Melrose Place/Beverly Hills 90210: Roman Holiday Part 2 (f/f)
by Professor Moriarty

Jennifer approached the fountain at the base of The Steps, and paused. She
trailed her fingers along the edge and took a look around. There were the
usual numbers of tourists for a nice day, but it wasn't really crowded. She
pushed the sunglasses she was wearing up to rest on the top of her head, and
shaded her eyes with her hand.

As she scanned the Steps, she caught sight of a well-built young girl, coming
down, about a third of the way up. She looked vaguely familiar. As the girl
neared her, Jennifer made her out: a little on the short side ("like me..."
Jennifer thought, suppressing a grin), a nice voluptuous build and an air
of...authority. She was wearing faded jeans and a white t-shirt with the
logo of The Louvre. "Hmmm...been to Paris..." thought Jennifer. As she came
closer, the girl's face broke into an inviting, beautiful smile.

"Jennifer, right?"

"Um, yeah. That's me" Jennifer answered. "Where the fuck do I know her from?"
Jennifer thought to herself.

"It's good to see you again!" the girl enthused. "I'm guessing you're

Valerie", said Jennifer, and the other girl smiled widely and nodded.

"You don't remember me, do you?" Valerie asked. The quizzical look on
Jennifer's face answered for her, so Valerie continued. "I was at Kyle's
party, around Halloween, about four years ago. You were tending bar at his
club. We talked a bit, I ordered a few Rum and Cokes with..."

"...a lime slice..." finished Jennifer, finally smiling her beautiful smile.
Valerie smiled also, and nodded.

The lime request had been a bit unusual. She had had to go hunt one down,
and Valerie had been very patient and understanding. She had also left a
huge tip. During the course of the party, Valerie had been a substantial
hit, flirting with nearly everyone there, including Kyle, and even (now
that she thought of it), Jennifer herself. Amanda Woodward had been fit to
be tied, with someone else getting all the attention on her turf. Seeing
that vicious blonde bitch that angry was a feeling that Jennifer had
relished, and the memory brought a warm glow to her heart.

"So, what brings you to The Continent? Business or pleasure?" Jennifer asked.

"A little of both, with any luck. Let's get some lunch, and I'll tell you all
about it."

The area around The Spanish Steps is chock full of restaurants of all sorts.
They went to a place of Val's choosing named Randazzo's. After ordering
drinks, they sat down in a semi-secluded booth.

"How would you like to work in this place?" Val asked.

Jennifer looked around. It was a nice spot, neither too big nor too small.
It was larger than the place where she currently worked. In fact, this was
almost exactly the sort of place that Jennifer had wanted to work in since
she came to Rome with Billy. He had a solid job with a local ad agency, and
got to write travel and lifestyle pieces on the side. She worked at a place
called the Abruzzi Garden, which was nice, but not as nice as the name
seemed to promise.

"Why?" Jennifer asked.

"Because I'm taking it over in six weeks", replied Val, her face widening
into a sly grin. "It's a done deal. I need someone to manage the place, be
number two in the chain of command. I need someone I know I can trust. Kyle
says that you're a little manipulative (Jennifer raised her eyebrows in mock
surprise, Val smiled at the reaction) but basically a good person who knows
how to help run a business. He also says you're happy with your personal
life and won't make trouble. I'll pay you double what you're making now.
The job is all yours if you want it."

They continued to talk over the terms of employment, and Jennifer became
more and more excited. She tried, mostly with success, to hide that fact.
After eating lunch, they took a stroll down the narrow street, heading for
a health club that Jennifer visited. Val said she hadn't realized it was

Jennifer said "I have a sauna reservation for..." (she glanced at her
watch), "...about a half-hour from now. You want to be my guest?"

Val thought for a second and smiled. "Well, I'm not busy until tonight.
Sure, that'll be fun."

They continued their leisurely walk, with Jennifer pointing out the
occasional work of art or architectural landmark. Jennifer had really adopted
the city in the few short years that she and Billy had lived there. His job
took him all over Europe, so they had been to Paris, London, and Prague, but
Rome was first in her heart.

They walked through the spacious entryway of the club and Jennifer led the
way to the locker room. She offered the use of her roomy locker to Val, who
smilingly accepted. They were alone in their row of lockers, and nearly alone
in the whole room.

After putting her boots into the locker, Val turned her back and began to
undress. Jennifer slowly undid the belt of her dress as she kept an eye on
her future employer. Val unbuckled her belt, unzipped her fly, and hooked
her thumbs into her waistband to slip her jeans down over her full ass.
Jennifer slipped the straps of her dress off first her right, then her left

She noticed with surprise, that as Valerie pulled her pants down, she didn't
seem to be wearing panties. Jennifer peeled the front of her dress down over
her ample breasts and her tight, smooth belly. Val picked up her jeans,
bending over to pick up the little pile they made on the floor. Jennifer
drank in the sight of Valerie's ass, plump and smooth as she bent over.

Almost involuntarily, she pinched a nipple. The steadily mounting feeling of
arousal that she had felt nearly all day was coming on strong, now. Val
straightened up, and Jennifer quickly stopped fondling her own titty, afraid
of being observed.

Val turned around just as Jen slid the dress over her round hips and let it
drop to the floor. Val seemed surprised at Jennifer's bottomless state, and
Jennifer seemed surprised at the Buffalo native's clean-shaven pussy.

"Wow, I didn't know you were going commando, especially in that little
dress", said Valerie.

"Well, it seemed like a fun thing to do..." opined Jennifer, hoping that
her increasingly turned-on state wasn't giving her away. Coming on to a
prospective employer who probably wasn't into it...not a great idea.

