Married With Children: Tranny Surprise (MMFFf,inc,herm,bond,magic,nc-cons)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The Bundy House...

Tonight, the men were gone. Al and Jefferson and even Bud had gone for a
guy's night out. They left the women all alone. Peg Bundy, a tall, foxy
redheaded woman in her late thirties. Her friend Marcy Darcy, a cute,
slightly tomboyish woman with short lightish brown hair and alert eyes.
And Peg's bubble-head daughter Kelly. The three women were at home, with
nothing to do.

Kelly was in her room, talking on the phone with her newest boyfriend, Jason
Cornell of the high school basketball team. Marcy and Peg sat on the couch
(As usual!), watching a movie. Tonight, Braveheart was on cable. The two
women watched as the heroic Scotsman lead hundreds of his fellow countrymen
on the field of battle. "They may take our lives, but they can never take
our freedom," said the Hero.

Peg watched the actor Mel Gibson on the screen with a dreamy look in her
eyes. He reminded her of Al, after a fashion. Once, Al had been a virile
man with long hair. He was also an athlete. That was the man she fell in
love with. But now, he had changed into a bitter, funny-looking, cynical
bastard who never touched his wife. She so wanted her husband to be her
man again. Once, they had passion. "If only Al could be like a true Scot,"
sighed Peg.

"I hear ya," said Marcy as she looked at the man on screen. She loved
Jefferson and he satisfied her in bed but she felt that there was a whole
side to him that she knew nothing about. He was handsome and all, funny and
cool most of the time. If it wasn't for Al's influence on him, he would be
the perfect husband. Al had this macho thing going on and Jefferson was
pancho to his don quixote. The other guys too. Jefferson was so... pampered.
If he wasn't such a stud in bed, she would have thought he was a Nancy boy.
But any man who made Marcy Darcy see stars in bed couldn't be a Pansy.

"I want Mel Gibson," said Peg. She smiled as she looked at the actor's behind
when he charged his opponents on screen.

"I want to be him," said Marcy, absentmindedly.

Peg glared at her friend. "What?"

Marcy looked at Peg and hesitated. She wanted to tell the truth but couldn't
risk losing Peg as a friend. What she had in mind even Peg would find weird.
She held Peg's hand and, looking into her friend's eyes, she told her her
secrets. Peg listened as Marcy bared her soul. She confessed how she felt
different from other girls since she was little. She loved boys, but she also
wanted to be one. The boys she dated usually wanted her to act girly and that
wasn't possible. She just didn't feel comfortable wearing makeup and stuff.
Her friends were the guys. She loved playing football and soccer. She was
quite strong for a girl, too. She had given up on finding the right guy until
she met Jefferson. He was cool and accepted her as she was and didn't feel
threatened by her.

After falling in love with Jefferson, Marcy Darcy met Peg, who became her
best friend and to date, the only female friend she ever had. Marcy kept
fighting something inside of her. She wanted to She fought the
urge inside of her. When she made love to Jefferson, she was always on top.
She loved holding his cock and often wondered what it would be like to have
one of her own. She secretly rented porn videos. Jefferson had a fantasy of
watching her with another girl. The thought of being with a girl sickened
Marcy Darcy to the very core of her was unthinkable. She watched
men on the street and wanted so much to be like them. She loathed her body
and her femininity. She dreamed of having hard muscles, a washboard stomach,
facial hair and a hard cock. In short, Marcy Darcy wanted to be a Man.

Peg could not believe her ears. She had known Marcy for years and hadn't
known how her friend felt. She held Marcy and reassured her.

"It's okay?" asked Marcy. "You don't think I'm freaky?"

"Of course not," said Peg. Peg confessed that more than once she wondered
how the other half lived. To be a man. She wondered what it would be like to
be stocked with arrogant confidence, power and an insatiable lust. She knew
there had to be more to being a man than that. She had met men who were
caring and sweet... and straight. She wondered what it would be like to be
one of them. She listened to Marcy as the other woman explained her plight.

Marcy went home and soon came back with a strange box. The Box was bright
red, square and there were weird inscriptions on the surface.

"What is it?" asked Peg.

Marcy explained that once, in a chinese market, she met a strange woman who
said that the Box had the answers to all her problems. Marcy felt so relieved
to have confessed to Peg that she decided to tell her about the one thing she
kept from everyone else. The Wishing Box.

"It's probably a gag," said Marcy. "But I'd like to see it."

Peg smiled. "So would I," said Peg.

