Married... With Children: Marcy Rhoades Anniversary Surprise
by Shadow Walker ([email protected])

Peg, as was usual, is sitting on the couch, her legs crossed and one is
swinging wildly as she watches Oprah and listening to a boring Marcy Rhoades.
"Peg, it`s Steve's and mine second anniversary and I know Steve has a great
gift, but I don't know what it is and I can't figure what to give him."

Peg looks her naive neighbor Marcy, she likes her, more like a cat playing
with a mouse and to make fun of later; "Look Marcy, men only want one thing
from their wives, and that you have trapped between your legs; the first rule
is that you offer it, shake it and give them a taste before the wedding; on
the honeymoon you overdose them and addict them, then after the papers are
signed, you have them, their lives and insurances, so they only get to taste
it when you get something before they do."

"But I like it Peg, and Steve is wonderful in bed, he's got a dick that's

Peg stares at Marcy as the skinny newly wed goes into dreamland, Peg then
draws back, commenting, "Really! Huge?"

"Oh, don't get me wrong Peg, Steve is a man in everyway, he doesn't cheat,
and he doesn't pressure."

"Sure, really, I'll bet." Peg picks up her leg kicking pace, then thinks to
herself, "Huge and horny."

"Peg! what should I get Steve?" asks Marcy, her face showing her worship of
Peg's wisdom.

"Get all the goodies from Steve and give him only yourself Marcy, and only
if you enjoy it." instructs Peg as she further explains, "Look little one,
women throughout time have gained control of country and given only a little
cuddle, a hug here and there, and ..." Peg laughs greedily at her thoughts,
"Fuck only for personal enjoyment of course; and remember to fuck that young
paperboy you've been hot for, those little darlings can slam you all day and
not complain once."

"Peg, I really need help."

"Help? who's yelling help?" asks Kelly as she bounces down the stairs, "Oh,
Hi, Ms Rhoades, how's the Steve hanging?"

Marcy turns to Peg and stares at her as Peg returns her look and explains,
"Well, when your not here, Kelly and I share funny stories, ... ah, I mean
we share woman talk."

"Kelly's too young to understand." adds Marcy as she is scooted over as
Kelly pushes her hips alongside Marcy.

"Mrs. Rhoades, Men and Boys are all the same, they have nothing to do with
it hanging until the girl, ah, woman, take hold of it and guilds them to do
what you want." brags Kelly as she squirms her butt on the couch.

"You mean guide him." comments Marcy.

"Oh, yes, guide him, them, what-ever." replies Kelly as she leans back into
the couch, her short skirt above her mid thighs and almost to her crotch,
"Hey! I'm only fourteen, what I know Mom taught me, and look at her."

Peg laughs as Marcy looks back at her.

Bud comes clambering down the stairs, carrying a cat, keeping it out of
Buck's reach and heads to the couch, "Hey Mrs. Rhoades, need a man?"

"What?" replies Marcy as she looks back at the twelve year-old Bundy.

"Hey Kelly, we have that stand to create." says Bud as he waits as Kelly gets
up and follows her brother into the back yard.

"Stand?" asks Marcy as she looks to Peg.

"Oh, you know kids, any little project to make money; ..." Peg explains as
she leans over, "... don't tell Al, but I get twenty percent."

Marcy watches as the Bundy children disappear into the back yard, "In the
backyard? Well, the younger they are at making money the better; they`ll
learn its value." Marcy says as she turns around to see Peg staring at her.

"Year right Marcy, they make the money, I get sixty percent; that's what they
learn." brags Peg.

Marcy thinks a minute, then asks Peg, "Well anyhow, I think I know what I'm
going to do, all that I need is for your help when it's ready."

"Sure Marcy, what do you want me to do?"

"I'll get a big cake, get inside and have you send it to Steve's Office,
since he's been working nights and is all alone, I'll be in the cake and
when he reads his card, I'll pop out of the cake naked, and we'll have wild
sex on his desk." explains Marcy as she giggles, sways and bounces as she
waits for Pegs reply.

"Okay Marcy, when your ready I'll help you get shipped."

The Rhoades Back Door

Steve Rhoades, half sleepy, exits his back door and hears Kelly whispering
at him from her backyard gate, "Hey, Mister Rhoades, over here."

Steve wipes his eyes, yawns, then peers toward the open gate to see the
fourteen year old Bundy daughter standing naked in the open gate, a beautiful
girl in clothes, she is hot naked with her slender narrow waist, her blooming
breast and neat yellow bush; he felt his cock blow to a full hard-on, it is
attacking his pajamas.

"Mister Rhoades, twenty bucks, and this is yours." explains Kelly as she
turns and wiggles her ass toward him, "or fifty dollars and this is yours."
Kelly faces him and spreads her legs while using two fingers to spread her
cunt lips, running one finger inside her clit.

Steve's cock is now ragging and all that he can think of is where is his
money, he fumbles in his robe and fines his lunch money, twenty bucks and he
pulls it out and waives it at Kelly.

Kelly frowns, "I was hoping for fifty so that you could get on top of me."

"All I have is twenty Kelly; tomorrow I'll have fifty."

"Well, ..." says Kelly as she walks naked over to Steve and takes his twenty,
"The twenty dollar service." Kelly turns around as Steve grabs her hips.

"Oh no mister Rhoades, for twenty bucks I can't be caught being fucked in the
ass, see that hole in the fence over there?" asks Kelly as she points to a
three inch hole.

"Yes." answers Steve.

"I'll press my ass onto the hole, you insert your manly cock into my ass and
fuck me good."

"How am I sure that it is your ass against the hole?" asks Steve as he ogles
Kelly's body.

"Dah! See anybody else around? Besides, look over the fence as you pump your
cock into me, you'll see me leaning against the fence, all bent over just for
you, you hunk." explains Kelly as she reaches down and fondles his stiff cock
inside his pajama's, "I'm tempted to give this to you free, but I need the
lunch money."

Kelly struts over to the fence, turns, smiles at Steve then disappears behind
the fence. Steve sees a yellow patch of hair appear in the hole, he walks
over and looks over the fence to see Kelly's naked back as she has her ass
pressed hard against the fence as he hears her say, "Ready, Mister Rhoades."

Steve drops his pajama pants, strokes his cock a few strokes to get it moist
and slick, then he waddles over to and aligns himself to the hole, he presses
his cock head into the fur as he hears Kelly moan, "Ooo, mister Rhoades,
shove it in, give me that monster cock all the way in, Oh baby, Oh baby, give
it to me!."

Steve shoves his cock hard into the hot hole, he quickly inserts it all the
way then he begins fucking her hard, slamming his cock quickly and fully into
the young hole as he grunts and grinds, listening to Kelly scream and cry as
Steve fucks her pussy hard, then he feels his balls hurt then as she shoots
his load, he hears Kelly scream and pulls off his cock.

He starts to look over the fence when Kelly's face comes into view, sweat
covered from hard work as she smilingly adds, "Wow Mister Rhoades, that is
my first; boy that hurt."

"Funny, you didn't seem like a virgin, you were tight, never fucked a pussy
that tight before; well, I guess you were a virgin; well, I'm honored Kelly
that you chose me to bust your cherry, and don`t worry, the first time for
a girl it is always difficult." Steve kissed Kelly on her forehead and pulls
his pajamas up and he enters his backdoor.

Kelly turns around and asks Bud who's staring at Kelly's naked body, "Gee
sis, you look hot!"

"Put you pecker and hormones back into your pants Master P, Mister Rhoades
wanted my virgin pussy and he got her; now where did that cat go, I could
hardly hold her when he shoved his pecker in."

Bud laughs, "VIRGIN? Uncle Jed got your cherry last year."

"Look `P' for brain, you were eight when I got my pussy crammed, and it was
Grandpa Wanker that got the honor, just as he has the tradition of busting
all the cherries in Wanker county; that's why Grandpa is so old and horny."
explains Kelly as she starts looking around for the cat, "Here pussy, pussy,
come here you little cunt."

