This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Mass Effect 3: Hard Reporting (FF, herm)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"Hey EDI, how are our fuel and supplies looking?" Shepard asked as she boarded the Normandy at dock D24.

"Everything has been taken care of commander. We will be ready to leave once everyone returns to the ship."

"Thank you EDI. Let me know if anything comes up."

"Shepard there is one thing."


"Ms. Allers waited until almost everyone was gone then brought an asari on board."

"Let me guess. It's not Liara and she's not with the Alliance either."

"No commander."

"Thank you. I'll take care of this."


Shepard came to a stop in front of Diana Allers' door, but it did not open. "EDI unlock the door."

"The door is now unlocked Shepard."

Shepard barged into Diana's room and found the reporter lying on her bed, legs spread, with the asari's head buried between them. Except the asari's head wasn't exactly buried. It was bobbing up and down. None of that mattered to Shepard though.

"Asari get your things and get out of here before I physically throw you out."

"Fine," the blue female replied as she brought her head up with the smacking of her lips, "but if I'm not getting the tour of the ship I was promised, then I'm getting paid my usual fee."

"Crap," Diana mumbled as she rolled to the side of her bed and grabbed her omni-tool. "You just cost me two thousand credits Shepard," the reporter complained as she transferred the money to the asari.

Shepard waited until the door closed behind the asari prostitute before speaking. "Are you stupid Allers?"


"Answer my question!" Shepard snapped.

"No, I'm not stupid!"

"Do you remember what I said about non-crew and non-Alliance personnel?"

"We couldn't bring them on board unless you said it was okay."

"I think I see what's going on here. You're not stupid, you just choose to ignore my rules."

"You said you didn't want to see anyone going into the red light district while we were here so I brought Miko onboard instead. The Citadel has cameras everywhere."

"And you thought this was a better idea?"

"Look I'm sorry Shepard. It won't happen again."

"You're right it won't happen again. Get your shit and get off my ship!"

"You can't be serious! I'm sorry I brought Miko here, but next to nobody wants to have sex with someone who has tits, an ass, and a penis!"

"Really? Your lack of sex is the reason you broke one of my rules? You do realize science is doing some amazing things these days. I was brought back from the dead if you recall."

"Yeah the operation is easy enough to do if you have a good doctor. Good luck though if all you can afford is a hack."

"Not my problem. Get dressed, get your stuff, and leave. Now Allers."

"Come on Shepard don't kick me off. I've done nothing but file upbeat reports about you and the war. I let you decide which parts to leave in and which parts to take out. I even 'lost' reports because you didn't want me to send them."

"You're not the only reporter on the Citadel who would do me favors like that."

"But would they be willing to keep you company at night and help you relieve stress?" Diana asked getting up off the bed to pose for Shepard. "Do they have a nice thick seven inch long shaft to ride you with?" She then turned around exposing her backside to the commander. "Or a nice taut ass like this?"

"You're cute Allers and you've got a nice butt, but I'm not a fifteen year old with a hard-on. Get your shit and go," Shepard said with some finality before she headed towards the door.

"Commander please don't do this!" Diana begged. "I'll be out of work and have no where to go if you kick me off the Normandy!"

"Not my problem."

"God damn it!" Diana screamed suddenly in anger. "You Alliance types are all unbelievable assholes! I would've thought you of all people would be more understanding having worked with turian, quarian, krogan, geth, and Cerberus. But no, you treat me like every other ship captain I've dealt with!"

Shepard stopped just at the door, sighed heavily, and turned around. "What are you running your mouth about? And before you start get dressed so I won't have any... distractions."

Diana began her story as she slipped on her bra and panties. "Commander, you're the absolute last chance I get before I get fired from the Alliance News Network. I've been on five other alliance ships before the Normandy and somehow the captains found out that I... wasn't put together correctly. When they did they would say something insulting or lewd then stop talking to me all together before I was kicked off the ship for some bullshit reason like starting fights between the crew or being a dangerous nuisance in some other way."

"What did your bosses say when you told them that?"

"You think I'm going to say something to them? What am I going to say? I was kicked off because I have a penis?"

"It's discrimination."

"I don't care. Even if the network took my side would do you think would happen? At the very least a complaint will be filed and the ship captain will be accused of discrimination against people like me. The various news outlets will have a field day with it and I'm not about to become the butt of jokes. Doing reports from the Normandy was my last chance. It had to be your ship because you've said no to everyone else that's asked and if I blow this whether it's your fault or mine then I'm fired and I get no more chances."

"Okay... You've convinced me for now, but don't get too comfortable."

"God that's a relief. Thank you Shepard!" Diana breathed with a heavy relief as she fell back onto her bed now donning her official ANN outfit.

* * *

"Hey Liara, Samantha said you wanted to see me?" Shepard asked as she entered Liara's room

"Yes Shepard. I did some digging and found the information you were looking for."


