Married... With Children: The Thunderstorm In Al's Bed (M/f,inc)

It was Al Bundy's bowling night, his escape from his witch of a wife Peg for
a night out with the guys. After the league matches finished for the night
they would all go over to the topless strip club and pound down the brews as
they ogled the half naked woman.

It was a drunken evening of hot horny fun for Al. Doubly so because Peg would
always be sound asleep when he returned, knocked out for the night by the
booze and sleeping pills she felt she had to take to get to sleep.

This was the only time Al would be in the mood to fuck his sarcastic, good
for nothing wife and he occasionally would ravage her in a drunken stupor,
his actions controlled by his smaller head, the one that only wanted to fuck.
In this mood he could do her for hours and not have to put up with her shit.
She never remembered a thing in the morning.

Al made it home and staggered upstairs to find the nightmare of his life out
cold as always. He stripped down and climbed into bed naked. It was just too
damn hot to fuck her and he was too drunk to care, maybe later he thought as
he drifted off to sleep.

A couple of hours later Al's beautiful bimbo daughter Kelly staggered in. She
was dead tired when she got home, she stripped and fell into bed stark naked.
The large amount of beer and pot she'd partaken of had her out like a light
before she hit the bed.

During the night a huge thunderstorm rolled over the quiet neighborhood with
brillient flashes of white hot light and rolling crashes of thunder that
shook the house. Kelly had an incredible fear of these powerful storms and
this one woke her with a start. As a small girl she'd always dash off to Mom
and Dad's bedroom at a time like this and climb into bed with them.

In her deminished capacity to think straight she reverted to her childhood
reaction and got up, ran down to her parents bedroom and climbed into thier
bed stark naked. She felt safe and warm as she snuggled her lucious butt back
against father's strong body and fell back asleep.

Some time in the middle of the night, Al woke to find his long hard cock
nested between two hot legs. Apparently his cock had grown to it's full ten
inch length and worked its way in between Peg's legs. They were in a spoon
position, she'd snuggled her backside in tight against him and had captured
his big dick in her sleep as it rose in reaction.

That boner was too big to ignore, even if it was his ball and chain of a wife
and it was getting bigger and bigger, begging to fuck the cunt it had smelled
out. When he was drunk was the only time Peg ever got any, though she never
knew it.

He started to thrust gently into the warm cleft of soft flesh, but that was
not going to satisfy his horny cock. Grabbing his thick shaft by the base, he
searched for the pussy entrance. He found it but it was too dry to
accommodate his penetration. Al used his right hand to tickle the guarding
clit into waking up and juicing the dormant pussy. Soon he was able to thrust
his big cock gently into the moistening slit.

The booze and long hours staring at the lush ripe bodies of the stippers
earlier in the evening had him in a prime horn dog mood. When he was this way
even the crack of dawn was in trouble.

A soft groan and a little shift of her hips to allow for easier penetration
met the advance of his hard cock into the awakening pussy. Al started pumping
gently as he played with the stiff clit, trying not to make noise, but soon
his sleeping partner was panting softly and thrusting her ass back into him.
Al reached around and squeezed her big full tits, then returned to her clit.
Soon she stiffened and came, drenching his hard shaft.

Al pulled out, rolled her onto her stomach, spread her legs apart and started
to lick her asshole while fingering her wet pussy. In time, Al had Peg's
asshole wet and ready and he got up over her and slowly fed it his long thick
cock until it'd swallowed all ten inches into its hot tightness.

He thrust very gently until her rectum got used to his massive cock, then Al
started to pump her deeply but slowly to keep the noise in control so they
didn't wake the kids. She grunted and humped her ass back as Al fingered her
wet pussy.

Her happy pussy twitched in orgasm and her asshole spasmed around Al's long
thick deep pumping cock, but his cock still needed more. He diddled her
gushing pussy and pumped her glove tight asshole throughout her orgasm.

Al fucked her gently until she recovered. Then they were back at it thrusting
into each other like savages, threatening to awaken the neighbors. He lifted
her by the hips and fucked her doggie style hard and deep up the ass. His
dick was in total control of his drunked mind now.

