Modern Family: Family Fun Part 8 (mFf,inc,oral,anal,toys)
by Fan Fiction ([email protected])

Haley had came home in a good mood she had a fun night out with Andy, hearing the stories about his recent trip to go and see his girlfriend, although Haley wanted to be with Andy and had a couple attempts at flirting, which included not wearing any underwear under her dress, she still enjoyed hanging out as friends. She decided she should go bed and maybe if she was still up a quick fuck session with Alex. As Haley walked down the stairs to her room she could hear the distinctive sounds of grunting and bed springs. Haley knew exactly who it was in her room, and as she opened her door she wasn't surprised to be greeted to sight of her younger sister riding her younger brother.

After she spoke her two siblings remained frozen on the bed still completely naked and clearly startled at Haley's appearance. Haley took a step forward and closed the door behind her when Luke finally spoke in a nervous tone "What are you doing here?"

Haley just gave him a look and said "The real question is, why you two using my room for your sexy time?" but before either Luke or Alex could reply Haley took another step forward and changed her tone "but more importantly, why didn't you guys wait for me?" with these words Haley allowed her dress to fall off to reveal her naked form, Haley stepped out of the dress and joined her siblings on the bed.

Luke couldn't believe it, his original plan was to have sex with Haley and nothing else but first he ended up in bed with Alex and now he had both of his sisters naked on the bed with him. The only problem with this was Luke was drained from his time with Alex and he didn't think he had it in himself for another round. His sisters seemed to sense this and began to give him a show; Haley dived on top of Alex and began an intense make out session where they caressed each other's naked bodies and lightly fingered each other. The sight of his two extremely sexy sisters rubbing their naked bodies together was unsurprisingly enough to get Luke back to full attention, and when he was Haley broke of the kiss with her sister and spoke, "Looks like he ready now."

With this Haley left Alex and moved over to Luke. Luke was admiring sight as Haley removed the condom which now loosely rested on his dick and then take his cock into her mouth and began to clean the remaining cum of it, but Luke's sight was blocked when Alex lowered herself onto Luke's face and rested her pussy inches from his mouth, Luke took the obvious hint and dug in.

Haley was enjoying her first taste of dick in a while; as much as she enjoyed the sweet taste of pussy especially when it was her sister's pussy nothing truly beat a good hard dick in her mouth. Haley looked up to see Alex resting on Luke's face, the siblings eyes met and Haley could tell that Alex was getting the pleasure she should be from Luke's muff munching. So Haley decided to remedy the situation by giving Luke her trademark tongue flick, this move caused Luke to jolt which caused Alex to give out a moan and give Haley a look of how did you do that. Haley broke away from the blowjob and give Alex a light peck on the lips and whisper so only she could hear, "Don't worry I'll teach you." With this Haley gave Alex a passionate kiss and slipped her tongue her mouth and showed her the magic tongue flick.

After Haley showed Alex the move they decided to swap positions, so Haley was resting on Luke's face and Alex was trying her new move on Luke's dick. Alex was a bit careful at first, this was only the second time she had given a blowjob and this time she wanted to do it even better. Alex Could hear Haley giving Luke instructions so he could improve his technique it was clearly working because she began to moan loudly, as Haley began to moan Alex decided it was time to test out her new skill. After a couple of attempts Alex had perfected the tongue action and had Luke pleasurably moaning into Haley's pussy which in turn caused her to moan out loudly. It wasn't long before Luke's moans turned into grunts and for the second time that night Luke shot a load of hot cum into his sister's mouth, Luke's climax was quickly followed by an orgasmic shout of "oh god yes" from Haley as she reached her orgasm and covered her brothers face with her nectar.

This time round Alex found it a lot easier to swallow her brother's load and when she had she eagerly cleaned up his dick as well. As Alex pulled away from Luke's cock so was surprised to see that despite cumming three times tonight Luke was still hard, obviously the excitement of having both of his sisters kept his hard and gave him great sexual stamina. Haley and Alex met once again above Luke to exchange kisses, Haley broke the kiss first and simply said, "You need to try his new pussy eating technique."

Alex just smiled and said "I will".

The siblings began to move position however the fun that had gone before had meant that the siblings and the bedding were soaked with sweat, so as Alex tried to move she slipped and her body went towards meaning her pussy landed directly on her brother's unprotected cock.

