Married... With Children: Peggy's Secret Part 1
by Wilcox

Peggy Bundy stared at the front door as her husband Al left for another
night on the town with his drunken buddies. She could well have have been
the horniest person on the face of the earth. Al would only give it to her
once a year, except when he came home so drunk she was able to suck his
big cock to it's full glorious eleven inch length and then ride his passed
out body like a horny cowgirl competing in a barrel race at a rodeo.

It wasn't the best, but it was the best she could do... and his big cock
always got her off. Al was usually so out of it the next morning that he
washed off the evidence of her horny attack in the shower before he realized
that his privates were coated with his wife's dried femine emissions. He
never could figure out the satisfied smile on her face the morning after his
biggest binges and he could have cared less anyway.

She didn't understand it, she was still attractive. Her only answer was that
he was always at the strip club, he spent every dime he had traveling the
streets of Chicago leaving his marks at the clubs, she didn't think he was
cheating on her, though the thought had crossed her mind several times. Most
of the time the drunken gang he hung around with went to a seedy joint in a
desreputable part of town called the Jiggly Room.

Peg resigned herself to her fate and went up to her bedroom for another long
night alone in her big bed. She removed all of her clothes, getting ready for
bed and another lonely, sexually frustrating night. She pulled a nightgown
out of her dresser drawer, then caught sight of her naked body in the mirror
on her dresser. She looked down on herself and she liked what she saw. Her
breasts were still firm and looked like they belonged to one of the models
in those girlie magazines Al loved so much.

She kept herself in great shape and still had a flat tummy and the flairing
hips that showed off her sexy ass. Peggy didn't understand her husband Al's
lack of desire of her. Every man in the neighborhood, would have killed to
fuck her but her husband hated to.

Her frustration with Al ignoring her all the time pushed her over the edge
and as she looked at her lush naked body she decided to follow him and find
out what he was really up to when he stayed out all night until the wee
hours. "If there's another woman, I'm going to kill him," she vowed as she
went into the closet and pulled a box off the top shelf. Inside was a long
black haired wig.

She pulled out a sexy little dress and made herself up for a night on the
town. When she was ready, she admired the hot sexy looking dark haired woman
staring back at her in the mirror. "He'll never recognise me like this," she
told herself as she pushed her big tits in and up so that they were popping
out the top of her low cut outfit.

She went down to the Jiggly Room and quietly slipped into a seat at the bar
near the door. She ordered a drink and scanned the smoke filled room until
she spotted Al and his cronies sitting at a table near the long ramp where
one of the practically nude strippers was gyrating. All that kept her from
being totally naked was a tiny G-string and a couple of pasties over her
nipples. The girl had tassels on her pasties and was undulating her upper
body so that her big tits rolled provocatively, the tassles rotating around
like a pair of propellers as the guys hooted and hollered.

The muscular black manager came out of his office and spotted her sitting at
the end of bar as she checked out what Al was doing. "Man," he thought as he
sized up her full figured body. "That's one hot looking lady." He slid up
next to her and called for the bartender to give her another drink on the

Peg didn't want to cause a scene that would attract her drunked husband's
attention, so she accepted the drink and made small talk with the learing
manager as she glanced over his shoulder towards the front of the room. He
assumed that she was watching the stipper and after a few minutes of oogling
her big tits he asked, "Baby, are you a pro? We could use a girl with a body
like yours around here."

Not quite knowing what he meant, she told him yes and was surprised when he
offered her an audition for a job as a dancer at the club. She thought about
it for a minute. She wasn't used to drinking and the strong alcohol was
making her feel really loose as she decided that it would be a perfect cover
to keep an eye on Al, as well as a way to fill her lonely nights. Then her
eyes lit up at the mention of the money a girl with a body like her's could

"OK," she told the hulking black man as he undressed her with his eyes. "What
do I have to do to get the job?"

"What name do you go by sweetcakes?" he asked as he took her by the arm and
led her back to his office. She was taken aback as she realized that she
couldn't use her real name and blurted out, "Jasmine." She'd thought about
the sexy cartoon caracter in the Disney movie and then smiled and said, "Yes,
my name is Jasmine." Instantly Peg's drunken mind filled with the exotic
creation of the mysterious persona Jasmine. "MMMMM, I can wear a purple belly
dancer outfit with a veil. That along with my black wig and none of the guys,
including Al will know that it was really me dancing for them."

The huge black man led her back into his office and locked the door behind
him as he stared at her firm meaty ass wiggling before him. "Please sit down
Jasmine," he told her as he slid into the chair behind his big desk. "My name
is Deon," he told the inexperience housewife, "and to work for me you have to
pass a little test."

"I'll do anything you want... what kind of test are we talking about?" Peg
said expectantly as she drunkenly leaned towards him, her huge titties
straining the top of her tight low cut dress.

