Notes: This story takes place BEFORE any of the three Matrix movies. I have
had the Merovingian and Persephone (from Matrix Reloaded) make an appearance.
Since at this point in time, the Nebuchadnezzar's crew, captained by
Morpheus, are still searching for The One and Neo, they don't even know the
Merovingian or may just have heard rumors in the Matrix of such a program's
existence so I have taken great care not to get any of these characters
involved directly ... don't expect any Persephone/Trinity encounters ;)

Paragraphs headed by this binary 010101010 means the action is taking place
within the Matrix.

As for the title, the Italian word "alba" means "dawn" and since I will be
featuring Jessica Alba in this story .... well, I just couldn't resist!

Ok, with that out of the way, I hope you enjoy my first foray into the Matrix
universe! - ErosTrek

Matrix: Dawn In The Matrix Part 1 (mF,FF,oral,food,mc,celeb,exhib,voy)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Aboard the Nebuchadnezzar

The kid looked adoringly at the beautiful woman in the red dress. As far as
he could tell she was perfect. Tall, legs that went on forever, long honey
blonde hair, large breasts filling out the front of her dress nicely and with
just the hint of hard nipples poking through - just perfect!

He beckoned to her and she obediently stepped up to him as he pulled down his
zipper. Smiling, she knelt down and helped his cock out of his pants. Holding
it delicately between the tips of her fingers she slowly jerked it up and
down until it began to stiffen, then she lowered her head onto his lap and
her lips closed around it.

The young man sighed with bliss as her tongue tickled at the underside of his
erection then rolled around his glans. Her long yellow hair had fallen over
her face as she blew him and he pushed it out of the way over her shoulder so
that he could see her lovely eyes and luscious lips as they formed an O
around his member. The woman in red suckled at him noisily as if enjoying a
particularly tasty treat. He grunted as she fondled his balls while deep
throating his entire length. She was good, very good at this. Too good, I'll
have to adjust that or she'll make me cum too quick each time and the fun
won't last long, he was thinking.

"Mouse, you need to see this" a voice boomed in the indistinct white room.

Startled, the kid jumped, his cock forcing its way deeper into the woman's
throat. For a moment she gagged reflexively then resumed her blowjob at a
quicker pace. It was too much for him. As her tongue slid over the sensitive
underside of his penis he came, spraying his sticky goo down her throat. She
swallowed eagerly, her eyes looking up at him and smiling sexily but Mouse's
attention was elsewhere.

"Tank, can't this wait .. I'm .. aaah ... occupied here" he groaned.

"No, it's important, I need you to check this code out. Besides, you can
always start the simulation over again."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be there right away" he looked down at the blonde who was
licking her wet and sparkling red lips and awaiting his next command, "sorry
baby, I wanted it to last longer. Next time will be better, I promise." He
lay back in his chair and the white room and the woman in red seemed to blur
together then fade to black. He opened his eyes. The room wasn't there,
instead he was lying face up on a tilted back couch in a metal chamber. There
were several more couches like his, though these weren't occupied. Tank's
grinning face was looking down at him as he pulled out the connection jack
from the socket at the back of his skull.

"So how was she today?"

"Incredible, even better than usual, though I have to go through some of her
code again, adjust the speed variables, make her slow down a little ..."

"... or maybe you're not man enough for her" Tank laughed.

Mouse glared for a moment, then grinned. He knew Tank was just teasing him.
Anyway, Tank would never get to meet the woman in red - the simulation, the
construct that Mouse had so lovingly programmed himself - beyond seeing her
active code on one of the waterfall displays in the control room. Tank was
natural born and didn't have any of the hard-wiring needed to get into the
Matrix or even the localized version of it they used for training - or for
erotic amusement in Mouse's case.

"So what did you need me for? You know you interrupted me in the best bit
when I was just ..."

Tank waved him off, "Spare me the details kid, I don't wanna know about your
virtual sex life." They walked through the narrow gangways up to the control
room where Tank sat himself down at his Operator console, screens of all
sizes hanging in front of him, filling his field of vision. Green columns of
code ran from top to bottom of the displays so quickly that any pattern you
thought was there one instant was replaced by another in the blink of an eye.

