Modern Family: Modern Family Orgy Part 2 - The Gangs All Here (orgy,inc,pedo,oral,anal)
by Michael The Bloody

Haley Dunphy dove into her bedroom, she had almost been caught naked by family dozens of times, she grabbed Alex by the arm and drug her with her.

Claire covered herself as she looked down and her father, Luke and Phil stood there naked and proud, of what they had done.

Jay: Geese Claire, I'm sorry we ate all they brownies, we'll get you more.

Lilly: Yeah Claire, we'll get you more, and why are you and Uncle Phil naked?

Manny: What?

The Pritchard's looked up and saw Phil, Claire and Luke, completely naked, at first they couldn't believe what they saw.

Jay: Lilly, look away.

Gloria: Yes, Manny look away.

Manny: I can't.

Jay: What's going on here? Never mind, I don't want to know.

Gloria: Some kind of orgy? I hope there is another family here.

Lilly: I feel funny, I think there was something wrong with the milk.

Jay: Yes, we drank all your milk too, don't worry we'll replace that also.

Luke: You guys drank the milk? Excellent. Gloria, I have something I need to show you in my room.

Haley threw on a robe and came out, she realized what Lilly and the Pritchard's had done, and she liked it.

Gloria was feeling a little tingle between her legs, she saw Luke and Phil began to grow, and she was becoming more excited She walked up the stairs to see what Luke wanted to show her. Alex came out of Haley's room, and followed her.

Claire: Dad, why don't you come up to my room, Manny, you can join us.

Haley: I think I will join you too.

Phil went up to Luke's room to Join Gloria, and Alex. He was rock hard just thinking about it, he didn't even care what was going on.

Jay walked into the master bedroom, staring at his naked daughter, it had been decades since he had seen her naked, she had the largest nipples he had ever seen, Haley dropped her robe.

Manny: Oh God.

Manny had been fantasizing about his niece for years, she was the first girl he had ever thought about, and now she was standing naked in front of him

Jay: Oh God, what's going on here?

Claire: You are going to fuck me.

Haley: Me too.

Manny dropped his pants, he was fully erect and ready to go, he hoped not to soon though, it was time to think about baseball.

Jay had thought about Claire since she turned 18, it was so wrong, but his cock was betraying him, it was growing larger by the second

Claire walked over to her father and unzipped his jeans, his cock sprang out, it was huge, over 12 inches and thicker than her arm.

Claire: Holy fuck.

Haley: Jesus fucking Christ.

Lilly: You aren't supposed to say fuck. Daddy said it is wrong.

The trio turned and saw Lilly standing there wide eye'd, she had followed Jay up to the bedroom curious, and having a funny feeling.

Claire: Lilly, go back downstairs and have some more brownies and milk.

Haley: No.

Lilly left the room, but she didn't go downstairs, she went to the next room to see what Gloria, Alex Phil and Luke were doing.

Alex, Phil and Luke were naked, Gloria stood and disbelief, but she had never been so horny, and she had done things, embarrassing thing in Columbia. Things involving goats and a pony, and she had the video. This was more embarrassing.

Luke walked over to Gloria and lifted her shirt over her head, he ripped off her bra exposing her massive mounds.

Phil: Magnificent. Team tits

Alex: Better than mine?

Phil: No, Yes, I' don't know.

Lilly: Alex's are better.

Luke: I'll be the judge of that.

Luke grabbed a handful of his sisters breast, he took a couple licks of each of her nipples, he than went over to his grandma Gloria and grabbed to handfuls of her breast. He took a couple licks of each of her nipples.

Luke: I can't decide.

Gloria wiggled out of her tights and dropped them to the floor, Phil helped her out of her leopard stripped thong and shoved a finger into her cunt.

Phil: You are soaked.

Manny came over and shoved two fingers into his mom's cunt too, they both began to work there fingers in and out. Gloria stuffed two of her own fingers in her ass.

Lilly had no idea what she was feeling, but it felt good and she didn't want to miss anything, she went back to the master bedroom to see what Grandpa, Aunt Claire Uncle Manny and Haley were doing.

