This Fan fiction starts during the episode Sleeper and the scene between Hayley and Luke in the Laundromat.

Modern Family: Part 1 (MF,F-solo,oral,anal,voy)
by Fan Fiction

Haley turn away from her ex with a slight smile on her face, once again she had tricked him this time she got her brothers shirt in her ex's washing machine. As she was walking out her brother spoke up, "Remind me never to date you."

She just replied with a look and said, "You wish!"

Luke just responded by saying, "Please, I could totally get you."

Hayley chirped in with a, "I'd like to see to try."

The siblings reached the car when Hayley sudden stopped and spoke up, "In fact I bet you $10 you can't get a girl like me."

Luke just gave a cocky a grin and said in husky voice, "Easy, no girl can resist my charm."

Hayley crept close to Luke so their faces were inches apart and whispered, "Is that so, alright lets make it interesting $50 says you can't feel up a girl by this time tomorrow."

Luke just gave an evil grin and said, "You're on."

The Dunphy family returned home from the family portrait, Phil and Claire were busy laughing about the wedding ring situation while Alex wondered into the kitchen to get herself a drink. Luke and Hayley were the last to enter the house. Hayley found her herself admiring her younger brother in that women's top he was wearing. Oddly enough it looked sexy on him. The front door shutting knocked Hayley out of her trance; she shook her head and walked away towards her basement room. Luke had seen his sister looking at him and hatched a plan, he knew how to win the bet he headed towards his older sister's room.

Hayley was busy looking in her closet planning her outfit for the next day, she was so focused on her task she didn't hear her door open. Luke slowly approached his sister and grabbed her arse with his left hand. This action made Hayley stand up with shock, which allowed Luke to slip his right hand up her top and over her bra covered boobs. Luke started to slip his fingers in her bra when she came to her senses and wriggled away from her brother and pushed him back. Luke stumbled back and fell back on Hayley's bed.

"WHAT THE fuck are you doing? I'm your sister!" Hayley started shouting but became concerned about making noise so changed her tone to and angry hush.

"Winning the bet," Luke said standing from the bed.

"I didn't mean feel up me!" Hayley responded.

Luke just crept closer to his sister, "Actually you said I just to feel a girl up you didn't say I couldn't choose you, so you owe me $50." As he finished speaking he put his hands on his sister's hips.

Hayley tired respond, but she couldn't think, the moistening of her panties were distracting her. She spoke up, "Fine, double or nothing if you get a girl willing touch your dick you get $100."

Luke chuckled, "I'll just get you to touch it."

Hayley just walked passed and said, "If you could get me to willing touch you I'll let you fuck me."

Luke ginned and happily walked out saying, "Deal!"

That response had startled Hayley her last remark was meant to be a joke, but know her brother was thinking about fucking her. The thought of that turned Hayley on and her panties were getting even wetter. Hayley really wanted to masturbate but the $50 she now owed Luke was actually distracting her because she didn't have $50 to give. Hayley made an announcement to herself, "Right, I'll pinch the money from mums room and come back down have some." The last part of that sentence made her smile and her eyes glanced to her draw where she hid her dildo. She walked out of her door and headed upstairs to start her plan.

As Hayley crept upstairs she could hear the TV playing some old movie and knew that was probably her parents watching it still laughing about the wedding ring. Hayley approached her parents door noticing it was on slightly open. Slowly she entered the room and opened the vent next to the door where her mum kept a secret stash of money. Hayley grabbed about $100 from the vent when a noise distracted her. She turned her head and to her horror both her parents were naked on the bed. Phil was sitting back with his eyes closed and moaning as his wife's mouth worked away on his dick.

Hayley was going to leave, but she couldn't take her eyes of the action in front of her. Her pussy and now soaked panties were desperate for her to stay, so quietly shuffled behind opened the door meaning she could watch the action without being seen. She slipped the money in her pocket and her hand down her pants. Hayley started to finger herself while watching her parents really get into it.