"Look at this" he pointed to one of the screens, "something's happening here
but I can't figure out what. Some of the code sequences looked a bit similar
to the one you were running right now ..." he tapped his finger on a smaller
screen that displayed the code of Mouse's women in red session, "... but
beyond that I can't say. What do you think?"

Mouse was peering closely at each of the displays humming to himself as he
ran through the code as if it was written in plain English.

"This is big" he checked another screen then leaned over Tank and punched
some of the keys on his keyboard reconfiguring some of the displays, "very

"Agents?" Tank asked.

"No, no doesn't look like it, can't spot their signature in here, I don't
think they're involved."

Tank breathed a sigh of relief. No Agents was a good thing, though they'd
show up soon enough if there was any bigger disturbance in the Matrix.

"There seems to be some higher level programs involved though" Mouse
hesitated as he rechecked the data, "never seen them before, but I've heard
stories about them from some of the other hovercraft crews .... oh wow, look
at this ..."

* * *

010101010 - Le Vrai, Floor 101

The elevator door opened on the 101st floor and a beautiful woman stepped
out. She had dark hair streaked with blonde highlights, a perfect brown tan,
large golden brown eyes and full, red lips. She wore a simple sleeveless
t-shirt which seemed to be under considerable strain from the fullness of
her breasts. It was several inches too short thus leaving her midriff and
navel exposed. The hint of a bra beneath the t-shirt depended on the viewing
angle and the lighting conditions, since the material was semi-transparent
under bright light. Jeans clung tightly to her hips and showed off her
deliciously firm butt as it swayed slowly from side to side with each step
she took, causing many a head to turn her way and a couple of waiters to
stumble and almost drop the drinks they were carrying.

* * *

Aboard the Nebuchadnezzar

"Oh god, she's beautiful" Mouse gasped as the green patterns flowed down the
screens. He punched another key and the women's code appeared on the center
screen. "Tank, go get Morpheus, he needs to see this ... I think she's in

Tank got out of the chair and headed towards the crew quarters to wake
Morpheus. Mouse sat at the console and continued watching the unfolding code,
his eyes glowing as they reflected the green characters. "She's even better
than my woman in red" he whispered in awe. Mouse wasn't even seeing the
code, it was second nature for him to literally translate the fast flowing
waterfall displays into pictures in his mind ...

* * *

010101010 - Le Vrai, Floor 101

"Welcome to the Le Vrai, mademoiselle" the maitre greeted her, "would you
like a table?"

"I'm with the Walker party."

"Oh yes" the maitre scanned through his neatly handwritten list and his
finger settled on the name, "who shall I announce?"

"Jessica Alba" she smiled sweetly at him as if expecting some reaction,
but the maitre didn't even blink an eye. For a moment she was disappointed.
Wherever she went someone would spot her and soon she'd have a small
entourage of drooling fans following her, but then again, this looked like
a high class place and she doubted the guy would ask her for an autograph
even if he did recognize her. Jessica Alba was at a great moment of her
career. Filming of Into the Blue had just wrapped and she already had
several offers lined up, though her mind was mostly on the next movie, Sin
City, which was going to star Bruce Willis. It was the most important
celebrity she'd worked with, one of Hollywood's big guns, but she was more
concerned about her role in the movie - she was going to play the part of a
stripper and that would involve nudity to some degree which she hadn't yet
agreed to ....

"Mademoiselle, your table" the maitre brought her back from her thoughts.

"Oh thanks" then grinned at the people already seated "Hey guys! Hi Paul" she
pecked her co-star from Into the Blue, Paul Walker on the cheek and sat down
on the empty chair next to him. "Guess I've kept you waiting."

"Not at all Jessica, most of us have just arrived too." To her left was
Ashley Scott, an actress she'd worked with on Dark Angel as well as Into the

"Ok, that's great, now where can I get a drink, I'm so thirsty!"

It was the 'end of filming' party for Into the Blue and the stars and several
of the cast, as well as the producers and director and token representatives
from the crew had been invited to the most expensive and posh restaurant in
town. The first course was served within moments and the conversation turned
to how the movie would fare in cinemas.

