Mister Ed: Mister Ed At Stud (best,reluc)
by Wilcox

Wilbur Post had to go out of town on business. It would be the first time
he'd be away from the house since he'd acquired his amazing talking horse
Mr. Ed. He asked his lovely blonde haired wife Carol to look after his horse
for him while he'd be away. "Just make sure he gets food and water Dear,"
he'd told her. "Maybe clean up his stall a little. It'll be easy."

She somewhat reluctantly agreed after he went over what it would cost to
board Mr. Ed at a stable. Of course she had no idea that Mr. Ed could talk.
That was a closely guarded secret. Wilbur knew that she'd never believe him
if he told her. Anybody he told would think that he was crazy. Besides, Mr.
Ed would only talk to him. He'd made that very clear from the start. So
there was no point to trying to convince Carol that they were the proud
owners of the world's only talking horse.

He went out and explaned it all to Mr. Ed and reassured the big horse that
Carol would see to his every need.

"MMMFFFFFFFF, what I really need is to get laid," Ed snorted under his

"What was that," Wilbur asked.

"Oh nothing Wilbuuur, it's just that you've been saying that you were going
to take me over to Oak Hill Farm so that I could check out the mares. I told
you that I was a champion stud in the old days. I'm not getting any younger
you know. I need it as much as you do."

"That's a misconception. Sex is vastly overrated and really isn't that
important to me. I certainly don't need it to survive, like you seem to think
I do," Wilbur told him. "Carol and I have a wonderful relationship without
reverting into sexual maniacs."

"Yeah, that's what you say," Ed snorted. "What about her. She's a real looker
with a great body."

"Oh never mind. How on earth did we get off an this sex tangent. It's all you
ever think about. Look, I'll arrange to get you over to the Farm when I get
the chance. What my wife needs, is my business, not yours. Carol will come
out and look after you, OK," Wilbur told him sharply as he left the stable.

The next morning after Wilbur had left, Carol went out to the stable to
feed her husband's horse. "Whew, you need a bath big guy," she said as the
aromatic smells of the stable and big horse assaulted her nostrils. "You
eat while I go change. I'll give you a real good washing when I come back."

She was struck by the look in the horse's eye, as though he understood her
and was looking foward to having her hands on him. It was a look of lustful
intelligence she thought, then she shook her head and laughted, "Girl, get
a grip. He's just an animal for God's sake."

She went up to her room and decided on a tee-shirt and cut-off jeans. They
where old and in another time would be know as Daisy Dukes. Ed's eyes drank
in her voluptuous figure as he watched her stride across the back yard to
his stable. Her big jugs were jiggling and bouncing in tune with the
seductive roll of her flairing hips. "Yeah," he thought. "Good ole Wilbur
doesn't know what his missing. When I was at stud, that just how a mare in
season would walk towards me. That expectant spring in her step as she let
her scent tell me that she was ready for my big dick. HMMMMM, this could
get very interresting."

Carol came in, hooked up the hose and went over and rinsed Ed down. She
filled a bucket with soapy water and commenced to lather the big horse's
shiny coat. As she bent down and slid her hand down his flank she began to
wonder about the term 'horsecock'. She couldn't resist the urge to fondle
his huge ball sack as she thought, 'I wonder if Ed's penis is as big as
everyone says they are.' She took the hose and rinsed off all the soap
from his glistening coat.

Carol was determined to pursue her sexual curiosity with her husband's big
stud horse. She went over to the opened doors and looked around to make sure
that none of her neighbors were out in their yards. She then closed and
bolted the stable doors. The morning sunlight streamed through the east
windows onto the floor. Carol's heart was pounding in her chest at the
exciting thought of what she was about to attempt.

She then she ran her hands along Ed's flank again, reached under his belly
and massaged the bulge where his cock would appear. The soft velvety skin
felt like it was too sensitive to handle. She began to think that the whole
idea too bizarre to pursue when the head of his cock slid out into her hand.
And then she could not turn back. She was no longer a thinking, rational,
civilized human being, she was a driven and obsessed individual, not
considering the potentially disastrous consequences of what she was about
to attempt.

