HypnoTV: Melrose Place (f/f,mc)
by MAW

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story depicts graphic acts of
sexuality. This is fiction. The hypnosis scenes are slightly less than
realistic, but then again, so's Melrose Place. Do not attempt this at home.
If you feel like it, seek help.

I only caught on to Melrose Place by the reruns of E! I'm not up on the new
cast, and to tell the truth I don't really like any of the current episodes.
This story is set within the "glory days" of Melrose, sometime in the middle
of the 1995-1996 season. Also, this is my first piece of erotica so if you
have complaints, go easy on me. I can only get better from here.


Amanda had had it. Alison had been a pain in the ass for a while but now she
was outdoing herself. Using injuries to back out of work, sucking back up to
Billy and the whole mess with her late husband was driving her to
distraction. And that meant her work was suffering. And if work suffered, so
did Amanda. It was time to lay down the law and show Alison who was boss.
Usually, she would just bawl Alison out, but she had a different idea this
time. An idea to discipline Alison and gratify herself in the process.

Amanda had set it up in advance. Billy would be out of town and the office
would be empty all night. It was simple to call Alison in to go over a few
files. Hopefully, there would be no interruptions. As she waited, Amanda
stroked the computer disk in her hand. She had to call in a few favors for
this, but it was going to be worth it, no doubt.

When Alison came in, Amanda had her go over the client files in the computer.
She was happy to see Alison a little drowsy. That would help with her plan.
Amanda decided it was time to play the ace.

"Alison, this new client sent me a demo disk of his product," Amanda said,
handling the disk. "Mind running it for me and checking it out?"

"Sure," Alison said. She took the disk from Amanda, placed it into the
computer and began running it. Instantly, a multi-colored pattern filled the
screen. "What's this?"

It was all Amanda could do not to smile. "I think it's supposed to be one of
those Magic Eye message things. Just keep staring at it. It'll become clear
soon enough." Very clear.

Shrugging, Alison watched the display. It was moving by now, the colors
shifting and spiraling. In the background, Alison could vaguely see a spiral.
But her eyes were drawn to the colors and their patterns. She wanted to ask
Amanda what the purpose of them was, but the patterns were so enticing, she
decided to wait. She continued gazing at the screen. The patterns were
shifting slightly faster now. She would have to watch them more carefully.
She had to watch them carefully, after all. She didn't know why, but she had
to. Besides, the colors were so pretty. So very pretty. Her eyes followed
them, watching them shift and change, waves of light coming at her. One wave
after another. As soon as one wave was done, another came. Alison had to
watch carefully to see the patterns. The patterns. The nice, soothing
patterns. It felt good to forget her troubles and relax. Relax. Just sit and
watch and relax. Forget her troubles and let go.

Amanda felt herself going wet. The disk was working perfectly. Alison's face
was becoming slack, her eyes, fixed to the screen, growing glassy. The
subminimal commands imprinted in the patterns would be taking hold as well.
Lowering Alison's inhibitions, deepening the trance state and most
importantly, instilling an obedience to Amanda. Another minute, and Alison
would be hers.

Alison was lost. Her eyes were concentrated on the screen, her mind only
accepting the soothing images she saw. She was feeling relaxed now. So
relaxed. It was nice to relax. It was right. It was right. Alison let herself
drift away and surrendered to the calm she felt. With it went her will.

Amanda couldn't wait any longer. "Alison?" she asked. She was slightly
hesitant, just in case something was wrong.

"...Yes...." Alison's voice was soft, her gaze still fixed on the screen.

Amanda could hardly contain herself. "How do you feel?"


"Yes, Alison, you feel very relaxed. It feels good to be this relaxed,
doesn't it. Would you like to relax more, Alison?"


"You know that to relax more, Alison, you must obey me. You must do
everything I say. That relaxes you. That calms you. Everything I say relaxes
you. Doing everything I say feels good, doesn't it?"


"Good. So what will you do?"


"Stand up and follow me," Amanda ordered. This was tricky. Diverting Alison's
gaze from the display might backfire if the trance wasn't fully instilled.
She sighed with relief and desire as Alison turned to her, her eyes still
blank. Amanda led her to her office. She closed and locked the door and
turned to Alison. Alison stood in the middle of the room, eyes staring at
nothing. Amanda bit her lip. Time to go for the gold. She stepped in front of
Alison and looked her straight in the eyes.

