Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help.

An update of my very first HypnoTV story. Seeing as how only one character
from my first Melrose Place entry is still on the show, a new story seemed
right. Hope you enjoy it as well as the first.

HypnoTV: Melrose Place Part 2 (f/f,mc)
by MAW

Taylor sat at a desk in her apartment, thinking and writing on a piece of
paper. She was not in a very good mood. She was tall, with short dark hair
and full, pouty lips. Her attractive form was held in a one-piece red outfit.
She was mulling over the various people in her life that she hated. It was
something of a long list.

Topping the list of course, was Amanda. As the current flame of Taylor's
ex-husband, Kyle, Amanda was obviously Taylor's least favorite person on the
planet. Taylor wanted to get her away from Kyle. Even if Kyle didn't take
Taylor back, it'd still be a small measure of revenge to make sure Amanda
didn't have him.

Next on the list was Jenifer. Being the younger sister of Michael Mancini,
one of the most vile men Taylor knew, was bad enough. Considering that she
had once had a fling with Kyle that he seemed all too eager to overlook
didn't ingratiate her to Taylor either.

Lexi also ended up on Taylor's list for one very good reason. Peter.
Formerly married to Taylor's late sister, Peter and Taylor had enjoyed a
brief fling before he tired of her. He immediately fell for the Southern
belle and that made Lexi a target.

As for Megan? Well, Taylor didn't exactly hate Megan, not like the others.
She included her because her stupid marriage to Michael had spoiled Taylor's
perfect plan to get pregnant as part of her scheme to get back with Kyle.
So, Megan was on the list, just not as high up.

Taylor wanted to get at them. She wanted to hurt each of them. The problem
was to pick a revenge that was good while at the same time something that
wouldn't send her to prison. She wasn't quite sure where she'd gotten the
idea, but it seemed to her to be a good one. Something that would get them
out of her way, something that would punish them and something oh-so-fun.
It was going to be like dominoes: A small shove set everything knocking


Amanda walked out of her shower, brushing her wet blonde hair with a towel.
She wore a white bathrobe as she padded shoeless over to her desk. There
were times she actually hated her job, the high tension, the big risks. But
then, it did have a lot of benefits, including a salary big enough to buy
the building. Amanda decided to check her e-mail and logged on. She hoped to
visit Kyle later at the club, but business came first. She had only one new
message, which she opened.

Instantly, a colored spiral came onto the screen, lighting up Amanda's face.
Amanda stared at it, confused for a moment before her face became relaxed.
There was something about the spiral that seemed so soothing, so calming.
Staring into it, Amanda felt the weight and worries of the last few days
vanish as she slowly gave in to the spiral's calming effect.

As suddenly as it appeared, the spiral disappeared. Immediately, a message
came onto the screen. *Turn off your computer and open the door* With robotic
movements, Amanda logged off, turned off her computer, rose and walked to
her door. Opening it revealed Taylor, who licked her wide lips as she looked
at the glazed expression on Amanda's face. The subminimal messages Taylor had
sent over the previous week had worked to perfection. Amanda was now deeply
entranced and ready to do what Taylor wanted. "Let's go inside, Amanda,"
Taylor said.

Amanda stepped aside to let Taylor in. "Lock the door and come over to me,"
Taylor said. After obeying, Amanda stood in front of Taylor, her eyes staring
at nothing. Taylor looked in Amanda's eyes and spoke softly. "Amanda, who do
you want to make love to more than anyone else?"

"...You..." Amanda whispered. That was all Taylor needed to hear. She took
Amanda by the neck, brought her in close and kissed her. She and Amanda
wrapped tongues as Taylor ran a hand down her wet hair. Taylor led Amanda to
her bedroom. "Let me guide you," she said softly. She slowly placed Amanda
on the bed, laying her out, her arms and legs askew. Taylor slipped off the
straps on her dress and let it fall to the floor. Slipping off her panties,
she was nude, with full breasts and a body as lithe as Amanda's. Reaching
down, Taylor untied Amanda's robe and spread it out under her, a blanket of
white on the sheets.

Taylor crawled to the lower part of the bed and climbed onto Amanda. She put
her lips atop the blond clit and began to lick at it. Her tongue jammed in
as she mouthed the pussy, producing groans from Amanda. She continued to
lick at the juices that began to leak onto her tongue. She continued until
she felt Amanda's body build. She broke off and moved up on Amanda's body,
coming to her full breasts. She placed her lips around one nipple and began
sucking at it, feeling it tighten under her tongue. She laid her hand on
Amanda's other breast and squeezed it between her fingers. Amanda's moans
came louder and longer as Taylor continued to suckle on her. Amanda's entire
body arched as she came, her cum spilling onto the bedsheets.