Carol dropped onto her knees transfixed by the sight of the enormous penis
appearing in her hands. It kept sliding out and out until it looked like a
small arm in her hands. She lifted the member to her mouth, parted her lips
and took the bulb on the end of the cock into her mouth. She slid her tongue
under the head and could feel the animal's cock throb every time his heart
took a beat.

Carol's hands began slowly stroking the shaft of the cock and it began to
become hard ... and much, much bigger as Ed fought to control his urge to
drive it deep down her throat! This was progressing far better than he'd
ever imagined it would. He was right about her needing more than Wilbur was
giving her, he thought.

Carol leaned back and pulled off her tee-shirt and cut-offs so that she was
butt naked as she slid down under Ed and took his cockhead back into her
mouth as she again pumped his long thick shaft. After several minutes Carol
took his cockhead out of her mouth, closed her eyes and rubbed the meaty pole
on her face and then her beautiful breasts. She slid the bloated head on her
nipples until they became erect. And all the while Ed's cock became bigger
and bigger. She was well past rational thinking and was determined to see
Ed's wonderous horsecock shoot off it's load of thick horse cum.

She got up and got a container of lubricant and went back to her work. Carol
applied a generous amount to the end of Ed's cock and began coating the shaft
of the pole. When she had about 12 inches of his dick lubricated she removed
one slick hand and slid two fingers into her steaming cunt and strummed her
clit with her thumb.

Carol slowly rocked back on the wiggling fingers in her cunt and spent
several long moments in increasing waves of pleasure. Her left hand was full
of a slick horsecock of enormous dimensions, quickly slipping over the fat
head and down its length. And she slid two more fingers of her left hand deep
into her cunt. Oh, yeah!

Ed's was beside himself, the tingling sensations that Carol's loving hand
was producing made him break his rule of talking to no one but Wilbur. He
called out, "Damn, that feels so fucking good!" Carol was so startled that
she jumped backwards, hitting her head against the crossbar on Ed's stall.
She knocked herself out cold and spun, falling face first over several bales
of straw covered with a wool blanket. Her cute little rear end totally
exposed and vulnerable in all it's naked glory.

Ed's flairing nostrils picked up the unmistakable scent of her arousal and
he moved over to her unconcious form. He dipped his head and inhaled her
fragrent femine odor. "Damn, she smells like she's in heat," he says aloud.
"It reminds me of the wonderful days when I was put out to stud at Oak Hill
Farms, Ah those were the good old days."

He dipped his head closer to the source of the intoxicating smell and nussled
her legs wide apart. He flicked out his tongue and tasted the inticing juices
of his master's beautiful blonde wife. "MMM, so delicious, it's been a long
time since I've felt this way," he said. He continued to lick her juicy slit
and found that it was like priming a pump, the more he licked the more of
Carol's sweet tasting pussy juice came out for him to lap up. "Damn," he said
aloud. "I haven't had a piece of ass in a long, long time. It's time I earned
my keep around here. I bet good ole Wilbuuur wouldn't mind if I serviced his
mare while he's away. God knows she needs it the way she was working on my
dick before."

Her overpowering aroma was intoxicating. His massive horsecock was extended
to it's full length, bobbing stiffly beneath him as he moved up over her
naked, laid out body, filled with lustful intent. He was delighted to find
that she's at the perfect height for him to provide her with the stud service
she so richly needed as he felt his thick cockhead slide through the cheeks
of her firm meaty ass.

