A yank for the 3th Army turned me on to the wargame Battletech, so when FASA
started to turn out computor games to match their boardgame, I got them.

As before FASA doesn't know me with my chothing on and anyone under 18 should
worry about me catching you reading this than the cops. This is fiction and
if you think this is real you're a sicker puppy than me and when I'm not
wearing the uniform of the IDF, I make My living wearing leather and useing a
whip. Give Me a break on spelling and grammer English is not my native Lang.
- She Wolf

Mech Warrior: The Pirate's Fate (MF,inter,drugs,rape)
by She Wolf of Tel Aviv

NATION: Magistracy of Canopus

Brandy Uhura moved her Maruader II Mech into the Mountain Valley. Brandy, a
nineteen year old, almost pure black skinned woman with a 40-24-38 figure
with knee length hair wearing a cooling vest a green binki and kneehigh
mechwarrior boots.

She was part of the Space Wolves. Pirates, who have had a great year raiding
across the Inner Sphere even capturing two War Jumpships.

Now in Canopus a Female run Nation mostly of Showbiz.

"These singers and dancers won't even slow us down." Brandy told herself as
she Piloted the 100 ton Mech through the valley.

Brandy noticed a blip on her radar and called up the mech on her warbook

"Hmmm a Madcat unknown configuration. What's a clan ommimech doing out in
the Outer Sphere? Oh well it's only 65 tons agaist my 100 tons," she told

Brandy locked on her weapons and fired two ER PPCs, two ER mediun laser and
a ER large laser. One PPC, a medium laser and a large laser slammed into the
Canopus Mech melting armor off the right side.

Like a living creature the Madcat turned firing it's arm weapons and shoulder
missile pods. Two Guass rifle balls and twenty missiles clashed into Brandy's
Mech causing her to lose her footing and fall. On the way down she saw that
her computor had found what she was facing a Madcat II just before darkness
covered her.

* * *

Brandy slowly came back to the land of the living, her whole body was one
ball of pain. Being a seasoned Mech Warrior Brandy kept her eyes closed and
her ears open to find the lay of the land.

"The MAF is doing handsprings they're getting a full RCT two Warships and
four jumpships. So I don't think They'll bitch over a single warship and
a regiment of Mechs," a voice said.

"Well, Vixen needs more protection. See you Maya, I have to see to my loot,"
a second voice said.

"So you're keeping the Maruader," Maya said and walked away.

Brandy laid still hoping that the male who seemed to be the Madcat pilot
would believe she was still KOed, then she felt a small pain on her neck
and heard the hiss of a airgun.

Without warning both of Brandy's tits was savagly grabbed and brutaly twisted
like the Madcat pilot was trying to rip them off her body. Brandy screamed in
agony and raised herself to ease the pain yet Brandy was shunned to feel her
nipples become rock hard even under the twisting and her cunt begin to flow.

"Wakey, wakely, you fuckin' pirate slut," the male snarled into Brandy's

She opened Her eyes to see a white male about twenty, who looked like a model
and most likely pumped iron once aday. He left the aching and bruised boobs
and grabbed her hair. Cruelly he yanked Brandy's face toward his waiting 11
inch dick smashing past her lips almost knocking her teeth out. He didn't
stop until Brandy's nose mashed into his groin hair cloaking her.

"Now Bitch suck as if your life depended on it, because it does pirate." He

He pulled back until only the tip was still in her mouth then with one yank
drove the dick all the way in her mouth. Brandy could barely get air from the
mouthfucking she was getting, but even throught the pain and lack of air she
felt herself flowing from her pussy from the saltly meat ramming her face.

"This is crazy! I've never been a pain freak. Hell, I'm a fuckin' dyke." she
thought as she tried to curl her tongue around the meat tube cramming down
her throat. Tears flowed from her eyes as the pounding of her face kept on
until she felt the dick harden inside her mouth then splash after splash shot
into her hot cramped mouth.

"Ohhh, Yesssss. Taste IT! TASTE IT SLAVE!" he screamed throwing his head

Brandy kept sucking drinking his cum until it stopped flowing. Then she
slid down off the cock till she was hanging from her hair still in his
hands. Brandy laid there not even feeling the pain from hanging by her
hair half drowned by the load of baby batter shot into her gut.

Suddenly Brandy was yanked upright and a suddenly slap across her boobs
sending a wave of pain over both. Brandy screamed in pure agony popping open
her eyes. She saw her hair tightly twisted in his grip in his left hand and
a cloth belt in his right.

"Oh no pirate slut, you havn't even started to pay for raiding my world," the
Madcat pilot snarled bring the belt down across both nipples so hard they
were for a moment indented inside the tits.

"Oh Goddddd Nooooooo! PLEASE DONNN'TTTT!!!" Brandy screamed in a painfilled
voice yet even as tears rained down her face she was almost crazed with lust
as blow after blow rained down on her tits as her top was tore and fell away
leaving only her bare flesh to the punishing belt.

Twenty cruel and savage blows left her boobs red and streaked and Brandy so
hot her sex's need smell filled the room. Kneeling in front of him Brandy
noticed his cock becoming semi-hard and with a unknown reason she cupped her
beat boobs and leaned forward engulfing his manhood. Slowly, painfully Brandy
moved her tits up and down the meat tube while looking up at her rapist with
pure lust filled eyes and his slime running out of both sides of her mouth.

Without a word he reached down and grabbed the bottoms of her biniki and in
one move ripped them off her leaving only in her Mech Warrior boots. Suddenly
he shoved Brandy down on her back and threw himself on top of her. He grabbed
a nipple with his teeth and bit hard enough to draw blood.

"OOOOHHHHHH GGGGooooddddd! YYeeeessssss! AAAAAWwwwwww FFuuuukkkk MMeeeeee!!!"
Brandy screamed it both pain and joy. She looked down to see his hardened
cock begin to touch her the enterance of her cunt, then in one savage brutal
thrust ramming it all the way in to her womb. "AAAAAwwwwww GGooooddddd! HURT
Meeeee! FUCKKK That CUNT! RIIIPPP MMMeee APART! RRaaaappppppeeeeeee ME! HUMP
ME! MAKE MEEE BLEEED!!!" She scream to the heavens at the top of her lungs

The Madcat Pilot did his best to follow her demands. His dick like a steel
piledriver slamming up and down into her so hard that Brandy thought her
hips would break. She watched the white cock ram again and again into her
black body. Then she laid her head back and rocked it back and forth while
screamming in agony and pleasure mindlessly outloud.

"NNooowwwww TAKE ITT SLUT!" he screammed as the tip of his dick began to
twitch then shoot load after load of baby batter deep into her womb to

Fighting to stay awake Brandy felt her new master slowly pull out of her,
then reached down and grabbed her matted hair and pull her up to a
semi-sitting lay at his feet. Covered in sweat, blood, and cum Brandy took
one of her arms and lovingly wrapped it around his leg. She laid there held
up only by the grip in her hair.

He bend over and placed his face next to hers. "You loved that didn't you
BITCH Want to know why? Remenber that shot you got earily well it's a little
something that Canopus made that links with your DNA. The good news is that
your body won't change much from now till the day you die fuckble as ever.
The bad news is that if you don't get rough sex ever six days you get ill.
Welcome to the rest of your life slave slut."


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