"Alison, look at me. Look at my eyes. Look deep. As you look deeper and
deeper, know that I am all that matters to you. I am all that exists for you.
You have no thoughts but what I say. You hear nothing but me. And you desire
nothing but me. Do you understand?"


Amanda took a few steps backward and sat on her desk. "Do you find me
desirable, Alison?"


"Have you ever dreamt about me?"


"You want me, don't you Alison? You want to fuck me over and over. You want
to pleasure me and gratify me. Don't you?"


"Do as I say, Alison, and you can pleasure me. Will you?"

"Oh, yes..."

"Take off your clothes, Alison. You must be naked to pleasure me. Take them
off." Hesitant at first, then with more feeling, Alison began to strip. Her
jacket top went first. Then the pants. Removing her blouse, she stood in her
white bra and panties. "Continue, Alison. You want to gratify me, you must be
nude. You must gratify me, Alison. You want to, don't you?"

"...Yes.." Alison reached up and unclasped her bra. Amanda nearly lost
herself as she saw the attractive breasts come loose and revealed in full
glory. She grinned as Alison slid off her panties and her darkish blond tuft
was revealed. Amanda couldn't stand it any more. She practically tore off her
one-piece black dress. She was nude underneath. She leaned back on her desk,
her arms outreached. "Come to me Alison. Come to me."

Mindlessly, Alison obeyed, moving forward until she had reached the desk.
Amanda took her gently by the neck and kissed her. Hypnotized, Alison
responded with slow deliberation, which heightened the pleasure. Amanda
lovingly slid her tongue inside Alison's mouth as Alison responded with
surprising passion. Amanda moved a hand up to Alison's breast, squeezing it.
They broke their kiss, Alison moaning. Amanda turned them and placed Alison
gently on the desk. She straddled her, their cunts touching, which brought
another moan from the mesmerized Alison.

Amanda placed her hands on Alison's breasts and began rubbing them gently.
"Feel it, Alison," she almost whispered. "Feel the pleasure I'm giving you.
Do you want to give me that pleasure, Alison?"


"Then do to me as I do to you." Alison reached up and cupped Amanda's breasts
in her hands. She held one gently and rubbed it in a circular motion while
she squeezed the nipple of the other. Amanda almost came but held it. Not
yet. She squeezed Alison's breast, hardening the already rigid nipples. She
leaned down and buried her face in between the luscious mounds, inhaling
Alison's scent, kissing the curves of her breasts. She worked her mouth
around the breast, finally coming to the nipple. She licked the nipple with
her tongue and loved the soft "oh" from Alison's lips. She continued to kiss,
moving down the curves of Alison's body until she finally came to the mother
lode. She paused for a moment to enjoy the smell of Alison's cunt before
going in.

All Alison's hypnotized mind could fathom anymore was the wondrous pleasure
Amanda was giving her. The pleasure was doubled when she felt Amanda begin to
lick her pussy. As Amanda worked her tongue in deeper and deeper, Alison was
lost in a world of pleasure.

Amanda knew she couldn't hold it in much longer. She moved herself up on the
desk, straddling Alison until her cunt was right above Alison's mouth. "Lick
it, Alison," she commanded. "Lick it." Alison unhesitantly stuck her tongue
in and began working it. The two women began to simultaneously eat each other

Since she had been holding it so long, it was no surprise Amanda came first.
As she felt her cum released, Amanda gasped. She didn't have to look to know
that Alison's was licking her cum off her lips. It wasn't long before Amanda
was rewarded as well. As she swallowed the sticky liquid, Amanda
congratulated herself on her greatest conquest.

Amanda took a moment to catch her breath before coming off the table. "Get
up, Alison," she commanded. Alison obeyed. "Put your clothes back on." The
two women redressed, Amanda taking a moment to savor the sight of Alison's
breasts before they were covered by her bra. When they were done, Amanda led
Alison back to the outer office and sat her back in the chair. Alison's eyes
were immediately captivated by the patterns on the screen. Amanda leaned in
close, her mouth right by Alison's ear.

"Alison, listen to me. In a moment, I will turn off this disk. The pattern
will disappear. When it does, you will immediately wake up, refreshed and
relaxed. You will remember nothing of what has occurred between us. You will
not remember anything. You will simply remember having worked on the files.
You will remember nothing else. What you will remember is that when I say the
words 'trance disk' to you, you will immediately return to you trance state
and be subject to my will. Do you understand?"


