Modern Family: A Whole New Meaning To Modern Family Part 1(Ff-solo,MF,oral,voy)
by Tom Seaton

The Dunphy household was currently a rather quiet place to be. Earlier that day, there had been a huge fight between the women of the house, Claire, Alex and Haley. Phil wasn't sure over what the fight had been, all he knew is his wife wasn't happy with something their daughters had done. He couldn't even ask Luke if he knew anything as their son was at Jay and Gloria's, playing with Manny, and so he decided he'd have to investigate himself.

Phil decided the first place to go would be to ask his wife what had caused this unbelievable tension in the house and headed for their bedroom, sure she would be in there. He knocked on the door and pushed it open, walking in to see a sight he hadn't seen in a very long time.

Lying on the bed with her eyes tightly shut was his wife Claire and surrounding her were selected magazines from Phil's porn collection. She was naked except for her bra and panties, which were round her ankles, and she was currently working two fingers in and out of her pussy, trying hard not to make any noise.

Phil crept inside the room and locked the door as quietly as he could, wanting the element of surprise. Thankfully, Claire was so in the zone with her masturbation that she didn't notice Phil enter the room and sit down in the chair in the corner, pulling down his trousers as he did so, settling down to watch.

Claire was in a mind of her own as she masturbated her pussy furiously. She had gone a while without sex and she was incredibly horny; maybe that's the reason she'd snapped at the girls. Alex and Haley were growing up fast and Claire couldn't cope with that; she saw too much of herself in them, the reckless teen obsessed with boys.

It was a mixture of protectiveness and jealousy that had made Claire so angry earlier. Her two daughters were dressing up all sexy to go to a party where they would no doubt be flirting with boys and it had been a long while since she had felt that way. She loved Phil but he hadn't fucked her in a long while and this had added to her frustration.

Phil was completely unaware of Claire's sexual frustration and was finding it hard not to bust his load as he watched his wife passionately play with herself. He had an urge to go and attack her pussy, especially as it had been a while, but he fought it off, wanting to watch for a little bit longer.

Claire still hadn't opened her eyes since Phil had walked into the room but suddenly an image popped into her head and as much as she wanted to, she could not get rid of it. She was suddenly imagining her two daughters were there in the bed with her and they were all masturbating together. It must have been thinking of their sexy bodies in the dresses they were wearing to go to this party, but she suddenly felt a lot nearer to orgasm then she had before.

Phil had no idea that Claire was imagining one of his biggest fantasies of all time. Ever since Haley had started to hit the age where she was having boyfriends, Phil had been imagining bringing her into bed with him and Claire, and when Alex hit her puberty, it was no different. He knew it was wrong but both his daughters were very sexy and he knew it was only a fantasy.

Claire was moaning louder now but Phil decided he'd give her even more reason to moan. Standing up, he stripped naked out of all his clothes and moved over to the bed. His wife looked even sexier when he saw her masturbating this close, and once more, he had to stop himself from busting his load.

"Claire, baby," Phil whispered, "want a cock to help you?"

Claire gave a little yelp of fright as she opened her eyes and saw her husband standing next to her, completely naked with a hard cock. Right now, she actually wanted her two daughters with her, but deciding there was no point passing up a free cock, especially given how horny she was right now, she smiled at him and grabbed it.

Claire began to jerk it and Phil smiled as he felt his wife's hands around his cock for the first time what seemed like forever. He leaned down for a kiss and was soon lying on the bed next to her, both of them masturbating each other, Phil's fingers going in and out of Claire's pussy as she stroked his cock, making out all the time.

Claire and Phil were in the zone and it wasn't long until the blonde MILF had clambered on top of her husband and began to ride his cock. She'd missed the feeling of it inside her and moaned loudly as she bounced up and down, her husband massaging her tits. However, she still couldn't get the thought of her two daughters from her mind.

Phil was unaware of Claire's obsessions with Haley and Alex, that was until she accidentally moaned their names. "Oh, yes, fuck me, oh Haley, oh Alex," Claire moaned, unaware that she had just revealed her secret. Phil had heard her moan their daughters' names but he was unsure whether it was just because he was so in the zone that he'd imagined it, so he tried to make her moan out again.

Claire couldn't help herself. "Oh yes, fuck yes, that's it, yes Haley, yes Alex, fuck yes," she moaned as she bounced up and down on her husband's hard cock. This time, Phil knew it wasn't a figment of his imagination and he felt his cum building massively at the thought of his wife fantasizing over his two daughters.

"I wish Haley and Alex were here too, honey," Phil moaned as Claire bounced up and down on his cock. "A Dunphy family gangbang."

Claire was taken by surprise by Phil's sudden confession that he, too, was thinking about fucking their daughters but his words pushed her over the edge. Just as he finished saying the word 'gangbang', Claire screamed out in pleasure and squirted her juices all over her husband's cock.

