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Summary; I think I've been a fan of superheroine GOT-fic since I watched Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman as a little kid. Much as I loved her and always knew she would win in the end there was just some form of strange delight in seeing her tied up, knocked out, hypnotized, transformed into a robot double/living waxwork, enslaved by her own lasso etc (which pretty much happened in every single ep frankly). And Lynda Carter in 1978 is pretty much the most beautiful woman ever! So inspired by Mr X and some of the other writers on the story section I decided to write this, hope you like it. Please check out their work at if you ever fantasized about any superheroine (and you're not human if you haven't) you'll be delighted I assure you.

Rating; NC17

Please note all characters are 16/17/18 whatever the age of consent is where you are everyone is above it. This is a work of fiction, in real life always practice safe sex.

Our story so far: A mysterious new superpimp, the Pimpmaster has taken over Sugartown. Miss Americana has challenged him to a sexual showdown and whoever is triumphant at the end will control Sugartown and it's prostitution industry forever.

Miss Americana: Miss Americana (And Fluffy The Vampire Hunter) Meet The Pimpmaster Part 2
by Jack B Nimble

"Undress," he ordered her.

Miss Americana hesitated for a moment. But she'd already gone this far. She had a chance to rid Sugartown of vice forever and she just couldn't pass it up. With a sigh she removed her boots, then her elbow gloves. She turned her back to him and undid her top, her heart in her mouth and then shimmied out of her bottoms. She turned around again, covering her breasts and cunny with her hands.

"Long time since you've been with anyone, huh?" the Pimpmaster laughed.

Before she knew it she had placed her hands angrily on her hips in the traditional superheroine gesture. Too late she realized that she had inadvertently exposed herself to him but the look of shock and awe on his face made her smile. Truth be told she never got tired of people's reaction to her incredible body.

"I won't take off my power belt or mask," she told him, "I won't be helpless"

He pursed his lips, aware that she had gained a temporary advantage over him.

"No need, having a whore who can take care of herself would be a positive bonus. Now UNDRESS ME!"

Reluctantly she undid his robe and watched it fall away. It was her turn to be amazed.

He was such a sculpted mass of sheer muscle it took her breath away, he looked like some form of Greek god. But what really shocked her was his erect, throbbing cock, at least a foot long and the width of a woman's wrist. She felt wonder and fear at the very sight tinged with a little something else. Lust? Craving? Despite herself she found that she was drooling at the very sight of it.

"I...I couldn't have that inside me. It would NEVER fit!"

He stroked her hair affectionately. Before she knew it she was closing her eyes in contentment and rubbing her head against his hand like a petted cat. "Oh it will. Do you think that you were the only product of General ..... genetic engineering experiments?"

She gazed at him in wonder, his words confirming what many had already expected. " mean...?"

"We were MADE for one another. Now get on your knees and suck it you WHORE!"

He forced her unresisting to her knees. Despite his huge physical appearance she knew that she could easily fight him off with the strength from her power belt but that wasn't the point. She had a bet to win.

His mighty erection sprang into her face. She began to shower it with kisses just as she had watched Sugartown whores do on so many occasions. She found an odd satisfaction in the fervent moans and groans she generated from him. Much as she tried not to the taste of his flesh and the pleasure she was obviously bringing him was beginning to produce erotic stirrings deep within her, her cunny hot and dripping, nipples swollen and pulsing with desire.

"Take it all bitch!" he urged her, forcing his mightily weapon between her pouting, ruby red lips. She almost choked as she took him into her mouth but rapidly found herself sucking and licking it with instinctive skill and enthusiasm, tracing her tongue up and down the shaft, taking care to stroke and lick his bulging balls. She felt it pulse with inhuman energy and then a tide of seed erupted into her mouth as he came with a guttural cry of triumph. She hoped he didn't notice as she gave into her urgent need and slipped 2 fingers into her cunny and began to toy with her clitoris, using her free hand to stroke and pinch her hardened nipples.

