Modern Family: Claire And Dylan Meet Again (MF,oral,rough)
by Tom Conners ([email protected])

Claire smiled at she pulled up the car. Stepping out, she looked up at the nondescript block of flats. Tall and plan, exactly the sort you'd expect to find young, single guys with not much cash. Leaving her gym bag on the passenger seat, she locked the doors and walked up to the doorway.

A couple were just leaving, and they held open the door for her as she approached. As they walked down the path she turned and caught the guy looking back at her. His girlfriend or whatever unaware that he was checking out Claire's ass, so she shot him a wink and smiled. She knew she looked good, standing there in her skin tight lycra gym pants and top, showing off her midriff to great effect. It was her favourite gym outfit. She knew exactly how it showed off her toned body. She didn't go to the gym so often not to get stared at.

Catching this random guy catching an eye-full only excited her even more than she was already, and the anticipation for what she knew was coming was already enough to cause her to hurry.

It only took her a short while to find the correct apartment. She had never been here before, but she knew the address from Haley. Biting her lip, she knocked on the door. How long had it been since she'd come to a guys apartment like this? Far too long. She was beginning to wonder if going commando had been the best idea. She was sure that the crotch on these pants must have been showing how horny she was. She'd been fantasising all the way here, and was almost ready to burst.

As Dylan opened the door, she was gratified to see his eyes roam across her body before the look of surprise took him.

"Mrs. Dunphy, what are you doing here? Haley's meant to be coming over any minute."

Claire pushed past him and into the room, kicking the door shut. Reaching up she ran her hand up his chest. He was wearing a loose white tshirt and a pair of tatty jeans. God, he looked so fucking hot. Grabbing his neck she pulled him to her and pushed her tongue into his mouth. His mouth responded without thinking. His tongue slid around hers as his hand gripped her back and began to slide down to her ass. After a moment enjoying his young mouth she pulled away.

"Haley mentioned that your flatmates were away today and you had the place to yourself. So I thought I'd keep you company."

"But Haley..."

"I made up some shit and grounded her," Claire smiled. "Right now I've got Phil guarding her doing her homework, and told him I'm at the gym. That way, when I come home in an hour exhausted and dripping with sweat, no one will question why."

She slide her hand down his front and gripped his thick cock through his jeans. Her kiss had done the job and she could feel he was already nice and hard. God, it felt good. She hadn't been able to get the memory of it out of her head since she had fucked him the first time, just last week. She had been planning to wait for him to manage to stay the night at her place before taking another turn on her daughter's boyfriend, but tonight's opportunity had been too much for her libido to ignore.

She walked over to the round wooden table to one side of the room and leant against it. Looking over her shoulder she watched him stare at her toned ass. Gripping the tight material of her pants she pushed them down, bending until they were at her knees and she was leaning over the table, her wet and willing pussy staring him in the face. She could see the lust in his eyes and the tent in his pants as he looked.

"So," she purred, "Are you going to stare, or are you going to give me what I want?"

The teenage boy did not need any more encouragement, and quickly stepped over to her, pulling his tshirt over his head and unbuttoning his fly. She watched his body as it got nearer, biting her lip as each toned muscle was revealed. She felt his hands grab her hips and he kicked her legs further apart. Leaning on the table, she closed her eyes, holding her breath in expectation. Then gasped as his thick, hard cock pierced her wet flesh.

Without being gentle he began to fuck her, holding firmly onto her hips and slamming his cock into her cunt with all the force she could hope for. It was a good as she remembered and better, his young meat filling her and making every nerve fire and spark. Claire gripped the edge of the table, moaning wordlessly as she was taken, pushing back against him as he let his young lust loose on the older, married pussy.

The thought of Dylan's young body fucking her had been arousing her the whole drive here, and as his thick head pierced her eager lips Claire knew she was already close. With her eyes shut she could feel his hands on her body. Once again his instincts had taken over as soon as he entered her, and he did everything she needed of his without evening thinking. God it felt good to have something like this again.

As he fucked her, he stepped his foot on her pants, pulling them further down her legs. She kicked off her trainers and let the tight lycra fall from her feet, allowing them to kick as she was pressed into the hard table. Moaning loudly, she panted as her climax built. Then, smack! Dylan raised his hand and spanked her ass hard. Then he thrust again, then smack! He hit the other cheek.
"Oh God!" moaned Claire, and the young boy alternated between fucking her and spanking her. Thrust, smack, thrust, smack, thrust, smack! It was too much, and suddenly Claire felt her body tip over the edge. She shuddered as the orgasm took her, juice dripping from her cunt, all over Dylan's cock. He sensed what was happening, and grabbed her hips to slam into her, in time with her natural reactions. He slowed as she finished, and Claire lay there unable to move. She could feel the wetness on the table where her cunt had been, btu still she wanted more.

"Oh God. Oh God..." she panted, her pussy twitching.

