Malena: Part 4 (MF,M-solo)
by Shaim Malik ([email protected])

Renato woke up in his room to see an old doctor sitting beside him along with his father who had a worried look on his face.

The doctor observed him for a while and felt his pulse and they both left. It has been 2 days since his father has caught him with Malena's panties. What followed was very embarrasing for Renato as he was beaten badly by his father and locked in his room.

After they left he fell back upon his bed cursing himself for his stupidity and lack of control on his senses. He was still puzzled over how did he sleep after fantasising about Malena that night, when he had actually intended to hide the panties.

In an hour or so, he felt some movement and was elated to see that the window that was sealed by his father was getting open which meant that he was no longer a captive.

In the evening he sneaked out of his house over his bicycle and went straight to his friends and came to know that Malena has left the town. On hearing this he got very disappointed, and frustated. He was thinking that it was perhaps because of the incident that night that made Malena leave the town. He slowly rode to Malena's house with slight hope and optimism that he will find all that he has heard to be all lie.

He reached her house and placed his bicycle on ground and jumped over the tree planted next to her house when he saw the door locked from outside. He broke into her house through the window and reached downstairs and sat on the floor next to the bed and took her torn blouse that was lying on the bed in his hand. 'She must have left the same day because of me and that bastard,' he concluded.

Then he started playing with her torn blouse and felt excitement remembering the incidents that happened on the most memorable night of his life. He pulled his pant down and wrapped her blouse round his dick and reconstructed the incident in his mind and jerked off. He then lied on the floor and unintentionally fell asleep.

He woke up to notice the sound of footsteps and he quickly hid in the corner. He was pleasently shocked to see it was Malena who entered the house. He waited to see if she was alone or with someone. After making sure she was alone he moved where she was standing and wrapped her with his arms. He started to run his face over her back and firm buttocks covered in long skirt.

"Wwhere had you gone? I thought I'll never see you again."

She turned around with a smile on her face. "God! She was looking like an angel," thought Renato. Her beautiful long hair was flowing like a river behind her.

"You care that much about me?" asked Malena looking into his eyes.

"Yes, Malena! I love you. Were you offended by what I did that night? I'm sorry about that! I actually saw you and thought that I would never get the chance again and I know what I did was stupid, but I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry Renato, don't be sorry," replied Malena softly. "I'm yours only yours. You can do anything that you want to do with me. Just like your cycle or
your clothes, I'm your property."

Renato couldn't believe what he was hearing and he hugged her passionately. He could reach only till the shoulder of the tall lady. He wrapped her in his arms and tried to slowly enjoy the stream of pleasure that was running wildly across his body. He looked at her face as she was smiling at him.

"You know people in the streets talk very dirty about you," said Renato as he made way for his head into her overcoat and placed it in between her blouse and her coat.

"What do they say about me?" asked Malena.

"I don't like to hear them say that dirty stuff about you. One day I was sitting in a salon and heard an old bastard say that your tits are full of milk and he had sucked them last night," as he felt her soft bosom with his face and made his nose touch her erect nipples.

"I knew that he was lying. I know you're mine," he said with his arms still enclosing her waist.

Malena placed her hands on Renato's head.

"I want to suck them. Suck your breasts. Would you allow me?" as he removed his head from inside of her overcoat and looked at her face.

Meanwhile he started unbuttoning her coat and threw it on the floor. Then he placed his hands on her delicate breasts over her blouse and pressed her pokey nipples in between his thumb and fore finger, his eyes fixed on the soft mountains.

He then grabbed her breasts and tried to engulf them in his tiny palms, looking at her, she was also looking at him and smiling. He hugged her again and started caressing her behind slowly meanwhile moved downward kissing her belly and then pulled down her skirt and panty to kept staring at her bush for a while before looking upward at her face. Malena was staring at him smiling.

He placed his hand on her thighs and started to move it in between her legs. He then placed his mouth on her thighs and kissed and licked her thighs and with his hands were constantly exploring her buttocks. He then kissed her pussy and looked upwards and noticed that Malena was leaning downwards looking at him. He stood up and kissed her lips for a while looking into her eyes. Meanwhile he was ravaging her breasts with his hands. He then pulled her blouse down, and started kissing her breasts as she wasn't wearing any bra.

"They're very beautiful. Are they full of milk?" said Renato while licking one of her nipples and playing with the other melon with his hand.

"Why don't you check it yourself?" replied Malena with mischeif flashing in her eyes.

He grabbed both of her breast in his hands round her nipples and her hard erect large nipples were staring in his face. He looked at her again and moved his still free thumbs of both hand over her nipples to cover them.

He then started kissing her neck and slowly moved downward. He then removed his thumb from her nipples and licked and curled his tongue around her hard nipples. He then closed his mouth engulfing her one of the nipples and kept on squeezing the other one jug. He then started sucking on the nipple and to his excitement a liquid started to get into his mouth. He kept on sucking each of them for a long time.

All this time Malena had her hand over his head and she had her eyes closed.

"They are delicious, Malena," said Renato before kissing them again and trying to make her nipples touch each other.

Then he moved downward again and started playing with her clitoris and he inserted his fingers inside and to his shock he felt a strong sharp pain in his finger and suddenly he started feeling dizziness.

In a sudden instant he came to realize that all that happened was unreal. He noticed and ran running across the room which he deduced had bit his finger and it was bleeding. His heart was still thumping his chest.

Malena's torn top was lying on the floor drenched in his sperm. He noticed that it has gone quite dark outside and he didn't know what was the time. He slowly moved to the window lost in weird thoughts. He was scared. He got down via the tree and looked around. It was very quiet. He searched for his cycle. To his horror he couldn't see it anywhere. Then he remembered that he has hidden it in the backyard. He took a sigh of relief when he saw it lying where he has left it. He sat on it and rode it wildly in the empty streets of Sicily.

When he was about to reach his house he noticed a few people talking in the
streets and later on he realised that it wasn't that late that he had thought it was. He kept his cycle in the house and ran to his room and fell on his bed.

In a few minute his heart rate became normal. He was still thinking about Malena when he woke up in the morning. Like never before he was unable to think about anything else but Malena.

* * *

Meanwhile Malena was lying in the bed in the outskirts of Sicily lost in her thoughts almost absent mindedly.


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