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Author's Note: Shepard looks like a blond Gillian Anderson circa late X-Files seasons, so smoking hot ;) Also, I have no idea about Turian's nuts. I'm just going by Rule 34 pics of Mass Effect. I'm sure I'll be corrected ;) Alternate Title: Mass Effect: Calibrate This!

Pairing: Garrus Vakarian and Alice Shepard

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral

Mass Effect: I Want You. I Need You.
by Mean Blackjack

Their heads separated and Garrus looked deep into Shepard's eyes. Brushing her hair back, they put their lips on each other's and kissed for the very first time.

She was pleasantly surprised. Turian's have naturally tough skin due to their home world, but his lips were much softer. His strong arms wrapped around her supportive waist and pulled her deeper. Unsure of what to do, she hooked her arms around his neck and opened her mouth.

Sliding her tongue into his mouth, she had to provoke Garrus' tongue into playing with her. It must have been a Turian thing. His larger tongue moved up and batted against her smaller tongue. Shepard hooked her tongue around his and sucked on his fleshy organ, sucking it tightly she moaned as Garrus' hands traced up and down her back.

Reaching her waistline, Garrus tugged at the bottom of the black shirt. She broke the kiss, put her arms in the air, and let him take off her top. Throwing the shirt to one side, he kissed her again. She groaned as Garrus slipped his hand on her back, his sharp nails traced a fine pattern up her back. Shepard's head fell back, looking at the ceiling as he kissed from her lips down to her neck.

Breaking briefly, he looked up at her and smiled. "Am I doing this right? Mordin threatened me with leaflets on pleasure zones."

"It's fine. Keep doing it."

Smiling, Garrus did so. Kissing her neck, he pulled her closer, worshipping her porcelain neck as he did. His kisses worked up and down her neck, planting soft kisses as his hands coiled around her waist and kept her close.

Shepard's hands ran down to his waist and tugged at his clothing. It was a one-piece affair, presumably high Turian fashion. It was a little bright for Shepard, but she only cared about him. She tugged at the piece, unsure of just what to do.

He smiled and broke the kiss. Reaching behind himself, Garrus unzipped the costume and unrolled it down his body. Stepping out of it, he looked almost ashamed, peering at the floor.

"Very nice." She said with a smile, looking down his impressive body. His body was patched with his natural hard skin; they were spots of smooth skin in between the blocks of the almost rocky skin. His penis looked remarkably like a human's only with no foreskin; it was a blue member that stood close to nine inches. Garrus kicked his costume to one side and held her tightly.

"Thank you..."

A hand slid up her back and held her just above the shoulder, his other hand held steady at her waist and held her close. Shepard's hands moved up to his head and held him closer. Her hands rested just under his head on the smoother skin, it felt remarkably like a human's and was cool to the touch.

Shepard moved him closer to her, their heads rested together. Their mouths opened and their hot breath mingled together. Shepard lent in and kissed him again, making sure to focus special attention on the wound he had suffered earlier in the mission. Kissing it lightly, Garrus recoiled at the touch.

"I'm sorry. Did that hurt?"

"It stings... I'll have to manage."

"Well, I'll make you feel better later."

"I'm sure you will. Get to it Commander... Sir."

"Keep that up Vakarian and I'll get you to give me twenty."

"Only twenty? You're getting soft."

"Really? Because you're not."

Shepard's hands traced their way down his body and were stroking his member. Wrapping her right hand around in, she stroked the member with gusto. It was his turn to moan as the Commander jerked his member to life. It felt very smooth in her hand, she couldn't feel any veins like a humans. She twisted the skin to the side, and watched his reaction. He seemed to enjoy it a lot, as he groaned again.

She watched him with a lot of curiosity as she played with his dick. Her head rested against his hard chest, looking down at her handy work she noticed that his balls weren't there.


"Yes..." Garrus sighed heavily. "Yes Shepard?"

"Where are your nuts?"

"My... Oh! Sorry, Turians have internal testicles."