As if sensing what she wanted, Dylan pulled out of her wet pussy and stepped back, allowing her to stand up. She turned quickly, grabbing his head and pulling his face to hers. His mouth opened and their tongues hungrily wound around each other, his hands on her body while her gripped his long, unruly hair. As they kissed he pulled her back, and his legs hit the edge of the sofa and he fell back into it. Claire dropped to her knees and grasped his cock in her hands. She was feeling wild, and didn't even wait to tease him. She simply shoved it into her mouth and ran her tongue all along it.

God, why did young cock covered in her cum taste so good. She slide her hands up and down the moist shaft and she sucked on the thick head, his moaning getter her more and more excited. She felt his hands grip her hair, pulling it tightly in his fist and pushing her down further. Happy to oblige, Claire moved her hands and gripped his thighs, before pushing herself down as far as she could and swallowing. She felt him convulse as his length slid down her throat, filling her mouth. She smiled, sliding her tongue out and tickling his tight sack with the tip before pulling away.

Looking up at him, she saw a man lost in his animal instincts, looking at her as simply a piece of meat to use and fuck and sate himself. God, it got her hot to have someone think of her that way. Claire knew she shouldn't, but she loved being thought of as an object. Not all the time, but at times like this? Definately.

Standing up, she pulled her top over her head and freed her soft tits for him. Straddling his legs where he sat, she pulled his face to her chest and lowered herself onto his quivering dick. As she felt it fill her again, stretching her wet lips and sliding up inside her hot cunt, his mouth found her hard nipples and sucked, his hands resting on her ass.

"Mmmm, Dylan. Fuck me!" Claire moaned as she began to buck her hips back and forth, feeling him move inside her. Her initial lust fed, now she took more time revelling in the feelings and sensations she was experiencing.

One of his hands slid around and held the small of her back, pulling her into him so that her breasts pressed into his face. He hadn't spoken since she had dropped her pants and presented her waiting ass for him. His other hand caressed her ass, kneading and fondling the flesh as she rode him, hold her and aiding the movements of her body.

Claire lent her head back, moaning his name as they fucked. Oh, she'd being thinking about this all week. The last time they had fucked, back in her family home, she had been unable to think about anything else. Once he had left she had thought she'd be able to wait until next time, but the memory of his cock and pure natural talent had not left her once, and she'd been in a near constant state of arousal.

Fucking him now, she felt herself grow more and more passionate. He movements became faster and faster, and she grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. As he gasped she plunged her tongue into his mouth, kissing him deeply, tasting him, devouring him. God, he was perfection. She needed him. She wanted him. Their was no choice in the matter, it was simple animal instinct. She had to let him fuck her!

"Fuck me you little bastard!" she purred, "Use me, fuck me, take my cunt! Dominate me!"

His breath was coming in pants now, but stared up into her eyes as he slowly moved her hands behind her and took them in one of his. Freeing up his left hand he reached up and gripped her throat, not hard enough to choke her, but firmly enough to let her know who was in charge. Claire moaned as she felt herself react to his movements, feeling her body fall into a helpless state of submission that drove her even wilder.

"Mmmmm, I'm a better fuck than Haley, aren't I Dylan?" Claire growled, looking down at him.

"God yes, Mrs. Dunphy," he answered.

"Say it!"

"You're so much better than Haley, Mrs. Dunphy. You're so good."

"Fuck me you cheating little bastard. I want you to take me and fill me with that sweet cum!"

Without needing any more urging, Dylan pushed her off him and stood over her. Spinning her around, he pushed her face down onto the sofa, grabbing her arms as he knelt before her. Claire opened her legs wide, welcoming his thick cock once again. Painfully her pulled her arms back as he took her, slamming up against her cunt as her back arched. It was almost too much, and Claire screamed as he stretched her open. Letting go of her arms he reached around and grabbed her swinging tits, digging his fingers into the flesh and he moaning in her ear.

"Oh Mrs. Dunphy," he cried, nearing his own climax, "Oh fuck Claire..."

At the sound of her name, Claire found herself climaxing for the second time as his own orgasm took him. His body convulsed and he grabbed her shoulders and he thrust painfully hard inside her over and over again. She felt his thick cum shooting from his dick and filling her even as her own cum dripped around him and down his thighs. She screamed his name, reaching back and gripping his flesh. Her body spasmed and she fell forward, and he grabbed her hair and pushed her face into the material of the sofa as he emptied himself inside her with a last few thrusts.

His frenzied pumping ended with one last thrust, and they both lay there panting. Claire gasped in air as Dylan lay on top of her, his hands still gripping her tits and his cock still inside of her. God, he was so fucking good. He was everything a young fuck toy should be, driving her wild and taking control of their sex life, while requiring absolutely nothing in terms of worry or commitment.

After a second, Dylan pulled out of her cunt and slumped to the side, allowing Claire to slide down onto her front. She could feel the massive load deep inside her begin to trickle out of her pussy, and she slid her fingers down and wiped it off her lips and raised them to her mouth, seductively sucking both his and her own cum from them. She looked at Dylan, to find him staring at her body, sweat glistening of his perfect torso. He cock was shining with her cum, and twitched as she reached over and stroked it. He leant in, and she allowed him to kiss her, his hands moved over her exhausted body, his tongue sliding around hers.