Taylor continued to crawl up Amanda's body, coming to her face. They kissed
again, Amanda by now in a world of ecstasy. Taylor placed herself onto
Amanda's face and waited for her to get the hint. She didn't have to wait
long. Amanda's tongue dived into Taylor's dark clit and bored its way into
her. Taylor took Amanda's limp hand and began to massage it along her
breasts. She led Amanda's smooth fingers along her chest, loving the pinch
she gave to the nipples. Taylor leaned back as Amanda continued to lick away
at her flowing juices. Taylor came, spilling into Amanda's mouth and face.

Taylor pushed herself off Amanda and redressed. She looked at the limp body
in front of her and closed the robe. "Amanda, listen to me," she said. "When
you wake up, you will not recall anything that has happened here today.
Nothing. However, there is something you will want to do..."


It was early when Amanda entered the jazz club, which she was counting on.
The object of her search was behind the bar, setting up. She was shorter
than Amanda, with dark curly hair going past her shoulders, dressed in a
cut off t-shirt and a miniskirt, both black, which showed off her thin belly
and smooth legs. "Hey," she said. "Kyle isn't in yet. Won't be here until

"Too bad," Amanda said, trying to keep a straight face. "He wanted me to
show him the new light decoration."

"What decoration?" Jenifer said with curiosity.

Amanda walked up to the bar, sat on a stool and reached into her bag. She
pulled out a cylinder-shaped object that resembled a flashlight. Jenifer
came from behind the bar and towards Amanda. "He's hoping it will attract
more attention to the bands." Amanda fired up the light, which produced a
strobe light right into Jenifer's face. Blinking, Jenifer could barely see
as the strobe flashed at her. "Whoa, that'll attract attention all right."

Amanda nodded. "I'm counting on it. It draws attention. It just makes you
want to look at it, to keep staring at it. Just to watch it flash again and
again into your face. Just watch it. Flash, flash, flash. You just keep
watching it flash away and it's so relaxing. Just to watch it flash and
look deeper into it and your eyes feel tired. Flash, flash, flash, your
eyes get heavy from that. You feel so tired from it, from the light, you
feel so tired. All you want to do is close your eyes. Just close your eyes
and relax. Drift away. Just close them and drift away."

Jenifer's eyes closed and her head slumped onto her chest. Amanda turned
the light off and placed it on the counter. "Can you hear me, Jenifer?"

"...Yes..." Jenifer whispered, her face relaxed.

"Good. Then listen to me. You're feeling very hot right now, Jenifer. So
very hot. You're sweltering. You feel so hot, you need to cool off. Your
clothes feel so hot and sticky on your body. Remove them. You have to take
them off to get cool. Just take them off." Amanda could actually see sweat
dripping down Jenifer's brow, telling her that she was under and she really
believed she was hot. Jenifer pulled off her shirt, confirming what Amanda
had always suspected, that she was topless underneath. Letting the shirt
fall to the ground, Jenifer slowly unbuttoned her pants and let them fall,
showing a pair of dark panties. Slipping them off, Jenifer stood nude before
Amanda, her breasts heaving as she took in breaths of what she thought was
cool air.

"Jenifer, lay down on the counter," Amanda said. Jenifer climbed up onto
the bar stools and complied. She laid herself out flat, one hand on her
stomach and the other hanging over the edge of the bar. Smiling, Amanda
went behind the bar and, after a brief examination, pulled out a bottle of
wine. Uncorking it, she walked back to the front of the bar where Jenifer
waited obliviously. Amanda slowly tipped the wine bottle and let it drip
down Jenifer's body. It started just above the breasts and ran down
Jenifer's body, a small pool forming in her belly button. The trail ended
at Jenifer's clit.

Amanda placed the bottle down on the counter, leaned down and began to lap
up the wine. Placing both hands on Jenifer's breasts, Amanda squeezed the
mounds as she licked the wine on Jenifer's skin. Jenifer moaned as Amanda
moved down her body, her mouth lightly caressing the skin as she drank the
wine and the taste of Jenifer. She finally moved her face to the clit. She
moved her tongue around Jenifer's pussy, tasting the sweetness of win mixed
with her juices. Jenifer withered on the counter as Amanda continued,
pleasure running through her hypnotized mind. Amanda drank the liquid
pouring into her mouth, not caring what kind it was. Jenifer buckled on
the counter as she came, her juices landing on Amanda's tongue.