"Definitely a success" Paul Walker said, raising his glass which he'd emptied
several times already, "if for nothing else but to see two such hot babes in
bikinis!" He glanced at Jessica and Ashley and winked.

Jessica blushed and smiled and so did Ashley, as the rest of the people at
the table laughed and nodded in agreement. They'd certainly seen a lot of the
two scantily clad women during filming and it had been very pleasing as well
as somewhat distracting. The second course arrived and the table quieted down
again as they delved into the succulent fillets or cracked open the
lobsters ...

* * *

At the far end of Restaurant Le Vrai, was a raised platform with a long
table on it. Here sat the owner, with a sultry looking woman to his left
and several other strange looking characters, two of whom were particularly
striking - identical twins with long, dreadlocked silver hair, pale skin,
their eyes hidden by sunglasses and wearing silver suits under matching

The man at the center of the table smiled. He was dressed in a black silk
suit complete with a black tie. A diamond tie pin glittered as it caught the
light. When he spoke it was with a heavy French accent.

"My dear, it is so pleasing when my plans go so well. Cause and effect, it
works everytime."

The woman next to him could only be described as a buxom beauty. Her chiseled
face framed by long black hair, luscious lips, full breasts enhanced by a
cleavage revealing and very tight, knee length dress.

She turned her head towards him slowly and gave him a somewhat disdainful
look. "And what plans are they?" She too spoke in a heavily accented, yet
sultry, voice. "If they are the usual, I really do not want to hear of

"Oh, ma cherie Persephone, do I detect a hint of anger in your words? Have I
done anything to displease you?" the man said as if shocked by his wife's

After a moment's silence, "No, of course not, how could you" she said

From their end of the table the Twins looked at each other silently and
smiled. It was always the same. They'd been working for the Merovingian for
years and the tension between him and his beautiful wife could be cut with
one of the many knives they carried about their person. A split second passed
and the moment was over as they continued to scan the crowd in the restaurant
for any possible threats to their master.

"Good, good" the Merovingian said as his attention turned elsewhere, to a
corner of the room where a waiter had just come from the kitchen with a tray
full of desserts. "Look at the beauty of it, the elegant coding, the simple
yet complex multi-level commands ..." he sighed almost as if in ecstasy "...
it is .. almost .. perfect. But one day I will eliminate the flaw, of that I
assure you."

"Of course" Persephone replied, her voice dripping with resentment, though
her husband barely took notice of her. He was always experimenting with his
coding, always writing even more elaborate dessert programs and trying them
out on the people who came to his restaurant. She sniffed in disdain. It was
always the same. But one day she'd pay him back, oh yes, her revenge would
be so sweet, sweeter even than those desserts making their way to the table
at center of the room. Oh, she'd noticed immediately the two pretty girls
sitting at that table. How could she not, when her husband's glance had never
left them for one moment throughout their whole meal. In fact she'd run a
search on their coding indexes and found that not only were they humans,
but ones specially selected by the Architect himself as part of his Matrix
design - specifically, by the entertainment sub-routine. So they were
actresses, minor celebrities, who kept the normal run of the mill humans
entertained as they went about their dull lives, never knowing that their
reality was being created around them from the moment of their birth to their
death. Persephone sighed. It had been so different at the beginning. Her
husband had really loved her once, now all he was after was some cheap sexual

"It begins" he said excitedly "look how the coding unfolds and begins to
merge with the host program ... an edit there ... a portion backed up and
deleted there ... new instructions flow out ... and finally ..."

* * *

Jessica took another bite of the chocolate cake. "Mmmmmh, this is simply
delicious!" she sighed.

"Yeah, never tasted anything better" Ashley agreed, "but it will mean at
least another two hours in the gym" she laughed and patted her well toned

"So true" Jessica replied, "talking about gyms, did you see th ..." Jessica
froze for a moment. "Ahhhhhhhh" she gasped.

"Jess?" Ashley said wondering if Jessica had choked on her food, "are you

"I .. I .. yeah .. I'm fine .." Jessica began her face suddenly flushed. Her
nipples had become as hard as nails and were poking through her t-shirt very
visibly. She seemed to be gasping for air.

