Modern Family: A Whole New Meaning To Modern Family Part 2 (MFFf,inc,oral)
by Tom Seaton

"Am I dreaming?" Phil said out loud as he opened his eyes to the sight he'd been imagining all evening. His wife was crouched on the bed, her lips just leaving his cock with his cum inside her mouth but it was the sight past that which had him questioning whether he was awake or not.

His two daughters were sat in the doorway to their room and Haley's hand was on Alex's pussy, having just masturbated her to orgasm. He placed his hand on his wife's head, guiding her off his cock and tilted it slowly towards the doorway where the most erotic sight he'd seen in a long while was currently positioned.

Claire let out a gasp as the cum that remained in her mouth dribbled down her chin and onto the bedsheets. She couldn't believe her eyes, either. Her two daughters, who she'd been fascinating about all evening, were in the doorway to their bedroom and she could see Haley's fingers in Alex's mouth with Alex's pussy on show; that could mean only one thing.

"Girls, why don't you come in here?" Claire asked, surprised at her own forwardness as Haley and Alex got to their feet, not embarrassed to cover up their naked bottom halves and stepped into the room.

Haley and Alex couldn't believe it either. They knew their parents were going to catch them the moment Alex had let out a little moan of orgasmic joy but they hadn't expected this. The girls clambered up on the bed, both of them looking from their father to their mother, unsure what to expect.

"Well, girls," Claire said, moving to the top of the bed to sit next to her husband, "what were you doing outside our room?"

Alex was about to answer when Haley decided to test the waters, "It was me, mom," she said, looking directly at her mother. "I caught you two having some fun and then Alex did too. I couldn't stop myself and had to play with her."

Phil's cock began to grow again as he heard his eldest daughter's words, something that wasn't unnoticed by all three of the females on the bed.

"Looks like daddy liked hearing that," Claire said, eyeing her husband's cock with lust once more. "What was it that turned our two little sluts on?"

"Imagining us, mummy," said Alex, cottoning on to her sister's plan. "Imagining us being taught by you."

At these words, Claire felt her pussy begin to tingle and she knew she shouldn't, but she couldn't help herself admiring her two daughters' bodies. Haley noticed her mother doing this and decided to test the waters further, unzipping her dress and taking it off, exposing her naked body.

"Haley, what are you doing?" Phil asked his eldest daughter, though he couldn't stop thinking about how good a body she had.

"What you want me to daddy," Haley responded, looking directly at her father's hardening cock, "and don't you want to see this too?"

Phil and Claire's eyes widened further in shock as Haley grabbed hold of Alex and began to remove the dress that was currently covering her developed breasts. Before they knew it, both Haley and Alex were naked like them on their bed and looking at their parents seductively.

The two parents were then stunned even more as Haley turned to Alex and began to make out with her younger sister, something Alex hadn't been expecting but didn't shy away from once it had started. She'd always had a crush on her big sister and now she was naked and trying to kiss her, there was no way she was going to let that opportunity go astray.

Claire couldn't deny that the sight of her two daughters making out, butt naked, on their bed was something that turned her on no end. She felt her pussy begin to tingle once more and lowered her hands down to see how wet she was; it was soaked.

She looked at her husband and smiled. This was Phil's fantasy, she could tell from the dirty smile on his face and he was stroking his cock absent-mindedly as his two daughters made out. Claire just wished Luke was back from Jay and Gloria's so that they could have a proper Dunphy gangbang but this would have to do.

Claire replaced Phil's hand with her own as he turned to look at her. She smiled at him and turned to watch her two daughters as they began exploring each other's bodies, still making out, their hands running over each other's breasts.

Alex would never have imagined doing this in a million years but the moment Haley's hand had replaced her own outside their parents' bedroom, she knew it was what she wanted. She'd always been curious about girls, how could you not be with a sister like Haley, but she'd never wanted to act on it until now.

Phil was in complete ecstasy. His wife was jerking his cock, clearly turned on, as he watched his two daughters experiment with each other, playing with their tits in front of him. The only thing that could make this better was if Gloria was here, he thought to himself.

Haley wanted nothing more than to suck her dad's cock but right now, her mum was occupying that particular toy and so she concentrated on giving her sister the best first girl-girl experience of her life. Haley had fooled around with her friends but this was the first time she'd tasted another girl's boob as she lowered her lips around Alex's nipples.

The moment Claire saw Haley lean in and take Alex's tits in her mouth, she knew they were in it for the long haul. With that in mind, she'd have plenty of time to play with her daughters later and she decided she needed her husband's cock back inside her.

Claire moved down the bed and clambered on top of her husband. She took hold of his cock and guided it back inside her wet pussy, all the time watching as Alex sucked on Haley's tits, guided by the elder sibling's movements. This brought back fond memories, she thought to herself.

