This story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age
or easily offended. Stop reading.

By Wonder Mike

Bud Bundy had tried everything to get a car of his own, he went in with
his sister to get one, it was a horrible disaster, he thought Kelly might be
the key to getting one, men seemed to do anything she said.

Bud knew he had to find the horniest old man he could for his plan to
work, he searched car dealer after car dealer until he found his man.

Jack Malloy hadn't been to work in a week, his wife was driving him crazy,
it was bring your kid to work day, there was no way he would bring Ryan or
the other one, it had to be Tiffany.

Ross and his brother saw their father sneaking out with Tiffany, they
knew something was up, he hadn't been out of the house in a week, he might be
taking Tiffany out, they where getting sick of her, they decided to follow

Bud told Kelly his plan, he slowly explained if she seduced this old car
dealer maybe they could both get cars, he told her to make sure he got him
one first.

Bud and Kelly walked into the dealer just as Tiffany and Jack drove up.
Bud pointed Jack out to Kelly and told her to do what she does best.

Kelly removed her overcoat, revealing a sports bra and mini, mini skirt,
Kelly introduce her self and sat down.

Kelly crossed then uncrossed her legs letting Jack know she wasn't wearing
any panties, she could tell be the beads of sweat on his forehead that it was
working. Tiffany just scowled at her.

Bud realized quickly that Tiffany could ruin his plan, he had to think
quickly, he told Tiffany that her shoes where ugly, Tiffany didn't believe
it, nobody had spoken to her like that before, she yelled for her dad to
give her money now so she could go get a knew pair.

Jack pulled his pockets inside out, a ball of lint fell out, he reached
for his wallet, the wife had gotten it, damn that Jenny he thought.

Bud told Tiffany he knew a place where she could get shoes of credit if
she left now, she grabbed him by the arm and they left.

Kelly told Jack she needed two cars, and she didn't have any money, she
was sure that they could come to some sort of arrangement.

Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing, Kelly leaned forward letting
one of her breast fall out, the sweat was dripping downs Jack's chin now.

Kelly hike her skirt up and spread her legs showing off a completely
shaved bush, Jack started to shake, he said "Listen her miss, I have a a,
something or ever back home, and I can't do this."

Kelly told him he could put it anywhere, and she swallows, Jack fell
back into his chair, Ryan and Ross walked into the office.

Kelly tried to cover up, Ross told her the cow has already left the barn,
he told her he knew what she was up too, and he wanted some too. Ryan said me

Ryan told her if she did all of them they could have a deal, Kelly
thought that was cool. Jack said I still have one of those things at

Ross told him mom went shopping, she found some money in the house
and was going to have a good time. Jack knew he had to drum up some

A young couple walked into the dealership, Jack threw them out, he told
Kelly they had to go back to his place.

Tiffany wanted to go back to the dealership, Bud told her that they could
go back to his place and get the keys. Tiffany agreed.

Kelly, Ross, Ryan and Jack arrove back at the Malloy house, she pulled
off her top and asked what the terms where, Jack told her she was going
to have sex with all of them for a ride home. Kelly said, "Oh yeah, now
I remember.

Kelly sat on the couch and spread her legs, letting her mimi skirt
ride up. She cried out "Come and get it boys." Ross couldn't believe
he was finally going to lose his virginity.

Ryan whipped out his cock and began to poke Kelly in the face with it,
she grabbed him by his seven inch member and guided it to her mouth,
once again she had to do everything.

Ross kneeled next to her, he slipped two fingers into her hot pussy,
Kelly purred as he worked his fingers in and out.

Ryan began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her mouth, Kelly opened
her mouth wide and swallowed his entire cock, Jack let his pants fall
down to his ankles, he tried to resist this temptress, but it was no use.

Bud took Tiffany down to his basement bachelor pad, she didn't want to
go, Bud told her they couldn't let his dad see them.

Bud explained to Tiffany that what they were doing was not completely
on the up and up, Tiffany told him she wasn't doing anything illegal,
she was a good girl.

Bud told her she could have her own keys to the shoe store, she could
have a new pair of shoes every day, Tiffany was now interested, her ears
perked up. The thought of going into the shoe store after hours and taking
whatever she wanted felt really good, maybe it was time for her to visit
the dark side.

Bud told her if she wanted to get her own set of keys she would have to
earn them, tiffany was getting wet thinking about being a bad girl, she
told Bud she would do anything. Bud replied "And you shall."

Kelly had grabbed Ryan by the ass, she was forcing hi balls to slap
her chin as she sucked his cock, Ryan wrapped his arms around her head.

Ross stuffed two more fingers into Kelly's cunt, she would have been
screaming if there wasn't a cock down her throat, Jack couldn't take anymore,
he pulled his oldest son away from the blonde teen, he began to hit her over
the head with his ten inch cock.

Kelly looked at the fat cock and wrapped both hands around it, this was
what she wanted, she wrapped her lips around it and slowly made it vanish
down her throat.