"You don't look so goo ..." Ashley Scott's blue eyes opened wide and her pale
cheeks flushed an even deeper red than Jessica Alba's. Her breath started
coming in ragged gasps and she felt a wave of heat travel throughout her

So did Jessica. The heat started from the center of her womb and spread in
an ever expanding sphere. She lay back in her chair, feeling faint, then the
moment passed and she felt ... excited .. no, more than that ... aroused ...

Jessica felt a hand touch her thigh and travel slowly upwards. She looked
down. It was a feminine hand, Ashley's. She looked at the blonde and their
gazes locked.

"Ashley ..."

"Jessica ..."

They both moaned loudly as there was a simultaneous explosion in their
loins. People from several tables away looked in their direction for a
moment as both women continued to pant loudly, their eyes open wide in
shock. Incredible as it was, they had both experienced an orgasm and
now as they looked at each other they felt something else and the heat
in their wombs began to spread again ...

* * *

The Merovingian grinned with satisfaction, "That's the first part, my lovely
Persephone, now look ... look how that code has begun a search for more
instructions that it knows is out there ... but were? First a search of the
local construct datasphere, then a wider search ... and it finds it in the
other girl's coding sequence! Now a quick compilation of the new subroutine
and ...

* * *

"Girls you ok?" Paul Walker asked but they ignored him, "Girls ...? he gasped
as Jessica and Ashley put their arms around each other and began to kiss each
other passionately and intensely. This was enough to attract stares this time
instead of just glances, as people turned from their plates to watch the
scene. Some smiled, others giggled, a few passed an angry remark wondering
out loud how such improper things could happen in a place such as this. The
two women ignored it all as they traded saliva, their tongues darting deeply
into each others mouths.

Their hands roved over each others bodies, Jessica finding and undoing the
strap around Ashley's neck which held up her dress. It fell, leaving her
chest bare, her small tits exposed. Jessica's hands grasped each breast,
rubbing the stiff nipples between her fingers. Ashley returned the favor,
pulling up Jessica's t-shirt up over her head, then undoing her bra,
tossing the clothing aside. The bra fell on Paul Walker's lap and he picked
it up and looked at it, slightly dazed. He grinned around the table as the
other members of the Into the Blue cast stared helplessly at the two topless

"I don't know what's gotten into them" he shrugged as if trying to find an
excuse for the two actresses who were now making out heavily, "and to think
I even asked them both out during filming and they refused, now I know why"
he wondered aloud, shaking his head, "who'd have ever expected them to lean
this way ... Hey!?" Paul had just been shoved roughly out of the way as the
two women got up quickly, their chairs toppling over behind them.

Jessica cleared the table in front of her by shoving the plates and glasses
out of the way with her hand. Some of them crashed to the floor, the sound
of glass shattering now drawing the attention of everyone in the restaurant.
She jumped up, sitting on the now empty tablecloth, her tits bouncing gently.
Leaning back, she undid the top button and zipper of her jeans. "Get it off"
she urged Ashley who quickly obliged, first removing Jessica's high heeled
sandals, then tugging the skintight jeans off. It took several long seconds,
but finally Jessica was wearing only a lacy black thong.

Ashley Scott let her own dress drop to the floor, followed by her white
panties. Completely naked, she bent over at the waist, her bare ass rubbing
up against Paul Walker who was literally drooling now as he got a very nice
view of an open and already dripping wet pussy. The blonde buried her face
between Jessica's legs, spread as wide as possible on the table.

"Oh fuck yeaaahhh!" she cried as Ashley pulled aside the thong and then
stuck her agile tongue into her slit, the bright pink of the inner labia
contrasting with the outer lip's golden brown skin. Jessica raised her
pelvis off the table, bucking against Ashley's face, trying to force the
woman's tongue deeper into her vagina, crying out loudly everytime she
felt it slide over her aroused clitoris. Ashley lapped away eagerly,
like a cat drinking milk, but Jessica's nectar was much sweeter and it
was flowing freely.

"Jessica I need it too ..." Ashley cried suddenly, a hand darting down
between her legs and rubbing furiously at her own cunt.

"Don't stop ... please ..." Alba moaned as the other woman stopped tongueing
her to try and satisfy her own intense sexual urge, then in a flash of
inspiration, "get up on the table ... let's 69."

