

Then there was this year. This year was going to be different. He had
started making his plans months ago, when the idea first came to him. It had
taken long preparation. Getting the right materials. Practicing. What was
worse, practicing in front of the family, where everyone could see him fail.
But that was an essential part of the plan. They had to believe it he was
serious. And what better way than to open himself up to even more ridicule than

And now, it was time. Now was the start of things he'd been looking
forward to for so long. He smiled to himself as he felt his cock rise a bit in
his slacks just at the thought.

It was a weekday, so his dad was at the shoe store, sticking his nose
into other people's smelly feet. And his mom was out -- well, wherever it was
she went.

But Kelly was home. Kelly was his sister, the kind of young woman for
whom the term "slut" was invented. Hell, Kelly was a slut's slut, Bud thought.
Always wearing hooker clothes, her boobs sticking out, her cunt wet from one
guy's cock and already looking for the next one.

Like now. There she was on the couch, her legs splayed like she was
getting it already. Tube top, no bra, her tits bulging out above the elastic,
her nipples pressing bumps into the hot pink fabric. Bare stomach, short-short
blue spandex mini doing little to conceal the view of her long, shapely legs
encased in sparkly red nylons. Fire-engine red pumps with six-inch heels.
Lipstick cherry red -- the only cherry she had left. Blond hair billowing out
around her head. Bud licked his lips quickly before she noticed him.

"Hey, it's the birthday eunuch," she said brightly, patting the worn-out
sofa cushion next to her. "Celebrating another year of your miserable life!
Come on, I've got a present for you."

He had to make it look good, so Bud swallowed his glee and gave his face
a hang-dog look. "Aw, geez, Kel," he muttered. "Not again. Every year I get all
excited and every year you give me some rotten present. Not this year. I'm not
gonna do it. So just forget it."

"Why, Bud Bundy," she pouted, her lips forming sultry curves. "I'm hurt.
Well, OK, maybe I have been a little hard on you. But not this year. This year
I got you something really great!"

Bud did a calculated double-take. "R-really? Something good?"


"Well, let me have it!"

She pulled a box sloppily wrapped in tinfoil from under the couch.
"Condolences for your loss," it said on the card. He looked at it, then at her.
"Well, it was all I could find in the drawer," she said. "Go on, open it."

Bud shredded the foil, uncovering a pale green box marked "Ferguson's
Prime Dates."

Puzzled, he pulled it open. The fruit squatted in individual brown paper

"Get it?" Kelly was giggling loudly. "Dates! 'Cause you couldn't get one
any other way!" She poked him in the ribs. "Dates!"

"Uh, yeah, funny, Kel," Bud said through gritted teeth. Inside, he was
furious, but he couldn't afford to let his anger show. Not yet.

"Oh, wait, there's more," his sister said, pulling out a much smaller
package, also done up in wrinkled foil.

More cautiously this time, Bud peeled away the foil. He revealed a
package of condoms. He looked up at Kelly.

"To use on your dates!" she shrieked, hugging herself as she sailed off
into gales of laughter.

Bud forced a thin smile as he waited out her guffaws. Finally she settled
down, although she did erupt in a broad smirk once or twice.

"Thanks, Kel," he said. "That's funny. Condoms for my dates." He slipped
the thin package into a hip pocket. I'll need those later, he thought to
himself. How sweet of her to provide them.

"Uh, hey, Kel?" She had started to get up off the couch; now she sat back

"Yeah, what?"

"Uh, since it's my birthday and all, could you do me a favor?"

She rolled her eyes. "God, Bud, I already gave you two presents. What
more do you want?"

"Well, could you -- could you help me with one of my magic tricks?"

His sister groaned. Bud had been tormenting the family with magic tricks,
always begging someone to pick a card, hold two ends of a rope, or do
something. He'd heard all their jokes -- like, this time, could his trick be to
make himself disappear? He'd swallowed it all, biding his time. Now, as Kelly
formed her answer, Bud desperately hoped he hadn't gone too far, hadn't driven
them all so crazy that she'd never say yes.

"I really should be leaving," Kelly said at last, eyeing the door.

"Aw, please, Kel?" Bud forced himself to whine. "It is my birrrrthday."

His sister shifted away from him. "I really have to..."

Bud switched tactics, hoping to catch her off guard. "I could -- I could
make it worth your while."

"You!" Kelly snorted. "What could you do for me?"

"I could tell you at what garage Bill Parker is going to be tonight at
seven," Bud said, looking her straight in the eyes.

"Who?" Kelly's voice affected a disinterested tone, but Bud saw the
flicker of interest in her eyes. He'd hooked her.

"Bill -- oh, well, if you don't even know him..."

"Parker? Parker?" Kelly feigned a search of her mind. Wouldn't take long,
Bud snickered to himself. "Oh, yeah, I think I know him," she said. "Why would
I care where he was going to be?"