Nodding, Amanda took time to give Alison a nice long kiss on the lips. She
then reached over and hit the Escape key. Instantly, the screen went dark as
Amanda removed the disk. Alison blinked, clearness returning to her eyes and
features. She shook her head, as if confused. She looked back at Amanda, who
smiled. "I think we've gone over enough files for now. I'll see you tomorrow,
all right?"

"Uh, all right," Alison said. A small voice in the back of her mind was
nagging at her about something, but she couldn't place it.

"Oh and Alison?"


"Trance disk." Alison's eyes closed and her head slumped down onto her chest.
Smiling, Amanda reached down and gave her a nice long kiss on the lips.
"Dream about me, Alison," she whispered. "Dream about me and what I can do to
you." This was going to be a long, fun ride.


Sydney pulled up to the beach house, watched the sun set, took a deep sigh
and tried one last time to talk herself out of this. She really didn't want
to do this. It had been bad enough seeing Kimberly when she was with Michael.
The fact that the woman was a nutcase didn't help. Oh sure, she may be out of
the hospital, she may be cured, but Sydney knew that part of the psycho still

So why had she agreed to meet the third Mrs. Michael Mancini? Or second,
depending on how you looked at it? She didn't know really. When Kimberly had
called her, her first response was to hang up. Her second was to tell
Kimberly to go to hell. But something in Kimberly's voice intrigued her.
There was something there that Sydney had never heard from Kimberly before.


As she waited for Kimberly to answer the buzzer, Sydney sighed and hoped Jane
would still be kind enough to throw her a nice funeral when they found her
body floating upside down under the Santa Monica pier.

Before she could imagine her eulogy, Sydney saw the door open and Kimberly
standing before her. For a moment, the two women stared at one another. As
much as they'd hate to admit it, there were definite similarities between the
two. Physically, they were both beautiful, each with fiery red hair and eyes
and tempers to match. Characterwise, they were both ruthless, cunning, cagy
and more than slightly off-balance mentally. Kimberly was wearing a red dress
while Sydney was wearing a black vest over an orange shirt with orange pants.

"Come on in before people think you're begging," Kimberly said as she turned
and walked into the house.

"Well, nice to see the electro-shocks have helped your temper," Sydney
remarked as she followed. The two went into the kitchen, Kimberly taking two
cans of beer from the refrigerator. She tossed one to Sydney, who caught it
reflexively. "Uh, since when do you drink beer?"

"Since that bastard Michael began sucking back up to Jane," Kimberly replied.
She walked over to the living room, slumping onto the sofa and taking a huge
sip of her beer. Sydney followed and sat in a chair across from her. "You

Kimberly sniffed. "He's been sending her flowers, following her, calling her
and I'm convinced he's sleeping with her again."

"Well, don't take this the wrong way, Kim, but haven't you and Michael been
separated since the big ka-boom?"

"Oh, like *that's* an excuse."

"Well, Kimberly, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. I mean, feeling sorry
for you isn't high on my list of options. After all the shit you've pulled,
you belong in prison or back in the loony bin. I mean, you come back from the
dead, steal Michael from Jane, tried to run him over, tried to frame me and
Jane for it, stole Jo's baby and blew up the whole damn apartment building
not to mention all your petty little blackmail schemes."

"Oh and you're the paragon of virtue? You stole Michael from me after the
accident, got into a pool brawl with Jane on your wedding day, became a
stripper and a call girl and you've got your own little blackmail operation
going. Don't be the pot calling the kettle black, Sydney dear."

Sydney stood up, throwing up her hands. "You know, I don't even know why I

"You came because as much as neither of us would admit it, we're a lot
alike," Kimberly said getting up and crossing over to Sydney.

Sydney rolled her eyes. "Kimberly, please. There's no need to be insulting."

Kimberly held Sydney by the shoulders, facing her. "Sydney, Michael Mancini
is a lying, cheating, manipulative son-of-a-bitch. He used you and me as long
as he could and now he's throwing us aside for Jane. Odds are, as soon as he
sees something better, he'll dump her and go there. Now, a year ago, I would
have said the hell with it. But my time in the hospital has changed my
thinking. I want to get him, Sydney. I want to keep him from Jane and me. And
I want you to help."

