Modern Family: Claire And Dylan (MF,oral,F-dom,rough)
by Tom Conners ([email protected])

Claire Dunphy sighed as she lent forward to pull the dried clothing from the machine. The house was empty aside from her, and once again she was left with the thankless task of keeping the place clean and the family with everything they needed to survive. As always, it came down to her.
At least she was alone and had some time to herself. The kids were at school, and Phil was out of town on some big conference. Thinking on it, she had no real idea what it was about. He'd been going on about it for a while now, but when he got excited about things Claire tending to tune him out until it started causing her problems, which it normally did.

As she lent forward, the loosely tied belt on her sheer robe fell open, exposing the body underneath. She hadn't gotten dressed after her shower once she'd got back from her run, it had seemed pointless just to do some housework, and was just wearing the blank panties and bra that had been the first thing she had grabbed from the closet. As alone as she was, she wasn't in the habit of wondering around doing housework naked, not with the families tendency of popping around unannounced.
And if anyone did, well it wasn't as if she wasn't proud of her body. As much as she thought she probably shouldn't admit it, she liked being looked at. For a woman her age she knew she looked good, and still got a lot of stares and guys trying to pick her up at the gym. While she didn't have the body of her youth, her breast were still high and firm, and she worked hard to keep her ass and belly taut. There was no harm in a little flirting, and she make the most of it.

As she pulled the last of the clothing out and threw it into the basket she realised the did not recognise the pair of boxers that had ended up on top. They were dark and loose, whereas Phil preferred the tight briefs she hated. Where had these come from?

"Dylan." She spoke as the answer hit her. She must have got them from Haley's room without noticing when she collected the clothing. Then it struck her to think what the hell was Dylan doing taking off his boxers in her eldest daughter's room.

Dylan. When was that going to stop being an issue? Claire knew that Haley knew her mother didn't approve of her seeing him, although not for the real reason.

The fact was, Claire knew, was that she was ridiculously attracted to Haley's young boyfriend. Like mother like daughter, Haley had found a man who was exactly Claire's type when she had been that age; tall, slim, and dumb as fuck. In school and college Claire had gone through boys and men like Dylan like a knife through butter.

As much as she hated to admit it, Claire knew Haley was going to turn out just like her; fucking and sucking a hundred guys like Dylan before she settled down. Claire had loved guys like that, hot and dumb enough to do whatever she told them. There was something about the stupid ones, they didn't think about what they were doing, for them sex was was just an animal instinct that come to them. As much as she loved Phil, he was always trying so hard, and it never got her off in the way those guys had when she was younger.

And Dylan? Dylan was perfect. From the first time Haley had introduced them Claire had felt herself go weak at the sight, barely able to keep her eyes of the tall, firm teenager. She'd barely been able to keep still, watching his finger plucking the strings of his guitar and imagining them doing the same thing inside her wet panties. That night she had fingered herself into such a climax she thought she'd wake Phil.

He reminded her of Danny, one of her conquests at college. Like Dylan, he'd been tall with wavy hair and a aspiring musician. And one of the best fucks she'd ever had. She'd been putty in his hands, and he'd have been able to get so much more out of her if he'd been smart enough to think further ahead than the immediate and frequent offers of her pussy when she needed a good fuck. Try and have a conversation with him and you'd despair, but in the bedroom he was a master. He had instinct that seemed to know how her body reacted before even she did.

And then there was the weekend she met his dad. That had been a weekend to remember.

She'd met up with him once, by chance, at a reunion with some other friends, about 10 years ago, and discovered that he still had all the same talents. She rarely cheated on Phil, but there were some guys that she was just powerless to avoid.

It was a moment before Claire realised that she'd been stood there staring and Dylan's boxers for a good couple of minutes, rubbing them with her fingers as if somehow they could give her the same sensations he could. She wasn't sure whether it had been memories of Danny or thoughts of Dylan that had been running around her head, but she could feel herself tingle downstairs, pushing her crotch against the basket. Her panties were sticking to her slightly in a way that made it clear that she was wet.