"Oh fuck, Phil, it's so wrong," she said as she came down from her orgasm, still with her husband's cock buried inside her. "But they're so sexy and grown up, and I just want them here with us."

"I know, baby," Phil moaned back to his wife as she clambered off him. "I just want the three of you sucking my cock right now, letting me cover your faces with cum."

Claire moaned again, still recovering from her orgasm, as she imagined teaching her two daughters how to give a blowjob on her husband, although it did cross her mind that Haley had probably given a lot already. This made her even hornier and when she realised that Phil hadn't cum yet, she wasted no time in helping him out.

Claire grabbed hold of Phil's hard cock and began jerking it before lowering her mouth down and wrapping her lips around his hard boner. She could taste her own pussy juices on his cock but this turned her on further as she imagined they were Haley's or Alex's and she couldn't stop her hand wandering down to her pussy and beginning to rub as she sucked.

Phil had always loved the way his wife sucked his cock but she seemed a lot more into it today than she usually was, probably because of how turned on she'd got when he'd mentioned the thought of fucking their daughters. He closed his eyes in complete bliss as she handled his cock with skill, massaging his balls with one hand while the other played with her own pussy.

Unbeknownst to either Claire or Phil, when the latter had locked the door, it hadn't worked properly. The edge of Phil's dressing gown which was hanging on the door had caught in the hinge and so it had not shut properly. Because they were so engrossed in the blowjob Claire was giving, they didn't notice when the door slowly and quietly creeped open.

"Oh, god, Claire," Phil moaned, his eyes still shut as he held the back of her head softly, "yeah, that's it. Show Haley and Alex how to do it so they know for when we're horny, that's it."

Claire began sucking Phil's cock harder at these words of encouragement and he smiled as he felt his cum building faster and faster. His eyes still shut, he guided Claire's head as his blonde wife continued to rub her pussy slowly as she gave him his blowjob.

Neither of the Dunphy parents knew that they were no longer fucking in secret. Alex had returned early from the party to change her outfit after her arch enemy was wearing the same one when she'd heard some strange noises coming from her parent's room. Creeping towards it, she couldn't quite make out what the noises were but had a sneaky feeling.

She didn't even push the door open; it was as though as soon as she got close, it sensed her presence and opened wide. Alex had to stop herself from letting out a shriek of horror. Her mother was lying on the bed rubbing her pussy while she gave her father a blowjob. Usually this would have scared Alex away but for some reason, she froze on the spot.

That was when Alex heard her father's words. She'd felt a little tingle in her pussy when she'd first come across the scene in her parent's bedroom; after all, tonight was the night she was hoping she may finally lose her virginity and Haley was supposedly going to set her up with someone to do so.

With that in mind, she'd been horny when she'd left as the guy had looked extra cute but there was no way in the world, she would have thought of being turned on by her parents. However, the moment Phil had mentioned hers and Haley's names, it was like a switch had gone off in Alex's mind, reminding her she was horny and she began to think about joining her mum as she stood there, frozen, watching.

Alex couldn't help it; she'd never been this turned on before. The thought of the fact that her mother and father wanted her and her sister to join them in their marital bed in their sex games was incredibly hot. She couldn't stop herself, sitting down, hitching up her dress and beginning to rub her pussy through her panties.

As she watched her mum quicken the pace and her dad guide his wife's movements, Alex couldn't stop herself from letting her hand wander inside her panties and feel how wet her pussy was. Little did she know, she wasn't the only one who was watching this scene.

Haley had seen her younger sister leaving the party early and had followed her home, ready to confront her for being such a nerd and telling her how she'd never lose her virginity. She followed her into the house and was about to have a go at her when she saw her changing her dress rather than into her pyjamas.

However, just as she was about to head back to the party so that she was there when her sister arrived back, she heard the strange noises that Alex would hear moments later. Haley went to investigate, slowly pushing the door open and had to stop herself screaming out in horror and surprise.

She had burst in on her parents fucking, not as Alex would find them moments later engaging in oral sex, and she couldn't have picked a better time. Claire was moaning incredibly loud and she heard her father say some words that, not only made her mother cum hard but also made Haley's pussy all wet and tingly.

"I wish Haley and Alex were here too, honey," Phil moaned as Claire bounced up and down on his cock. "A Dunphy family gangbang."

Haley couldn't believe her ears. Had her father just said what she thought he'd said? It seemed her mother was thinking it too though, as next second, she was screaming out in a huge orgasm and squirting her juices over her husband's cock. Haley couldn't stop herself; her fingers dropped down to her pussy and began to rub it through her panties, already feeling the wetness.