Phil was so close; his wife was the best at giving blowjobs. Sudden Claire gave have trademark flick of her tongue and that was too much for Phil. "Holy moly!" Phil grunted as he came inside his wife's mouth.

Claire swallowed every drop of her husband's cum, she lifted her head and started to crawl up her husband into her face was next to his and whispered in his ear, "I'm going to make up for losing my wedding ring by letting you do what you want to me."

Phil gulped, "You mean..."

Claire smiled, "That rights honey you can do me where you want." As Claire spoke she rubbed her pussy against Phil's hard seven inches. "Or I could be who you want, picture it I'm sweet innocent anal virgin." As she spoke she lifted her breast up letting her husband suck on left breast.

Hayley was in heaven, she was still sitting in her parents doorway but now her pants and underwear down at her knees, her left hand was burying her fingers in her pussy while her right hand was holding her mobile, recording the scene unfolding in front of her.

Meanwhile Claire was getting nosier as Phil sucked her breasts, "Oh that's it, oh yes, Phil!" Claire loved having her boobs sucked and she knew Phil loved them, but maybe not as much someone else's. Claire pushed back Phil's head and spoke, "These are your second favourite boobs aren't they?" Before Phil could responded Claire crash her lips into his, she broke the kiss and continued speaking, "Don't lie Phil. I've seen you admiring them as they popped up, if you want I can be her." Phil couldn't muster a response all he could do was moan.

Hayley's fingering had becoming faster she was getting closer to cumming but she still managed to record the action with her phone, because she wanted to watch this again. She had to keep recording, but it meant she was finding it harder to be quiet.

Claire smiled. She had him, she knew he wanted her to be this girl. "Go on, Phil. Picture it, it's her tits in your face. It's her naked body pressed against yours." Claire lifted herself so her entrance was hovering above Phil's dick. "Go on Phil, do it, picture her, picture your daughter!" with these words Claire slammed down on Phil making his seven inches disappear inside her. Phil was doing it, he was picturing his daughter as his wife slammed down. It sealed the fantasy and he shouted out her name, "OH YES, ALEX!!!"

Claire's prompting of Phil had gotten to Hayley. She was increasing the pace as Claire was talking just waiting to hear her name, but when her dad said the name of her nerdy little sister it was too much she came hard covering her fingers in her juices. She moaned loudly as she came, but her parents couldn't hear her over the shouting of Phil. She had just came and came hard, but she couldn't stop. She had to keep recording while keep masturbating. This was too hot to stop watching.

Phil was imaging it was his youngest daughter bouncing up and down on his dick. Sudden he decided to take control, he picked up Claire and chucked back down on to the bed. His aggressively shoved himself back inside of her and said, "Who are you?"

In between thrusts Claire manage to say, "I'm your little innocent daughter!" Claire waited few thrusts before whispering the last word in phil's ear, "I'm Alex."

Phil couldn't see his wife anymore the only person he could see was his little daughter under him as he continued to aggressively fuck her. Phil began to moan "Alex, yes, Alex!"

This sent Claire over the edge. Her husband pretending she was her daughter was too much and she came she yelled out, "Oh, daddy! Fuck me harder!" Claire closed her eyes as she came and when she opened them it wasn't Phil Dunphy thrusting into her it was Jay Pritchett her dad. She just let it take her over and continue to moan, "Please, daddy, keep going!"

Sudden Phil grabbed his wife and flipped her over. He leaned into his wife and said, "I'm going to fuck my little daughter arse, HARD!" and as he said 'hard' he trusted straight into her arse.

Claire closed her eyes as her husband entered her arse. Suddenly she was 17-years-old again and it was her dad ramming her arsehole. "Oh daddy that's it! Fuck my virgin arsehole!"

Phil started to groan. As he did he pulled out of Claire's arse flipped her round so her face was facing his dick. Instinctively Claire grabbed her husband's dick and rubbed it hard. For one final time Phil shouted out his young daughter's name as he covered his wife's face with his cum.

Watching this Hayley was so close to cumming for the second time, but she was stopped by someone making a noise in the hallway behind her.

It was Luke and he was holding a camera.


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