Licking her lips, Amanda stood up, aware of the wetness between her legs.
"Jenifer," she said softly. "When I wake you up, you won't remember my
being here. You won't remember what occurred here. But there is something
you'll want to do..."


Lexi was the typical Southern belle. Born to old money and raised in
Georgia, the tall redhead lay on the patio of Peter's opulent home, taking
in the California sun. Clad in a red bikini that showed off the attributes
of her body, her tanning was interrupted by a knock on the door. Sighing,
she stood up, taking off her sunglasses as she walked across the apartment
to the door. Opening it, she saw Jenifer before her, dressed in her
bartending outfit. "And what brings you here?" Lexi asked in her accented

"Well, Amanda asked me to drop by, see if Peter still had this wine she
liked," Jenifer answered as she walked in. As if it was her apartment, she
went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of wine. She opened it and
poured it into a glass then walked over to the living room couch. She sat
on the couch, took a sip of the wine and sighed. "Make yourself at home,"
Lexi said. "Of course, you'll need some trash around here."

"Oh, I think I've found it," Jenifer replied. She jiggled the wine bottle
in her hand, producing a wave inside the glass that caught Lexi's eye. "You
must like it here," Jenifer said. "I mean, out by the water, by the marina,
all the boats around. I've always wanted to live out by the ocean. You get
to hear the waves there. Crashing in and out, in and out. You get to see
the waves too, see them approach and recede, approach and recede. It's so
soothing to watch and listen to the waves, hearing them, seeing them go
back and forth, back and forth." Jenifer glanced at Lexi. Lexi's gaze was
fixed to the movements of the wine inside the glass, her face was relaxed
and her breathing was even. Jenifer brought the glass over to her face and
placed it so that her eyes were just over the rim, locked on Lexi's. "Yes,
you just watch the waves go back and forth and hear them come and go. It's
so relaxing to do that. To just watch them and hear them. As you look into
my eyes, Lexi, you can see the waves. You can see them crashing toward you
and then pulling back, forward and back, sunlight gleaming off them. You
can see that in my eyes, can't you, Lexi?"

"...Yes..." Lexi replied after a pause. Her eyes were glazing over as they
fixed firmly on Jenifer's. "Yes, you can see the waves in my eyes and you
feel so relaxed. So very relaxed. It's been a long time since you felt this
relaxed. It's so soothing and calming to watch the waves flow forward and
back, forward and back. You feel so comfortable, so relaxed, you'd like to
close your eyes. Close your eyes, Lexi. Just close them and relax. Watch the
waves in your mind and relax." Lexi's eyes fluttered closed as she slumped
back on the couch.

Placing the wine bottle down, Jenifer stood before the couch. "Lexi, open
your eyes, but remain deeply relaxed." Lexi's eyes opened and focused on
Jenifer standing before her. "Watch me, Lexi. Watch what I do. As you watch,
you will become excited. Very excited and very horny. You will want me by
the time I am done, do you understand, Lexi? You will want me so bad."
Jenifer slowly began to undress. Her movements were methodical, meant to
generate excitement. Mesmerized, Lexi could only watch as Jenifer pulled
off her shirt, letting her breasts go free. Like a cat, Jenifer reached
down to let her skirt drop to the floor. With slinky movements, she pushed
her panties down her legs, letting her palms roll down her thighs.

Nude, Jenifer leaned down and straddled Lexi, who had a look of desire on
her entranced face. They kissed with passion and heat, locking lips like
they thought they would never do it again. Lexi licked her tongue down
Jenifer's cheek, chin and neck as Jenifer moved herself up on Lexi. Lexi
buried her head in between Jenifer's breasts, inhaling the musky scent,
kissing the soft curves. Jenifer let her flick her tongue over her nipples
before moving down Lexi's body. She yanked aside the bikini to expose Lexi's
substantial breasts. Jenifer lovingly kissed each one, letting her mouth
form a circle everywhere she touched. She moved a hand down Lexi's hips and
her shapely legs, eliciting a moan from her entranced prey.

