Modern Family: Family Fun Part 5 (Ff,inc,toys)
by Fan Fiction ([email protected])

Alex was embarrassed and she just wanted to get out of the room, she grabbed the sheet to cover herself and ran for the door. The only problem was Haley was quicker and she managed to put her foot on the sheet which meant when she reached the door she was naked again. Alex's next move was to try and grab her clothes but as she bent down to pick up her clothes Haley used the sheet and wrapped it around Alex stopping from moving, the years of drunken toga parties meant Haley was skilled with wrapping sheets around people. Before Alex knew it Haley grabbed her and pushed her so she spun out of the sheet and landed on her back naked on Haley's bed.

Alex try to cover herself with her hands so Haley threw the sheet over her sister which Alex gratefully used to cover herself. Haley knelt on the bed leaning over her sister and spoke gently, "You really like my sex sweat covered sheets don't you?" Alex tried to speak but no words came out of her mouth, so Haley spoke. "Or perhaps you prefer my boobs," with this Haley squeezed her boobs which were still out. Haley lent in closer Alex so they were face to face and whispered, "Or perhaps you prefer my lips," with this Haley gave Alex a slow soft lingering kiss on the lips.

With this Alex squirmed under her sister's body and finally spoke in a weak quiet unconvincing voice, "No, don't... it's incest."

Haley just gave a smile and spoke in an authoritative yet seductive voice, "Please, this family is all about incest, in fact..." with this she reached into the back pocket of her hot pants and pulled out her phone.

It wasn't often Haley could beat Alex in a debate or at least have her cornered and out smarted, in fact it almost never happened. But a couple days ago Haley thought it was impossible to have been fucked by her little brother and have her little sister moments ways from seduction so maybe it was possible to outsmart Alex. Haley was going to use the lessons she had learnt in the last couple of days to full advantage in order to complete the seduction of Alex, Haley also enjoyed the fact Alex hadn't taken this opportunity while Haley was looking through her phone to run or even speak she just lay on the bed, still naked and still covered by Haley's sex covered sheets, waiting for Haley to finish her sentence.

Haley found what she looking for on her phone and finally finished her sentence "In fact, when dad's fucking mum, he pictures it's your little tight body that's bouncing up and down on his dick." With these words Haley handed the phone to Alex to show her the homemade sex tape of their parents. Alex eagerly reached for it wanting to see of this was true, and when she grabbed the phone she sat up which meant the seat fell down to her waist, once again revealing her breasts to Haley which the older Dunphy daughter just sat on the bed and enjoyed the sight of these two glorious globes, Alex had had plenty of time to view Haley's tits so it was time for Haley to return the favour. Haley had seen Alex's boobs plenty of times in past because they shared a room for several years, but this was different, this wasn't sisters occasionally seeing the other while changing, this was a sexual charged women looking and the breasts of another.

Alex was transfixed on the video she was watching, a video of her parents having sex. If Alex was honest with herself she has always wanted to get another look at her parents having sex ever since she and her two siblings caught their parents in action on their anniversary a couple of years back. After she got over the original shock of seeing her mum naked on all fours and getting fucked by her dad Alex realised she needed another sight of it. After that Alex was always trying any sight she could, but the closet she got was getting an accidental flash from her mum when she left her room just wearing a dressing gown. But now she had footage of her parents in bed and it wasn't just a few seconds it was a long video of her mum and dad having hot passionate sex.

Alex's breathing had slowed up and her left was hovering at the hem of her sheets while right hand was clutching the phone the video was on. She was closely watching the footage of her mum on her dads lap whispering something sensual in his ear, she couldn't hear what they were saying but the intimacy of it meant Alex's left hand had lowered inside the sheet and was brushing the entrance of her pussy. Finally Alex had arrived at the moment she was meant to see, the moment where Haley had claimed her dad was picturing Alex, The video showed her dad closing his eyes as her mum lowered herself on him and shouting out Alex's name. When Alex heard her dad shout her name, she let out a load involuntary moan and almost came right at that moment and instinctively she inserted her fingers into her pussy and began to masturbate again not caring that her older sister was on the same bed watching her.

When Haley heard Alex moan it gave her some enjoyment and caused her to smile she had won, Alex was hers. However the enjoyment of trapping of Alex in this weird sexual situation was overshadowed by an enjoyment of a different kind, when she heard Alex moan it caused a twinge of pleasure between her legs, and when Alex slipped her hand under the sheets and she started to masturbate, Haley's arousal took to a new level. Alex was still focused on the video but her other hand was down at her pussy working hard, in fact the action of Alex's left hand meant the sheet fell further down showing Haley the sight of Alex fingering herself.