The two women opened the box and looked at the contents. Inside was such a
bright light that they were temporarily blinded. They dropped the box and
screamed. Then the light vanished and the women found themselves staring at
an empty Box.

"I knew it was a gag," said Marcy.

"Yeah, bummer," said Peg. "Scared the hell out of me, though."

Both women laughed at their own foolishness. Peg excused herself and went to
the bathroom.

Marcy Darcy flipped the channels. She stopped at a movie station. They were
giving some gay teen movie. Her favorite kind. She forgot the name of the
movie but it was about a boy named Stephen. He was a skinny white preppy at
a religious school and in love with another boy. A tall, lean and muscular
lad named John Dixon. In the movie, he was a popular jock whose bi-sexual
side was awakened when he met closeted geek Stephen Carter.

She watched the movie. The boys were sitting down in a clearing in the woods,
talking. Lovers. Marcy smiled. The actors on screen were handsome lads. She
wanted not only to fuck them, but to become one of them and fuck the other.
Talk about weird. She was still congratulating herself on confessing her
transgender fantasies to her friend Peg when she heard a shrill scream coming
from the bathroom.


Marcy rushed. It was Peg. She rushed into the bathroom. It was Peg alright.
The woman was standing there, looking very shocked. Her skirt was lowered
to her ankles and she had been getting ready to take a piss when she saw
something that did not quite belong. Marcy gasped. She looked at Peg, her
eyes staring. Where Peg's pussy should be was a cock. A massive cock! Peg
looked at Marcy with very frightened eyes. She was as shocked as Marcy was.

"Peg!" said Marcy. "You've got a dick!"

Peg seemed on the verge of collapsing. It was Marcy who helped her readjust
herself and come out of the bathroom. She took the shocked Peg to the couch.
Her mind raced. How did that happen? She knew Peg. She had seen Peg naked
more than once and she knew Peg wasn't a shemale. Peg was a regular woman
just like her. Well, not exactly like her but an honest to goodness genetic

"I have a dick," Peg kept repeating. Marcy kept trying to reassure her...or
was it Him now? Truth is, Marcy didn't know what to say. "It had to be the
Box," suddenly said Peg. "It changed me....turned me into this."

Marcy gasped. "Of course," she said.

That had to be it. The Box and its magic had somehow changed Peg. She'd gone
from female to shemale. If that were true...

"Check yourself," said Peg.

Marcy felt strange, but she dropped her pants in front of her best friend.
She took off the boxers she wore under there, then her panties. She gasped.
Whatever had changed Peg had affected her too... she was now a shemale. One
with a huge cock!!!

"We're doomed," sighed Peg.

Marcy looked at her newly acquired member. It was a big cock. Easily ten
inches long and more than two inches thick. It was hard and veiny. One of
the biggest she had ever seen. She had her own cock, and it was bigger than
her husband's! Peg kept complaining about how was she supposed to live with
such a thing and how this was gonna affect her life. Marcy didn't really
listen. She was stroking her cock, watching her hand go up and down on it.
No wonder Jefferson felt so powerful... the thing was amazing!

"I am a freak," said Peg.

"Shut up," said Marcy. She smiled. This was a dream come true and while she
didn't know how or why it happened, she wasnt gonna let a stupid little bitch
like Peg Bundy spoil it. She sat there, thinking. How many times she wondered
what it was like to be a man. She wanted to have a cock. She felt so happy
she wanted to cry, and Peg was whining!

Presently, Peg was starting to blame Al for this. Marcy rolled her eyes.
She was beginning to understand why Al wouldn't touch Peg anymore. She was
unpleasant. Very. And such a whiner. Marcy smiled. A whiner with a weiner!
She wanted Jefferson to be there to see this... wait a minute! Jefferson?
How was he gonna react to this? His wife had a Cock!

Marcy went to Peg and reassured her. "We'll be okay," she said. "We're still
chicks... only we have big dicks!" she smiled.

Peg finally smiled. "I want Al to suffer, Marcy."

Marcy shrugged. The poor guy was married to Peg, wasn't that enough pain for
any man to bear? She kept her thoughts to herself, of course. "Yeah, fuck
Al!" said Marcy, with more enthusiasm than she felt.

Something in Peg's eyes glowed. A nasty spark. It almost frightened Marcy
Darcy. She had seen it in convicted killers. Raw hatred and a burning desire
for revenge. "I want Al to suffer," said Peg Bundy. "I want to fuck his ass!"