"Oh god yeah" Ashley moaned as she climbed up onto the table over Jessica's
prone body, more plates and cutlery clattering to the floor. Jessica rotated
herself 90 degrees so she was now lying down the length of the table and
Ashley lowered herself down on her, her knees on either side of Jessica's
heaving chest, facing towards her feet. Lowering her head, she could dip her
tongue back into Jessica's sopping wet cunt which she proceeded to do with
gusto. In return, Jessica's fingers had already spread Ashley's labia apart
and inserted two fingers deep into the beckoning hole, stroking them in and
out rapidly, while rubbing the thumb of her other hand on the woman's clit,
slowly teasing it out from under its fleshy hood.

The rest of the restaurant was deathly quiet, except for the loud cries,
moans and gasps of the two women making intense lesbian love. Most of the
people present seemed to be in shock as they watched the hard core scene,
their plates of expensive food growing cold before them.

"This is an outrage! I demand these harlots be removed!" a middle aged woman
shouted, getting up and gesticulating frantically at the maitre, who had
drops of sweat clearly visible on his brow as he cleared his throat. He
looked in the direction of the restaurant's owner who nodded and gave him a
quick wave of his hand. The maitre beckoned to two of his waiters, "Remove
her" he ordered. The waiters dragged the screaming woman out of the
restaurant, leaving Jessica and Ashley to continue their heated lovemaking
without any further interruption.

* * *

"You see, ma cherie? So lovely, such an interesting result from my elegant
coding, do you not agree? Persephone?"

But Persephone had gotten up and was walking towards a door marked 'Private'.

"Ahhh so beautiful, yet such jealousy" he sighed as he looked at the receding
yet still shapely butt of his beloved. He shrugged and turned back to the
scene where the two actresses were fucking each other with their tongues and
doing it quite noisily. He snapped his fingers and a waiter hurried up to
him, "A bowl of fruit for that table, on the house with my compliments." The
waiter bowed and hurried away.

* * *

Nervously the waiter put the bowl of fruit down next to the two naked women
lying over each other, their bodies writhing in pleasure as their tongues
explored each other's crevasses.

"The owner extends his compliments and ..." the waiter began but Jessica

"Oh yessss!" she hissed as she looked at the bowl of fruit and chose the
largest banana she could lay her hands on. Jessica had a wicked gleam in her
eye as she put the tip of the yellow fruit at the edge of Ashley's opening,
then began to work the natural dildo in little by little.

Ashley arched her back as the fruit penetrated her, crying out loudly with
every small shove that Jessica gave it, until there was at least three
quarters of its length inside. "Jess .. oh fuck .. fill my cunt with that
thing .. aaahhh ... fuck me with it .. harder ... harder .."

Jessica obliged, pumping the banana slowly in and out of the blonde's
dripping pussy. As Ashley got used to the sensual pleasure of having her
vagina stuffed full with a hard object, she returned to pleasuring her
friend with her tongue, nibbling and teasing at Jessica's clit after every
deep push of her tongue into the woman's wide open hole. She reached around
with her hand locating the bowl of fruit. The first thing she found was a
bunch of grapes - large, succulent grapes.

A smile formed on her wet lips as she plucked one off the stem and put it
into her mouth, then lowered her face back down on Jessica's snatch, kissing
it. Then she let the grape drop from her mouth in between Jessica's pussy
lips and began to slowly force it into her with her tongue. The young woman
squirmed as she felt the spherical object penetrate her. When it was
completely inside Ashley grinned then began to work her tongue in deeply
until she managed to pull the grape back out. She repeated this several
times until Jessica was worked up into such a frenzy of sexual tension that
she pulled the banana roughly out of Ashley's cunt and handed her the
dripping fruit.

"Just fuck me with this" she growled "I need something long and hard inside
me, just stop teasing with those grapes!"

"Ok, if that's what you want ..." Ashley said plunging the well lubricated
banana into Jessica's spread opening, working it up and down like a
jackhammer until the fruit began to turn a bit mushy from overuse.

Jessica's screams of intense pleasure echoed around the Le Vrai as did
Ashley's when Jessica drove four fingers into her and teased her anus with
her thumb. For the second time, both women came - loudly and wetly.