When Haley's eyes were treated to this seductive sight, the sexual tension grew so much Haley could almost see it she knew she had to join in; quickly she removed her hot pants and panties so she was also completely naked. Haley lay back and spread legs and began to masturbate with vigour, the fingers on her right hand entered her already soaking wet pussy while her left hand clutched the bedding beneath her. During all of this Haley hadn't taken her eyes of her masturbating sister on the other side of the bed.

Suddenly the video had ended and Alex dropped the phone to her side and began focus on her masturbation and picturing being with her dad. However at that moment Alex realised they were now both naked and masturbating with this Alex locked eyes with Haley and suddenly it wasn't her dad she was thinking of, it was Haley.

The sisters continued the masturbation just staring into each other's eyes. When their eyes met they both just kept the gaze and picked up the pace of their fingering, as the fingering got faster the moans from the two sisters got louder and louder. Alex and Haley were both desperate to cum, they could feel the pressure building, they could she look of lust and desperation on each other's face and finally they the build up of sexual energy was too much and they came hard. As the two sisters came and flooded their fingers with their own juices and they both lost complete control and shouted out each other's names at the top of their voices, if anyone was in the Dunphy house at that moment they would have almost certainly heard it.

After a couple of moments the sisters had regained their composure and met in the middle of the bed, their faces whiskers away from each other and then they lent in and kissed. It started out as a soft kiss but Haley took control by picking up the intensity of it and by slipping in her tongue, but Alex wasn't going to be beaten she slide her hands down Haley's and on to her firm arse, which Alex had to admit was a lot better than her own. This moment of contemplation was stopped when once again as Haley took control, she broke of the kiss and pushed Alex down so she was lying on the bed and Haley was on top. Alex tried to fight back to get dominance but when Haley started to plant kisses on her neck she gave up and just let Haley have control.

Haley sat up and looked at her sister underneath her and she knew she had control, she got Alex to sit up and positioned herself so her breasts hovering in front of Alex's face. Alex took the hint and took Haley's right breast in her mouth and began to suck. This was a new sensation for Haley she had people suck her breasts before but this was different. Alex didn't know what she was doing but she learnt quickly and seemed to be enjoying the taste of her sister's breasts. For the next five minutes she obeyed Haley's wishes and kept sucking on her breasts eagerly switching between the breasts. Alex's work on Haley's breasts had got the older Dunphy excited and now she needed more, she stopped and Alex and laid back on her back spreading her legs hoping Alex would take the hint.

Alex saw her sister spread her legs and she knew what she had to do. Alex crawled over and lowered her head between Haley's legs to get to the sweet prize between. It took Alex a few minutes to find out how best to use her tongue and give Haley the most pleasure but finally her tongue found Haley's g-spot. After that it only took a few moments until Haley was shouting Alex's name out again as she flooded her sister's face with her juices.

Before Alex could recover from having her face covered in her sister's nectar she was once again on her back and Haley was once again on top of her. But this time Haley was at Alex's boobs circling her tongue around Alex's nipples which sent shivers of pleasure down Alex's body. After Haley had finished tasting Alex's breasts she moved down to her pussy, the new feeling of having a tongue inside her body caused Alex to squeal loudly. It didn't take long before Haley had her tongue and fingers inside Alex flicking her clit and reaching the areas of Alex's pussy she didn't know she had, Alex was about to cum when Haley suddenly stopped, but before Alex could say anything something else started to enter her.

Haley was happy, Alex had given her a great orgasm and now while Haley was returning the favour she hatched a new plan. While switching from Alex's breast to her pussy Haley managed to grab her dildo from her bedside draws without Alex noticing. Haley was ready to enact yet another plan, she had Alex just where she wanted moments from cumming. Just as Alex was about to cum, Haley removed her tongue and fingers from Alex's pussy and positioned the dildo at her entrance. Haley slowly pushed the dildo into Alex into she reached a barrier, at that moment Haley pushed the dildo right into Alex's pussy breaking her hymen and taking her virginity, Haley had now taken the virginity of both her siblings.

A sudden burst of pain went through Alex as Haley broke her hymen and made her women. This pain was quickly overshadowed with pleasure as she came, but Haley didn't stop after this she just picked up the pace and slide the dildo in and out of her pussy. Haley continued to move the dildo inside Alex but as she did it she moved up Alex so they were face to face. For next few moments the only the only sounds that could be heard was the dildo moving in and out of Alex's pussy and the slight moan Alex gave as the dildo entered her.

Haley decided she needed to stop this moan so she crashed her lips into Alex's the two kissed passionately. They spent several minutes expressing their passion with their lips while Haley kept entering Alex with the dildo. Suddenly Alex came giving Haley a great view of her orgasm face, Haley just chuckled and gave her one final kiss before she fell over Alex and lay down next to her. The sisters spent next moments lying next to each other naked, before Alex finally got her clothes back on and escaped back upstairs before anyone else caught her in her sister's room.


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