Jenifer quickly swung herself over to a 69 position. She pushed aside the
red fabric covering Lexi's bottom to expose the red clit underneath. She
buried her head in the scarlet pussy as Lexi jabbed her tongue into Jenifer's
dark clit. The two began to eat each other out, both with different methods.
Jenifer jabbed her tongue in with quick movements, going for multiple
reactions as she ran her hand up and down Lexi's legs. Lexi grabbed Jenifer's
buttocks as she kissed her pussy, her reactions slowed by her hypnotized
state. The slow kisses and tongue licks, coupled with the squeezing on her
ass, soon had Jenifer pumping juices onto Lexi's face, staining her red hair.
Jenifer continued to sweep her tongue around until Lexi's pussy exploded,
cum spreading onto her face. A few seconds later, Jenifer came, spilling her
load onto Lexi's tongue.

Pushing herself off, Jenifer looked at Lexi and decided to leave it there.
Her shift started soon and she didn't want to arouse any suspicions. Before
she left, though, she had to do something. "Lexi, listen to me. When you
wake up, you won't remember any of this. You won't remember my being here
or what has happened between us. However, there is something you'll want to


The sun was setting as Lexi came to the medical offices of Peter, Coop and
Michael. Megan was there, finishing up some papers before leaving. Her long
blond hair swept behind her as she walked to her desk. She was wearing a
moderate business suit that did little to hide the sexy body within. Clad
in a long coat, Lexi appeared to be dressed rather unseasonably. "If you're
looking for Coop or Peter, they're both at the hospital," Megan said as she
scrawled a few notes down. "I'm about to leave myself. Anything you wanted?"

"The hospital? Funny, Peter said he would meet me here."

Megan shrugged as she sat at her desk. "That's your problem, not mine."

"Tell me, is it true you and Coop have been seeing each other? Just
curiosity, you understand."

"That's my business, Lexi, not yours. I thought your only goal in life was
to make Coop miserable."

"It's more of a hobby nowadays. I just wanted to give you a little warning.
Coop can become a tad possessive and domineering if you let him. Of course,
you're used to that so it might not be too much of a problem."

Megan set her teeth. Her past as a hooker wasn't the sort of thing she liked
to discuss, especially around someone like Lexi. "I can handle myself," she

"Probably. Coop does have his uses. He's a great gift-giver, for one thing.
See his last present to me?" Lexi reached to her neck and unsnapped the
chain hanging there. Pulling it out, she revealed that the chain was
attached to a ruby pendant. "Nice," Megan said as she observed it from her

"Yes, I do kind of like it," Lexi replied. "Take a good look at it. I like
how it instantly attracts attention, grabs your gaze. You see that ruby and
somehow, you just can't look away. You just have to look at it, watch it
turn and shine." Lexi gave a small tug on the chain that spun the ruby.
"Just watch it spin and shine, Megan. Watch how the light bounces off it
and into your eyes, how it shines and glimmers. Just keep watching it and
you feel relaxed. It relaxes you, soothes you. You just watch the ruby and
you begin to feel so relaxed. Just watch how it shines, how the light
reflects off it. The light goes right into your eyes and you feel so
wonderfully relaxed by it. Just so wonderfully relaxed. It's so amazing and
wonderful to watch the ruby twist and shine and to have the light go into
your eyes. You feel so content and relaxed and the light keeps flashing into
your eyes. You feel so relaxed, so secure, that you feel like closing your
eyes. You watch the ruby swing and shine and listen to my voice and you just
feel like closing your eyes and relaxing. Just listen to my voice and relax.
Relax. Close your eyes and relax completely, Megan."

Megan's eyes slammed shut as her head slumped forward. Lexi sat on the desk
in front of Megan, her coat falling around her. Except for her shoes, ring
and necklace, she was totally naked. "Megan, dear," she said softly. "When
you were a hooker, did you only service men?"

Megan slowly shook her head. "Noo..."

Lexi nodded. "So, you did spend time with women?"

"Yesss..." Megan drawled.

"I'm one of those women, Megan. You're here to pleasure me, understand? I'm
paying you and you have to do it. Do you understand?"

"Yessss..." Megan answered.

