Modern Family: Family Fun Part 7 (mf,inc,oral,toys,reluc)
by Fan Fiction ([email protected])

Alex lay back on the sofa in her house where she was happily watching one of her favourite movies "Love Actually," enjoying the charm of the British film. While she watched her mind joyfully reminisced about the events of the last couple of weeks.

It all started when she snuck into her sister's room to see what she had been up to, and it ended it up with an voyeurism filled masturbation session and extremely passion fill sex romp with her sister. She would have assumed the sex would have stopped after that one incident, simply because it was initiated by a fit of passion, confusion, and sexual frustration from seeing her sister naked and seeing her dad picturing his daughter in bed, so she couldn't think of a situation where it would happen again.

The problem with leaving it as a magnificent one night stand was the sexual tension, before hand Alex didn't notice the sexual attraction between her and Haley but after that night, the attraction and the tension was alive and it was undeniable. The new revelations led to new series of sexual encounters over the resulting days where Alex not only had plenty of time fucking her sister with her fingers and a dildo she also had several tastes of her delicious pussy. The sex sessions had got so load and passionate at one point Alex was sure someone would have overheard them; Alex hoped they would think it was just Haley fucking a random guy and wouldn't give a second thought.

The movie ended but Alex didn't notice, her mind had wondered to her sexual experiences over the last couple of weeks and now she was horny and she wanted a sister sex session.

Phil and Claire were out seeing the new "Croctopus" movie; while Luke was busy in his room probably masturbating so being caught wasn't an issue. However there was one issue, Haley was also out meaning she would have to wait for sex. Alex decided she couldn't wait for her sister to return, she needed her release now so she decided it was time for a masturbation session. Alex knew there was only one way to get the thrill she would get with her sister, and that way was to masturbate on Haley's bed and to use Haley's dildo.

The anticipation of the masturbation fun had gotten Alex wet, in fact she had gotten so excited for it that see almost ran down the stairs to the basement bedroom. Before Alex had even got to the bedroom she had already started to undress, as she burst through Haley's door her purple top was already over her head when she received the scare of her life.

Alex had just discarded her shirt and was about to start unbuckling her fly but as her she started to lower the zipper when a pair of hands suddenly grabbed her hips aggressively. The shock of the hands on her hips caused Alex freeze on her spot for second, as she froze she was pulled backwards towards the hands and a set of lips began to kiss her neck. She finally regained her senses and tried to push away the aggressor, she tried to turn and fight them off but only succeeded in getting in a tangle and falling backwards on to Haley's bed, as she did she dragged to other person down with her so they landed on top of her.

After she crashed on to the bed Alex was able to identify the aggressor, it was her younger brother Luke. Alex screamed as she pushed Luke of her body and started to hit him, she stopped hitting her brother so she could start berating him aggressively instead. "What the fuck are you doing!?"

Luke who was taken aback by the situation and only managed to respond with "I thought you were Haley."

Alex amazed by the response stuttered slightly before giving her response, "Oh I'm so sorry I wasn't the sister you were trying to feel up." As Alex finished her sentence she took a step back and finally noticed that her brother was only wearing a white pair of white boxers, it was at this point it occurred to her that Luke intended to do more than feel up Haley.

Luke was only half registering what Alex was now saying about boundaries because as Alex had noticed what he was wearing, he noticed what she was wearing. Luke looked his sister up and down and saw that the fly of her tight black trousers was undone and more importantly she was didn't have a shirt on, so her purple bra was on display for all to see, with that sight of his sister Luke felt his cock grow rock hard.

Alex noticed that Luke was just staring at her bra covered breasts rather them listening to her very serious point about attempting to sexually assault his sisters. Alex gave up and started to walk to the door, if she was being honest being caught by Luke just added to her lust and all she wanted to do was go to her room to masturbate and plan her next move. But before Alex could reach the door Luke grabbed her wrist and pulled her back towards him.

Luke needed to explain his side of the argument, he pulled his sister close so they faces were just inches apart and the tent in his boxers were lightly pressing against Alex's stomach. Alex started to creep back slightly and was about speak but it was Luke who broke the silence by speaking, "Calm down, it would've been completely consensual sex."

Alex took a step closer to respond to her brother and spoke in an unconvincing tone, "As if Haley would agree to have sex with her brother".

Luke chuckled to himself; Alex clearly didn't believe her own statement. Luke closed the remaining gap so once again their faces were inches apart and whispered, "So Haley would spend the last two weeks having sex with her sister and not have sex have sex with her brother, and besides I've had already slept with her once and I wanted round two, but I could always find other options." With these final words Luke lightly placed his hands on Alex's hips.

Alex didn't know what to do she was growing hornier by the second; she could feel the tent in her brother's boxers press against her and the sexual tension in the room. Alex was weighing up her options when Luke brought his lips into hers and started to kiss her, with this intrusion Alex gave up thinking and started to kiss back. The siblings spent the next minute just kissing and exploring each other's bodies with their hands, eventually they fell onto Haley's bed and started to pick up the action.

The siblings spent the next couple of minutes fighting for control. Eventually Alex found herself on top of Alex, it was at this point Alex broke off the kissing and sat up so she was staring down at her younger brother. Alex was sitting so her jeans covered crotch was resting on top of Luke's boxer concealed erection. Alex lowered herself down so once again the sibling's faces were inches apart and sensually whispered, "I think you're wearing too many layers."