'Damn it Haley, why did you have to bring him here?' she thought. The number of times Claire had found herself thinking about Dylan while fucking Phil, she couldn't remember. It didn't help that she was finding herself more and more horny recently. She'd never had a low sex drive, but in the last five years or so she was finding she could never get enough. Phil was adequate, but more and more Claire was having to deal with herself during the day, and a had found herself allowing guys to pick her up at the gym two or three times when the mood had overtaken her and their hot, longing gazes had been too much for her to resist.

'Right, stop it Claire,' she thought. She'd get this washing done and back in everyone's rooms, then quickly go and sort herself out. She knew that now she was excited she wouldn't be able to concentrate until she had made herself cum, her body wouldn't let her. She smiled. It wasn't exactly that she minded having to do this. She had a rabbit, a vivid imagination and the house to herself. All she had to do was put the door on the latch and pick a room.

Her mind was already wandering as she went to each room, pulling out her children's clothes and dropping them roughly on their beds, so that when she walked into Haley's room she wasn't sure for a moment whether she was still day dreaming, or whether Dylan was really standing there with nothing but a towel wrapped around his young, tight, firm body.

"Mrs. Dunphy!"

His voice shook Claire from her revery, and she stared at the object of her barely repressed, unwelcome desires. He looked shocked, unsurprisingly unable to think of anything to say. For a moment she said nothing. Her eyes slid up and down his body of their own accord, taking him all in. She'd never seen him in such a state of undress before, and it made her mouth water. She felt a flush of heat rush to her loins, imagining the sensations of running her mouth up that chest. He hands gripped the plastic basket as sexual desire flooded her.

"What the hell are you doing here Dylan?" she demanded, shaking herself out of her stuper, though still admiring him as much as she could while desperately trying to appear angry rather than horny. "Did you stay the night here?"

"I'm sorry Mrs. Dunphy," he stammered, looking around. "I feel asleep, and Haley said you were all going to be out so to sneak out when the house was empty, but I didn't know you were still in."

"I was gone for about two hours."

"I know. I fell asleep and didn't know how late it was."

"Why the hell are you undressed?"

"I thought you were out, so I was going to grab a shower."

The question made Claire realise that his eyes were on her body just as much as hers were on his. Her robe was still undone, hanging open and revealing her toned body in the black underwear, and the way she was holding the clothes basket was preventing her from pulling it shut. The sight of him looking at her sent more excitement through her, and Claire began to feel a desperate need to do something to the boy in front of her. She was losing the admittedly weak battle with herself; finding him here, all alone and all hers. He was exactly what she wanted, what her body needed. The shock of finding him here, alone and all hers, combined with the arousal she had already been feeling, and she knew that she was going to be unable to hold herself back. Her blood was pounding at the sight of him, and from the bulge growing under the towel he was trying to hold up he was enjoying the sight of her chest heaving from the excitement she felt.

Dropping the basket she took a step towards him, letting the robe flab open. Nervous, he took a step back, sure she was going to scream at him. 'Oh I'm going to scream for you Dylan,' she thought, 'and you're going to make me. Why should Haley have all the fun?'

"Are you fucking my daughter?" she heard herself ask, looking up at him slyly. She wasn't sure why, she just found that she needed to know. It was kind of hot to picture her little girl getting pounded by this perfect specimen of a man, her little legs waving and kicking in experimental excitement, especially knowing she was going to discover what that was like.

"Mrs. Dunphy, I'm sorry..." Dylan stuttered, clearly nervous about answering. Claire knew at once that he had. If the boxers hadn't been enough, the look on his face gave it away. That was it. The thought of Haley's tiny little body writhing and moaning under Dylan's movements, taking him like the little slut Claire knew she would be, was too much. She could feel her swollen pussy against the material of her panties, and the excitement of anticipation she remembered all too well from college overwhelmed her.

Steping forward, she grabbed hold of the towel around Dylan's waist and pulled it away in one sudden movement. Taken by surprise, Dylan let go, and just stood there naked before her. His cock sprung up instantly, thick and hard. Claire smiled. It was perfect, thick but not too long. She wanted her cunt stretched, not her kidney's jabbed. Grabbing it in one hand she pulled herself in and pressed her lips against his.

