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Author's Note: All righty, I do have a fic with Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda's model and voice over artist in the pipeline. In the mean time, here is a fake fic about Jacob and Miranda. In addition, there's a spoiler in here for Lair of the shadow broker, the latest mission based DLC for Mass Effect 2.

Pairing: Miranda Lawson and Jacob Taylor

Codes: MF, Cons, Inter, Oral

Mass Effect: I'll Always Be Here For You
by Mean Blackjack

Miranda had settled in nicely in her office. It was next door to the canteen and the mess hall. Nevertheless, it was quiet enough for her, she had a nice bed for her to relax in and her desk was suitable enough.

"EDI. Bring up the personnel files." She ordered the ship's computer.

Her screen flashed to life and she started to leaf through all of the higher personnel.

Shepard. Mordin Solus. Garrus Vakarian. Doctor Okeer. Jacob Taylor... Jacob Taylor... Her best friend on the entire ship if ever she had one. Looking at his personnel file, she smiled, reading over his file. He was still single. Miranda smiled at that. Saving himself for someone special was his joke amongst the ensigns. Of course Miranda nearly had been that someone. She cast her mind back several months to her time working on a Cerberus research station...

Jacob walked through the lonely corridors of the Cerberus research station. He had two crystal glasses and a bottle of wine. He was on his way to meet up with a friend of his, Miranda Lawson.

He nodded towards Wilson, Miranda's second in command... Well, technically he was second in command but purely in a militaristic sense of the word. The Illusive Man, or TIM as a friendly, and shorter acronym had handpicked them for Miranda and Jacob, to oversee 'Project Lazarus' Jacob's jaw had hit the floor when he found out about it.

Commander Shepard, killed by what the top theory suggested as Collectors and the Commander's body had never been found... Until a few weeks ago that is. Shepard's corpse had been making the rounds on the black market and TIM had found it. Sending Miranda and an Asari with a Drell to recover it, she had brought back the body and was now attempting to rejuvenate the late, great Commander. Saviour of the citadel.

This would be an amazing feat for science, but also an amazing opportunity for Jacob. Serving on the front lines of Eden Prime, he had witnessed Shepard take charge and cut through all of the Geth opposition. If he hadn't seen it himself, he would've thought Shepard was nothing but propaganda.

Stopping outside her office/quarters, Jacob checked himself in the mirror. He looked fine, and was in his civilian clothing. A short beige jacket with a white vest underneath it, he also had on cargo pants which tucked into his combat boots.

He gave a trademark grin and knocked on the door. There were a few moments before the doors slip open and Miranda stood there. She was still in her Cerberus uniform, a tight, hip hugging one piece that ran all over her body and was snug in all the right places. Her hair was long, black, and flowing over her shoulders, looking up at Jacob. She yawned.

"That's the way you greet a friend!?" He said, taking mock offence, it was then he saw her eyes.

They were red and puffy. She had been crying.


"I'm sorry Jacob... Come in..." Her sentences were short and snappy. As if she didn't want to speak for too long, he could hear her voice cracking as if she was ready to cry again at any point.

He was ready to ask her what was wrong but in his experience, women... Especially Miranda didn't like talking about it if they didn't bring it up.

"I've missed you Lawson! I even brought booze to try and get you away from your work!" He flashed another smile. He knew that was one of his better features and it always melted Miranda's heart.

She had a reputation as being hard, or cold... Difficult to get along with. Words you would typically associate with a troubled child or someone who just didn't fit in. However, it was her job as 'Captain' to be disconnected from the crew. You can't issue a disciplinary to your drinking buddy and you can't reprimand your shooting partner without making things awkward. Jacob pondered the word 'Captain' she didn't hold the military rank but it was probably be the best way to describe her on the station.

"Thank you Jacob... It's been a tough couple of weeks... Months actually..." They shared a quick embrace, hugging each other warmly as she spoke.

Jacob had only seen the inside of her quarters on occasions, certainly not long enough to get a good look. Her office was at the front of her building, Miranda's room was tricky. She had a large building, about the size of two human sized apartment blocks back on Earth or Omega. Nevertheless, she had the front part of it made into an office with her computers running endless drills and calculations. She also had a large white, Perspex desk for her to work at. The Perspex was clear, yet cluttered with data pads and sheets of paper, all with numbers and equations too large and complex for Jacob. He caught glimpses here and there and his mind went into overdrive whenever he even tried to consider an explanation. There was a couch in the corner of the room, near the VI terminal. It was in pristine condition. She clearly had no visitors other than himself and possibly Wilson.