Haley continued to watch her parents as her mother disclosed that she, too, was thinking about fucking her and her younger sister. Haley knew she shouldn't be turned on by this but she couldn't think of anything else as she watched her mother clamber off her father's cock and begin to suck it.

Suddenly, Haley heard movement and realised her sister must be changed and ready to head back to the party. She was caught in two minds; she could either leave this hugely erotic scene and make sure she was at the party when Alex arrived, or she could hide and watch, dealing with the consequences later.

Haley made her decision, there was only one option. She needed to find somewhere to hide where she could still see her parents but not be seen by her sister. The bathroom. It was opposite her parent's room and she'd be hidden from Alex when she left their room to head downstairs.

However, Alex didn't head downstairs after Haley had hidden herself away in the bathroom, crouched on the floor, still with a good view of her parents. Haley was rubbing her pussy through her panties but she suddenly froze when she saw her younger sister freeze in the exact same spot she had moments earlier.

Haley watched as she saw her sister hitch up her own dress and begin to rub her pussy and she couldn't believe it. Alex was just as horny watching her parents as she had been and it seemed turned on by the fact they wanted them to join them as Haley had heard her father's words as well.

Haley was now watching both her sister and her parents and she couldn't take it anymore. She needed better access for a situation like this and pulled her panties down to her ankles and began masturbating her bare pussy, her dress around her waist.

Haley watched as Alex slipped her hand inside her panties further and this only made Haley wetter. She was doing her best to keep quiet but it was very hard, given the pleasure she was giving herself as she watched the two scenes, both of them as hot as the other.

Haley knew she couldn't go much longer without drawing attention to her presence, both to her sister and to her parents but suddenly, a wicked idea sprung into her mind. She'd fooled around with one of her best friends when they were both drunk at a party and actually kinda liked it, and watching her sister masturbate was turning her on greatly. There was nothing for it, she had to try.

Haley moved as quietly as she possibly could, leaving her panties on the floor in the bathroom, her horniness overcoming her. She continued to watch as her baby sister masturbated watching her mother give her father a passionate blowjob and, even though she knew the taboo nature of the situation, Haley couldn't help but be the horniest she'd ever been.

Haley was now standing right behind Alex, giving her the perfect view of her little sister's masturbation and it was something she would pleasure herself too many times over the next few weeks. However, Haley suddenly felt courageous and decided she was going to give her sister her first proper sexual experience while they watched their parents.

Haley reached out her right hand and covered her younger sister's mouth with it, feeling and hearing Alex gasp in shock as she realised she had been caught. Pushing her head right next to Alex's ear so she could breathe on her and give her shivers, Haley brought her free hand around and placed it on top of Alex's hand that was rubbing her pussy.

Alex recognised her sister's hands straight away and had been taken by surprise. She knew her sister enjoyed sexual games, she'd caught her on several occasions, but this was new, incest. Alex was about to complain when Haley pulled Alex's hand away from her pussy and replaced it with her own.

"Shh," Haley whispered in her sister's ear, "let this happen. Let me show you how to get off while we watch mum suck dad's cock as they imagine we're with them."

Alex moaned into Haley's hand as her elder sister began to take over her masturbation, rubbing her just as softly as she had been doing so before. The fact that this was happening right outside their parents' room while her mother was busy sucking her father's cock seemed to make the whole thing so much hotter and Alex felt another twinge in her pussy.

If Phil opened his eyes then he would have seen a sight he'd been dreaming about for months. His wife, Claire, was going down on him with passionate skill as she always did, but he would have been able to see the scene right outside their door, where his two daughters were having some fun together, watching them.

Phil, though, was completely in the zone as his wife sucked on his cock and he knew he wasn't far away from reaching his orgasm. Imagining his daughters were aiding his wife, he began to moan louder, grabbing a hold of Claire's blonde hair and guiding her actions.

Haley sensed that her father was close to cumming, having had her own head grabbed when she'd been giving a blowjob before, and sped up the rate with which she was masturbating her sister. Although her own pussy was getting no pleasure, Haley couldn't help but find that this was one of the greatest sexual experiences of her short life so far.

Haley slipped a finger inside Alex's pussy and felt her sister's body shudder as she experienced even more pleasure. Haley suddenly became determined to make these mutual orgasms and focused on giving her sister as much pleasure as possible to ensure that she climaxed with her dad.

"I'm gonna cum, baby," Phil told his wife as she sucked his cock hard, "make me cum. Show your daughters how you make me produce so much cum."

It was these words that seemed to push Alex over the edge too, combined with the fact it was her older sister who was pleasuring her. As her father squirted his load deep inside her mother's mouth, Claire taking it like the sex demon she was, Alex couldn't help but let out a little moan as she released her own juices over Haley's fingers.

End of Part One


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