Marcy shrugged. If that would stop her whining...

All the noise brought Kelly Bundy down the stairs. "What's with all the
noise?" said Kelly.

Marcy considered lying but instead she dropped her pants and told Peg to do
the same. "Your mom and I have cocks," said Marcy.

"Big ones," said Peg.

Kelly looked from one to the other. Her mother and Mrs. Darcy had cocks. They
were chicks....with dicks... "Cool," she said.

The girl and the two shemales sat down and plotted. Tonight, they were gonna
get the guys for leaving them. Peg was the most enthusiastic about the plan.
"They're gonna get a ...tranny surprise," she grinned.

Just then, a car came in through the driveway. Al Bundy and Jefferson came.
Bud Bundy was nowhere in sight. "The kid had a booty call," said Al.

"His first," said Jefferson.

Marcy Darcy and Peg Bundy smiled at each other. This was gonna be a night of
"firsts" alright.

Al and Jefferson already had some liquor in them. This was probably why the
two men did not think anything was weird when their wives started to cuddle
with them affectionately and kiss them and touch. Al looked at Peg, who
smiled. Tonight was a bad night. He'd gone chick-hunting and hadn't caught
any. Oh, there was a big woman who was very interested in him but he wouldn't
touch her. She was ugly as hell. Al had nothing against big women. He loved
BBWs. They were curvy and hot. This one was ugly enough to scare Satan. He
needed sex tonight and Peg was his only option. Oh well, a guy's gotta do
what a guy's gotta do....right?

He lay back and relaxed as Peg stripped to her bras and panties. For a moment
he thought he saw....nah. he was more drunk than he thought! He relaxed as
she took his cock in her mouth. He had forgotten how great a cocksucker she
was. She sucked him, using her tongue to induce amazing sensations on his
member. Soon, he was rock hard and stiff as a pole. Then he came in her

He watched as across the room, Jefferson was getting the same treatment from
Marcy Darcy. The short-haired tomboy was sucking her man's cock like a pro.
Al smiled and began to think maybe it was a good thing that they had come
to their wives tonight. He was equally surprised to see Kelly, his blonde
bombshell daughter putting on a show for him.

Now, time and again Al had less than pure thoughts about his daughter. He
looked at her, then at his wife. Peg did not seem to mind as Kelly came over
and started kissing Al. Al kissed Kelly and fondled her tits and began to
tickle her pussy with his fingers as Peg sucked his cock.

Soon, he was hard and, moving away from Peg, he put Kelly on all fours. He
entered her pussy from behind and began fucking her. He went in long and
hard. Kelly's pussy was tight, though not as tight as he thought she would
be. He fucked his own daughter. He turned to Peg and saw that she was
watching with interest. He fucked Kelly until he came in her.

He thought he'd give Peg a ride on the old Al machine. Smiling, he said to
Peg, "Honey, come and get it."

Peg smiled seductively and got up, coming to him. She took him by the hand
and led him to bed. He followed, eagerly. Once in, Peg told him of some
bondage fantasy of hers. Encouraged by his wife's kink, he let her tie him
up to bed. She used strong bindings to tie his legs and arms to the bed's
extremities. Satisfied that he could not move, she resumed her sucking of
his cock. Al was loving this. She made him so hard. When she was done, she
said, "Al, can you do something for me?"

He grinned. "Sure," he said.

She took off her panties.

Al's eyes went wide. "Peg, is that... that's a... "

Peg ginned evilly. "That's a cock, Al. My cock and you are gonna suck it."

Al protested. He didnt know what was going on. His wife had a cock! How'd
that happen? Whatever. He wasn't touching that thing. He watched helplessly
as Peg the Shemale Wife pried his lips open and forced her cock down his
throat. She forced his head to go up and down on it, just like he used to
when they were younger and happily married.

Al was disgusted but had no choice. He sucked Peg's cock. He sucked it, doing
what he liked to have done to him. He soon made Peg hard and she suddenly
leapt onto the bed. She sat on his chest and brought her erect, throbbing
cock dangerously close to his face. Al knew what was going to happen and
trembled with fear.

"I'm gonna cum on your face," said Peg. And she did. She shot her load all
over his face. And she forced him to drink her sperm and crammed her cock
down his throat.