"Open your eyes dear. Look at me and do your job." Megan's eyes opened,
looking up at first at Lexi's nude body, then at her red clit. She moved
towards it, but Lexi held up a finger. "Ah, ah," she said. "You don't want
to ruin that nice suit, honey. Take it off. Take if all off so we can do
this right." Megan stood and began to strip. Underneath her suit was a
white bra and panties. Her breasts weren't that large but the shape of her
body and her already dampened clit made up for it. "That's more like it,"
Lexi said. She sat forward on the desk, her legs widened. "Now, get to it."
Megan moved in and licked at Lexi's pussy, her tongue jamming into the soft
lips. She showed her experience, moving her tongue around with slow and
deliberate moves, intended to increase the pleasure. Lexi leaned back on
the desk as Megan continued, leaning back until she was completely laying
down. She had never felt anything like this. Megan had been a true
professional, her love-making expert and practiced. As she licked at Lexi's
clit, she moved her fingers into the asshole, producing a moan from Lexi.
Lexi locked her legs around Megan's head, holding her in as she continued.
Shifting up and down on the desk, Lexi finally arched as she came, her legs
clamping Megan in hard, making sure she tasted the fruit of her labor.

After she was sure Megan had licked away all the cum, Lexi released her grip
and slid off the desk. She slowly pushed Megan onto the chair, spreading her
legs over the arms. She straddled the hypnotized secretary and gently kissed
her mouth. Megan responded with a gentleness that surprised Lexi, who moved
a hand down Megan's body and to her pussy. Lexi worked her fingers into
Megan's clit, producing a moan around the kiss. As Lexi fingered Megan, she
moved her head down to the breasts and gave each of them gentle kisses up,
down and around. The breast kissing, coupled with Lexi's hands, soon had
Megan buckling in ecstasy. Lexi moved down to Megan's legs, placed her face
next to the clit and began to lick. As she ran a hand down the smooth thighs,
Lexi felt and tasted Megan's orgasm, her cum spilling onto her face.
Grinning, Lexi savored her victory. It was time Megan had a little Georgia


Taylor lay on her bed in total happiness. As per the post-hypnotic
instructions implanted within them, each of the women had called to tell
Taylor of their success. Taylor had erased their memories, but not before
instilling within each of them a code word that would send them back into
a trance and make them totally obedient to her. Each of the women had a
code word for their respective victims: Megan for Lexi, Lexi for Jenifer,
Jenifer for Amanda and all of them for Taylor. The power she had at her
disposal was absolutely intoxicating and Taylor was loving it.

The phone ringing disturbed Taylor's celebration. She picked up the phone
and lay back on the bed as she spoke. "Hello?"

"How's your tiara, Taylor?"

Taylor's eyes closed and her entire body relaxed. "How may I please you,
mistress?" she said in a soft voice.

"Did you complete the task I sent you on? All of it? Exactly as I told you?"

"Yes, mistress. They are all prepared to pleasure you if necessary."

"Very good. Now, when I hang up, you will awaken. You will not remember this
conversation or any of the others we've had. You will not remember this phone
call. You will be convinced that this was all your own idea and you will want
to make the most of your power. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mistress. I understand."

"Good. Good-bye." Hanging up the phone, the gorgeous red-haired woman strode
out of the expansive patio and towards the beach. The Hawaiian sun was
beating down on her as she came to a pair of chairs. One was empty, awaiting
her return. She sat back down, sunglasses on, letting the sun beat down on
her nude body. Sitting in the other chair was another woman with red hair,
slightly younger with a smaller body. Both wore sunglasses, both were nude
and both were sexy as hell.

"So, it go okay?" Sydney asked.

"Like clockwork," Kimberly replied.

"I told you hypnotizing Taylor before we left would pay off."

"You were right. Again. Like when you hypnotized me into faking dead so I
could get out of town."

"Well, your death did throw the trail off the little embezzlement scams we
pulled around L.A. I'm just glad your mom didn't decide to cremate you before
I could give you the wake-up signal."

"You know, I was wondering. Why didn't you include Samantha in all this?"

Sydney shrugged. "I owed her. If she hadn't run me over at the wedding, I
might have been stuck with Eric for a few months. Thanks to her, and your
timely presence, we both got away."

"Just be grateful I had to clear up some loose ends at the hospital when
they brought you in. And that the attending surgeon was one of our

"It's amazing how easily people will accept a closed-coffin funeral and a
doctor's word."

"Well, I think we'll wait a few weeks before pumping Taylor for info on
what's going on back home. Then, we can wait for Michael and Peter to be
gone to have a homecoming party."

Sydney sighed and settled into her deck chair. "You know what I hate about
being beautiful, young, rich and legally dead?"

Kimberly looked at her. "What?"

Sydney shot a grin to her. "Not a damn thing."


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