Manny and Jay each had a mouthful of Claire tit, her nipples were at least an inch long, Manny was fingering Haley while Jay was fingering Claire.

Claire grabbed Jay by the wrist and started fucking herself with his fingers, he jammed four fingers up her snatch. Haley was bouncing up and down on Manny's three fingers

Jay popped Claire's tit out of his mouth and said "on your knees, it's my turn"

Claire dropped to her knees and began licking up and down her dad's cock. Haley dropped to her knees and began licking the other side of that giant cock.

Claire began to suck on it, but it was so thick she could just get the head in, Haley took a turn, she managed to stuff about three inches of it down her throat.

Jay grabbed each of them by the hair and began poking them in the mouth with his cock, he forced it into Claire's mouth until she started to drool over it.

Manny: What about me.

Haley crawled over to Manny and began to stroke his cock with both hands, she than began to slowly go down on it until it vanished down her throat.

Lilly didn't know why her panties were wet, she knew she didn't pee on herself, she had to go see what was happening in the other room.

Gloria was on her knees with Phil's cock all the way down throat, she couldn't deep throat Jay, but Phil was a different story. He was huge, but Jay was a monster. Phil grabbed two handfuls of her hair and began fucking her face.

Alex had Luke's cock all the way down her throat, just in the past hour she had become an excellent little cock sucker. Luke fondled his sister's massive mounds as she deep throated him

Phil slapped Gloria across the face, she slapped him back, he slapped her harder, Gloria wrapped her teeth around his cock, he knew slapping was out. He spun her around so he could take her from behind. Luke did the same with Alex.

Father and son stood side by side, Phil slammed his cock into Gloria, and she slammed back onto him. Luke slammed his cock into Alex.

Gloria: Fuck, that's good.

Alex: MMMM

Lilly headed back across the hall, she wanted to see what was going on with Grandpa, Uncle Manny, her panties were soaked all the way through to her pants now.

Manny had Haley by the hair, fucking her face, It was seconds before he blew a load into her mouth, he had never been so embarrassed.

Haley: That's okay uncle Manny, Lilly, come look at this.

Haley opened her mouth wide and showed her what had been deposited in her mouth, Lilly was confused.

Haley: It's a special treat. Come her and you can have some.

Lilly walked over to Haley, Haley popped her mouth open and spit the load into Lilly's mouth, Lilly licked her lips.

Haley: Now swallow it like a big girl.

Lilly took a big gulp, Haley wiped her fingers around Lilly's lips making sure she got it all. Lilly opened wide and showed them it was all gone.

Lilly: I'm a big girl now.

Lilly couldn't wait to run and tell Gloria and Phil what she had just done, she raced across the hall to see them.

This turned Jay on even more, his cock grew even bigger. He laid Claire on her back and threw her knees up against her shoulders, and he slammed his cock all the way into her.

Claire: FFFUUCCKK. It's too big.

That didn't stop Jay, he was fucking his daughter, and he was fucking her good. Jay's balls slapped across her clit a couple times, and Claire exploded. Her cum dripped out of her pussy and down her chest.

Haley saw Manny was ready to go again. She dropped to her knees, right next to her mom and wiggled her ass at Manny, he mounted her from behind. It was just like every fantasy he had ever had.

Manny was taking it slow, but Haley was having none of that, she slammed back onto him, she almost knocked him over.

Manny: Oh God.

Lilly ran into the other room and told Alex and Gloria what she had just done, they were shocked and proud.

Alex and Gloria were on their knees side by side, Phil was hammering Gloria, Luke was drilling his sister, her tits were bouncing up and down slapping the girls across the face.

Phil began to squeeze Gloria's tits, Luke did the same with Alex. Phil pinched Gloria's nipples, disappointed they weren't as long as Claire's. Luke copied his father again.

Gloria: Pull my hair.

Phil grabbed a handful of her hair and rocked back. Gloria screamed "Harder Phil". He did as he was told.

Luke grabbed his sister's hair. She yelled at him "Don't you dare" Luke knew by the tone of her voice he better not.

Luke: Switch.

Phil and Luke switched places, Phil slammed his cock into Alex, Luke grabbed one of his belts, he whipped Gloria across the butt.