Next, she decided they were doing a 69. She gripped his head with her
legs and forced him to suck his cock while she sucked his. They both came
simultaneously. Peg then straddled Al and slowly lowered her ass onto his
erect cock. She impaled herself. She began to bounce up and down on it. Al
was loving this. The feeling of her tight ass around his cock. Oh, God, he
loved her ass! She squeezed all around his cock and he marveled at the
warmth and tightness of her asshole.

"Take it, bitch !" he said. He began to thrust as hard as he could even
though he was pinned. He looked into Peg's face. Her eyes were wide open in
pain and pleasure, her lips quivering. Al smiled and thrust up, deep into
her bowels where he unleashed his cum.

"Ohhhhh!" came Peg. She got off of him.

"Liked that, huh?" he said.

"Yeah," said Peg. "I loved your cock in my ass, you big stud you." Al smiled.
Shemale or not, Peg was still his Bitch. "Oh, Al, I love you," she said. He
smiled. She looked at him with a malicious gleam in her eyes. "So much that
I'm gonna return the favor."

Al gasped. In a fraction of a second he realized what she meant. "NO," he
said. "No, Peg, I'll do anything," he said.

Peg smiled evilly. "Your ass is mine, Al." It was said with a finality that
silenced him. He struggled in his bonds. Peg came and pried his legs apart
with surprising strength and exposed his ass. She looked at his exposed
asshole, and spat on it. Then she rubbed her cock against it. Al closed his
eyes. Peg grinned and pushed the head of her shemale cock into Al's asshole.
He screamed. She pushed it in. She went slowly at first then began to pick
up the pace, fucking Al's tight virgin ass. She fucked him, thrusting hard
and deep. He was screaming and squealing like a little girl the whole time
and she squeezed his cock, hard. He gasped and looked at her for a moment
before she resumed fucking him. She fucked him, going deep into his bowels
and felt a rush of something she had never felt before. Her cum....rushing
in her loins....coming into his ass. She kept cumming and cumming. Al
screamed louder when his shemale wife's hot cum flooded his asshole.


Peg joined him in a scream. She too had never felt anything like this before.

She untied him and Al slumped out of the bed. "I'm sorry," she said. "I just
had to have you."

Al looked at her. She kept looking at him. She was still the same. Peg Bundy
with the mousy, uncertain look. The tall woman with the fiery hair and hot
body that he seldom touched. Then his eyes went to her shrinking cock. She
followed his eyes.

"Al, it's shrinking, what's happening?" she asked.

Al found himself smiling. "It's happening because you just fucked," he said.
"It happens to every man."

Peg smiled. "We have something in common, then." she said.

Al smiled and took the hand his wife offered. They walked out of the room.
Al's asshole ached. "Geez, was that what he was in for every night from now
on?" Apparently so.

The Bundys walked into the living room where there was a three-way going on
between Marcy, Jefferson and Kelly. Jefferson had his dick up Kelly's cunt
while his wife's big cock was fucking his ass. He gasped when he saw Al. Al
smiled. "You too, huh ?"


All in all, it was a great night.

They switched partners back and forth. Al fucked Marcy Darcy's ass and then
gave her a shot at his. Jefferson fucked Kelly and Peg at the same time.
Kelly gave her dad a shot at her ass and he took it. Al was pumping in and
out of Kelly's ass. The blonde girl was lying on her back, busy sucking off
Jefferson while Peg Bundy ate her daughter's pussy. Marcy Darcy sucked Peg's
cock, and when Peg came, Marcy happily gobbled down her first dose of shemale

As the night went by, they all went to sleep. Jefferson and his wife went
home. Al and Peg went to bed and Kelly snuggled in between them. They talked
about how this was gonna affect their life. For the first time in years, Al
kissed Peg good night. She kissed him back and happily snuggled against him.

"Two dicks are better than one," said Kelly before she dozed off.

Al and Peg chuckled knowingly.

* * *

When they woke up the next day, they sat Bud down to try to disclose the
family secret. Bud couldn't believe it and demanded proof. Al asked Peg to
show the boy and to everyone's surprise, Peg was back to being a full woman.
She was pleasantly surprised to see her cock had vanished and her pussy was
back. Al was not so thrilled. The old Peg had come galloping back. The
Darcy's showed up on the doorstep and said that the same thing had happened
to Marcy. Mrs. Darcy was once more, um, cockless. Marcy was not thrilled
and tried the Box again. She was disappointed. The transformation was a one
night only deal. Marcy decided to purchase another Box to get rid of her,
um, box.

Al and Jefferson left. When asked where they were going, they said, "Shemale

The End


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