Jack began to shake, Jenny had been the only one who had been able to
deep throat his cock, that was why he married her, he began to pump
his cock in and out of her mouth.

Bud told Tiffany they would be making wild monkey love, Tiffany told
him she was a virgin, Bud looked up and thanked God. Tiffany told him
she wasn't giving away her virginity for shoes, Bud told her there where
other things she could do.

Tiffany was all ears, Bud told her she had two other holes she could
use and still be a virgin, Tiffany didn't understand, Bud was more
than willing to explain it to her.

Ryan stood next to his dad as Ross continued to pump four fingers into
Kelly, Ryan began to work his cock down her throat alongside his dad,
Kelly opened her mouth wider and took both cocks. Jack had never been
prouder of his sons, actually he had never been proud of them.

The two Malloy's simultaneously pumped their cocks down Kelly's throat,
they slapped hands giving each other a high five, they then stuffed their
all the way in Kelly deep throated them both.

Ross then pulled Kelly away, he instructed her to bend over, Kelly shrieked
"My favorite" Ross stood behind her and shoved his cock into her pussy.

Bud explained anal sex to Tiffany, she said it sounded like a pain in the ass,
Bud told her it was a piece of cake, he also told her they get new shipments
of shoes in every week. Tiffany pulled down her tights and bent over,
she told Bud to take her.

Bud said "Not so fast" he needed her to get her hard first, Tiffany
saw that he was already hard, Bud told her he was getting oral, Tiffany
agreed as long as he didn't cum in her mouth, that was disgusting.

Ross pumped his cock into Kelly, she slammed back into him, she knocked
him backwards with every thrust, Jack shoved his cock back down her throat,
Ryan then did the same.

Kelly wrapped her arms around Jack and Ryan, she worked both their cocks
down her throat, they each began to fuck her face as Ross hammered her
from behind.

Ross yanked back on Kelly's blonde locks, he pulled her head away from the cocks,
Jack reprimanded his youngest son, he then sat on the floor and ordered
Kelly to ride him.

Tiffany opened her mouth and closed her eyes, Bud shoved his seven inches
down her throat, he pinched her mouth closed and began to fuck her face.

Tiffany slowly began to lick his cock as he fucked her face, he then reached
down her blouse and exposed her massive mammeries, Tiffany began to moan
as Bud pinched her nipples, he then shoved his cock all the way down
her throat.

Tiffany had wrapped her lips tightly round Bud's cock now, she was working
her head up and down sucking it harder and deeper with each stoke, she was
now slamming his cock all the way down her throat with each stroke.

Kelly lowered herself onto Jack's fat cock, she had to hold her breath
as it stretched her pussy, Jack wrapped his arms around her and began to
lift her up and down.

Ross and Ryan each grabbed a hold of Kelly and helped slam her up and
down on their dads cock, Jack was actually glad he had them now, he
began pumping his cock up into Kelly.

Jack pumped his cock into Kelly harder and harder, he was lifting her into
the air with each stroke, Kelly was biting her lip so she wouldn't
scream. Ross and Ryan kept slamming her down on the cock.

Ross decided he needed to get fucked too, he climbed on Kelly's back
and shoved his cock into her ass, Kelly had to scream then, Ryan took
the opportunity to shove his cock into her mouth.

Bud pumped his cock in and out of Tiffany's mouth, she stuck her tongue
all the way out so she could lick his balls as she sucked his cock, her
pussy was dripping wet, she had never felt anything like it before.

Bud grabbed her by the nipples, he lifted her tits up and down by them,
he loved the way the jiggled as she shook them, Tiffany felt like she
was cumming already, she needed Bud's cock deeper down her throat.

Tiffany then felt a long tongue on her pussy, it began lapping away
at her clit, she began to shake as the first orgasm hit her, the tongue
went deeper, Bud shot a load directly down her throat, Tiffany swallowed
it all as she had another orgasm. Bud yelled "Get out of here Buck."

Ross was pumping wildly into Kelly's ass as his father pumped up into
her, Ryan had grabbed two handfuls of hair as he fucked her face, Kelly
began bouncing up and down on the cocks impaling her.

Ross couldn't believe he was getting him some, and it was in the ass,
he was the man, Kelly wrapped her arms all the way around Jack and forced
his cock deeper into her pussy.

Jack thrusted up harder, forcing Ross's cock deeper into Kelly's ass, Kelly
began to shake as the first orgasm hit her, Ross then shot a load into her
ass, as he pulled out the cum dribbled out.

Bud tried to shoe his dog out of the bed room, Tiffany was on all fours
rocking back onto Buck's tongue, she was cumming again, she couldn't believe
she hadn't done this before.

Tiffany looked back between her legs, she saw the dog licking her pussy,
she couldn't believe it, she immediately had another orgasm when she saw

Buck climbed on top of Tiffany and stuffed his cock into her cunt, Tiffany
couldn't believe she had just lost her virginity to a dog, the thought of
it caused her to have another orgasm.