Deon lit a cigarette, then placed his hands behind his hands and leaned back
in his chair. He was staring at Peg's big half-exposed breasts as he said,
"Take off your dress so I can see the merchandise, sweetcheeks."

Peg looked at the big black manager of the strip club and noticed the huge
bulge extending half-way down his tightly stretched pants. The implication
hit her like a ton of bricks. Her mind became flooded with conficting
arguments as she felt her long neglected pussy begin to get all warm and
squishy at the thought of taking a big black cock for the first time in her

Peg made her decision and stood up with a big smile plastered across her full
pouty lips as she stepped out of her dress. As she got down to her thong and
bra she didn't see Deon hit the record button mounted under his desk. The
button controlled a hidden video camera situated behind him that could view
the entire office.

"Pull your tits over the top of your bra honey," he told her.

Peg did as she was instructed.

"Now get over here in front of me on your hands and knees and pull out my
cock," he commanded her.

Peg slowly moved around the desk and knelt before him. She licked her lips in
anticipation as she unzipped his pants and pulled his huge cock out. She let
out a deep sigh as she looked at his massive black cock. It was close to
twelve inches long, all covered with thick protruding veins and was as thick
as a cucumber.

"Suck it Honey," he told her. "Suck it if you want to work for me and make
lots of money."

Peg reached out and took the huge column of black love muscle into her small
hands and began to loving stroke his massive dick as he smiled down at her.
After a few minutes she leaned forward and licked the wide head, capturing a
thick drop of pre-cum that had peeked out of it's one big eye at her. She
loved the taste and worked her tongue up and down Deon's thick shaft,
covering every inch with her slick saliva. She took his heavy balls into her
mouth and sucked them as she looked him in the eyes, then slowly dragged her
tongue back up to the crown and took him into her mouth.

Peg started to give him the blow job of her life. She sucked and jerked him
in perfect rhythm as if her life depended on it. She sucked him for several
minutes like this, bobbing her head over his big joint, taking him as deeply
as she could and then he reached down so that he could play with her big full
tits while she worked the head of his cock over with her tongue.

Deon liked what he saw. She looked so damn sexy and insatiable there on her
knees with her head bobbing up and down on his big black cock while her firm
round ass poked out behind her. He unhooked her bra and told her, "Now ride
my cock honey, I want you to suck my dick with your pussy now."

He grabbed her by the upper arms, stood her up and pulled her thong down her
legs. She stepped out of it and he pulled her to him, face to face onto his
lap. Her knees bent and she slid in on each side of his legs. Her lush body
moved closer to him. Her tight little pussy slid closer to his huge black
cock as Peg straddled him.

The black strip club manager aimed his huge black cock for her juicy slit and
began to lower her onto his massive erection. He continued until the wide
head of his cock was nudged snugly between her tight lips. Peg whimpered
softly as she slowly slid down his foot long cunt stretcher.

"AAAHHHHHHHH! GOODDDDDD!!!" she moaned. His cock was so big and thick that
her cuntal sheath was streached taunt. "OH GAWD!" she let out when the base
of his cock touched her pelvis bone.

Peg was leaning backward, moaning softly in her chest and her heavy breathing
was causing her full melon breasts to move up and down. Deon look at those
beautiful tits rising and falling and smiled lustfully. He loved tits,
especially big firm white ones.

He pulled Peg to him and buried his head in her tits. He took the right
nipple and one third of the full white breast into his mouth and started
sucking. He nibbled on her nipple and felt it get longer in his mouth. Then
went over to the left tit for a similar feast. While doing this, his hands
slid from her waist down to grab her firm ass cheeks, taking a handful of
hot firm flesh in each hand.

"Ahhh...GODDD. to meeee?" she moaned loudly. She was
loving it while the huge black man played with her tits and ass, while the
biggest cock she ever taken was buried to the hilt deep inside of her. Peg
started moving up and down. Fucking herself on the strip club manager's long
thick black horsecock in total abandon.

He continued to play with her nipples and cup her tits as she rode him,
stroking him with even slow up and down motions of her rolling hips. His
hungry mouth worked all over them and he suckled her full tits as she rode
his long thick black cock. "Tell me what my cock feels like in you," he

"OHHH baby, it feels so gooddd," she moaned as she started grinding her
pussy on his massive cock, riding him now like she had done this her whole
life. She was moaning really loud now. He grabbed the back of her head,
pulled her mouth to his, jammed his tongue into her mouth and she sucked on
it like it was his cock again. She was groaning loudly into his mouth when
she came.

Peg went nuts as her tingling body was flooding with her gushing climax.
She was screaming and clawing at the big black stud like she was insane. He
wrapped his arms tightly around her torso so she wouldn't slip off, pressing
her breasts into his chest. He pumped as hard as he could, giving himself as
much pleasure as he could in the wild white woman's spasming little snatch.