"It seems Ms. Allers' story is true. She has been removed from five other ships as a reporter. The odd thing though is that according to my sources within the Alliance the reason given all five times was that she let slip secret war information in her reports. However it's not specified which reports or what information is being referred to."

"Assuming that the reasons given for removing Diana are false why was she kicked off?"

"This," Liara said bringing up a video on her console. It was a tame and boring video of Diana showering with the exception that her manhood could plainly be seen.

"So she was telling the truth."

"You knew about this?"

"I was about to kick her off the ship for a different reason and she gave me what I thought was a far-fetched sob story."

"People of her kind are rare, but they're still one of the last acceptable targets of discrimination for all species though everyone will claim it is wrong. If I had to guess she doesn't want to file a report because she doesn't want to become the face of a cause and be ridiculed for it at the same time."

"Thanks for your help Liara," Shepard said before turning and walking towards the door.

"What are you going to do with her?"


"Good," Liara smiled as she deleted Diana's shower from her console and returned to work.

* * *

As Shepard entered Diana's room the reporter stood up with her footlocker prepped and sitting next to her. "Even though things didn't work out like I had hoped it's been and honor and a pleasure working with you Commander Shepard. You treated me better than most and your reaction to me was the least revolting."

"Better than most? Did you leave one or two of the ships voluntarily?"

"I'm sorry. You treated me better than any other captain I've dealt with. They were all men so maybe that had something to do with it. I don't know... Anyway, like I said it was a pleasure."

"Unpack your things Diana. I've decided to let you stay for a little while longer."

"What? Are you sure?" the reporter with a surprised look.

"Yes I'm sure, unless you want to leave with only half the story to file. We still have to meet the quarians and figure out what their problem is along with who knows what else afterwards."

"Thank you thank you thank you!" Diana squealed with delight giving Shepard a quick hug and a kiss on the check.

"You're welcome," Shepard replied as the reporter grinned like a newcomer with their first major assignment. "Just don't reveal anything classified in your reports."

* * *

"Samantha send up Diana Allers please. She wanted an interview about the geth and quarian."

"Yes commander."

A few minutes later the door to Shepard's room slid open and Diana entered with her camera. "You ready for the interview commander?"

"Of course."

"Let me apologize before hand if I get a little bitchy. I should say when I get bitchy. There's a small segment, albeit a vocal one that will never trust the Geth and want them destroyed regardless if you're the one who brokered the peace. I need to keep them on our side less they decide to cause problems because they think we're hiding something."

"No problem. Just don't make me punch you."

"Of course not," Diana smirked. "If you're willing to get into fights with krogan then you're the last person I want to upset."

* * *

"Thank you for your time Commander Shepard," Diana said before turning to her camera. "It's seems as though the galaxy's savior has once again done the impossible. Only time will tell if it will be enough to stop the Reapers." Diana smiled nicely for the camera before it stopped transmitting and shut itself off. "Nice interview Commander. I think we both got what we wanted."

"Now I know why the network keeping giving you all those chances."

"You give me too much credit Shepard. Most media outlets just require you to be pretty and literate."

"Call me Alex and you don't give yourself enough credit."

Diana and Alex smiled at each other awkwardly for a moment before Diana broke the silence. "So what's the emergency with the asari councilor?"

"I don't know," Shepard replied taking a step towards the reporter. "We'll just have to wait until we get to the Citadel before we find out." Alex stepped in close to the reporter the smile never leaving her face and her eyes never leaving Diana.

"Shepard," Diana gasped as the commander's hands grasped her buttocks and pulled her body against hers. Shepard leaned and kissed the reporter on the lips.

"Yes Ms. Allers?" Alex asked as she reached for the straps of Diana's one-piece and pulled them down exposing her firm round breasts.

"Nevermind..." The reporter moaned as Alex's hands gripped her breasts massaging them gently. Diana trembled her body rushing with excitement as the commander's thumbs and fingers rolled the reporter's nipples between them. "Alex..." Diana moaned when the tip of Alex's tongue began flicking across the tips of her nipples leaving its wetness behind.

"Get on the bed Allers," Shepard ordered as she stripped the casual wear from her body.

"Yes Commander," Diana playfully replied tearing the one-piece and her panties from her body.

The reporter climbed on the bed and began stroking her semi-flaccid penis. She couldn't help but began to stroke her shaft just bit faster as she looked Alex's body up and down. Shepard was built, but non-overly masculine, and had breasts that any woman would be proud of. Diana was also pleasantly surprised to learn that Alex kept her hair neat and trim and not completely bald.

"Let me get that for you."

Diana gasped as Shepard took hold of her penis and began stroking it up and down. With each caressing touch the reporter's shaft began to enlarge. Shepard looked at it hungrily as it expanded in her hand. When Diana's seven inches had fully formed Alex pressed the organ against her abdomen. Diana squealed with delight as the commander's tongue pressed against her scrotum and began licking it up and down.