"Oh... So, I can't play with them?"

"Afraid not. You'll have to make do with my shaft."

"I'm sure I can manage. You think you can?" She looked up from his chest to look at him. His face was painted with his blue clan markings, his face was scarred still and his left eye was obscured by his visor.

"Shepard. You don't have to do this, I know Thane's interested in you..."

"I want you Garrus. Only you. And it's more than good enough for me. Should I see how it tastes?"

Garrus was about to answer, but Shepard ignored him. Kissing his hard toned chest, and she moved down his chest. Her hands slid down his back with him, finding his ass, Shepard cupped his cheeks tightly as she opened her mouth.

Flicking her soft pink tongue against his hard shaft, she smiled when he shivered at her touch. Keeping her hand at the base of his shaft, she licked her tongue around his head. It was unusual. Not just because she was sucking off an alien race but because his dick didn't look like a human's. It was long and proportionately thick like a human's but there wasn't a head. Maybe it was the soldier in her, but she thought it looked like a bullet with the way it tipped at the end. She ignored her thoughts and licked around the tip, making full circles with it.

Slowly jerking the shaft as she did so, she continued to bat her pretty tongue against his dick. With the tip sufficiently wet, Garrus groaned as she took his member inside her mouth.

Bobbing up and down on half of his member, she moaned increasing the feeling on his dick. Lightly increasing her lip's lock around his shaft, he looked down at her. She had closed her eyes and had tugged at her hair. It had fallen down and was loose around her shoulders,

"Mmmm..." Shepard moaned as she bobbed up and down, her hand moved up to meet her bobs as well. Rocking forwards and back on her knees, she started to take more and more of his shaft in her mouth.

Garrus' eyes tilted to the back of his head as she took more of his dick. He put his hand on her head and tangled her hair up in his hand. He made sure not to put too much pressure for his clawed fingertips on her head, he didn't want to hurt her.

He watched her go to work and realised just what was going through his body.

He was in love. He knew if anyone tried to hurt Shepard, he would take the bullet.

"Oh by the Spirits Shepard..." Garrus sighed, his fingers tangling with her hair as she moved up and down.

By this time, Shepard had taken to twisting her head to the left and to the right, making sure to cover his entire shaft. Her tongue was still batting at the shaft on the inside. With each bob, more and more spit started to pool out of her mouth. Taking her head off his shaft, she looked up at him with a smile before lunging in and licking up all of her own spit.

Flicking her tongue all over his shaft, Shepard started to hum a tune. The vibrations made the soldier on his feet shake with pleasure. Smiling, she forced herself deeper on his shaft. Her throat smacked against the head of his dick and she started to gag. Tears formed in her eyes as spit ran from out of her mouth keeping her mouth at his base. She kept it there for a few moments before pulling up off his shaft. Taking a quick moment to wipe the tears away, she resumed sucking.

"Oh my..." Garrus groaned, her sucking was proving to be excellent. He felt a thin film of sweat forming on his body. Untangling his talons, he watched as the blond human worked on his shaft. He couldn't quite believe that someone was paying so much attention to him like that.

He had needed a release. All the days on Omega. All by himself and now Shepard, THE Shepard was giving it to him. Her tongue worked all over his member as she jerked him off.

"Tell me when you're going to cum." She said, looking up at him before resuming her sucking.

Garrus' thoughts had wandered but he realised he probably was going to cum soon. He grunted an acknowledgement and closed his eyes, purely focusing on her oral work. Keeping her lips sealed tight, Shepard sucked with wild abandon, she hadn't been with many aliens but she could recognise when a male was going to cum.

Groaning, Garrus came back to the room and looked down at his lover.

"Shepard... I'm going to cum soon..."

Shepard looked up and nodded her approval. She stopped sucking and moved to the side of him. Jerking his shaft with wild abandon, she watched her lover's eyes shut as his body tensed and he popped his heat sink. His cum arced through the air and splattered against the floor. She understood why Mordin advised against eating it up. It looked bio-hazardous. It was a luminous green but it looked like it had the same substance as a human's semen.

