By Wonder Mike

Bud and Kelly Bundy, brother and sister. They were both of age and they were
ready to move out of the family shack. Their dad Al, was working for peanuts,
the kids barely had one meal a day, they were just about willing to do
anything to get out.

Kelly told her brother he was fired as her agent, she had been trying to
become an actress or model, or something but Bud had not even gotten her any
auditions, he was also taking 60% of the money she makes as a waitress. If
with her intelligence she knew she could do better.

Bud took the news of his firing hard, Kelly was his only source of income, he
had to think of something or he would be stuck in this house forever, or even
worse, he would have to go to work at the shoe store so Al wouldn't throw him

He saw the ad for the strip club in Al's coat pocket, it was amateur night
and first prize was $750 dollars, with a chance to complete next week for
$5000. He knew Kelly could win.

Kelly wanted no part of stripping, Bud told her first prize was $100 and if
she won she could come back and try for $1000. Kelly still wasn't sure and
Bud told it she wouldn't be doing anything she hadn't been doing for free for
10 years, so Kelly agreed.

They arrived at Hooterville and looked around at the competition, they were
gorgeous, Kelly would have to work hard. Bud told her their future depended
on this, he held his head down in shame, he was depending on his brain dead
sister to support him, then he realized she would be doing the one thing that
she was good at.

Kelly got to go last, it was the break she needed, Kelly had done strips for
her boyfriends but Bud had no idea how good she was, all the guys told him
she was great but he wasn't sure.

Kelly was wearing a short leather skirt with a halter top, she gave a spin
and twirled right out of her top. She had perfect breast and nipples like
erasers, the crowd was going wide. She gave another spin and unwrapped her
skirt. She had forgotten her panties but it worked out for the best.

The crowd was yelling "Go for it." Kelly dropped to all fours and wiggled her
ass at the crowd, she then reached back through her legs and gave her twat a
couple of quick rubs.

I man in the first row put a 10 dollar bill on stage, that was the most money
Kelly had made in a long time. Her mind was racing, well as fast as it could
go, she could make money even if she didn't win. She reached back and slipped
two fingers inside of her cunt. another man gave her $5. The faster she
worked her fingers the more men tossed up money. She inserted a third finger
and began to finger herself into a frenzy, she had worked herself up and she
needed to be fucked.

She asked "Who wants to give it to me?" Three dozen men answered, "Make your
bids," she cried as she laid on her back and slid in a fourth finger.

The bidding reached a thousand dollars, it was bid by two people, James and
Rick, Kelly said they would have to share.

Bud knew he could get more money out of this, he called out, "Who has the
biggest cock in the room?" he heard various answers, until he heard 13. Bud
brought him on stage and asked his name, it was Bruce. Bud then asked for
donations to add Bruce to the threesome, money came flying up onto stage,
there must have been another $1000. Kelly didn't have a problem with this.

Kelly unzipped all the guys pants with her teeth, the crowd was being whipped
into a frenzy, when she popped James cock into her mouth, it pushed them over
the edge. She easily swallowed his whole 6 inches until it was rock hard,
then she started on Rick. It was seconds before he was rock hard.

James laid on his back and Kelly sat on his face, he greedily began to eat
her hot box, This caused her to suck Rick for all she was worth, it didn't
take him long to shoot his load down her throat, the crowd groaned their
disappointment that they didn't get to see the money shot since it went
directly into her mouth, Kelly won them back, by letting it drip out the
corners of her mouth, she hated to waste the precious juice but it was what
the people wanted.

Bruce stepped in front of Kelly and unleashed his thirteen inches, Kelly
managed to get the whole thing down her throat on the second stroke. More
money came flying up onto the stage.

Kelly got off of James and laid Bruce on is back, she wanted that monster.
She jumped up and slammed her cunt down on him, her head was flailing around
like a rag doll, and more money came flying Bruce was thrusting up trying to
match Kelly but there was no way he could, she was completely out of control.
James had to grab her to keep her still long enough to slam his cock into her
ass. As soon as he got it in, Kelly was bouncing up and down again.

The guys could only take a couple of minutes of this, They both shot their
loads deep inside of her, and she was still as horny has hell, these guys
couldn't handle her.

She cried for the next group. The men were still tossing money and credit
cards, there was over $5000 dollars on stage.

The next men dropped their pants when they heard the sound Bud wondered

"This is a raid."



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