Modern Family: Family Fun Part 10 (mf,MFF,inc,cons,bmail)
by Fan Fiction

Haley moaned loudly as Alex's tongue brought her to yet another orgasm. After it had subsided she lay back on her bed for a few seconds to catch her breath when Alex spoke up, "keep it down, dad's in the house!"

Haley just smiled back, "Why? I bet you would love it if dad caught us!", Alex simply smiled back at her sister and got up to put her clothes back on.

Alex had finished dressing when she finally continued the conversation "What would've we done if dad had walked in on us?"

Haley, who was still lying naked on her bed spread her legs wide to reveal her pussy to the room, "I would do this!" Haley said while gesturing to her spread legs "and dad would simply drop his trousers come over and fuck me senseless."

In response Alex approached the bed and put her hands either side of her naked sister and spoke, "You're forgetting one thing, I'm the one dad pictures when he's fucking mum," Alex crawled a little further up the bed before finishing her statement, "so clearly he would plough me first".

Haley raised an eye an eye brow to that comment and sat up, she rested her arms on her sister's shoulders and brought her hands together behind her head, so she could pull Alex up close so their faces were millimeters apart. They sat in silence for a few seconds until Haley spoke "If that's what you think, lets make it interesting and have a wager."

Haley could see Alex was intrigued so she continued, "It's simple we both try to seduce dad, and the winner is the one who sleeps with him first."

"And the loser?" enquired Alex, a seductive smile broke across Haley's face as she replied to her sister's question.

"And the loser will have to be winner's complete and utter sexual slave for a week."

Alex planted a kiss on her sister's mouth and simply said, "Deal!"

The sexual tension between two was growing when they were interrupted by Luke, who was just standing their in his underwear. Acting on the sensual tension in the room Luke spoke up "Room for one more?"

Haley looked at her brother and saw that sexual hunger in his eyes that she loved, the sexual tension in the room was getting to her and despite only having sex with Alex about 15 minutes ago she needed another release. But before Haley could speak up Alex got up from her lap "Sorry, guys I've got an essay to write" and with this she walked out of the room and shut the door behind her leaving a naked Haley alone with a half naked Luke.

Haley lay back in her bed again spread her legs wide open and gestured with head towards her crotch. Luke took the hint and dived in head first towards his sister's pussy. Haley rocked her head back in pleasure as her brother's tongue worked away at her love canal. Luke just kept getting better at eating pussy and had developed his aggressive technique into his own personal style.

Luke could hears Haley's moans grow louder as he worked away at her clit with his tongue, suddenly her thighs clamped around his head and his face was covered with his sisters cum. As Haley came down from her orgasm Luke pulled his head away from her crotch and wiped his sister's juices from his mouth. He looked up to see Haley's face coming towards him as their lips met and they shared an aggressively kiss fuelled purely by passion, as they broke the kiss, Haley mouthed to Luke "Fuck me."

Luke happily removed his boxers but was disappointed when he looked up to see Haley had produced a condom out of her top draw, "Oh, come on Haley! It feels so much better without one," Luke moaned eagerly trying to convince her to let him go bareback in her.

Haley just shook her head as she ripped open the package, "No chance, because last time you didn't wear one I had to push you off me to stop you cumming inside me, and the last thing I want is a family member cumming inside me."

Luke groaned as Haley used her mouth the put the condom on his dick, he was disappointed he had to wear it, but he couldn't moan too much considering she was getting on all fours ready to get fucked.

Haley heard Luke moan as he collapsed next to her on the bed, they both lay silent on the bed as they both recovered from the frantic fuck session. It was Luke who spoke first as he removed the condom "It sucks that both you and Alex make me wear condoms now," as Luke moaned about wearing the condom it gave Haley an idea. "Fine, I make a deal with you."

Luke looked up hopefully to hear what this deal was that Haley was going to offer but remained silent to prevent himself from agreeing before he actually heard what the deal was, "Alex and I have a bet and the loser has to be the other's sexual slave for week, so if you help me win I'll let you go bareback in Alex as much as you want."

Luke eagerly jumped from the bed "What do you need me to do?"

Haley smiled to herself, she loved how she could control Luke "It's simple, just keep Alex away from dad for the rest of the day and I'll do the rest."

* * *

Claire looked in the mirror at her back to normal blonde hair, she went back to blonde after her dad had said that her new hair colour made he look "old". Despite her recent sexual escapades she had while pretending to her daughter which gave her the feeling of being young again she was still very self conscious about looking old so the hair had to go. As she looked in the mirror she could see Haley walk up in the stairs in the reflection and when she did Claire noticed something, Haley was wearing a very short mini skirt which revealed that she also wasn't wearing any panties.

Phil came home from work to be greeted by the glorious sight his wife was currently staring at, the sight of their daughter's bare arse and pussy walking up the stairs. It was almost seemed liked Haley was deliberately walking slowly to give them a good view of her private region. As Phil watched his daughter he realised something else, Claire was transfixed on the situation unfolding in front of them. Phil knew that Claire had experimented with lesbianism in her college days and the thought of her reigniting it with her daughter really turned Phil on.