She ushered him through to her own quarters, past a large metal door that rotated on its side to reveal the room. It was a large room with a big double bed in the middle, to the side of it was another couch with a smaller table, opposite that was the bathroom and to the right in the other corner was her kitchen complete with dining table.

"Let's take a seat. You look like you need a drink." Jacob said with a grin, Miranda smiled and nodded. They walked over to the kitchen area and sat at the table.

"I could fix us some dinner... Have you eaten?" She asked, walking away from him and into the kitchen. He pretended not to notice when she checked how she looked in her toaster's reflection.

"I haven't actually... I could go for some Calamari gumbo though..."

Miranda looked over her shoulder at him as he grinned wickedly. That was a nearly impossible meal to make, especially on field rations.

"Any other choice Taylor?" She asked with a grin. Facing him, she put her hands on her well-formed hips and smiled.

"Well, if there's no gumbo... How about some field rations?"

"Now that I can do! Two packs of rations coming right up!" She said with a smile, fishing out two plates from her cupboard she placed them on the side of the kitchen. Opening her fridge, she fished out two of the nicer, newer packs of them. Peeling off the steel lid, she placed both of them in the garbage disposal unit and scooped out the inside of the rations. Dashing them out on the plates, she grabbed two pairs of knives and forks and made her way over to the over.

She tossed over the cutlery to Jacob and she started to cook the rations. Setting the timer for just right, Jacob popped open the wine. Pouring two glasses, he sat them down at the table and made room for himself and Miranda.

"So, how's the project comin'? If you can answer that."

The table was a large rectangle with room for several seats. Jacob had laid Miranda's knife and fork at the top of the table while his was a space away. Miranda smiled as she sat down next to him, bringing her cutlery over to him.

"Good, thank you. We are making excellent progress. Shepard... I'm sorry Jacob..."

"That's fine; we can talk about something else." He said with a smile, bringing his arms up in a 'no foul' style.

"Thank you... So... Are the mechs functioning OK still?" She asked pitifully, she wasn't sure if she even knew her friend any more.

"Yeah, they're fine. We've got the YMIR coming in tomorrow; I'll need to be down in Docking Bay four for eleven hundred hours. That's about it though... Although there was one thing I'd like to talk about."


"You joined a Galactic dating site?"

Miranda's jaw dropped, looking offended and then non-plussed all in a manner of minutes. She snorted and pretended not to know what he was talking about.

"Jacob, I'm not sure what you think you're talking about but I can assure you it's not me."

"So you didn't sign up with the username..." Jacob brought up his Omni-tool and started to fish through his history when Miranda playfully slapped his arm, both inflicting a light slap and shutting the holographic tool.

"Yes... I did. All right? I'm lonely and with this life it's difficult enough as it is thank you very much!" She said with a smile.

"Lonely? The great Miranda Lawson is lonely? If the team could hear you now..." He said with a smile, Miranda shook her head as the timer beeped. She got up and fished out the plates with their now cooked field rations on it.

"Get this down you and shut up." She said, sitting down slowly. Jacob grinned and nodded his head, picking up his fork he stabbed at the meat and they both got down to dinner. Taking time to gently clink their glasses together to celebrate each others company.

As they ate and drank wine, their conversation topics varied but ultimately led back to two things. Romance and Shepard. Miranda didn't want to talk about one and couldn't about the other. She navigated around the subjects for a while and as the wine decreased, her inhibitions lowered and she was much more revealing with him.

"And my God! The messages I got! I mean... It was dreadful! Poetry written by a Krogan! Some idiot who could barely type coherently and a Volus who was after a whore! Anything for credits with those little..." She trailed off, her head falling back on the couch.

Jacob laughed and nodded his head. "I'm sure it's dreadful... Speaking of dreadful, we're out of wine."

"Out of wine!? Ah, it's probably for the best. I need to talk to TIM tomorrow. TIMorrow. Ha!"

"It's nice to see you smile Miranda. It suits you." He said with a warm smile. She looked at him with heavy eyes; she was going to tell him something.

"Jacob... I'm sterile."