His lewdly bobbing bar of rock hard horse flesh slapped and poked against
Carol's upraised little buns as he sought to fullfill his purpose. After a
few frustrating minutes Ed's wide cockhead found the juicy mouth of Carol's
enticing, long neglected, sopping wet cunt. He pressed foward against the
tight little hole and his huge dick squeezed inward several inches. Carol's
tauntly streached cuntal sheath felt like a second skin wrapped around his
thick horsecock as he paused and savored the intense feelings that coursed
through his body as he impaled Wilbur's unconcious wife with his massive

"Damn, I never had a mare this tight in all my years at stud," he marveled
as he began a slow steady push into her steaming depths. Carol's horny body
was on cruse control and responded by rolling her hips up to meet Ed's huge
battering ram of rigid horse flesh as it forced it's way in deeper and
deeper, going well past Wilbur's accustomed depth before she slowly began
to regain conciousness.

"OOHHHH," she moaned as she emerged from the darkness. Her cock stuffed
little pussy started to clench and milk the incredible thick, pleasure
giving, rod as her mind cleared and she slowly became aware of her
surroundings. Her first thought was that she was in her bed and her
husband Wilbur had finally shown his domanant side and was taking her in
her sleep as she'd often fantasized ... but wait ... he was never this
big, this incredibly big. It felt like a baseball bat was pumping up into
her pain and pleasure racked cunt. Ohhh Noooo, it all came back to her
now ... she was in the stable ... bent over a bale of hay. She tried to
lift up but was stopped. She felt a huge hairy body above her. "OH MY
GOD," her brain shierked as the reality of her situation flooded her
consciousness. "My husband's horse is fucking me."

She tried to escape the massive shaft plundering her depths, but her frantic
wiggling only increased the pleasure her glove tight cunt was giving to Ed's
deeply plunging horsecock. It was so deep, so demanding. Suddenly a massive
orgasm washed over her. Her femine juices gushed out around Ed's deeply
embedded shaft on every long out stroke. The added lubrication only increased
his ability to burrow into her and he was able to work in an additional three
inches as she screamed her head off.

She couldn't believe what was happening. It felt so incredible good as super
intense sensations shot through her tingling body. Then she recalled what
had happened earlier. She was stroking his massive erection when she'd jumped
back at the sound of his voice ... he'd talked to her. No... that wasn't
possible ... that couldn't be what happened she reasoned as she continued to
to work her spasming cunt over the big horse's massive, deeply pistoning

Her ass was moving in unison with his heavy strokes as she timidly said,
"Oh ... this is just to crazy. Can you talk? Did you talk to me?"

She was shocked when the big horse answered her and said, "Of course I can
talk sweetcakes. When I want to. And, with who I want to. I just had to tell
you how good your hand felt stroking my dick."

"OH MY GOD. It can't be true!" she wailed.

"Why not," Ed replied. "By the way, your tight little pussy feels even better
than your hand did. It's really doing a job and milking my dick so fucking
good. It loves a good fucking ... and so do you. Admit it ... Wilbuuur's limp
little dick just doesn't get you off anymore, does it. Not like my long thick
horsecock does. Shit, I know he's not giving you any."

"OHHHHH, I must be going insane ... but it feels so good. Oh God help me.
I'm fucking a horse, a talking horse. Who'd believe it," she lamented.

"Nobody has to, beautiful. This can be just between us. Our little secret. I
could get used to this real easily," Ed said as he drove his massive cock in
another two inches deeper. "You can get the steady fucking you need and
deserve." The flattened head of Ed's massive tool pounded against her cervix
and nearly knocked the breath out of her. Knowing that the limit had been
reached, Ed started to pump in and out of Carol's lewdly stretched hole, just
as he would were he buried deep in a mare.

The sensations inside Carol's belly were beyond description as her equine
lover slid almost all the way out of her, and then pushed back in. Over and
over Carol felt at least fourteen inches of hard horse cock slide into her,
until she was beside herself with ecstasy. She couldn't stop now, even if
her husband walked into the stable and found her lustfully working her once
exclusive pussy over the massive horsecock of his talking horse. She could
have her secrets with Ed too she reasoned.

Her hands went under her upraised hips, down between her legs and with the
left circling the hot flesh sliding into her, her right slid through her top
of her pubic hair and began fingering her electrified clit. She wanted to
make this last forever, but knew her body could never withstand Ed's powerful
pace for long.