When her climax was finished, Peg went limp in the big black man's arms.
She was barely conscious as he stood while still holding her up on his fully
embedded prong. He lifted her off of his dick and turned her around. He
pushed her forward so that so was lying on top of his desk with her arms and
head on the desk, and cute little ass in the air.

He moved up behind her, took his huge cock in his hand and rubbed it all over
Peg's heavenly globes in front of him, feeling their warmth. Then, with the
other hand, he separated them and placed his cock on the now exposed, and
dripping little slit. He wrapped his hands around Peg's trim waist, and
shoved hard, burying himself again into Al Bundy's sexually frustrated wife,
but this time she just gently mewed and wiggled her ass back to meet his
demanding erection.

He fucked her doggystyle as she bent over his desk, giving himself a mind
blowing view of his big black cock going into her lush white body from
behind. He could see his heavy balls slapping against her round ass as she
moaned, "OH GAWD! fuck me... fuck me... fuck me!" She began panting deeply
from the forceful pounding he was giving her. Deon fucked her with long even
strokes for about 15 long hard minutes. During that time she came hard twice,
screaming her head off in ecstacy as waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over

The huge black man just kept ruthlessly fucking her, every hard thrust
lifting her up on her toes, just staring down at Peg's wildly undulating
backside as his massive black twelve inch dick kept disappearing and
reappearing, glistening and slick with the white woman's cum.

Her body was tossed back and forth by his tremendously forceful fucking. Her
arms flailing out in front of her, her weight seemed to be centered on her
tits, her body pivoting back and forth on the flattened globes, helpless
against the onslaught of his immense shaft. "Easy. EASY!" she cried out as,
however impossible, the big black man slammed into her even harder.

Deon began to grunt each time his hips shot forward, his hands on Peg's hips,
bringing her back into him with deliberate force, his sweat running from his
brow, trickling down off his chin to splash on Peg's wiggling bottom.

Her moans became higher pitched once more as the strip club manager continued
to batter her insides. Then he pulled his big goo covered cock out of Peg's
sopping wet pussy and slid it up to her tiny puckered asshole. The huge black
man slid his rock hard cockhead over the entrance to her ass as he said, "I'm
going to give you your final exam now baby. You said you'd do anything to get
this job. Now didn't you say that sweetcheeks?"

Realizing what was happening, Peg drunken pleaded "No, don't, please no...
I've never had it back there before! Your to biggggg!"

He pushed his cockhead between her georgeous buns and nuzzled it in against
her tiny anus as Peg whimpered. He slid his cock down her crack and into her
cunt quickly, making her groan at the sudden massive invasion. He pumped
her for a minute, then pulled out and pushed his cockhead back between her
lucious buttocks to her tight, puckered sphincter. Peg whimpered again as
the big black strip club manager's huge cockhead throbbed at her virgin anus.

"There's always a first time for everything baby. You should be careful what
you ask for, cause you just may get it," he grunted as he pulled her hips
back to him.

Her tiny anus caved inward and yielded under the pressure as he flexed his
buttocks and rammed his hips forward. His massive black cockhead popped into
her rear channel and deep up her virgin asshole as Peg's head jerked up and
her face contorted in a savage grimace of pain.

The man's right hand covered her mouth. "Aieeeeeeeeeeee... " came the muffled
scream as the thick black cock rammed forward without mercy. Lucky that her
mouth was covered or her screams would have been heard all the way to the
club's main room.

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

"Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" the black strip club manager gasped, gritting his
teeth, his fingers now digging into the softness of her creamy buttocks, his
head flung back as he flexed his buttocks and ground his hips forward.

His cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight little asshole. Peg's
fingers tightened into a fist and her face creased in pain. Then, incredibly
to her, the pain changed in nature and his cock felt incredibly good in her
anus, hot and hard, searing inexorably inward.

Deeper and deeper it went, and he groaned, burying the enormity of his long
thick black horsecock all the way up her tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly
to her buttocks. He looked down at her quivering body and told her, "You've
got a nice tight little asshole baby. It feels so good! You and me are going
to make some beautiful music together! OHHH MANN, what a fantastic ass!"

She whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch as he pistoned
deeply within her. He gasped, running his hands down her body to squeeze her
breasts as he sodomized Peg slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His cock grinding
in and out of her tiny anus, glistening and gleaming with their juices.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep
rut, whimpering loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame Deon's passion
and made for a truly great highlight on the porno film he was making of their
illicit coupling.

Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and
bouncing as he moaned thickly, "Ohfuck ..ohfuck ..ohfuck ..ohhhhuhhhh yeh
..Oh yeh c'mon baby ..take it take it baby ..take it!" he gasped, his chest

"Yes uhhh yes uhhh ohmauhhhh yes uhhh ohyes oh yes do it," Peg moaned in
complete submission. "Fuck me! Fuck my ass, stud... fuck my ass... give it
to me lover... fuck my ass... c'mon, fuck it hard, you big black stud! Fuck
me up the ass ..ooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh!"

His mouth hanging open, panting and gasping like a wild animal, Deon hammered
her up the ass as hard and deep as he could. Peg cried out in lusty pleasure,
lurching and jerking her wiggling buns back to him as he ram fucked her tight
little asshole furiously, hammering his hips at her buttocks, reaming his
cock deep into her tauntly streached anus.

Suddenly, he hammered it even harder, his hungry hips slamming her into the
edge of the desk as he drilled her anus, skewering it heavily, going in
deep and sodomizing her like a wild barbarian taking a captured wife after
plundering her village. Her dead husband's body laying beside her as she was
claimed by her husband's conqueror.

Peg exploded, her fingers grasping at the edge of Deon's big desk as a tidal
wave of monsterous proportions washed over her and swept her out to float on
an ogasmic ocean. The huge black strip club manager sensed her super intense
orgasm and slid out of her anus and slammed his full twelve thick inches of
ravaging black meat up to the hilt in her spasming cunt and fucked her

Peg whimpered and cried out in unadulterated joy, "OHHHH MMMYYYYYY
GODDDDDDDD," and began to writhe and twist under his fierce assault. Deon
stood still and held her wildly wriggling butt tightly against his hungry
loins, his big dick buried as deeply as possible. He threw his head back
and groaned loudly as he got his rocks off, his mouth wide open.

Suddenly, he lurched out of her cunt and again drilled her anus, skewering
it heavily, going in deep and filling it with hot potent cum. After a couple
of minutes he withdrew from Al Bundy's still moaning, quivering wife bent
over his desk in front of him.

Then he sat back in his chair as Peg rolled off the desk and knelt between
his legs. He moved his big black hands over her hot sweaty white body and
rolled and pinched her nipples while she expertly sucked him off and cleaned
up every gooing drop of their mating until his big black dick was shiny

"OK baby," he smiled at Peg as she looked up at him with big doe like eyes
from between his legs. "You got an A on your final exam. Your one hot lady.
Your the best piece of ass I've had in a long long time. The job is yours.
You can start tomorrow. Now get your clothes back on and get your sweet
little ass out of here. I've got a club to run."

Peg got dressed and slipped back out to the main room. She looked towards
the stage area and saw that Al and his drunked buddies were still sitting
there, hooting at a stripper as she wiggled erotically before them. 'MMM,
tomorrow, that will be me... and I just know those fools won't recognise me.'

She squeezed her thighs together as she felt the black strip club manager's
thick jism seeping out of her well used cunt and asshole. I can't believe how
turned on I got, she thought. "I was a little scared and humiliated at first
but after Deon started breaking my pussy down with that incredible black
horsecock of his I got so turned on Al could have walked in and I wouldn't
have cared. Even when he fucked me up the ass, once I got used to it that
is," she smiled to herself.

Peg got up from her seat at the bar and headed home, knowing that she would
start her secret life the next day as the mysterious Jasmine, an exotic
dancer at the Jiggly Room. She would make extra money that Al would never
find out about while she kept tabs on him at the same time. "MMMMMMM and if
I'm lucky maybe Deon will take me into his office for a pop quiz," she
thought. "Oh yeah, a pop my ass quiz. That, I could get real used to," she
thought as a huge smile took over her face.

She was right as the next night she rushed down to the Jiggly Room as soon as
Al left the house for his nighttime prowl and turned herself into the slave
girl Jasmine. She was a big hit and recieved a ton of tips, even from her
unknowing husband. She even put on a command performance in Deon's office,
spreading herself face down over his desk so that he could again ravage her
cunt and asshole with his massive black horsecock.

Al got so worked up seeing her in action as Jasmine, that he even rushed home
to have sex with his wife when the bar closed. Peg returned home ahead of him
in plenty of time to be waiting in bed for his return. He pounded her all
night long in a horny display of unbriddled lust that we hadn't showed since
their honeymoon.

She loved it as her permanetly horny body was finally being satisfied to
fulfill her wildest dreams. Two big insatiable cocks were her's now and she
was going to use them to finally scrach her deep rooted itch for raw hot sex.

She loved the extra money and the attention Al was showing her at home, not
to mention the sessions in Deon's office, so she continued working as Jasmine
and eventually got propositioned into doing a stag party for Al and his
buddies. The boys got really drunk and they threw in extra money for her to
do them all. Peg did and they never did find out who it was they gangbanged
all night long... but that story will be told at a later time.


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