"Boy Kelly, did you see the eyes on that pussy when she got shafted, they
almost popped."

"Well, she scratched me."

"Yeah, you screamed and Mister Rhoades thought you had an orgasm." laughs
Bud as he follows Kelly towards the back of the house.

"Got to find that cat, the postman will be here soon." explains Kelly as she
bounces around looking for their captive feline, Bud is walking close behind,
watching his sister's bare ass twitch and twists as he pulls and strokes his
erect penis. "Hey Kelly, how much of that twenty do I get?"

"It wasn't your pussy getting crammed."

"I found the cat so it was really my pussy." exclaims Bud.

Kelly stops and turns to face Bud, "Five dollars then."

"Okay." says Bud as he holds his hand out.

"Not now turnip breath, I'll have to owe you." explains Kelly as she turns
around and looks under a box for the cat, "Com-on Bud, help me find that cat
before the mailman shows up."

"Hey Kelly, the Mailman is here." warns Bud, "He'll tell mom if you don't
deliver, and if he finds out that it was a cat yesterday, he'll kill us."

Kelly looks at Bud, as Bud stares back.

The Postman

"Psst, Kelly, hey, you here as we arranged?" calls the Postman as he places
his sack down and peeks over the fence as the gate opens and he sees Kelly
standing naked just inside the gate.

"I'm here, so you want the pussy hole, that's twenty dollars, cash!"
reassures Kelly as she holds her hand out.

"You should sell pictures for five each miss Kelly." suggests the Postman.

"Okay, next time when I get my Polaroid."

The Postman pulls a camera out and snaps a picture of Kelly standing beside
her open gate, then he hands an extra five dollars to her, "Now, that was
easy; now for some pussy."

"Okay, get ready to poke." says Kelly as she closes the gate.

The postman unzips and pulls out his ten inches of hard meat, begins stroking
it as he watches the fury fuzz appear again in the opening of the fence, he
pokes his finger inside and begins stroking it in and out as he hears Kelly,
"Hey! no digits."

The postman places his cock head at the fury spot and shoves; he soon feels
moist resistance, then a tighter hole as he shoves hard, and then harder, his
cock forces the small opening to stretch wider until he feels his cock slide
inside the tight hot hole, sliding deep, deep and deeper until his balls came
to stop at the fence, he peeks over and sees Kelly backed up against the
fence as he continues to thrust his cock shaft in and out of the really tight
hole, he slams harder and faster as he feels the hole getting hotter and
tighter, then he hears Kelly breathing hard and panting, then screaming, "I'm
about to cum." The Postman strains, his ball holding like a dam was also
about to burst, then he shot his load, filling the tiny hot little cunt hole.
He pulls his cock out, wipes the excessive moisture off then rezips his pants
up and continues on his delivery route.

Bud looks worried.

Bud looks at Kelly, and asks, "Kelly, is your pussy alright?"

Kelly pulls away from the fence, straightening up with sperm dripping down
her legs with her own cum, "I'm going to kill that cat."

"Well Kell, since you just got your snatch cracked, can I get me some while
it's warm and slick?"

Kelly looks at Bud, thinks a moment of the size of his penis in his hand,
then she takes him by his hand as she pulls him along with her as she walks
towards Bucks new dog house, a dog house that Al built for her pet that the
dog will not use, "Might as well turn the dog house into a brothel."

"What's a brothel Kell?" asks Bud as Kelly gets down and crawls inside the
large dog house, then she holds her hand out for Bud to follow, "Your going
to find out little brother."

Kelly helps Bud into the dog house as she scoots back to the back, leans
against the back as she spreads her legs apart, "Get undressed Bud, you
need to be naked when you fuck me, that's the rule."

Bud quickly pulls his shirt off, then stares at Kelly's naked body, as though
he hasn't been looking at her all afternoon, he then kicks his shoes off,
then drops his pants and tosses them to one side.

Kelly puts her hands on his shoulders as she guides him, he crawls atop her
body, his erect penis rubs along her inner thigh as he lines up his cock head
against her clit.

"It's okay Bud, I'm still moist ..."

"And Hot, your pussy is really hot Kell!" assures Bud as he pushes his penis
just inside his sisters clitoris.

"Keep going Bud, push all five inches inside me, then like the Postman, start
thrusting your penis in and out, without taking your cock out." instructs
Kelly as she pulls her knees up and then locks her legs around Bud's waist
and then begins pulling his ass with her feet.

Kelly relaxes as she lays back, allowing Bud to push deep into her, then to
begin thrusting his cock in and out. She felt the swelling Bundy organ as it
slides along her love canal, and the sensation as her cunt clamps down onto
his shaft, making Bud work a little harder, but making it sensationally
enjoyable to her.

Bud feels Kelly's cunt grow tighter as he strains at pushing his cock inside
her, he feels her hot flesh as his shaft slides deeper, feeling the sensation
of lengthy hot flesh gripping his cock. "Kelly, the harder your cunt grips my
cock, the faster I'm going lose it."

Kelly pulls Bud closer to her, his face buried into her small tit buds as she
feels her brother pumping hard into her; she could feel her insides burning,
building a surge towards a true Bundy orgasm; then Bud shoot his load of hot
sperm, it sprays, coating Kelly's insides as Bud presses hard against her
groin with his balls, his hard cock like a hard broom handle shoved deep
inside her as she feels her body shake, holding onto Bud tightly with her
arms and legs as the Kelly cunt clamps like a vice and milks every drop of
sibling sperm from little Budskie.

From outside the door house, as Kelly`s body stops shaking and she comes down
from her high, she hears, "Kelly! Bud! where are you kids?"

Kelly looks at Bud with a worried look of shock, "DADDY!" she whispers to

Bud pulls his penis from Kelly's wet cunt, he leans over and kisses his
sister on her tits, then her lips as he turns and quickly pulls his pants on,
"I'll take care of Dad Kelly, just keep quiet until I draw him off."

Kelly watches as Bud peeks out to see Al at the fence, then he moves out of
the doghouse and, unseen by Al, moves over by the door to the garage, then
turns around, opens and shuts the door and pretends to be coming out of the
garage, "Hi Pop! so your out here."

"Where's Kelly?" asks Al as he opens the gate, allowing a man inside the

"She's over at Mrs. Rhoades."

"Well, come over here and hold the gate open Bud." orders Al as the man and
Al walk over to the dog house.

"What are you going to do with Buck's Dog House Pop?"

"Well, since Buck won't use the dog house, Mister Ripley has paid me a
hundred dollars for this big monster."

"But Buck will need his dog house Pop." screams Bud as he sees Kelly peek
out, then quickly ducking back inside the heavily constructed structure.

"I've got a pasteboard box for Buck to use, since he sleeps inside during the
winter anyhow; I can use the money for the Dodge."

Bud watches as Al and Ripley carry the doghouse, with Kelly inside, out to
his pickup truck, load it, tie it down with a rope and tarp. Al collects his
money and waves as the pickup disappears down the road.

"What's Mister Ripley want with a dog house Pop?"

"He has a vicious watch dog, it used to be a police dog, he hopes to mellow
it down with the house."

"Where does he live?"

"Just outside town; why, you planning on visiting?"

Bud shifts slightly as he thinks of Kelly coming face to face with a vicious
dog, "No, but I'm late for an appointment, got'a go." Bud grabs his bike and
rides off down the street.

Meanwhile, over at the Rhoades

"Steve! What are you doing home, I thought you were working late?" asks Marcy
as she just entered the door to find Steve about to leave.

"Had to change my pants, got a spot on them; you know, mustn't wear dirty

"Of course not honey, will you be in your office late again tonight?" asks
Marcy as she runs her fingers along his suit buttons.