Bill was a studly football player that, Bud knew, Kelly had been drooling
over for months. He had his own set of friends at school, though, and Kelly
hadn't been able to break in. Bud knew his sister wouldn't want to pass up a
chance to get him alone.

"Oh, I don't know," Bud said aloud. "If you really don't care..."

"No!" Kelly said, quickly. "I mean, well, maybe -- OK. What would I have
to do?"

Bud smiled. "Just follow me."

He could barely contain himself as he went up the stairs. It was working!
Just a few more minutes and there would be no turning back. He had a brief
moment of doubt, but then he thought about what was ahead and, as his cock
rose, his fears disappeared.

"Lie down on the bed," he told his sister, pushing open the door to his

"Bet you never said that to any other girl," she snickered, but she did
as he said, putting her blond head on the pillows. "Now what?"

Bud slipped on the dopey black cape he'd been using to turn himself into
Bundini the Magnificent. "I just need a couple of props," he said, rummaging in
a dresser drawer.

He pulled out a shiny pair of handcuffs. "I bet you know how these go on,
huh, Kel?" He permitted himself that little bit of sarcasm. Kelly, probably
thinking about getting Bill Parker, said nothing and allowed Bud to snap the
cuffs over her wrists.

Then he slipped a loop of red and black bungie cord over one of her
ankles, and repeated the motion with another cord around the other foot.

"You're not going to do anything stupid, are you?" Kelly seemed a little
uncertain. "You've got the key to these cuffs, right?"

"Sure, Kel," Bud said, attaching first one cord and then the other to the
foot of his bed, pulling her legs apart.

"Good, 'cause -- hey, what is this?" Kelly tried to sit up.

"Haven't you been in this position before?" Bud was moving toward the
head of the bed now. "I bet you have."

Kelly's eyes flared. "Just what are you..." Before she could finish the
sentence, Bud had grabbed her hands and yanked them up, slipping the cuffs
around a hook he'd screwed into the wall. His sister was helpless now. She
could move her legs only a little, just enough to bend her knees a few inches.

"Hey, this hurts," she cried, tugging at the cuffs, which dug into her
wrists. "Come on, let me go."

Bud said nothing, looking down at her with a widening grin.

"Come on, you twerp," she said sharply. Bud frowned. "I mean, come on, my
wonderful magician brother," she tried. "Let me go."

"I don't think so, Kel," Bud said, pulling off his cape. "Not quite yet.
I haven't done my magic trick yet. You're gonna like this one, Kel."

Kelly pulled fiercely at her restraints. "LET ME GO!" she shouted.

"There's no one to hear you," Bud said quietly as he opened a drawer in
his nightstand. "But I don't really want to hear that screaming in my ear.
Sorry I have to do this." He pulled out one of the red bandanas he used in some
of his other tricks and swiftly knotted it around his sister's head as a gag.

Her eyes followed him as he stepped back from the bed, and she muttered

Bud took off his clothes slowly. When he pulled down his shorts Kelly
redoubled her efforts to break free. The headboard banged against the wall, but
she couldn't get loose.

"Now do you see my trick, Kel?" Bud reached into the nightstand again and
pulled out a leather-handled knife with a long, thin blade. He looked down at
his sister, struggling on the bed. This was what he had been waiting for.
Revenge for all those years of torment and teasing. And revenge in the way that
she would best understand. His young cock was already thick and hard, bobbing
in front of him, as he slid the knife carefully under her Spandex mini.

"Better not move too much," he told her. "I wouldn't want to hurt you."

Kelly froze as Bud slid the knife under the material. With a sizzling
move he slit the skirt all the way up and across the waistband. Flipping it
aside, he sliced down this time, opening up her pantyhose.

Almost reverently he pulled the stretchy material down and chopped it in
half, exposing her curly bush and the red folds of her slit. Bud drew the sharp
point of the knife down the folds. Kelly flinched and a tiny drop of bright red
blood appeared.

"Oh, now, see what you've done?" Bud lifted the knife. "I told you not to

Moving more quickly now, he ripped open the side of her top. The elastic
pulled it apart and her large, firm breasts bobbled free.

Bud tossed the knife back into the drawer and crawled onto the bed beside
his naked sister.

Gently he caressed her quivering body, his fingertips tracing the rise of
her massive tits to her dark nipples, then down her firm stomach, through the
curly hair to the folds of her cunt. He slipped a finger inside. She was almost
completely dry, but in a few minutes of manipulation he had her wet and slick.

"That's great, Kel," Bud whispered to her. "Now you're nice and ready for
me. Isn't this great?" Kelly twisted underneath him, but clearly most of the
fight had gone out of her, at least for the moment.