"Swallow it down baby, swallow it all down!"

She obeyed him finding an odd, primal sense of satisfaction in doing so. He seemed to be spurting gallons of cum down her throat, Miss Americana choking on the salty taste, small rivulets of semen leaking out of the side of her delicious lips. She felt a strange, warm glow of delight deep inside her as she swallowed hungrily, eagerly sucking it down. Before she knew it she had closed her eyes in pleasure and was wantonly grinding her cunny against his leg, desperate for relief from the building sexual tension within her.

He took her roughly by her long, lustrous black hair and pulled her to her feet, twisting it around his massive fist. She whimpered, unused to such forceful treatment. It made her feel small and helpless as a kitten. She was such a strong and formidable person she couldn't remember the last time she'd felt like that. To her surprise she found she rather liked it.

Her whimpers were cut short by him giving her a long passionate kiss. She didn't resist his tongue probing her mouth and soon found herself returning its attentions, stroking and caressing it with her own. Oh it felt so good! How long had it been since she kissed anyone, felt desired in another's arms? She hadn't even received a valentine this year. She made a mental note to kiss someone more often.

Eventually they broke off the kiss, Miss Americana finding herself snugly in his massive arms. She ran her own hands across his muscular chest. She noticed a small tattoo above his left nipple. It was a heart in chains, identical to the one worn by his whores on their hips.

"You wear your own pimpstamp?" she observed.

He nodded, "I belong to my whores and they belong to me. Just as you will."

She shook her head, her arrogance returning, "Never!"

"You do not desire me?"

Miss Americana was taken aback for a moment. Five minutes before she would have been all too certain of herself but after the pleasure she'd felt giving the Pimpmaster oral sex she wasn't quite so sure anymore. "Me...desire you?, how could I?"

He slipped two ample fingers into her cunny and cupped one of her massive breasts in his huge hands. Now it was her turn to groan with desire as he groped her, her breathless moaning growing all the more frantic as he took her free breast in his mouths, sucking, licking, gently biting.....

"YES! YES!" she cried, her body shuddering and trembling uncontrollably as an earth-shattering orgasm surged through it.

"My I don't think I've ever had a whore so easy to bring to climax," he observed as she got her breath back.

"I'm NOT your whore!" she objected hoarsely.

He laughed at her, "Your mind says you're not but your body says you already are."

Miss Americana blushed to her very core.

He walked to his closet and brought out a mass of brown leather. Miss Americana recognized it as a saddle and for a moment wondered if the Pimpmaster owned a horse until she realized that it was intended for her. She felt a lump of fear in her belly but also had to admit she was intrigued. She wondered what it would be like to be so dominated and humiliated, to have her beautiful limbs so controlled and constrained. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter at the thought.

"On your knees bitch!"

With a visible reluctance she did as he said, more offended by the nature of his instruction than on what he'd actually ordered her to do. She had to admit she felt a thrill course through her as he bound her, leather straps parting her thighs, a bit between her teeth....

"Once around the room my fine mare," he laughed sitting astride her back. She did as she was told, carrying him around the room on all fours, vaguely wondering how other whores without super strength could bear his weight. Thankfully the power belt meant she could easily carry him and even overcome him despite the submissive nature of her position. Wait a second...other whores? Had she begun to think of herself as one?

Her question was interrupted by the sharp sting of his riding crop on her pert backside. She yelped out in pain and surprise but rapidly felt the warm spreading glow of the whipping spreading throughout her hips, seeming to connect directly with her clitty, her cunny dripping like a leaky faucet. She found her breathing was becoming shallower and more ragged, her thighs flexing apart wider and wider. Every time she heard the whistle of the riding crop scything through the air she thrust her shapely ass cheeks out to meet it.