Allers couldn't remember the last time she got attention like this that didn't require a prostitute. She grabbed the bed sheets and tugged on them as Shepard's tongue circled her testicles and left not a dry spot on her skin.

"No!" Diana groaned as she came in Shepard's mouth after she had just taken the tip of penis between her lips.

Alex worked her lips up and down Diana's shaft milking ever bit of cum that she could. Once the bombardment of her throat finished she raised her head long enough to lick her lips then swallow the sticky substance.

Diana felt a rush of excitement come over her body as she had one of the most personal and honest to goodness orgasms that she had ever had. Looking down though she saw that she wasn't getting limp and that Shepard was eager to put the shaft to good use again. Having Alex's tongue slide along her member got Diana's body running warm again.

"Let me fuck you Shepard!" The reporter begged. Her cock began throbbing again as the tip pressed against the back of Alex's throat and she began to worry she would come too quickly again.

As Shepard climbed onto the bed and began to straddle Diana's body she looked down at the reporter. The reporter's face was a picture of excitement and anticipation. If there was a more personal reason than this to keep fighting the Reapers to keep battling against the impossible then Alex didn't know what it was. The reporter and the commander were with each other and were overcome with bliss and happiness ignorant of the outside world. Shepard barely knew the other 'woman' and though she didn't know why she knew Diana Allers was who she wanted to be with; now and forever however long that was.

"Oh god..." Alex moaned as the tip of Diana's shaft split her open and slowly began to push inside her.

"Alex!" Diana gasped as the commander slowly lowered herself onto her.

Shepard's pussy fit tight around the reporter's cock. It had to have been awhile since the commander had even pleasured herself with a sex toy. There's no way someone with her fame and her good looks should have been this tight.

Those thoughts were short lived though as Shepard leaned forward bracing herself on the bed and began to thrust her hips up and down on Diana's shaft. Alex could feel Diana throbbing inside her. Everytime the reporter rubbed against her insides Shepard desperately wanted to clench Diana's member with her pussy and come all over it.

"Fuck me Diana!" Alex begged wildly thrusting her slippery wet privates down onto the reporter.

Diana needed no further instructions, but could barely hold on herself. She grabbed Shepard by the hips and began violently thrusting into her. The commander's pussy was now sopping wet slathering Diana's dick with its juices several times over. Shepard moaned loudly one last time clamping down onto the reporter's shaft with a death grip as she began to come. Her grunts were short, but her orgasm seemed to last an eternity. It had been a very long time since the last time Alex felt this happy. As she started to sit up Diana gave her dick one last hard thrust and held Shepard in place as she came a second time. Glob after glob of her semen shot deep into Alex burying themselves in her womb. Both women giggled as Shepard rolled off Diana and laid at her side.

"Shepard, I... Just thank you. I really need this."

"Me too Diana... Do you think you'll ever have an operation to get rid of your penis and become a regular woman?"

"I don't know. I've thought about it, but I don't know. If I do then I want to be able to afford the doctor I want to do the operation. I don't want to have to settle for someone else. Why do you ask?"

"What happens after tonight? Was this a one night stand or do you think we could do this again?"

Diana sat up on her side and turned to Shepard. "I guess it kind of depends on you. A one-night stand I'm fine with, but I don't want to enter into a friends with benefits type relationship. I was in one of those with a captain who eventually kicked me off his ship and I felt like shit afterwards for letting him take advantage of me."

"You're talking about dating each other exclusively and going to dinner and things like that?"

"I know we've got this war with the Reapers going on and that any or all of us may not survive, but yes I don't want you fooling around with anyone else. I want to know I'm your girl and that you're mine." Shepard thought for a moment and Diana took the long silence to mean no. "I understand... At least you were up front about us. Do you mind if I use your shower?"

"Of course not."

Feeling a bit down Diana started Alex's shower and started to clean up. Other than the vids on the extranet and digging around Shepard's public records Diana knew very little about the commander and chided herself for letting her crush on Alex blind her to the fact. As far as that goes Alex knew very little about her as well other than the fact she had been kicked off five ships because she had a penis. As Diana began to lather her hair she felt a presence come up behind her then press against her backside.

"You didn't let me tell you my answer Allers."

"But you were quiet for so long," the reporter smiled as Shepard hugged her around the waist from behind.

"I was trying to figure out which restaurant to take you to when we reach the Citadel."

"And did you decide?"

"I did, but it's going to be a surprise. I had to move some credits to make a reservation which is why I wasn't in here sooner." Shepard's right hand slid down between Diana's legs and began stroking her cock again.

Diana responded by turning around and forcing Shepard's body against the shower wall. She then fiercely kissed Alex's lips. "If we're going to do this then we need to hurry before somebody comes to check on us."

"Then get going Allers. That's an order."


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