Sydney stared at her for a long moment before bursting into laughter.
"Kimberly, I wouldn't help you if you were up to your neck in quicksand. In
fact, I'd give you the final shove down. Michael's your snake, now, Kim. Lie
down with him."

Sydney turned to go, only to be stopped when Kimberly grabbed her arm.
"Listen, Sydney, I am trying to help both of us," Kimberly hissed. "Can't you
see that?"

"Let go."

"Make me."

Sydney shoved her, knocking her back onto the couch. Kimberly shot up, her
arms reaching for Sydney's throat. Sydney held them as the two struggled.
They moved down the hallway, each slamming the other into the walls. They
continued until they reached the bedroom. They slammed together onto the
closet door and fell on the bed. They rolled around, Kimberly coming on top,
pinning Sydney's arms down. Heaving with breath, the two stared daggers at
one another. Then Kimberly shocked both of them by reaching down and kissing
Sydney on the lips.

Sydney's first instinct was revulsion. But as the kiss continued, she felt an
arousal sweep through her body. She returned the kiss, entwining her tongue
around Kimberly's.

For her part, Kimberly was equally surprised. Kissing Sydney was a sudden
impulse, one for which she was now grateful. The two broke the kiss off and
stared at one another for a long moment. For the first time they saw each
other not as rivals or enemies but as kindred spirits.

Kimberly moved up and pulled off her dress. A pair of lacy undergarments were
underneath. Sydney moved to remove her vest, but Kimberly stopped her. "I'll
do it," she said in a husky voice. She undid the buttons on Sydney's best,
slowly but deliberate. Sydney kicked off her shoes and helped slip Kimberly's
off as she continued to be disrobed. Getting off the vest, Kimberly helped
Sydney slip out of her shirt. Sydney had no bra. "I love the natural look,"
Kimberly said as she placed her mouth on one of the hardened nipples.

"Actually, I can't afford a bra," Sydney sighed as she felt a wave of
pleasure grow in her chest. She moaned as Kimberly began sucking the nipple
like a new-born baby. As soon as she was finished with one, she moved to the
other. It had been a long time since Sydney had felt such pleasure. It felt
wonderful. She held Kimberly's head to her breast and urged her to continue.
She didn't have to look down to know that her panties were beginning to stain
through her pants.

Kimberly finally finished her breast-sucking and stood up. She removed her
bra and panties, which came off with a slipping sound. For the first time,
Sydney didn't hate Michael for having Kimberly. She envied him. Kimberly
reached down, undid the button on her pants, hooked her fingers into pants
and panties and in one fluid motion, pulled them off, resulting in an
involuntary giggle from Sydney.

The two women moved up onto the bed, on their knees, facing one another.
"Have you ever done this?" Kimberly asked.

"Yeah," Sydney replied. "But not for a while."

"Let's make up for lost time," Kimberly said as she pulled Sydney close. The
two kissed, this time taking their time with it. They embraced each other,
feeling their breasts rub against one another. Sydney broke away and moved
down Kimberly's body. She came to her mound and turned onto her back.
Kimberly turned and straddled her, her pussy over Sydney's mouth. Sydney
reached up and began massaging Kimberly's breasts as her tongue went to work.
Kimberly threw her head back, a wild smile on her face, her tongue licking
her lips. If she had known lesbian sex was this good, she would have tried it
before. She gasped as she came, both from the orgasm and from the tightening
of her breasts as Sydney's hands closed.

Moving off, Kimberly allowed Sydney to get up. They kissed again, Kimberly
licking her own cum off Sydney's lips. They lay down, Sydney on the bottom.
As they continued to kiss, Sydney took one of Kimberly's hands in her own and
moved them down her body until they reached Sydney's cunt. Methodically,
Sydney placed Kimberly's fingers inside her lips and began rubbing them.
Kimberly grasped the idea immediately and began massaging Sydney's cunt.
Moaning, Sydney drew Kimberly into another kiss. They held it as Kimberly's
fingers continued their work. Sydney felt Kimberly's teeth bite down on her
lips as she came. She didn't even feel the pain, her pleasure was so
complete. Exhausted, the two women slumped onto the bed, drawing breath.

"That was incredible," Kimberly whispered.

"Yeah," was all Sydney could say.