"Yes my honey buns, I shall be counting the seconds until I get home to your
warm home fires.", Steve opens Marcy's dress top, reaches inside to cup and
play with her breast, "Umm, nice and jell-O ee."

"There's plenty of fruit and Jell-O if you want desert my horny pot."
suggests Marcy as she opens her dress, exposing her breasts to him.

Steve kisses her nipples, then backs off as he reminds her, "Got to get to
work my Lamby pie, I have two more nites work to pay for a certain surprise."

Steve rushes out, leaving Marcy behind, standing topless as he shuts the
door, "Bye, can't you at least fuck me up against the door before leaving;
and what is this surprise that costs several nights; Oh! a Mercedes, that
has to be it."

Now with the doghouse

The rumbling has stopped, it's dark inside the doghouse, the air is cold and
Ripley has long disappeared from the scene as Kelly remained quiet so that
she wouldn't be discovered naked inside Bucks old dog house. Fifteen minutes
pass before Kelly peeks outside the doghouse, pulling the doggy door open she
sees that she is inside a fenced off area, then she sees a large dog near the
fence staring at her, "Oh CRAP!" Kelly quickly ducks back inside and shuts
the doggy door as she hears the dog bark, then rush the doghouse, he rams the
door, then claws at the door to open it. Kelly, naked with nothing to wear,
struggles to keep the door shut, then she hears Ripley yell at the dog.

Silence follows as Kelly listens for Ripley or the dog to come near the
doghouse, then, suddenly, the door opens as Ripley opens the door and pushes
the dog inside, then shuts it, locking the door from the outside as Kelly
hears Ripley, telling his dog, "You big scared-ee-cat, maybe locking you in
there tonight will get you used to your knew home."

Kelly moves to the far back as the vicious dog turns to look at her, he
slobbers as his red eyes look over her body, as if choosing which piece of
meat he wanted first, "Nice doggy, I have a pet dog also."

Ripley's dog starts moving closer to Kelly as she draws her feet up,
preparing to kick at him if he attacks her, he sniffs the air, his growls
soon turn to whimpering sigh, then he moves towards Kelly, she turns and
starts digging at the back, hoping to break through the back boards to
escape, and as she claws at the wood, fearing to be bitten, she feels
something strange, a rough tongue is lapping at her cunt, a wet nose
presses into her ass.

Kelly turns to look at the beast, to be met by a snarling growl, she ducks
her head, covering herself with her hands, her butt is in the air as she
hides her face away from the beast, telling herself, "Don't chew my face,
don't chew my..."

Kelly feels the dog raise up onto her back, his dog penis presses at her
pussy, his forelegs grip her waist as she feels him grip her even tighter
as he shoves his huge eight inches of dog cock into her cunt, "Oh my god

Kelly braces as she feels the dog beginning to slam his cock deep into her,
then repeatedly to slam his hot dog shaft into her pussy, he nips at her
neck as his claws dig into her hips, his pecker ramming deep into her; then,
after ten minutes of dog fucking, she feels an even larger ball as it is
forced into her cunt, then the dog turns, resting his ass against hers, his
knot inside her cunt as he rocks against her, his penis riding inside her
cunt for the next ten minutes as Kelly rocks back and forth with the dog,
then she feels a gusher of dog sperm spew into her, the knot shrinking and
the dog then pulling his limp cock out of her cunt; Kelly drops to the floor,
turns and watches the dog curl up in a corner and lick his shrinking penis,
"Nice! wham bam and no thank you; just like a man."

"Kelly!" came a familiar voice from outside.


Kelly moves past the satisfied dog as she sees the door open, then crawls
thorough to Bud, ""What happened Kelly?" asks Bud as he relocks the doggy

"Shut Up Bud, let's get out of here." replies Kelly as she follows Bud to
the open dog pen gate to his waiting bike, "Where's me some clothes?"

"Sorry Kelly, I only had time to ride out here." explains Bud as he grabs the
bike seat.

Kelly climbs up behind, pulling herself close to him, "Just make sure no body
sees my nakedness Bud."

"Everybody already has Kel, but I'll take the back allies; Oh! wait a minute,
that's where your boy friends are!"

"Shut up Master Pig! Get me home and I'll pay you." yells Kelly, hitting her
brother on the top of his head, then taking his `Master B' hat and puts it
on, keeping it low over her eyes.

"Alright Kelly, but you owe me a bed cuddle when we get home." suggests Bud
as he peddles off with Kelly naked onboard.

"As cold as it is I will not argue." acknowledge Kelly, after-all, she's just
been dog fucked and she needs a Bundy poke to get her warm.

Next Morning

Peg and Marcy are down stairs as Kelly and Bud bounce down the stairs; Bud
dressed in blue jeans, shirt and jacket; Kelly dressed in tight low-cut
blue jeans and a cutoff button front shirt and wearing her cowboy boots.

"What's the matter kids, you up all night?" asks Peg as she looks at Bud,
who plops down in the big chair and Kelly drops onto the couch.

"Kelly lost her virginity mom!" brags Bud.

"Shut up rubber boy."

"Eat me!"

"Eat your panties"

"Mom! he's been in my panty drawers again!" yells Kelly, then realizes that
her mother didn't know about her eatable panties.

"Now kids, stop arguing, and where did you get such language; I know dam
well it wasn't me you rotten pig apples." Peg says as she scolds her two

"Now Peg, they need to learn to work together under adult supervision."
suggests Marcy as she sits sideways on the couch.

"Hey, Marcy, I have my hands full enough with adults and Al." complains

"No Peg, I mean I'd gladly have them over tonight with Steve and me for an
evening of fun."

"Really!" says Peg as she thinks to herself, "Wow, an evening without kids,
and alone with Al; SOLD!, ah, I mean yes, they're yours."

"Wait a minute Marcy, what about your surprise for Steve?" asks Peg as she
shifts her leg, and kicks from the opposite side.

"OH that! That's tomorrow night, I haven't finished the party favors."

"Oh, I know how to be a favor." says Kelly as she raises her hand, waving
it about like she was in school.

"Oh zip bag for brains, Marcy means snacks, not boy food." adds Bud.

"No, that's alright Bud, Kelly can make chocolate chip cookies." says

Kelly sticks her tongue out at Bud as she shifts her butt on the couch then
crosses her legs.

"Bud, you can help Me with dessert tonight; then we'll play cards."
explains Marcy as she gets up to leave, "See you guys at five tomorrow
night, we`ll have a great sibling party."

Kelly looks at Peg, pleading with her mother, "Mom, do we have to?"

"Look Kelly, free food is free food, now go bake something."

"She knows how to make babies, but she keeps losing her cherries." Bud
asserts quickly as he jumps up just as Kelly grabs for his throat.

"Now kids, stop playing around." warns Peg.

Kelly looks back at Peg, explaining, "I`m a good girl mommy, I only know
how to make cookies and Jell-O."

"That's good honey, now go do your cookies." suggests Peg, who can't
remember what a pan is for.

"That's cookies Kel, not nookies!" adds Bud, sporting a grin with his one
finger up as if making a point of wisdom (no, not the middle finger).

Bud starts to leave when Peg stops him, "Bud, help your sister and be

"But Mom, that's a girls job."

"Well, you scream like a girl, butt for brains." says Kelly as she sticks
her tongue out at her brother again.

"Now Kelly, your the oldest one so be nice, and as for you girly screamer,
put on a skirt before I cut your penis off." warns Peg as she reaches for
her finger nail file.

"Yes Mam!" yells Bud as he runs into the kitchen.

Kelly is busy opening the cookie mix, she stares at it, then asks Bud as he
walks up to stand beside her, "We have to add an egg, chocolate chips and
milk." Kelly looks stunned and her thinking muddles; "The milkman won't be
here until morning, and the chicken man, we don't have a chicken man Bud."

"Well Kel, get the Chocolate chips ready, then add it all in the morning,
they'll be nice and hot when we take them over to the Rhoades."

