By Wonder mike

Jack took the kids to the outskirts of Chicago, he had been planning for this
for a long time. Kelly would make him a millionaire.

They arrived at a small farm house, The owner was a regular customer of
Hooterville, and had given Jack the idea.

Jack told Kelly he wanted a hot masturbation scene for the movie, it would be
good for the customers to be able to get a good look at her. Kelly was happy
to do it, it had been over an hour since her fucking and she had regained her
strength, she was willing to do just about anything to stay out of jail.

There was a mattress on the floor, and a bench. The bench had a harness over
it. It was very strange.

She laid on the bed and stuck her feet straight in the air, she then began to
rub her pussy, it was still wet from the mannequin.

She slipped two fingers inside of her cunt and began to work them, they were
nowhere near enough for Kelly, the hottest fuck in the land, she was told,
and she liked them big.

She forgot about the camera and slipped in two more fingers. That was closer
to what she liked. She began to slide them n and out faster and faster when
Jack instructed her to get on all fours, he had to get a good ass shot, and
her ass was perfect. Kelly reached through with her other hand and slipped
two fingers into her ass.

She was gasping for breath now. She was going to cum. Jack yelled for her to
stop, she couldn't cum yet, that would ruin the film. They had more to shot
and the hotter she got the hotter the film would be.

Jack handed her a banana, she knew what he wanted, she started to suck the
banana to get it wet, then she slipped it into her cunt.

She rammed that banana as hard as she could, it felt great, she then slipped
two fingers inside of her next to the banana, now, this was a movie. Jack
handed her another banana, it easily slid into her cunt along side the first
one. She grabbed one with each hand and began to alternately ram them up and

Jack instructed her to lay on her stomach on the bench, he then told her he
wanted to-do a little bondage, Kelly had enjoyed that before, so she readily
agreed, besides she was horny.

Jack handcuffed her hands to the front legs of the bench and he tied her legs
to the back legs of the bench, he then slid a pillow underneath her so her
tight ass was sticking up in the air. He wished Michelangelo was here to
paint this picture, Kelly was tied and helpless.

Jack left the room and returned with a Collie. The dog saw that ass sticking
up and smelled the juices tripping down Kelly's leg. Jack didn't have to tell
the dog anything, it buried its tongue deep inside of her, He was trying to
bury his nose inside of her cunt, and he was succeeding. Kelly couldn't see
what was giving her the best licking she had ever had, but she knew it wasn't
human. She didn't care, she had let Buck lick her pussy before, after all he
was her best friend.

Kelly had a screaming orgasm, and the Collie greedily lapped it all up, in
fact it made him lick even harder. Kelly was in Heaven.

Jack then pulled the Collie away, Kelly screamed "No" she didn't want that
dog to ever stop. Jack said he had other plans for her and he took the dog
outside, Kelly still couldn't see where they went.

Jack returned 10 minutes later. Kelly heard the loud footsteps of whatever
Jack had brought with him, she couldn't tell what it was but she knew it was
big, it cast a huge shadow over her.

Jack led the creature behind Kelly and buried it's face into Kelly's wet
cunt. It had the effect he wanted. The beast cock began to grow, and grow and

Jack tapped the harness and the creature but it's front paws in the harness,
Kelly got her first look at it.

It was a bull. She saw the cock and tried to get up, then she remembered she
was tied to the bench and wasn't going anywhere, The bull had a cock that was
at least as thick as a mans arm it was also about two feet long. She didn't
want any part of this. She called for Bud to help her, Jack gave him a
thousand dollars to go outside, he was gone before Jack had put away his

The bull had his cock laying across Kelly's back, and I mean all the way
across it. He was thrusting back and forth trying to find a hole. Jack was
holding him back as best he could, he had to get the camera set up for this

He was losing control so he guided the giant cock back and but it right at
the tip of Kelly's cunt. He gave a thrust and got a quarter of his missile
into Kelly. She wailed out and the Bull pulled back. He knew he would have
to ram it in, this was the tightest cow he had ever had.

The bull reared back and thrust with all his strength, He buried almost all
of his cock inside of her, it was too long and as thick as an NFL football at
the base, there was no way it was all going in.

Kelly past out on the first thrust. The bull was fucking her harder and
harder with each thrust, having Kelly unconscious just made it easier for it.

The bull pummeled Kelly for half an hour, Jack shot enough to fill out his
video tape. He couldn't resist pulling out his cock and shooting a load all
over the still girl's face, after all if he didn't his balls were going to



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