She slid her tongue into his mouth and felt his react, pushing against hers without thinking. She shut her eyes and inhaled. He seemed frozen, all apart from his questing tongue and the twitching cock in her hands. She could smell it, the scent of a man's excitement in her nostrils, and it made her even wetter than she was already. She was past the point of no return.

Slowly she began to slide her hand along Dylan's dick, pulling the skin back as she slid her palm to the base, then back up to cradle the thick head. She felt him moan into her mouth. 'Oh yeah, this is going to feel so damn good.'

She reached around and put her other hand on the back of his head, pulling it into her. God, it felt good to have a full head of long, tousled hair in her hands. At her urging, his tongue began to move more and more, probing her mouth and caressing her tongue. She was right, he was like the others, stupid enough to move by instinct instead of thinking.

Eventually he came out of the trance and his hands came around onto her body. She shuddered at the touch as he immediately grabbed her ass through the robe. 'Just like a teenager,' she thought, smiling as his hands slowly clenched the firm, pert flesh of her cheeks. She pushed against them to show she enjoyed it, and they gripped harder.

He was hers now.

Stepping back, Claire pulled away from the kiss. She was breathing heavily now, desperate to taste this young man, to sample and take him. Dylan's eyes were locked on her chest as it moved, straining against the thin material of her bra. It had been so long since she'd had a good, hard, fuck form a young guy desperate for a hot MILF like Claire Dunphy, she was going to make the most of it. She knew that my the end of the day she was going to have trouble walking.

Smiling up at his dumbstruck face and, biting her lip playfully, Claire pushed the robe off her shoulders and dropped to her knees so his throbbing cock was staring her in the face.

"Mrs. Dunphy!"

"Shut up," she instructed, holding his cock firmly in her hands. "Haley isn't going to know, but you are going to shut the hell up and fuck me, and fuck me good, you understand?"

Without waiting for a response, she took his head in her mouth and gently bit down. She kept her eyes on his face, and saw the look of ecstasy as her teeth applied just the right amount of pressure. Her tongue slid around and caressed him, probing the small slit at the tip as her hands found his tight ballsack and began to stroke it with the tips of her fingers. Dylan shuddered and gasped. Claire loved the look of shocked excitement on his face. Yes, she was going to have some fun with this one.

"God, Mrs. Dunphy, Haley isn't half as good at this as you."

'Of course not,' thought Claire, 'she's just a girl. It wasn't until the second year of college I learned to do this...'

Closing her eyes, Claire lifted herself up on her knees and pushed her mouth around Dylan's think head. She kept pushing as it hit her throat, relaxing her muscles and swallowing reflexly as she took it all in. Her mouth was filled with the sweet taste of cock and she felt herself reacting as she always did sucking a strange dick for the first time, taking it all the way down her slutty throat. Her panties were soaked by now, and her hips began to move, pushing forward in her desire for filling.

Dylan gasped and moaned. "Fuck, Mrs. Dunphy!" and put his hand on her head, grabbing a handful of her hair. She was right about dumb guys knowing what to do, as he pushed her head down a little further, making her gag just a little, enough to caress his moist head with the back of her throat, and then let her go as she began to get out of breath.

'The boy's a natural,' thought Claire. She was getting really hot now. She felt as if there was a swimming pool in her panties, dripping down her thigh. She grabbed Dylan's ass and continued to slide her mouth up and down his shaft, slurping all around, letting him hear her work. She knew some guys loved hearing the slurps and gags she made. Phil didn't, and it was one of things that bothered her about her sex life; he wasn't quite as filthy as she'd like. But then, she'd always believed that the one time who could think trash about your husband was when another man's cock was inside you.

Unable to help herself, one hand slid down her body and into the waistband of her panties. Her pussy was swollen and hot, and she began to moan as her fingers worked her wet lips, pulling them apart and probing inside. With her free hand she grasped Dylan's sopping wet cock and began to wank it, taking his balls in her mouth and playing with them with her tongue.