"Okay, but that means I'll have to pay the milkman, because if Mom does,
she'll drink the milk." noted Kelly who opens a bag of M&Ms as Bud starts
to sneak out when he tells Kelly, "Cover for me Kelly, I'm going over to
sneak around the Rhoades and see what they don't need."

"Okay Bud, but I get my usual share." says Kelly as she reminds him of
their deal.

"Okay sis, the top ten percent." Bud whispers as he opens the door and
sneaks out.

Kelly works hard at collecting her chocolate chips, she discards the ones
with the `W's and places the correct `M's inside her mixing bowl as Bud
opens the back gate and sneaks over to peer into the Rhoades bedroom

Kelly hides her bowl of correct `M's inside the refrigerator, then walks
over and sits down next to Peg as they both watch the television show
`Springer'. "What are we watching Mom?"

"Oh, he's got old men that are lovers to their teenage cousins." explains

Kelly watches the older men on the Springer show, all bragging about
breaking the cherries of ten year olds, then Kelly bounces up and down on
the couch as she points at the television, "Look Mom! it's uncle Brendon!"

"So it is! this must be the Wanker County Special." adds Peg as she watches
her brother on the screen.

From the television, Peg listens to Brendon explain, "Yup! in Wanker we'ns
break our young'n in early, a girl that hasn't lost her cherry by ten is
considered a risk; and if not married and pregnant by thirteen she's an old

"Whose the youngest girl you ever broke the cherry with Brendon?" asks
Spring who is getting interested in the Wanker life style.

"Why my niece Kelly, she is so hot for a twelve year old`n; why me and my
four brothers took her on her visit there when she'n was ten and she just
wore us out." brags Brendon.

Peg looks at Kelly whose face all of a sudden goes innocent looking,
"That's not me Mommy! I'm a good girl mommy, Honest!"

* * *

At the Darcy's back window, the interior is dark, but Bud can see an outline
of flesh moving, then he hears hands clap twice and the lights come on,
"Great, old peoples lights." noted Bud as his eyes adjust to the lighted
room, then he notices Marcy, sitting naked atop Steve Rhoades, his huge cock
shafted up her pussy as she rises slowly then drops down his shaft as she
pumps his cock.

"You know Steve, you are a bad boy." scolds Marcy as she swats a riding whip
against her hand.

"Oh mistress, don't grind your pussy so hard, beat me instead with your
wonderful whip."

"Shut up slave!" `WHACK' goes the whip on Steve's thigh.

Bud breaks out laughing as Marcy turns and sees him in the window. Bud is
laughing so hard that he doesn't see Marcy until she has her hands on his
neck and is pulling him inside, but to Bud's delight as his face is buried in
Marcy's small boobies, he licks her nipples as she stands him up to look at

Bud stares at Marcy's naked body and Marcy stares at Bud's boner pressing his
pants outward.

"Well young man, what have you to screw, ... ah,... say for yourself.."

"Wow Miss Rhoades, you really was rocking Mister Rhoades cock."

Marcy grabs Bud by his ear as she walks him over to the bed where Steve is
sitting up naked. Bud's hand brushes against Marcy's pubic hair.

"What should we do with this little, big peck, ah, man, boy Steve?"

"From the size of his bulging pants, I'd say pop his cherry by allowing him
to sample some of your nukkie; you always wanted to try a threesome, and
young master Bundy is young enough not to tell anyone."

Marcy looks at Steve, her eyes water, "Oh Steve, you are such a wonderful

Bud grins as he blurts out, "That's what Kelly says ... Ummmm."

Steve quickly muffles Bud with his hand as he suggests, "Let me explain to
little master Bud while you go and get ready sweetie pookie; I'll explain
to Bud all about being a man."

Marcy grins in appreciation, "Alright dear." Marcy walks out of the bedroom
towards the bathroom as Steve and Bud watch her naked ass twitch and sway.

"Now Bud, we mustn't tell Marcy about Kelly, Marcy doesn't know about our
monthly service, and Kelly would get mad if she lost her monthly gratuity."
explains Steve.

Bud grins, "She'd cut your balls off if she knew you were regularly popping
Kell wouldn't she." Bud holds his hand out, palms up.

"What? You want to blackmail me?" Steve swats his hand away, you better
behave or the next feeling you'll have will be me in your ass instead of you
in Marcy."

"Yeeeee Haaahhh!" screams Marcy from the doorway as Bud and Steve jump, Bud
screams when he sees Marcy in her black leather dominatrix wear and holding
a long bull whip, yelling, "Giddy Up! slaves."

"Swish Crack!" goes the whip as Bud and Steve run from the bedroom with Marcy
behind, snapping the whip, her legs flying in mid air as she takes aim once
again then she releases another serve of leather, striking first Steve then
Bud as they run towards the distant room with the open door, "Snap! Crack!
Whaahooo!" they yell until they come to a stop inside Marcy's favorite room,
Bud discovers that the room is filled with ropes, straps, handcuffs and
crosses. Bud looks at Steve.

Steve explains, "We plan to move it into the garage and make it into a large
torture room."

"You guys are really sick! Wow!" says Bud as he stares in disbelief, then he
is lifted up to the bench by Steve and Marcy as they strap him into the bed
of pleasure; then they begin removing his clothes, "We don't want to get your
clothes dirty do we Bud." comments Marcy as she folds his pants up and places
them on a nearby chair.

"Mommy!" is the last word Bud screams as Steve gags and straps a harness
about his head until he can't move. "Hmmmmmm!" mumbles Bud through the gag.

Bud can't see, but senses hot lips and tongue sliding along his penis as it
hardens and lengthens, hearing Marcy commenting, "Oh Steve, look at the size
of his cock, it's bigger than yours and he's only a baby."

The next morning

Bud drags himself through the front door at three am, it's still dark outside
as he moves exhausted past the couch, he stops and notices something moving
on the couch; it's a furry tail wagging as his vision comes into focus to see
Buck humping one of his bitches. "Dam Buck! Dad's going to kill you if he
catches you humping one of your fuzzy little cunts. Who is it, Marcy's little

Bud looks over the back of the couch to see the female getting doggy
assaulted, then he notices the yellow hair, "KELLY!"

"Oh CRAP!" Kelly lays back on her arms as she stares up at Bud as Buck
continues pumping his doggy cock into Kelly's snatch, "For crap sake Bud,
can't I get any rest?"

"Kelly! you're fucking Buck!" stammers Bud in bewilderment.

"Not really Bud, he's fucking me, I was napping; ..." Kelly watches to see if
Bud accepted her excuse, then caves in, "...Oh hell Bud! it's better than a
cold plastic vibrator, and besides, mom hogs all the batteries." explains
Kelly as she pushes Buck from off of her; laying naked on the couch, leaning
on her arms as she looks up at her brother, "It's been a rough night Bud, I
made all those `M's and what happens when I go back to check on them, and
WHAMO! somebody made them all `W's." Kelly sits up on the couch as Bud sits
beside her, looking her body over from her pug nose to her breasts, perky
nipples to her yellow bush between her legs. As Kelly frowns in her
disappointment, Bud puts his hand between her legs, shoving his fingers into
her yellow velvet patch; he's surprised at how hot she is as he strokes her

Kelly looks at Bud, staring as she feels his fingers stroking her cunt so
nicely, then surprised as he leans into her, kissing her on her lips, then
to her own surprise she kisses back, her tongue meeting his as she opens
her legs for Bud to put his hand down deeper, allowing him to poke a finger
into her snatch and to begin stroking her cunt.

Kelly looks at her brother, his eyes seem warmer than usual as she suggests
to him, "Mom and dad are at the mall until noon."

Bud pushes Kelly back down onto the couch as he unbuckles his belt, unzips
his pants and drops them as he steps up onto the couch and stands naked,
looking down at Kelly's naked body as she adjusts herself for him, parting
her legs as she looks up and smiles at her little brother with a big hard
on standing pointing at her.