She felt the shaft within her twitch and swell, and knew that Ed was near
cumming. As she slipped her middle finger over the hard bud of her clitoris,
she heard Ed snort, and the chain of events that followed were far beyond
Carol's wildest dreams. As Ed was making his final thrust before cumming,
Carol started to cum, causing the muscles of her impossibly stretched pussy
to tighten around the hot shaft within.

Never had Ed felt this sort of pressure, and it took him by surprise. "Oh
Carol baby, your hot pussy feels so fucking good. I'm cumming for you
sweetcheeks," he snorted. He jerked back a half step and his long thick cock
slid a bit out of Carol's hole, just far enough to leave room the nearly pint
of horse jizm that jetted from the hole in the end of his cock in pulsing
spurts. Carol felt the scalding liquid in her belly, and was wracked with yet
another orgasm, one of proportions she had never before experienced.

Shaking and twitching uncontrollably, she lay beneath the massive beast she'd
just fucked. Carol felt the wonderful hot shaft within her start to slide out
of her, and wanted it to remain. As the flat head pulled past the mouth of
her cunt, Carol heard a sucking pop, and her thighs were flooded by the huge
gush of horse semen that drained from her gaping hole.

Free from his cock Carol slowly rolled out from beneath him. Standing
unsteadily in front of her four legged lover, she hugged his nose to her
naked breasts, and she saw a wink from one of his big brown eyes. "Oh Ed,
that was just incredible. I can't believe we did it. I've never been fucked
so good in my life," she gushed.

"My pleasure Carol honey. Anytime you want more, you know where to find me.
I am Wilbuuur's stud horse after all and I do take my duties seriously," he
said before giving her ripe tits a loving lick.

"Oh ED, your the perfect lover for a housewife whose husband has lost
interest in her sexually," Carol told him. "Think about it. Who'd ever
suspect that I was having an affair with my husband's horse. We both know
that you won't tell Wilbur that you're fucking his wife. You need this as
much as I do. You know Wilbur will never take you out to that farm. He
told me it would cost too much, so we need each other, now more than ever.
How can we go back to the way we were now that we've tasted the forbidden

"MMMMMMM, just how often can you do it," Carol asked as she lovingly ran
her hand along his neck. "We have all day with Wilbur out of town and I'm
not expecting anyone to come over. I'd love to do it again and finish what
I started before you startled me and I hit my head. I'd love to watch your
incredible cock blast a huge load of cum all over me."

Her other hand had been fingering her cum drenched pussy. She brought it up
to her mouth, thickly coated with Ed's potent spunk. "MMMM, it's so tasty,"
she said as she licked her fingers clean. "I want to suck your big cock and
watch you blow a load all over my face. You'd like me to suck your cock,
wouldn't you. Afterward's you can fuck me again ... if you want," she said
with an impish little girl smile.

"Baby, I can go all day. If you want some more just slide down and help
yourself," Ed winnied at her.

Carol ran her hand over his powerful body, along his muscular flanks. She
slowly reached under his belly surprised to find his big cock extended out
of it's sheath. She ran her fingers down its rubbery length. "My, my, what
do we have here?" she said in her innocent little girl voice. His cock was
now fully distended and becoming erect. The effect on Carol was electric.
She dropped to her knees and started slowly pumping him with both hands,
wondering just how big she could make it get.

She worked her mouth down over it's thick length and found that she was able
to take it into throat. It was not yet fully engorged and she knew that soon
it would much to thick to even attempt this. "OHH Carol honey. That feels so
good. I never dreamed a mouth could do this," Ed moaned as he let her control
the depth of his big horsecock.

She took as much as she could and began bobbing her head, deepthroating Ed's
long cock until it was just to thick to continue. She knew that if she let it
stay in her throat, it's incredible thickness would become lodged and choke
her to death. "My, my," she laughted outloud as she backed off the throbbing
rod of thickening horse flesh. "I wonder what Wilbur would say if he saw me
now, taking care of his horse."