"So? Who's better at that Dylan?" She teased. "Me or Haley."

"God, you are Mrs. Dunphy," he answered, too dumb to even try to defend his girlfriend.

"She'll get better."

"Um, won't Mr. Dunphy mind about this?" he asked, looking around as if there were other people still in the house.

Claire scowled, pulling her hand from her cunt and standing in front of him. Roughly she grabbed his hair and pulled him in to kiss him, her tongue forcing its way into his willing mouth.

Immediately his hands were on her body, caressing and kneading her as she ground against his leg, her pussy juice coming through the sodden material of her panties and onto his strong limb. He didn't seem to care about the taste of his cock on her mouth, and that just drove even more wild.
"Look, do you want to talk about Phil, or do you want to fuck his wife?" she said, running her nails down his flat chest.


Roughly, Claire pushed him back so he fell onto Haley's unmade bed. Yep, he was too dumb to be allowed to talk, but was showing all the signs of good instincts in his actions. Best to just keep it at that.

"Look, just shut the fuck up," she straddled his body, turning around so her dripping, aching cunt was above his face, "And eat your girlfriend's mothers hot cunt while she chokes on your dick."

With that she sat, pushing her cunt into his face and grabbing his cock with both hands. Hungrily was resumed sucking on the delicious young meat, revelling in the taste and texture of the cock she'd wanted ever since she'd first met him. She felt like a teenager again, and it brought back all the memories of her youth, and she was determined to make the most of it.

After a moment or two's hesitation she finally felt Dylan's tongue begin to explore her. He was tentative at first, but quickly began to work up speed. The tip first ran up and down her red, swollen lips, then she shuddered and moaned as it slid over her clit. As she pushed back he slid it between her lips and inside her, sliding even farther than she was expecting. Taking him out of her mouth she arched her back, moaning for him to continue. Reaching up, he took her pert ass cheeks in his hands and pulled them apart and began to run his tongue up and down, from her clit to her asshole and back, over and over again, stopping occasionally to probe inside her and bring more juice flowing all over his face.

God he was good! Each touch of his sent electricity flooding through her, zapping back and forth through her body. She'd ceased pleasuring him now, unable to concentrate with the experting eating she was getting, and now just had her hands on his strong thighs while she rode his face, pushing and bucking back and forth as he ate her, willing him deeper. He knew exactly what he was doing, as all dumb teen boys did. He wasn't thinking, just going on instinct, and in doing so was bringing out a side of Claire that hadn't been let free in years.

"Oh God Dylan!, Don't stop! There, right there! Yes!" Claire was on the brink now, moaning at the top of her voice and Dylan's tongue didn't seem to even be getting tired. As she yelled it stopped moving around and just flicked faster and faster in one spot. Sitting up she reached behind her and grabbed his shaggy hair and held his head in place. His tongue was on the base of her clit, and with every flick was sending shocks so intense they were almost pain.

"Yes! There... there... faster, faster Dylan eat my clit! Eat it! Eat.... oh... ooohh, I'm cumming.... cuuuummmmmm......."

Her cry ending in a wordless moan as the climax sent her into wild throws. She began to uncontrollably fuck the young teen's face. Reflexively he thrust his tongue out as far as it would go and she rode it for a good twenty seconds, cumming hard all over his face, until she fell forward off him, gasping for air.

After a moment Claire found the energy to lift her hand and turn herself around. Dylan's face was glistening with her cum, and a dazed expression was on his face. God, even after that her pussy was still aching for him. She let her gaze linger over him or a moment, then moved to kiss him deeply. She tasted herself and his hands found her body. She could feel his eagerness as he pulled her tits from the tight black bra and began to fondle them. She began to suck her cum from him face, running her tongue all over him, then down his neck and onto his chest. God he felt and tasted so good. She had to have him.

"Mmmm, that's a good start," she said with a knowing smile on her face. "But now I need something else. And I think you're wanting something as well, don't you?"

"Yes Mrs. Dunphy."

"Dylan, you've made me cum and I'm about to give you the fuck of your life. You can call me Claire."

"OK. Claire."

