Marred... With Children: Part 1 - I 'Meat' Mrs. Bundy
by Anonymous

All at once I had been cursed and blessed on one school project. I had been
assigned to work with one of the stupidest people in the entire high school,
but on the plus side I had also been paired up with one of the sexiest
creatures ever to walk the halls of my esteemed campus. Unfortunately, the
two were the same people.

Who is this incredibly lame and hotter than hot chick? Kelly Bundy, a low
rent floozy from the south side of town with long blonde hair, gobs of make
up and more low cut dresses than a downtown hooker. Oh how she filled out
those dresses. She gave curvy a new name. Her tits were large and so well
formed the guys often wondered if they were fake but from all the locker room
talk I had heard, Kelly's breasts were very real. Her ass and thighs were
equally exquisite, with obvious roundness but nothing overbearingly large.
And who can forget about that face? Light skin, round cherub face and
blow-job lips that could get a priest's pants tight, Kelly's face certainly
didn't diminish from her outstanding form. She knew she had a figure that
could turn a faggot but some wondered if Kelly was truly as nympho-like as
the football team claimed, or if she was just too stupid to say no.

So after our art teacher paired us up (the class was an elective for me, but
part of her core), we decided to meet at her house after school. The house
was typical lower-class suburbia, two stories, bad lawn, worse paint job and
no charm. Kelly answered the doorbell wearing a black crop top that seemed
to barely contain her bosom and a skin tight leather mini that probably
cleared her mound by about an inch. I shouldn't forget the three inch heels
either. She invited me into her very humble abode. The decor was tacky to
the extreme, flannel couch, yellow carpeting, cheap paintings, huge twenty
year old TV and a mildew like smell.

"Where do you want to work? Here or my room," she asked.

"Which ever strikes your fancy."

"All the guys that come over seem to like my room more. Let's go up there.
My annoying brother Bud will be home any minute. We can sneak down in a bit
and watch him rock his cock while he's watching Gilligan's Island."

Sounds like fun, I thought. "Okay," I answered hesitantly, not sure if she
was kidding.

I followed her pair shaped ass up to a sparklingly feminine room. Unlike the
other rooms we passed, this one was well decorated but overloaded with foofy
pinks, pastels and whites. Her canopied bed reminded me more of a little
girl's room. Kelly flopped onto the bed, draping her body across it. I
settled into the white and blue chair at her desk, turning to face her. From
the angle I was sitting I could stare right down the gaping hole in her top,
getting an intimate view of her cleavage. I felt my dick surge but ignored
it, looking away.

We discussed different ideas about the theme, after I explained what a theme
was. I'm still not convinced she got the notion because she kept referring
to different art erroneously as though we were to copy them. At one point
she suggested we could make a sitting guy.

"A what?"

"You know that sitting guy? He's all buffed and nude and sitting there.
He's real sexy. It's real famous."

"Not ringing any bells, Kelly."

"Wait I think I've got a picture of it from a trip I took," she said twisting
around on the bed. She leaned over the side of the bed and began sifting
through her bureau. I really didn't care about what she was looking for
though, because when she bent over the edge of her bed, her skirt hiked up
considerably, revealing much of her lily white butt that was not contained
in a the black g-string she had on. "I could have sworn it was in here," she
mumbled and I just said oh, unconsciously tugging at the bulge in my jeans.

Kelly slammed the drawer shut and leaned over more, going for a lower drawer
and pulling the skirt up her haunches more. I could almost make out every
inch of that tight round ass. It looked so smooth and inviting. I stood up
and moved beside the bed, my aching dick screaming to be freed and then
confined once more. Suddenly, Kelly let out a yell of surprise and sat up,
twisting and dropping back onto the bed, covering her rear.

"Here it is," she said clapping and handing it to me. I took the photo and
seated myself on the bed next to her, hoping my raging hard-on wasn't too
noticeable. Hell as observant as she was, it wasn't.

"Kelly this is The Thinker."

"Right, I knew it was 'the' something," she said with a grin. "Can we do

"Do what? We can't just turn in this photo."

"Oh," she said looking dejected. "Can we take a picture like that? Or maybe
make a statue like that?"

"I dunno."

"You've got a pretty good bod, why don't you take it off and we can take
pictures of you like that? Then we can ask Ms. Demar if that's good enough
or we can make you into a bust."

I realized that the school would never go for a nude of any student, statue
or picture but Kelly was a little bit dim for that. "Kelly, that's been done
a thousand times before. Always with guys. If we really want to make a
statement, maybe you should do it."

"Oh, that would be neat. I'd be art."

