Modern Family: Family Fun Part 4 (MF,f-solo,voy)
by Fan Fiction ([email protected])

Alex Dunphy was a smart girl and she knew it in fact she knew that she was the smartest in her family by a distance, but sometimes she was too smart for her own good. Alex knew something was going on between her two siblings and she wanted to find out, after the family got home from the family photo yesterday she was certain she heard Haley shouting at Luke in her room down in basement, Normally she would shake this of as Haley getting annoyed like she did every time she got woken up by someone when she was having one of her many naps.

The reason Alex couldn't let this go was because of what happened next, when she was watching TV downstairs she heard a crash upstairs, curious she went upstairs to investigate and was almost certain she saw Haley dive into Luke's room and normally Haley wouldn't go anywhere their younger brother's room. The final reason she knew something was going on was when she went downstairs in the early morning to get a drink, she saw Luke leaving the basement in his dressing gown he was almost certainly coming from Haley's room.

The next day Alex just acted like everything was normal and planned her move, she knew she had to get into Haley's room and the best time to do that was when everyone was out of the house. She didn't have to wait long, by late morning Phil and Claire had gone to work, Haley had gone to community college and Luke had left to go film his zombie movie with Manny and their friends.

Alex left in a good twenty minutes after everyone had left before she crept into Haley's room; the first thing she noticed was that Haley 's bed was made and judging by the dirty sheets lying in the corner she had even got a clean sheet, after sharing a room with her she knew that Haley never made her bed. In fact this is how their mum first realised Dylan and Haley had first had sex because when she came to collect the bedding from the Haley's bed and noticed the sheets were covered in sweat and also had blood on them. Alex already knew that her sister had lost her virginity that night and judging by how nosy their mother was she wasn't surprised that she found out. However one thing about Claire discovering Haley had lost her virginity did surprise Alex and it happened when Alex was watching her mother strip the beds and she noticed Claire inhaling the smell of those very sheets.

Remembering what her mother did Alex slowly approached the sheets in the corner and bent down to smell them. Alex picked up the sheets and inhaled, firstly all she could smell was sweat so she was going to throw them back onto the floor when she picked up another smell, it was a smell that crept into her core and caused her panties to dampen she could smell the smell of sex.

Alex dropped the sheets and stumbled backwards when she felt her panties dampen her arousal was building and the urge to pleasure herself rising as well. This feeling and the sent coming from the sheets reminded her of the first time she experienced this aroma and the first time she masturbated.

It happened back when Alex and Haley shared a room a couple of months after Haley lost her virginity, Alex had snuck back from a party so she could study in peace and quiet as she knew her parents were spending the night in a hotel while Luke was at his friends and Haley was out partying. Alex was sleeping in her bed when she was woken by the bedroom door crashing open and in stumbled a drunk Haley and Dylan eagerly exploring each other's bodies, Alex was about to object when she covered in the clothes of her sister and her boyfriend which they have managed to remove in double quick time. Haley and Dylan hadn't turned the lights on but Alex could still make out the lines of the naked people in the room and the sight of Dylan on top of Haley thrusting in and out of her making was moan with ecstasy was causing Alex to feel something between her legs and the scent coming from the thrusting couple took over Alex inhibitions and her reached in between her legs as she began to explore the pleasures of masturbation, her quiet moans over shadowed by load moans by the couple on the other side of the room enjoying the pleasures of sex.

The reminiscing was causing Alex's arousal to grow and her panties to dampen further she was opened the door about to go up stairs to her room and take care of her needs in her room, but she was stopped when she heard the front door open and movement upstairs. Alex shut the door again and leaned against it annoyed it must be her mum coming back for lunch, she was the last person who Alex wanted to catch her coming out of Haley's room she was so nosy that she wouldn't leave her alone into she found out why she was in her sisters room. Alex could've lied but she knew that she looked so flustered her mum would never belief her and would press her to find out the truth.

Alex was stuck, she really wanted to masturbate but she couldn't get caught so she was stuck in her sister's room until who she assumed was her mum left again. The feeling of being trapped was actually causing Alex's pussy to get even wetter and the scent of sex from the sheets was causing her arousal to rise and finally it was too much.

Alex slid down the door and unbuckled her trousers and began to move her hand between her legs when a thought hit her, if she was going to masturbate in her sister's room she may as well go all out. She moved over to sheets and striped off all her clothes and underwear exposing her young body to the room she put her clothes in the corner next to sheets and then fell into the sheets wrapping the sex stained sheets around her body. Alex lifted her lift hand to her left breast while her right hand moved in between her legs, Alex let out a soft moan as she inserted two fingers into herself but before she could get further into her fun she was disturbed by a noise, someone was coming down the stairs towards the basement bedroom.

Alex panicked she got up and quickly and dived into the wardrobe, it took her a second to realise she was still naked but before she could get back out of the wardrobe to get her clothes the door opened and Haley walked in. Alex had a clear view of the room and her sister from a crack in the wardrobe caused by her attempt to get her clothes. Haley was wearing denim hot pants and a black tank top Haley kicked of her flip flops and moaned to herself "this bra is fucking uncomfortable" with this Haley lifted her tank top over her head.

Alex was breathing heavily she was naked in her sister's wardrobe after masturbating in her sister's room on top of the sheet which her sister had sex on, she was already hornier than she had ever been in her life and this was before Haley had arrived in the room. The added excitement of Haley being in the room meant Alex was leaning against the back of the wardrobe watching her sister, while sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy. Suddenly Haley moaned about her bra and began taking of her top, with the realisation that Haley was going to take of her bra of Alex picked up the pace of her masturbation her fingers were quickly disappearing and repapering her inside her pussy. Alex was desperate to shout out she was enjoying herself so much but she managed to stop herself from moaning aloud by using her left hand to cover her mouth she didn't want to get caught masturbating over her sister, especially by the sister she was masturbating over. Alex hadn't taken her eyes of Haley who was facing the wardrobe but luckily for Alex Haley hadn't noticed her younger sister naked and masturbating inside. And then Haley's hands reached behind her back and unbuckled her bra causing it to fall quickly down to the ground and without realising it revealing her breasts to her little sister.

The sight of Haley topless meant Alex once against lost control and increased her pace in her pussy with her right hand and her left hand moved from her to her left breast pinching it hard which meant after all her effort she finally had her orgasm causing her legs to kick out against the wardrobe door and her to scream loudly. Haley was about to put her tank top back on when she heard a load moan causing her to look up and see to her wardrobe doors fly open to reveal a naked Alex with two fingers in her pussy looking back at her.


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