"You're what?"

"Sterile. All I've wanted was a child to look after and I can't have it... I'm a waste of space!" Tears flowed from her eyes and her mascara started to run. Holding her head in her hands she wept openly, not caring what he thought of her.

Feeling bad for her, he scooted up the couch and wrapped an arm around her reassuringly.

"Hey now, you're not worthless and you know it." He said softly, trying to sooth her.

"Yeah? Then why can't I get a boyfriend? One hundred and fifty credit's a month that site costs me! I still can't find anyone suitable."

"What about me?" He said with a smile, she looked up at him, the tears had stopped flowing.

"What about you?" She repeated and edited his question. Looking at each other for a brief moment, you could almost see the spark as Jacob brought up his hands to wipe away her tears staining her pretty face.

As if by magic, an invisible bolt of lightning darted between the two and they kissed. Miranda took Jacob's hands in hers and they pulled each other closer. Her soft, dainty lips pressed up against his strong lips as they kissed. She was the first to test the water and nudged his lips open, his tongue slid inside her mouth and they bumped into each others. Jockeying for position, Miranda moaned at the touch as Jacob's strong hands slid from her grasp and they found themselves on her thighs.

With one swift move, he lifted her up and let her fall on his lap. She hadn't been that far gone without sex to know what to do next. Rubbing her fabric clad pussy on his lap, she cooed at the touch of his clothed erection begging to rub against her pussy. They broke the kiss and looked at each other, as if to make sure they still wanted to go through with this.

When neither broke the look, it meant it was go time. Miranda hugged Jacob tightly as he leant in and pressed his lips against her soft, white neck. Pressing his strong lips down on the skin, Miranda couldn't help but moan as he put his hands on her breasts. Squeezing through the fabric, Jacob's strong hands felt her nipples harden and nudge against the palm of his hands.

Her crotch was getting wetter as she gyrated on his lap. He could feel the liquid seeping through the suit and onto his crotch. Breaking the worship of her porcelain neck, Jacob lightly cupper her ass cheeks and lifted her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly; her legs soon joined up and hugged his waist.

Walking towards the bed, Jacob stumbled and they fell down onto the floor. Laughing at the silliness, Miranda quickly kissed Jacob on his lips again. Breaking the kiss almost as quickly, she rested her forehead on his, her warm breath mingling with his.

"Jacob... I've never been with a..."

"A black man?" He asked, crooking an eyebrow as she bit her lip. She nodded which made him smile.

"Well, I've never been with an Australian so it's a first for every body." Miranda smiled and kissed him again. Putting her hands on his shoulders, she pushed him to the floor and unzipped the zipper running all the way down her smooth body and to the middle of the suit. Shrugging the material off, she revealed her bra to Jacob. It was a lacy material with a front clasp that covered her breasts.

Jacob smiled as she shrugged off the suit and it pooled around her waist. Holding onto her waist, she leant down and kissed him on the lips again. Running his arms up and down her waist, Jacob smiled into the kiss. Soon enough, he placed his finger on her stomach and ran it up to her breasts. Hooking his finger in the clasp and undid it, letting her breasts spill out to the air. Miranda cooed into the air as he toyed with her breasts while she played with his chest.

Removing the jacket, Jacob sat up, hugging Miranda tightly; he shrugged off the jacket and took the vest off. Miranda smiled and gave a wolf-whistle as she saw his muscular chest, running her fingers up and down his torso.

"My three hour long work outs at the gym thank you." Jacob said with a grin. Looking down at Miranda who had now stepped off him and was undressing completely.

Jacob did the same. Lifting his ass in the air, he slid his pants down to around his ankles and kicked them off, his boxers went with them and his now erect eight-inch shaft was exposed to the air.

Miranda smiled at the sight of it.

"Yeah, yeah. The stereotype's true. Get over it Lawson!" He said with a grin, standing up to kiss her on the lips again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Their mouths opened and their tongues slid in, flicking and sucked against each others foreign intruder.

Jacob caressed the back of her as she ran her hands down his chest to his impressive tool. Stroking the flesh in her hand, she moaned as Jacob squeezed her ample ass cheeks. Tugging at the flesh, she moaned again as her ebony lover broke the kiss and started to wetly kiss her neck.