"Right," I said, already thinking that it would not take much to get her nude
in my first hour at her home. "Why don't we see how it would look?"

Kelly hopped off the bed and turned the chair from her desk into the middle
of the room. She sat down like The Thinker and then looked over at me, "Like

"Kind of, but there's one difference I said, holding out the picture."

"Wait a second," she said standing up. Her skirt fell, showing off her milky
white hips and the black g-string. Her top came off next, Kelly casually
tossing it aside. I swallowed hard at the sight of her full breasts and big
brownish colored nipples. She tugged down her g-string next, revealing a
narrow patch of neatly trimed black pubes.

Kelly sat back down on the chair like The Thinker. I thought I was going to
cream my jeans right there. Her body was perfect. "What do you think?"

"Perfection," I harshly stated, worried I might betray some excitement in my

"Oh goody," she said gleefully, loosing the position to shake her head in

"Do you have a camera," I asked, praying she would say yes. She nodded and
pointed to the top drawer of her nightstand. "Good I'll take some shots and
show them to Ms. Demar to find out if this will work for our project," I said
as I withdrew a Polaroid camera from her nightstand noticing a multitude of
photos hanging out in the drawer.

"Get back in position," I told her.

I took pictures of her from the traditional angle and then I took them head
on, and from a downward angle and every other angle I could think of. I was
scooping up the photos when Kelly suddenly stood up and took the camera from
me. Her naked body was only inches from mine and I was certain she had
noticed my erection by then. "Let me take some of you too. Maybe Ms. Demar
would like to see
the opposite?"

"Ah, sure," I started to say but then the phone rang and Kelly bounded over
to it. With her naked back to me, I could see the slight swell of her
breasts. "Oh Hi," she said. "I'm just working on a project with someone
from school. Hold on."

Kelly turned to face me, covering the speaker with her hand. "Can we finish
this tomorrow? My friend Cindy just got one of her nipples pierced, so I
want to go see it."

"No problem," I said and then paused, "Kelly, don't tell anyone at all about
the project. I think others might steal the idea."

"You mean like it's Top Secret?"


"Cool," she said picking up the phone again. "So Cindy does it hurt?"

I shoved the photos into my backpack and left Kelly's room, waving to her and
closing the door behind myself. I couldn't wait to get home and rub the
magic rod and look at these fantsatic pictures.

I was passing by a room when I saw a woman in a pair of skintight black
leotards bent over the queen size bed. I paused momentarily, taking in the
sight of her ass, which was slightly wider than Kelly's but still very
exciting. The woman had long red hair and she was busy making the bed. She
moved around the edge and that's when I noticed her big purple belt and tight
turquoise top that had a plunging neckline. Her tits were huge. They were
at least twice Kelly's size and moving quite a bit. Suddenly I heard Kelly's
door close.

I turned back, shocked and Kelly came out wearing Jeans and the same crop
top. She stopped by me in the hallway, "Have you met my mom?"

"Ah no," I said amazed that was her mother.

"Com'on," she said, leading me into the bedroom.

Kelly's mom, Mrs. Bundy, stood up as we entered. She was huge everywhere.
Her hair was big and very red. Her features were large but sexy in an odd
way. Her chest as I've mentioned was phenomenal and her hips were wide, but
apparently so because of her thin waist. I can't forget about her huge heels
either. In heels she had to have been at least six two. "Mom, this is Dan,
my art partner. Dan, this is my mom."

"Nice to meet you Dan," she said, offering me her hand. I concurred while
shaking her delicate long finger nailed hand. "What is your project?"

"Dan can tell you, I'm going to Cindy's be back late tonight," Kelly said
leaving us two perfect strangers alone.

"Well," Mrs. Bundy said as she resumed tucking in the sheets, her big tits,
swaying back and forth.

"We're just exploring the theme of..." my mind was going blank as I stared
heavily at her boobs. I couldn't help myself. I suddenly wanted to bury my
face in Kelly's mom's chest. I wanted to suckle on the same nipple she had
as a baby. Mrs. Bundy looked up at me as she finished and I broke my stare
as quickly as possible.

"Dan, how old are you," she asked as she moved around the bed.


She passed by me. "I bet you find Kelly attractive. Do you find me
attractive too?"

"Pardon," I said, suddenly afraid that I had been caught staring. My
backpack slipped from my fingers and it crashed to the floor. The top was
open and I wanted to kick myself for not closing it because as it hit the
ground the Polaroid's fell out. Mrs. Bundy scooped up one of the photos.