Bud grins and drops like a bomb, landing atop Kelly as their bodies lock and
bounce up and down. "Goooo Bundy!" yells Kelly as she laughs aloud, feeling
Buds cock slam into her pussy, his balls crash against her ass cheeks, "Now
that's a Bundy slam!"

Buck watches as Bud fucks Kelly hard and harder, again and again; Kelly's
legs flail about until she locks her legs about his waist. "Humm, he puts so
much effort into such a little thing." notes Buck, then he walks over and
grabs Kelly's skirt and scurries off out into the backyard.

Kelly starts humming as she feels Buds hot shaft sliding in and out of her
love canal, her vagina gets tighter and tighter as Bud begins to grind
harder, grunting louder as he works harder driving his meat into her. Bud
feels his balls aching as he senses the end is near, then he thrust harder
than before, driving his cock as deep as he can, then holding it as he
pushes hard against her, forcing her up along the couch, then off as they
both fall off.

Kelly feels Bud shooting his load as they fall, and the combined action of
falling and feeling Bud's spray cause a huge orgasm as she screams loudly,
clinch Bud's waist tightly.

Kelly lays beneath Bud, his exhausted cock still inside her as he licks her
left breast. "Bud! it's almost nude."

"Hugh? Don't you mean noon?"

"Yeah! Whatever."


"Well dah, Daddy and ..."

"Peg, give me the key, the kids must be gone and left the door locked!"

Kelly looks at Bud, their eyes lock and grown large in shock, "Run!"

Bud struggles to get up but remains impaled.

"Well pull it out Bud! You're not a tree."

Bud pulls his semi-erect penis from Kelly's wet cunt and crawls over her,
grabbing his clothes as he runs up the stairs.

Kelly Jumps up, stands naked, looking for her skirt, then her shirt, "Damn
you, Buck!"

The door opens, and just as sunlight strikes a vampire, Kelly disappears as
she dashes through the kitchen naked, hiding beside the dryer as Peg aided
by Al (He's carrying her packages) as they approach the couch and Al
struggles with the packages to the kitchen table.

Kelly, holding her hand over her tits, and her legs crossed, shifts nervously
as she watches Al from the darkness, her path to her room blocked by Peg.
Then, Seeing her only choice, Kelly makes a dash for the backyard and closes
the door quietly, and to her annoyance, it locks itself. "Oh Crapper."

Kelly now stands stark naked, her brothers sperm dribbling down her legs and
a cold nose crashes into her butt, "BUCK!" Kelly jumps and turns 180-degrees
in mid air to land back on her feet, and Bucks cold nose as it pushes into
her cunt, his tongue lapping at her clit, "Buck! my play-thingy, I know your
sorry about stealing my clothes, now where are they."

Buck looks up into Kelly's eyes, his brown eyes look understanding, then
he speaks, "Woof!, (meaning, follow me.) Buck runs around the corner then
reappears with something in his mouth. Kelly retrieves a small bit of
clothing, "My thongs! you stole my thongs?" "Woof"

Kelly looks at the old wet pair of red thongs that Buck had been nuzzling
for six months, Kelly looks at Buck, then at the thongs, "Pervert!"

Kelly pulls her thongs on, the back string settles coldly into her crack and
feels extra weird in her cunt lips, "Oooo, well! anything's better than

Kelly walks around the house, keeping her eyes peeled for Peg and Al, then
sneaks to the side gate, hoping to get to the ladder that leads to her room's
outside window. As Kelly stars to climb she hears someone clear his throat,

Kelly looks back over her shoulder, one leg up on the rung, her thong
disappearing into her crack, presenting her bare ass to, "Mister Milkman!"

"Kelly! sweet-thing, I was on my way to deliver your special order of cookies
and milk to your front door. Are you sunbathing again? I like watching you
sunbathe, you look so calm and horny, I mean honey, ah, ... I mean sweet."

"Ah! that's sweet of you to say, but I don't have the money on me."

"Well, I'll have to take it back to the truck, you daddy's bill is already

Kelly jumps down, her breasts bouncing as she hops over to the fence gate,
"Oh please mister Milkman, I'll pay you, I really need the cookies."

"Kelly, I know you kids don't get an allowance, and you are too young to have
a job on the outside!"

"I can work and pay for the cookies."

"Has to be for the entire bill Kelly."

"Okay then, I'll work for the cookies and daddy's bills."

"Well, what can you do that's going to pay for the whole bill Kelly?" asked
the Milkman.

Kelly smiles, putting her hands behind her back, showing her full breasts as
she twists in place, "I think I'm talenting."

"I see that you are! Okay then! I taste your talent here, and that will pay
for the cookies; then you come down to Hooters on talent night and dance the

"I'm not running away, no matter how many cookies." says Kelly in her

"No Kelly, on Wednesday night you can dance at Hooters on the runway, you
know, the big ramp; my union members of milkmen are having the whole place
reserve that evening and we need dancers and you would be perfect for the
guys to watch." The milkman opens the gate and steps inside with Kelly,
putting his box of goodies on the ground he takes his jacket, then his
pants off as Kelly watches closely, then as he drops his shorts she notices
his seven inch penis rise up.

"Nice, not big but nice." assures Kelly as she drops her thong panties off
slowly, twisting her butt in place as the wet garment slips to her feet and
then as she steps from them; kneeling before the naked milkman she takes his
penis into her mouth and starts running her tongue along his shaft.

Kelly feels his cock swell from her professional treatment with her tongue.

The milkman, having a wife in her late forties, is in heaven having a girl
as young as one of his grandchildren sucking his cock; he senses hot mouth
as she engulfs his cock down her throat, while at the same time she wraps
her tongue around his cock and tightens her tongue grip on his shaft as she
slowly pulls his hard male pole from her mouth until her tongue grips his
cock-head, then Kelly shows her expertise as she twists her head around his
cock head. He can't stop what happens next as his balls tighten in his gut
as she shoots his load into Kelly's waiting throat.

Kelly swallows as the gusher flushed her mouth, slightly dribbling from her
lips as she gulps his loads as he continues to spray her tongue.

The Milkman grips Kelly's head, arching his back as he thrust his still
hard cock as far as it will extend down Kelly's young throat.

Kelly struggles to breath with the milkman's cock down her throat, she twists
and attempts to pull back as the milkman continues to grip her hair, pulling
her head onto his thrust hips, driving his cock even further down her throat
as he continues to orgasm and spray her with his salty loads. Kelly blacks
out as the Milkman allows her to drop from his nursing cock.

Kelly lays naked on the ground motionless, her young body enticing to the
milkman who realizes that Kelly might be dead, and he killed her by face
fucking her. Nervous at the implications, the milkman places a box with all
the goodies (m&ms, cookie mix, Jello.) down beside Kelly of what she ordered
and sneaks from the backyard, closing the gate behind him.

Bud comes out and sees the milkman driving off, then sees Kelly naked on the
ground; thinking quickly he rushes back into the house and minutes later he
returns with aide, he places little Buck down beside Kelly and orders him to
wake Kelly up.

Buck licks Kelly's face, licking her lips and nose. Bud watches intently for
signs of life, then seeing none, he thinks a moment, snaps his fingers and
picks Buck up and sits him back down between Kelly's legs. Bud watches as
Young Buck discovers a new area to lick, "That a boy Buck, soon you'll
discover other dog butts." Buck licks Kelly's snatch that is wet with sperm,
and licking her clit with his rough tongue starts exciting Kelly's cunt,
making more juices to flow which in turn drives Buck to lick harder and
driving his tongue inside the young girls cunt. Kelly sits up with Bucks face
buried between her legs, his rough sand paper tongue inside her cunt; Kelly
feels her stomach go strange, then her back shivers as she arches back and
moans aloud as she cums, spraying bucks head with her own cum; who in turn
licks with even more eager. Kelly balls back flat on the ground as Buck
continues to lick her pussy.