As Claire finished watching the reflection of her daughter's display her neck was attacked by Phil's lips, she let out a gasp as Phil stopped and whispered into her ear, "I bet you want to taste our daughter's sweet pussy."

Claire tilted her head so she was facing Phil, "I bet our daughter wants daddy to taste her sweet pussy." Claire finished speaking and locked eyes with Phil and mouthed to him, "Taste me daddy." No reply needed as they both darted of upstairs towards their bedroom.

It didn't take long for Phil and Claire to dispose of their clothes and begin a frantic naked make session on top of the bed, Phil broke off the kissing and began to lower himself down Claire's body, kissing each part of her as he did until he reached her pussy where he planted a light kiss on her opening and spoke softly, "Do you like daddy doing that, Haley?"

Claire was about to respond to her husband's naughty question when a voice from the corner of the room spoke, "Actually daddy, I rather have you eat my pussy".

Both Phil and Claire were frozen in place and into silence as a completely nude Haley walked into view, despite the shock of being caught out Claire couldn't help but admire her daughter's beautiful naked form which was currently walking towards them. Claire had managed to regain a little bit of composure and was about to speak when Haley climbed onto the bed and spoke again, "I'll make it simple, I've got a camera full of videos of you've guys fucking while mum is pretending to be one of your daughters." The new information caught Claire out so she remained silent and allowed Haley to continue. "So to stop me posting these videos online and revealing your fetish to everyone you know, you guys are going to fuck me senseless for the rest of the night."

The only thing Phil had managed to do since Haley had made her presence clear was sit up on the bed he was still trying process what had just happened, his daughter, who he had spent the last few weeks picturing while having sex with his wife had just offered to fulfill his fantasy and let him fuck her. Phil was trying to decided what to do, he looked over to his wife to see what to do, but what happened caught him completely off guard. Claire leaned over to her daughter and took Haley's right breast in her mouth and began to suck on her daughter's nipple.

Phil sat back and gently stroked his cock while he watch his daughter's head tilt back in joy as Claire swapped between each of Haley's breasts giving them both special treatment while her fingers gently rubbed the outside of her daughter's glistening pussy. Eventually Claire broke away from Haley's breasts gave Phil a look and lowered her head down towards Haley's pussy.

Haley spread her legs and held her breath as her Claire's face approached her love hole and as she felt her mother's tongue enter her she let out squeal of pure pleasure. Haley could clearly tell that her mum had eaten pussy before as her skill tongue worked away at her. Haley was really getting into it when it suddenly stopped, she was about to moan in frustration but didn't when she saw that her mum had stopped to reposition herself so she was lying on her back and inviting Haley to climb on top. Haley eagerly did this and got herself into the position to 69 with her mum but stopped when she realised something else was planned as she looked up to see her dad's cock approaching her face.

Phil could barely control his excitement as he saw his eldest daughter's mouth approach his manhood and as he felt Haley's lips make contact he let out a very audible noise in sexual pleasure. The dad of three couldn't believe what he was watching, his daughter was naked on top of his naked wife who was eating her out while his daughter had his entire cock down her throat. The main thought going through Phil's head wasn't the extreme taboo of the situation his was in, it was the fact that Haley had an identical blow job technique to her mother right down to the tongue flick and when he felt this magical flick he couldn't hold on any longer shot his load down his daughter's throat.

The feeling of her dad's sperm shooting down her throat while her mum's tongue worked away at her pussy was too much for Haley and she erupted with orgasmic pleasure and coated Claire's face with her juices. After this orgasm had subsided Haley wanted just a few seconds to recover, but she couldn't as she was forcefully moved so now she was lying on her back and her mother's pussy was slowly lowered towards her face. Haley regained her composure and prepared herself to give her mum a mind blowing orgasm but was distracted by a very pleasurable intrusion into her pussy.

Claire smirked sexually as she watched as her husband inserted his dick into their daughter causing Haley to let out an orgasmic "oh" into Claire's pussy, causing her to release her own orgasmic "oh" which in turn caused Phil to give Claire his own sexually charged smirk. The parents locked eyes and came together in a passion fuelled kiss, the pair had shared many kisses but Claire never thought they would share one atop their naked daughter it may have been a first but Claire knew it wouldn't be the last.

It wasn't long before the trio got a good rhythm going as Phil thrust into Haley who used that motion to thrust her tongue into Claire's pussy. Phil was trying to last as long as he could but it was a losing battle, not only did he have the incredible feeling of his daughters tight not so innocent pussy around his dick he got to watch as her tits jiggled along with his thrusts.

However he wasn't the first to climax as Claire moaned aloud and drenched her daughter' face with her nectar which in turn caused Haley to reach her final end. The feeling of his daughter's tight pussy clenching around his cock was the final straw for Phil and he spewed his potent seed into his daughter's vulnerable fertile womb.

All three of them collapsed onto the bed together exhausted and satisfied, they all knew that this may have consequences but at this moment they didn't care.


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