Worshiping her flesh, he made his way down from her neck to her cleavage. Crowning each breast with a kiss, he moaned as Miranda started to lightly squeeze his shaft, jerking and twisting the flesh.

Miranda broke off all contact and with a playful push, shoved Jacob onto her bed. He smiled and laughed jovially as she crept up on him. He scooted up to the head of the bed and she crawled up on him, just stopping before his cock.

Licking her lips, Miranda opened her mouth and took his cock into her warm, wet mouth. Wrapping her hand around his black shaft, Miranda started to bob lightly on the member. Her tongue flicked against the head, her fleshy part lightly batted back and forth on his dicks head.

Groaning, Jacob put his hands behind his head and watched his 'boss' go to work.

"Mmmm Shit..." He said with a satisfied grin on his face as she worshipped his dick.

"Mmmm. Mmmm." Miranda moaned, while sucking his dick. Her moans vibrated on his shaft making him groan even louder with satisfaction.

"Oh shit..." Jacob moaned, watching his raven-haired beauty go to town on his shaft. She had changed her tactics and was now bobbing up and down freely, her tongue smashing against whatever part of flesh she could find.

It wasn't hard for her not to as his whole tool filled her mouth completely. It almost seemed obscene for such an angelic face to be filled with his shaft. Miranda had produced a lot of saliva and it spilled out as she bobbed up and down. It ran down his length and pooled at the base of his knob.

Lifting her eyes to look up at him, she smiled, satisfied at the amount of pleasure she was causing for her partner. Often, when she reached the tip, she would wrap her lips around the head, just under the base of it and just suck on the dick's head. Her lips would apply pressure, while her tongue worked on almost free will and just randomly flicked at the head, covering all of it.

Jacob enjoyed that, closing his eyes and moaning to the sky, he could practically envision the scene in front of him.

"Ohh... Oh, shit! You're sure this is your first time with a black dick?" He said with a smile on his face, putting his hands on her head and lightly running it through her locks.

Going for broke, she moved on with a tactic she had learned when she was younger and was working on a young ensign on shore leave.

She had been partnered with an Asari and they double-teamed him, he had finished on their faces as they kissed each other. Soon after he had ran off, the entire platoon had arrived. Needless to say, she had been covered in cum. Even then, the Asari still wanted more.

With a twist of her head, she started to completely envelope his entire shaft while impressively twisting her head. Jacob let out a very audible gasp as she started to take more and more of his shaft inside her mouth. Locking her sultry eyes on his, she grinned and went for her very last tactic, sure to get him off.

Forcing herself down even further, she managed to deep throat his entire shaft. Jacob wasn't even aware until he felt her tongue smack against his balls. Looking down, he saw she had it all in her mouth and was trying to fit his balls in too.

Upset that she couldn't manage it, she continued to work on his shaft. Bobbing up and down, with all the added lubrication it made the job a lot easier as she sucked idly on it. Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she would only suck the first half of it while her hand jerked the rest of it.

"Shit... Ohh... Oh Shit... Miranda... You must be a natural..."

Miranda lifted her sly, seductive eyes and locked them with him as she seductively nodded her head to reply to him.

"Mmmm... Hmmm..." She moaned as she expertly bobbed her head on his black cock while her wet saliva slaps against his cock.

"Awww... Yeah... Ahhh..." Jacob licked his lips as she took his eight-inch cock deeper into her mouth while looking up at him. Miranda lightly twisted her head as her lips grinded against his black shaft as she impressively bobbed her head deeply to take his entire black cock into her wet, warm mouth.

"Ohh yeah! Mmmm fuck! Can't believe you're taking it all!" Jacob moaned in amazement as the Cerberus operative deep throated his entire black cock. Her hand now fondling his huge balls, she grinned at his amazement with it.

Slowly lifting her head off his cock, she licked her lips, satisfied with her victory. "Mmmm... That was yummy!" Miranda said, laughing as she sat on his chest, just above his cock.

"You simply must be a natural with black dicks..." He said with a laugh, she bent down and they kissed again. This time was more passionate, less urgent as they swapped spit.

Reaching behind her, Miranda broke the kiss and let her forehead rest on Jacob's. Their hot breath mingled together as they locked eyes, as if on cue she raised her hips and sat on his dick.

They both moaned aloud as the member slid inside her. They kissed again as she settled with his shaft inside her. With her hands on his chest and his hands on her hips, they started to fuck each other. Each set of hands helped Miranda rise and fall on his shaft as her mouth opened and she moaned silently.