Claire began to bounce on her husband's cock as she watched her two daughters play with each other, getting closer and closer to tasting each other's pussies. Claire's mind cast back to all the times she'd had fun with Mitchell in her room, before her brother had realised his sexuality, and the time their parents had caught them.

Phil was shocked at how cool his wife had been about what their daughters had started doing because, although he knew she fantasized about them, watching them play with each other was something different entirely. He wasn't complaining though, grabbing her hips and guiding her, as she bounced on his cock, both of them watching their offspring.

The moment Haley had seen her mother clamber back onto her father's dick, she knew there was a chance she'd be getting to fulfill her secret taboo fantasy of fucking her parents. As she held Alex's head to her large tits, watching her parents fuck, she couldn't have seen her night ending in a better manner.

Alex had no idea that her mother was now fucking her father, she was just making sure she was not passing up this opportunity to try out girls. Her sister was holding her head firmly in place as she took Haley's nipples in her mouth and she decided to chance her arm, slowly lowering her hand down to rub her elder sister's pussy.

Haley moaned as she felt her younger sister's hand reach her dripping wet pussy and she was silently impressed at her sister's boldness. Haley had always wondered why Alex hadn't had many boyfriends and maybe this was why; her sister seemed to have a thing for pussies.

Claire was bouncing hard and fast on her husband's cock now, both of the parents in their element as they watched their daughters experiment and they were both nearing their orgasm much sooner than they wanted to. Claire slowed down the fuck and sat on her husband's cock, rubbing her tits as she watched the action further down the bed.

Haley saw her mother slow down the fuck so she could watch and decided it would only be right for Alex and her to gift their parents a show. Haley laid down on the bed and pulled Alex on top of her, in the 69 position, her sister not removing her glasses at her request.

The moment both girls felt a tongue on their pussies, they couldn't contain their delight, moaning into their sister. Phil resumed the fucking of his wife, not being able to do nothing with such a hot show going on and soon the room was filled with two hot sex shows.

The Dunphy family would quite never be the same again as Claire and Phil continued to fuck while they watched their two young daughters, Haley and Alex, experiment with each other sexually, completely naked, licking each other's pussies.

"Imagine if Luke was here too, honey," Phil moaned to his wife as she bounced on his cock and he suddenly felt her speed up. Clearly she'd thought about fucking all three of her children.

Alex and Haley both felt their pussies tingle even more when they heard their father mention their younger brother's name. Their parents had been thinking about fucking all three of them and, although neither of the Dunphy girls had thought about their little brother, now their father mentioned it, they suddenly pictured a gangbang.

"You girls like your first taste of pussy?" Claire moaned as she watched her two daughters lick each other.

Both girls moaned in agreement as they continued to feast on each other's pussies and Claire knew that she was going to cum soon. But she suddenly realised she didn't want to cum on her husband's cock, she wanted one of her daughters to lick her to climax.

"Does one of you wanna come and show mummy what you've learnt?" Claire said, clambering off Phil's cock and moving herself up the bed to lie next to her husband.

Alex and Haley could hardly believe their ears. Their mother was willingly offering for one of them to come and lick her pussy and they guessed that meant the other would get to play with their father's cock. Alex clambered off Haley and exchanged a look with her sister; who was going where.

Seeing as Haley had initiated the two girls having any fun at all and it was probably for this reason they were where they were now, Alex was more than happy to let Haley decide where she wanted to go. Haley nodded her head to Alex to encourage her to fulfil her mother's wishes and the younger sister moved up the bed towards her mum.

Claire pulled her youngest daughter up to clamber on top of her and the two began to make out incestuously, their naked bodies grinding on each other. Haley watched and began to rub her own pussy, waiting for her father's instructions which she knew were going to come.

"Why don't you come and play with me?" Phil said, taking his wife's lead and addressing Haley.

Haley smiled at her father's words and clambered up to join her father at the top of the bed. She felt a little weird about kissing him, so instead grabbed hold of his cock immediately and began stroking it up and down just as she'd done many times before to both her boyfriends and random guys.

Phil moaned as he felt his eldest daughter begin to stroke his cock and he laid back in complete ecstasy. She had a similar technique to her mother and he reached out his hand and took his wife's with it for reassurance. Claire didn't mind in the slightest, though, as Alex had decided it was time to show her mum what her sister had taught her.

Alex had made her way down her mother's body and had arrived at the shaven pussy that had so recently come off her father's cock. Reaching out a hand, she began to rub it gently, hardly daring to believe how turned on she was at this incestuous gangbang that was now occurring.

Claire moaned as she felt her youngest daughter begin to masturbate her and squeezed her husband's hand tightly as he, too, was pleasured by their offspring. Alex and Haley picked up the pace, growing into their masturbation techniques and soon were making their parents moan louder than they had been when they were fucking one another.