"YES! YES! STRIKE ME AGAIN AND YET AGAIN MY ONE AND ONLY MASTER!" she cried out within her mind. She was glad the bit between her teeth prevent her from yelling it out loud. He swapped the attentions of the riding crop to teasing and probing her cunny, Miss Americana grinding her cunny lips and clitty frantically against it. Before she came he cruelly withdrew it, laughing at her yearning cry of objection. Instead he used it to titillate the delicate issues around her tight puckered asshole, making her writhe and squirm delightfully. With the greatest of ease he pushed it gently forwards, penetrating her sphincter, entering deeply within her body, pushing smoothly in and out, it's passage facilitated by still being smeared with the superheroines plentiful cunny juices. He widened it a little and Miss Americana suspected it was not to be the last visitor within her virgin ass that day. Whether that prospect horrified or excited her she could no longer be sure.

At last her withdrew it and beckoned her to sit up on her knees and place her hands beyond her head, a position of utmost surrender. She was almightily surprised when he brought the riding crop down on her huge, jiggling breasts, expertly striking her across her already red and swollen nipples. She was even more surprised when the jolt of pleasure/pain triggered a bone shaking orgasm that left her sweating and panting. She was still in a daze as he attached the reins around her wrists and ankles to a set of hooks on the ceiling. Soon the mighty Miss Americana was suspended a foot off the ground, helpless and spread-eagled like a starfish, fully exposed to the Pimpmaster's roaming hands and eyes. She realized that in this position she really was completely in his power, no matter how strong she was she had no leverage. He could easily remove her power belt and she could do nothing to stop him, she would be a helpless woman deprived of her superpowers, his plaything to do with what he liked. Oddly instead of scaring her she found the thought strongly erotic. She almost wished he would...

She moaned with delight as he positioned himself under her and began to lap at her cunny. OH MY GOD he was good at this! She guessed with all the sex he had with his whores he got plenty of practice? Or maybe he entertained female clients personally? Whatever his technique was perfect. So, SO PERFECT!

He was hard again. He didn't have to tell her to take his cock in her mouth once more and suck like a starving nympho on a lollipop. His timing was expert, her shrieks of orgasm drowned out a split second later by the torrents of cum he spurted down her throat. She swallowed without complaint, deciding that the flavour of his seed was one of the most delicious things she'd ever tasted.
He tore off the saddle and reins and rammed her up against the wall.

Instinctively she wrapped her arms around his muscular shoulders, scissoring her legs around his waist and hanging on for dear life. He took one wrist in his massive palm and guided it to gargantuan manhood, pulsing with life and sexual energy.

"God he's hard again already!" she thought. She was beginning to believe his claims of being genetically engineered, no ordinary man could have such incredible powers of recovery.

"NO! NO!" she pleaded "IT'LL NEVER FIT!"

He laughed once more and began stroking her cunny lips with his fingertips. She groaned and began wantonly flexing her pelvis towards him. He eased himself inside her then thrust home without a single thought to her comfort. She shrieked but her cries soon descended into a series of gasps and moans as she struck up a leisurely rhythm within her, her pleasure building, finding herself returning his thrusts with her own. His mighty member felt to powerful inside her, such a tight and perfect fit giving her such sweet, sweet pain. She felt as though it was penetrating all the way into her womb, as though it would come out of her mouth at any moment. She felt so wonderfully fulfilled, as though her lover and she were joined in one perfect union. She yielded to him in every way possible and reveled in every second of it. There was only one thing that spoiled it...

She parted one arm from around his bull like neck and reached behind her back. She undid her power belt and let it fall to the floor. She felt her super strength drain from her body but the shameful delight she felt in her surrender more than made up for it.


The first time he came greedily within her, pumping his seed deep inside. The second time he took her on the bed, crushing her into the mattress with his weight, bringing her to a long frenzy of orgasmic delight, her long nails scratching deep furrows in his muscular shoulders.

They lay there for a long time, content to be in one another's arms, naked bodies pressing against one another, basking in the afterglow of truly fantastic sex. Miss American sighed in contentedness as they snuggled. Then she felt something that amazed her.