"Good boy. Now come here. We're going to make a mess that won't be explainable on Haley's bed."

Standing, she pulled Dylan up and grabbed his outstanding cock in her hand. She pulled him along the hallway and into the bedroom, shedding her panties as she did so. Standing in front of her and Phil's bed she reached behind herself and removed her bra. Dylan came up behind her, eager and ready, pressing his body against her. Reaching around he grabbed her tits and began to play with them, running the nipples in his fingers and cupping the firm flesh. Even after three kids, Claire knew she had amazing tits. His thick cock pressed between her cheeks, and Claire could feel herself want him, need him. She couldn't wait much longer, and from the feel of it neither could he.
She reach behind her and pulled his head down, and he nussled her neck. "Right, you're going to fuck me now, your going to give me that sweet, thick cock and you're going to make me cum hard, you got that?"

"Yes, Mrs... Claire."

"You're not going to treat me like Haley's mom, you're not going to treat me like Phil's wife, you're not going to treat me like any kind of lady." She pulled away and sat back on the bed. Sliding back she opened her legs and exposed her yearning, dripping cunt. Immediately he knelt between her thighs, his eyes on her pussy and his cock twitching. She reached out and grabbed it, halting him.

"You get it? You're going to fuck me, and use me, just like I'm going to fuck you and use you. This isn't making love, this is fucking me hard until I cum? You got that."

"Yes," He was clearly getting impatient now, but she knew how to build it up. She was going to get what she wanted, and he was almost there.

"You understand" she asked again.

"Yes, Claire." His cock was pushing against her hand.

"What are you going to do?"

Suddenly he grabbed her hands at the wrists and pushed her back, pinning her down. 'Yes!' thought Claire. 'This is it!' She'd driving him to the point where his instinct had taken him over, and now he was ready.

"I'm going to fuck you," he said, and pound you, and use your slut cunt."

With that he thrust forward, and his thick, engorged cock plunged into her sopping wet, burning cunt. As the thick head slid in between the waiting lips, Claire moaned loudly at the sensations of her cunt stretching to accommodate the thick meat. In one movement Dylan penetrated her all the way, smoothly filling her willing body completely until the hilt pressed up against her exposed clit. His body fell on top of her, and she lent in, biting his strong neck as he groaned in pleasure. Her legs lifted and opened as far as they could to accommodate him as much as possible, and he pulled back, stoping just as it felt his head would leave her body, creating a momentary panic in Claire that he would pull out completely and take away the overwhelming sensations he was giving her, before pushing back in again. She reached around and dug her nails into his taut, sinewy back as he continued to screw her. Her tits were crushed against his chest, and she could hear him moaning and he thrust. As his strong young body began to build up a steady rhythm Claire's hands slide down his back and grabbed his ass, pulling him in deeper, all the time staring up and the ceiling.

"That's it Dylan! Fuck me! God, you're so fucking good!"

Dylan said nothing, but pushed himself up onto his hands. Letting go of his ass Claire grabbed handfuls of his hair and pulled her mouth to his. His hungry tongue found hers and they probed each others mouths deeply. Claire could taste herself on him. She flexed her hands in his hair, god how she love long touseled hair like this. She was so fucking horny, if Phil and Haley walked in now she didn't think she'd even stop. Why had she waited so long to take this perfect young boy for herself? He was wasted on Haley.

Then Dylan pulled away from her and, grabbing her legs, pulled her to the edge of the bed so her ass was just hanging off. Standing up in front of her, he slid his hands under her cheeks and pulled her up so her legs were around his waist. Looking down on her with the closest thing to concentration Claire had ever seen on his face, he began to fuck her again, his hands gripping her ass. The look in his eyes was driving Claire mad, the lust and desire, and she knew she must look the same. God, he was perfect; slim and taut, every muscle straining as his eager body let itself do what came naturally.

Gasping and open mouthed, Claire took her tits in her hands and started playing with them, licking the sweat and cum from her lips. Dylan's eyes lit up, and she smiled up at him.

"You like that Dylan? Am I turning you on?"