"That... Was worth waiting for... It's just a shame it took this long." Garrus said, sighing heavily and offering his hand to her.

Smiling, she looked up and took his hand. He pulled her to her feet and they kissed again. Breaking briefly, she let her head rest on his.

"Should we go to bed?"


They walked hand in hand to the bed section. Still partially clothed, Shepard playfully pushed Garrus to the bed. He collapsed on it laughing as Shepard stood at the foot of the bed.

Putting her hands under her grey vest, Shepard slowly pulled the top up revealing more and more of her luscious flesh. Soon, her large breasts spilled out to the cool air. Her nipples had hardened and were still a pinkish color. She looked at Garrus who smiled, he adored her and she knew it. Putting her hand on her bottoms, she unbuckled the belt and slowly unhooked it. Tossing the leather strap at the Turian on her bed, she turned around and slowly slid her bottoms down. Inch by agonising inch, her soft, silky thighs and then her calves and then her dainty feet were exposed. Kicking them away, Shepard remained in her black panties, looking over her shoulder, she continued with her strip tease.

He could see moisture by her vagina, watching her carefully. He wanted to leap off the bed, tear her underwear off, and ravage her. But, it seemed like that was against the rules. Soon, she would continue with the tease. She bent over at her hip and slipped her thumbs inside the waist band. Slowly but surely, she let the thin lacy thing slide down her legs. Soon, she was just as naked as he.

"You... Are a Goddess." Garrus complimented her. She blushed but knew he meant it. He went to stand up but she pushed him back down again, instead he opted to just sit and watch her at work. The way she controlled the bedroom was very reminiscent about how she ruled the battlefield.

In control.

Everything went her way and that was how she liked it. He dangled his legs off the bed and sat at the very end of it. Letting the show go on, he put his hands behind him to prop himself up. Shepard brought her hands up from her legs and soon ran up to her breasts. Looking deep into his eyes, she squeezed the fleshy mounds lustfully. Throwing her head around in a rather dramatic fashion, her blond hair followed her around looking like a fire work. She ran her hands up to her hair and messed around in it, it became unkempt and drove Garrus made. He wanted to lunge for her but he knew he couldn't. She brought her hands up above her head and they made a clasp, she smiled and sat down on his lap.

Groaning, Garrus felt his dick invade her pussy slowly but surely. Her eyes were shut tightly as the member slipped inside her. She seemed to come to a stand still as her pussy was invaded deeply. He watched in awe as she fell to the bottom of his shaft. Soon, her eyes opened and she looked at him with a smug smile on her face.


"Very. I've never seen anyone take it all in one."

"I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve Garrus."

"I'm sure you do..." He sighed as Shepard leant back, her hands resting on his knees. He hugged her waist tightly and sucked on her neck as she started to ride him.

It was a new feeling to Shepard. She had never had something so smooth inside her, but it filled her so much as well. She sighed as Garrus started to suck on her neck. Moving her hips forwards and backwards as she rode him, she watched him react with great pleasure. Her clit was rubbing up against his groin as she made sharp backward and forward drives. She couldn't help but groan as she shut her eyes and started to ride Garrus more wildly.

Shepard licked her lips as she felt Garrus' hands sink into her breasts. His hands were doing a good job of not hurting her with his talons. His hands seemed to be exploring just what they could do. They dug in lightly, and watched as she bit her lip in pain.

"Sorry. This is all new to me."

"It's fine." Leaning in, they shared another kiss as she started to slide her pussy up and down on his shaft. Rocking backwards and forwards, she groaned aloud as her pussy hugged his dick tightly. Her legs came up off the floor and she hooked them around his waist.

Garrus kept one hand on her thigh while the other remained wrapped around her waist. Rolling her over so he was on top, Garrus slipped his hand under her left leg and straightened it out so it was resting against his chest. Shepard looked up at him and nodded her head. Smiling, he matched the nod and started to fuck her. Starting off slowly, he watched her reaction as he slammed into her with half of his dick. Getting more and more adventurous, he managed to fuck her with full strokes.