Luke was panting, he was tired but he wanted to continue and sight of his two naked sisters once again kissing meant he could easily continue. Luke was about to suggest they should take this further when Alex let out a little squeal and suddenly his dick was treated to one of the greatest feelings in the world, being bareback inside his sister. If he hadn't came three times already that night the feeling of being inside Alex with a condom would have caused him to erupt immediately, but luckily for the pair he could hold for a while.

The room went quiet for a second as Alex rested on top of Luke's dick; she wasn't sure what to do. She knew Haley didn't have any condoms left and besides not using a condom meant Alex could already feel more waves of pleasure, once again Luke Flipped her so he was on top and their faces were whiskers apart. Alex quickly glanced at Haley who was lying next to them eagerly fingering herself at the scene which unfolding in front of her, she then looked at Luke and spoke in an authoritative tone "Just don't cum in me." With this Luke began to thrust forward and the new sex session began.

Haley laid back and watched her brother and sister fuck like rabbits; Alex had clearly gotten over her worry of Luke not wearing a condom and making noises that showed that she really liked that fact now. After switching who was on top a couple times Alex was now on the bottom, Haley wasn't sure if this was because Luke was the dominant one between the pair of if Alex was just more physically tired, after all they were already going at it long before Haley even came along. Haley didn't know why these two had decided to use her room to have sex, but as she fingered herself while watching them two continue to fuck she was glad she did. As Alex started to approach another orgasm she moaned loudly, the sound of her little sister's sexual moans were always a turn on for Haley, and as Alex came Haley did as well meaning the room was filled with the sound of the sisters sexual screams .

Alex was panting as came down from yet another orgasm, however Luke was still on top of her pumping away, however he had slowed clearly he was getting tired from all the nights action and but the looks of it he was still a while away from cumming. Suddenly Luke was rugby tackled of Alex by Haley, and now Haley was resting on top of Luke.

Haley was now on top of Luke and looking down at him with a look full of sexual desire, Haley smirked and softly spoke "My turn now." With this Haley lowered herself on to her brother's cock. Like Alex, Haley had never fucked a guy without a condom before and she was now discovering why Alex was giving those extra moans the extra feeling from being bareback was amazing. Luke tried over turn Haley so he could be on top but Haley wouldn't let him, when the two of them had sex Haley wanted to be in control. After a few moments of trying to regain control Luke had given up Haley was now in control, as Haley was on top she had slowed down the pace, because when she was on top she liked to have slower pace so the guy's dick could fully reach inside her. Haley's joyful ride on her brother's cock was interrupted when she felt something start to push at her other entrance, Haley turned her head to see that Alex had got the dildo out of the draws and now had it positioned at Haley's ass.

Alex smiled to herself at the look Haley gave her when she positioned the dildo at her ass, Alex was back in control. At first Alex thought Haley would try and resist her, but Haley actually changed the pace of her thrusts on Luke to allow Alex to position the toy at her back entrance. It took Alex a few attempts to get it in, but after several attempts and a brief fingering of Haley's ass to get it loosened up Alex had finally fully inserted the dildo into her sister's ass.

Eventually the three siblings got into a rhythm with Haley bouncing on Luke and Alex inserting the dildo in Haley's ass. Haley was the first to cum having both holes filled meant orgasmic pressures took over and she coated her brother's cock with her cum. When Haley had finished her orgasm Alex removed to dildo from her ass, it was at this point Luke started to grunt so quickly Haley jumped off and got two her knees at the side bed, seeing this Alex joined her which meant Luke could unleash his final load of the night on to both his sister's faces.

After coating his sisters with his cum Luke had fallen back on to the bed exhausted, while Alex and Haley climbed back on the bed and started to giggle. Alex laid back and try to recover from what had just happened, meanwhile Haley had reached for her hand bag and pulled some makes wipes to help clean face off, she handed Alex some but as Alex was cleaning her face she noticed something in Haley's bag. Sitting in Haley's bag was a new box of condoms, Alex picked them up and gave Haley a look, Haley just laughed and responded with a "I'm bet you're happy I didn't tell I had some after all" Alex just gave out a half frustrated half amused chuckle before she started to collect her clothes and head upstairs to have a shower before their parents came home.


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