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By Me

The following is a pure fictional story placed here for your enjoyment.
This story is not meant to infringe upon the copywrites of anyone
connected to ANY television series. Depending upon viewer response,
future stories along the same theme will be placed here. Feel free to
email me with comments. Enjoy

Amanda and Allison had been on-again, off-again enemies throughout
their careers
at the ad agency, there was no denying that. However, Amanda couldn't
but admit, to herself, that there was a strong underlying sexual tension
that seemed to raise
it's head whenever they argued. Amanda had had these feelings since her
year of college, where she experimented briefly with a timid first year
student she
had met at orientation. Amanda forced herself to suppress these feelings
through hard
work and determination, since to openly admit to her attractions could
jeopardize her
fast-paced rise through the ranks at D&D. How many times had she had
shaky career in her hands, and not taken advantage of it? She couldn't
count the missed
opportunities. Yet, here it was, happening again. She wouldn't allow this
good fortune
to escape her grasp yet again.

Allison had lost her job at the agency due to a severe drinking
problem, yet here she was, asking--begging actually--Amanda for one more
chance. Amanda, sensing the sexually-induced panic she always felt when
she and Allison were alone in her office, hemmed and hawed to allow the
nervousness to utterly consume this frightened little doe trembling
before her. Satisfied, she finally agreed to allow Allison on more
opportunity to prove herself. As a matter of fact, since she would be
flying to Denver to meet with a huge client, she would insist on Allison
coming with her. To this, Allison gratefully agreed.

Allison's debts had grown enormously, thanks to her joblessness and
drinking. She promised herself she would do absolutely anything to keep
her job this time. She had lost her dignity long ago, so nothing Amanda
expected was beyond exception.

The flight wasn't good, nothing had gone right. Allison had lost her
small purse, including all money and credit cards. she knew her
performance on this trip would decide her future. She wouldn't, she
couldn't fuck this up, she thought to herself. The flight landed on time,
and the hotel check-in went quickly, so everything seemed to be looking
up. Amanda had made it clear up front that Allison's role in this venture
would be severely limited, so she knew she would be relegated to
secretary and nothing more. Still, she was grateful.

By 3pm, the meeting was over. Amanda had made a superb presentation,
and the client was pleased. Papers were signed. Amanda invited Allison
out to a nearby restaurant foe a small victory dinner, at which she knew
her move would be made. Over drinks, Amanda began. "you did an adequate
job earlier, amazing what a sober head can accomplish," Amanda smirked,
"try staying that way and you just might keep your job longer than the
usual length of time...a week is about the record, isn't it?" Amanda
laughed. Allison managed a weak smile. She had to put up with it, she had
to. After they were finished, Amanda insisted that Allison follow her to
her room, a proposal Amanda knows commits her to going through with the
plan. At the door, Amanda fumbles nervously with the key. Once inside,
she directs Allison to sit on the bed. "Have a seat," Amanda orders.
"Time and again you have fucked up and I have always taken you back, and
here we are once more. I think it's about time you showed me a little
gratitude for my generousity." Allison begins, "I really am grateful, I...
," Shut up!" Amanda barks. "I'm not finished! It's about time you give a
little." Amanda sits on the bed next to Allison and places her hand on
Allison's knee. Getting only a blank stare in return, she slides her hand
up and inside Allison's thigh. At this, Allison jumps. "What are you
doing?" Allison demands. "Sit back down...NOW!" Amanda hisses through
clenched teeth. Slowly, Allison complies."It's about time you understood--
there are two kinds of people in this world, those with power, and those
without it. I have it---you do not! I suggest that you be a little more
cooperative unless you want to find yourself in a job where your biggest
worry is counting your tips at the end of another shift." Amanda states.

"This will be our little secret," Amanda continues," and you will keep
it. After all, who would take you seriously? A drunk with documented
mental problems. That would put you on the losing end of any embarrassing
harrassment charges you'd care to make!" Allison sits, blinking, and not
quite accepting her situation. Allison finally finds her voice. "Are you
saying---" Allison begins. Amanda cuts her off. "I am saying that your
future with the company depends upon how cooperative you are to me
tonight." Amanda reaches for Allison's blouse and attempts to unbutton it.
Allison stops her. Angrily, Amanda rises to her feet. "You selfish,
stupid little bitch. Either you get undressed and do what I want, or I'll
leave your worthless ass here to get back to L.A. on your own. And you'll
find yourself without a job. Not only that, you are 3 months' behind in
rent. I should have kicked you out long ago. And considering how you've
managed to alienate everyone you seem to know, I doubt that even little
prick Billy would take you in!" Amanda gives this a moment to sink in.
Allison, visibly shaken, tries to speak. "I...I'm not like that. I mean,
I've never been with a woman. Please, if we can just sit down and talk
for a min----." Amanda grabs her purse. "I'm going down to the lobby. You
had better think about what I just said long and hard. I'll be back in
exactly 30 minutes. When I get back, I expect to find one of two things.
When I walk in, you will either be gone, which means no job, or, you will
be in that bed---naked and waiting for me!" Amanda turns and storms out.

Down in the lobby, Amanda is nervously caressing her drink, wondering
if she wouldn't have been better off frequenting a local escort service
as she did back in L.A., where attractive women would do as she wanted
for a price. But she knew that Allison was the one she wanted. She could
only hope that she had the upper hand. She knew that Allison could very
well go public with this. Amanda could only hope that Allison was just
scared enough to give in. But Amanda knew as well that this was more than
just sex. It was power. Forcing Allison to submit to her in a most
degrading way. At this thought, Amanda licked her lips. That's what she

Amanda finally drains the last of her drink and heads upstairs.
Unlocking the door, she steps inside. Rounding the corner, she looks up...
and a deeply satisfying smirk crosses her face. Allison is in bed, with
the snow white sheet framing her ample breasts. Amanda quickly undresses
and climbs into bed, instantly mounting Allison. "Open your legs." Amanda
whispers. Allison complies. "The ultimate act of submission." Amanda
hisses quietly. She busies herself with Allison's delicious body, kissing
and sucking her breasts. She kisses Allison deeply on the lips. From
there, she moves down Allison's firm tummy, kissing and licking as she
goes. Finally, Amanda buries her face between Allison's silky thighs. She
tastes her completely, licking her legs, hands, ears. Amanda climbs on
top of her prey once again, this time sliding one of her legs between
Allison's. The rub together for the better part of an hour, climaxing
only seconds apart. After a few minutes of kissing, Amanda finaly rolls
over, next to Allison. They talk for awhile, with Amanda making it clear
that expects future excounters with Allison. "You can have a solid career,
but only if you understand that the game is played my way." Amanda says.
"Once we get back, you'll get back your job as junior executive. And that
sofa in my office will see some good use, do you understand me?" Allison
slowly nods her head. The next morning they fly back to L.A., with Amanda
firmly in control, and knowing that this was only the beginning.


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