"God Mrs... I mean Claire, you're so hot. I can't believe I'm fucking Haley's mom like this."

"Well keep it up, and you'll get even more."

"Haley doesn't do anything like this?"

Claire bit back a stab of irritation that he kept mentioning her, but in the back of her mind, as he continued to fuck her and her legs kicked at this side, she found some small part of her found the image of her eldest daughters young body beneath this hunk of man, young, naked and inexperienced, somehow erotic. The thought that the cock inside her tight, wet cunt had also been inside her daughter made her... hot? Was that wrong?

But she had no more chance to think on it, as Dylan braced his legs, put one hand behind her head and lifted her off the bed, pulling her eager lips to his. As he pushed his tongue into her mouth again and she wrapped her arms around his head, drinking him in, her weight pushed her down even deeping onto his upward pointing cock. Grabbing her ass he began to lift her up and down his shaft, soaked from her wild pussy. She could feel the juice dripping from around the base of his cock and running down her leg. God, but she was a slut when her body did this to her? Did it happen to every woman at her age, or just the ones with boys like Dylan around?

Pulling away from the kiss she looked Dylan in the eye. Both of them were gasping and moaning as they screwed, and she could see he was just as powerless to stop this as she was.

"Sit down on the bed. Now!"

Obediently he did so, turning around and dropping into a sitting position. Stretching her legs out, Claire pulled his head down to her tits and lend back, slowly bucking her hips. As his mouth found her rock hard nipple she gasped, the sensation racking through her. He took one breast in each hand and moved his mouth from one nipple to the other, swapping between them as he massaged her flesh, lost in the moment. The older woman moaned as his mouth found her, the ecstasy almost too much. Her soft tits filled his strong hands, and her erect nipples pressed against his soft palms, while callased fingers kneaded her. She felt so good, giving herself to him, giving in to her desire and just letting her lust take over. Running her fingers in her hands she revelled in the feeling of his youth, his desire, his animal instincts for what would make her body respond.

Having had his fill over her tits, Dylan lifted his head up and sought out her lips once again, and eagerly she let him press his mouth to hers, her lips opening to accept his think, probing tongue. He was moaning deeply as he thrust his hips forward, his breath in his mouth, filling her with his scent. He reached down and slide his hands around to cup her ass again, and stopped when his fingers rested with their rough ends resting between her tight cheeks, just either side of her puckered asshole. Slowly he began to push and rub, and Claire's eyes opened wide and she gasped. She could feel the climax building as his cock stretched her and his fingers worked her. She lend into him, moaning his name and biting his neck again, which just worked to drive him to work harder.
Putting her hands on his shoulders, Claire shoved her young toy back onto the bed and looked down at him as she rode. God he was beautiful, slim and firm, but strong and obviously full of stamina. He was staring at her body with a look of amazement and desire, and his hands slid up her belly and started groping her hanging breasts again, kneading the flesh and pulling at her nipples.

"God Claire," he moaned, "You're so hot. I never thought you were like this."

Claire groaned, running her nails down his chest. She was getting close; her pussy was burning and it felt like a fire was building in her belly. He really was perfect.

She bit her lip, staring him in the eye aggressively. "Mmm? Tell me. Tell me how hot I am."

"So fucking hot."

"You like fucking me?"


"Your girlfriends mom?"


"Am I hotter than her? Am I better at fucking you?"

"God yes, you're so good."

"Tell me to fuck you."

"Fuck me."

"Order me!" she demanded. "Order me to ride your think cock!"

"Fuck me, Mrs. Dunphy," he snarled, excited. "Fuck me like your daughter fucks me!"

It was too much for Claire. "Take me from behind," she said, getting off him and getting on her knees. "Pound me cunt and make me cum right here on my bed."

Dylan quickly pushed himself up behind her, determined not to be outside her sweet pussy any longer than necessary. Roughly he took hold of her hips and shoved himself into her yearning cunt once more and started to really pound her. Raising his hand he slapped her ass hard, leaving a red mark on her cheek and making her scream out loud.

"Yes! Again! Harder!"