Kimberly suddenly laughed. Sydney stared at her. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, I was just imagining the look on Michael's face if he saw us here."

Sydney thought for a moment then burst into laughter. "Oh, god, I'd give
anything for a camera for that!"

Kimberly looked at her. "This is going to change things, you know. Between

"How do you think we should handle this?"

"I say in public we continue the hating each other. In private, we fuck like

"You got a deal," Sydney said, sealing the pact with a kiss.

"So, you did this before, huh?" Kimberly asked. "Anyone I know?"

Sydney paused, uncertain if she wanted to continue. Taking a deep breath, she
answered. "Jane."

Kimberly couldn't have been more shocked if Sydney spontaneously combusted.
"JANE?!" she shrieked. "Your sister? Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes Righteous herself?
How the hell did that happen? How'd you talk her into it?"

"Well, I didn't exactly talk her into it," Sydney sighed. "I hypnotized her."

Kimberly was positive she hadn't heard correctly. "What?"

Sydney lay back. Consciously or not, she began caressing one breast as she
explained. "I was fifteen and my hormones were in overdrive. I'd heard about
how good a woman was and I wanted to test the theory myself. Jane was

"But how?"

"Oh, I read a couple of books. I'd been interested in it for a while. I did
it when our parents were out one Friday. I had this portable strobe light and
I told Jane I wanted to test it. I had her look at it while I fired it up.
Once I had her attention, I led her through an induction. She went under
faster and deeper than I expected. I ate her out and then woke her up."

Kimberly was amazed. "And she didn't know?"

Sydney shook her head. "Didn't remember a thing. I left myself a
post-hypnotic trigger to send her back in when I wanted to. I did it a couple
more times before she left for college."

Kimberly shook her head. "Sydney, I think you just left me in the dust as far
as conniving schemes go."

"Thanks. I think."

A look of concentration came over Kimberly's face. "Syd, is this trigger
still in effect?"

Sydney shrugged. "Far as I know." She peered at Kimberly. "Wait a minute,
what are you thinking?"

Kimberly lay back on the bed. "I'm thinking of a way to get Michael to forget
Jane once and for all. And drive him crazy doing it."

"I'm all ears."

Kimberly told her her plan. It was Sydney's turn to look incredulous. "Jesus,
you think that'll work?"

"You're the hypnotist. You tell me."

Sydney paused and thought. A wicked smile came to her face. "It might," she
said. "It just might." She looked back at Kimberly. "Well, if I'm going to
hell, it might as well be whole-hog."


It was late morning when Sydney returned to the apartment building.
Thankfully, no one there was keeping regular tabs on her so her absence over
the night would be missed. After formulating their plan, Sydney and Kimberly
had made love twice more. Leaving, Sydney had stopped at a gift store to pick
up the two items she needed. A surge of excitement moved through her,
rivaling the night before. She was going to enjoy this so much.

She walked to Jane's apartment and lightly rapped on the door. Jane opened
it. Her short blond hair shook along with her head when she saw Sydney. She
was wearing a loose t-shirt and a pair of black slacks. "Syd, I'm due at the
studio in a couple of hours. I don't have time to deal with you. Go away."

"Jeez, all I wanted was to show you something," Sydney said, giving a quick
glance in either direction to make sure no one else was around. She reached
into her pocket and pulled out a small, pen-like object. Bringing it up and
fingering a switch, she played a strobe light right into Jane's eyes.

"Sidney, what're you..." Jane's voice trailed away as her eyes glazed over
and her features went slack. Sydney grinned. It had been years but the
post-hypnotic trigger still worked. Now for the setup.

"Let's go inside, Jane," Sydney said in the same calm and clear voice she had
used when she had led Jane to her clit all those years ago. Obediently, Jane
backed away, letting Sydney into the apartment. Sydney closed and locked the
door behind her. "Sit." Jane sat down on the couch, her eyes staring blankly
at the wall.

"Close your eyes, Jane. And listen to my voice." Jane closed her eyes,
sinking deeper into her trance. "Jane, you are aware of nothing but my voice.
You have been in this state before. You know how much you enjoy it. You know
that listening to me and doing everything I say relaxes you and pleasures

"...Yes..." Jane whispered.

"Now, Jane, I want you to relax and listen to my voice. As you listen, I want
you to remember what it was like the last time you were in this state. Do you
remember, Jane?"

