Malena: Part 3 (MF,ncon)
by Shaim Malik ([email protected])

After Renato left that night, Malena untied her legs pulled her skirt up and fell on her bed and kept weeping for some time. After few minutes she got on her feet and washed her face, took a bath and came back.

The whole incident of the early night was running inside her head. She didn't know when she fell asleep only to be woken in the early morning by Roberto.

"I assume somebody came here after I left," said Roberto in a stern voice. "Who came?" he asked her.

Malena didn't reply in defiance.

"You expect me to feed you, provide you with money and you keep defying me." he grabbed her beautiful long hair.

Malena out of pain offered resistance, only to make Roberto strengthen his grip. She started to weep but didn't say anything. This irked Mr. Roberto as he slapped her and said 'You will be punished for this! I will tear your clothes in front of the whole town and make them feast on your body, you whore!"

"That will teach you a lesson about not defying your master. Get up! I said 'Get up!'" exclaimed Roberto in very furious voice. "Wwe are going at my place, I don't trust you slut!"

"I won't go!" somehow Malena gathered the strength to utter the words.

"What did you just say? You won't go? Okay, then you pay me back all the money I've given you with interest now!"

"I will pay you back," said Malena as she broke again in tears.

"No, I want it now!" he slapped her on her butt. "If you can't, grab your stuff and get in my car now!" He squeezed her breast, "Don't think so much, nothing will happen to you as long as you be a good slave and obey me. Now go and pack your stuff!" he patted her firm ass.

She reluctantly got in the car with some of her clothes. Meanwhile Roberto locked the door. Then they drove to Roberto's house through the streets of Sicily.

"From now on that is your room," said Roberto pointing towards the gate that was at the corner of the hall. "Settle down and be ready in an hour to please your master," he closed the door and locked it as Malena tentatively watched him.

He noticed Malena standing and watching him, hence he walked toward her and placed his hand on her waist and sneaked his hand into her skirt. "You sure are a very defiant slave," as he caressed and explored her beautiful butt just to humiliate her, "Do as I say."

He pulled his hand out and grabber her hand roughly and pushed her in the room, if one calls that a room. There was a small bed with a plain white bed sheet. There were ropes, handcuffs and a lot of stuff she hadn't seen before. She put her stuff next to bed and sat on the bed unable to think what the future had in store for her.

She sat there plainly for a long time, then almost absentmindedly opened the small door attached to the room and found out that it was a washroom. She splashed some water on her face and came back to bed.

After sometime she heard the noise of some one walking and then noises of unlocking of door and as expected Roberto to come in dressed in a silk robe that made his bloated belly look even more large. He entered and smirked at her. Her heart was beating. Maybe she hadn't accepted this as her fate even now. He now put his hand on his dick over the robe and stared at Malena, who despite all the hardships was still looking like an angel wearing a white overcoat and long socks that were covering her thighs to her toes.

He looked at her hungrily and he proved his dick. Malena raised her eyes for a bit and the looked down. He moved towards her slowly and stood next to her. He then placed her hand on his penis. "People on the streets are talking that you left Sicily and took the train," running his fingers trough her hair. "Isn't it amazing how many things you can do when you have money," as he sat down on the floor with Malena still sitting on the bed and toes on the floor.

He put his head in her lap, 'You know not a minute has passed by since the day I met you when I haven't been thinking about the ways to have you. In a way I love you more than your filthy husband. I fucking wish that he dies and rots somewhere in the east and rats eat up his corpse."

The harsh statement made a teardrop trickle onto his cheek through malena's eyes.

"Oh man! You loved him very much, but I bet that if he ever loved you, he would have wanted you to live happily and not die in scarcity of food. Besides I only did what every man in the town must have done, given the chance. Don't I know how they talk about you and fantasize about you and I don't blame them. Its not their fault, they are men and this is our nature. The only person I blame is you. Why did you have to be so beautiful?" and he grabbed her soft globes in his filthy hands.

"Uncover them!" he ordered her as he moved away from her and removed his robe from his body.

Malena looked at him and he was really ugly.

'Don't make me repeat every time. Be a good slave and you won't have any issues." He brought a chair that he had left at the door and sat on it.

Malena stood reluctantly and pulled her dress down, she wasn't wearing any undergarment, she crossed her hands to hide her breasts.

"You think you can hide them from me? I swear I'll milk them in the middle
of Sicily one day. Remove those hand and let me see those globes."

Malena slowly removed her hands.

He hungrily looked at them and was playing with his rather smaller than
average dick. "Come here, don't be shy."

She did as ordered. He started fondling them, with his mouth and slapping her hard on her naked bottom.

After few minutes of licking and fondling and gripping the juicy melons, he stood up from chair and twisted her hand and placed it on her back and grabbed her boobs from his other hand as malena let out a cry of pain. He then pushed her towards the bed and made her lie on the bed with her face and upper front body on the bed and her bottom facing him. He then let go of her hand and started caressing her firm behind.

He then started caressing them and ran his hands several times across her behind and slapped her many times till the turned red. He placed his lips over them and kissed them and pinched them. Malena despite in pain didn't cry. Then he started pulling the cheeks of her ass hole apart. This made malena scream in terror which excited Roberto even more. He forced her to lay like that as he ravaged her ass hole.

Then he made her turn on the bed, her face and breasts were red. Roberto cupped her breasts in his hand and kissed them while looking at Malena's face, which made Malena turn her face away in disgust. This act of Malena kind of angered him, he started squeezing the melons very violently and pinched her nipples as Malena writhed in pain. He kept molesting and torturing her for sometime and then placed his hand on her sweet pussy. He moved his hands around there before sneaking his fingers in. He then placed his mouth over there and inserted his tongue in the deliciously scented pussy. As Malena started to give up her resistance as the act seemed to have excited her. Malena closed her eyes in guilt and pleasure as he wreaked havoc in that cave of her's, and before she knew, she shuddered and leaked liquid.

Roberto pulled out his tongue and slapped her pussy very hard. "You little bitch! You sit there acting like you don't enjoy it," as he fingered her.
"Your husband must have loved to see you enjoy me," as he grabbed his dick and placed it over her glorious hairy cave of pleasure inserting it completely in one go. He pushed and pulled it back and forth very fast for a few times and then fell over Malena with his dick still implanted in her body. He placed his head in between those soft hills and placed his fingers of their peak and made them walk to her lips.

"That's it for today. You did good. Go wash yourself and prepare for tonight,' as he pulled out his dick and thumped upon the bed.

Malena laid naked next to him lost in her world as he wrapped her with his arms
and legs over her body and fell asleep. Malena laid there uncomfortably for few
minutes then slowly removed his hands and very silently took her clothes and snuck out of the room.

May be she had decided that she would be anything but a sex slave of this man.
A slut, but independent. She dressed and made a run to the door only to find it locked. She pulled it helplessly and anxiously for few minutes then thought of
Some thing and very serenely returned to her room and sat on chair with the sight of Mr. Roberto snoring naked in the bed.


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