Gloria: YES. Harder.

Luke began to whip her but harder and harder with each lash, he then began to alternate, the belt, then slamming his cock into her.

The sight of Gloria being whipped and fucking his daughter was driving him crazy. Alex's whole body was shaking as she couldn't stop cumming. She screamed for Lilly to come closer.

Lilly got right next to Alex, Alex grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down. She pulled away from her father and squirted right into Lilly's mouth.

Lilly: MMMM, this is delicious, do it again.

Alex: I can't right now, I need a minute.

Lilly: I'm going to see what Grandpa Jay and Manny are doing.

Phil: You need a minute, we'll see about that;

Phil slammed into Alex so hard, she fell face first, Phil lifted her waist up, and began to pound her in earnest.

Alex: Oh God, Oh God. I'm cuuming again.

Luke was really beating Gloria now, and she was loving every minute of it, she had an orgasm from the whipping.

Phil was pounding Alex so hard, she collapsed, limp on the floor, the orgasm Gloria had was so hard, she fell limp too.

Phil: I think we broke them. Let's go see how Jay and Manny are doing.

Claire was on top Jay now, she was almost able to stand all the way up, and still have his cock buried in her, she slammed herself up and down impaling herself. Haley was riding Manny reverse cowgirl, he had two handfuls of her tits as she rode him. Lilly was close by waiting for someone to pop.

Claire squirted all over her dad's cock, Lilly jumped at the chance to lick it up, she was becoming quite the little cum dumpster.

Jay: How about a switch.

Manny: NO I want to fuck Haley.

Phil: Come on, there will be plenty of time for that later, how about, you and Luke fuck your mom's, and me and Jay will fuck my daughter's.

Luke: Okay.

Jay: sounds great to me.

Jay and Phil went back across the hall bring Haley with them, Alex was just getting back to her knees, Gloria was sitting up. They sent her acroos the hall Alex got her first look at the monster between Jay's legs.

Alex: Oh MY God

Phil: I had my turn with her, Jay, be my guest.

Jay lifted Alex into the air, and lowered her onto the tip of his cock, she grabbed him around the shoulder and held on for dear life, he then slammed her down the entire length of his pole sized cock. She was seeing stars and went limp immediately.

Phil: That's looks good to me.

Haley Jumped into his arms and began to slide down his cock, she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders.

Haley: Fuck, this feels good.

Haley looked over at her limp sister and began grinding side to side on her dads cock, the cum was running down' Alex's legs.

Luke was behind his mother, he had wrapped his belt around her neck and yanked back, her eyes rolled back into her head, there was nothing as exciting as being choked and fucked by her son. He saw a sewing needle and thread, he cut off two pieces of string and tied them around her inch long nipples, he began to flick them with his fingers.

Claire: GOD yes.

Gloria was flat on her back, Manny had his face buried between his mom's legs, she wrapped her legs around his head and held him tight, he was being choked out by his mother while eating her out. He couldn't think of a better way to go.

Luke: Take it like a whore mom.

Claire: YES, I am such a whore.

Luke yanked hard on his belt, snapping his mom's head back Claire could feel another orgasm cuming already.

Luke: Tell me to fuck you.

Claire: YES, fuck me.

Luke: Beg me to fuck you in the ass.


Luke: Please fuck me in the ass, master.

Claire. Yes, please fuck me in the ass master.

Manny was on top of Gloria now, he was balls deep inside her cunt. She wrapped her legs around him, and pulled him closer.

Gloria: Fuck me good baby.

Manny hammered his mom for all he was worth, she rolled them over so she was on top. She rode him a horse.

Manny: You feel so good mom.

Haley had wrapped herself around her dad, he was swinging her back and forth, cum dripped down her leg every time her clit bounced off his balls.

Haley: FUCK, I'm going to cum.

Jay looked down at Alex, she was still curled up in the fetal position, there was going to be no fucking her for a while, he just frowned.
Haley: Typical bookworm.

Phil saw how disappointed he was, and e had a plan, he handed Haley over to his father in law, aiming the tip of his cock at her cunt.

Haley: Slowly, it's too big.