He was hard again.

Without bidding she rolled over onto all fours, proffering her backside to him. He took the hint, scooping up her remaining cunny juices and using them to lubricate her sweet, tight, puckered asshole. She screamed out as he entered her but did not resist in the slightest, knowing that secretly she wanted it as much as he did. She felt as though he was splitting her in too but the carnal intensity of the experience was just mind blowing. She could feel the incredible pleasure she was giving him and it communicated itself to her. She found herself thrusting back once more, eager to have more and more of his mighty lance inside her, the air rent with their moans and groans coupled with the glorious sound of his balls slapping against her ass and his palms alternately spanking each hip. He grabbed her hair, yanking her backwards then brought her off with just a few strokes of her clitty, once more the pair utterly in sync, orgasming together with cries of euphoria. There was no pretence of reluctance this time; Miss Americana pleasuring himself on his hand like a blatant slut in heat.

"FUCK ME MASTER! FUCK MY ASS! NEVER STOP!" she exclaimed, cumming like a train as he pumped his seed insider her.

He withdrew and sat up in the bed, cradling her in his arms like a helpless toy. She kissed him passionately and then rested her head on his ample shoulder.

One last thing to do.

She reached up and removed her mask.

"I won't be needing this anymore" she told him with a sad smile.

It was his turn to look surprised. "Well, well, Brenda Wade, millionairess"
She shook her head "Not any more. Brenda Wade whores from now on. You released my inner nympho and I can't go back now. Truth be told all those board meetings were a pain anyway. I guess you won your bet, Master."

She picked up her power belt from where she had cast it, abandoned on the floor, "This belongs to you now, Master, just like me."

He smiled, his conquest of her complete. Not only had he broken and tamed her he had made her want and enjoy it. It was the ultimate victory. And he could be generous in his triumph, "Why don't you keep that, it would never fit me and it goes with the rest of your outfit."

"Ok Master, your word is my command," she shrugged, putting it back on. She cupped her colossal breasts in her hands "But I now where a woman's real power comes from."

"Let's not forget here," he reminded her stroked her cunny lips with her fingers. She closed her eyes and sighed in rapture as he did so.

"And here," she squirmed deliciously as once again probed her tight, puckered asshole.

"And let's not forget here," he kissed her again, long and hard, her mouth willingly accepting his tongue and returning it's caresses with her own.
They broke off the kiss and just stared into one another's eyes for a long time.

"Do you really look after your girls?" she asked him.

"Of course," he replied, "You can't imagine how many horrible fates would have befallen Fluffy and Kelly and all the rest of the girls without my help. Bailing them out of jail, paying their debts, rescuing them from rough tricks or whatever other psychos have it in for them, undoing all the evil magic spells people cast on them. I always rescue them no matter what. They need me, they need someone to take care of them."

"Thought dark magic like that was supposed to be irreversible?" Miss Americana ventured.

He shrugged, "I guess irrervisible isn't what it used to be. Like unbreakable, you were supposed to be unbreakable, remember?"

She smiled and nodded demurely as he ran his fingers affectionately through the luscious strands of her hair.

He fucked her long and hard all night, her body responding with limitless enthusiasm to his, letting him take her in every way imaginable and reveling in every second. Eventually they fell asleep in one another's arms, Miss Americana/Brenda Wade gazing in adoration at her new master before resting her head contentedly on his muscular chest and joining him in a dreamless slumber.
When they awoke it was almost midday.

"Put your clothes back on," he instructed. She looked disappointed for a moment but understood perfectly when he told her. "Time to start earning your keep baby." She felt a sense of trepidation as she dressed and followed her pimp out into the street for her first night of selling her body. But there was a spring of enthusiasm in her step and twinkle of lust in her eye that she could not deny.

* * *

What will Ms Americana do as the partner of the Pimpmaster? How will the other Sugartown Superheroines take her new role? What does this mean for Sugartown? Find out in part 3.


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