Then the effect of the Merovingian's code disappeared and the two women sat
up on the table, flushed and sweaty, covered with fruit bits and juices -
the fruits' as well as their own. Hundreds of pairs of eyes roved over their
naked bodies. Jessica and Ashley had never felt so embarrassed in their
entire lives. Neither of them knew what had gotten into them, to behave so
wildly in public. Unable to speak, they both scrambled off the table,
gathered up as much of their clothes as they could find and left for the
nearest bathroom.

Paul Walker stood, mumbled how sorry he was at his friend's behavior and
laughed nervously. The rest of the patrons of the restaurant kept staring
for a while then returned to their food, talking amongst themselves about
the bizarre behavior they'd just witnessed. Several men had visible stains
on their trousers they tried their best to hide.

* * *

Aboard the Nebuchadnezzar

"Did I just imagine that or did I interpret the code right?" Morpheus said
waving his hand at the displays.

"If you mean the two hot chicks going down on each other in that restaurant,
then yeah, that really happened" Mouse replied a wide grin on his face and a
tent in his trousers.

"Hmmmm, ok. So, why would this high level program do what we just witnessed?"

Mouse shrugged. "Maybe he's just horny, if the machines have such feelings
...? Or he's just experimenting or something. I don't know. But that babe,
the brunette one, she's awesome. Do you think .. we could .. uhm .. maybe
..." He glanced nervously at the captain.

"Bring her out of the Matrix?" Morpheus said completing Mouse's unspoken
thoughts, "would she even want to?" Morpheus stared straight ahead for a
while, then nodded to himself as if having reached a decision. "Mouse, find
me as much information as possible on this woman, we must make sure this
isn't some elaborate deception by the Agents to lure a hovercraft's crew in.
Tank help him with the search, then when you're done bring us up to Broadcast
Level." He turned and left for his quarters leaving Mouse and Tank begin
their search.

"Tank, do you think she'll want to leave the Matrix?"

"Dunno, kid, she's in her early twenties, that's already too late for most of
them. Bringing them out of it is dangerous, could drive them crazy."

"Yeah, but we've pulled out a few who were older than her and most of them
are doing ok, getting accustomed to life in Zion pretty well. And there's
that guy Morpheus is keeping track of ... whatshisname .. Neo? I don't really
think he's suitable at all, he'll never want to get out of the Matrix, but
this girl, I bet she'd leap at the opportunity ..."

Tank laughed. "You're thinking with your balls, Mouse. Isn't that woman in
red good enough for you anymore?"

Mouse shrugged. "Ok, ok, so I really like her, but ...." he glanced at one
of the lower screens, "hey hang on, back up that one a little, yeah .. see
there? A movie archive and those files are linked to her code ... download
them and send them to my chair, ok?"

"Sure Mouse, they'll be there by the time you plug in."

Mouse rushed back to his couch where he found Dozer, Tank's brother who
helped him connect himself ... then he was in the loading program.

"Operator, I'm in, roll them." The white room disappeared and he was actually
inside the movies being projected into his mind. Each of them played out for
hours on end, Flipper, Never been Kissed, Idle Hands, Paranoid, Dark Angel,
The Sleeping Dictionary, Honey and Into the Blue though in real life slightly
less than five minutes passed.

Then Mouse was out, Dozer pulling the jack out of his skull. He looked up
at the big guy. "Wow, Dozer, she's awesome, fucking awesome ..." he got up
shakily from his couch and ran to his quarters, locking himself in and for
the first time since he'd created the woman in red for just that purpose,
he masturbated for a long, long time as he kept the image of Jessica Alba
in his mind.

* * *

010101010 - Le Vrai, Floor 101

Jessica and Ashley cleaned themselves up and dressed silently in the
restaurant's bathroom, trying to avoid looking at each other. Their cheeks
still burned whenever their thoughts went back to what they'd done minutes
ago right in the middle of the restaurant in front of several hundred people.
She was sure this would be all over the news, the damn paparazzi were always
following them around ready to pounce on anything they did and now they'd
just given them the scoops of a lifetime. She could imagine the tabloid
headlines, 'Jessica Alba fucks and sucks co-star in posh restaurant'. She
shuddered. What would her father or brother think?