"...Yes..." Jane answered, a slight smile on her face as she remembered the
pleasure Sydney had given her.

"Yes, you do. Now, Jane, I am going to count ten to one. When I reach one you
will leave this trance state but you will go into a regular sleep. In this
sleep, you will remember what it was like to have me pleasure you. However,
when you remember this, you will not seeing me, you will be seeing Jo. Do you
understand that?"


"Yes, Jane, you will see Jo. And you will think of Jo pleasuring you and you
pleasuring Jo. You will awaken from this sleep when the alarm rings. When you
awaken, you will not remember my coming here. You will remember your dreams
of Jo and you will be filled with the urge to make those dreams reality. Do
you understand?"


"Good. Then listen to me. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Think of Jo now, Jane.
Six. Five. You are feeling very relaxed and sleepy. Four. Three. You are
drifting into a nice, deep sleep. Two. Almost there. One."

Sydney stood up and watched the results. Jane slumped down on the couch, her
breath coming out evenly. Sydney wanted to stay and watch. She knew that in
a few moments, Jane's thoughts would turn to being ravished by Jo. The
masturbation would be worth it, but Sydney had another errand to attend to.
She set the alarm clock to wake Jane up in an hour. She would remember
nothing more than a short nap with an erotic twist.

Leaving the apartment, Sydney took a moment to steady herself. As always,
seeing her sister hypnotized and under her power gave her a rush. She could
feel a slight dampness between her legs. Well, hopefully, that would soon be

Taking the stairs two at a time, she came up to Jo's apartment, fingering the
second item in her pocket. One down and one to go. Knocking on the door, she
took a deep breath to prepare herself.

Jo opened the door. Her brown hair framed her attractive, if always pensive,
face. She was wearing a bathrobe, a fact that excited Sydney more.
Apparently, she had just gotten up. That could help. "What do you want, Syd?"

"Uh, hi, sorry for coming this early but Jane wanted me to come and talk to
you about the shoot tonight."

Sighing, Jo opened the door to let Sydney in. "Make it quick, okay?"

Sydney followed her into the apartment, waiting until Jo took a seat at the
table before sitting next to her. "Jane wanted me to ask you if you wanted
this accessory for the shoot." Sydney reached into her pocket and pulled out
a golden locket attached to a chain. She held it in front of Jo's eyes,
slightly above her line of sight. Jo looked at the locket and shrugged.
"Makes no difference to me."

"Are you sure? Look closely," Sydney asked as she began to gently swing the
locket. "Take a good, long look at it. Closely. Keep gazing at it." Jo fixed
a still-sleep gaze at the locket. Sydney felt herself grow more excited.
"That's right, Jo, keep looking at it. Look at it closely. Watch how it
shines whenever the light catches it, how it swings, left to right, left to
right. Just keep watching it."

Jo's eyes were now firmly fixed to the locket. Already, she was blinking.
Sydney knew she had her. She continued to speak in a soothing, monotone
voice. "Just keep watching the locket, Jo. It's so relaxing just to watch it.
Watch it swing and shine, swing and shine. Follow it and let yourself relax.
It feels so good to relax, to sleep. As you watch the locket, you feel
yourself growing more and more sleepy. Just watch it swing and shine, side to
side, left to right. Let yourself feel more and more sleepy."

Jo's eyes were half-closed, her breathing even, her eyes fixed onto the
swinging locket. "Sleepy, Jo, you feel so sleepy. You can barely keep your
eyes open. As you watch the locket swing, left to right, swing and shine, you
feel more and more like going to sleep. You want to sleep, Jo. You need to.
You want to. Close your eyes, Jo. Close your eyes and go to sleep. Sleep.
Sleep deeply."

Jo's eyes fluttered close. She sat in the chair, one hand lightly resting on
her lap. Sydney placed the locket onto her lap and took Jo by the hand. "Come
with me, Jo. You can trust me. You want to do as I say, don't you. Doing what
I say makes you feel good, doesn't it?"

"...Yesss..." Jo whispered as she let Sydney lead her to the couch. "Lay back
on the couch, Jo. Lay back and relax. Listen to my voice. Listen to me. Be
aware of nothing but my voice. You are in a deep and relaxing sleep. It feels
good to sleep like this. Listening to me makes you feel more secure and
relaxed. Doing everything I say makes you feel good and relaxed. Now lie back
on the couch with your feet propped up flat on the pillows." Jo obediently
lay back on the couch, legs bent, giving Sydney a beautiful view of her clit.