Val gripped the bottom of her t-shirt and quickly slipped it over her head,
turning it inside-out in the process. Jennifer noted with approval that Val's
breasts were even better when uncovered than when clothed: round, firm, with
a set of not-quite-perfectly round areolas, and hard nipples.

The two 20-ish American beauties stood for a moment, face-to-face,
completely nude from head to toe, and then both laughed nervously, picked up
their towels, and headed for the sauna. Jennifer wrapped her towel around
her waist, leaving her heavy breasts to swing free. Valerie just carried her
towel in her hand and walked confidently, obviously quite comfortable with
her total nudity.

They opened the door, and the room was empty.

"I reserved the whole room for an hour", Jennifer explained. She closed the
door and activated a lock on the control panel. A light reading "Private" in
Italian, went on over the door.

Val smiled, and said, "Well, you know how to do things in style."

Jennifer nodded and said, "I like to really relax when I'm here. It's hard
to do that with other people around...present company excluded."

Val grinned at the compliment, and took a seat in the corner, with her back
wedged into the angle where two walls met. She settled onto the slightly damp
wooden bench and relaxed, with her legs slightly apart. Jennifer unwrapped
the towel from her waist, and laid it out to cover the bench above Val. She
laid out lengthwise on her belly, with her head pointed toward Valerie, like
The Sphinx.

As they continued to talk about California and Kyle McBride, and any number
of other things, Jennifer couldn't help but notice that Val had her left
hand between her own thighs, lightly (almost absently), caressing her vulva.
It's smooth state made the skin's moisture and silky smoothness very
apparent to Jennifer, who found her mouth getting increasingly dry. She felt
the insistent itch begin deep within her. She was going to be very wet, very
soon. She hoped her heavier breathing and squirming on the bench wasn't
giving her away, but Val's sly grin told her that her arousal had been

"Am I bothering you?" Val asked, indicating with her eyes where her fingers
were playing up and down the slit of her vagina.

Jennifer bit her lower lip and said softly, "It looks so smooth..."

Val smiled, and said "Feel..."

Jennifer raised up on her elbows (" she really looks like The Sphinx"
thought Valerie, idly.), displaying her breasts to Val, and reached forward
tentatively with her hand to touch the clean-shaven pussy. She ran her
fingertips all along the pubic mound, then started teasing the outer labia.

Val placed the four fingers of her right hand under Jennifer's chin, and ran
the thumb over Jen's lips. Jennifer smiled and gently slid her tongue tip out
to caress Val's thumb. Jennifer had now dangled both legs over the
towel-covered bench she was on, like riding a horse or a motorcycle, and was
slowly rubbing her hips back and forth, humping the hard bench.

The terrycloth towel was providing delightful friction on her swollen vulva
and emerging clitoris. She continued with her handjob, pushing at the
glistening folds of Valerie's cunt. Val had her head thrown back, and her
eyes closed.

"That's good,,,don't stop, please..." she said, barely above a whisper.

"I'm glad you're into this", Jennifer said, just as quietly. "I was afraid
to make the first move."

Valerie smiled, keeping her eyes closed, and said "Well, I'm glad you're
into this, too."

Jennifer started running circles around Val's clitoris with her thumb, as
Val's breathing continued to deepen. Jen slid closer to Val, raising herself
into a sitting position. Her smooth brown thighs still straddled the bench,
and she slipped her free left hand between them and started to slide her
moist vulva back and forth over the palm of her hand. Every third or fourth
thrust of her hips, she would raise a finger or two, to increase and vary
the friction. She was getting very close to orgasm.

Valerie was even closer. Her breath was now coming in ragged gasps, as
Jennifer expertly masturbated her. Val was squeezing and pinching her
breasts, often craning her neck down to lick her own nipples. She suddenly
felt a cool wave build through her belly and she knew the time was close.

She gasped it out to Jennifer, who pulled her left hand out of her own
crotch and went to work bringing her soon-to-be-boss off. She continued the
furious laps around Val's swollen clitoris with her right thumb, and slid
her left index and forefinger rapidly in and out of Val's pussy.

"You like me fucking you? Huh?!? You like that? Yeaaaah...I just bet you

Jennifer's dirty talk and energetic finger-fucking finally brought Valerie
over the edge, and she bucked against the wall, before loosing a wet stream
of cum on Jennifer's hands. Jennifer laughed breathlessly and raised one
hand to her lips for a quick taste, rubbing the other hand over her already
sweat-slickened tits and belly.

Val was a little surprised to see the headlong abandon with which Jennifer
threw herself into the act. "Billy must be one happy son-of-a-bitch" she
thought idly, smiling slightly.

Jennifer stood up straight, and boldly reached between her thighs with both
hands, and started rubbing and applying gentle pressure to her hairy pussy.
Val raised her hand and made a "come here" gesture to Jennifer. Jen said "Is
that an order, boss?"

Valerie giggled and said "I like to eat all my employee's pussies before I
hire them. Kind of like a test drive."

Jennifer walked up to Val, who remained in a sitting position before her.
"You want some?" she asked, rubbing her vulva seductively.

Val pulled her closer and buried her head between Jennifer's smooth thighs.
She inhaled the musky, earthy scent of the girl's arousal. She rubbed her
face against Jennifer's thigh, and then rubbed her nose and eyebrows into
the thick, almost coarse, but very well-trimmed and sculpted pussy of the
younger girl.

Jennifer balanced herself by spreading her arms apart, placing her hands
flat against the wall above Val's head. She bent her knees slightly and
rubbed her vulva into Valerie's face, grinding it across Val's smooth skin.

As Valerie first began to explore the folds of Jennifer's pussy, kissing
the lips, sucking on the long-swollen clit, Jen felt an almost instant
orgasm coming on. "I wonder if Billy is up for a special dinner tonight?"
she thought, and laughed out loud.

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