Ed's massive cock was now rock hard and Carol estimated a little over 20
inches long and she needed both hands to encircle it. A drop of slippery ooze
appeared from the slit on the end of the bloated cockhead and Carol stuck out
her tongue and licked it off. It tasted a little salty.

She licked all around the the bulging head and ran her tongue down his
impressive length, then back up to the tip. She parted her lips and pushed
a little of the head back into her mouth. Her hands resumed their pumping
motion and she pushed as much of the prick into her mouth as she could. Ed's
massive cock began to throb and Carol knew what was about to happen.

"Oh wait Ed. Not yet," she moaned. "I want to try something." She scooted
over to the blanket covered haybales where Ed had fucked her and laid on her
back. "Come over here, big boy," she told him. "Stand over me so that I can
tittie fuck your wonderful prick and suck it at the same time. I want you to
cum all over me and give me a facial, you big stud you."

"My pleasure," Ed replied as her watch his master's beautiful blonde wife get
in position, her lush naked body writhing in anticipation.

He moved over her and Carol positioned his thick cock between her her big
full tits so that she could lick and suck on Ed's wide cockhead. "That's
perfect Ed," said told him. "Right there so I can see the cum shooting out
before it hits me. Now pump it and I'll do the rest." Ed began to thrust as
Carol squeezed her big boobs around his heavy spear to create of tunnel of
tittie flesh to him to fuck.

"Oh Carol honey," Ed winnied, "that feels real good. I love how your tongue's
digging into the hole. Don't worry sweetcakes, I'm gonna drown you with jism
if you keep this up."

They went at it until Ed couldn't take it any longer. Then he warned her that
he was about to cum. Carol quickly moved a hand down and buried her fingers
into her hot squishy cunt as she prepared for her facial.

Suddenly a huge blast of cum showered her mouth and face. Then another, a big
part of which shot up her nostrils. She took it into her mouth completely
then and the hot, white liquid filled her mouth as she took a big swallow,
but it was filling her mouth faster than she could swallow it. Carol took the
cock tip from her mouth and got another blast of cum in the face and on her
bouncing breasts. Her own orgasm peaked as her pussy clamped down on her
fingers wiggling within. Ed continued to pump thick globs of cum all over her
heaving breasts and stomach.

Carol and her husband's horse shared their orgasms for several more moments
before Ed moved down and buried his twitching cock deep up her sopping wet
cunt. Carol's head was spinning and she laid back to regain her balance as
fouteen inches of horsecock slammed into her orgasm racked body. "Oh Ed, she
screamed. "Your such an animal." She was literally covered with thick sticky
horse cum and now she was filled with more cock than she'd ever felt before

"You said I could fuck you again Carol honey, and that's just what I intend
to do," the big horse snorted. It's been a long time since I had any pussy
and your's is just too good to pass up."

Carol bent her knees and planted her feet on the blanket as she began to move
up to his thick demanding cock. Her tightly streached pussy slurped and
milked Ed's impossible huge shaft as he serviced her the way he would a mare
back in the old days. "OHH GOD YESSSS ... fuck me you big stud ... ride me
all day long ... AAHHHHHHHHHH ..!!!!!!!!!"

The lustful mating of the beautiful Mrs. Carol Post and her husband's big
stallion continued on through what turned into a very long hard day for the
formerly sweet innocent little housewife.

That evening as she lay sore and exhausted in her bed, trying to recouperate
from her incredible fuck session in the stable, her husband Wilbur called.
"Oh hi honey. How's the trip going. Yes, everything is fine back here. In
fact it couldn't be any better. Ed's been a joy to take care of ... you don't
have to worry about us."

"I know I seemed hesitant when you first asked me, but I found that you were
right, Carol told her husband. "I just had to get more comfortable being with
him. I really bonded with him today. Yes, I came to love it. It was so
uplifting. I never knew that being so close to an animal could fill me like
that. I experienced an outpouring of love that I never knew was possible
before today. Yes, he's a very remakable animal, for sure. You needn't hurry
home on our account. Ed and I are doing just fine."


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