Sydney moved onto the couch, kneeling just in front of Jo's prone form. She
slowly moved her hands up until they reached the breasts. She placed her
hands under the robe and began massaging Jo's breasts. "Feel what I'm doing
to you, Jo? Feel the pleasure this gives you?"


"Good. Then continue to massage them yourself. And as you massage, feel the
pleasure in yourself grow and grow. And as you massage your breasts, you will
be aware of a feeling of even greater pleasure. Pleasure I am giving you. As
you feel this pleasure, think of Jane doing this to you. Think of Jane giving
you pleasure and release. Think of how much you'd love to have Jane do this
to you. Think of Jane and think of the pleasure you are receiving. Jane and
pleasure. Jane and pleasure."

"...Jane...pleasure..." Jo whispered as she began massaging her breasts.
Sydney watched as Jo rubbed her breasts, stroking the nipple and smoothing a
palm over the breasts. Sydney smiled as she leaned down and placed her head
underneath Jo's robe and right between her legs.

She began slow at first, quick stabs of her tongue, gauging Jo's reaction.
She then placed her index finger into Jo's clit and began rubbing it. Jo gave
a moan of ecstasy. "Yes, Jane. Yes..." Smiling, Sydney continued to rub at
Jo's lips, feeling the juices come more frequently. She placed her tongue
underneath the mound, ready. It didn't take long. Jo's juices exploded onto
her tongue. A gasp from Jo echoed with Sydney's. She could feel her own
juices set free.

Sydney removed her head and stood back up. Jo lay under her, exhaustion on
her features. Leaning down, Sydney gave her a kiss, letting Jo lick the juice
off her face. Getting back to her feet, Sydney looked down at Jo. "Jo, listen
to me. In a moment, you will hear the door close. When it does, you will wake
up. You will not remember my being here or anything that has occurred. You
will remember only that you fell asleep and had an erotic dream about Jane.
You will remember the dream and the feelings it brought out. And when you see
Jane again, you will have an overwhelming urge to bring that dream to life.
Now, listen for the door to close. When it does, you will awaken and remember
nothing but the dream." Sydney turned, walked to the door, and firmly closed

Sydney walked back to her own apartment and went inside. Falling back onto
her bed, she shucked off her jeans and panties. Soaked from both today and
the night before, Sydney knew her panties were due for one hell of a washing.
Grabbing the phone, she dialed the beach house. "Kimberly? It's done."

"You sure this will work?"

"Trust me, they'll be exposing a lot more than film tonight. Got the camera

"Yeah. Both of them."


"One for the studio, one for the beach house. If you think I'm going to miss
Michael's reaction, you're nuts."

"No, you're nuts. And this is the proof."

"Cuckoo birds of a feather, Syd."


It was late when Jo finally got back to the studio. The assignment at the
beach had taken longer than she expected. She hated the bitchy model types.
Sighing, Jo was walking towards her photo lab when she saw a light on in the
studio. Usually, everyone had gone home by now. Curious, Jo opened the door
to see Jane working on a set of designs at her desk.

Jo bit her lip, unsure of how to proceed. Since that wild dream that morning,
she had been filled with thoughts of Jane. She wasn't sure why. She wasn't
gay, but somehow, an attraction to Jane had become overwhelming. She was
confused. Part of her wanted to leave, part of her wanted to go in and
confess. She debated for another minute before she went in.

The studio was bare at the moment, only a few tables set up. Most of the
lighting and props had been taken for the beach shoot and Jo became conscious
of how large the room seemed. Gathering up her courage, Jo politely coughed.

Jane jumped and turned around. "Oh, Jo! God, you scared me!"

"Sorry," Jo said. "I didn't expect you to be working this late."

"I needed to finish a couple of designs," Jane said, turning away so Jo
wouldn't see the look on her face. The turmoil in her feelings had been
brought back to the surface. Since her dream that afternoon, she had been
dreading this moment. Dreading it but also waiting for it.

"Mind if I look?" Jo said, leaning over Jane's shoulder. Jane was conscious
of the heat between them. She hoped Jo didn't see her hands trembling as she
flipped through the sketches.

