Mario Kart: GTA Mushroom Kingdom (F-best,FF,inc,oral,fist,voy,ncon,cons)
by Hamster

Princess Peach was locked on her knees and her hands were tied behind her
back. The petite blonde's head was being held firmly by a giant green fist to
keep her in place. The Princess was in the humiliating and degrading position
of having to lick the slimy and scaly cock of king Koopa. It wasn't the first
time. She'd been kidnapped by Bowser the King Koopa repeatedly over the years
and it was always exactly the same. She'd be forced to perform all kinds of
sexual acts with him before she was eventually rescued by Mario. King Koopa
would always at least get a decent blow-job before she went back to her
castle and waited for the next time that she would get kidnapped. Sometimes
he'd even get to fuck her out right. It was a big joke with everyone. Oops
Princess got kidnapped AGAIN!!! If it wasn't Koopa it was Donkey Kong or some
other freak. Mario seemed to enjoy the whole thing too. He'd get to play the
hero and battle Koopa. She was then supposed to be SOOOO greatlful that she'd
be willing to do anything to repay him, no matter how perverted.

'Yep, it was hilarious,' she thought bitterly as she ran her tongue over the
bulbous head.

Koopa didn't care that the Princess wasn't exactly enjoying things. Actually
he preffered an unwilling partner. It wasn't about her anyways, he thought
as the pleasure coursed through his big giant fuck-stick. It was all about
beating that little bastard Mario. Peach was now using both of her dainty
hands to stroke his long dragon cock. Bowser let out a low rumbling growl of
pleasure. He felt an orgasm coming so he pulled her head away and splattered
her face with a ton of dragon sperm.

It was at this point that King Koopa was interrupted he was hit in the head
by a turtle shell.

"OUCH!!!" He cried as he pushed Peach away and stood.

Mario was now in the room standing atop of a squished Goomba.

"Dammit Mario, me and the Princess were having a moment here. Why you gotta
come and interrupt." Koopa demanded.

"If you don't want me interrupting asshole, get better guards." Mario said as
he kicked the fallen goomba away.

"Look mustache boy, if I went and did that then you wouldn't get to watch
your woman suck me off. I know it gives you a thrill to see her take a REAL
cock. How long where you watching before you but in anyways?" Bowser said.

"Why don't you shut up so we can proceed to the part where I kick your stupid
scaly ass all over the place." Mario said.

"Bring it on bitch!" Bowser said.

"ENOUGH!!!!" Screamed the Princess. Mario and Bowser stopped and looked at

"I've had enough of this. I'm tired of getting kidnapped just so that you two
can have an excuse to roll around like a pair of bi-curios teenagers. I'm
sick of it. So you two are going to listen to me right now. We are going to
settle this once and for all. I'm holding a race and whoever wins get's to
marry me. Anyone who enters has to agree to leave the winner and me in peace.
And if you don't like that, well let's just say that I know where to hurt you
two. Do we have a deal?"

Both Mario and Bowser looked sheepish.

"Uh OK." They said in unison.

Race Day...

The Mushroom Kingdom had gathered as a whole to see who was going to win the
Princess. All gathered were cheering for their individual favorites and to
Mario and Bowser's chagrin more than just them had showed up for this race.
Donkey Kong was entered. So was Wario. Mario laughed when he saw that Toad
was in it.

"Getting a little big for your britches aren't you Toad?" Mario asked.

"I'm not going to let either one of you undeserving dumbasses marry the
Princess." Toad said.

"Like you get a say, get out of my sight." Mario said.

"Snatch the bitch, Knock her out, tie her up and make sure that she doesn't
escape." Bowser snarled.

Race Time...

High on a podium in front of her castle and overlooking the starting point of
the race stood Princess Peach. She was to officially start the race. Mario
looked at his rivals and revved up his engine. Bowser and Donkey Kong growled
menacingly. Peach raised the checkered flag and then lowered it.