After a couple of minutes he began a long slow stroking action, marveling at
the exquist grip of her tight little asshole. Peg's shitter felt as tight as
it did the first time he'd fucked it over twenty years ago. He increased the
motion of his hungry hips, picking up speed and power until he was fucking
her even harder and deeper up the ass, plundering the tight little asshole as
she moaned and sobbed in drunken delight.

He sodomized her hard and deep, filling her glove tight asshole with his
massive piledriving horsecock, pounding his ten inch dick all the way to the
hilt up her ass for a good half hour before her sweet shitter milked a huge
lode out of his massive horsecock. Her spasming rectum milked his heavy balls
dry, then they fell foward onto the bed.

They both relaxed and panted for air, Al on top of her. With his cock still
buried in her cum-filled ass, Al sidled her hair and kissed her on the cheek.

"Peg, when did you have a hair cut?" he whispered.

"Daddy, I'm not Mom," she whispered. "I'm Kelly."

"What?" Al shouted voicelessly as he looked over at the silhouette lying next
to them with Peg's long red hair. He felt his heart stop in his chest. "Why'd
you let me do this to you pumpkin?"

"When I woke up, you were already fucking me Daddy and it was too good to
stop," she whispered.

"What are we going to do now?" he asked.

"First pull your big cock out of my ass," she slurred drunkenly, still sky
high from all the beer and pot she'd had earlier in the evening. "I'll lick
it clean for you, then you can fuck me again."

Al pulled his cock out of her marvelous ass and rolled onto his back. She
rolled up over his loins and cleaned his cock dutifully with her tongue,
bringing it back to full erection as she sucked it deep down her throat.

Al was again rock hard, drunk and horny were a bad combination for him to
deal with. All he wanted to do was fuck, he needed a warm wet pussy to bury
his big dick into and at this point it didn't matter whose, besides he'd
already fucked Kelly, so what did it matter if he did her again. In for a
penny, in for a pound was the old saying.

Al grabbed his sexy little daughter and flipped her onto her hands and knees.
She trembled as her huge drunken father moved up close behind her upraised
little ass. She was his for the taking and he intended to make the most of
his opportunity to fuck her.

He ploped his huge dick in the crack of her georgeous little ass. He was
enjoying himself emmensely, sliding it in between her firm cheeks as he drank
in the incredible sight of his sexy little girl's perfect ass caressing his
big hard on as his thick cum oozed out of her freshly sodomized asshole.

His little pumpkin was offering her sweet pussy to him. "What an ass," he
said. "Kelly girl, you're gonna know you've been fucked tonight. Fucked by a
real man with a long thick cunt streaching dick."

He positioned his cock at the threshold to her opening and rubbed it against
her moist slit. He fit it in and buried a couple of inches, streaching her
wider than she'd ever been streatched before this incestious night. He toyed
with her by holding his thick cock just inside of her spasming pussy and
watching her sweet ass begin to wiggle and push back for more.

She couldn't help herself from wiggling, wanting more of his oversized
intruder buried up deep inside of her. After a few minutes she let out a low
moan as he finally rammed his big cock home in one searing stroke, buring his
ten long thick inches to the hilt.

He began pumping vigorously in and out of his young blonde daughter using
long powerful strokes that left just his big head inside of her, followed by
a forward thrust that buried his big cock to his heavy sperm filled balls. He
was fucking her so deep that his cock was ramming into and through her cervex
on ever stroke.

"This is nice, very nice! You've got a nice tight pussy pumpkin!" Al
exclaimed as he powered it to her hard and deep.

Kelly was in fuck heaven. Al had her hips locked in his strong hands and was
pounding his huge monster cock in and out of her like a conquering barbarian.
She was amazed at how big it felt inside her. He was fucking her in virgin
territory, much much deeper than any of her boyfriend's could ever hope to
reach. She spread her legs wider, put her head and shoulders down on the bed
and let him use her to satisfy his raging lust.