Kelly begins enjoying a second orgasm that is about to blow when she feels a
big cock enter her pussy, drive all the way nonstop and then began thrusting
in and out, pounding her pussy relentlessly until she cums; she also felt
sperm spray her insides. "Oh fine, now I've got doggie sperm inside me to
make worms."

"No worms Kell!" came Bud's voice as Kelly looked down over her tiny breast
mounts to see Bud, naked below the waist with his nice hard and hot cock deep
inside her as she feels him blast another load into her.

Bud lay on top of Kelly for a moment, with his cock still inside her cunt as
Kelly comments, "I guess we're done little brother; we better go make some
cookies for Marcy's party tonight.

Bud looks up at Kelly, grins then kisses her nipple, then sucks and lick her
right titty, then stands up with Kelly. As he follows his naked sister back
into the house, Bud makes sure that he follows close behind so that his penis
would ram her butt crack whenever she stopped to open a door. Kelly keeps
turning around whenever she slows her pace, repeatedly saying, "Stop that
Bud, Rat-fart!, Jerk! Butt crack!"

5PM - the Rhoades

Bud is dressed in his new little suit, looking at himself in the mirror, a
frown on his face as Peg finishes his tie (Remember that this is the early
days, when they had meals regularly, they had new clothes, and Kelly had no
steady boy friends, she was just messing around, getting laid by cops that
bring her home at night; this is the Bundy golden age.)

Kelly, having found a new toy, is in her room, laying on her bed next to her
dress, she's laying naked on the bed, next to her dress and under garments,
giggling as she allows Buck to lick her pussy. "Oh god! this is better than
masturbating myself; Oh Buck, my dear pet! Pet me!"

Al comes home from Hooters, a bundle of this months of `Big-Uns' under his
arm as he announces, "Peg! I'm home!" He looks around with his announcing
frown, shrugs his shoulders, "Kids? Buck? Burglars?" Al shrugs once again
and heads up the stairs, door unlocked, no family around." Al continued
down the hallway towards his bedroom when he notices through the door crack
that Peg is dressed up and is helping Bud dress in a suit, his body shudders
as he realizes, "Oh nuts! Peg has something boring planned." Al looks around
for an escape, noticing Kelly's room and quietly backs through the door and
shuts it closely as Peg and Bud, who is fully dressed in his little suit,
exits Pegs bedroom and walks down the hallway to the stairs.

Al starts to peek out again and leave when he hears Buck whining, thinking
to himself, "Great, Buck is peeing on Kelly's bed again." Al turns around,
his eyes go wide, his jaws drop and his magazines begin to drop one by on
onto the floor as he sees Buck laying on top of Kelly, his little doggy hips
are pumping wildly, his for legs locked around his little pump'kins waist as
he doggy fucks his little girl. He also notices that Kelly has her arms
around her pet's neck, and moaning, "Oh Buck, you are such a good pet! Fuck
me buck, fuck me."

"Kelly! ..." Al screws his face up in disbelief, "... Buck?"

Kelly sits up and attempts to shove Buck off, but Buck is too heavily into
it, "Daddy, Buck can't stop."

Al walks up to look at his favorite child, "Kelly, he has his doggy knot
inside you, he had to finish or it might really hurt."

"I'm a good girl Daddy!" says Kelly as she takes her Daddy's hand into hers
as Buck continues to hammer her pussy.

"Kelly, I really wanted you to be different from those Wankerettes." moans
Al as he watches Buck fuck away on Kelly.

"Daddy, I'm a good girl, I love you." says Kelly as her small body and small
breast shake from Bucks fucking.

"But the dog Kelly, the Dog?" moans Al as tears form in his eyes.

Kelly starts to cry, I'm sorry Daddy, I really need my Wanker fed, it's not
my fault that I have the Bundy sex drive with Wanker weaknesses."

"Kelly, if only I could make things better for you, if I could have a better
job to make you happier."

"I'm happy with you daddy, I love you, I want you to be happy with me; I want
to make you happy, I`m a good girl." pleads Kelly as she pulls Al closer.

Al pets his daughters head with his hand, "Oh honey, I'm not mad at you, it's
all your mothers fault." Al's expression changes as he feels his penis being
guided from his pants, he looks down in time to see it disappear inside
Kelly's mouth, Al comments, "Oh hell, at least I don't lick my balls for

Buck finished by blowing his load into Kelly and then extracts his cock,
jumps off the bed and goes to a corner and lays down, licking his doggy cock.

Al watches Buck a moment, then explains to Kelly, "See Pump'kin, just like a
no good loafer; after fucking you he runs off to his bed and licks his

"Bucks a good dog Daddy, it's his way; Do you do that Daddy?" asks Kelly
between sucks of her daddy's cock.

"Pump'kin, I'd never go to my bed and lick my cock and balls; matter of fact,
I've never tried it."

"Want me to help you daddy."

"Pump'kin, real men don't lick their balls, ..." Al thinka minute, "at least
I don`t think they do." explains Al as he then feels Kelly's tongue run
across his balls, hearing Kelly tell him, "But girls can do it for those they

Al looks down at his lovingly simple daughter who at times has shown
brilliance, as she stops licking his balls and penis, which is now hard and
erect; sees Kelly's eyes glisten in excitement, her eye asking something,
then she offers her daddy her best gift ever to him, she turns over and
braces herself on the bed, on her hands and knees as she turns her ass to
her father, then she raises her ass up, spreading her legs to expose her
clit to her father as she braces herself with her head on her hands, telling
him, "I love you daddy, please love me back."

Al's cock is killing him, its so hard his cock hurts, as though it was at
it's fullest extension, it rises high in an upward arc, aching from it gorged
head with blood, his balls tight with their fill of sperm, precum drips from
his cock, he can even smell the strong male hormones, his cock is ragging hot
as he takes it in one hand and places the tip of his cock to Kelly's wet and
waiting snatch.

Kelly waits patiently, either Al was going to spank her for fucking Buck, or
he would fuck her; finally Kelly grins as she feels his big cock head push
at her snatch hole, pressing hard and then harder as he uses his fingers to
spread her cunt lips, lubricating her already wet snatch with his precum,
then forcing his cock into the first inch; Kelly bucks back and forth on his
cock head until she pushed back hard enough, forcing herself onto another
three inches of daddy cock, then feeling his entire shaft slide deep into her
tight cunt, his hands gripping her hips as Al began to pump his cock into
her, building up her sensations as it rubs her snatch, his cock sliding back
and forth deep inside her as he begins to slam his balls against her butt,
his cock like a iron hot rod as it pile drives into her.

Just as Al is enjoying a good fuck, he feels his balls grip tight as his cock
pulses, he thrust forward as far as he can and holds onto Kelly with all his
strength as she screams and his cock blows multiple loads of sperm deep into
his pump'kins hot cunt.

* * *

Peg is sitting on the couch, her legs kicking impatiently, she looks around
and calls out, "Kelly! are you dressed yet honey?"

Peg gets up after a moment of silence and heads for the stairs just as Kelly
comes bouncing down the stairs, "Sorry mom, I couldn't get the zipper on the

Bud looks around at his sister, his finger of wisdom in the air, adding,
"What's the matter Kell, no boy friends to zip it up; Oh, they only unzip."

"Shut up dog breath; ..." Kelly notices his suit, "... I'm sorry, Monkey

"Now kids, shut up and keep your language clean, you're going over to Marcy's
to learn being proper with each other." Peg zips up Kelly's dress, then
rushes them to the front door, opening it and pointing them both towards the
Rhoades, "Now get over there and eat them out of house and home; and remember
to bring some home with the silverware."

As Peg makes sure that her brood is making tracks to Marcy's house, Peg turns
her attention back to her couch, she sits on it, kicking her legs nervously
as she asks herself, "Where is Al, if he's working late I'll, ..." Peg fumes
a moment, then pets Buck as he jumps up on the couch for her to pet him, Peg
scratches his head on her lap as she finishes her complaint, "No matter Al
Bundy, you will not get any rest tonight because I'm waiting right her to
catch you when you get in."