The Karts all rushed forward. Toad was off to an early lead but Kong, Bowser
and Mario were not to far off. The pack ran together close and tight as the
Karts roamed over the tight turns that threaded through the hills outside of
the castle. The first hazards began to loom ahead. The racers were
approaching a patch of Piranha plants that lined both sides of the road. The
plants lunged and snapped at the passing Karts that had to dodge left and
right to avoid their gaping maws. Bowser saw his opportunity. He put on he
gas and then slammed into Toads Kart and sent it right into the jaws of a
Piranha plant. The plant chomped it to bits along with toad who was inside.
The race continued and Bowser lost his slight lead to Mario as they raced
onto a narrow bridge. Bowser put on the gas and gave Mario a slight shove.
Mario didn't look back but with one hand he gave Bowser the finger. Mario
slammed on the gas a sped over the bridge to get to the other side more
quickly just as vicious man-eating fish began to leap from the lake below and
snap at the drivers. Daisy who was pulling up the rear watched as a fish of
massive size, the legendary Big Bertha leapt out of the water and ate Luigi
whole with a single bite.

"OH SHIT!" She said as she slowed a little to avoid smacking into the fish.

She then gave her Kart a good shot of NOS in order to speed clear of the
deadly bridge altogether. The next leg of the race was tough. They would
approach a ramp and use it to send their Kart flying onto a giant flat-topped
Muchroom above. They would then use a series of ramps to fly from 'shroom to
'shroom. The Karts flew in the air as they navigated the hazardous course and
eventually cleared that and continued through some winding hills. The riders
were now starting to break apart and a lot of space was between each of them.
Donkey Kong had to swerved to avoid a riderless Kart. He looked back and
wondered what fate had befallen the Koppa turtle that had been riding it. How
could he know that the poor thing was now inside of Yoshi's belly? He did not
notice that Daisy had caught up to him and she used the monkey's distraction
to get ahead of him. Donkey Kong became annoyed and pushed his Kart to try
and catch her.

She looked back.

"Hey monkey, you want a banana?" She asked.

Daisy tossed a banana peel behind her. Donkey Kong's tire hit the banana peel
as he was doing his top speed. The ape sped out of control and crashed into a
hill then made a satisfying explosion. Ahead at the front of the pack Wario
and Bowser had both caught up to Mario. They nodded at each other and then
drove on either side of the race leader and began to smash him from either
side. Mario reached into his pocket and pulled out a shiny star. He thrust it
into the slot in his Kart to give it temporary invincibility. Wario and
Bowser went flying away from him as his yellow invinceability aura came on.
Daisy began to close and both Wario and Bowser saw her. They both began to
pick up the speed. All four racers were soon very close together as they
approached a sharp corner that had a Chomp-Chomp. The ravenous creature
stretched out and swallowed Wario in one bite as they mad their turn. The
three racers got on the straight away to the finish line and put on the gas.
Mario and Bowser pushing on each other for control. Daisy gave her Kart some
serious speed and swerved around the other two to take the lead. Bowser was
going to hit the NOS to try and catch her but Mario crashed into him
intentionally so that she could cross first. Bowser roared with savage fury.
Mario stood and began to point and laugh at Bowser.

"You loser!" Mario laughed.

He stopped laughing when he noticed the hordes of Koopatroopas and Goombas
that began to surround them both.

"Here is your winner Daisy Toadstool." Peach announced.

"What the hell is going on? Why didn't you stop her?" Bowser demanded.

"We made a deal with Daisy." Said one of the turtles "We work for her now."

After crossing the finish line Daisy did a u-turn and went back to Bowser and

"We have a deal right, I get the Princess?" Mario asked.

"Sorry plumber. I won. I marry Peach. I get the Kingdom. You and Bowser get
adjacent dungeon cells." Daisy said.

"BITCH!" Mario cried as he tried to charge her, Daisy kicked him in the nuts.


The bed was huge, the twins were naked.

"Well, I would say that went well." said Daisy.

"Me too. My two biggest headaches are in the dungeon and I don't have to
marry some douche-bag." Peach said with a broad smile.

"Forget about them Peach, I'm not here to talk about those two clowns. I'm
here to claim my prize." Daisy turned and kissed her clone.

Daisy ran her hands through Peach's blonde hair as she rubbed her cunt
against her sister's thigh like a horny dog. Her free hand went straight to
Peach's pussy and she began to rub it and make her sister moan happily. Daisy
knew how to make her feel good and wasn't just out for her own pleasure like
those lousy dickheads Mario and Bowser. Daisy started to suck on her sister's
tits while she shoved a second and then a third finger into her sister. Soon
Daisy was fisting Peach who was howling wildly.


Daisy was happy to oblige and pounded her pussy like a boxer soon Peach was
cumming crazily and she juiced like a river. Daisy pulled her fist out of her
sister's pussy with a pop and began to lick her fist clean.
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