After a few moments, a phone began to ring. Dylan looked up, and Claire pushed him away.

"Go get it," she teased. "Lets see if you can keep your attention on it."

Confused, he stood up and walked over to the floor where she had knocked his phone when he had begun to fuck her. Looking at the screen, he looked up at Claire.

"It's Haley."

"Well answer it. Let's see if she can keep your attention better than me."

As Dylan pressed the receive button and began to talk, Claire sat back on the sofa and slide her hands into her pussy. Looking him in the eye, she slid two fingers into her wet, swollen lips and began to caress herself. With the other she pinched her swollen clit, biting her lip and moaning quietly. She could see Dylan staring, trying to listen to Haley on the other end. Well that young lady isn't supposed to be on the phone, so she's supposed to be grounded, Claire thought. She began to pump her fingers in and out her cunt, and started to caress her bare tits, biting her lip and staring longingly at Dylan. She watched as his keen young, think cock began to twitch and harden again. That's one of the good things about teenagers, they're always ready to go again.

She carried on playing with herself as Dylan hung up and stepped over.

"Um, that was Haley. She said she's managed to get away from Mr. Dunphy and she's coming over now."

Claire bit back a stab of annoyance, but realised that she wouldn't have had that long here anyway. At least she could have a bit more fun. It would take Haley at least half and hour to get over here, walking.

"Well well, lucky you," she said, sitting up. "Looks like you get both mother and daughter tonight. Well, you better come here." As he stepped over, looking worried but unable to resist her invitation. As he stood in front of her she grasped his hard cock. "We wouldn't want her to be tasting her mommy when she sucks you off, would we?"

Smiling up at him she took his dick in her mouth and began to suck. He tastes so fucking good; her cum mingling with his own taste, becoming something primal that made her grow even wetter. His hand grabbed her hair and he began to thrust. Claire happily swallowed his entire length, her tongue tickling his balls, already on the point of exploding. After her display while he had been talking he couldn't help himself. Taking his cock out of her mouth she took it in her hand and began to beat it expertly, while letting her tongue lap up the moisture she had dripped down his sack and thighs. She could hear his moans, and with her free hand began to rub her clit, already swollen once again.

She felt him move, and quickly put her mouth in place to take his load. As it burst forth and filled her mouth she swallowed, taking every last drop of his delicious juice. Her fingers worked faster and faster, and three full blasts of his hot cum slid down her slutty throat before he pulled away.

She leant back at him and look up. "Look at me you little bastard. Look at me!"
She held him eyes, his tall, slim dominant, naked body standing over her. The sight tipped her one last time to climax, her fingers still on her pussy. Liquid spilled out of her pussy, drenching her fingers and dripping on the carpet beneath her open legs. Dylan was staring wide eyed at her display, and she stared up at him with every moment, knowing full well the effect she was having. He might be fucking the shit of of her young, nubile, teenage daughter later this evening, but this would be the image that was stuck in his head while he did.

Sated, Claire stood up, placing a firm kiss on Dylan's gawping mouth, and then gathered up her clothes. Taking Dylan's discarded shirt, she wiped herself down, rubbing off the sweat and cum that coated her. Being sweaty when she got home she could get away with, the amount coating the inside of her thighs would have been difficult to explain.

"You better get dressed," she told Dylan, playfully. "We wouldn't want Haley to think you'd been fucking some hot older woman, would you?."

Dylan was still staring at her, standing naked and dumb. "Wow, Mrs. Dunphy. I'm not even sure I can after that."

She walked back up to him and took his limp cock in her hands, the other resting on his chest. Her pert nipples pressed up against his skin.

"Oh, I think you'll be OK. You're young, and the sight of Haley should be able to get you up, even after having me."

"I hope..."

"Well," Claire lent in closer, her lips hovering in front of his, "You've cum in your girlfriends mother's pussy today, and then in her mouth, and if I told you I wasn't going anywhere until you completed the whole set and fucked my tight ass?"

Dylan's eyes widened and she felt his cock leap in her hand, blood filling it instantly. She stood back, turning to give him a view of the ass she was offering as she pulled on her pants.

"See, you'll be fine." Stepping back, she pressed her cheeks up against his cock, standing up now to attention already. "Mmmm, maybe next time."

Claire pulled her top back over her head. As much as she'd love to spend a few more minutes teasing her little fuck toy, everything would fall apart if Haley caught her here. Anyway, she'd got what she came for. Before leaving she pressed herself back up against her young toy, feeling his hands grip her ass as she kissed him deeply, his cock rubbing against her.

"Mmmm, I think I'll do this again soon. Have fun with Haley. I hope she's half as good as this was."

Then Claire turned and walked out the door, taking one last look at the stupid, beautiful body of the young man who stood there staring at her as she left.


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