Disclaimer: The character is not mine it's from the movie Malena starring Monica Belluci and the story is fiction, not intended for anyone below the age of 18.

Malena: Part 5 (MF,ncon)
by Shaim Malik ([email protected])

Malena woke up to find that she was alone in the room. Still a bit dizzy, she couldn't remember when she fell asleep and when Mr. Roberto left the room. She slowly got off the bed and moved towards the door of the room, which was surprisingly open. She went outside in the hall and noticed that Roberto was taking a bath in the middle of the large hall. There were two large buckets of water placed next to him. She stared at his back with disgust and slowly turned back towards her room. She had barely taken a step, when Roberto turned around and splashed water over her. She freezed as the water drops touched her back and whole her body started to tremble badly.

"Hey, beautiful hips! Come over here," were the words that followed into her ears.

She turned around slowly as she felt her heart pumping badly with terror and adrenaline flowing wildly into her slender legs.

"Come over here, I want to have some fun," as he splashed more water over her.

Malena stood there like her feet have been plastered and her head knelt down.

Roberto clicked his tongue and shook his head in anger and disappointment and then came over to her. The short undergarment he was wearing was all wet and showing a bulge. He moved round Malena as Malena stood still trembling. He placed his hand on her butt and patted it while looking at Malena's face in order to humiliate her. She turned her face away from him and closed her eyes.

Roberto was drawing pleasure from her expression and planted his face just below her neck and with his hands grabbed her firm buttocks. Malena's feet were shaking and she felt like they couldn't suppport her body anymore.

"Let's go! Let me clean you!" said Roberto as he pulled away from her and took her in his lap and slowly took her over the middle of the hall.

He placed her on the floor. Then he slowly helped her and placed her head on the floor and straightened her legs. The water on the wet floor has already made its way to her back and the cold water made her body stiff. Roberto sat beside her and admired her beauty for an instant. Then he took a little water from the bucket in his palm and dripped it over her delicious mountains and slowly adjusted her clothes to outline her breast and her hard nipples. Malena turned her face in discomfort as he moved his hands several times over her belly and her neck.

"You know what, as much as you hate me, you are the greatest thing ever to happen to me," said Roberto as he gripped her face with his hand and made her look at himself. "You may ignore that you are my slave and think more that you are my partner. Though honestly I never derived much pleasure from partners. It's weird but its that way, and I can't help it."

He again took little water in his palms and this time gripped her tits over her floral top and gave a devilish grin at Malena. "I'm trying to steal some of their softness over my palm," and he increased the pressure on her tits and kept increasing till Malena started to roll her head in pain over the floor.

After that he quickly moved his one leg over to the other side and sat over her belly. He was heavy and Malena writhed in pain and moved her body to ease the pressure of his weight on his belly with signs of discomfort over her face. She felt his hard dick on her belly as he pushed her top over and wiped the precum with her skin.

"Oh god, you are so smooth," and he tore her clothes and threw it in the bucket and in the meantime knelt over her to took one of those delicious cherry in his mouth.

Malena could no more lie as she felt very uncomfortable and she sat down slowly meanwhile Roberto kept sucking her milk bags one by one like a hungry child and moving his hips to rub his penis over her body.

After a while he stopped sucking her tits and got up on his feet and pulled her skirt off. She wasn't wearing any panties. Then he pulled her legs apart to reveal her hairy bush while Malena helped herself with her hand to support her awkward posture. Roberto was standing with one foot on the floor in between her spread legs and he moved in further to let his toe touch her pussy. Malena closed her eyes in the fear of getting hurt. He was playing with her bush with his toe and pulled her private hair with his toe fingers. Malena opened her eyes to see an evil grin planted over Roberto's face.

"Help me with my thumb if you don't want to hurt yourself," and he smiled.

Malena knew it was the better option though she knew he was doing it to shame her. She gripped the thumb of his feet and slowly made it enter her warm pussy.

Once it was completely engulfed in her body Roberto started moving it vigrously inside and outside her clitoris while Malena kept grip on his leg to prevent damage. Once he had done enough he removed it out of her body and ordered her to clean her pussy with the water and soap and he moved and sat down behind her.

Malena tentatively started to cleanse her vagina when she felt Roberto sitting behind her with his front body in full contact of her back and he placed his head over her shoulder and moved his hand to grab those titties. His penis was placed underneath her ass crack. He kept playing with her globes and was trying to keep his eyes open with the pleasure he was recieving.

After a while he made her stand up and leaned her against the wall and placed his penis on her pussy and thrusted it inside and out for a few minutes before pulling it out of her and lied upon the floor panting heavily for air. Meanwhile Malena slowly sat down with her back against the wall with a blank look upon her face.

When his heartbeat turned normal, Roberto got up and threw Malena's top drenched in water towards her and bathed. When he was done he asked Malena to take a bath and went inside his room. His sperm was still dripping through Malena's pussy as she poured water over her naked body with the sound of radio coming from the room informing about the entry of America in the war.


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