"Jess, I don't know what happened back there but I'm ... real sorry" Ashley
finally blurted.

"It's .. it's ok Ashley, if it's anyone's fault it's mine, I acted like a
total slut, I'm so ashamed of what I did I can't even go back out there."

"Me neither" Ashley said, "I can't face anyone of those people now, maybe
in a few days I'll have the courage to talk to Paul and try to explain what
happened, maybe I'll understand it myself."

A door she hadn't noticed before to one side of the bathroom opened and a
woman came in. She went to one of basins and turned the tap, letting the
water run.

Ashley finished and turned to Jessica, "Bye Jess." She pecked her on the
cheek as she usually did, but this time she blushed a deep red and hurried
to the door, leaving Jessica alone with the other woman.

"Jessica Alba?" she asked in her accented voice.

"Yeah ..." Jessica murmured wondering what the woman wanted. She didn't look
like the type who would beg for an autograph.

"I know what happened a few moments ago in the restaurant."

"I .. uh .. I'm sorry .. I .. I don't know what came over me .. us .."
Jessica was blushing furiously again.

The woman walked up to her and cupped Jessica's chin in her hand turning her
face up so that Jessica was looking in her eyes.

"It is ok. What happened was not your fault. But that is not important. What
I want to know is what you felt when you were on that table. What thoughts
ran through your head. Your emotions at the moment."

"I ..." Jessica was puzzled, how did the woman expect her to explain that in
a few words?

Almost as if reading her mind, Persephone smiled. "Don't speak. Just try to
recall everything that happened and kiss me."


"Yes, just kiss me" Persephone smiled again and leaned forward until her
lips were a hair's breadth away from Jessica's. Jessica tried to resist but
somehow she couldn't pull away from the woman. Their lips touched and they
kissed. Deeply. Persephone's tongue slid between her lips and Jessica opened
her mouth allowing it in. Their tongues twisted together for a long while
until Jessica was gasping for breath. Persephone let her go.

"That was ... interesting. So much emotion from such a young girl, so much
sexuality and love. It would be wasted on him."

"Eh? What do you mean? On who?"

"My husband. He is on his way here now. He will want you to kiss him ..."

"That's all?" Jessica interrupted, after what she'd been through today just
kissing a complete stranger seemed quite anti-climatic.

Persephone smiled. "Not on his lips my dear, not on his lips."

"Ohhh" what kind of crazy place had she ended up in Jessica was beginning
to wonder.

The woman took out something from her handbag. A key. She gave it to her.

"Leave through that door. Don't be afraid. You will find yourself in the
garage where you parked your bike. Go now."

Jessica grabbed the key and ran, not sure why but she was suddenly very
afraid. As the woman had promised, as she stepped through the door she
found herself in the underground garage. Jessica froze. She'd just been
on the 101st floor and she hadn't used the elevator. Her mind became
numb with shock. She forced herself to move, finding her bike and
kickstarting it. Straddled over the seat, feeling the bike's raw power
vibrate between her legs, a sense of calm came over her. As she drove
out of the garage she tried to avoid thinking of what had gone on back

Back in the Le Vrai's bathroom, the Merovingian stepped into the ladies

"Jessica?" he whispered "come, I have something to show you" he said pulling
down his zipper.

"I'm afraid she's gone, my love" Persephone snapped coldly stepping out from
the shadows.

"What? Gone? No, this cannot be. Woman what have you done? Dieu de putain de
bordel de merde de saloperies de connards d'enculés de ta mère. Is this how
you repay me for all the things I have given you? All the power at your
command?" He turned and left, storming out of the bathroom, deeply angered
at his wife and disappointed at the lost blowjob and more he'd been expecting
from the beautiful actress. Of course, the anger for his wife would pass, as
it always did.

Persephone smiled to herself as the Merovingian left. She chose another key
from her handbag and opened the same door Jessica had just gone through, but
when she stepped out she was at the Chateau, their home in the mountains.