He put a clawed hand on her breast and squeezed it lightly, while his lips played with her other breast. Sucking on the hard nub, he heard her moan his name as he did so. Smiling, he squeezed the fleshy mound again and fucked her harder.

"Shit! You fucking bastard! Fuck me like a whore!" She groaned, that made Garrus smile. He mentally promised to do so.

Shepard writhed on the bed, hooking her arms around his neck and pulling him closer. She couldn't open her eyes even if she wanted to, he was driving her mad. She felt his lips and hands all over her and was simply lost in how he worshipped her. She could feel sweat coating her toned body, she wondered if he looked the same. But, she could care less as she was tearing towards orgasm town. Population: Alice Shepard.

For someone who didn't know how to fuck a human he was doing an amazing job. His hand left her leg, letting her hook it around his bony waist. Her feet slammed into the back of him, encouraging him to go quicker which he was more than happy to do so.

"You fucking animal! Fuck me good!" Shepard cursed, she was in bliss as he drove her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Using quicker and quicker strokes, Garrus could feel her body tensing and according to Jacob this was usually a good sign. Her breath was starting to get quicker and quicker, he dived into her neck and planted kisses over her neck. Peppering them from one side to the other, he kissed his way up to her face and slid his tongue inside her mouth.

They tongue wrestled for a bit as Shepard writhed on the bed, her legs tightened and her back arched. Breaking the kiss, Shepard let out a long moan and came over his shaft. Her warm liquid flooded over him and ran onto her bed sheets, Garrus wasn't sure if he was doing it properly but he continued to fuck her. She tried to wriggle in his grasp, trying to get away from him and his dick that was causing her senses to overload and explode.

Her eyes finally opened and they flashed with blue, it felt like her biotics were ready to tear her apart. The energy swarmed inside her before she came to another shattering orgasm. She clawed at his head, settling on his head ridges, she had done some research and knew these were pleasure points. Caressing them, Shepard watched as the handsome Turian shivered at her touch. Smiling sweetly, she kissed him, while still stroking the hard ridges.

"Fuck me Garrus... Fuck me good!" She commanded, lovingly stroking his ridges.

Showing significant restraint, Garrus steadied his thrusts and looked deep into her eyes. Seeming to know what he meant, she nodded and unhooked her body from him.

Garrus was ready to jerk himself off when she stopped him. "I just can't swallow it right?"

"Uh... I think so. I mean we've been swapping saliva and you haven't collapsed yet..."

Nodding her head, she motioned to the glasses he had brought in earlier.

"Get one of them."

He launched over and picked one up, passing it to her. He watched as she started to jerk his dick. Wrapping her lips around the shaft, she started to suck his dick again. Still slick with her juices, she hungrily licked up all of her cum while tending to the soft organ in her mouth.

"Oh Shepard..." Garrus sighed, watching her go to work.

Like a cheap whore, Shepard smiled and worshipped every single inch of his shaft. Watching him intensely, she saw he was getting close to cumming. Then, his body tensed and he came. Flooding her mouth with his cum, Shepard remarked at how it tasted. It was far more tangy than human cum but she didn't have much time to savour it. Spitting it into the glass, she put it to the side.

Collapsing on the bed with her, she curled up in his arms. Ready to sleep, she giggled as Garrus' dick hardened again.

"You want to go again?"

"You did start it."

"Well, you're just a horny beast."

"There you go calling me a beast. I'm just keeping up appearances."

"Well, you certainly have reach..."

"Thank you. You're flexibility needs work if I'm honest."

"Very funny Vakarian. I... Oh dear..."

"What?" Garrus asked, sitting up and looking at her.

"I feel kind of funny..."

"How funny?"

With that, Shepard fell flat. "I knew I should've used that gel."

Sighing heavily, Garrus pulled on his clothing and dressed Shepard as best he could. This would be a tricky sell with Mordin. Still, they had fun.


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