She wrapped herself around him, Jay grabbed her by the ass, Phil shoved her back, and the foot of arm size cock vanished inside her.

Haley: AAAUUUGH. Fuck, It's sooo big.

Jay swung her back and forth and up and down on his cock, making sure she took it all hard and deep, Haley was seeing stars and trying to stay conscious, Phil took a look at her ass, and positioned himself behind her, and shoved his cock into her open asshole.

Haley: NOO, too much, too much.

Jay and Phil didn't care, they quickly synchronized their thrusts taking both Haley's holes hard and deep with each thrust.

The two men were fucking Haley senseless, she was determined not to wind up on the ground like her nerd little sister.

Haley: Fuck me harder.

Luke: Who am I?

Claire: Master.

Luke buried his cock deep into his mom's ass, and yanked back on the belt around her neck, it was the greatest sensation she had ever felt. She slammed back onto her son and buried three fingers in her snatch.

Gloria was jumping up and down on Manny's cock, he had grabbed her by the nipples lifting her up and down, they slapped each other across the face. Manny began choking his mom, she was choking him right back, a real mother son bonding.

Luke pulled his cock out of his mom's ass, he ran around her and shoved his cock down her throat, she took it all.

Luke: That's it bitch, suck my cock clean. That's who you are, you're my bitch.

Claire: Yes, I'm your bitch.

Luke went behind her again, and started to shove his cock back in her ass, but he had another idea first, he wanted to see inside his mom.

Luke: Bitch, get the knees spread wide, reach between your legs and spread that cunt open.

Claire: Yes Master.

She reached between her legs and used two fingers to spread her pussy, she shook her ass for her new master.

Claire: Is that good master?

Luke: No bitch, use two hands, I want to see where I came from.

Claire spread her knees even wider, she took both hands and spread her cunt as wide as she could, Luke looked inside of her than slammed four fingers deep in her cunt.

Claire: Fuck.

Luke worked his fingers a couple strokes, then buried his cock back into his mom's ass, she slammed back onto him.

Luke: Bark like a dog.

Claire: woof.

Luke: A big dog

Claire: WOOF.

Luke: That's my bitch

Manny was sucking his mom's tits as she rode him, he grabbed her ass so hard it was leaving hand prints all over it, and she was in heaven.
Manny: fuck: I'm going to cum, I' going to get you pregnant so I can be your son and baby daddy.

Gloria: NO.

Luke: I have an idea.

Luke reached over and grabbed a glass, off his dresser, he pulled his cock out of his mom's ass, and took aim, he shot his load into the glass. He handed to glass to Lilly and told he to collect from Manny.

Lilly took the glass over to Manny and Gloria, she yanked his cock out of her just as Manny began to shoot his load, she caught it all in the glass.

Luke: Take it to Jay and Phil, collect from them too, I'm going to make my bitch drink it all down.

Claire: Yes please master.

Jay was on his back now, Haley was riding him as Phil fucked her up the ass. Haley couldn't stop Cumming.

The hammered her harder and harder with each stroke, Haley was barely conscious, but she was still wrapped around her granddad.

Lilly made it to the room just in time to yank both cocks out of her, Haley finally lost consciousness, fell limp across Jay. Lilly caught the deposits the two men shot in the glass, she mixed with the cum driping out of Haley, the glass was almost completely full.

Luke came into the room just in time to see Lilly take t all in one swallow, she opened her mouth to show them all it was all gone.

Jay: What a little cum dumpster

Luke: Nooo, that was for my bitch.

Phil: Maybe another time.

Lilly: Grandpa, fuck me now, I'm a big girl.

Jay: Jay: Not now, maybe later.

Luke: I'll do it.

Phil: No you won't, not now.

Claire entered the room to see the carnage, she saw the empty glass and hoped her master wouldn't be mad at her, she had to please him.

Claire: I want to fuck all my men.

Jay: Maybe next chapter.

Claire: What?

Phil: What?

Luke: I have some plans for our next get together. There is a shop downtown, I have some things I need you to pick up.


Cumming soon. Modern family orgy pt 3, Come on gang, bang (things get hairy)

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