* * *

Jessica Alba gunned the throttle and leaned low over the bike as the
slipstream pushed at her body. She enjoyed the sense of freedom that the
speed gave her. It was an almost erotic sensation. No! She shouldn't be
thinking like that, not after what had happened less than an hour ago. She
was so caught up in her conflicting thoughts that she didn't notice the
other bike that had come up behind her and was matching her speed. When
it was parallel with her she finally noticed it. The other rider wasn't
wearing a helmet, just a pair of dark sunglasses. It was a woman, with
short, slick, black hair, dressed in black. The woman looked at her and
signaled her to stop.

Jessica twisted the throttle and her bike shot forward, but the other bike
easily matched her speed. The woman again signaled her to stop and shouting
over the noise of the bikes and the wind, "If you value your life, stop now."

This was getting surreal, but she slowed and stopped swerving to the side of
the road. She put her foot down to balance the bike and took of her helmet.
The woman stopped alongside her.

"My name is Trinity" she began "Follow me and I will explain everything."

"But .. I .." the woman didn't wait to hear her reply and Jessica had to
accelerate quickly to catch up with her.

They'd been on the highway for some ten minutes when a siren announced a
highway patrol cruiser behind them.

"Shit" Jessica mouthed, "now to finish off this day nicely I get pulled over
for speeding." She slowed down and began to pull over.

"No!" Trinity shouted from her bike, "don't stop, follow me, don't be afraid,
just do whatever I do and you'll be fine. You have to trust me!"

Trinity's bike shot forward again and not knowing why Jessica decided to
follow. Soon they were clocking some 100 mph as the cruiser, siren blaring,
followed them. The two motorbikes slipped in and out of lanes, coming
dangerously close to the slower moving traffic. Jessica was terrified. She'd
never gone this fast in traffic, nor had she ever been chased by cops before.
This was insane!

"The ... next ... exit!" Trinity called to her making a signal with her
outstretched arm.

They both took it, but Jessica hesitated when she saw the Danger and Under
Construction signs. This section of overpass was still being built and yet
here they were going at some 80 mph over it.

In the distance a gap appeared in the surface, there must have been some
twenty feet of unfinished highway. Jessica slowed to a stop and Trinity
stopped next to her. She put a hand on Jessica's shoulder.

"We can do this. Just accelerate and at the last moment pull up. When you
land on the other side try to keep your balance and whatever happens keep
going, don't stop."

Jessica pulled up her visor. "You're fucking crazy! You made me run away from
those cops, now you want me to do this crazy stunt!? No, I won't do it, no

"Listen to me, Jessica, there's no time to argue ..."

In the distance the cop cruiser was getting closer and it had been joined
by an unmarked black sedan ... Trinity's cell phone rang and she flipped it
open, "Trinity" she said into it.

"Get out of there now, Agents on their way."

"Ok, where's the nearest exit?"

She listened to the instructions on the phone, nodded once and then closed
the phone, slipping it back into her clothing.

"Agents are coming. Follow me if you want."

Jessica was puzzled, "Agents, what do you mean by Agents?" But Trinity was
already accelerating for the edge of the unfinished highway. The young
actress watched in awe as the woman's motorbike flew up over the edge, arced
perfectly and then came down with a crash on the other side. Trinity put a
foot down and looked back over her shoulder.

"You can do it, Jessica" she shouted.

"Fuck this is crazy ..." Jessica whispered then aimed for the edge and
accelerated. Then when she was about forty feet from the edge her sudden
burst of courage left her and she braked hard, losing control of the bike.
Unbalanced, she was tossed from it and landed with a heavy thud on a pile
of sand, rolling several times before coming to a stop. Her bike continued
on its side trailing sparks and then it was over the edge. A few seconds
later there was a muffled explosion as the gas tank blew. A fireball
erupted and then thick black smoke billowed up from under the overpass.

"My beautiful bike" she moaned as she staggered to her knees.

There was someone standing at her side, someone dressed in a government issue
suit and tie with dark glasses and an earpiece in his ear.

"Miss Alba, please follow me" he said in a soft, sibilant voice, "I am Agent
Smith and we would like to ask you some questions."

Jessica took off her helmet and shook out her long hair, "Am I under arrest?"
she said in a small voice, noticing that Trinity had long disappeared into
the distance.

"No, not yet. We would like to know more about that woman you were traveling

* * *

to be continued in Part 2


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