Her wet pussy hugged his shaft tightly as she moved up and down. She seemed to be settling into a system as with every third drop she made, she would grind her pussy on his dick making them both moan. He squeezed her flesh lightly as she bounced on his dick, her rises and drops had started to become more manic as she settled into the size of him.

Sitting up, Jacob wrapped his arms around her waist and helped her bounce while taking her breasts into his mouth. Sucking on each one liberally, he grinned as she ran her hands through his short hair. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held onto his shoulders as her rocking became more erratic. Holding onto him for dear life, Miranda almost screamed the house down as she came. Her pussy clamped down on Jacob's hard thrusting shaft, her back arched and her pussy's juices gushed out running all over his shaft and down her legs.

Rolling her onto her side, Jacob kneeled above her right leg and put her left up in the air, using it as a balance. Then, with more ease than before, Jacob slid his member inside her and started to fuck her like that. Wrapping his left arm around her leg in the air, Jacob started to pound her pussy as hard as he could.

His dick slid in and out of her as she recovered from her orgasmic glow and started to moan at the action.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhh shit! Oh that's good!" She moaned her eyes clamped shut as she clawed at the bed sheets. Jacob gave little acknowledgement and carried on thrusting inside her.

Taking care of her was Jacob's main objective, she was obviously enjoying it and he wanted to give her more. Running his hand down her leg, he found her engorged clit, taking the nub between his fingers; he played with the tiny button making her moan even louder.

"You a screamer Lawson?" Jacob asked as her eyes shot open at the touch. Biting her lip, she looked over at him and nodded. Her eyes were already shutting again, another orgasm was en route or so it seemed.

Putting more power into his thrusts, Jacob smiled at her nod.

"Get ready to scream the house down then."

With that, he started to match his thrusts, for every thrust deep in her, he would squeeze the clit and for whenever he pulled out, he would rub the button. Soon, she was screaming and putty in his hands. Her back had arched again and she was screaming at him to fuck her.

Slamming her hands down on the mattress, Miranda was trying to find anything to keep her still, but Jacob was doing a good job of it. She couldn't help but scream his name out loud, as she begged him to fuck her. Her eyelids became heavy from the lust and they shut as she came again.

Jacob felt his nuts start to tighten and knew he was ready to cum. Unsure of where to unload, he voiced his concerns.

"Miranda... I'm gonna blow... Can I?"

She bit her lip and nodded. Her cum was gushing out of her, almost like she had emptied herself on him. Jacob nodded and pulled out, just as she was going to complain, he rolled her onto her front and lifted her up by her hips. Wrapping his arms around them, he started to fuck her with wild abandon. Thrusting into her as much as he could Miranda started to cum again. Satisfied at his performance, Jacob simply unloaded as Miranda screamed into a pillow.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Jacob pulled out and crawled up next to her. She had stopped biting the pillow and was resting in it. She started to sob, her body shaking with the act.

"Miranda..." He said with a soothing tone, wrapping his arm around her shoulder to comfort her. "It's all right. I'm here... I'll always be here for you."

Miranda looked up from the pillow and smiled through her messy, sweat stained hair. He tugged at the loose strands and tucked them behind her ear with the rest.

"Thank you Jacob. I won't forget this."

"C'Mon... How could you?" He said with a smile. They shared a hug in bed and fell asleep in each others arms.

When the morning came, the horrible hangover cam screaming along with it. They looked at each other and realized that they had made a mistake.

"Jacob..." Miranda started before he shushed her.

"We had a meeting at oh-seven hundred hours. It wasn't formal, simply about a new patrol route before the day started. I nixed the idea because it meant doing extra shifts. You agreed. I'll get changed and leave first." He said with a smile that would melt anyone's heart.

"Thank you Jacob..." She said with a smile.

"No problem, tell me if you ever need to talk."

"I thought you weren't big on personal talks?" She said, propping herself up on an elbow, covering herself with the sheets.

"I'm not... But you're a friend. I'll always be here for you."

He had kept his promise too. After the horrific events on the station, their eventual escape away from said station and now attacking the collectors. Miranda knew that Jacob would have her back, and she would have his.

She wondered though.

Was he still interested in... 'Personal' talks?


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