Tiffany rocked back stuffing all of Buck's cock into her cunt, he had
all four paws off the floor pumping his cock deeper and deeper into her
tight pussy.

Ryan decided he wanted some of Kelly too, she was still slamming up and
down of Jack's cock, Ryan climbed on her back, he slowly worked his cock
into her pussy alongside his dad.

Kelly squealed as the two cocks entered her, she slammed her cunt down
even harder on both cocks, Ryan grabbed her by the hair and lifted her
head up, he wanted to see her face.

The two Malloy's began to ram her pussy harder, Kelly began to cum again,
and again, she couldn't stop screaming, this just made the two fuck
her harder.

Jack took a mighty thrust lifting Kelly and Ryan into the air, it forced
his cock all the way into her pussy, Ryan ley gravity bring him down and
impale his cock all the way inside of her.

Bud told Tiffany to take it easy, he told her not to let Buck get his cock
all the way inside of her, it was too late, Tiffany screamed "God it feels
so good as Buck's softball sized knot entered her pussy.

Buck and Tiffany where locked now, Bud told her she was going to have
to let him finish now, he told her he was pretty sure she couldn't get
pregnant, Tiffany didn't care, she was rocking back onto Buck's cock.

Buck had his front paws wrapped around her neck, he was pumping like
an animal, Tiffany rested her head on the floor, Bud could see the cum running
down her legs.

Buck kept pumping away and he kept cumming, Tiffany's eyes rolled back
into her head, she didn't even hear the booming voice scream "What the hell
is going on here."

Ryan yanked his cock out of Kelly's cunt, she took a deep breathe, he
ran around and poked her in the face with it, Kelly stuck out her tongue
and demanded that he cum in her mouth.

Ryan laid his cock on her tongue, Jack slipped out from underneath her,
he laid his cock on her tongue also, Father and son began to stroke until
they both unloaded into her mouth, Kelly caught as much as she could
in her mouth, she cupped her hands together to catch the rest, she lapped
it all up, Jack patted her on the head.

Al Bundy looked into the basement to see his dog getting him some, he
couldn't believe it he hopped down the stairs and gave his son a high
five, he then whipped out his cock.

Buck had forced Tiffany face first to the floor, she rose back to her hands
and knees when she saw Al, Al rubbed his thirteen inches across her

Tiffany open her mouth as wide as she could to accept this monster,
Al slowly worked it down her throat, Tiffany took eight inches before
she began to gag.

Buck shot one final stream of cum into Tiffany's box before he fell
to the ground, he thought "Another bitch well satisfied" he then
went back upstairs.

Tiffany was able to fully concentrate on Al, she began to work
on his monster tool again, he told her he was a big football star
who scored four touchdowns for Polk high, Tiffany didn't care,
she had ten inches of cock down her throat.

Al asked Bud who this girl was, Bud told her she was looking for
shoes, that was all the explanation he needed, Tiffany demanded
to have that cock inside of her.

Al told her he wasn't having Buck's sloppy seconds, but there was
someplace else he could put it, he walked around and aimed, Tiffany
realized what he was going to do and screamed "No, it's too big"
it was too late though, Al shoved his cock into her ass.

Tiffany took eight inches of cock up her ass on the first stroke, he
then shoved the rest in on the second, he held it all the way in her
ass until she stopped screaming, then he began pumping it in and out.

Tiffany shook as the orgasm hit her, she slowly began rocking back
on the cock, Al grabbed her by the ponytail, he leaned back then began
slapping her ass.

Al slammed his cock harder and harder into her ass, Tiffany screamed
with each stroke, she then fell face first to the floor again, Al wrapped
his arms around her and lifted her up.

Jack thanked Kelly for the good time, Kelly knew they had an agreement,
Jack told her they never agreed to anything, they found Kelly walking
down the street horny, they agreed to satisfy her, Kelly then remembered
and thanked them and left.

Al stood straight up he held Tiffany out in front of him, he slid her
up and down on his cock, Tiffany hung limply as she went for the ride.

She barely weighed one hundred pounds, Al was able to slam her like
she was on a trampoline, Tiffany's pussy hung open as the cum began
to run out of it and down her legs.

Al laid her back on the floor and rammed his cock all the way into her
ass again, Tiffany was cumming uncontrollably, Al then yanked his cock
out of her ass and shoved it all the way down her throat.

Tiffany's mouth hung open limply as Al cleaned his cock of on her
tongue, he then shot his load directly down her throat.

Tiffany bent over and let the cum drip out of he mouth and between her
breast, she lifted her breast by the nipples and licked the cum off
of them.

Al pulled up his pants and thanked Tiffany for a good time, Tiffany
got dressed and thanked him, she forgot all about the shoes, she passed
Kelly on the way out of the house, they stared each other down as they

the end


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