The two daughters exchanged looks and nodded fervently, before deciding to take it one step further. As Alex brought her lips to her mother's pussy and began to kiss and lick it passionately, Haley opened her mouth wide and took her father's cock inside her mouth, giving him a blowjob.

Claire and Phil Dunphy both moaned simultaneously as they each received oral sex from one of their daughters, Alex licking her mother's clit while Haley sucked on her father's cock. They know they shouldn't be allowing this but it felt too good to turn away from now.

Both parents reached out and grabbed their daughters' heads, holding them to their sexual organs as they received pleasure. Alex loved having the pressure of her mother's hands on the back of her head as she flicked her tongue along Claire's pussy, while Haley had always preferred giving guy-controlled blowjobs so was in her element when her father placed his hands on her head and began to guide her movements.

Both parents were nearing their orgasms and they both knew it wasn't because the girls were exceptional at what they were doing, it was because of the situation. The two young Dunphys were doing a fantastic job but Claire and Phil had fucked enough times to know that their horniness was what was going to bring them to their climax.

"Fuck yes, Alex," Claire moaned as she held her daughter's head to her pussy, "make mommy cum."

Hearing his wife moan out that she was nearly at her orgasm thanks to the pussy-licking skills of his youngest daughter, nearly made Phil squirt his load in Haley's mouth. However, he managed to control his orgasm long enough to warn her that he, too, was reaching his climax.

"Haley, I'm gonna cum," Phil warned his daughter, but when she didn't stop sucking his cock, he squirted his load into her mouth, watching as it dribbled out and onto the bedsheets below.

Claire looked over to see her husband's cum dribbling down the face of her eldest daughter and this was enough to push her to her own orgasm. She held Alex's head to her pussy as she climaxed hard, giving her youngest daughter all her juices and spraying her face with them, cumming harder than she had done in a long, long time.

Alex and Haley removed their heads from their respective parents and turned to look at each other, smiling broadly. The two girls moved together and began to make out, exchanging the cum between their mouths as their mother and father recovered.

Claire and Phil exchanged a look with each other and seemed to decide what was going to happen next, not that the sisters were aware of this, busy kissing each other passionately. Suddenly, they felt hands on their bodies as their parents made their way down the bed, instructing the girls to move up the other end.

Alex and Haley did so, hardly daring to believe what could be about to happen, so horny now that they didn't care if anything happened to them as long as this didn't stop. The two girls laid down, spreading their legs, inviting their parents to pleasure them and Claire and Phil moved into position.

The parents decided it was time to let the other daughter have a play with the other parent and so as Claire began to rub Haley's pussy, Phil did the same to his youngest daughter. They'd made a silent agreement that they wouldn't fuck properly today; if the girls enjoyed this, they'd have plenty of time for that in the future.

Haley and Alex began to moan as their parents slowly rubbed their pussies, using all their experience and advancing years. Haley had never had another person rub her pussy, Dylan refused to finger her, while Alex had only had Haley do it moments previously, so this was a brand new experience for both of them.

Claire pushed her fingers inside Haley's pussy and was delighted to see how wet the young girl was; clearly her mother masturbating her was turning her on. Eventually she could take it no longer and brought her lips down to her daughter's pussy, licking along it, her first taste of a girl since the days when she'd fooled around as a teen.

Phil watched his wife go down on his daughter and heard how loudly Haley moaned and realised there was nothing for it but to do the same to Alex. He bent his head and began to lick pussy for the second time that day, surprised at how similar the taste of his daughter's pussy was to his wife's.

Soon, the room was filled with the moans of Alex and Haley as their father and mother licked their pussies respectively, and did so with great experience. Both of them knew exactly where to lick and what made them feel good and the girls finally understood why their mother moaned so loud when she fucked; they'd heard her several times.

Both Haley and Alex could feel their orgasms building and they grabbed each other's hand as their parents buried their heads in their pussies. Haley didn't know what made her do it but as she turned to look at her sister, she really wanted to kiss her, and brought her head forward, planting a kiss on her lips.

Alex, although surprised, reciprocated the kiss and the two sisters began making out once more as their pussies were eaten by their parents, both of them in total ecstasy. As Claire and Phil looked up from the pussies to see the two girls making out, they smiled, knowing this was now going to be a regular thing.

Suddenly, the two girls broke apart as they both hit their orgasms simultaneously, covering their parents' faces in hot, sticky cum. Claire and Phil lapped up the juices with glee, before exchanging a passionate kiss as the girls did the same.

Then, the four family members looked at each other and decided that they were done for the day, even though they knew it wouldn't be the last time they played together. Who knows, maybe they'd get Luke involved next time.


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