"I like that one," Jo said, placing a hand on one of the sketches. Her
fingers touched Jane's. It felt like a shock of electricity. For a moment,
the two remained frozen, looking at the hands. Slowly, Jo caressed Jane's
hand. She took hold of it and brought it to her lips. As Jane watched in
fascination, she kissed the palm. She then began licking each of the fingers,
one by one. Jane bit her lip and closed her eyes. When she opened them, Jo's
face was an inch away from hers. The two gazed at one another, then kissed.

The kiss was hotter than either of them expected. They twisted their tongues
together, tasting each other. They broke off the kiss only as long as it took
for Jo to pull off her sweater. Then they were at it again. Jo ripped off
Jane's blouse sending buttons flying. She cupped one breast and felt Jane
groan in pleasure. They simultaneously unhooked each other's bras and let
them drop to the floor.

The two straightened up and briefly broke apart. As one, they moved to remove
their jeans, then panties. They stood face-to-face, nude, taking in each
other's beauty. The hair on Jane's mound was as short and blond as her head.
The curves on her thin body gave a new meaning to the term hourglass. Jo was
a bit bulkier, but in a good way. Her breasts were larger and more full. Jane
lightly rubbed one as they stared at one another.

Jo backed Jane towards one of the empty tables. Without even asking, Jane
hopped onto the table. She leaned back, inviting Jo in. Jo accepted. She got
onto the table, hovering over Jane. She leaned down and kissed Jane, deeply.
Then she moved her mouth down. She let her tongue drag down Jane's neck
before coming to the breast. She kissed one nipple, then the other. She
continued to move down, finally reaching the clit. She placed a finger inside
and began to massage it.

Even though she knew that this was her first time, Jane still had the feeling
that this was familiar. But then, she had felt fingers in her pussy before.
Just not another woman's. She groaned as she felt her friend's fingers work
themselves in deeper. This was even better than she dreamed. The ecstasy was
flowing through her body, emptying onto Jo's fingers. She came, her cum
exploding in a burst that Jo caught in her palm.

Jo was a quick learner. She took the cum-soaked palm and wiped it along
Jane's breast, feeling the nipples tighten under her oily touch. She moved
onto the table, pulling herself up on Jane's body. She leaned down, allowing
Jane to touch her breasts. Jane buried herself in between them for a moment
before hurriedly kissing them. She went wild, showering each breast with
dozens of kisses, the longest and wettest on the nipples. Jo could already
feel her juices flowing.

Jane pulled herself down the table, her feet hanging over the edge. She
licked Jo's belly before moving to her pussy. Placing a hand on each of Jo's
breasts, she let her tongue go to work. Jo sighed as she felt her breasts
harden, Jane's hands expertly squeezing and massaging her tits. if Jo didn't
know any better, she'd swear Jane had done this before. Jane's tongue
continued to dig into Jo's clit, going as deep as she good into Jo's
womanhood. Jo felt herself grow in ecstasy as Jane's licking continued.
Finally, her juices gushed onto Jane's tongue, where they hurriedly licked

The two women continued to make love, moving from the table to a sofa to the
floor. They continued for almost two hours, each orgasming a half-dozen
times. In their excitement, neither noticed the red-haired figure gazing at
them from a window. One hand held a video camera. The other was stuck inside
a pair of jeans, furiously moving.


The reaction Michael received to the tape was better than Sydney and Kimberly
had hoped. He actually suffered a seizure upon seeing it. Kimberly and Sydney
spent many a night enjoying the varied expressions of horror on Michael's

Jane and Jo continued their relationship for a time. However, the
hypnotically induced attraction soon wore off. They each drifted away to new
boyfriends--and new girlfriends. None were exactly high-caliber.

Amanda continued her rise to the top of D&D, with Alison her slave. At least
once a week, Amanda would entrance Alison again and use her to her pleasure.
Amanda would also occasionally "lend" Alison to certain clients to seal a
deal. Amanda was not kidding when she called Alison her "indispensable item."

And Sydney and Kimberly? Well, our voluptuous vixens found themselves, much
to their surprise, to be falling in love. Sydney taught Kimberly how to
hypnotize people and the two soon had no trouble finding partners to gratify

A few months later, the two took a vacation to New York. One day they
happened upon a coffee shop named Central Perk. And they made a couple of

Any guesses as to what the sequel's going to be?


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