After several minutes she fell over on her side and Al's cock slipped out. He
took up a new position by the pretty blonde girl's side. He raised the leg
closest to him, stuck his big cock into her from the side and resumed pumping
while he fondled and suckled her full thrusting tits.

Al stopped playing with her tits and reached down to her pussy. He quickly
located Kelly's clit and started to apply expert strokes designed to please
her. His young daughter immediately reacted with soft whimpers and moans. She
could feel her body tingle all over, and started to buck her hips in response
to the stimulation. She had never been touched like this before and it sent
wild waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She found herself totally
enjoying her Daddy's masterful fucking.

Before long Kelly was lost in an overwelming climax. Her body tensed then
shook and shivered as the wild waves of erotic pleasure reached their
ultimate zenith. She breathed hard, harder than ever before in her life,
and suddenly lost all self-control.

"Yes! Oh Daddy Yes! Oh fuck me Daddy! Fuck me hard and deep!" The young
blonde haired girl blurted out spontaneously during the heat of her orgasm.

Obviously pleased with this turn of events, Al stepped it up a bit pumping
harder and stroking faster. "You like this don't you pumpkin. Same as your
Mother. You like getting your clit rubbed while being fucked from the side.
You like it don't you?"

"Yes! Yes don't stop, faster, fuck me faster Daddy!" She answered

She was lying there facing the window with Al on the far side and her Mother
Peg curled up and snoring quietly behind her furiously fucking Father. Al had
his arm under her knee as he held her leg high to get room for his massive
cock to access her loudly squishing little cunt. He was pounding his huge
cock in and out of Kelly while he vigorously rubbed the front of her curly
blonde slit.

Kelly's full thrusting tits bounced and shook violently as he hammered her,
his mouth slipping down and sucking on her heaving nipples. Sweat poured off
the both of them as they wildly bucked their hips. Kelly was pounding back at
Al's long thick horsecock with increasing enthusiasm.

Soon Al's body tensed and he slowed down the pace. "Oh Baby I'm cumming, I'm
cumming for you Kelly, oh yeah!" She smiled a half smile half smirk as her
Father filled her with his seed. The pumping slowed way down and eventually
stopped. His long cock slipped out as Al rolled over onto his back still
breathing heavily.

Both of them lay there for a moment in silence, then she rolled over and
began licking and kissing his huge cum dreanched softening horsecock,
capturing and gobbling down every delicious drop she could find. Little did
she know what the consequences of breathing life back into his insatiable
prick would bring her.

To Kelly's great surprise it again grew long and hard. Al rolled up on top of
her and spread her long sexy legs wide apart. In a flash he had her legs up
over his broad shoulders and his again rock hard cock buried to the hilt in
her cum filled little cunt. He began to pound her wide open pussy with long
deep strokes that again had her begging him for more.

On and on, for close to forty minutes he rode Kelly through a long string of
super intense orgasms. The sounds of thier fucking was incredible, the
headboard slaming off the wall, the bedsprings squealing, Kelly's juicy, cock
stuffed, pussy squishing loudly, the slap of hot sweaty bodys slamming
together, the wailing moans and heavy breathing. It was loud enough to wake
the neighbors, if it weren't for the covering sounds of the huge thunderstorm
raging outside and through it all Peg remained beside them in her drunken
comitose state.

"Oh baby, your tight little pussy feels so good milking my big dick. Face it
little girl, deep down you wanted me to fuck you or you wouldn't have climbed
into my bed stark naked and rubbed your sweet little ass against my sleeping
dick," he told her.

She knew he was right, she couldn't resist his long thick horsecock when
she'd first felt it push against her and had reached back, pulled it between
her legs and humped against it until he took over. She screamed as she felt
his fully embedded horsecock explode and pump her penetrated cervex full of
his potent sperm one more time.

They collapsed and Al rolled off of her ravaged young body. They laid side by
side kissing and fondling each other for a while, then Al gave her a slap on
the ass and told her to go back to her own bed before her Mother woke up and
caught them.


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