With these words Alex placed her hands on Luke's chest and slowly began to drag herself down his body until her face was in front of his boxer covered crotch and her hands were at his waistband. Alex took an intake of breath and pulled her brother's boxers down and completely off, Luke's cock sprung from its casing and right in front of Alex's face. Alex was actually in shock for a second, because in dawned on her that despite having lots of sex with Haley, she had never actually seen a penis. Alex spent a few seconds lightly stroking his penis when finally she decided to bite the bullet and wrapped her lips around her brother's cock.

Luke laid back and enjoyed the sensation of having an Alex Dunphy blowjob, she was clearly inexperienced, it took her a few attempts to take his whole penis in her mouth but when she did, she started to improve and get more into it. When Haley gave a blowjob she put a lot of emphasis on the tongue work and didn't use hands as much, but when Alex gave a blowjob she used her hands a lot more by often taking Luke's cock out of her mouth and wank him off slightly. Eventually Luke eventually started to feel his end approach so he put his hands on the back of his sister's head and yelled "I'm cumming" and filled Alex's mouth with his seed.

Alex heard her brother begin to groan slightly and she knew this meant his was about to cum, but before she could react she felt him place his hands on the back of her head and hold her head in place on his cock, it was at this moment Luke gave his warning and filled Alex's mouth with his cum. After her brother had finished cumming he let go of her head and released her, after Luke released her head Alex sat up and swallowed her brother's load, although the size of the load in her mouth meant she didn't really have a choice but she didn't complain, after her first taste of cum it turned she loved the taste, maybe even more than the taste of her sister Haley pussy.

After she finished with her brothers cum, she brought her face to Luke's face and kissed him again and sensually whispered, "My turn now". After speaking Alex pushed away from her brother and started to remove the rest of her clothes so she was hovering just Luke in her matching purple bra and panties. Alex smiled to herself; she was in control of her brother and that's how she likes it. With this she unclasped her bra to reveal her breasts to her brother, as Alex dropped her bra to onside she was startled when Luke grabbed her waist and flipped her, so now he was on top and Alex was underneath her naked brother. Rather than have another round of fighting for control with her brother Alex laid back and let him get to work.

Luke looked down at his topless sister, admiring her large breasts and her panties which were clearly soaked by her juices, he decided that he would leave the sweet pussy to last and have a go on his sister's boobs first. Like he did with Haley, Luke switched between breasts often and also gave Alex's nipples aggressive little pinches which caused her to squeal. After a couple more enjoyment squeals from his sister, Luke decided it was time for the next course.

Alex couldn't help but compare Luke's technique to that of their sister Haley, when Haley was playing with Alex's breasts she was much more sensual and gentle, where as Luke was much more aggressive. She wasn't sure what she preferred and before she could decide Luke stopped, she wondered why for a second but then she felt his fingers at the waistband of her panties and she knew why.

Luke savoured the sight as he saw the sight of Alex's pussy, in the last couple of weeks Luke had seen both his sister's pussies, and now he wondered if they tasted the same. As Luke dug in he noticed that although they did taste different they also had a very similar flavour to them. Luke also noticed that the enthusiasm that worked on Haley didn't work as well on Alex, so to try and get the job done he tried some new things and as he was trying these things he found the spot, the spot that caused his sister to scream and spray his face with her nectar.

Alex panted for a few seconds before Luke popped his head back and gave her a satisfied smirk, Alex knew what was coming next and she look forward to it, the horniness inside her had almost completely taken over and now she wanted her brother's cock inside her. Alex let out a small moan as Luke began to lightly push past her pussy lips, but as the tip of his penis entered her the sensible mind of Alex Dunphy appeared. Alex placed her hands on Luke's chest and pushed him back so his dick would also leave her pussy. Luke spoke in a clearly frustrated tone as he was stopped from entering his sister "why did you stop me?" Alex in the tone she always used when she was explain things to her family "because you not wearing a condom, and I know you, you'll get carried away and before you know it you will be pumping be full of your cum". Before Luke could respond Alex reached over to Haley's draws to get a condom, during her sexual encounters with Haley Alex had seen that her sister kept condoms in the same draw as she did her dildo.

Although Luke was frustrated he would have to wait a little longer to fuck Alex he was also relived, because in his excitement he had for gotten about protection and he didn't want to have to explain an incestuous pregnancy to his parents. Alex tossed a condom at him and as she did she pointed out that it was Haley's last condom so he should try not break it while he opened it. Luke had finally got the condom safely on but by now frustration had got the better of him and instead of gently going in to his sister like he did last time, he positioned his cock at her entrance and ploughed it into her in one go.

Alex was waiting for Luke to finish with the condom and get back to work. Although Haley had shoved her dildo into Alex's pussy several times, Alex was still nervous about taking her first real cock, seeing Luke position himself Alex closed her eyes and hoped he would be gentle. As Luke rammed into her Alex yelled out some expletives and was about to verbally abuse her brother when the pleasure took over, after deciding it was too pleasurable to be angry Alex began to move her hips into Luke's and really get this sibling sex session going.

The brother and sister spent the next several minutes in a fast paced passionate sex session where once again they battled for dominance, as they swapped their positions the room was filled with noises of their load grunts and the bed springs of Haley's bed. Alex had already came once during this and now she was riding her brother approaching her second orgasm at the same time Luke was approaching his, both sibling groaned loudly as they came, Alex releasing yet another flood of juices from her pussy while Luke filled up the condom with his seed. As they finished they lay on the bed next to each other both heavily breathing when they were interrupted by a new voice "that looked like fun" they siblings looked up in shock to see their older sister Haley standing in the doorway.


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