Meanwhile upstairs in Peg and Al's bed

Al is resting in bed, reading an issue of `Big'Uns' with a pile of the
magazines next to him, grinning as he realizes that he has the bed all to
himself tonight, and he had good sex too, and not with Peg.

At the Rhoades

Marcy is busy with her drinks (mostly her drinks as she is turning into an
alcoholic), and the cake and sandwiches that she calls orderves, and the
shaggy salad as she decorates the table; Steve answers the door to see Kelly
and Bud, "Well, our party guest."

"Hi mister Rhoades." says Kelly as she leans towards him and whispers, "Can
we get this over so I can get out'a here; I have a date tonight."

"Ah! NO! Marcy has it all planned, and believe me, the longer I delay and
allow her to have her fun, then I'll have hotter sex tonight."

"And I have to be without ..." Kelly stops in mid sentence.

Steve looks at Kelly, asking, "Be without what?"

Kelly shifts nervously as she quickly answers, "My brother, my dear, dear Bud
here." Kelly puts her arm around Bud's shoulder and hugs him, "He's so dear I
miss him already."

Steve shuffles Kelly and Bud to the table as, helping Kelly with her package
of home made cookies. "Humm, these look good, home made chocolate chip

"They were hard to make, I had to crack each of the chocolate shells, then
peel them," brags Kelly.

"Why didn't you buy the chips for your cookies?" asks Steve.

"Chips?" blurts Kelly.

"What chocolate did you uses?" asks Steve as he studies the cookies, noting
the visible m`s and w`s..

"The little chocolates that go in the cookie dough, M&Ms, I had to through
away the W&Ws; and peeling the hard shells off was awfully hard, I had to use
a hammer, a knife; but I finally made the chips for the cookies ..." Kelly
notices the M&M shells, "...SEE! I told you it was hard."

"I'll place them in the oven and start them baking." assured Steve as he took
the raw dough cookies to the kitchen.

"You have to cook them!" asks Kelly as she looks at Bud.

"That's the way Mom makes cookies." adds Bud as he notices Steve sprinkling
white powder over the raw dough. "What's that mister Rhoades?"

"Oh, this! White sugar." Steve explains as he puts the cookies into the oven
as Marcy guides the Bundy cubs to the front room.

"When's dinner?" asks Kelly as she looks around at the plates on the table,
the tall and short glasses, the dozens of forks and spoons, "Are we going to
eats so much that was need spares?"

"You mean you eat with one set of fork and spoon?" asks a shocked Marcy.

"No!" replies Bud, "What are spoons and forks?"

"Well, that the Bundy's; you must eat like dog and cats, searching for your
food in the alleys." comments Marcy as she then tells kelly and Bud, "Sit
yourselves, we'll begin dinner with a 'Patti Zee Fawa Poke."

"Hugh?" came the replies of Kelly and Bud together.

Kelly then spoke up in defense of her father, "We Bundies were eating with
knives long before rich people; and besides, the girl Bundies are suppose
to go and get their dinners with their boy friends."

"Yeah, Kelly has been eating her boyfriends every night without a knife for
fork." adds Bud.

"Yeah! ... yeah! and I eat them often." assures Kelly.

Marcy looks at Kelly and Bud, then asks Kelly, "How long have you been eating
your boy friends Kelly?"

"For two years."

"How did you eat before then?" asks Marcy as she places a bowl of soup in
front of Kelly.

"Oh! I used to eat with my cousins."

Bud adds, "She still eats her cousins when we visit grandpa."

Kelly makes a face at Bud, explaining, I don't! I eat grandpa!"

"You ate ..." Bud is interrupted as Marcy stands up, somewhat shocked at the
kids arguing.

"Hold it! let's finish dinner first, them we'll play a game."

Kelly looks at Marcy, asking, "Can't I just leave right now, I have a date

Marcy turns and scolds her, "Now look little miss eat-a-peter! you'll finish
your dinner and learn from us as I told Peg." Marcy stomps out of the room
into the kitchen where Steve is taking the cookies out.

Bud reaches over and takes Marcy's wine glass, then takes a small envelope
out and pours the white substance into it and Steve's glasses.

"What's that Bud?" asks Kelly as Bud blends the ingredients.

`Well, it isn't sugar."

"What is it little Budwik?" says Kelly as her curiosity grabs hold.

Back at the Bundy's house

Peg hears a knock at the door and answers it, her usual tight slacks and high
hills make her twist her ass as she waddles to the door; opening the door is
an eighteen year-old and very good looking as she stares while her mouth
begins to drool and her pussy gets hotter and hotter, then wetter and wetter.

"Hey Kelly's sister, is Kelly home, we have a date tonight."

"Sister, ... ha, ha, ha." Peg giggles and giggles, her legs twist and turn,
then she settles her attention back to, "You must be Steve, Kelly's boy

"Oh' yeah, for sure, is Kelly home from college yet?"

"College?" asks Peg.

"Yeah! I know she's very busy working on her doctors degree, but I convinced
her that she needs to keep time open for fun."

"Fun?" Peg grabs Steve and pulls him inside, "Kelly's only fourteen, you are
too old for her, but I'm her older sister, and I have the time and need the
break from my doctor`s degree."

Peg pull his pants down, grabs him around his legs and shoves him down. Steve
watches as Peg straddles and sits atop him, pulling up on her top to reveal
her imprisoned breasts that firmly wiggle free as Steve instinctively grabs
his hands full of female flesh as Peg grips his now hard cock and settles her
hips atop the young mans cock and begins to bounce up and down, yelling "At
last I've found the fountain of youth."

Al is up stairs sound asleep with `BIG'UNS' magazines covering his body.

Meanwhile at the Rhoades

Kelly and Bud watch as Marcy and Steve clear the dinner table as Kelly
leans over and asks Bud, "What do you think their up to?"

"Something about teaching us something." replies Bud, continuing, "Marcy
and Mom have something planned for us, I heard mom telling Marcy something
about inside a cake and popping up naked in front of Steve."

Kelly closes her eyes to a slit, "So, the miss pissy Marcy has goodies in
her two shoes that she has sick ideas of doing naked things with cakes."

"Kelly, mom's going to help her." adds Bud.

"Now that is sick!" says Kelly as she leans over to Bud and whispers into his

Marcy comes back into the dinning room, explaining, "Steve has to go to work
tonight, so I'll finish our evening by playing games and showing you how to
play together as brother and sister." Marcy sits at the table, pulls out a
deck of cards.

Kelly's eyes widen as she recognizes the cards and immediately stands,
pulling her dress up and over her top, then standing naked as she plots her
dress onto the table, "There's my antie, I wish you would have said we were
going to play poker, I would have wore more."

"Kelly, put your dress back on, all poker isn't about strip poker,, besides
your making your brother embarrassed." says Marcy as she ogles Kelly's fine
lean body, wishing she had breasts as big as the fourteen year old.

"What's the matter Mrs Rhoades, afraid of loosing?" asks Kelly.

"Yeah Mrs Rhoades, afraid of a game of chance?" says Bud as he pulls his
shirt off and throws it onto the table.

Marcy is now mad and not willing to be outshined by Kelly or Bud, takes off
her sweater and throws it onto the table, "I'm calling your bluff little

Marcy deals the first hand, then as she discards some and redeals she bets,
Kelly pulls her shoes off and throws them onto the table; Bud stares at
Kelly's breasts, then studies his hands, then quickly takes his pants off
and throws them into the pile.

Marcy pulls her shoes off and places them onto the table, "I call you bet and
raise you shoes."

"Ha! my daddy sells shoes and that is nothing." retorts Kelly as she pulls
her socks off and throws them onto the table; following Kelly's moves Bud
pulls his pants off and throws in his bet.

