Modern Family: Family Fun Part 2 (mF,inc,hand,oral,bmail,cons)
by Fan Fiction ([email protected])

It took Hayley a second to register what had happened, her younger brother had just caught her masturbating to her parents having sex. Instinctively she tried to jump up grab the camera from him but her pants and underwear were still around her knees which meant all that happened was she fell on the floor causing a load thump. Worried that this would attract he attention of his parents Luke helped his bottomless sister off the floor and into his room.

Luke closed his door while Hayley pulled her pants and underwear up and slipped her phone into her pocket. Hayley spoke the first, "What are you going to do with those photos?"

Luke looked at the camera and responded, "It's a video actually. I used the recording feature on it."

Hayley grunted in an annoyed fashion, "I don't care what it is! I just want to know what you're going to do with it."

Luke simply shrugged. "I don't know, I was only planning to get a photo of you stealing the money and you gave me a better show," Luke said with a chuckle.

Hayley put her head in her hands. She couldn't believe what was happening. She lifted her head up and begged her brother, "Please, just get rid of the video."

Luke sat down on his bed and grinned, "I'll delete it on one condition."

Hayley gave a hopeful look, "What condition?"

Luke hit play on the video as he responded to Hayley, "If you give me a blowjob, I'll delete the video and no one needs to know about it."

Hayley responded immediately, "No, you're my brother! It would be incest!"

Luke smiled and turned the camera around, so Hayley could see the footage of herself masturbating. She was at least a little relieved you couldn't see she was filming her parents. Luke spoke up, "So it's ok for you to finger yourself to our parents having sex, but it's not ok to give your brother a blowjob?"

Hayley knew she was corned so she thought she would get a better deal out of it. Hayley sighed and responded, "In exchange for deleting the video, I'll give you a hand job."

Luke considered it for a second and agreed, "Deal!"

Luke unbuckled his belt, but before he could lower his pants Hayley stopped him, "Delete the video first."

Luke lifted the camera with his left hand and got the screen to the delete conformation screen before stopping, "Start the hand job and I'll delete it."

Hayley was getting a little frustrated, first Luke prevented her cumming and now he was one step ahead of her. She sighed and said, "Fine, lets get this over with."

Hayley knelt down in front of her brother as Luke stood up to remove his pants and underwear, and sat back down, meaning his rock hard 8 inch dick was pointing at Hayley's face. Hayley raised her right hand and slowly began to stroke it, Hayley looked at Luke and asked, "Happy? Now delete the video!"

Hayley was determined to see that video gone and to her delight her brother followed through with his word and deleted it. Hayley wanted to finish this off quickly she began to up pick the pace. Luke began to moan, "Yes, Hayley, that's it! Pump it!"

After a couple more minutes of pumping Luke was close. "Shit, I'm cumming!" and with those words he covered his sister's hand with his cum.

Hayley just wiped her hand on Luke's bed and began to walk out of the room, her panties were soaked and all she wanted to do was go to bed and finish herself off.

Hayley got back to her room and sat down on her bed. She decided to watch her new video again so she could finish herself off. She was watching her mum give her dad a blow job, admiring her dads dick and thinking it looked tasty. She noticed some of Luke's cum was still on her hand she started to lick it off. She finished licking her brother's cum off her hand and she was about to start masturbating. She opened her draw to get out her dildo. However she was stopped when she heard the door handle turn. Quickly she dumped her phone and dildo in her draw and shut it before the door opened. Standing at the entrance was Luke in a dressing grown.

Hayley was getting really annoyed for second time tonight her little brother had stopped her from getting relief. "What the fuck do you want?" Hayley asked angrily.

Luke walked in closing the door behind him. "I'm here to collect my winnings," Luke said while approaching the bed.

Hayley started to respond, "What win..." when suddenly she remembered what she had told Luke that if he could get her to his dick she would let him fuck her. Hayley actually admired her brother normally he was an idiot, but today he had out smarted her and earned to right to fuck her.

Hayley crawled along her bed and met him face to face. The siblings' lips met and they explored each other mouth. Hayley was surprised with how good at kissing he was. She broke the kiss to lowered hands to the belt of his dressing grown and pulled the whole thing off in one fluid motion to reveal her brother's naked body. He responded by grabbing the hem of shirt and lifting it over head to reveal her light red bra. Hayley gave him another kiss and reached behind her back to unclasp her bra and show her little brother her wonderful breasts.

Luke responded by tackling his sister to bed. He gave her another kiss Hayley eagerly responded to. Luke broke the kiss and lowered his head to his sister's chest and took her right breast in his mouth. Hayley responded with moan and gasps and Luke began switching between her breasts. Suddenly, Luke grabbed both breast with his hands, he pulled back his and pinched Hayley's nipples hard causing her to moan loudly. His job done here he moved further to find the joys further down.

As Luke moved down her body she spread her legs allowing him to pull her pants off in one fluid motion. This left Hayley in just her red panties, which were soaked in her juices. Luke noticed this and decided it was time to reward her. He didn't even bother pulling her panties down he just ripped them straight off to reveal his sister's sweet pussy. Luke took a second to admire her hairless pussy. Luke's trance was broken when Hayley spoke up, "Luke, please, just do it!"

With this request Luke dived in with his tongue to taste his sister's sweet pussy. Although he was inexperienced, he made up for it in enthusiasm and soon Hayley was close and desperate to cum. "Please, Luke, more!" and with that Luke shoved two fingers inside Hayley. These caused her to cum and flood her brother's face with her sweet nectar, which he eagerly lapped up.

Luke lifted her head up from his sister's legs for Hayley bend over and crash her lips into his. She could taste herself in his mouth and she loved it. Hayley smiled and said "Your turn now."

With this the siblings swapped around, so Luke was lying down on the bed and Hayley crouched over her brother's 8-inch dick. Hayley planted light kisses on the shaft slowly going further up her brother's pole into she reached the top where she stopped before taking his whole dick in one go. Luke couldn't believe it, he was receiving his first blowjob and it was his extremely attractive sister giving to him. The only noise that could be heard in the room was Luke's moans and slurping as Hayley took his dick in her mouth. Luke moaning got louder as his end got sudden. Hayley flicked her tongue as Luke came filling his sister's mouth with his cum. Loving the taste, Hayley eagerly swallowed every drop of it.

Hayley had finished her mouthful when Luke grabbed her and flipped her onto her back and positioned his dick at her entrance, but before he could enter her Hayley stopped him. "Stop, condom first," Hayley leaned over to a drawer and pulled out a condom. Quickly she ripped of the wrapper and placed the condom on her brother's dick. Luke let out small moans while his sister rolled the condom on. Finally it was on and he could fuck her.

Hayley spread her legs as Luke positioned his condom-covered cock at her entrance and with one thrust; Luke entered Hayley and lost his virginity to his sister. The bedsprings made a load noise as Luke picked up his pace trying to please his sister and to Hayley's surprise he was good, a lot better than Dylan during his first time. Hayley decided she was tired of being underneath and wanted to be on top, so with one quick motion she flipped it so she was riding her brother.

Luke was loving life. He laid back and watched as his sister ride him as her breast went up and down while sweat rolled down her body. It wasn't long before Hayley was reaching her end and started to bounce faster and reached her end with a load moan, "Fuck, that's good!"

Watching his sister's orgasm was too much for Luke and came himself, filling the condom completely. Hayley collapsed next to her brother as they both fell asleep in Hayley's bed covered in sweat.


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