Again and against Dylan slapped her ass, one cheek as a time. Claire was crying out now, not letting up as the sensations and pleasure built. Her belly and cunt were on fire, and she could feel her pussy leaking already. How long had it been since she'd been fucked this well? Should couldn't remember. She couldn't think of anything other than how good Dylan's body felt inside her own.

"I'm cumming, I'm there," she yelled, "Grab my hair and fuck me, you little bastard!"

Instantly Dylan grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and pulled, stretching her head back, and at the same time began to redouble his efforts to slam into her cunt. Claire felt herself tip over the edge, and as his dick filled her one more time, abusing her tight married body, the fire inside her exploded. Her hand found her clit and started rubbing as hard as she could and her body began to twitch.

"Godddddddd! Yeeeeeeessssssssssss! Dylannnnn!" She screamed as he pounded her. The orgasm rocked her body and her face fell into the crumpled duvet beneath her, muffling her moans. Unlike Phil, Dylan kept going, and her climax rode and feel for what felt like an indeterminable amount of time. All Claire could do was lie there, her face in the bed cloths, screaming and moaning as the young boy fucked her still, his hands on her hips again and giving him more leverage until she could take no more.

"Stop." she managed to gasp back at him. "On the floor... now. I need your cum, I want it. Taste it."

She was almost to weak to move, but eagerly at her urging he grabbed her body and pulled it down the bed and dropped her to the floor, shoving his dripping cock into her mouth. Instinctively she sucked as her grabbed her head and started to fuck her throat. The taste of her cum all over him was bliss, but it was his she wanted right now. Grabbing his thick meat she pulled it out of her mouth and started to beat it hard, looking up at his gasping face above her. With her other hand he took his full balls and massaged them.

Almost without warning a blast of thick, wet, delicious cum shot from him and took her in the face, splashing across her mouth and chin. A second shot hit her in the chest and began to drip down her tits before she got the head aimed at her mouth, and the next shot filled her throat. She shuddered as the swallowed, at the sensation of it running down her throat. A forth load followed, and before she had a chance to swallow again a fifth and final lot filled her mouth to overflowing, and it spilled from between her lips.

Dylan was moaning in ecstasy above her, and Claire looked up at him. She knew what guys liked to see, and she bit her lip again as she allowed his cum to drip slowly out of her mouth and down onto her tits. God it tasted so good. She began to wipe it off her face and suck it from her fingers, revelling in the hot, thick joy of it, of being covered in a man's juice. Her cunt was aching from the workout her had given her, her ass and tits kneaded and red, but still his cock was only half soft, and by the look on his face Dylan was still willing to carry on being used by his young girlfriends horny mother.

She ran a finger around her cum stained tits, collecting his seed and then sucking it hungrily into her mouth. It tasted so good, so young and fresh. Standing, she pressed her sweating and satisfied body up against his, bring his feac down and kissing his passionately. The taste of his own cum on her tongue didn't seem to bother him at all, nor the sensation of his cum between their bodies. His still hard cock began to soften where it was pressed against her, but still twitched uncontrollably as she moved. His lips and tongue continued to devour her, tasting her and wanting her, his mind still under the control of his emotions.

Eventually she pulled away. "Mmm, well done Dylan. I think you know what you're doing."

"God, Mrs. Dunphy," he said slowly, looking her stained body up and down. "You're so hot. That was the best sex I've ever had."

Claire smiled, turning and looking over her shoulder. "Maybe if you find yourself staying over again, and wait until everyone's left to 'sneak out', we can do this again." 'Hell yes,' she thought to herself, 'You are going to be fucking me again Dylan. Again and again. And then when Haley leaves for college, you'll be all mine.'

"Why don't you follow me?" she said out loud. "And we can have that shower you mentioned. We're both a little," she collected another fingerful of cum from her face and chest and sucked it seductively from her fingertip. "Dirty."

Eagerly Dylan followed the naked and cum splattered mother of his young girlfriend into the ensuite as she entered the shower and turned on the water. As she lent back against the cold tiles and let his hands flow all over her body, Claire sighed in satisfaction. She should never leave it so long to give in to temptation again.


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