"And I'm so glad you got me that birthday present," he said, dropping off
the bed and pulling his slacks off the floor. "You know what they say about how
if you sleep with someone you sleep with everyone they've slept with. And with
you, that's pretty much everyone, isn't it?"

As he spoke, he pulled out the condom package, broke it open and slipped
one over his engorged cock.

"Perfect fit, Kel," he said, getting back on the bed and kneeling between
her legs. "What a thoughtful gift."

Bud looked down at her. Kelly's lush body was split open for him. Already
he could smell the rich musk rising from her crotch. A thousand and one
memories rushed at him of the times she'd ridiculed him. A hundred nights of
masturbating in his bed, his eyes stinging with tears from Kelly's taunts about
still being a virgin. And now, this.

Kelly had closed her eyes tightly. He had hoped to look in her eyes when
he shoved his cock into her. Oh, well.

Bud crouched over his sister, licking her ample breasts, sucking on the
nipples, burying his face in her cleavage, enjoying the moment.

But the raging hard-on sent a pounding message to his brain and he
couldn't wait any longer.

Bud put the head of his dick to his sister's wet slit and pushed. It
drove in easily and he was IN!

The emotions were so strong that he almost came immediately, even though
Kelly had apparently decided to stay as still as possible and it was like
fucking a corpse. But Bud held back, holding himself inside her for several
minutes while he got used to the feeling.

And then he began to stroke. Kelly's cunt was not a very tight fit -- no
surprise after all the guys she'd had -- but to Bud, having his first fuck, it
was fantastic. The thin sheath of the condom did little to stop the incredible
sensations as he pushed his cock into his sister's twat and then withdrew it

He pressed his hairless chest onto hers, thrilling to the feeling of her
tits rubbing against him.

In and out, in and out he drove, until all too soon he felt the familiar
surge and a blast of cum squirted out, flooding the tip of the rubber. Bud
collapsed on top of Kelly.

A minute or two later, when he rose off her, Kelly opened her eyes. Bud
saw the spark of hope in them, the thought that it was all over.

"Don't worry, Kel," he assured her. "That wasn't all. I got some great
stuff from this mail-order catalog. It should have me hard again in no time."

And the cream worked, stinging his cock a little but bringing it back to
full erection. Bud saw Kelly shut her eyes tightly and wince. He smiled.

Through all the planning, he had sometimes worried that actually doing it
with Kelly wouldn't be as good as his dreams. What if she wasn't a good fuck?
What if he started feeling guilty?

But now those fears were completely gone. Kelly's ripe body was
everything he'd hoped, and he had enough memories of her jokes to banish any
guilt. This was just going to be one hell of a fuck.

Again he drove his dick into her, and again she tried to hold still.

But as Bud continued to pound away at her cunt, Kelly began to return the
motion, lifting her hips at his thrusts. Bud realized that a whore like his
sister must really like sex; even getting raped wouldn't stop her from getting
into it. The thought drove his lust even higher.

He slammed his cock into her sopping wet tunnel, pounding away. Faster
and faster they went, 10 minutes, 20, a half hour.

Suddenly Kelly jerked stock-still, and then her body heaved up and down
rapidly. An orgasm, Bud realized with a shock. He'd fucked her till she came!
Frantically he increased his own speed until he felt his cum burst out again.

"God, that was great, Kel," he told her when he got his breath back. She
looked him in the eye for a second and then looked away. That was OK, he
thought. Give her time and she'd realize she didn't have to leave the house to
get a good fuck.

Bud lay atop his sister's hot, sweaty body for several minutes, then got
up to take a pee.

As he got back to his room, he heard the front door open. Quickly he
slipped his clothes back on and pulled from the dresser drawer a paper bag that
clinked as he lifted it.

"Mom?" he called, opening his bedroom door a crack. "Is that you?"

"Yeah, Bud," she shouted back.

Bud slipped out of the room, closing the door behind him, and raced down
the stairs.

His mom was teetering on her high heels in the living room, bending over
as she sorted through several shopping bags. Her wide ass was waving in Bud's
face, tugging at the seams of her black miniskirt.

"Hi, Mom," Bud said as he skidded to a halt next to her.

She straightened up and turned to face him.

"Oh, hi, Bud," she said lazily. Bud's mom had huge tits, maybe twice the
size of Kelly's, he thought, their round mounds bulging out of the deep V of
her blouse's neckline. Bud forced himself to look away from them and up to her
heavily mascara'ed face and the stiff cloud of dark hair.

"Did you get me anything for my birthday?" he asked eagerly.

"Your -- uh, sure, here," she said, digging into one of the bags. She
came up with a rat-tailed comb in bright pink plastic. "Here you go. Happy
Birthday, Bud."

Bud stared at it. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to go through
with this part of his plan, but that made it easier.

"Uh, thanks, Mom," he said. He turned away from her and then slowly spun
back. "Uh, Mom? Could you help me with a magic trick?"


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