Malena: Part 2 (MF, bond, ncon, voy)
by Shaim Malik ([email protected])

Renato took his cycle and rode hastily to the crowded streets of Sicily. As he reached the backyard of Malena's house, he put down his cycle and peeped through the hole of Malena's living room which he has been doing for few days regularly.

He made sure that no body was watching him do this in the generally deserted backyard. Then he placed his eye searching for the goddess of beauty. Then his eyes got fixed on Malena's bed where she was lying, wearing the black blouse and red skirt. She was motionless and her eyes were fixed on the roof. Then she closed her eyes as it appeared she was going to sleep. Renato kept watching her, adoring her beauty. Then with his hands he reached for his tool in his shorts and kind of provoked his feelings.

Then after thinking for a while with his heart beating heavily within his chest, he moved toward the doorway slowly and hideously. He entered the room, and he was shocked to see there was a man sitting beside Malena as he had assumed that she was alone. He quickly hid from plain view and started watching them. He then remembered that the man sitting was Mr. Roberto, a very wealthy man in Sicily.
He could smell something fishy.

He saw Mr. Roberto get on the bed on which Malena was lying motionless, and then he put his head on her breast and place his leg over her, which made Malena open her eyes and the close them back.

"I hope nobody disturbs me this time," said Roberto then he placed one of his hands on the other breast underneath her blouse.

"Let me suck them dry, they look delicious," as he caressed them with his tongue. "Trust me, you do what I say and your husband will return home safely," as he moved his hand under her skirt as Malena started breathing heavily.

Renato was unable to believe his eyes.

Suddenly Roberto started slapping her butt very hard, and started to get up from his bed and pulled Malena as well out of the bed.

Renato tried to hide well and started breathing very slowly.

Roberto took Malena out of bed and started removing her blouse, when Malena
resisted he tore them making Malena weep. He asked Malena to get down on all fours on a piece of flat furniture, she slowly did as demanded.

Her breast were in full view of Renato, who was feeling as if he had come in heaven. Roberto asked her to stay that way as he went and brought some rope and slowly tied Malena to it. He then stood behind her and pulled her skirt down revealing her bush and round firm behind. He pushed a finger in her hole as Malena kept weeping at her helplessness. He pulled his finger out and reached for her melons that were hanging and shaking around and he started pressing them as if they were some fruit. Then he pinched he nipples and in meantime placed his tongue on her pussy.

"It's amazing that it's not wet yet. You are a great whore," as he pulled his
pants down and grabbed his penis in his hand and made it make contact with her pussy.

Then he pushed it inside her and grabbed both of her jugs in his hand and pushed in and out a few and pulled it out after ejaculating in her pussy with sperm dripping from his dick and Malena's pussy.

Then he fell on his bed to catch his breath. After a few minutes he went to the washroom as Malena placed her knee on the furniture which looked like it was specially made for that purpose. With tears continuously running down her cheek.

Roberto came back in after a few minutes, reached out for his pants, put them on and started to leave. Malena almost in a sobbing voice asked him to untie her, in response of which he laughed and said her to stay like that as he will come the next day. Malena desperately asked him again.

"Next time I will milk you, babe. Stay like this, I will come in the morning,' he said as he left and closed the door from outside.

Malena started sobbing loudly as Renato watched her. He was feeling sorry for her, but his mind was telling him that this was the best chance he was gonna get. He went and closed the door from inside and made way in the room. Malena noticed him tried desperately to hide herself.

He went all round her, trying to get the most of the beautiful and delicious sight that was in front of him. He tentatively placed his hand on her body and a gush of pleasure ran through him. He ran his hand all over her naked body. He ran his finger through her hair and pushed them on ground to see her naked back
completely. Malena was expressionless as if she had accepted her destiny.

He started kissing all over her body. He then asked her to get up, to which Malena didn't respond. He asked her again without any profit. Renato knew he couldn't let the moment go and he must do whatever required to cash in the opportunity. He took a half a matchstick and set it on fire and threatened her to get her up.

She emotionlessly heeded and all of a sudden he grabbed her milky tits and started having fun with them. He kept grabbing them, squeezing and pinching them. He then went in between her and the furniture and licked those juicy
mangos with his tongue meanwhile sucking on her still not hard nipple.

Malena was loathing him but it was not unexpected as she knew he could do it, as it was common for her to hear loathful comments from boys whenever she went outside. Renato was sucking on her breast as if he was her infant. While his
hands were running all across her body.

Suddenly a cry of pain came out of Malena's mouth as Renato put her nipple in between his teeth and was chewing on it. She started to try very hard to get her nipple out from his teeth which made Renato more excited. He kissed her breast once again before and stood up, moved to her back, and slapped on her butt many times vigorously as it became red. He then took his dick out and just as he was to put it in her pussy, he felt a shiver and suddenly sperm came out and fell on the floor.

He ran to the washroom and washed his dick. As he was coming back he noticed her panties that were lying on the floor. He took it and went to Malena and he untied her hand. She slowly stood and looked in a hateful way at Renato. Renato was smiling, he wore his pants and quickly pinched her nipples and ran out of her house.

Malena weeping heavily untied herself and pulled up her skirt and took her blouse from the floor, it was torn. She looked at it for a while and then again broke into tears. She went and washed herself absentmindedly as if in a sleep.

Renato took his cycle and rode as fast as he could.

* * *

The next day in school many boys were laughing at Renato, assuming he is boasting and Renato couldn't understand why aren't they believing him, but deep inside he was excited and a bit guilty.


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