"Now I see what you've been up to," she said turning around. "Kelly's dad
is an ex-football player and he's very protective of his little girl," she
remarked as she shut the bedroom door. She wheeled around and her hand
slipped behind her ass, locking the door. "Al, Kelly's father, my husband
would tear you apart for this. But I want something different."

Mrs. Bundy stepped across the room and placed one of her large hands on my
crotch. "What do you say, an hour of your time and nobody has to know."

"Mrs. Bundy, you're married."

"And horny," she said, squeezing hard.

I reached up and cupped one of her large breasts, exhaling at the heft. "Oh
my god." I leaned forward and kissed her large lips. Her free hand, the one
that had held the photo suddenly grabbed my ass and pulled me to her. We
kissed deeply, her tongue probing mine, her hand massaging my cock. I just
squeezed at her massive boobs, eliciting groans. Her hands pulled my belt
open and tugged at my fly. My jeans pooled around my ankles. My erection
strained at the boxers. Mrs. Bundy pulled away from my mouth long enough to
haul my Polo shirt over my head.

She cooed loudly as she trailed her fingernails over my shoulders. Her hands
and fingers played over my nipples and pecs, finally dropping to my six pack.
Her lips kissed at my chest, leaving red lipstick on me. Her tongue played
with my nipples as I pulled her top up her back. She stopped kissing my
stomach long enough to haul her turquoise top off.

My boxers fell and Mrs. Bundy buried her nose in my pubes, kissing my lower
abdomen. Her long fingers curled around my dick and she slowly pumped it.
Her other hand rubbed my balls. She raised them to her tongue, licking them
and then she licked the length of my shaft. Within moments I was receiving a
viscous blow job from Kelly's big-lipped mother. I wrapped my fingers up in
her big red hair, controlling the tempo some, but soon I found myself fucking
her wet and excellent mouth. "Oh, Mrs. Bundy, I'm gonna come in your mouth."

She pulled away, a string of saliva still connecting her to my cock. She
rose up some and sprawled across the bed, undoing her belt. I stood between
her legs which were hanging off the bed, my hand rubbing my dick helplessly,
as I stepped out of my jeans and kicked off my shoes. Even lying on her
back, her chest was still huge and barely confined in her flimsy turquoise
bra. With her belt undone, she tugged at the tight leotards, clinging to her
large but solid looking thighs. She raised her legs getting them over her
head and I helped -- tugging the material to almost her knees.

She placed her heels on my shoulders and tugged her underwear aside. With
her knees over her head, her ripe red haired pussy with it's thick swollen
lips waited for my dick. "Give it to me, Danny," she whined as I guided my
dick into her hot dripping red box. Mrs. Bundy began bucking on my dick and
it felt incredible. I reached around her hips and grabbed handfuls of her
big boobs, squeezing them through her flimsy bra. She was amazingly tight
but from that position I was not getting a clear shot straight into her. I
pulled away and she protested, "Don't stop now!"

"Roll over," I told her. She twisted on the bed, her knees falling to the
floor, her torso resting on the bed.

"I haven't done like this in years," she said, wiggling her ass. She glanced
back over her shoulder as I fell to my knees behind her. I yanked her white
French cut underwear down and I grasped her hips as I guided my hard dick
into her wet cunt. She grunted with pleasure as I began fiercely fucking her
from behind. Her big red hair rocked with each thrust and Mrs. Bundy began
to whine as I plunged in. My hands slid up her milky white back, grasping
her bra straps and pulling them down her shoulders. I bore into her
completely, feeling my balls strike her hard swollen clitoris. I pushed my
hands under her arms and took hold of her big tits, my palms cupping her huge
nipples. I pulled her back and continued to fuck her hard. Mrs. Bundy moved
her hips and ass to keep time with me. I squeezed at her nipples while
plowing in harder.

"Oh, I'm coming," she said through clenched teeth. As her orgasm subsided,
I slowed and released her chest. I was still hard and my cock was half in
her still. I withdrew completely and leaned down, dragging my tongue up her
slit. Mrs. Bundy arched her back and grasped my hair in her long fingers.
I licked voraciously at her come filled twat, while still massaging my own
dick. I don't know why I was doing that, but I just couldn't help myself.
I had to taste that increadable woman. With her hand forcing me in deeper,
I buried my nose in her wet womanhood and lapped at her vagina. Five minutes
later, Mrs. Bundy was coming again. She released my head and began grasping
at the sheets, begging me not to stop. I didn't. Letting go of my own rod,
I parted her ass cheeks and dipped my tongue into her bush deeper.

Mrs. Bundy was going nuts at this point, finally pulling herself away from
my mouth, needing to escape the ecstasy.


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