Marcy throws down her cards, "Read'em and weep! little girl. Ace High Flush!"

"Shit!" complains Kelly as she slumps naked in her chair.

"Well, I guess it's just me and Bud; are you ready little man?" asks Marcy
as she shuffles the deck.

"Wait a pom-minit-too! I'm not out yet." complains Kelly as she waits for
Marcy to deal her hand.

"Kelly, your sitting naked in your chair, Bud has no pants on, ..." Marcy
looks down at Bud and notices, " ...and no shorts with a huge hard on: Bud
you have one big cock." Marcy re-gathers her composure, "Ah, you don't have
anything to bet Kelly, you should have worn more clothes."

"I do have things I can bet." replies Kelly as she sits erect in

"What have you got little girl?" asks Marcy as she thinks she has the little
Bundy juvenile cornered.

"My body! If you win this turn then you can do whatever you want to my body."
brags Kelly.

"Are you a virgin Kelly?" asks Marcy.

"Yes, I'm a good girl."

Marcy thinks to herself (Slut!)

Bud jumps in, "She's been a virgin since she was nine with her uncle."

"Shut-up Bud, you have warts!" warns Kelly.

Marcy drinks another sip from her wine as Bud and Kelly stand up; arguing
with each other; Kelly is Naked from head to foot and Marcy so desired to
lick the little virgin slut's cunt; and Bud, naked from the waist down had
a man sized cock that was ragging hard and smells of youth cum and hormones,
so delicious that she wanted to suck his cock and then have him to ride like
that mechanical bull at Hooters. Suddenly Marcy get dizzy and falls over
face down onto the table.

Kelly stares at Marcy's limp form, her face buried in the deck of cards, the
wine glass spilled and running off the table.

Bud looks at her then at Kelly, "The white stuff, must have been some sort
of knock out powder."

Kelly makes a face at Bud, "Can't be smart ass, I tasted the powder and it
didn't taste like ..."

Bud watches his sister as she sits down in her chair, her head leaning back,
her arms to her side as she has passed out; her breast giggled slightly as
Bud walks around and pokes her nipples with his fingers, then he finches each
one and watches in amazement as they harden quickly. Bud looks around at
Marcy who is now snoring, then he looks down at his hard-on, then at Kelly
bare snatch waiting between her relaxed legs. "Well, waste not want not." Bud
grips Kelly's butt checks and pulls her forward in the chair, then spreads
her legs wider as he pushes in close, directing his hard cock to Kelly's
little cunt, then he pushed hard into Kelly's pussy, feeling how hard and
tight his sister is, comments, "She was a virgin, but how does she do it
after all the fucking we do?"

Bud slowly shoves his cock deep into Kelly's pussy, feeling the heat and
tight muscles of her vagina as he continues to penetrate towards her womb,
then as he goes as far as he can, he withdraws his cock slowly, then he
slams it back into her, but this time faster and non-stop until his balls
slap against her legs, then Bud starts the `BUNDY JACK HAMMER' as he
rapidly continues to increase the rate and force of his penetrating slams
into his sisters tight snatch.

Kelly's cunt muscles tighten down on Buds meat shaft as he strains his
young buttock muscles as he pushes hard and fast into her tight cunt. Kelly
might be knocked out, but she feels the marvelous BUNDY COCK as she whines
in a low moaning whisper, "Oh Daddy, fuck me harder; Oh uncle Pete, shove
it in my ass, Oh, Oh, OOOH!" Kelly has an orgasm as Bud shoots a load of
sperm into her pussy.

Bud pulls his cock out, strokes it again and then shoots another load of
white jiz onto Kelly's bellie, he smears it with his hand, commenting, "No
sis, you'll wonder where the hair on your belly came from."

Bud turns his attention to Marcy, "Now let's see if she really is a girl."

Bud walks over and starts unbuttoning Marcy's dress up her back, then unsnaps
her bra, Bud thinking as he unsaps it, "Wow, she must have titties."

Bud pulls Marcy back up and allows her to lean against the back of her chair
as he pulls her dress down, followed shortly by her bra, discovering, "Oh
man! she barely as tits, I can cup them with my small hands." Bud cuts one
breast with his right hand and squeezes, "Hey, they feel nice; but not as
good as Kelly.

Bud quickly made his move as he pulls Marcy's dress down to her hips, then
strains as he lifts her up, allowing her dress to fall to the floor, then
he struggles to place her back onto the chair; Bud studies the scene, Marcy
leaning like Kelly in the chair, only thing is that Marcy had men's shorts
on. "Must be steve's shorts; or maybe he wears panties." Bud reaches across
the table and uses a knife to cut the panties off, leaving Marcy naked with
a full heavy bush of pubic hair. "Wow, she has a forest."

Bud spreads Marcy's legs and shoves his now hard cock into Marcy's hairy
cunt, commenting how easy his cock slid into the older woman's snatch, "Well,
so that's the difference between a virgin and a slut."

Bud started slamming fats and quick into Marcy, playing with her breast (as
little as they were), making her nipples large and hard then he felt himself
blow his load his knees went weak as he felt the rush shudder throughout his
body, then he felt a hand on his shoulder as he leaped over Marcy, his penis
went limp and popped as it slid out of Marcy's wet cunt.

Looking at who tapped his shoulder, Bud saw Kelly standing naked, sperm on
her belly and between her legs.

Kelly has her arms folded in anger, "You just had to fuck me didn't you, you
little, ... ah, perve! I kind'a would have liked to have enjoyed it, after
all, I missed my date tonight, now he's probably mad at me."

At the Bundy's

Steve (Kelly's date) is busy slamming his twelve inch cock into Peg's pussy
from the read, she braces herself doggy style as she fells his hot meaty
shaft slides in and out of her loves canal, his balls slamming her ass into
a black and blue patchwork of skin. Peg has sperm covering half her body
from their night of fucking, as she continues yelling, "Oh Al, fuck me baby,
fuck me to death!"

Steve mumbles as he drives his shaft hard into the older woman's cunt, "AL?"

Upstairs Al turns over, hugging his `Bigg`uns` magazines, mumbles his reply
to Peg's cries, "Not now Peg, "I'm with my girls."

Meanwhile at the Rhoades

Kelly, still nude, and Bud naked from the waist down, drag a naked Marcy
Rhoades over to an empty surprise party cake, maneuvering Marcy's naked body
into the cake, then they finish topping the cake and dress themselves. Kelly
studies the address: "Steve Rhoades, 1st National Bank Chicago. Kelly
replaces the card and readdresses the card to the Chicago Bulls Shower Room.
"There! now they will be happy and we get our revenge."

Kelly walks over to the phone and calls the number and tells the delivery
service, "Yes, the surprise party is tonight, not tomorrow as I had arranged,
you can add any additional cots onto my bill, thank you." Kelly hangs up and
smiles at Bud. "Come on little Budskie, we have a night free to have some
more fun, and Marcy will learn not to fool around with the Bundies."

The Chicago Bulls Shower Room

Marcy wakes up in the tiny spaces, she feels herself, and realizing that she
is naked, and assuming that Peg had kept her promise to ship her in the cake
to Steve's office, she starts singing.

Marcy, all naked, pops up out of the cake and yelling "Surprise Stevie, I
love you ..." Marcy looks around at all the naked males, some with towels,
some completely naked, some very large erect penis', some expanding and
going erect as they look at the naked Marcy Rhoades. "... all ... Oh my
god! look at the size of those cocks." Marcy feels arms grab her and lift
her from her cake, and before she can gasp for air, she feels two hard
cocks forcibly enter her cunt as she screams and cries in pain, and as she
adjust to the hard cocks inside her she feels another slam into her ass.

Marcy is held between three Chicago Bear players as they slam fuck her as
she screams loudly inside the sound proof dressing room of the Bulls, loud
music plays and drowns out her cries and screams as their cocks take on a
rhythmic slamming of cocks.



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